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  3. Ainz and company were once more invited to the Council Chamber. After entering, they saw a single disgruntled Dwarf while the others were brimming with positivity. The commander-in-chief also seemed quite at ease.
  4. 安兹一行人被再一次叫到了摄政会的会议场,进入房间后,只见忿忿不平的矮人一名,以及满脸好意的矮人若干。总司令官脸上也浮现出了安心的表情。
  6. In other words, everything had developed as he had hoped for. Ainz smiled inside.
  7. 也就是说事态正按照自己的希望进行着,安兹在心中笑了。
  9. “Please accept our sincere apologies for making you come and go constantly. After our discussions, we have decided to proceed as Your Majesty wishes. To begin with, we will throw ourselves upon Your Majesty’s compassion with regards to the matter of the stationing of forces. After that, we shall open diplomatic relations and begin trade with Your Majesty’s nation. That said, the nature of the trade goods and the methods of the transaction will require further negotiation.”
  10. 「每次都要麻烦您过来真是非常抱歉魔导王陛下。作为我们讨论的结果,决定按照陛下的希望进行。首先仰仗着陛下的温情,兵力的驻扎就拜托了。接着是开展国交,与陛下的国家开始贸易。只是,交易物品的选取和交易方法之类想来有再进行详细商讨的必要」
  12. “Naturally. In any event, I shall promptly furnish you with the fighting strength needed to retake the fortress and hinder any further Quagoa invasion. I shall send a representative over to handle the finer points of international relationships in a few days, whereupon you may discuss the matter at length.”
  13. 「那是当然。总之先尽快将能夺还堡垒,抑制掘土兽人再次进攻的兵力借给你们吧。然后是包含国交的其他事项,这边会在数日后叫来担当者,到时再进行商谈吧」
  15. Ainz breathed a sigh of relief.
  16. 安兹松了一口气。
  18. He had to hand tasks like this -- which required relevant knowledge -- to Albedo. Fortunately, they had not insisted on hashing things out here.
  19. 像这类需要相关知识的事情是要交给雅儿贝德的。没有说想立刻在这里决定真是太好了。
  21. “Then, there is the matter of Your Majesty’s price for the recovery of the Royal Capital; the dispatch of our runesmiths to the Sorcerous Kingdom. We shall pledge that to you. However, we would like to send a group of inspectors to the Sorcerous Kingdom to see how our colleagues are being treated, and to ensure their welfare. May we have your permission to do so?”
  22. 「然后陛下作为夺还王都的代价所要求的,派遣符文工匠前往魔导国的事。我们也在此作出承诺。不过,为了得知同胞会被如何对待,将来我们想要向魔导国派遣调查团,以确认他们的待遇。这件事能够得到许可么?」
  24. “Of course. The Sorcerous Kingdom will accept interviews from these inspectors.
  25. 「那是当然。我魔导国约定会接受调查团的访问」
  27. The Dwarves looked much more relieved now.
  28. 矮人看起来安心了许多。
  30. Did they intend to conduct a workplace inspection? Rather, it seemed more likely that they wanted to see if the Sorcerous Kingdom was adhering to its side of the labor agreement between the two nations.
  31. 是想要进行所谓的职场视察吧。不,是想确认有没有遵守劳动合同吧。
  33. Typically, labor contracts are never honored. However, I swear I won’t let anyone end up like Herohero-san. I’ll need to draw up a contract with terms which the Dwarves will respect, let the runesmiths focus on development and the like, among other things.
  34. (通常来说劳动合同都是不被遵守。但是,我发誓绝对不会让黑洛黑洛桑那样的人出现。做出让矮人们即使来了也会觉得佩服的规则,让符文工匠们致力于包含技术开发之类的,各种各样的事务之中,就这么约定好了哦)
  36. Ainz nodded to the Dwarves and their concern for their colleagues.
  37. 安兹对着关心同伴的矮人们点了一下头。
  39. No, all this is thanks to the Quagoa. This situation came about because they conquered the fortress. If they had not picked this time to attack the Dwarven nation, events would not have unfolded so smoothly. Putting on recruitment shows for the runesmith would have taken a lot of time and resources. I almost pity the Quagoa now...
  40. (不,即使这样也是多亏了掘土兽人啊。正是他们攻陷了堡垒才会有现在这个状况。如果他们没有在这个时机进攻矮人国的话,事态也不会往好的方向发展到这种程度。招揽符文工匠无疑会耗费与之相应的时间和费用吧。把掘土兽人歼灭掉的话还真有些可怜啊……)
  42. One good turn deserved another, after all.
  43. 恩义不就该以恩义相报么。
  45. “Then, when does Your Majesty intend to begin the recapture of the Dwarven Kingdom?”
  46. 「那么陛下的王都夺还作战打算什么时候开始呢?」
  48. “Umu… As soon as possible.”
  49. 「哼嗯……。我是打算尽早开始的」
  51. While it was not likely that the Quagoa who had defeated the Death Knights was a player, he could not rule out a connection entirely. He had to verify this as soon as possible.
  52. 虽然打倒死亡骑士的掘土兽人是玩家的可能性非常低,但也不能断定是毫无关系。有必要迅速地确认。
  54. “Then, we will place ourselves in your capable hands. To us Dwarves, being able to take back Feoh Berkanan is like a dream come true. I am certain the people will rejoice at Your Majesty’s matchless might. It might sound forced, but they do come the heart.”
  55. 「那就拜托您了。菲欧·贝尔嘉纳能回到我们矮人手中简直就是梦一般的事情。对陛下的鼎力相助,民众们也会表示出喜悦之情吧。那样的话些许的勉强也会老实听从的吧」
  57. In other words, if I don’t take back the capital, international relations will be very tricky. It’s not like they’re trying to impose on me, but it does sound very selfish.
  58. (也就是说反过来要是没能夺还王都的话,国交也会变得艰难么。虽然不觉得是多么勉强的提案,但那到底也不过是我自己的考虑么)
  60. “I see. Then, I shall hasten to prepare,” Ainz nodded. Then, he thought of something.
  62. “Oh yes, I have a request. I don’t know if you’ll mind.”
  63. 「了解了。那么赶快开始准备吧」安兹点了点头,想起了一件事。「对了。我还有一个请求,不会介意的吧」
  65. “What, what sort of request is that, Your Majesty?”
  66. 「那、那是什么请求呢,陛下」
  68. The Dwarves asked that question nervously. Ainz was confused by their fearful attitude. He had not said anything which should have frightened them. Still worried about whether he had done something strange, he asked:
  69. 矮人们心惊胆战的问道。安兹对那胆怯的态度感到了困惑。明明就一次也没有说过,会让对方感到胆怯的话才对啊。一边不安地想着是不是做了什么奇怪的事情,安兹把请求说出了口。
  71. “I intend to present a gift to a certain Lizardman, and I wish to draw upon the exceptional workmanship of the Dwarves to present him with a suitable set of armor.”
  72. 「我打算送给某位蜥蜴人礼物,想要借助矮人那优秀的武具制作的能力,做出与其相应的铠甲」
  74. There was a sharp intake of breath from behind him.
  75. 后面传来了屏息的声音。
  77. “That’s right, Zenberu,” Ainz turned to look behind him, to the Lizardman who was holding his breath. “It is for Zaryusu. Call it a present to celebrate the birth of his child.”
  78. 「对了。泽贝尔」安兹把头转向后方,对着屏息的蜥蜴人说道。「打算送给萨留斯。就是所谓的出产祝贺啊」
  80. Ainz had spoken of this because he intended to preserve Zaryusu’s life. He would surely father many rare Lizardmen in future. Thus, presenting him with such excellent armor only made sense.
  81. 安兹说出这样的事情无需多言是为了守住萨留斯的命。他从今往后,肯定要成为众多稀有蜥蜴人的父亲。送给这样的他优秀的防具是理所当然的事情。
  83. The Dwarves’ attention turned to the Forgemaster.
  84. 矮人们的视线向着锻造工房长集中了。
  86. He folded his arms in front of him, still frowning at Ainz. He did not seem to approve at all.
  87. 他把双臂抱在胸前,嘴唇歪成へ字地凝视着安兹。不怎么像是抱有好意。
  89. “How about it? Can you do it?”
  90. 「怎样。能做么?」
  92. After being questioned again and prodded by the people beside him, the Forgemaster finally nodded, unwillingness written all over his face.
