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  1. -       >''"Sometimes while you're watching a movie, you can sense the presence of a wicked intelligence slipping zingers into a formula plot."''
  2. -->--'''RogerEbert''', [[http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/19990129/REVIEWS/901290301/1023 on]] ''[[ShesAllThat She's All That]]''.
  4. A lot of projects in Hollywood are pretty much based exclusively on [[MoneyDearBoy trying to sell tickets]]. They'll get committees together to determine what the target demographics want to see in a particular film. They'll think of pretty much [[MerchandiseDriven every aspect of marketing]] from the very start. Once they figure all this out, they'll then produce a [[ClicheStorm cliché-ridden]] piece of fluff.
  6. But just because a writer on staff gets assigned to such a film doesn't mean they necessarily [[WriterRevolt approve of it]].
  8. BoredOnBoard is the tendency of said writers, usually a lot more talented than the material they're handed, to introduce subtle bits of TakeThat and StealthParody against either the very thing they're forced into writing or the culture that will buy into it. They might either subvert subtle things they know the producers won't really notice (or care about) or they'll just write ''very'' tongue-in-cheek dialogue that suggests a writer screaming "Get me out of here!"
  10. Similar to WriterRevolt, but instead of it just being a subversion of ExecutiveMeddling demands on a production they're otherwise fine with writing for, this is when they get stuck with something they very obviously don't approve of and start introducing elements meant to undermine or comment on the whole production. Compare HamAndCheese, when an ''actor'' given a bad role or starring in a bad movie decides to have some fun with it.
  12. (Un)Fortunately for them, the targets [[MisaimedFandom usually don't notice and may even be pleased with the results]].
  14. In its way this is a bit of a SubjectiveTrope since if the critic ''goes in'' considering the movie cliched or bad he may take any unusually witty or self-deprecating lines as "evidence" of BoredOnBoard when it might simply be an unironic attempt at making a better film. At its worst, it can even be seen as a form of film snobbery.
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  21. * Episode #128 of the English dub of ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' has James [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZlIcJbbm08 speaking gibberish]] while his head is being comically chewed on by his Victreebel. When played backwards, he's [[RealityIsUnrealistic saying]] "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Burnett Leo Burnett]] and [[FourKidsEntertainment 4Kids]] are the devil!"
  22. ** Burnett pretty much invented the idea of using animation as [[MerchandiseDriven a vehicle for merchandising]], which 4Kids seems to use as its core philosophy — hence their dubbing of shows like ''Pokémon'' and ''Anime/{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}''.
  23. ** Pretty much all of Team Rocket's script during the 4Kids era — most of it was rewritten wholecloth by 4Kids, and came out the other end absolutely hilarious. It got to the point where people familiar with both versions often cited the English version of ''Pokémon' as superior thanks to all the ParentalBonus moments.
  24. * The dubbers for ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'' got '''really''' bored with the anime after a while. Hell, one video of such examples is called "[[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2bml9_is-littlekuriboh-writing-for-yu-gi_fun Is LittleKuriboh writing for]] ''Yu-Gi-Oh! GX''?"
  25. -->'''Chazz''': Who cares if he's more powerful than me? ''I'm'' good at playing card games, and that's what life is ''really all about!''
  26. * In the OnTheNext sequences of ''{{Bleach}}'', you get the characters talking about what happens next episode, and the writers oftentimes seem to be mocking the inherent ridiculousness of Shonen.
  27. -->'''[[TheChessmaster Aizen]]''': Next episode I shall reveal my motivations at a dinner show. Tickets are still available, but they're on a first-come first-served basis. Don't be late.
  28. * When CartoonNetwork aired ''GundamSEED'', all handguns that appeared were [[FamilyFriendlyFirearms digitally painted into laser guns]], primarily by adding neon green lights along the barrel and replacing the muzzle with a red glow. A [[EpilepticTrees popular theory]] suggested that CN knew the fans would see right through the edits, but they still had to be done, and so they were made deliberately goofy (FanNickname: "disco guns") to give the viewers a laugh.
