Rule 63 Tidus.txt

Jul 1st, 2012
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  1. [16:20:26] <castfromhp> A simple metal door greets you in the space just beyond the curtained doorway. The handle is cold to the touch. As you head in, you're greeted by a chill breeze as cold air rushes out at you from in the room, and the sight of stacked ingredients at the back wall fills your eyes.
  2. [16:20:58] <castfromhp> To your right is another door, medical supplies visible within through a small window on the upper half.
  3. [16:21:38] * Rini takes a deep breath and pushes the goggles above her head, peeking a little more through the window in the door. It's no good if they aren't finished with the treatment yet.
  4. [16:23:05] <castfromhp> The room is absolutely full of the injured, almost all Triad, as you can tell from the tattoos adorning their stripped down bodies. As you peer in, you hear someone from behind yell "<Out of the way!>".
  5. [16:23:46] * Rini lets out an "Eep!" which isn't in ANY language, fortunately, and stumbles backwards to let them through before she even gets a chance to head in herself.
  6. [16:24:58] <castfromhp> Rushing up behind is the man from before, supporting a bloodied man and dragging him into the room. A light trail of blood is left in their wake, but the woman who took your mother pops out of the room and quickly sets to mopping it up.
  7. [16:26:17] <castfromhp> She gives you a tired smile. "<She'll be fine, but she isn't the only one who got out from that holding facility injured today. It's been busy.>"
  8. [16:26:40] <Rini> Maybe even being a nice enough kid to open the door for them, Rini just looks to the latter with concern and stands in place. "<Is she... awake?>"
  9. [16:27:46] <Rini> "<There are probably going to be more, by the way. It was still chaos when we made it out.>"
  10. [16:28:40] <castfromhp> The woman takes a minute to finish cleaning up the floor, returning the mop to its place before nodding and softly taking your hand to guide you into the room. "<You want to see her?>"
  11. [16:29:11] * Rini looks straight down to the ground for a good few seconds, ponderingly, before taking another deep breath and looking straight up. "<Yes, please.>"
  12. [16:30:47] <castfromhp> The dank odor of blood hangs in the air in the room, mixing jarringly with the sharp smell of disinfectant that jabs at your nose.
  13. [16:31:35] <castfromhp> The woman slowly leads you through neat aisles of patients, most seeming to have gunshot wounds, though a few have disturbingly crushed limbs hidden beneath layers of gauze.
  14. [16:32:07] <castfromhp> You soon arrive at your mother's bedside, near the middle of the small treatment room.
  15. [16:32:10] <Rini> No wandering, just look straight ahead. Dooooon't focus on it.
  16. [16:32:53] <castfromhp> The equipment is antiquated, nothing in the way of a heartbeat monitor, IV or anything like that, but the facility looks as neat and sterile as you can expect a backroom operation like this to be.
  17. [16:33:19] * Rini keeps the goggles up, hair down, scarf... is the scarf still there? Well, if it is, point is it's there. She takes each step carefully and doesn't say a word.
  18. [16:33:37] <castfromhp> Of course the scarf is still there.
  19. [16:33:51] <Rini> Just... one more glance at her face, to make sure it's really her. The same person from the records and all that.
  20. [16:34:15] <castfromhp> It is, just a lot paler than you remember seeing, but that's to be expected.
  21. [16:34:20] <Rini> And it better be! Though, it's still really weird considering it was formed from pure data, that's a lot to get used to.
  22. [16:34:56] * Rini just enters and stares at this person's face, any expression of worry or whatever she may have had fading to make way for a small, concerned smile. Is she awake?
  23. [16:35:16] <castfromhp> BGM y/n? Well, whatever, I'm listening to this if you care:
  24. [16:35:50] <Rini> (I was listening to something totally unfitting anyway so this is very okay)
  25. [16:36:36] <castfromhp> Her eyes are closed, and you can see her chest lightly rising and falling. You can't tell what her injury is like, as she's covered by a light blanket up to her armpits, her arms resting on top of it.