  93. 面对重复的提问,锻造工房长被坐在旁边的人催促后,这才用不满的表情点了一次头。
  95. “What are the measurements? We can pay for it.”
  96. 「尺寸呢?费用这边出也无所谓」
  98. “Magical armor ought to resize itself to fit its wearer. Can you enchant it here?”
  99. 「魔法铠甲的话应该能自动调整大小才对,不过这里能附魔吗?」
  101. “I have no confidence in magical matters. You’ll have to ask the High Priest about that.”
  102. 「魔法相关的老夫可没有自信。那是大地神殿的管辖范围」
  104. “A minimal enchantment should be fine. Do you not mind, Your Majesty? I believe you should have better enchanters within your domain…”
  105. 「低阶的附魔要是也可以的话就没有问题。您不介意吗,陛下。如果是在您自己的领土不是能
  106. 进行更强大的附魔吗?」
  108. In truth, there were few skilled enchanters within the Sorcerous Kingdom. Enchanters were essentially specialized magic casters, and they were originally affiliated with the Magician’s Guild. However, the Sorcerous Kingdom’s Magician’s Guild was essentially disbanded.
  109. 事实上,在魔导国没有多少优秀的附魔师。所谓附魔师是有着特殊技巧的魔法咏唱者,原本他们应该是属于魔术师工会的。然而,现在的魔导国的魔术师工会就和解散了没什么两样。
  111. In addition, Nazarick used a different enchantment process, that of data crystals. He wanted to preserve them as much as possible, given that he could not obtain data crystals in this world. Naturally, nobody in Nazarick could perform the enchantments of this world.
  112. 而与此不同的纳萨力克的附魔使用的是YGGDRASIL的数据水晶,在不能获得数据水晶的这个世界想要尽可能地保存起来。当下,这个世界的附魔技术,纳萨力克的所属者中还无人持有。
  114. In other words, the Sorcerous Kingdom had no ability to enchant magic items. That said, there was no need to let them know about it.
  115. 也就是说,魔导国正处于基本无法附魔的状态。话虽如此,也没有必要把这种事情坦白地说出来。
  117. “If the need arises, all I have to do is reinforce the existing enchantment. In any event, I would like a suit of armor from this city. It will also serve as publicity for Dwarven armorsmithing.”
  118. 「那时只要进行覆盖强化即可。总之,想要件在这座都市做出的铠甲。也能顺便为矮人制作的防具做些宣传啊」
  120. “Ho,” The Forgemaster’s eyes narrowed. “It should be ready within a week.”
  121. 「嚯」锻造工房长的眼睛稍稍眯了起来。「一周时间应该就能做好吧」
  123. “Really now. That would be wonderful. Until then, I shall be engaged in taking back the capital. Well, if the battle ends before it’s complete, I might end up waiting around for it in this city.”
  124. 「是么。那就太好了。到那为止就先进行王都的夺还吧。嘛,做好之前就结束作战,在这座城市悠闲地等待也有可能呢」
  126. “Hmph. Then you’d best get on it, no?”
  127. 「哼。那样的话就做得快些了啊」
  129. It was quite clear that he did not mean “it would be a shame to keep you waiting”. It was more like “I’ll finish it up quick so you don’t take too long hanging around in this city.”
  130. 让你等太久就抱歉了所以优先些制作吧,很明显他并非是这样意义。不想让你在这座城市就留所以赶紧做好吧,是这么一回事吧。
  132. Why does he hate me so much? I should be a hero to this country, right? Or the liberator who reclaimed their Royal Capital, right? I dindu nuffin to be hated like this… is that it? Is he really just a stubborn old fool?
  133. (为什么,会被讨厌到这种地步呢?我对于这个国家是英雄一样的人物吧?而且应该还是将被夺走的旧王都夺还的解放者。明明没有做过任何会被讨厌的事情……是那个吗?单纯的只是个顽固者吗?)
  135. “Regarding the payment--”
  136. 「费用的问题——」
  138. “Like I said just now, there’s no charge.”
  139. 「刚才也说过了。不需要」
  141. “That settles the price of that particular article. When I talk about payment, I’m referring to the fact that it is both a finished product and a sample. I need you to tell me how much it costs so I can estimate how much it takes to produce this sort of thing.”
  142. 「制作费用就那么办吧。现在说的所谓费用——这次的作品也同样是商品样本。用这些金额能做出这样的商品,所以需要你把这份价格告诉我」
  144. “...I don’t decide the prices. Oi, Merchant’s Guildmaster, you’re in charge of that.”
  145. 「……决定价格不在老夫的工作范畴内。喂。商品会议长。定价就交给汝了」
  147. “...To begin with, we’d have to consider the material of which the armor is made. That would certainly affect the price range…”
  148. 「……这样的话最开始先是使用怎样的金属制作,那样价格也会有所差异……」
  150. “Ah, so it’s like that,” Ainz replied, trying not to let it show in his attitude. “...So tell me, what’s the highest-grade metal in this city?”
  151. 「啊啊,这样啊」安兹注意着绝对不要在态度上显示出来地问道。「……这座都市的最高级金属是什么?」
  153. If the names of one of the prismatic ores came up, Ainz might well abandon his present negotiations and subjugate the Dwarves by force.
  154. 这里要是出现了七色矿之类的名字,搞不好可能会有放弃至今为止所有交涉强硬地以力量镇压矮人的必要。
  156. However, his worries were ill-founded.
  157. 然而那种担心却没派上用场。
  159. The metal of which they spoke was adamantite.
  160. 他们说出的金属是精钢。
  162. “Adamantite, hm? Is there nothing harder than that here? No, even a slightly softer metal would do if it was a rarity in this mountain range.”
  163. 「精钢啊。没有什么硬度在其之上的金属吗?不,即使硬度低一些,只能在这座山脉采掘到的稀有金属也没问题」
  165. They could not answer that question either.
  166. 对于这个问题的回答也是不知道。
  168. There was a possibility that this was classified information and they could not speak openly of it to Ainz. However, direct questioning would not help. Using charm magic to make them talk would leave the memories of being controlled, so if he could not eliminate them afterwards, it was not an option. Sadly, he had no other way to inquire further.
  169. 说不定也有着作为机密情报,而没有老实地告诉安兹的可能性。不过,用正攻法他们是不会回答的吧。而用魅惑之类的精神操作来强迫他们说出的话,因为被操作时的记忆会保留,所以之后要是不能杀掉灭口的话这种手段就没法用。遗憾的是现在没有办法再得到进一步的情报了。
  171. Since Gondo did not know either, he could only pin his hopes on the more senior runemiths.
  172. 因为龚德也说不知道,所以只能寄期待于更年长的符文工匠了。
  174. As Ainz concealed he disappointment, he produced an ingot from beneath his robes.
  175. 安兹一边隐藏起失望,一边从长袍下取出为此准备的铸锭。
  177. “Then, we shall supply the metal. Just tell me the processing fee.”
  178. 「那么金属就先由这边提供吧。能告诉我加工的费用就可以了」
  180. This was a level 45 metal. It was not particularly strong, but it was much stronger than adamantite.
  181. 取出的是四十五级的金属,虽然并不是那么强,但比起精钢之流还是要坚硬的多。
  183. Zaryusu’s defensive abilities would soar if he wore a suit of armor made from this material. It would be enough to protect him from the vast majority of foes in this world.
  184. 用它来制作铠甲的话,萨留斯的防御力就能一口气的提升上去吧。可以从这个世界的大部分敌人的攻击中保护住自己的身体。
  186. “And this is...
  187. 「这是?」
  189. Judging by the expression on the Forgemaster’s face as he examined the ingot, Ainz was sure that he had not excavated this ore anywhere near here.
  190. 对于拿起放着的铸锭的锻造工房长那讶异的模样,安兹确定了这种矿石是这附近采掘不到的。
  193. “A wo…”
  195. Ainz shut his mouth just before he could say “worthless”. After all, this was the raw material for a suit of armor he was giving to Zaryusu. He could not say this sort of thing in front of the armorsmith who would be taking on the task.
  197. “It’s a serviceable metal. I have some weapons made of the same material. One moment, please.”
