Gob and Panda

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  1.  *Gobknight Ziz  guides Bae out of the club, shes staying in an apartment only a few blocks over while passing through town on important goblin business. After a little idle chatter they make their way to Ziz room, she opens the door into the tiny abode and with a hefty click- locks it behind the panda.  "Home sweet home" she coos before moving into the kitchen- she has a little stool in place to step up on so she can actually reach stuff. "I'm Ziz by the way" comments, I don't know if we've ever been properly introduced <3"
  3.  *Bae-Hung-Xi  looks around the apartment some, tail swaying a little bit,”Nice comfy place you have here, oh, and I’m Bae-Hung-Xi, though Bae just works as well~” she said with a big grin, peering around the kitchen,”Nice to meet you Ziz.”
  5.  *Gobknight Ziz  produces a big ol wok slap full of Lo Mein "I had only brought a little bowl with me to the club" she comments, before heaving the entire wok to a table, dropping it there then setting a bowl and some utensils out for Bae "I don't think you can eat an entire dish of it eh?" she challenges the pandaren before pulling a chair out "Go ahead- eat your fill my new friend. And then I'll have mine <3"
  7.  *Bae-Hung-Xi  gives a sharp little whistle at the even larger bowl, tail swishing around a lot as she would sit down in the chair, licking her lips as she even got out her own chop sticks, fancy metal ones as she would bow her head,”My thanks, this is quite a lot I must admit, but I have packed away larger amounts~” she said as she would dig in, slurping up those noodles at a fast pace
  9.  *Gobknight Ziz  peels her lips into a cheshire smile "Its always good to learn about new cultures" she admits "We didnt have any of this where im from. Tell me if the noodles are good I did so try to make them authentic" with that she takes a hold of Bae's tubby belly, sloshing it around. The gob is pretty short so its no great act to reach down there "I love seeing a full belly" she leans in and places a kiss.
  11.  *Bae-Hung-Xi  would nod a bit,”Mmph, oh yes, they’re very good, similar to Pandaren style but a bit different as well, either way I love the flavor~” she said while slurping down a lot more noodles, blinking as she would stare down at the goblin now rubbing and sloshing her got around, giggling with the kiss,”Oh, like big bellies as well~? I must admit, they’re pretty hot, especially with prey squirming around in it, seen you eat plenty at the club~”
  13.  Gobknight Ziz: "Yeah its always nice to try to new things. Shrink em', transform 'em, fatten up with lo mein~" with that she gives Bae a toothy grin then SLAM. Bae's world goes spinning all around her. Ziz had pulled the back of her chair down so it hit the floor- Bae now on her backside with a goblin looking at her from above. "its only fair" she coos "A meal for a meal!" with that, her palms catch  Bae's temples and her tongue starts lapping at the whole of that Panda face from a curious upside-down position!
  15.  *Bae-Hung-Xi  quirked an eyebrow at that last one,”W-wait, fatten up with what now-“ she then got interrupted as she would feel herself fall back with a yelp, groaning a bit as she hit her head a little, then went wide eyed as she was now being licked all over her face as she was squirming a lot,”Nngh, hey wait, how is this fair, those were noodles, this isn’t a fair deal!”
  17.  Gobknight Ziz: "Just look at you squirm~" she replies in a sing song voice "You're food, you belong in my belly. You know that better than I do!" with that Bae's entire world goes dark as Ziz pulls her into the black abyss of that goblin's lips-- or her head at least. Ziz's tongue begins dancing over Bae's features, sucking on her- tasting her and painting her face in a coating of warm, earthy smelling drool. "mmf, nyot bhad" she talks with her mouth full, sloshing Bae's face from one cheek to the other- bulging them out nicely!
  19.  *Bae-Hung-Xi  would be growling and squirming as she was glaring at her,”Why you little no good damn bi-“ her string of curses were cut off from that greedy gob maw stretching around her whole head, Bae whining and kicking her legs around, feeling her head get swished around in that mouth as her hands were now trying to pull her off
  21.  *Gobknight Ziz  feels those pandaren palms come to life and we can't have that now can we? The gob catches her wrists and uses them as leverage as she hoists the entire Panda straight up into the air. Unlike weak surface goblins, Deep Goblins were respectably strong despite their height. Not unlike Dwarves. With gravity playing its part- things speed up. Bae's face slides right down into Ziz's undualting throat; it massaging her features as it bulges out in a feminine shape. Slurp, gulp, swallow! Bae's head pokes down into the spacious interior that was the gob's stomach!
