Rule 63 MM Link x Abusive Wizard B

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  1. [21:59:00] <Sylvera> Okay so, Partizania, once a simple port town, but now the weaponry capital of the continent (and still a port town).  It's off on the southeastern - man, I want to call it a peninsula because I love that word but it's really NOT a peninsula.  But then again, if it's the southeastern coast, it technically would be, because it's nowhere near as far east as the east side of the continent?  God damnit I really need to draw it out.  It's kinda like if texas was connected to ocean instead of mexico, which would... place it as being a pretty big peninsula, yeah.  But that would mean the Acaian capital is at the southern ASS-END of said peninsula, which is the worst strategic position ever because warships could just fire catapults into it and seize the place by scaling the cliffs, which isn't as hard as you might think.  Especially in a fantasy setting.  So okay you know what no ignore this whole paragraph it's not actually a peninsula, but 'southeast' is still farther south than it is east.  And it's still a port town that's home to the Craftknight's Guild, which is technically just a large, organized group for budding blacksmiths to learn their trade, but they also have their own set of rules, mainly that all students are to be mercenaries or adventurers for a little while and are only allowed to wield weapons that they themselves have made.  Oh, and there are tournaments held at the guild every now and then too.
  2. [22:01:51] <Sylvera> But just because there are a SHITTON of weapon shops all over it doesn't mean all citizens are warlike, as it's one of the main places that Acaiah imports to other countries from and a massive source of their income.  Primarily in weapons though, because the country was historically known for its high mercenary populace.  Or at least people of the warlike sort.  Thus, the Sirrolanteans had every reason to try to seize this city for themselves and use it to better equip their army, which would make things VERY bad for the Acaian side of the conflict.  It is, in fact, one of the most decisive locations in the war right now, so the importance of your victory there is not to be underestimated.  Of course it's also why the God-Generals are regrouping and planning to push forward with a full-scale assault using the combined might of all four of them, which anybody who knows anything about war could tell you.  And in case you aren't one of those people, Victor of the Storm Vanguards is an accomplished historian and tactician and makes sure to let everybody know that they should be ready for something like that.
  3. [22:03:31] <Sylvera> Anyway, it's also a port town, so there's a thriving fish market, lots of fishermen and sailors, and other shit you should probably expect to see in one.  But unlike the other port towns in this campaign, this one's actually big enough to have a name.  It's also a big tourist spot so there are a good bunch of inns and lodges, as a lot of rich and famous people go to the CK's guild to get a famous person to make them a badass sword to carry around as a sidearm so they can be even snootier nobles than they already are and pretend they know how to fence.  Stuff like that.
  4. [22:04:08] <Sylvera> A better way to explain it is, imagine if the villains of Super Mario RPG built a city instead of fucking up the marioverse with a factory.  That's about what's happening here.
  5. [22:05:54] <Sylvera> But then Smithy is actually a cool dude and founds a guild where other people can make weapons and they're all cool with it, as are the recipients of said weapons, because they're in a continent where everybody beats the shit out of each other constantly and an ordinary citizen doesn't go by a day of their lives without watching a bandit attempt to kill them and/or get killed in the process of attempting to kill them.  And maybe steal their valuables too but killing them is edgier and more violent, and makes it easier to appreciate bandits as villains instead of inevitably treating them as human and trying to befriend them because that's what you do to ANY character who isn't just a nameless mook.  Or maybe it's just cute girls.  Who am I kidding, it's always cute girls.
  6. [22:06:13] <Sylvera> Have I described the city yet?  Was there even a single sentence in any of those lines actually describing the city?  I wasn't paying attention to myself
  7. [22:07:07] <Vena> You described the city, but you MOSTLY described how it being craftknight central is the biggest part, and then went to describe that. Other things where there, but that was especially.
  8. [22:07:16] <Vena> >where there
  9. [22:07:18] <Vena> were there
  10. [22:07:19] <Sylvera> there, where?