  198. 「无……」本想说出无聊的这几个字的安兹闭上了嘴。因为是要送给萨留斯的铠甲的原材料,这不是在要用它制作铠甲的工匠面前该说的话。「还可以的金属。我应该还有几把用同样金属制作的武器。稍微失礼一下」
  200. Ainz rose and left the room before looking through his inventory.
  201. 安兹站起身来走出房间,打开了物品栏。
  203. After some searching, he withdrew a strange -- one of the weapons in YGGDRASIL which had been designed for form over function -- shortsword. Then he returned to the room. Frightened by the fact that Ainz was holding a shortsword, the Dwarves shifted uneasily in their seats. Ainz placed the shortsword on the table and slid it over.
  204. 搜索了一通之后,将形状奇怪的——YGGDRASIL里常有的不考虑能否使用的时髦武器——短剑取了出来。接着返回了房间。在面对持有短剑的安兹,矮人们被吓得有些坐不稳之际,安兹将短剑放在桌上滑了过去。
  206. Fortunately, it stopped in front of the Forgemaster.
  207. 能停在锻造工房长面前真是件幸运的事。
  209. He did not pick up the shortsword that slid before him, but instead studied it with a scary look on his face. It must have bothered him in some way.
  210. 没有用手去拿滑到面前的剑,锻造工房长只是用可怕的表情凝视着它。是有什么在意的地方吧。
  212. “This one. Since it’s a shortsword, I don’t know if you can use it as a reference for armor… How about it? Can you make it?”
  213. 「就是这把。因为这是把短剑,不知道能否成为制作的铠甲的参考……怎么样?能作吗?」
  215. For some reason, those words caused the Forgemaster to flush red.
  216. 不知为何锻造工房长的脸因为这句话涨的通红。
  218. “I’ll do it and show you!”
  219. 「就让老夫做给你看!」
  221. Sensing the powerful determination in the Forgemaster’s voice, Ainz nodded.
  222. 对着锻造工房长那能感觉到其中决心的强烈话语,安兹点了点头。
  224. “Umu. Then, please take care of that. I’d like a suit of chainmail armor, if possible. I’ll lend you the shortsword too; if you have any requests, feel free to name them. Zenberu, you should be more familiar with Zaryusu. Answer him about his body size, shape and whatnot.”
  225. 「哼嗯。那就拜托了。总之希望是件锁子甲。短剑也暂时借给你好了,有什么需要的时候就尽管用吧。泽贝尔,萨留斯相关的信息你应该比较清楚。有什么他的体型之类的质问的话你来回答好了」
  227. “I understand, Your Majesty.”
  228. 「了解了,陛下」
  230. “Then… that’s all for my request. If it’s fine with you, I will be leaving now.”
  231. 「那么……我的请求就到此结束了。你们那边没有什么问题的话,那就在此失礼了」
  233. “Your Majesty, may I ask where you are going?”
  234. 「陛下你要去哪里呢?」
  236. “Ahh, commander-in-chief. There was a Dwarf from the southern city whom I rescued, no? I was invited to his home, and I will be a guest there today. ...It will be more entertaining to have a welcoming ceremony later.
  237. 「啊啊,总司令官殿下。不是有位我在南边的都市救下来的矮人吗。我被邀请前往他的家里,今天打算就在那边叨唠了。……欢迎的仪式就作为之后的乐趣吧」
  239. Or rather, Ainz did not want to embarrass himself, so he wanted to avoid such a ceremony. Of course, he did not actually say that.
  240. 倒不如说,因为不想那么羞耻所以还是不开更好哟。当然这话并没有说出口。
  242. The commander-in-chief looked a little uneasy.
  243. 总指挥官的表情有一些困扰。
  245. “I understand Your Majesty’s wishes. However, it would be somewhat distressing if word got out that the savior of our nation had to personally procure accommodations. We have already prepared a high-end room for yourself; would you consider resting there for the day?”
  246. 「陛下的考虑我已经了解了。然而让拯救我国的您亲自准备滞留的场所,这要是传到外头去可实在是有些难听。因为我们已经准备了最高级的房间,您看今天能在那边休息吗?」
  248. Ainz considered the proposal. The commander in chief’s words were acceptable, and there was no reason to refuse.
  249. 安兹考虑了一下。总司令官的话可以接受,想想也没什么拒绝他的提议的理由。
  251. “Then let us do that. I shall go visit Gondo -- the Dwarf who brought me here -- and apologize for standing him up.”
  252. 「那么就这样吧。之后再去和给我们带路的矮人——龚德,算上谢罪的意味见一面好了」
  254. I trust you won’t try to hinder me any further. It would seem the commander-in-chief and the others had no objections either.
  255. 这你们不会还要制止我吧。这么一瞧,看来总指挥官等人都是没有异议的样子。
  257. 3
  259. Another Dwarf came in. He was a runesmiths. There were very few people in this city who called themselves runesmiths now, and he was one of them.
  260. 又有矮人开门进来了。他是符文工匠中的一位。现在这座都市中自称符文工匠的人很少。而他就是那很少中的一人。
  262. The Sorcerer King had given something to Gondo, which he had in turn passed on to all the runesmiths he knew. The results were excellent. Even before the appointed time, nine-tenths of the runesmiths he had approached were already at his atelier cum research lab. There was no doubt that the rest would also arrive early.
  263. 由魔导王转让的某种物品,被龚德分配给了他自己知道的所有符文工匠,而那效果是极佳的。明明还没到约定好的时间,他的工房兼研究所就已经聚集了九成的工匠。毫无疑问,剩下的工匠也会在约定的时间之前过来吧。
  265. “Over here!”
  266. 「这里!」
  268. “Oh! Gondo! I’m coming!”
  269. 「哦!龚坊!来了哦!」
  271. Anticipation was written all over the face of the Dwarf who walked over.
  272. 哒哒哒走过来的矮人脸上满是期待,
  274. “All right, now give it to me, like you said!”
  275. 「好了,把约好的东西给老夫吧!」
  277. How many times had those words been repeated up till now? While Gondo found it irritating, he rationalized it away as a form of work, and he gave that Dwarf the same answer he had given all the others:
  278. 这行为到底重复了多少次呢。觉得麻烦的同时也用这是工作来让自己理解,并做出了和在此聚集的其他矮人时同样的回答。
  280. “The Sorcerer King has something to tell everyone. You’ll get it after that.”
  281. 「接下来魔导王陛下要向大家传达某件事。要等到那结束之后」
  283. “What?”
  284. 「什么?」
  286. “I told you, didn’t I? Before I gave you that small bottle. His Majesty has something to say, and after he says it, you’ll get the large bottle.”
  287. 「老夫确实是有传达到哦?在给汝们那个小瓶之前。在这魔导王陛下有话要说,将其听到最后就会给汝们大瓶」
  289. “Hm, well, that does sound kind of familiar…”
  290. 「呜嗯,这么说来好像确实是有那么回事……」
  292. “Alright, if you understand, then sit down over there.”
  293. 「好了,明白了的话,去那边坐好等着吧」
  295. “Umu… Also, ah, Gondo. Over here, please…”
  296. 「呜嗯……。还有,哪,龚坊。稍微,哪」
  298. Gondo knew what was coming even without hearing it. Every single smith who had come had said the same thing.
  299. 他接下来的话不用听也明白。因为是至今所有的工匠都说过的话。
  301. “Nobody else but His Majesty has such wine. Do you understand? Do you understand that such a wine can only be found in his country?”
  302. 「那种酒除了魔导王陛下谁也没有。明白了吗?那样美味的酒存在于这个国家吗?」
  304. “Mm, mhm. That’s true. That taste, like joy spreading through your mouth… It glides down the throat, but burns in the gut…”
  305. 「呜、呜嗯。确实是这样。那种在口中弥漫的芳醇的味道……。流经喉咙,到达胃部时的炽热感……」
  307. “Mhm. Alright, if you get it, then sit down over there.”
  308. 「唔嗯,唔嗯。明白的话,就去那边坐下吧」
  310. Gondo pushed the smith -- who was imagining delights unseen - in the appropriate direction.
  311. 龚德胡乱地推了推不知看向了哪里的工匠。
  313. “Come on, don’t be like that. You’ve tasted it before, haven’t you? You understand how I feel, right?”
  314. 「别这样啊。汝也喝过的对吧,明白的吧?老夫的感受」
  316. “I’ve never touched it. I’m not a fan of drinking.”