  29. * ''HaruhiSuzumiya'' has an in-universe example with the SOS Brigade's amateur film — Kyon, tasked with cutting the film together, was handed heaps of footage that... [[RandomEventsPlot didn't make much sense]], putting it mildly... and he, [[DeadpanSnarker being Kyon]], peppered his narration with {{Take That}}s and LampshadeHanging.
  30. * Numerous hentai dubs contain instances of writers clearly trying their damndest to have fun with the ludicrous material and even more ludicrous dialogue they're dealing with, sometimes bordering on (or even crossing over into) GagDub territory, but few so obviously and so gleefully as the otherwise completely unremarkable (aside from its utterly nonsensical "plot" and {{egregious}} animation mistakes) "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR9vnrlsQ3c ''A Time To Screw'']]". Enjoy such gems as "You have one of the better titty-rubbing techniques!", "Have you ever tried to fuck a box?", a mind-boggling exchange about nonfat yogurt, and the narrator's thoughts on time, relativity, and the plot of the show.
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  34. * The scene in ''OneMoreDay'' where Aunt May tells Peter that she's had a good long run and he should let her go. It's no secret that JMichaelStraczynski hated having to write the story, so it's hard not to see that as him pointing out one of the major flaws in it.
  35. ** Heck, the whole story's a series of more objective heroes telling Peter that he shouldn't actually be engaging in the plot at all. Even Peter's own ''daughter'' gives Peter a lecture about how self-absorbed and irrational he's being, and then she shows up again at the end and basically says "Gee, you sure fucked this one up." This is justified in-story as Mephisto (who's doing all this purely ForTheEvulz) sticking it to Peter by showing him, after it's too late to back out, that their deal had a cost that Peter hadn't considered, but it also demonstrates further what a gigantic IdiotBall JMS had been forced to hand the character.
  36. ** And, to [[FridgeLogic fully point out]] that ReedRichardsIsUseless in this situation, Spidey calls a bunch of his friends that have treated worse injuries than a simple gunshot.
  37. * In the trainwreck CrisisCrossover that was ''CountdownToFinalCrisis'', the characters start getting quite confused and frustrated while trying to explain to other characters what they've been doing for the last 40 issues, once the [[FourLinesAllWaiting Eight]] {{Kudzu Plot}}lines [[FourLinesAllWaiting All Waiting]] collide in a massive tangle in the lead-up to the climax. Given how utterly crazy and bewildering the so-called plot(s) of the event had been so far due to constantly changing authors, enormous amounts of ExecutiveMeddling, and ShamelessSelfPromotion of nearly every single other DC title; it's difficult to think that the writers weren't trying to tell the readers that they were all equally confused.
  38. ** In an issue towards the end of the series, the characters believe they're home and their lives are back to normal, when something else springs up out of nowhere. Mary Marvel exclaims quite loudly, "When will this nightmare ever end?" You can't help but wonder whether the writers were asking this as well.
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  42. * As the quote alludes to, the film ''[[ShesAllThat She's All That]]'' offers a lot of subversive moments for what's supposed to just be yet another high-school adaptation of ''Pygmalion''. RogerEbert's [[http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/19990129/REVIEWS/901290301/1023 review]] talks about this in-depth.
  43. * ''Film/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'' is otherwise just a completely by the numbers ClicheStorm, but offers the character of Ivan Ooze. Between the obligatory LargeHam moments of {{Card Carrying Villain}}y, he sometimes makes surprisingly scathing comments on pop culture ("Oh, the things that I have missed — the Black Plague, the Spanish Inquisition, [[ThrowItIn the Brady Bunch]] [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Reunion]]...").
  44. * ''Film/StreetFighter'', between its obligatory LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters and action cliches, ends up in moments that seemed like a writer passing a StealthParody through. Guile's speech to his troops is either [[ChewingTheScenery the most painfully over-the-top, gratuitous]] ActionHero speech in the history of cinema... or a satire of them.
  45. ** What does Bison use to target Guile's motorboat? ''A '''Street Fighter II''' arcade controller.''
  46. ** The Bisonopolis scene where Bison tells the architect to put in more food courts (all the big franchises will want in) then goes into a WellIntentionedExtremist speech about how he will create a Pax Bisonica to an uninterested Deejay and a joyfully crying Zangief. In fact, anytime Zangief speaks will probably be funny.