  11. [22:08:16] <Vena> That said, she's totally been around. Getting some practice outright scaring people (using a different mask, there's totally a happy mask salesman around here if crafting is a big deal--like it's mostly craftKNIGHTS in particular but maybe there's some mask weirdo with a freaky grin--and she has at least two spare masks now, one with a questionable design). With practice
  12. [22:08:16] <Vena> under her belt and the ability to get away, it's a good a time as any to talk to her about that whole scaring people in dark alleyways deal that she TOTALLY SUGGESTED...and, uh, the whole craftknight thing does seem pretty neato. People only using weapons they interests her, but maybe she'll get to that when she does! For once, instead of revealing herself to
  13. [22:08:16] <Vena> have been in a box the whole time, she just comes out from a side to probably not blindside Sylvera. "Good news, I can actually sneak up on some people. This mask works fine for scaring, but I've gotten fun results with others." Chances are she's forgotten anyway, but hey!
  14. [22:08:44] <Sylvera> Well that's good because if you're actually there, that's literally what it feels like.  Like, it's the biggest tourist spot so every street in town has a sign telling you which direction to go to get there, and there are even action figures of famous people in the guild which I haven't named yet.  But even then, despite all the infamy it gets here, it's not THAT popular because I'm only a little bit shameless about ripping off Summon Night; I just thought 'dudes who make weapons and then used them' was a cool idea.
  15. [22:10:07] <Sylvera> More importantly, Sylvie boredly starts to turn her head in your direction.  "Seriously?  I was joking when I suggested that you-"
  16. [22:11:04] <Vena> "Did it anyway."
  17. [22:12:05] <Sylvera> "... Okay.  You're not allowed to have fun by yourself while I wander around in a city themed around something I don't care about."
  18. [22:12:12] <Sylvera> "More details."
  19. [22:23:30] <Vena> Of course a staff user isn't exactly thrilled with the idea of craftknights. They don't make staffs, and they certainly don't fight with them. Fair enough. "Normally snooty types would like weapon shaped jewelry. But in any case, I was really just making sure I was going to deliver right. A lot of people drew their weapon and swing it while being scared out of their wits
  20. [22:23:30] <Vena> so I suppose it'd be hilarious either way. And I was also looking at other masks for max spook potential. One I've got works, but hey, should get it down to an art, and I'd rather not break my personal mask or get people wary of it in general. Sort of known around here anyhow." She DRAWS THE OTHER MASKS OUT (naturally, she's wearing her oni mask). One's...literally the
  21. [22:23:30] <Vena> mask from Scream, the other is...well, it's certainly a mask, but it has an uncanny resemblance to Sylvera's face despite this.
  22. [22:24:46] <Sylvera> "Spooks.  I like the word."  She upturns her nose shootily while smirking.  "Okay.  You've amused me at least, so let's see what you've-" Sylvie turns to look at the craftwork and then goes dead silent.
  23. [22:24:54] <Sylvera> "What is that."
  24. [22:28:54] <Vena> "Thought about it. You give off a scary vibe, so I got it made. It...ended up being more effective than the other mask. Turns out just 'creepy' doesn't quite do it. Maybe it'd be better if I paired it with a knife, but I can't get too carried away!" Shameless.
  25. [22:29:45] <Sylvera> "I..." Her lip starts quivering.  "THAT'S what you think I look like?"
  26. [22:30:31] <Sylvera> oh nice i have the perfect theme for this gotta blast it for the maybe-ghost
  27. [22:30:40] <Vena> "Well there's a few liberties taken for max scare." Few.
  28. [22:31:07] <Vena> heh
  29. [22:32:01] <Sylvera> "It seems you're the one who would like to be shown max scare."  Sylvera withdraws a staff, about a forearm's size in length, and twists it.  The part beneath the head extends, revealing an elongated staff almost as tall as Sylvie herself, which she holds threateningly out in front of her.  "Prepare to be judged, cur!"
