Mana Refinement

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  1. 1) Daga ports over towards Viisaus as she hears him scream like a little girl. Vwoomp. The woman is wreathed in purple flame as her form disappears from one place, and appears at the next. Daga walks out of the flaming port as calmly as she had entered. By now, she's seen all kinds of wounds, though even to her this one was pretty damn bad.
  5. 2) ".. Yes... I see the issue here." She'd say, looking over the boy's caved in and bleeding face. "He.. Will no longer be so handsome I am afraid." She'd say as she calms her darkness, and allows the light to re-enter her body. Daga would hold out her hands, and would watch as they begin to glow, going from a bright yellow, to an eye searing blue.
  9. 3) "Stand back.. Allow me to work." She'd say, as she begins to heal up the poor man's BUSTED face. Daga keeps up the mana pressure, her bright blue hands would likely be the first thing he see's, it looked like the light of Valhalla, a place he'd surely may have gone having almost died in battle just then...  It was unlikely to be a pleasant feeling.
  13. 4) "Stay still.. Lest you want a great scar across that mug of yours, Sigurd." He'd hear her muffled words, his ears not quite right as bones shift about, his ear canals likely full of blood from the impact anyway. As skin would seal shut around the edges, he'd feel the burning, and tingling of her light mana cauterizing and forcibly regrowing skin cells..
  17. 5) The next thing he feels is the crunching of bones in his face, it is loud, the loudest thing he's ever heard as his cheeks and nose re-arrange themselves, moving under the skin. Daga pulls her hands away as the blue light flickers back down to a warm yellow, and then dims fully until it is gone. "Mm.. You might not be wrong.."  She agree's with him just to make him feel better, because right now his face looks like he tried to make out with a bee-hive.
  21. 6) Daga looks over her work, Sigurds face is swollen, as can be expected, and he does indeed have a scar across one side of his face which looks similar to a thunder bolt in the sky as it forks into three separate points. Daga approaches and shakes her head as she looks at Achilass's twisted leg, and the bleeding wound in her arm. "Mm-- I see I see.."
  25. 7) She'd say, and kneels by the girls leg. Holding her hands out, they'd glow yellow, and then flicker over to a bright blue that illuminates this corner of the room in a ghostly hue. If Achilass where conscious, she'd feel her bones re-arranging in her leg, likely painful and uncomfortable to say the least. Extremely unnecessarily brutal.
  29. 8) "Lucky it isn't missing.." She'd hum mostly to herself. Maya would be privy to watch Achilass's leg straightening out on its own it that very chilling manner, making cracking sounds as it goes from twisted to straight again. Next came the girl's arm, a hole, much easier to fix in comparison to a broken leg, and so she'd heal it with a simple yellow glow applied with fused the hole shut.
  33. 9) "Mm-- She seems to be running a temperature." Daga says, having noticed the heat coming off her, and making sure by pressing the back of her fingers to the girls forehead.  Daga would move over, and kneels in-front of Kagiri, sitting in the snow on her knee's. Reaching, she'd place her hands upon Kagiri's legs, and begins to gently rub and massage at them. Kagiri may feel a warmth coming from Daga's hands as they glow a warm yellow.
  37. 10) "Are you okay, sweet Kagiri?" Daga listens to Kagiri's kind words as she keeps massaging her legs, running her thumb deep to de-stress Kagiri's thick muscled calves and thighs. Light mana pours in from her hands, helping to repair those growing muscles, kneading some soothing mana to help her relax and feel real good.Daga smiles as their foreheads touch. Tilting her head, she'd make their noses touch gently together too. "Hm~"
  41. 11) Daga scrunched up her face at the smell of burning hair and flesh. There's nothing quite like that smell. The woman would look over to her side to Kincer, and nods towards him. They had a life to save, apparently. Daga would uncross her arms, and begins to focus mana to her extremities as she enters the ring.  ".. Crispy.." She'd mutter mostly to herself upon looking at Augus's form.
  45. 12) A cursory glance is given to Cronus, she'd identify whether the unconscious crispy one was in more danger, or Cronus.. The answer seemed clear to her, Augus was most in need of her care. Kneeling down, the woman would diagnose what was in most dire need of her healing abilities. Light mana poured from her hands, shifting from a light yellow, to a blinding bright blue.