  48. * ''SpiceWorld'', at times, seems to be commenting on how utterly vapid the band and the production as the whole are. This judgment is Exhibit A:
  49. -->'''Judge''': Emma, Victoria, Melvin C., Melvin B., Geri. You've been charged with releasing a single that is by no means as kicking as your previous records. Nor does it have such a dirty phat bass line. You are sentenced to having your next record enter the charts at 179 and having it fall completely out the following week.
  50. * The writing staff for the movie ''TheCore'' had exactly one person, [[http://www.kfmonkey.blogspot.com John Rogers]], who had ever written science fiction before. As a result, he had to fight in order to keep it from being ''even more ridiculous'' than it actually was. Among the things he managed to do was come up with a reason for going to the Earth's core that could even be called vaguely plausible, keeping the other writers from putting a ''windshield'' in the craft ("But it's a ''diamond'' windshield!"), managing to keep dinosaurs from featuring prominently, and having a character refer to the craft's magic metal as {{Unobtainium}} in a delightful LampshadeHanging.
  51. ** YMMV, as more than one person has expressed regret that TheCore tried so hard to pretend it was serious instead of fully embracing its nature as a movie where [[RefugeInAudacity action scientists ride a rocket train to the center of the Earth for vaguely defined reasons]].
  52. * Whoever wrote the movies ''{{Gamer}}'' and ''The Condemned'' must have thought like this. They're pure action movies based on being anti action-movie fans.
  53. * In the 1940s, ValLewton was recruited by RKO Pictures to head their horror films unit. The studio heads expected Lewton to crank out monster pictures to compete with [[UniversalHorror Universal Studios' monster films]]. The studio insisted that he make the films under a set budget of $150,000 and each film had to come in under 75 minutes. Lewton, it turned out, had his own ideas of what would scare audiences (he was more interested in psychological horror and unseen dread than obvious monsters), and was able to work within the studio guidelines to create the kind of horror films he wanted. To his credit, despite such lurid titles as ''Film/CatPeople'', ''The Body Snatchers'', and ''I Walked With a Zombie'' (all titles were provided by the studio), the Lewton-produced movies were entertaining, sophisticated...and yes, quite scary.
  54. * The ''JosieAndThePussycats'' movie was meant to cash in on the girl power trend in movies like ''CharliesAngels'' and ''SpiceWorld'' but ended up a StealthParody of such MerchandiseDriven films.
  55. * Bill Murray's performance in the rebooted ''CharliesAngels'' film from 2000 falls under this. Murray, famously, refused to participate in the sequel ''Full Throttle'' due to a terrible production experience on the first film while working with director [=McG=] (and even headbutted the director at one point), and it shows in his performance - Murray plays Bosley as bored and detached throughout the entire film, while delivering all his lines in a sarcastic tone.
  56. * MarkKermode's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao5fW6VUYxo&feature=relmfu gloriously caustic review]] of ''BrideWars'' includes this observation;
  57. -->"The funniest scene in the movie, the moment that made me wonder whether the ghost of HaroldPinter wasn't actually hanging over all this, is there's a scene where the two characters argue over their wedding plans while [[FunnyBackgroundEvent someone else sits in the background]] ''doing their tax returns''!"
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  60. [[folder:Literature]]
  61. * Many people think that [[OlderThanFeudalism Virgil]] felt this way when writing ''Literature/TheAeneid'', which was commissioned as a propaganda piece for Augustus' empire. Unfortunately, Virgil didn't have much reason to love the government of Rome, which had earlier confiscated his family's land in order to give it to returning Roman soldiers as a sort of retirement package. ''Literature/TheAeneid'' contains several elements that don't necessarily paint Aeneas, and by extension Augustus (who claimed to be descended directly from him) in the most favorable light, such as Aeneas' less-than-honorable behavior towards Dido.
  62. ** The BittersweetEnding clinches this theory. While what's actually happening is pure HappilyEverAfter, the way Virgil describes it, specifically right at the end, reads almost as {{Wangst}}.
