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  1. #First argument defines last IP octet for 2nd and 3rd commands.
  2. #Second argument defines an additional subnet you want to proxy for the last sshuttle connection.
  3. crazystuffhere(){
  4. echo -n Password:
  5. read -s something
  6. echo "Connecting to 1st Jumpbox and proxying IP through it."
  7. osascript -e "tell app \"Terminal\"
  8. do script \"sshuttle -r\"
  9. delay 2
  10. end tell"
  11. echo "Connecting to 2nd Jumpbox and proxying IP 192.168.20.$1 through it."
  12. osascript -e "tell app \"Terminal\"
  13. do script \"sshuttle -r username@ 192.168.20.$1\"
  14. delay 2
  15. do script \"$something\" in window 1
  16. end tell"
  17. echo "Waiting 5 Seconds"
  18. Sleep 5
  19. echo "Connecting to 3rd Jumpbox 192.168.20.$1 and proxying IP subnet and $2 through it."
  20. osascript -e "tell app \"Terminal\"
  21. do script \"sshuttle -r username@192.168.20.$1 $2\"
  22. delay 2
  23. do script \"$something\" in window 1
  24. end tell"
  25. }
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