  317. 「老夫没有喝过哟。因为不是很喜欢喝酒啊」
  319. “Oh, what a waste! Gondo, you’ve missed out on four-fifths of life!”
  320. 「多么的浪费啊!龚坊的人生损失了八成哦!」
  322. “Yes, yes, yes, hurry up and sit down. Look, those guys have all drunk it, you should go discuss it with them.”
  323. 「好好好。快点过去坐下。看啊,那边的家伙们都喝过,讨论起来会更热烈的哦」
  325. “Ohhh! Really?!”
  326. 「哦哦!这样啊!」
  328. The excited smith began running and then suddenly stopped. Then, he turned to look at Gondo. Many of the smiths here had done that too.
  329. 兴冲冲地走出去的工匠的脚步忽然停下了,接着回头看向了龚德。这也是大多数工匠都会做出的行动。
  331. “I say, Gondo.”
  332. 「我说,龚坊」
  334. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about me.”
  335. 「没事。不用在意老夫的事」
  337. “Really? But…”
  338. 「是吗?可是……」
  340. “It’s fine. That’s why…”
  341. 「真没事。所以,对吧……」
  343. “...I understand. However, there’s one thing you must remember. You can come to me for help at any time.”
  344. 「……明白了。不过,只有这点汝要记住啊。无论何时拜托老夫都是没有问题啊」
  346. After saying that, the smith moved to sit with the others. Then, he joined their enthusiastic discussion on the joys of alcohol.
  347. 说完这句工匠再次走了起来,坐到席位上和身旁的工匠们开始谈论喝酒相关的话题。
  349. Gondo sighed, his heart aching faintly.
  350. 感到些许的心痛,龚德哈的,叹了一口气、
  352. The Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown had given Gondo a certain item in order to gather the runesmiths.
  354. That item was wine.
  355. 从魔导王、安兹·乌尔·恭那里得到的,为了召集符文工匠而分配出去的某种物品的正体是酒。
  357. Gondo did not drink, but no Dwarf could resist the taste of delicious wine. Thus, by whetting their appetites with a small sample of exotic alcohol and promising them a large bottle of it later, they should be able to gather about half the smiths. That was what the Sorcerer King had said. However--
  358. 虽然龚德不喝酒,但矮人对美味的酒却没有办法。为此要是将珍稀的酒用小瓶提供,在这里参加会议之后就能得到大瓶这样提案的话,就能聚集半数左右的工匠吧,魔导王是这么说的。然而——
  360. Every seat here looked to be filled up.
  361. 几乎是座无虚席。
  363. Gondo sighed again. Personally speaking, he did not want to gather them with such cheap tricks. Instead, he wanted to inflame their pride as craftsmen and have them rally round.
  364. 龚德再次叹了一口气。就个人而言还是希望不靠这种小把戏,而是靠着在工匠的骄傲上添柴加火来把他们召集起来。
  366. Or rather -- that was just Gondo’s selfish wish.
  367. 不——这只是龚德的任性吧。
  369. The Sorcerer King had used the quickest and most effective method to gather the smiths. Relying on their pride to bring them together would have wasted a lot of valuable time.
  370. 魔导王用最合适的手段以最快的速度聚集起了工匠。如果是要靠唤醒工匠的骄傲来召集他们的话,无疑会耗费相当的时间吧。
  372. The runesmiths were in dire straits. They had lost the proof that they and their ancestors had existed, while all that lay ahead was darkness. Mired in negativity, it was no wonder that many of them had given up on themselves. Very few Dwarves still called themselves runesmiths and practiced their craft. Most of them had taken down the shingles on their workshops and merely lived day by day of a hopeless, dreamless existence.
  373. 自己所处的糟糕状况、今后的黑暗前程、自己与祖先的生存证明的丧失,工匠的半数被源于这些的负面思考所囚禁,变得自暴自弃起来。像之前的矮人那样,自称符文工匠,还在工作着的人已经很少了。大半都卸下了工房的招牌,只是过着获取每日粮食的没有梦想的阴暗生活。
  375. Could he have relit the fire in hearts like theirs?
  376. 能在这样的他们心中重新点燃火焰吗。
  378. Gondo eagerly looked forward to Ainz and what would happen next.
  379. 龚德对安兹,还有接下来要发生的事怀揣着期待。
  381. At the appointed time, Gondo checked the number of Dwarves which had shown up. Every single one was present.
  382. 到了指定的时间,龚德查了查聚集起来的矮人的数量。一个也没有缺席。
  384. “Well? Ainz-sama asked if he could begin.”
  385. 「怎么样?安兹大人问是不是差不多可以开始了」
  387. The girl who ran up to Gondo was one of the Sorcerer King’s trusted aides, Aura.
  388. 跑到龚德旁边的是身为魔导王亲信的暗精灵少女、亚乌菈。
  390. “Oh, can you tell His Majesty that everyone has gathered?”
  391. 「哦哦,能通知一下陛下吗?就说,全员集齐了没有问题」
  393. “Got it~”
  394. 「了—解」
  396. The girl ran off. As he watched her leave, Gondo tilted his head.
  397. 少女跑开了。目送着她的背影,龚德歪了歪头。
  399. He was not quite sure what exactly that girl was. Why did that nigh-omnipotent undead lord place so much trust in her? Was she the proof of his friendship with the Dark Elves?
  400. 不是很清楚那个孩子究竟是什么身份。为什么会被那位超强的不死者作为亲信重用呢。是作为与暗妖精的友好的证明吗。
  402. As Gondo pondered this, Ainz Ooal Gown stepped forward on a raised platform. Beside him was the other female who served as his aide.
  403. 龚德考虑着这些的时候,在稍高的台上,安兹·乌尔·恭出现了。旁边是另一位亲信的女性。
  405. “Ohhhhhhh!”
  406. 「呜哦哦哦哦!」
  408. “It’s the undead!”
  409. 「是不死者啊!」
  411. “An enemy?!”
  412. 「敌人吗!」
  414. The Dwarves were thrown into chaos. That was only to be expected. The undead were the enemies of all that lived.
  415. 矮人们躁动了起来。当然的事情。不死者是所有生者的敌人。
  417. “That--”
  418. 「那——」
  420. “--Silence.”
  421. 「——安静」
  423. The female -- Shalltear Bloodfallen -- raised the bottle in her had.
  424. 女性——夏提雅·布拉德弗伦举起了她手中的瓶子。
  426. Everyone’s eyes could pick out the amber radiance within. They were an intensely practical lot, so their attention went to the bottle instead of Ainz’s undead face, and they fell silent.
  427. 那里面摇动着的琥珀色的光辉,谁的眼睛都能清楚地分辨。因为是群现实的家伙,比起不死者的脸更被那边夺去视线的矮人们,一齐沉默了下来。
  429. “Ainz-sama, what is your will?”
  430. 「安兹大人,您有什么指示吗?」
  432. “No, there’s nothing. Thank you for your hard work, Shalltear. ...Alright, thank you for coming, everyone. There’s enough wine for everyone, so after this, just take one bottle as you go. Until then, I hope you will keep quiet and listen to me. Of course, if you feel that the words of the undead are not worth listening to, you are free to leave on the spot. Of course, you will not get a bottle of this wine.”
  433. 「不,没什么。夏提雅,有劳你了。……好了,欢迎各位的到来。这个酒瓶有着人数份的量,结束之后拿着离开就行。到那为止请安静地听我讲话。当然,要是觉得作为不死者的我的话没有听的价值,那直接转身离却也无所谓。不过,这个酒瓶就得不到了」
  435. The Sorcerer King swept his gaze across the Dwarves.
  436. 魔导王慢慢扫视在场的矮人们。
  438. Every fiber of his being -- from his attitude to his diction and many other things -- was certain proof of his overwhelming power. Then there was his haughty, regal bearingwhich made them instinctively cower before him. It was as though every single joint of his fingers was infused with power.
  439. 那态度和呼吸的停顿等各个方面所传达出的压倒性强大,不愧是身处王这一地位的人物。特别是那为人瞻仰的高傲态度。仿佛一根根手指中都寄宿着力量。
  441. “Then… I trust there are no objections if I begin speaking?”
  442. 「那么……我开始说也没问题了吧?」
  444. The Dwarves nodded in silence.
  445. 矮人们保持着沉默点了点头。
  447. “Firstly, I am the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown. The domain to the south of this mountain range, beyond the Great Forest of Tob, belongs to me. Being able to meet you esteemed runesmiths delights me from the bottom of my heart. Alright: my words are a very simple proposal, as well as a request. Come to my country. I want to use your runecraft to begin a revolution in magic item enchantment.”
