OSS 4.2 (Intel ICH-9, 82801I)

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  1. device=pci10b9,5455, name=ALI M5455, driver=oss_ali5455
  2. device=pci1002,4341, name=ATI IXP200, driver=oss_atiaudio
  3. device=pci1002,4361, name=ATI IXP300, driver=oss_atiaudio
  4. device=pci1002,4370, name=ATI IXP400, driver=oss_atiaudio
  5. device=pci1102,7, name=Sound Blaster Audigy LS / Live7.1, driver=oss_audigyls
  6. device=AUDIOLOOP, name=OSS loopback audio driver, driver=oss_audioloop
  7. device=pci1274,5000, name=Creative AudioPCI (ES1370), driver=oss_audiopci
  8. device=pci13f6,8788, name=CMedia CMI8788, driver=oss_cmi878x
  9. device=pci1043,834f, name=Asus Xonar D1 (AV100), driver=oss_cmi878x
  10. device=pci1043,8275    Asus Xonar DX (AV100), name=, driver=oss_cmi878x
  11. device=pci13f6,100, name=C-Media CM8338A, driver=oss_cmpci
  12. device=pci13f6,100, name=MIDIMan DiO 2448, driver=oss_cmpci
  13. device=pci13f6,101, name=CMedia CM8338B, driver=oss_cmpci
  14. device=pci13f6,111, name=CMedia CM8738/CM8768, driver=oss_cmpci
  15. device=pci14af,20, name=Guillemot Maxi Sound MUSE, driver=oss_cmpci
  16. device=pci1013,6005, name=Crystal CS4281, driver=oss_cs4281
  17. device=pci1013,6001, name=Crystal CS4610, driver=oss_cs461x
  18. device=pci1013,6003, name=Crystal CS4280 , driver=oss_cs461x
  19. device=pci1013,6004, name=Crystal CS4615, driver=oss_cs461x
  20. device=pcs153b,112e, name=Terratec DMX Xfire 1024, driver=oss_cs461x
  21. device=pcs1681,50, name=Hercules Game Theater XP, driver=oss_cs461x
  22. device=pcs1681,51, name=Hercules Game Theater XP+, driver=oss_cs461x
  23. device=pcs5053,3357, name=TurtleBeach SantaCruz / VideoLogic SonicFury, driver=oss_cs461x
  24. device=pci10ee,3fc0, name=RME Digi96, driver=oss_digi96
  25. device=pci10ee,3fc1, name=RME Digi96/8, driver=oss_digi96
  26. device=pci10ee,3fc2, name=RME Digi96/8 PRO, driver=oss_digi96
  27. device=pci10ee,3fc3, name=RME Digi96/8 PAD, driver=oss_digi96
  28. device=pci1102,6, name=Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 (Dell), driver=oss_emu10k1x
  29. device=pci1412,1712, name=Generic ENVY24 based device, driver=oss_envy24
  30. device=pcs1412,d630, name=M Audio Delta 1010, driver=oss_envy24
  31. device=pcs1412,d631, name=M Audio Delta DiO 2496, driver=oss_envy24
  32. device=pcs1412,d632, name=M Audio Delta 66, driver=oss_envy24
  33. device=pcs1412,d633, name=M Audio Delta 44, driver=oss_envy24
  34. device=pcs1412,d634, name=M Audio Audiophile 2496, driver=oss_envy24
  35. device=pcs1412,d635, name=M Audio Delta TDIF, driver=oss_envy24
  36. device=pcs1412,d638, name=M Audio Delta 410, driver=oss_envy24
  37. device=pcs1412,d63b, name=M Audio Delta 1010LT, driver=oss_envy24
  38. device=pcs153b,1115, name=Terratec EWS88MT, driver=oss_envy24
  39. device=pcs153b,112b, name=Terratec EWS88D, driver=oss_envy24
  40. device=pcs153b,1130, name=Terratec EWX 24/96, driver=oss_envy24
  41. device=pcs153b,1138, name=Terratec DMX 6Fire, driver=oss_envy24
  42. device=pci1412,1724, name=Generic ENVY24HT based sound card, driver=oss_envy24ht
  43. device=pcs1412,3630, name=M Audio Revolution 7.1, driver=oss_envy24ht
  44. device=pcs1412,3631, name=M Audio Revolution 5.1, driver=oss_envy24ht
  45. device=pcs1412,6321, name=M Audio Audiophile 192, driver=oss_envy24ht
  46. device=pcs153b,1145, name=Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space, driver=oss_envy24ht
  47. device=pcs153b,1147, name=Terratec Aureon 7.1 Sky, driver=oss_envy24ht