  23.  *Bae-Hung-Xi  would squirm around a lot more, her body now upside down as Bae was getting disoriented, her legs flailing about,”W-what kind of goblin lifts 500 pounds?!” she said as she would feel her body being squished right down, her breasts now bulging out that neck as her head entered into that stomach, growling and waving it around a lot, making that gut wiggle as awll
  25.  *Gobknight Ziz 's stomach begins bulging out with 500 pounds of pandaren meat- the visible indentions of that face pushing out to one side or another. "mmfm mfmfm mrmr!" Ziz explains to Xi on how shes so strong, but with a mouth full of panda express, it was hard to hear. Those fat Pandaren tits slight right passed her lips and she takes a moment to teasingly bite down. Not enough to harm the panda or even draw blood- juuust a little pressure. GULP. Soon that belly button is sliding passed Ziz lips and its getting quite cramped in the green gullet!
  27.  *Bae-Hung-Xi  growls a bit more as she feels her body sliding right into her stomach, yelping out and blushing when she felt those teeth dig into those sensitive and large breasts,”H-hey, ow, they’re so sensitive~!” she said in anger and embarrassment, her legs kicking around in the air some more while her face was making thet belly stretch out with an angry panda expression
  29.  *Gobknight Ziz  takes a deep breath- oof she hasn't been this full in a while. Her fingers reach up, tipping the Wok on the table slightly- sending the sauce and a little bit of lo mein tumbling down to pain Bae's ass in flavor- and topping. Ziz just loosens her throat muscles us and allows her meal to slide down down. Bae's wide hips give her a little pause- but just a little and soon all thats left of the poor Panda are her tail swishing around and the lower half of her legs. Meanwhile Ziz's stomach is almost bigger than she is and dragging across the floor!
  31.  *Bae-Hung-Xi  would growl a bit more, grunting as she feels more of her large body being squeezed and crammed into that goblin belly, gelling out as she would feel that sauce get dumped all over her ass,”What the hell are you doing?!” she said as her ass was utterly drenched in that tasty sauce, only further adding to the flavor, her own length also dragging across those lips as Bae would now feel her breasts pressing out that stomach,”Nngh, ou come on....”
  33.  *Gobknight Ziz  slurps up the last of Bae like some wet noodles- her cute little paws riding passed those lips and down the throat.  Ziz gives her belly a god slap- wobbing it about. The gut was filled with the last girl Ziz ran into- or what was left of her. Belly slop and nuetrent soup and it washed over Bae- reminding her of what her fate just might be. "Not b-" the displace gas interrupts Ziz by forcing a belch UUUUARRRRPh "--bad" she finishes. Things seem to settle a bit and then an avalanche of lo-mein begins toppling over Bae in that belly. Yep, ziz is STILL eating!
  35.  *Bae-Hung-Xi  would feel herself getting fully crammed into that stomach, whining a bit as she felt the juices and gunk get mushed all over her, Bae pressing her hands all over the walls of that stomach chamber as best as she could,”C-can barely move, I-“ she then yells out once noodles and sauce further draped on to her form, Bae whining out like a toddler,”Oh come on, all I wanted was tasty noodles, and I end up in a gut?!” she says, her body squirming around inside of that now large gut, making a squirming bulge like they prey she was
  37.  *Gobknight Ziz  finally finishes her dinner, plopping down on the floor, legs infront of her in a V shape with her fat gut sitting there- every curve and contour of her gut distended out in the shape of a panda. It was dark and damp in there. Hard to breath and the outside world was muffled by the gurgles and glorps of a stomach doing its work. A chamber opens and some fluid begins to fill the belly. Acids most likely to break down the food. All the while the ever present, almost hyponotic beat of Ziz heart strums on like a drum. Ziz begins rubbing her belyl and Bae can feel it. How much time has passed. Seconds, minutes, hours? Its hard to tell in a place like this but Bae begins dipping in and out of consciousness she can feel less and less of herself as she is reduced into stomach sludge. All the while Ziz's belly begins to round out- losing shape and growing into chub. Every now and then Bae can feel a sense of vertigo as Ziz moves around, going about her day but even that passes as the panda is worked down into fine nutrients to be added to a superior predator. Poor Ziz is going to be a fair bit more thick after a pandaren dinner!
  39.  *Bae-Hung-Xi  was groaning within, her body feeling those stomach juices work over her form slowly, panting as she felt her body slowly become numb to the juices breaking down her fur and skin, and it did feel like ages, a real slow digestion while a goblin goes about doung her daily life like she didn’t have a person digesting away in her gut, Bae occasionally squirming within, the moments when she was moving getting weaker each time as she was breaking down harder,”D-damn youzzzz” was all she said within that gut, finally after a ling while she would pass out and expire within, now nothing but dead meat inside of that predatory goblin gut~
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