  448. 「首先我的名字是安兹·乌尔·恭魔导王。是将在这座山脉以南,穿过都武大森林的更南边的土地作为领土的王。能与作为符文工匠的诸位见面我由衷感到喜悦。好了,所谓我的话只是个非常简单的提议,同时也是请求。来到我的国家,想让你们用持有的符文技术进行附魔的革新技术开发」
  450. As he heard the Sorcerer King’s words, a spike of pain -- born of disappointment and despair -- pierced Gondo’s heart.
  451. 听到了魔导王的话,龚德的心像是被刺扎到一样痛了起来。失望和灰心,由那样的感情生出的小小的刺。
  453. Gondo shook his head.
  454. 龚德稍微甩了甩头。
  456. He cast away the matter of his father and his grandfather, and looked at the faces of the smiths from the side. They all had bitter expressions on their faces. Their response did not look like it would be positive.
  457. 甩走父亲和祖父的往事,看向工匠们侧脸的龚德,知道全员的表情都很苦涩。不像是能给出好的回应。
  459. “Forgive me, but I have a question I wish to ask.”
  460. 「抱歉,有一个想问的问题」
  462. The Dwarf who raised his hand glanced at Gondo.
  463. 举起手的矮人瞄了一眼龚德。
  465. “Why do you want our craft? Frankly speaking, it’s practically a lost art in this country too.”
  466. 「为什么是老夫们的技术呢。说实话,即使在这个国家也是没落了的技术哦?」
  468. The Dwarf who spoke was one of the older smiths present.
  469. 发话的矮人即使在这群工匠中也是年长者。
  471. “...Simple. I want you to rediscover the lost secrets of your art.”
  472. 「……很简单。我想要让你们重现遗失的技术」
  474. “Lost?”
  475. 「遗失?」
  477. Under the runesmiths’ eyes, the Sorcerer King produced a sword from his pocket dimension.
  478. 在工匠们讶异视线的集中下,魔导王从空间中取出了一柄剑。
  480. The Dwarves gasped in unison.
  481. 矮人们一起叫出了声。
  483. It was shock, born of seeing a sword being pulled out of thin air. There was also terror at the sight of the skeletal king, wreathed in unholy light, holding up a blade.
  484. 是对能在虚空中取出剑的惊愕。是对散发着邪恶光环的骸骨之王握住了剑的恐怖。确实也有这些因素。
  486. But the reason why Gondo exclaimed despite himself was the same awe which filled every other person here.
  487. 但之所以龚德会不由自主发出的叫声,是和其他全员一样的感叹之声。
  489. It was a black-bladed sword of extraordinary quality. The unbelievably fine edge practically shone with magical radiance.
  490. 那是有着黑色的剑身的,极其了不起的一柄剑。见都没见过的锐利剑刃上寄宿着强大的魔力光辉。
  492. “Such an… An amazing sword…”
  493. 「这是多么的……多么了不起的剑啊……」
  495. “Incredible… I’ve never seen anything like it in my life…”
  496. 「好厉害……老夫这一辈子从没见过这样的……」
  498. “Is this the sword from Dwarven mythology?”
  499. 「莫非矮人的神话里的那把剑,就是它?」
  501. “Ohhh! What, what a beautiful sight this is...”
  502. 「哦哦!老夫、老夫现在看到了非常美妙的东西啊……」
  504. The Sorcerer King raised the sword, as though to show it to the Dwarves. Gondo’s eyes instinctively followed its glow as well.
  505. 魔导王像是要让矮人们看一样举起了剑。龚德的视线也不由自主地追随着那份光辉。
  507. “Alright, gentlemen, please pay attention to the body of the sword.”
  508. 「好了,矮人的诸位,请注意剑身的这里」
  510. Gondo followed where the Sorcerer King was pointing, and cried out. So did the other smiths.
  511. 认真地看向魔导王的指骨所指之处的龚德「啊」的叫出了声。而其他的所有工匠也是同样的反映。
  513. There were 20 purple runes carved upon it.
  514. 那里刻有二十个紫色的卢恩符文。
  516. However, only Gondo noticed that one of the runes on the sword was the same as the one which the Sorcerer King had drawn during their encounter in the tunnel.
  517. 不过,这些人中只有龚德注意到了,和魔导王在坑道相遇时王所描述的符文就刻在其中这件事。
  519. I see. So that’s why he knew so much about runes.
  520. (原来如此。所以才对符文了解到了那种程度啊)
  522. He must have gained that knowledge from careful study of that sword.
  523. 是对那把剑进行详细的调查后,所获得的知识吧。
  525. “Then, I wish to ask you gentlemen. There are 20 runes on this sword; is this possible for any of you?”
  526. 「那么,我想要问问在场的诸位工匠了。这把剑上刻有二十个卢恩符文,像这样的事是有可能的吗?」
  528. The answer went without saying -- it was impossible. Nobody here could do it, no matter how hard they tried. And then, there was this sword, which seemed to exist only to mock their inability to do so.
  529. 答案不用多说。不可能。无论这里的谁怎么努力都绝对不可能办得到。然而像是在嘲笑这一点,那把剑就存在于那里。
  531. The smiths rose from their seats, each with a raging inferno in their eyes. There was a passion in them which had not been there when they were talking about drink. Then, the crowd surged forward like a horde of zombies pouncing on the living, to the feet of the Sorcerer King.
  532. 工匠们从座位上站了起来。全员的眼睛里都燃起了熊熊烈火。与谈论酒的时候截然不同的热度就存在于那里。而后众人简直就像是扑向生者的一群僵尸一样拥向王的脚边。
  534. “Let me see!”
  535. 「让老夫看看!」
  537. “Please! Let me touch it!”
  538. 「拜托了!让老夫摸一下!」
  540. “I might learn something! I beg you!”
  541. 「说不定能知道些什么!拜托!」
  543. “Insolence!”
  544. 「放肆!」
  546. The silver-haired girl glared at the encroaching dwarves with a frightening look in her eyes. The Dwarves froze for an instant, as though impaled by a fear which cut deeper than swords. And then --
  547. 银发的女性,用可怕的神色瞪向靠近的矮人。简直就像是被用冰冷的刀刃刺穿般的恐怖,让矮人们的动作停止了下来的那个瞬间——。
  549. “--You’re being too noisy. Quiet down.”
  550. 「——真吵耳,肃静」
  552. There was no doubt that they stood in the presence of a true ruler.
  553. 在那里的着实是位支配者。
  555. His aura was one of a leader that was utterly confident of his position. Then again, it might have been because he was a matchless master of death.
  556. 散发着只有深知自己是位支配者的人才能散发出的气氛。不,或者说正是支配死亡的存在,所以才会有这样的氛围吧。
  558. Gondo had known this ever since he had met Ainz in that tunnel, but Ainz had not revealed that side of himself back then. It must have been an act to keep Gondo from shrinking away in fear. This must be the true nature of the Sorcerer King.
  559. 龚德明白了,在坑道里遇见时的他,不过是没有显露出身为支配者一面的——是为了不让对方感到萎缩的演技啊。这才是魔导王真正的姿态吧。
  561. I can’t tell his expression, but he seems pleased. It must be because everyone’s moving as he planned.
  562. (虽然看不出表情,但好像很高兴的样子啊。是因为大家都按着他的预料在行动吧)
  564. “A moment, good smiths. Please hear me out to the end. After that, you may touch it directly. I will not continue until you are seated, and neither will you be able to obtain this sword.”
  565. 「请等一下,工匠的诸位。请把我的话听到最后。结束之后直接触碰也没有问题。到坐下为止我的话不会继续,你们也拿不到这把剑」
  567. Dejected -- cowed by his air of sovereign power -- the smiths returned to their places.
  568. 表情涩涩的——在王的霸气下萎缩了的工匠们回到了座位上。
  570. “Thank you. Then,I shall pick up from where I left off. My question still stands -- is a sword with 20 runes carved upon it within your abilities?”