  48. device=pcs153b,1149, name=Terratec PHASE 28, driver=oss_envy24ht
  49. device=pcs153b,1153, name=Terratec Aureon 7.1 Universe, driver=oss_envy24ht
  50. device=pcs3031,4553, name=Ego Systems Juli@ *BETA*, driver=oss_envy24ht
  51. device=pcs4933,4553, name=Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1, driver=oss_envy24ht
  52. device=pcs3137,4154, name=Audiotrak Prodigy HD2, driver=oss_envy24ht
  53. device=pcs1412,2401, name=Audiotrak Prodigy HD2 Advance DE, driver=oss_envy24ht
  54. device=pci1319,801, name=ForteMedia FM 801, driver=oss_fmedia
  55. device=pcs1489,7008, name=Genius Sound Maker Live, driver=oss_fmedia
  56. device=pci100b,503, name=National Semiconductor Geode SC1200, driver=oss_geode
  57. device=pci1078,103, name=National Semiconductor Geode CS5530, driver=oss_geode
  58. device=pci1022,2093, name=AMD Geode CS5536 (BETA), driver=oss_geode
  59. device=pci8086,2668, name=Intel High Definition Audio (ICH6), driver=oss_hdaudio
  60. device=pci8086,27d8, name=Intel High Definition Audio (ICH7), driver=oss_hdaudio
  61. device=pci8086,269a, name=Intel High Definition Audio (ESB2), driver=oss_hdaudio
  62. device=pci8086,284b, name=Intel High Definition Audio (ICH8), driver=oss_hdaudio
  63. device=pci8086,293e, name=Intel High Definition Audio (P35), driver=oss_hdaudio
  64. device=pci8086,293f, name=Intel High Definition Audio (ICH9), driver=oss_hdaudio
  65. device=pci8086,3a3e, name=Intel High Definition Audio (ICH10), driver=oss_hdaudio
  66. device=pci8086,3a6e, name=Intel High Definition Audio (ICH10), driver=oss_hdaudio
  67. device=pci8086,3b56, name=Intel High Definition Audio (PCH), driver=oss_hdaudio
  68. device=pci10de,26c, name=Nvidia High Definition Audio (MCP51), driver=oss_hdaudio
  69. device=pci10de,371, name=Nvidia High Definition Audio (MCP55), driver=oss_hdaudio
  70. device=pci10de,3e4, name=Nvidia High Definition Audio (MCP61), driver=oss_hdaudio
  71. device=pci10de,3f0, name=Nvidia High Definition Audio (MCP61), driver=oss_hdaudio
  72. device=pci10de,44a, name=Nvidia High Definition Audio (MCP65), driver=oss_hdaudio
  73. device=pci10de,55c, name=Nvidia High Definition Audio (MCP67), driver=oss_hdaudio
  74. device=pci10de,7fc, name=Nvidia High Definition Audio (MCP73), driver=oss_hdaudio
  75. device=pci10de,774, name=Nvidia High Definition Audio (MCP78S), driver=oss_hdaudio
  76. device=pci10de,ac0, name=Nvidia High Definition Audio (MCP79), driver=oss_hdaudio
  77. device=pci1002,437b, name=ATI High Definition Audio (SB450), driver=oss_hdaudio
  78. device=pci1002,4383, name=ATI High Definition Audio (SB600), driver=oss_hdaudio
  79. device=pci1106,3288, name=VIA High Definition Audio, driver=oss_hdaudio
  80. device=pci1039,7502, name=SiS High Definition Audio, driver=oss_hdaudio
  81. device=pci10b9,5461, name=ULI High Definition Audio, driver=oss_hdaudio
  82. device=pci1102,9, name=Creative Labs SB XFi Xtreme, driver=oss_hdaudio
  83. device=pci1022,7445, name=AMD 786, driver=oss_ich
  84. device=pci1022,746d, name=AMD 8111 , driver=oss_ich
  85. device=pci1039,7012, name=SiS 7012 , driver=oss_ich
  86. device=pci10de,1b1, name=Nvidia nForce, driver=oss_ich
  87. device=pci10de,3a, name=Nvidia MCP4, driver=oss_ich
  88. device=pci10de,6a, name=Nvidia nForce2, driver=oss_ich
  89. device=pci10de,8a, name=Nvidia CK8, driver=oss_ich
  90. device=pci10de,da, name=Nvidia nForce3, driver=oss_ich
  91. device=pci10de,ea, name=Nvidia CK8S, driver=oss_ich