  26. [16:37:20] <castfromhp> Next to her bedside is a small tin bucket, large wads of bloody cloth and gauze in it. You recognize a ripped portion of Caleb's clothes stuffed in.
  27. [16:37:55] <Rini> In that case, Rini takes a seat if there is one- if there isn't she just kneels by the bedside and watches. She stays totally silent for a good minute or two, maybe even more than that. It probably feels like hours to her, anyway. Until finally a little whisper comes out.
  28. [16:38:02] <Rini> "I'm home, mom."
  29. [16:38:14] <castfromhp> The woman guiding you here has meanwhile disappeared while you were absorbed in staring. A quick glance around finds her tending to another patient.
  30. [16:39:13] <castfromhp> You see her eyes stir a little but not open. A few seconds later, her hand closer to you starts moving slowly over the blanket, as if searching for something.
  31. [16:40:04] * Rini seems content having gotten that out, bowing her head. Maybe in shame? Not another word comes out after that anyway.
  32. [16:42:10] <castfromhp> The hand sweeps out and falls over the side of the bed, brushing your hair in the process. Slowly, her head turns toward you and her eyes flicker open, then shut. Her whole face shudders, and you hear a light sob. The head turns back, and she slowly lifts her hand back to rest on the blanket.
  33. [16:42:31] <castfromhp> It is silent for a few seconds, the moans of the other patients in the room barely audible to you despite it all.
  34. [16:42:55] <castfromhp> "...Why." A strained near-whisper.
  35. [16:43:17] <Rini> "..." Her own eyes feel a little misty, but that's it. She just pauses for a good while. "... Dad missed you."
  36. [16:44:23] <Rini> "He acted like he didn't, but he was lying. I couldn't ask him what happened, he'd never tell me. Every time you came up he acted like he was on the verge of tears, but kept it all to himself." She takes another breath. "I hated that."
  37. [16:45:21] <castfromhp> A slow, small, barely-noticeable nod. "...I missed you two too."
  38. [16:45:54] <castfromhp> "Why. Why are you here?"
  39. [16:45:57] * Rini holds up one of her hands and stares it, clenching it into a fist but releasing it and lowering the arm entirely. "... I know." Sniff. "I know everything."
  40. [16:46:56] <Rini> "What you did, who I am- I know all of it. I wasn't raised to be anything less than a genius." Rini tries to muster a grin but it comes out half-hearted. "I came to get answers, and I have them."
  41. [16:47:20] <Rini> "All I have left to do..." She looks up. "Is tell you that you were wrong."
  42. [16:47:22] <castfromhp> "No one, no one deserves this. Magic is a terrible thing...We both gave up so much so you wouldn't have why are you here?"
  43. [16:47:48] * Rini pauses for a good while and looks to the side. "Because..."
  44. [16:47:54] <Rini> "..."
  45. [16:47:59] <Rini> "Because I want to be."
  46. [16:49:45] <castfromhp> She slowly slides her hand across the blanket, letting her arm fall limp over the side of the bed before reaching for your hand and grasping it with a surprisingly tight grip. She tries to draw you closer.
  47. [16:50:04] <Rini> "... I was worried. I was worried and scared." Another beat. "But more than that... I was mad. Growing up without a mom really sucked, you know? I hated you."
  48. [16:50:20] <Rini> "I came all this way here to tell you that. But I..." Sniff.
  49. [16:50:33] <Rini> Sniffsniff.
  50. [16:50:58] <castfromhp> "I'm sorry Rini. I'm..." She chokes back a sob. Tears trickle down her face as she continues to slowly tug you near.
  51. [16:51:35] * Rini accepts the tug, tears running down her own as well. She reaches up a bit to attempt to slide the goggles down and hide it but decides against it, content with each sniffling getting more extreme than the last.
  52. [16:53:09] <Rini> "Damnit! Why can't I hate you? Why can't I be mad? All I ever wanted was just to live a life with an ACTUAL family, but now it's all..." SNIFFLE.
  53. [16:54:21] <castfromhp> She draws you into a tight hug, stronger than you expected from her appearance. "Hide. Everything will be over by midnight tomorrow. All of this stupid war. And then Rini..." She sniffles as well. "Then we can run from this place together."