  49. 13) Daga finishes healing of Augus, her light mana subsiding, and her hands slowly returning to a normal pale pallor rather than that bright blue they where before. "Well.. I suppose that's that.." She'd say, sounding bored, and then turns away. "Unless you need healing as well, Cronus?"
  53. 14) Daga turns to look at him. Already she'd gather dark mana in her body, her eyes glowing just a bit brighter purple than usual. ".. You're going to have to go pretty far before you're out of my range, Abantes.." She'd warn as she watches him walk off. A shrug is given. If this is what he wants, she'll give it to him, no matter how strange the request really is..
  57. 15) Daga watches Abantes run off, and waits a few moments before bringing her darkenss to bare. Upon seeing the strange water firework he'd sent up, she'd take that as her queue. Vwoomp. The woman just ports off, suddenly appearing by Abantes's side. Daga would step out of the void, black and purple flames licking at her form as she casually emerges from some dark abyss only known to the children of hel, and perhaps the gods.
  61. 16) "... Is this all you wanted to see?" She'd ask, not sounding nearly as excited as he seemed to be. Daga sighs as she looks at the silly lycan. The woman would slide her way across the bench. An arm would escape in-between the folds of her cloak, and she'd reach to feel up his chest... Her touch was warm. Silumgar would first feel, then see the warm yellow light that had formed over her fingers.
  65. 17) A healing light spread and would begin to sooth, washing away that bruise as if it where just a stain on his flesh. "Yes yes, Silumgar strong.. That doesn't mean you have to wallow in pain with every breath you take." She'd say as her light does its work, more than likely erasing any pain he'd had left.
  69. 18) Daga stares towards Mirian with those creepy purple glowing eyes of hers. She holds her cloak tight as she stands at her companion's side. The woman would squint, and looks up at the girl on Mirian's shoulders. A smile forms on her lips at how cute the duo currently are. "... I am a child of Hel, patron of life..." As she says life, her hand would emerge from the folds of her black cloak, glowing a bright, warm yellow.
  73. 19) She'd hold her hand there exuding light for a moment, and keeps speaking. "... Death.." In that moment, her hand stops glowing yellow, and is instead wreathed in an ominous purple flame, but only for a very, very short moment. Her fingers curl to make a fist, extinguishing the unholy flames from sight before she retracts her arm back inside her cloak.
  77. 20) Daga shifts upon Mirian's propensity to throw things. The woman's form suddenly spins, her cloak flaring as purple flames wreathe her body. The sound of roaring can be heard as those flames take her, sucking her through an extra-planar portal of pure darkness. Vwoomp. She's gone but only for a moment.
  81. 21) Her form appear's at the vertices between Qinyang and Mirian. A white hand tipped with black painted nails is outstretched, deftly catching the rock and protecting the blonde one behind her. Pinching the rock between index and thumb, she'd look over it, and then... Her body disappears again, more purple flames and yet another dark portal whisking her away only to re-appear at Mirian's side.
  85. 22) Daga suddenly just.. Appears.. Next to Awotwii. The girls form is wreathed in flame as she exits a portal from the nether-realm. Stepping out of said dark portal most elegantly, she'd take a spot next to the bronze boy, and casually just... Hangs out with him. "... Making friends, are we?" She'd ask him in the most lacking tone ever.
  89. 23) Daga is bored of this town... ".. You dropped this." She'd say in a monotonous voice. The pinched rock is then held out towards Mirian. Daga feels all warm and fuzzy inside as Tsubaki smiles back. Aw. Daga's heart beats as her light side gains just a little bit more ground against the all-encompassing darkness. "You know.. With your condition.. If you aren't feeling well, I could.. Hm- Perhaps help ease your pain?"
  93. 24) She'd offer, trying to be of use while she's feeling generous. As she'd say the words, her hand would exit the folds of her cloak. The woman's hand glow's a bright yellow, light mana flowing from it liberally.. If Tsubaki was at all familiar with the light she might recognise it as a very common healing ability that clerics possess.
  97. 25) Daga suddenly disappears as she weaves dark mana around her body. The woman would vanish from sight. Vwoomp. Daga suddenly just appears by the fire, stepping out of a purple flaming portal. The woman would stand before the two lycan, arms crossed. "Hello..." She states plainly, as casual as could be.
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