  92. device=pci10de,59, name=Nvidia nForce4, driver=oss_ich
  93. device=pci10de,26b, name=Nvidia MCP51, driver=oss_ich
  94. device=pci8086,2415, name=Intel AC97 (ICH), driver=oss_ich
  95. device=pci8086,2425, name=Intel AC97 (ICH1), driver=oss_ich
  96. device=pci8086,2445, name=Intel AC97 (ICH2), driver=oss_ich
  97. device=pci8086,2485, name=Intel AC97 (ICH3), driver=oss_ich
  98. device=pci8086,24c5, name=Intel AC97 (ICH4), driver=oss_ich
  99. device=pci8086,24d5, name=Intel AC97 (ICH5), driver=oss_ich
  100. device=pci8086,25a6, name=Intel AC97 (ESB), driver=oss_ich
  101. device=pci8086,266e, name=Intel AC97 (ICH6), driver=oss_ich
  102. device=pci8086,27de, name=Intel AC97 (ICH7), driver=oss_ich
  103. device=pci8086,7195, name=Intel 440MX (440MX), driver=oss_ich
  104. device=oss_imux, name=OSS Input Multiplexer , driver=oss_imux
  105. device=pci10ee,3fc6, name=RME MADI (not supported yet), driver=oss_madi
  106. device=oss_midiloop, name=OSS MIDI Loopback driver, driver=oss_midiloop
  107. device=pci1102,2, name=Creative Sound Blaster Live , driver=oss_sblive
  108. device=pcs1102,8040, name=Creative Sound Blaster Live 1024/Platinum, driver=oss_sblive
  109. device=pcs1102,8061, name=Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1/Platinum IR, driver=oss_sblive
  110. device=pci1102,4, name=Creative Sound Blaster Audigy/Audigy2, driver=oss_sblive
  111. device=pcs1102,51, name=Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum, driver=oss_sblive
  112. device=pci1102,8, name=Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 Value/Audigy4, driver=oss_sblive
  113. device=pci1102,2001, name=Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS PCMCIA, driver=oss_sblive
  114. device=pci1102,8938, name=Creative Ectiva EV1938, driver=oss_sbpci
  115. device=pci1274,1371, name=Creative AudioPCI97 (ES1371/ES1373), driver=oss_sbpci
  116. device=pci1274,5880, name=Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 (5880B), driver=oss_sbpci
  117. device=pci1274,8001, name=Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 (CT5880), driver=oss_sbpci
  118. device=pci1274,8002, name=Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 (5880A), driver=oss_sbpci
  119. device=pci1102,5, name=Creative SB X-Fi 20K1 *EARLY BETA*, driver=oss_sbxfi
  120. device=pci1102,b, name=Creative SB X-Fi 20K2 *EARLY BETA*, driver=oss_sbxfi
  121. device=pci125d,1969, name=ESS Solo-1 , driver=oss_solo
  122. device=pci1023,2000, name=Trident 4DWave-DX, driver=oss_trident
  123. device=pci1023,2001, name=Trident 4DWave-NX, driver=oss_trident
  124. device=pci1023,2002, name=Trident 4DWave-CX, driver=oss_trident
  125. device=pci1039,7018, name=SiS 7018 , driver=oss_trident
  126. device=pci10b9,5451, name=ALI M5451, driver=oss_trident
  127. device=usbif,class1, name=Generic USB audio/MIDI device (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  128. device=usbif41e,3000, name=Creative Sound Blaster Extigy (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  129. device=usbif41e,3010, name=Creative Sound Blaster MP3+ USB, driver=oss_usb
  130. device=usbif41e,3020, name=Creative Audigy2 NX USB (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  131. device=usbif46d,8b2, name=Logitec Quickcam Pro 4000 (mic) (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  132. device=usbif46d,a01, name=Logitec USB Headset, driver=oss_usb