  54. [16:55:14] * Rini takes the embrace and spends the whole time crying her eyes out, waiting a good length of time before pulling back and looking straight into her mother's eyes, smiling. The smile keeps for a long time as well before her lips part.
  55. [16:55:19] <Rini> "No."
  56. [16:56:34] <Rini> "Dad taught me to always believe in the best in things, in people. To always believe everything'll turn out okay. But..." She raises both her hands and looks at them. "... I found out myself, that's only part-true. Not everything is just gonna fix itself."
  57. [16:56:35] <castfromhp> "Why? What is worth all this?" Her sad eyes sweep across the room, as if pointing. "Triad..." She sobs again. "What have you gotten yourself into, Rini?"
  58. [16:57:31] <Rini> Rini takes her mother's hand and lays her own over it softly. "I've gotten myself into comrades. Friends. People who want to put a stop to this. And... I'm gonna fix it. I'm gonna fix everything."
  59. [16:59:38] <castfromhp> "Friends...that's good, I was worried how well you'd make friends in America..." She smiles. "But you should be home, enjoying summer with your friends, not here..."
  60. [17:00:05] <Rini> "Zhang Laoshu is really cute too, y'know? But... that's not why." The hand clutched just squeezes a little. "I made friends, that's why. Friends who are gettin' screwed over by all this too. I want to stop it for them... and besides, I know how."
  61. [17:00:23] <castfromhp> "Every year, this time, I thought about that. Hoped you could enjoy your birthday with friends. It kept me going."
  62. [17:01:00] * Rini sniffles a little and gives mom a big hug, not pulling back this time. "The truth is... I didn't! I never made a single friend back home. All I ever thought about was what my mom was doing, why she hated me so much that she'd never come see me..."
  63. [17:01:42] <castfromhp> "I don't know anything, Rini." Your mother looks up with desperate eyes. "About this magic, this war. This..." She closes her eyes at your words. "...I'm sorry Rini."
  64. [17:02:06] <Rini> "I stayed cooped up at home and learned. I did... er, research. I learned and learned everything I could find and never got tired of it." NOW she pulls back. "I learned it so I could come here to find you, and... you know what?"
  65. [17:02:35] <castfromhp> "They took my first seven children from me. Your sisters and brothers you will never meet, Rini. I couldn't let them take you too."
  66. [17:03:09] <Rini> "When I did, I had the most fun I've ever had in my life. I met all kinds of friends. I did stuff I always dreamed of doing. And when I found out everything..." She nods in response. "... I realized.... I still thought what you did was stupid."
  67. [17:03:27] <Rini> "Because they WON'T take me. They can try, but I'm more than they can handle." She stands up and grins.
  68. [17:05:02] <Rini> "I won't lose. I'll stop the war, I'll save my friends, and most of all... I'll take you home and MAKE you show me what it's like to have a mom for once." Her hand extends. "Deal?"
  69. 17:06:19] <castfromhp> Your mother continues to look at you with pleading eyes. "Nothing is worth the risk. Magic...power...none of it means anything."
  70. [17:07:05] <Rini> "Who CARES about risk?! That doesn't matter to me at all, 'cause I don't think I can fix everything. I KNOW I can. All you have to do is trust me."
  71. [17:07:35] <Rini> "You screwed up first time you had a choice to trust your daughter." She scowls a little, but then smiles again. "So you wouldn't do it to her again, right?"
  72. [17:07:43] <castfromhp> "I...I'm sure I was going to be executed after this war. How horrible, to be sentenced to death on your daughter's birthday. But I accepted it, thinking you and dad could have a life together away from all this."
  73. [17:08:21] * Rini takes her mother's hand by the wrist again and squeezes it. "Dad's life has been miserable. I couldn't ever stand to look in his eyes because I knew what he was thinking about, all the time."
  74. [17:08:37] <Rini> "There's no way in hell I was gonna let him keep living like that. Nobody deserves that."
  75. [17:09:07] <castfromhp> She nods. "I was supposed to meet him. But I was captured. He had to have guessed..."
