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  1. When you have time, please fill out all the information below for me.
  3. Your Vermillion Account -  Paraboxial
  5. ------------------------------
  6. --= General Questions =--
  7. ------------------------------
  9. What position are you applying for, and what are you expected to do in this position?
  10. I'm applying for Music News. I'm expected to be active and do my job.
  12. As a member of the Vermillion Missionary, if you were to do malicious actions within the Vermillion community, what do you think would happen?
  13. Probably get kicked out and reported to staff and banned in vermillion it self.
  14. If you could choose to be any animal, which animal would you be?
  15. A wolf.
  17. If you were to go inactive for a prolonged period of time without giving me a heads up, do you understand that your position will be revoked and given to a better candidate?
  18. Yes. When I applied I accepted anything related to that already.
  19. The Missionary publishes their weekly edition every Saturday afternoon (EST). As a member of the Missionary, when do you think you'd be expected to have your work in to be compiled?
  20. Ehh, a hour or two.
  21. How many tennis balls could you fit into a limousine?
  22. 1400?
  23. How long have you known of the Vermillion Missionary?
  24. A year. Or well when I met Killingman due to his free method shacks, which inspired me to do beta codes.
  25. How well would you consider your time management skills?
  26. Pretty solid and decent. I say 6/10 I'm not busy in the afternoons unless I gotta do something
  27. How many days are in a year?
  28. Like 365 or 366 due to leap year
  30. What would your first 30 days look like within the Missionary?
  31. Active, a white usertitle, in the VM server doing my job, I'd be a bit quite
  32. With 1-2 sentences, why should we recruit you over other applicants?
  33. Well I have experience, I currently moderate a 10k+ server which is nothing since v3rm has over 600k+ members but for discord that's large. I enjoy moderating and music. I listen to music everyday and it's relaxing and pretty fun. I'm not that person to get angry over something unless I'm in a bad-mood. I have a good habit of just "stfu"ing up in the middle of a argument.
  34. How many minutes are in a day?
  35. Errrrrrrrr I don't wanna do the math but like 1 hour = 60
  36. 60 x 24 = 1440
  37. Bam
  38. What do you think the Vermillion Missionary could do differently to make it better?
  39. Ehh, it's already good. I'm not in the discord so I'd maybe so rewards or something.
  40. If you and a fellow members of the Missionary were having a disagreement, how would you handle it?
  42. You have a 4-minute and a 7-minute hourglass, yet you want to measure 9 minutes. How do you do it?
  43. Fuck that and use my phone clock app. Or if you actually want me to do that, I'd slice the sugar/whatever is in the hourglass) that's in the 4-minute hourglass and make it half. That way I could make it 9 minutes. Or just use the 7 minute then use the 4 minute but count 2 minutes BAM.
  44. If you were accepted into the Missionary, around how long would you be hoping to stay with the team?
  45. Honestly
  46. 6-8 months
  47. or a year
  48. k
  50. Would you say you're active within the Vermillion community, and have never had many issues with others?
  51. Yeah I'm KINDA active you've probably known me cause of my beta codes for bo4, fallout 76, division 2, anthem, etc etc currently modern warfare, just done breakpoint. I've had no issues except for one CW that I got for rep-farming it was pretty bad since I was just contributing. The thread got removed down since the guy was like "oh my mistake" etc.
  52. Do you have any questions for us?
  53. No.
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