Celestia - Big Mac contest Big Mac POV (PISS)

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  1. >Big mac stared at the line before him.
  2. >It was cider season, and everypony in ponyville had lined up for their taste of Sweet apple Acres Sweet cider.
  3. >Each of the apple’s had their own reserved barrel, to ensure that each would get their fill.
  4. >Family comes first, that was the Apple motto.
  5. >Ponies had lined up since yesterday afternoon.
  6. >As usual, Big Mac had spent most of the time on guard duty. Making sure the ponies didn't break in, and try to steal anything.
  7. >Usually they didn’t, but they would always get a few crazy ponies every now and then.
  8. >Unfortunately, in the 14 hours since the line started, he hadn’t been able to excuse himself, and relieve his now aching bladder.
  9. >Unlike Applejack, he didn’t simply relieve himself on the nearest tree when he had to go.
  10. >Due to this, Applejack had one of the smallest bladders. Some say smaller than applebloom.
  11. >She could outdrink him, but she couldn’t outlast him.
  12. >His bladder ached, but he wasn’t alarmed. He would go another 3 hours, if he had to.
  13. >And while his bladder moaned in protest, the rest of his body ran smoothly.
  14. >Looking at the lineup, he spotted a few recurring ponies.
  15. >Rainbow dash had dragged her friend Fluttershy out again.
  16. >Thunderlane was hitting on cloud chaser.
  17. >All and all, it seemed today’s operation would be a smooth run.
  18. >Glancing at the clock, he sees it is only a half an hour until they would open, and applejack would take over his shift.
  19. >Then he would attend to his bladders needs.
  20. >He would stop thinking about his urinary need for a while, it was doing him no favors.
  21. >Another 15 minutes, and something happened.
  22. >For less than a second, a brilliant yellow light seemed to flash over the landscape.
  23. >It was gone in an instant, but he felt its effects.
  24. >It was almost like a miniature explosion inside his bladder.
  25. >Bending over, he desperately tries to regain control over his body.
  26. >After a minute or so, he stands back up. He isn't as confident as before though, and it felt like the urge to urinate had doubled in an instant.
  27. >Looking at the line, it seemed the weak had suffered a worse fate.
  28. >Fluttershy was sitting in a puddle, and rainbow dash had appeared to leak as well.
  29. >Actually, nearly all of the ponies had an accident of some kind.
  30. >And although he had to cross his legs, he was at least dry.
  31. >He had his well toned body to thank for that.
  32. >Looking at the many ponies, many were clearly fighting the urge to urinate.
  33. >Some having lost the battle.
  34. >It was weird. For some reason, that yellow liquid stirred up an interest in him.
  35. >Blood starts to reroute itself in his body, and he recognizes that interest.
  36. >Most of the ponies are distracted by their peril, perhaps he can spare a moment alone?
  37. >Positioning himself behind the well, he is able to hide his body, while still maintaining view of the line.
  39. >Slowly his hoof massages his throbbing clock, furthering its hardness.
  40. >Most of the apples have been against masturbation, although he did catch Applejack pleasuring herself in the orchard once.
  41. >Watching the mares in the line slowly drip yellow fluid, he feels elevation, and strokes harder.
  42. >Now rock hard, seconds from release, he hears a voice.
  43. >“Hey Big Mac, Applebloom has excused you from your shift.”
  44. >’Buck.’
  45. “Applebloom..”
  46. >His sister is standing on the other side of the well, oblivious to his current situation.
  47. >She is smiling at him, waiting for him to make his move and go inside.
  48. >Rock hard erect, and slightly dripping cum, he is unable to move without his sister eyeing his member.
  49. >Normally, he would tell his sister that the body was a natural thing, and that what he was doing was healthy.
  50. >But he worried that if he did, his sister would see the erect cock, and make the connections to her classmates.
  51. >Eventually, inviting them over and letting them plow her sweet pussy until they filled it wi-
  53. >The thought did nothing to lower the pressure inside him. If anything, it elevated it.
  54. >So he had nothing to do but stare and smile at his sister, trying to ignore the pressure to be relieved in his cock.
  55. >”Applebloom, I told ya to come and help me as soon as ya told Big Mac.”
  56. >Applejack arrives to his rescue, and she herds the filly away from him.
  57. >As soon as she is away, he bolts into a thick part of the orchard.
  58. >Now it seems, he can finally relieve himself.
  59. >Lying on his back, his cock erect and pointing skyward, he begins to resume his enjoyment from before.
  60. >The strokes are long and pleasureful, and the pressure in his bladder only adds to the sensation.
  61. >Perhaps it had been that because he had never been with a mare, the slightest sexual stimulation would be orgasmic.
  62. >It pushes him over the edge, and he cums into the air, falling back onto him.
  63. >Soon after, his bladder explodes, and the great powerful stream follows the same arc as the white fluid before it, falling on his body.
  64. >Continuing stroking, squirts of cum are mixed into the stream.
  65. >And as each drop returns to the earth, pouring onto his chest, he can't help but wonder why he has never tried this before.
  66. >after about a minute, his bladder has expended its supply of urine.
  67. >His now flaccid dick falls, and he spends the next half hour starting at the sky in post-orgasm extacy.
  68. >Taking a bath in a neighboring river cleans him of any evidence.
  69. >Returning to the farm, spike runs towards him with a letter in his hand.
  70. >It’s signed with the royal seal, this must be a matter of great importance!
  72. >[i]“To Mister Big Macintosh of the apple clan.
  73. >I, Princess celestia have been just made aware of your massive bladder size.
  74. >This, while impressive, cannot go unstudied.
  75. >Being the ruler of equestria for many years, I alone have held the title of most massive bladder size.
  76. >As such, I have arranged a contest to be made, between you and me.
  77. >The contest will take place in [?]Whenever ShitPissWritefag Writes that part.[/?]
  78. >I await your response, may you prepare well.”[/i]
  80. >A smart pony might wonder how Celestia knew that Big Mac had a large bladder.
  81. >A smart pony might have linked everyone's accident to this letter.
  82. >All big mac knew, was that he was excited for it.
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