  76. [17:10:08] <Rini> "... I bet he knew. OBVIOUSLY he didn't tell me that either." She lets go and shrugs. "I picked up lying from him. Really, I just wanted to know HOW much of me came from his side."
  77. [17:10:42] <castfromhp> "Can you imagine what it must have been like for him, having to walk away knowing the love of his life was taken like that? He did it for you, both of us did. So why take the risk? You're a kid, playing the game of stupid adults who don't care about other people." She raises a hand to brush through your hair. "No one wins that game."
  78. [17:12:07] <Rini> "... That's where you're wrong, mom." As the hand brushes, she reaches up to touch it again. "I wouldn't go into anything I couldn't win. I may be reckless, but I'm not THAT stupid."
  79. [17:13:21] <Rini> "Little does Dad know, I'm a supergenius. Every bit of knowledge in the world's just right there at my fingertips, and nothing's gonna stop me from learning all of it. Nothing ever did before, and what will now? I know just HOW stupid adults have been. I know all about magic, what it is, where it came from."
  80. [17:13:26] <castfromhp> "Rini..." She chokes up again, unable to speak for a few seconds. "I never even knew you, my own daughter. And if you die, we'll never know each other. Please. If you can get the Triad to take me in like this, you can make them hide you too."
  81. [17:14:17] * Rini takes a couple steps back, removing their hands from one another. "Didn't I already tell you to trust me? I WON'T die."
  82. [17:15:07] <castfromhp> "...Please."
  83. [17:15:26] <Rini> "After all this, you can give me the best birthday present ever. Maybe we could go shopping? I mean, lookit me, my fashion sense is GAUDY! I came to Hong Kong expecting to show them what an American looks like, but this color just made everyone stare." She flicks her hair.
  84. [17:16:36] <Rini> Her eyes get watery. "So just... just this once! Okay?"
  85. [17:17:21] <Rini> Sniffle. "A-After this I won't make you trust me or anything like that, I'll do everything you say. No matter how much I rebelled against Dad, I promise I'll be a good kid."
  86. [17:17:41] * Rini whispers an aside, "Might still hack a few governments on the side though."
  87. [17:18:08] <castfromhp> Your mother lets her hands fall back onto the blanket. "...I can't stop you, can I?" She stares up at the ceiling, letting tears silently drip down her temples onto her pillow.
  88. [17:19:11] <Rini> "... Yeah. Sorry." Standing up she starts to turn to the side, unable to face her mother anymore. "But... you're alive now."
  89. [17:19:25] <Rini> "So keep living for me until then, okay? Please?"
  90. [17:19:52] <castfromhp> She just nods, barely perceptible.
  91. [17:21:13] <Rini> "... I'll come back. And when you meet Zhang, take a good look at him and tell me if you think he's my type, 'kay? I mean, I sure do." Swoon. "... But I want to do mother-daughter stuff like that. When it's all over. I had no idea what it was really like, so I'd say you owe that to me."
  92. [17:22:25] * Rini turns completely away, about to exit. Anybody ELSE in the room could probably see her face is filled with tears- so filled that she pulls the goggles down to hide it now.
  93. [17:22:49] <castfromhp> She closes her eyes, and slowly nods again, a strained expression on her face. "...Okay. Rini..."
  94. [17:23:10] <Rini> "Don't worry. It'll all be okay!"
  95. [17:23:24] <castfromhp> "I love you. Don't ever forget that. Everything your father and I did..." She descends into sobs and is unable to continue.
  96. [17:24:08] * Rini slowly takes steps out. "Yeah, I won't. I'll be back when everything's fixed."
  97. [17:24:16] <Rini> "Just wait for me."
  98. [17:24:25] * Rini EXITS.
  99. [17:24:55] <castfromhp> /mini?
  100. [17:25:05] <Rini> mmmmm yeah
  101. [17:25:07] <castfromhp> (She didn't say "I love you too." ;~;)
  103. [17:25:44] <Lecia> (;_;)
  104. [17:29:36] <Lecia> (That entire thing, ;_;)
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