  63. * ''RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms'' is a pro-Shu Han take on the Three Kingdoms era of ImperialChina written during the Ming Dynasty, that basically holds Liu Bei as the legitimate leader of the time for his attempts to uphold/restore the Han Dynasty and demonizes Cao Cao for usurping it. However, both have their moments where they go against their usual characterizations, the questionability of HonorBeforeReason as well as the nature of loyalty comes up more than once, and it's Liu Bei who to some extent is explicitly riding on his bloodline for the legitimacy of his rule (that he's a good guy is merely a nice bonus) while Cao Cao has actual ability...
  64. ** The HonorBeforeReason behavior on Liu Bei's part is so obvious "authorial writ" that at times even his confidants argue to him about it, i.e. Zhuge Liang questioning Liu Bei about his refusal to succeed his clansman Liu Biao as governor of Jing province, bypassing Liu Biao's sons. (While there were arguably good reasons for Liu Bei to refuse, i.e. being an outsider, Liu Bei didn't voice them to Zhuge Liang.)
  65. ** It's also not hard to see that a good bit of the story involves Liu Bei getting pushed around China and explicitly needing the help of Sun Quan's forces to fend Cao Cao off -- before going on to usurp his clansman Liu Zhang later.
  66. * John Crowley's ''Little, Big'' contains an in-universe example where the hero's writing gig for a LongRunner SoapOpera leads to him slowly introducing his own fantastical family history into the show.
  67. * At first glance, most of Lionel Fanthorpe's work for Badger Books appears to simply be bad pulp sci-fi. Reading more carefully, you find an author who ''knows'' he's writing bad pulp sci-fi and is encouraging the reader to laugh at it with him. It's not quite a StealthParody (not usually), but it's clear that he's much more intelligent than the work itself, and believes his readers are as well.
  68. * In-universe example from ''Literature/GoodOmens'' by NeilGaiman and TerryPratchett — a 17th-Century typesetter for a bible publisher once got very bored during the printing process and inserted a rant about his dull job and his cheapskate employers in the middle of a passage from Ezekiel, Chapter 48, starting with the phrase "Buggre Alle this for a Larke..." The resulting bible became known in collector's circles as the "Buggre Alle This Bible", and was one of the so-called Infamous Bibles that the angel Aziraphale collected.
  69. * When schoolbooks do this, you get TextbookHumor.
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  72. [[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  73. * ''Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers'' had one episode with an oddly GenreSavvy Lord Zedd...
  74. -->'''Finster''': Lord Zedd, Lord Zedd, I've done something wonderful!
  75. -->'''Lord Zedd''': What is it this time, Finster, a monster that blows ''itself'' up?
  76. * ''TheOC'' has moments of this. It plays too many elements straight to be a proper deconstruction, but hangs too many lampshades to not be at least self-aware.
  77. * Comedian Zach Galifianakis hosted a talk show, ''Late World with Zach'', on cable network VH1 for about nine weeks in Summer 2002. Perhaps because the network placed so much importance on billing Galifianakis as the new face of the channel, the show was subjected to an extreme amount of ExecutiveMeddling which the comedian began referring to on-air with increasing frustration. This went so far as [[http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/31/magazine/31Galifianakis-t.html?pagewanted=4_r=1 executives putting up a list of people the host couldn't joke about in the show's offices.]] His boredom led to a number of attempts to subvert the format, including performing his opening monologue from his own home, to a class of children, to a single audience member, and on a moving bus. After the announcement of the show's cancellation, Galifianakis even went so far as to say he couldn't wait for the show to end.
  78. * AgonyBooth's recap of the ''StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' episode "[[http://www.agonybooth.com/recaps/Star_Trek/Deep_Space_Nine/Let_He_Who_Is_Without_Sin___.aspx Let He Who Is Without Sin...]]" sums up the concept:
  79. -->You know, in some ways, I think when a talented writer is trying to write to a plot that makes absolutely no sense, that writer will always subconsciously insert characters pointing out just how stupid the plot is... But really what all of this is saying is, "Help. I'm the screenwriter. I've painted myself into a corner with this idiotic story. I already sold my treatment and there's no way out. But really, I think this story is just as stupid as you do. Please don't hurt me."