  571. 「谢谢。那么,继续刚才的话。还有就是刚才那个质问的继续,像这样将二十个卢恩符文刻在剑上是可能的吗?」
  573. Everyone looked to the oldest and most experienced of the smiths. He shook his head powerlessly and replied:
  574. 全员的视线集中到了资历最老的工匠身上。他无力的摇了摇头,做出了回答。
  576. “It is not. To the best of my knowledge, I have only ever heard of six..”
  577. 「做不到。据老夫所知最多也只有六个」
  579. A torrent of questions erupted.
  580. 质问与七嘴八舌的讨论声一同飞了过来
  582. “What? Six? I’ve only ever heard of five!”
  583. 「什么?六个?老夫所知道的最多也只有五个啊?」
  585. “...Is that so. It seems few know of this, but 200 years ago, the hammer which the king bore had six runes carved upon it. That was the secret treasure of the runesmith’s art.”
  586. 「……是吗。很多人不知道啊。二百多年以前,曾经的王所持的锤子上刻有六个卢恩符文。那是在符文工匠的辉煌年代里制作出的矮人的秘宝啊」
  588. Gondo recalled his grandfather.
  589. 龚德想起了自己的祖父。
  591. He thought of the face of a runesmith from 200 years ago, a man who was a veteran of weapon-forging.
  592. 想起了那张参与过二百年前武器制作的熟练符文工匠的脸。
  594. “Ohhhh! Is that the warhammer which could shake the earth? I think I heard of it in a song once…”
  595. 「哦哦!是说那柄能让大地剧震的战锤啊!好像在歌里头听过……」
  597. “Correct. Even the runesmiths -- hailed as geniuses and prodigies -- of that time could not produce a weapon with 20 runes on it…”
  598. 「没错。即使是在有着被誉为鬼才啊天才啊的符文工匠的时代,也没有出现过刻有二十个符文的武器……」
  600. “I see. So this must be a weapon made with lost techniques, then.”
  601. 「原来如此。那么果然这是用遗失了的技术制作出的武器吗」
  603. “Hm? Do you not know either, Your Majesty?”
  604. 「嗯?魔导王陛下也不知道吗?」
  606. “I am not sure how this sword was made. In all honesty, I only just received it. And… its creators are no longer in this world.”
  607. 「我并不清楚这把剑是怎么制作出来的。说到底也只不过是得到了它。然后……它的制作者们也已经不在这世上了」
  609. “By that you mean… More valuable techniques were lost, then?”
  610. 「您说什么……。又有宝贵的技术就这么消失了吗」
  612. Pain filled the faces of the smiths. Gondo felt the same way as well.
  613. 工匠们的表情十分悲痛。龚德也满是同样的感受。
  615. “Because of that--”
  617. Everyone looked up at the Sorcerer King’s words.
  619. “Because of that, I want to revive those techniques. Thus, I need your strength. I want you to make something like this sword, no matter the cost.”
  620. 「正因如此——」因为魔导王的话所有人一起抬起了脸。「正因如此,我想要将那技术复活。为此我需要得到你们的力量。无论如何都想做出与这把剑同等的东西」
  622. Silence descended.
  623. 沉默降临了。
  625. Needless to say, it was because they were all aware of how close to impossible this task was.
  626. 根本不用说,那是因为很清楚这是有多么近乎不可能的事情。
  628. Even the most skilled of the runesmiths present had strained themselves to carve four runes at once. The Sorcerer King was asking for five times that amount. However, none of them said “it’s impossible”. They had their pride as craftsmen, and after seeing the masterpieces of a prior artisan, they could not bring themselves to deny it.
  629. 即使是在场的符文工匠中最有实力的一位,恐怕只是刻上四个符文就得竭尽全力了。而那是要刻上其五倍的数量。然而他们却没有说出做不到这几个字。他们作为工匠的骄傲,让他们在看到曾经工匠的神作之后,说不出否定的话语。
  631. That sword is like a challenge from the smiths of old to the smiths of today, Gondo thought.
  632. 那把剑就像是曾经的工匠对现在的工匠的挑战状一样,龚德是这么想的。
  634. “I want to make it.”
  635. 「想要做出来啊」
  637. Someone whispered those words.
  638. 听到了低声的话语。
  640. Soon, that voice was not alone.
  641. 很快那话语就不只是一声了。
  643. “Me too.”
  644. 「老夫也是」
  646. “I want to try it.”
  647. 「老夫也想要挑战」
  649. “Mm, I want to show the world what a real legend looks like.”
  650. 「嗯。真想把传说给拽到现世来啊」
  652. “No, I’ll be the one who’ll be hailed as a legend.”
  653. 「不,老夫才是要被称为新的传说的啊」
  655. “What nonsense is that. I’m the one who will bear that heavy burden.”
  656. 「说什么鬼话。那个重任由老夫来担才适合啊!」
  658. Applause rang through the air. Its source was the Sorcerer King upon his stage. Although they did not know how he had done it with his bony hands, it was said that all things were possible for a magic caster.
  659. 啪啪的拍手的声音响起了起来。其源头来自于台上的魔导王。虽然不知道用那骨手是怎么做到的,但对于魔法咏唱者来说一切皆有可能吧。
  661. “Marvellous. However, can you do so by yourselves? Can you raise your voices and speak challenge to a legend? It might be possible. It might not. Thus, I hope you will come to my country and devote your lives to creating new techniques.”
  662. 「太棒了。然而,只靠在场的你们能够开发出那样的技术吗?能够对传说发起挑战吗?说不定是可能的也说不定是不可能的。正因如此希望你们能来我的国家,将你们一生的时间尽可能地花费在新技术的开发上」
  664. Silence descended once more.
  665. 沉默降临了。
  667. Gondo was very aware of thir feelings.
  668. 龚德很能理解他们的感受。
  670. The Sorcerer King was offering these people -- who were keenly aware that their art was practically extinct in the Dwarven nation -- a shining opportunity within the palm of his outstretched hand.
  672. Should they not bet their lives on this challenge?
  673. 这是魔导王给予在这个矮人国紧攥着前途渺茫的技术的自己这些人的,手握荣光的最后的机会。难道不应该拼上人生去挑战吗。
  675. “All right then, I will entrust this sword to you.”
  676. 「好了,那么这把剑就交给你了」
  678. The Sorcerer King stepped off the stage, presenting its hilt to one of the aged smiths. Perhaps it was coincidence, or perhaps he had researched it beforehand, but the man to whom he presented it was considered a genius second only to Gondo’s own late father, and his voice carried much weight among the runesmiths.
  679. 魔导王从台上降下,手持剑身,将剑柄向着年长者中的一人——不知道是偶然,还是事先调查过——被评价为仅次于亡父的天才,在这群人中发言权也很大的符文工匠递了出去。
  681. He did not reach out for it.
  682. 他没有伸手。
  684. It was only natural to be  confused when presented with such a mighty blade.
  685. 被递交那么强大的剑的话,会迷惑也是理所当然的吧。
  687. “Is, is it alright? Is it alright to hand such a powerful -- a weapon which I may never see again in all my life to someone like me?”
  688. 「可、可以么?将这么强大的——根本不可能再次入手的剑交给老夫这样的人?」
  690. “Now, you are not Dwarves tempted by drink, but runesmiths who wish to take up a challenge. I can place my trust in that. In addition, I will be leaving this city for a while. Thus, I am simply lending it to you.”
  691. 「现在的你们并非被酒引诱而来的矮人,而是怀有挑战之心的符文工匠。那就可以信任。而且接下来的一段时间里我暂时离开这座都市,这不过是在此期间借给你们的罢了」
  693. The Dwarf straightened himself up.
  694. 矮人摆正了姿态。
  696. “...I see. Then, please permit me to borrow it, Your Majesty.”
  697. 「……这样啊。那就暂借一用了,陛下」
  699. He bowed deeply, and received the sword with the utmost respect.
  700. 深深地低下头,恭敬地接过了剑。
  702. “Still, I have to say that I do not quite understand the techniques of runecraft. Is it possible to carve runes upon a blade and then further enchant it with magic?”
  703. 「不过话说回来,我不是很了解符文工匠的技术。如果将卢恩符文用工具雕刻在刀身上,接着再用魔法进行附魔的话又是否是可行呢?」
  705. “It doesn’t work that way, Your Majesty. Runes are characters imbued with mana. Thus, carved runes and enchantments are mutually repulsive. If a powerful magic caster tries an enchantment, the runes will distort.”