  133. device=usbif471,311, name=Philips ToUcam Pro (mic) (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  134. device=usbif672,1041, name=Labtec LCS1040 Speaker System (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  135. device=usbifd8c,c, name=C-Media USB audio adapter - model1, driver=oss_usb
  136. device=usbifd8c,103, name=C-Media USB audio adapter - model2, driver=oss_usb
  137. device=usbifd8c,102, name=C-Media USB 2/4/6/8ch audio adapter, driver=oss_usb
  138. device=usbif6f8,c000, name=Hercules Gamesurround MUSE Pocket (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  139. device=usb763,1010, name=M Audio USB MIDISPORT 1x1 (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  140. device=usb763,1011, name=M Audio USB MIDISPORT 1x1 (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  141. device=usb763,1001, name=M Audio USB MIDISPORT 2x2 (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  142. device=usb763,1002, name=M Audio USB MIDISPORT 2x2 (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  143. device=usb763,1031, name=M Audio USB MIDISPORT 8x8 (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  144. device=usbif763,2001, name=M Audio USB AudioSport Quatro (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  145. device=usbif763,2002, name=M Audio USB AudioSport Duo (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  146. device=usbif763,classff, name=Generic M Audio USB MIDI interface (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  147. device=usbif763,2007, name=M Audio Sonica Theater USB (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  148. device=usbif763,200d, name=M Audio OmniStudio USB (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  149. device=usbif763,2805, name=M Audio Sonica USB (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  150. device=usb763,1014, name=M Audio Oygen8 MIDI keyboard, driver=oss_usb
  151. device=usb763,1015, name=M Audio Oygen8 MIDI keyboard, driver=oss_usb
  152. device=usbifa92,1010, name=EGO SYStems RoMI/O USB MIDI interface (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  153. device=usb499,1009, name=Yamaha UX16 USB MIDI interface (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  154. device=usb499,101e, name=Yamaha PSR-1K USB MIDI Keyboard (BETA), driver=oss_usb
  155. device=oss_userdev, name=OSS user space audio driver I/O module, driver=oss_userdev
  156. device=pci1106,3059, name=VIA VT8233/8235/8237 , driver=oss_via823x
  157. device=pci1106,4551, name=VIA VT5432B , driver=oss_via823x
  158. device=pci1106,7059, name=VIA VT8233A , driver=oss_via823x
  159. device=pcs1462,3800, name=MSI K7T266, driver=oss_via823x
  160. device=pcs1462,4720, name=MSI KT3 Ultra , driver=oss_via823x
  161. device=pci1106,3058, name=VIA VT82C686 , driver=oss_via97
  162. device=pci1073,10, name=Yamaha DS-XG YMF744 , driver=oss_ymf7xx
  163. device=pci1073,12, name=Yamaha DS-XG YMF754, driver=oss_ymf7xx
  164. device=pci1073,4, name=Yamaha DS-XG YMF724, driver=oss_ymf7xx
  165. device=pci1073,5, name=Yamaha DS-XG YMF734, driver=oss_ymf7xx
  166. device=pci1073,a, name=Yamaha DS-XG YMF740, driver=oss_ymf7xx
  167. device=pci1073,c, name=Yamaha DS-XG YMF740C, driver=oss_ymf7xx
  168. device=pci1073,d, name=Yamaha DS-XG YMF724F, driver=oss_ymf7xx
  169. Detected Intel High Definition Audio (P35)
  170. USB support available in the system, adding USB driver
  171. Detected Generic USB audio/MIDI device (BETA)
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