  80. * Season 2 of ''CentralParkWest'' was {{Retool}}ed into a ''{{Dynasty}}''-esque soap opera after its roasting both commercially and critically. During this string of final episodes, it became very clear that the writers (who likely knew the show would be canned anyway) decided to go for broke, playing up the most absurd elements and injecting them into the scripts. Raquel Welch's character (an heiress who comes to New York to oversee a business deal) comments on the ridiculousness of her relationship with a fellow business tycoon and ridicules the most over-the-top elements of the plot (in one episode, she calls a character who killed his wife and had to flee the country because of it a "[[RefugeInAudacity little wife-killer]]" to ''his mother''). The normally-staid playwright Mark Merrill turns into a raging psychopath who microwaves puppies and stalks the main character. There's a CatFight between two of the supporting females, along with commentary by other characters on how insane the whole incident is. This continued all the way to the finale, which never aired in the U.S. due to its cancellation.
  81. * The final string of episodes from the FOX series ''TilDeath'' (which comprised most of the fourth (and final) season) went from a relatively docile commentary on the differences between married couples to rapidly-descending bugfuck insanity when the show's ratings plummeted. One character becomes aware of his status as a character in a fictional show, the plots were greatly exaggerated to emphasize certain unbelievable elements and the creators started experimenting with different formats (including the inclusion of an animated episode for no purpose whatsoever).
  82. * Some GuiltyPleasure daytime talk shows (like ''The JerrySpringer Show'' and ''MauryPovich'') are prone to this. Many episodes will feature the host making sly jokes or backhanded remarks to the guests, while looking irritated or disinterested at what's happening on stage. Better yet, the episode titles are written to be as outlandish as possible, indicating that the writers more or less gave up on ever attempting serious subject matter.
  83. * JohnFromCincinnati is either a bad HBO show, or a scathing satire of all of HBO's original programs. The show includes send-ups of Carnivale, Deadwood, and Six Feet Under (and possibly more).
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  86. [[folder:Newspapers]]
  87. * Whoever writes the TV listings guide (almost certainly [[DeadpanSnarker AA Gill]]) for ''[[BritishNewspapers The Sunday Times]]'' '''really''' doesn't like ''BigBrother'' — every entry for it is a TakeThat, usually along the lines of "piss off and watch something else" and spending one week comparing it to watching paint dry and grass grow.
  88. ** The same for Robert Bianco of ''USA Today'', who uses his daily "Critic's Corner" on the back of the Life section to give a backhanded compliment to the network burn-off show of the week, then suggest something 100 times better.
  89. * ''The Globe And Mail'''s "[[http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/arts/celebrity-photos/ Celebrity Photos of the Week]]" online galleries have weird [[DeadpanSnarker sarcastic]] and [[BlackComedy dark]] captions written by some anonymous person who constantly talks about how boring the photos are and how much he/she hates the people in it. The captions on the [[http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/arts/celebrity-photos/celebrity-photos-of-the-week-oct-12/article2197635/ photos during the Occupy Wall Street protest]] created massive MemeticMutation for its attack on the ValuesDissonance of posting rich celebrities while poor people were protesting on the street.
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  92. [[folder:Video Games]]
  93. * The remaining programmers and staff working on the living dinosaur of an MMORPG that is Asheron's Call are so clearly Bored on Board. To the point that it's been subtly and not-so-subtly referenced in the updates they pull out their backsides every so often just to prove that there are still staff members at all.
  94. * ''DarkenedSkye'' is a fantasy game created to promote Skittles candy. The writing team seems to have been in active revolt, with results reminiscent of a more brand-oriented ''{{Overlord}}''.
  95. * ''Secret Service: Ultimate Sacrifice'' for Xbox 360 is pretty much your typical generic shovelware budget title, but the writers must have had some fun post-production as every achievement title is a rather clever joke — among other things, picking up ten cell phones nets you the "Some Of Them Still Have Minutes" reward while using the taser exclusively nets you the "Don't Tase Me Bro" achievement.