  706. 「那样是不行的哟,魔导王陛下。卢恩符文是藏有魔力的文字。因此刻印和附魔是相互排斥的。如果是由强力的魔法咏唱者进行附魔,符文文字就会扭曲掉」
  708. “Is that so…”
  709. 「这样啊……」
  711. “Incidentally, when you say you will be leaving Feoh Gēr, where will you be heading?”
  712. 「话说您离开这菲欧·玖拉,是要去什么地方吗?」
  714. “Ah, I will be going to your former Royal Capital.”
  715. 「啊啊,是你们曾经的王都」
  717. The Dwarves muttered all at once.
  718. 矮人们一下子呻吟了起来。
  720. He could hear them say things like “That ruined--” “To such a dangerous place--” “Where the Quagoa still rule”
  721. 「那个毁掉了的——」「到那个危险的地方——」「掘土兽人们现在还支配着——」能听到这样的声音。
  723. Gondo knew that much, but there was a message within them which he could not overlook.
  724. 到此为止的话龚德也知道,但也有不能忽视的信息。
  726. “They say there are three trials awaiting those who wish to go there from this place. Will it be alright?”
  727. 「从这里过去的话,可是有三项试炼等着啊。不要紧吗?」
  729. “The three hazards, said to be impassable. Even if you make it through the first of them… the Maze of Death is impenetrable.”
  730. 「被说是无法侵入的三处险地啊。即使最初的险地还不要紧……突破死之迷宫是不可能的吧」
  732. All the speakers were elder Dwarves. As expected of those who were old and full of years, it would seem they knew things even Gondo did not. It might be best to ask them about it and inform the Sorcerer King.
  733. 说话的基本都是年长者。不愧是活过了漫长的岁月,看来好像是知道些龚德所不知道的什么。之后详细地打听一下,让魔导王也知道会比较好吧。
  735. The runesmith who had straightened himself up gave his counsel to the Sorcerer King.
  736. 端正姿态的年长的符文工匠向魔导王送去了忠告。
  738. “Your Majesty, that place should be the lair of a gigantic Dragon. That lord of the Frost Dragons, the White Dragon Lord, might be in residence. He was the reason for the destruction of Feoh Tiwaz. I know Your Majesty is possessed of great power, but in my humble opinion, that Dragon Lord is equally powerful. I pray you will take care of yourself.”
  739. 「陛下,那里现在应该也是巨龙的巢穴。搞不好,那霜龙之王,白之龙王说不定也在。那是曾经西边有过的都市、菲欧·迪瓦兹灭亡的原因的巨龙。魔导王陛下虽然也很强大,但以老夫愚见那巨龙之王也有着同等的强大。请珍重您的尊躯」
  741. “...A Dragon, then. Indeed, it would make for a very interesting opponent. Then I shall proceed with the greatest of caution and deal with it carefully.”
  742. 「……龙吗。确实是非常有兴趣的对手啊。就让我绝不大意小心谨慎地来应对吧」
  744. After that, there were several more simple questions, and the meeting was dissolved. This was because everyone realized that the sooner it ended, the more time the Sorcerer King would have to take back their capital. They couldn’t bear to get in the way of that, Gondo thought.
  745. 这之后,又回答了几个简单的疑问后,这场集会便就此解散了。这是由于到大家都顾虑到,让之后就去准备夺还王都的魔导王割舍更多时间,实在是太过意不去了吧。龚德是这么想。
  747. Or perhaps, they wanted to inspect the sword they had received.
  748. 或者说是想要尽快调查得到的剑吗。
  750. Gondo did not know which answer was correct, but given the inferno in the eyes of the Dwarven artisans, it was probably the latter.
  751. 虽然龚德不知道到底哪一个才是对的,但回忆起矮人工匠们眼眸寄宿着的火焰,想来恐怕还是后者吧。
  753. ***
  755. The desire to shout “Yahoo!” filled Ainz.
  756. 呀吼—!想这么大喊的情绪袭向了安兹。
  758. He had felt that way ever since he had finished his presentation. It was no different from when he had been Suzuki Satoru. Whether he had succeeded or failed, he wanted to cry out as he basked in the feeling of liberation and relief.
  759. 演说结束的时候就一直是这样。这与铃木悟的时候没什么变化。成功也好,失败也好,不管怎样都好总之想要沉浸在解放感里的情绪在内心高叫着。
  761. “That was amazing, Ainz-sama! You really got that lot all fired up!”
  762. 「好厉害,安兹大人!那群家伙,完完全全地被煽动了哟!」
  764. “That was truly incredible. The only person in Nazarick who could do that is you, Ainz-sama!”
  765. 「真的是太了不起了。能做到那样的事情的在纳萨力克里也就只有安兹大人了!」
  767. Ainz resisted the urge to go, “Ah, no~” in embarrassment as Aura and Shalltear praised him. Perhaps if they were Demiurge or Albedo, he might peek at them while wondering if they were mocking him. But since it was Aura and Shalltear, he could take their words at face value. Perhaps if he was Suzuki Satoru, he might even say, “I’m beat, want to grab a drink?” and head toward a vending machine, but the man who ruled Nazarick and the Sorcerous Kingdom could not say such things.
  768. 对亚乌菈和夏提雅的话,安兹「咿呀—」地忍受着害羞的心情。对方若是迪米乌哥斯或雅儿贝德,还会想着是在嘲讽么是真心的么去偷瞧脸色,但这两人的话就能坦率地接受了。要是铃木悟的话说不定还会「累了吧,要喝点什么呢?」这么说着走向自动售货机,可作为纳萨力克支配者及魔导国之王的男人却是不能说出那样的话的。
  770. “--Hm, well, it was nothing much. I’m sure Demiurge or Albedo could do a better job.”
  771. 「——嗯,没什么了不起的。要是雅儿贝德或迪米乌哥斯的话就能更好地煽动的吧」
  773. “Certainly not!”
  774. 「没有那样的事!」
  776. “Yup yup! Even those two couldn’t play those Dwarves that well!”
  777. 「就是就是!就算那两个人也没办法操纵的这么顺利!」
  779. Ainz did not feel that way, but he had not expected the situation to develop this well. And then, the creeping feeling of guilt over whether this success was a good thing began creeping up on him/
  780. 虽然觉得未必如此,但事态发展得如此之好确实是预料之外的。话说,这样这么顺利真的好吗的罪恶感也稍稍涌了出来。
  782. Naturally, the sword he had shown the Dwarves was an item from YGGDRASIL.
  783. 当然的事情,给矮人们看的那把剑是YGGDRASIL的物品。
  785. YGGDRASIL did not have a rune system. Then again, it might have existed within the game’s data, but it had not been discovered by anyone until the very end. Therefore, the runes carved on that sword were merely cosmetic -- for decoration.
  786. YGGDRASIL里没有所谓卢恩符文这种系统。又或者有存在于系统上,只是直到最后也没有被玩家们发现,所以那把剑上刻着的卢恩符文不过是徒有其表的——装饰罢了。
  788. At first, he had thought, maybe they might get interested if they saw this sword. But he had been caught completely off guard by the intensity of their reaction, to the point where he kind of regretted saying that he wanted them to make a sword like that.
  789. 原本只是想着,要是他们会对这把剑是怎么制造出来产生兴趣就好了啊。可氛围会热烈到那种地步完全是预料之外的,甚至让说想要做出那把剑才来魔导国的安兹,都有点稍稍过意不去。
  791. However, Ainz tamped down that feeling.
  792. 然而,安兹压下了那份感情。
  794. He had to strengthen the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. Since a foe with a World-Class Item might appear in the future, and there might be hidden players out there fighting him, he had to increase their combat strength.
  795. 纳萨力克地下大坟墓的强化是必不可少的。为了和将来可能出现的持有世界级道具的敌人,还有说不定躲在哪里的玩家对抗,增强战力是必要的。
  797. Ainz looked at Shalltear.
  798. 安兹看向了夏提雅。
  800. She was a Vampire girl who seemed to be blushing in embarrassment -- which was actually quite surprising when he thought about it. She was a seed Peroroncino had left behind. And she was the first NPC he had no choice but to kill with his own two hands.
  801. 像是有些害羞般红着脸的——要是考虑下怎么做到的这种事情,还真有些不可思议——吸血鬼少女。友人佩洛洛奇诺留下的一粒种子。还是不得不用自己这双手杀掉的最初的NPC。
  803. His emotion suppression cancelled out the surge of hatred that followed, but even so, he could not forget it. He could not forget the shadow of the holder of the World-Class Item that had made him do such a thing.