  30. [22:32:44] <Sylvera> ... And then, extended as it is, holds it out with one hand and gives you a bonk on the head.  Then she lets out a 'pff.'
  31. [22:35:22] <Sylvera> "Fffhahaha!  Really?  You went through all the effort to make THAT just to make fun of me?"  The staff de-extends, the snooty noble still grinning and chuckling.  "Okay.  You've got some nerve, girl."
  32. [22:36:18] <Sylvera> btw
  33. [22:36:23] <Sylvera> that took longer to find than i thought it would
  34. [22:37:11] <Flamy> Oh damn, it's that bitch
  35. [22:37:28] <Vena> She actually didn't see this coming, and takes that bonk. It takes a second, but she adds a 'heh-heh' to that pft. "Yeah, I've been told I have a lot of that. I actually got it ordered, but it wasn't cheap. These people are relentless with their prices."
  36. [22:37:34] <Sylvera> i will refuse to believe you if you tell me you actually played that, flamalam
  37. [22:37:58] <Flamy> I did play it.
  38. [22:38:08] <Sylvera> ALL of it?
  39. [22:38:54] <Flamy> ... stuck myself in a ditch on Case... 3. Refused to look at a guide.
  40. [22:39:07] <Sylvera> hehehehahaehahea hi know exactly where you got stuck on
  41. [22:39:10] <Sylvera> nice nic enice cnie cneic neci encie
  42. [22:39:24] <Sylvera> yeah you're supposed to check a specific part of the cart again AFTER talking to somebody else
  43. [22:39:27] <Sylvera> that shit's stupid
  44. [22:39:35] <Sylvera> but that said, if you didn't finish it you didn't play it, FOOL
  45. [22:39:39] <Sylvera> MOVING ON
  46. [22:39:52] <Flamy> FINE
  47. [22:40:09] <Sylvera> "Well."  Still grinning, Sylv puts the staves away and folds her arms.  "Good job, Vivi, you got me to laugh.  And pretty heartily at that.  What's the next step of your master plan?"
  48. [22:43:36] <Sylvera> "... And no, I'm not loaning you money until you finish your job.  Don't even ask."
  49. [22:47:22] <Vena> "Well I could go full dress-up--well, full obviously cheap imitation--but I don't think I could actually wear the same things you do without freezing half to death. I might prefer Acaiah to anywhere else, but I'm not actually a fan of the constant, bitter cold. I'll have to be on the lookout for the next big opportunity~"
  50. [22:49:31] <Vena> 1,1fuck you by the way
  51. [22:52:25] <Sylvera> >not crashing this town with no survivors
  52. [22:52:33] <Sylvera> both disappointed and proud
  53. [22:52:37] <Sylvera> but more proud this time i suppose
  54. [22:55:02] <Sylvera> "Oh, that's cute, you're worried about how cold I must be.  Well, cheap imitation or no, you wouldn't last a day in my shoes."  Now, Sylvera's grin is apocalyptic.  "More importantly, staves are made to be misused.  I'll help you, so let's play some pranks on some helpless nobodies."
  55. [22:58:57] <Vena> "How else would you give off that scary vibe? ...But that said, alright, count me in." The fun starts here. Vena is a terrible person, but hey, comes with the profession. DPS is sin.
  56. [22:59:42] <Sylvera> Support is also sin.  But not sinx, like you seem to be.
  57. [22:59:56] <Sylvera> fuck sinx what a shitty class with a shitty playerbase
  58. [23:00:05] <Sylvera> but all priests are attention-craving cocksluts too
  59. [23:01:33] <Sylvera> ... I could play each random individually, or tag-team Bard in to play as random townspeople, but that's not actually necessary so I'll just handwave this one as "you piss off half the town and almost get the authorities after you but you realize Sylvie has a LOT more staves than the ones she uses in actual combat, including weird stuff like 'make fireworks go off' magic that you didn't even know existed."