  96. * ''{{Neverwinter Nights 2}}'' seems to have suffered from this, judging by the amount of deadpan and self-deprecating humor in a high-fantasy game. Ironically, the humor is one of the game's saving graces, as the effect is a game that doesn't take itself, and its ClicheStorm, entirely seriously.
  97. ** Understandable, seeing as how one of the writers worked on ''PlanescapeTorment'' [[DeconstructorFleet of all things]].
  98. ** As well as coming from the same developers as ''[[KnightsOfTheOldRepublic KotOR2]]'', [[DeconstructorFleet like it]] [[MindScrew wasn't obvious]].
  99. * ''HarvestMoon'' scripts are usually merely serviceable, rarely going beyond "what's needed to convey the characters as simply as possible." However, with the Wii games, ''someone'' on the writing staff seems to have been having a ''little'' too much fun, which sticks out against the usual dialogue. In addition to strange, [[ShoutOut random allusions]] (such as to ''TheLordOfTheRings'' and BTO's "Takin' Care of Business"), some of the characters seem to [[GenreSavvy know they're trapped in a]] ''Harvest Moon'' [[BreakingTheFourthWall game]]. There's an unusual air of comedy about the typical DatingSim aspect of the series, almost as if to {{lampshade}} how it's [[SpotlightStealingSquad taken over other aspects]] and how much energy players put into it.
  100. * The manuals for ''Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: RaidouKuzunohaVsTheSoullessArmy'' and ''Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: RaidouKuzunohaVsKingAbaddon'' are written firmly tongue-in-cheek, using the same 1920s slang of the game itself. Even the notes section is labeled "Gouto's Notes" instead of just "Notes".
  101. * The writer for ''[[FiftyCentBloodOnTheSand 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand]]'' turned in a surprisingly witty script that pokes fun at the third-person shooter genre (lampshading the NoOSHACompliance and BlatantItemPlacement) as well as the cult of personality around Fiddy himself (his G-Unit sidekicks are far more GenreSavvy than he is, and have surprisingly insightful things to say about the city they're shooting the crap out of) .
  102. * In-universe example in ''{{STALKER}}'' — the outermost checkpoint at the Cordon has a military grunt repeating the same messages warning would-be Stalkers to keep away, but every so often he'll just yell random bullshit into the megaphone.
  103. * ''{{Divinity 2}}'' is chock-full of lampshades, references, self-deprecation, and general silliness. At times, it gives the impression that the writer out-and-out ''hated'' his job. On the other hand, given the [[AffectionateParody general tone]] of the ''[[DivineDivinity Divinity]]'' series, it's likely the humor was mostly intentional.
  104. * The ending to the ''{{Battletoads}}'' arcade game has tongue-in-cheek narration mentioning the heroes' PlotArmor and the convenient teleporters "that they just happened to have with them."
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  107. [[folder:Western Animation]]
  108. * One thing everyone remembers about ''TheNewAdventuresOfBatman'' was the "wacky", incredibly-annoying antics of the squeaky-voiced imp, Bat-Mite. Between lines like this and the dry, almost monotone delivery of AdamWest, it's probably safe to say the writers got tired of him, too... by the ''first episode''.
  109. -->'''Bat-Mite''': Batman! You saved my life!
  110. -->'''Batman''': We all have our weak moments.
  111. * The writers of ''PinkyElmyraAndTheBrain'' take a shot at the forced direction of the show in its theme song.
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  114. [[folder:Other]]
  115. * An [[http://www.snopes.com/disney/wdco/dismural.asp urban legend]] goes that a mural painter in {{Disneyland}} (infamous for its draconian policies on staff) got so fed up with his boss' demands that his mural be "more happy" that he included a Nazi guard in said mural. The boss noticed this and accepted the painter's explanation that it was actually a security guard.
  116. ** It's of course worth noting that the "Nazi guard" has no defining characteristics that would identify him as a Nazi.