  804. 膨胀起来的憎恶被迅速地抑制住了。即便如此也绝对无法忘记。让自己做出那件事的世界级道具持有着的影子。
  806. In order to reach his goal, even making people miserable with lies was hardly worthy of consideration. The most important thing in this world was the residents of Nazarick. All other lives were two or three rungs below them.
  807. 为了这目的的话即使用谎言让别人变得不幸,也不过是些微不足道的事情而已。在这世界最重要的就是纳萨力克的所属者们。除此之外的性命其价值都要低上个两三段。
  809. Equality of lives was nothing more than a madman’s ravings.
  810. 生命平等什么的不过是狂人的戏言。
  812. If all life was equal, then he would like to put a man who tortured people to death in one gas chamber and a champion of said equality in another, and then make the latter decide which of them should die. Anyone who could entrust his fate to a roll of the dice was a true believer.
  813. 如果生命的价值是平等的,一侧的电椅上放置折磨杀死别人的犯罪者,另一侧的电椅上放置那个认为生命平等者的重要之人,真想让他说说要杀死哪边。如果在这状况下能用投掷色子来决定杀死哪一边的话,那家伙的信念就是真货。
  815. However, Ainz would kill the former without hesitation. This was because Ainz knew that lives were not equal. There was no comparing the lives of the NPCs within Nazarick to the lives of the people outside it.
  816. 但是,安兹的话毫无疑问,会杀死前者。因为安兹知道生命的价值是不平等的。纳萨力克的NPC和他们以外的生命有着天壤之别。
  818. “That’s Ainz-sama for you!”
  819. 「真的不愧是安兹大人!」
  821. “You’re right!”
  822. 「说的真是一点也不错!」
  824. Before he could finish his train of thoughts, the praise of Aura and Shalltear stabbed at his heart. In any case--
  825. 还没有结束迹象的两人的溢美之词向着安兹的心刺来刺去。不管怎么说——
  827. “Don’t say they were ‘played’. I merely told them the truth.”
  828. 「别说操纵之类那么难听的话。我不过是真诚地向他们诉说了真实而已」
  830. He had said that to them for the sake of Gondo, who should have been behind him.
  831. 为了让应该还在后面的龚德听到而向两人说道。
  833. However, when there was no response from behind, a somewhat puzzled Ainz turned around.
  834. 然而后面却什么反应也没有,感到有些纳闷的安兹回过了头。
  836. Gondo padded closer, prepared to send Ainz off.
  837. 为送行而跟来的龚德低着头,啪嗒啪嗒地迈着步子。
  839. “...What is it, Gondo?”
  840. 「……怎么了,龚德哟」
  842. Upon being addressed, Gondo raised his head.”
  843. 被询问以后,龚德抬起了脸。
  845. “...Your Majesty. Since you said all that to them, am I to take it that the Council approved of sending over the runesmiths?”
  846. 「……魔导王陛下。既然在大家面前说了刚才那番话,那也就是说,摄政会对送出符文工匠是赞同的吗?」
  848. “Indeed. They did say they would also send an inspection team in future to see if they were being treated as slaves, but fundamentally, they agreed to do so.”
  849. 「正是如此。虽说为了调查是否被当做奴隶会日后派遣调查团,但基本是全面地表示了认可」
  851. “Is that so… So did those great people really feel that runecraft was no longer necessary?”
  852. 「是吗……符文工匠实际上已经没有必要了,那些了不起的大人物们是这么判断的啊」
  854. Gondo’s tears flowed down his cheeks
  855. 龚德的眼泪一下子涌了出来。
  857. Ainz was shocked, Outside of childhood, a man’s tears were a rare thing.
  858. 安兹吃了一惊。除去儿童时代,男人的眼泪,可不是那么容易见到的东西。
  860. Those tears must have been shed because he had learned that the art which he admired and which he took such pride in had been judged worthless and abandoned by his country.
  861. 他所憧憬,引以为傲的技术,被国家判断为毫无价值而舍弃了,这是为此留下的眼泪吧,
  863. But was that really the case, Ainz thought. Given the Dwarven nation’s circumstances, it would be very hard for them to refuse the request of a nation who had pledged to send them reinforcements.
  864. 然而真的是这样吗,安兹考虑了起来。矮人王国在其所处的境况下,很难去反对约好要派遣援军的国家的要求。
  866. The needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few. That was a truth among nations.
  867. 牺牲小我成全大我,对于国家来说是很正确的。
  869. Even Ainz would kill hundreds of millions of people for Nazarick.
  870. 即使安兹,要是为了纳萨力克,几亿的人类也会杀掉吧。
  872. Still, there was no need to tell Gondo any of this.
  873. 然而,没有必要对龚德说这些东西。
  875. “Indeed, Gondo. This country seems to view its runesmiths as disposable. They handed them over with hardly any resistance when I asked for them.”
  876. 「确实如此,龚德哟。这个国家似乎是判断符文工匠可以舍弃了啊。他们在我说想要符文工匠时,没怎么抵抗就交了出来呢」
  878. Gondo, as well as the runesmiths who might hear of this from him, had to abandon their country to some extent. While it was very difficult to completely forsake the land of one’s birth, it was still a necessary step to have them devote their utmost loyalty to the Sorcerous Kingdom.
  879. 对龚德,以及说不定会从他口中听到这段话的符文工匠,必须让他们某种程度上舍弃这个国家。将祖国完全舍弃可能会很困难,但即便如此为了让他们想对魔导国献上更深的忠诚有必要使用些手段。
  881. Ainz gently patted Gondo’s shoulder.
  882. 安兹温柔地拍了拍龚德的肩膀。
  884. “However, the same is not true of me. I sense potential from the runesmiths.”
  885. 「但是,我则不同。我在符文工匠身上感觉到了可能性」
  887. Even if Gondo’s dreams could not be realized, monopolizing these skilled people and using their research might allow him to develop a countermeasure against enemies with runic weapons.
  888. 就算龚德的理想无法实现。可若是将这些拥有特殊技术的人们独占起来进行研究的话,即使出现了持有利用卢恩符文兵器的敌人也能有所对策。
  890. Knowledge was power.
  891. 知识就是力量。
  893. “...Even if you’re discarded by one country, it’s not over as long as another one needs you, don’t you think?”
  894. 「……即使被一个国家舍弃,却被另一个国家所需要。那不就说明还远远没有结束吗」
  896. Ainz patted Gondo’s shoulder several times. Gondo wiped his face clumsily.
  897. 几次的,安兹温柔地拍了拍龚德的肩膀,他胡乱地擦了擦脸。
  899. “...Thank you very much, Your Majesty. Please allow me to meet your expectations with all my strength.”
  900. 「……多谢了,魔导王陛下。为了回应您的期待,就让老夫全力以赴吧」
  902. “Umu, umu. I shall look forward to it.”
  903. 「唔嗯,唔嗯。我期待着哦」
  905. Ainz smiled -- although his face did not move -- as though to say, “I trust you.”
  906. 安兹像是在说我信任着你一样咧开了嘴——脸动作不了么——笑了。
  908. Then again, Ainz had been thinking.
  909. 不过话说回来,安兹这么想。
  911. It would be good if he could learn about the Dwarven Capital. He would probably need to have Gondo do some legwork to obtain more information. And then, he had to speak to the commander-in-chief.
  912. 能稍微入手些矮人王都的情报是幸运的。为了获得些其它的情报有必要让龚德动作起来。而且还有必要问问总司令官。
  914. Dragons in YGGDRASIL could live forever. It would not be strange for them to be individuals of unimaginable power. So in all likelihood there’ll be a Frost Dragon waiting for me...
  915. (龙在YGGDRASIL里是被设定为寿命无限的种族。有着拥有无法想象力量的个体存在也并不奇怪。最有可能等着的是霜龙吗……)
  917. Suddenly, the face of a young man -- no, a young woman appeared from within his memories.
  918. 忽然少年——不,少女的脸从记忆中稀薄地浮了上来。
  920. “Come to think of it, she did say she wanted to help me learn more about them… What a shame.”
  921. 「确实、有说过要帮我调查一下的啊……。真是遗憾啊」
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