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  1. Description:
  3. This group is for tagging posts that could be used as evidence in a future legal case.
  5. We take a politically neutral stance, and our primary focus is laughing at bad criminals.
  7. To be accepted you must answer all 3 questions and agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. Please be excellent to each other.
  11. Rules:
  14. 1 UNLESS ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CASES APPLY, YOU MAY NOT link to or share content on the social media profiles of individuals. (In all other cases you will need to screenshot/upload -- see rule #2).
  17. You can share/link content directly only if it is: (a) from a well-known media outlet, (b) on a FB page or from a FB group with publicly accessible content, (c) on a verified profile on FB/Twitter/etc; OR (d) publicly shared on social media with over 5K likes/shares/reacts/etc.
  20. 2 If content cannot be linked/shared directly (per #1), you MUST take care to remove/redact/obscure any information that could identify the people mentioned/shown, INCLUDING any names of authors of the content, any names of people who posted/shared the content, and any locations (i.e. FB groups) the content was posted.
  22. 2b If the content includes picture(s) or video of a minor, their faces must be obscured in addition to any names.
  24. 3 No posts will be accepted that involve pedophilia.
  26. 4 Absolutely no doxxing or going real life, including members and potential participants in legal cases . This includes stalking group members’ profiles (public or otherwise) to use as ammunition in arguments.
  28. 5 No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. Will be tolerated.
  30. 6 No blocking the modmin team for any reason.
  32. 7 Cw's/Tw’s are not required. You may tag OP directly to request one, and they may choose to add one or decline. That's where the discussion ends.
  34. 8 We don't tolerate sweeping generalizations about any groups of humans; ex. “All men are…”, “all women are…”, “all cops are…”
  36. 9 No reporting posts or comments via the “Report” feature (to Facebook OR admins). If you have irreconcilable differences with another member, block them. To alert us of rules being broken, tag or PM a member of the modmin team. This helps our community avoid the heavy hand of Zucc, and makes it easier for us to respond and assist in arising issues.
  38. 10 We have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason for betterment of the group atmosphere. Regardless of whether you have explicitly broken rules, we may remove you for general twatwafflery.
  40. 11 Please avoid derailing threads. No race baiting, IDPOL, virtue signalling, etc. Intent is important here. Accusing a member of breaching Rule 5 will be taken incredibly seriously. The member in question will have a chance to clarify their original comment's intent - if they don't or the reply inherently breaks R5, they will be dealt with immediately. Multiple-time false accusers will be banned.
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