  117. * [[MediaClassifications ESRB ratings]] sometimes take this tone — whoever wrote the ratings for ''{{Scribblenauts}}'' ([[http://www.esrb.org/ratings/synopsis.jsp?Certificate=26980 here]]) and ''BrutalLegend'' ([[http://www.esrb.org/ratings/synopsis.jsp?Certificate=27541 here]]) seems to have enjoyed themselves far too much. Their initial rating for ''DeadOrAlive: Paradise'', however, [[http://www.gamepolitics.com/2010/02/03/esrb-pulls-inappropriate-ratings-summary got a bit too vicious.]] YourMileageMayVary whether their initial rating was obnoxiously HolierThanThou or the closest they'll ever get to a MomentOfAwesome.
  118. ** You'd expect a game with a description including the line "steak can be attached to a baby to attract lions" (''Scribblenauts'') would get a higher rating, really.
  119. ** On top of the [[MemeticMutation "unzip a future-blouse"]] line from ''MassEffect2'', it also includes references to [[RecycledINSPACE space consoles and furniture]].
  120. * Burger King seems to have no hesitation about making fun of ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' through their cross-promotional spots, mostly the "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJPn4DKNLY4 Team Edward or Team Jacob]]" ShipToShipCombat. Seeing the bewildered looks on the innocent diners' faces as they're accosted by teenage girls is ''hilarious''.
  121. --> Twilight Fangirl: Would you rather have your daughter marry a Vampire or a Werewolf?
  122. --> Old Man: [[AwesomeMoment Neither!]]
  123. ** On the subject of Burger King, who came up with the game [=SneaKing=], where one gets a higher score based on [[MemeticMolester how much The King scares the person he's stalking?!]]
  124. * ''{{Neopets}}'' is slipping this way, with a lot of MemeticMutation from naughty sources sneaking into plots (lines like "I am disappoint" or "I put on my robe and wizard hat.")
  125. ** Neopets has always tended towards this kind of humour, the Bruce pet originally was a photograph of BruceForsyth, and another older Neopet was called [[TheFastShow Scorchio]]
  126. * Whoever does the Front page for the translated H-dōjinshi site Doujin-moe.us:
  127. -->"A full-color ''StreetFighter'' doujin: ok I admit it, Chun Li is probably the worst secret-agent ever, I mean she gets caught and r*ped every god-damn time!"
  128. -->"Note to self: if police wearing hockey-masks ever want to arrest you, strip you naked, and 'interrogate' you, chances are they aren't actually police..."
  129. --> "Warning: Contains reverse rape. (Note: That's a good thing.)"
  130. * [[http://sardoose.rustedlogic.net/reviews/jturbo/index.htm The Johnny Turbo Story]]. In a nutshell: creative team is hired to produce comic-book style advertisements for the dying TurboGrafx16 game system, instead [[TakeThat openly mocks]] [[BadBoss their jackass boss']] almost manic loyalty to a clearly losing cause in a series of three [[HamAndCheese mind-boggling deli trays worth of ham]]. Truly must be seen to be believed.
  131. * Many freelance artists, fan-subbers, or doujinshi translators will fall prey to this, especially when they take commissions to do works relating to franchises they clearly know nothing about, they'll often get overly-creative to compensate for their lack of knowledge or passion, which can lead to unexpected awesomeness.
  132. * In a segment on the TheDailyShow Jon Stewart points out that {{CNN}} anchor Don Lemon seems to be going through this, as seen [[http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-july-26-2011/cnn-anchor-don-lemon-appears-not-to-care-for-cnn here.]]
  133. * The website ''[=IMFDb=]'', the Internet Movie Firearms Database, looks at various media and lists the firearms, and some other weapons, used in them. The site is run mostly by people who have extensive knowledge of firearms, who will also list mistakes, such as inaccuracies and anachronisms. [[http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Far_Cry_2 This page]] is on {{FarCry}}2, a videogame which probably has the most inaccuracies in any form of media ever. The page points this out every time it can, with nearly every single picture on the page having a caption that mocks the choices of the game's developers. One good example:
  134. -->"Firing the [grenade launcher] demonstrates that local buildings are [[MadeOfExplodium made of explodium]] instead of wood."
  135. * During the filming of a {{Queen}} concert, Freddie Mercury was so annoyed at the director, that when he found out that they were combining footage from two different shows, he wore shorts during one concert and trousers the next. This is also why he progressively takes off his clothes during the ''Live at the Bowl'' performance so the songs couldn't be shown out of order.