  60. [23:02:55] <Sylvera> I almost want to say invisibility too but that's a slippery slope because then you'd constantly beg her to use it and she'd belittle you by intentionally not using it when it actually matters.  And then she'd inevitably cave and use it at which point you'd have her use it on enemies and then cast x-zone on them, and we all know we don't wanna deal with THAT.
  61. [23:03:07] <Sylvera> Once we start going that far, I'll make the sketch glitch canon too.
  62. [23:03:50] <Vena> Totally worth. ...And staves sure are handy. What. A. Toolset. WITH THEIR POWERS COMBINED, it' they're a bunch children quite honestly. But hey, they're having fun, and no one can stop them. Super children.
  63. [23:05:19] <Sylvera> OH NO ACTUALLY, Noel, who is totally technically one of the authorities, does end up catching you and gives you both an earful for a good hour or so.  Sylvie laughs her ass off the whole time, and the Storm Vanguard commander knows that she can't actually physically harm a high noble or the brass will have her head.  But she's definitely as stern as she looks.
  64. [23:06:00] <Sylvera> Oh, and to double that up, Norn was already in like... the second day of her CONSTANT lecture of how she's betraying her people by not staying at her post and other horrible shit, and both lectures ended up happening in the same room.  Like it was a classroom or something.
  65. [23:06:23] <Sylvera> UGH I WANT TO LIVE IN GREGMINSTER
  66. [23:06:35] <Raitaki> <Sylvera> fuck sinx what a shitty class with a shitty playerbase
  67. [23:06:37] <Raitaki> auuuuuu
  68. [23:06:50] <Sylvera> HEH
  69. [23:06:55] <Sylvera> on the bright side, i'm a priest player
  70. [23:06:58] <Vena> OK, maybe someone can stop them. Naturally, she blames Sylvera for everything lightheartedly!
  71. [23:07:26] <Sylvera> And Sylvera blames Vena for everything.  Slightly less lightheartedly-sounding, but that's because she's good at that.
  72. [23:07:41] <Vena> And everything is exactly the way it should be. Excellent.
  73. [23:07:56] <Sylvera> High five.
  74. [23:08:05] <Sylvera> now i want to reference a previous statement:
  75. [23:08:16] <Sylvera> [21:47:49] <Kille_Lund> high quality meme support, not sure if I could go from that to a more serious in tone Sylvera support
  76. [23:08:20] <Sylvera> what do you have to say for yourself?
  77. [23:08:53] <Vena> As usual, I show a startlingly large lack of judgment
  78. [23:08:57] <Vena> all supports are meme
  79. [23:09:08] <Sylvera> You have learned well, my child.
  80. [23:09:27] <Sylvera> This is because the ACTUAL GAME is what's supposed to be not meme, supports are all about havin' fun
  81. [23:09:59] <Sylvera> ...
  82. [23:10:15] <Sylvera> Reports of the event end up back at Nix's office days later.  He laughs his ass off.
  83. [23:10:59] <Vena> They're working together, that much can be said for sure!
  84. [23:11:57] <Sylvera> and I'M still laughing my ass off that you expected something even remotely serious, ESPECIALLY with that premise
  85. [23:12:16] <Sylvera> how would that even have worked
  86. [23:12:18] <Sylvera> goddamn
  87. [23:12:27] <Vena> well if it fell flat, there was plenty of awful serious ground to tread
  88. [23:12:31] <Vena> GOOD THING IT DIDN'T
  89. [23:12:52] <Sylvera> Anyway yeah you're the goofiest assassin in the world and somehow not the worst at your job despite that.  How about that.
  90. [23:12:59] <Sylvera> But that's probably /B for now
  91. [23:13:01] <Sylvera> FLAMY HIT IT
  92. [23:13:07] <Vena> bet he would
  94. [23:13:41] <Flamy> > Vena and Sylvera have attained a Support Rank of B!
  95. [23:13:58] <Sylvera> thank you, dear sir
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