  136. * Alan Clark, a very junior member of [[MargaretThatcher the British government,]] was responsible for reforming the legislation on labor relations, a task that he found tedious and absurd. A few hours before he was due to introduce a proposed new regulation to Parliament, he got together with a crony and "tasted" several bottles of fine wine. In consequence, he decided to show his contempt of the law he was supposedly championing by reading out its various provisions[[hottip:*: it's a requirement in the British Parliament that every word of every proposed law has to be read out loud by its sponsor before any debates or votes are held on it.]] in a silly voice. ([[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unparliamentary_language#Avoiding_unparliamentary_language One of his political opponents pointed out that he was quite obviously drunk, and ended up being told off by the Speaker for stating the plain truth.]] Draw your own Aesop...)
  137. * For a while Comcast OnDemand had a pirate film up with the description "Is this the worst pirate film of all time, or just the worst film of all time?"
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  156. Working Title: Bored Writer Syndrome: [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=7l4zd03x4n8xu63jz56971vn&trope=BoredOnBoard From YKTTW]]
  158. Anomaly: Kudos to whoever wrote the example at the top of the list - specifically, your wording choice. "Adapt''at''ion" is, for some reason, everywhere now. Like some kind of government conspiracy, trying to take over. I certainly have no idea what makes it a better word choice than simply "adaption".
  160. DaibhidC: At least on this wiki, "Adaptation" is everywhere because it's in so many entry titles, and after a while you just get used to typing it. I don't know where it started.
  162. Anon: The OED gives adaption as being equivalent to adaptation (which is where the big definition is. Adaptation also has a slightly older quote (1610 v. 1704).
  164. KaminoNeko Cut for discussion on main page:
  166.     * Akira Toriyama planned all along to end ''DragonballZ'' after the defeat of Frieza and Goku's ascension to Super Saiyan. When his publisher pressured him into continuing the series, he started slipping in plot elements intended to undermine the series' popularity (Bulma dumping Yamcha and having a child with Vegeta was the first, and arguably biggest). Nearly every one backfired as the DBZ fandom embraced Bulma/Vegeta, the increasingly ludicrous power levels and the [[DemotedToExtra demotion of the entire non-Saiyan cast to cheerleader]]. Ironically, the only change the fans rejected were Toriyama's attempts to make Goku DeadForReal and pass the torch to Gohan.
  167.           o This is an interesting ''interpretation'' of the series past the Freeza arc, but while it might have merit, we're always just a little short on actual details from reliable sources. There's plenty who believe the same thing about the series past the Cell arc, based on sources with equally unreliable provenance.
  168.                 + There's no reason to believe that both aren't true... I can certainly imagine Toriyama reacting with horror at what happened with the less drastic changes in the Cell Arc not having its intended effect and just throwing everything at the wall in the subsequent Buu Saga, since the changes there are far more drastic (SSJ 3, Kuririn with hair and a kid, a new character love interest, Gohan going to school, etc. That's not even getting into the character of Buu himself, who seems like a parody of the nigh-impossible to kill villains of previous arcs).
  169.                 + The final ending of the DBZ manga, with the latest tournament arc getting interrupted on only the second fight with Goku flying away with Uub also smacked of "It's finished, now leave it alone".
  171. If anyone actually knows what the real deal is, here, and the first person is right, they should feel free to repost it. As it is, everything past the first is natter, and the first is natter-bait.
  181. [Quotes.BoredOnBoard]
  183. ->"''When marketing people get bored, they stick it to ''us''.''"
  184. -->-- '''Bill Engvall''', ''15 Degrees Off-Cool''
  186. ->''"Okay, so all of that said, why did I enjoy this unevenly-cast, cheaply-made, sometimes embarrassing show? Because the writers, knowing that the show was all of the above, would often say to hell with it and indulge themselves in the most insane stuff I've ever seen on a network sitcom."''
  187. -->-- '''[[http://zvbxrpl.blogspot.com/2007/04/things-that-should-suck-but-dont.html Jaime J. Weinman]]''' on ''UnhappilyEverAfter''
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  192. Writer disapproves of plot and makes jokes about it in the movie.
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