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  1. [10:14] <coolkat> alright hi appoco
  2. [10:14] <coolkat> so i dont really know how this works
  3. [10:14] <coolkat> do i just write my letter of thanks or you got any questions you would like to ask me first about the round?
  4. [10:15] <Appocomaster> if you have any memorable moments you want to comment on
  5. [10:16] <Appocomaster> I usually ask if you aimed to get so high
  6. [10:16] <Appocomaster> when you realised you'd be in the top planets
  7. [10:16] <Appocomaster> how you managed to stay top at the end of the round
  8. [10:16] <Appocomaster> any congratulations to other winners / galaxies
  9. [10:16] <Appocomaster> and then thanks to any other planets, galaxy members or alliance members who helped you
  10. [10:17] <coolkat> alright ;)
  11. [10:17] <coolkat> well first off did i aim to be get so high?
  12. [10:17] <Appocomaster> yes
  13. [10:18] <coolkat> my goal from the beginning of the round was to try and squeeze my way into the top10.... Did i know i was gonna finish in the top 3? no not really,, I only started getting the itch for it in the last 7-8 days of the round when I saw i had a comfortable roid lead and value growth
  14. [10:19] <Appocomaster> what tactics did you use to help get such a high ranking?
  15. [10:19] <coolkat> My goal was
  16. [10:19] <Appocomaster> in terms of race, choice of alliance and buddy pack, etc?
  17. [10:19] <coolkat> Value
  18. [10:19] <coolkat> well alliance was simple, I follow my buddies :) santa, flamez, CBA and the chimpster
  19. [10:19] <coolkat> there wasnt any doubt who i was gonna play with this round
  20. [10:20] <coolkat> what did change was my buddy pack
  21. [10:21] <coolkat> Last round I met Patrikc and Isno in Vision and they seemed like stellar players, and they were willing to give me a shot in thier BP so I tried my best to be active and bring what i was able to bring to the team
  22. [10:23] <coolkat> for the race selection and, and tactic...I spent many sleepless nights before the round asking around about others opinions and just running the calcs..... Personally I wanted to try zik out for a change but was convinced by patrikc to go terran to try and fence in our galaxy from incs and concentrate on certain ships that would b used efficiently in crossdefending one another
  23. [10:24] <coolkat> once i had my race selected, I took a look at the race stats and decided on Building constructions to win the round :)
  24. [10:24] <Appocomaster> :)
  25. [10:24] <Appocomaster> ok
  26. [10:25] <coolkat> i figured as terran i would b a hassle to roid, but i would have trouble roiding aswell, so constructions and value gaining seemed the way to go
  27. [10:25] <coolkat> so from the get go, I build refineries refineries and more refineries
  28. [10:25] <coolkat> it allowed me to stay in striking distance for most of the round without looking fat on roids so i didnt draw much attention
  29. [10:25] <Appocomaster> how did you manage to stay top at the end?
  30. [10:26] <coolkat> well First off I managed to get to the top with alot of help from patrikc who became my faking buddy after he didnt have much of a chance left to get t10
  31. [10:27] <coolkat> etd were scarce in my alliance
  32. [10:27] <coolkat> so the matchup worked well
  33. [10:27] <coolkat> and to stay ontop?
  34. [10:27] <coolkat> I gotta thank Santa, CBA and everyone else in OSI who sacrificed there time and fleets for me against asc in the closing week
  35. [10:28] <coolkat> i couldnt have done it without all thier help
  36. [10:29] <coolkat> Santa with his politics kept alot of allies away from me most of the round so gave me time to build something... And OSI despite our activity delivered and sacrificed themselves for me near round end
  37. [10:30] <Appocomaster> anyone else ot thank?
  38. [10:30] <Appocomaster> *to
  39. [10:31] <coolkat> apparently im suppost to thank Alki and Judas from my galaxy for making me look so active in comparison lol
  40. [10:31] <coolkat> but i want to thank everyone I had time to spend with this round and just chat it up
  41. [10:32] <coolkat> I dont play PA for the amazing graphics and gameplay lol I play for the people I've befriended
  42. [10:32] <coolkat> so i would like to thank them
  43. [10:32] <coolkat> ;)
  44. [10:32] <Appocomaster> lol
  45. [10:32] <Appocomaster> ok :)
  46. [10:32] <Appocomaster> any final names etc?
  47. [10:34] <coolkat> well everyone in my bp... everyone in my alliance... (except RS lol.... nah lol just kidding even RS) Santa,CBA,Flamez and the chimpster!!!, and again everyone who put thier effort into helping me into the t3!!!
  48. [10:34] <coolkat> you know who u are!!!
  49. [10:34] <coolkat> i dont have the full list of names of people who lost thier fleet at 1 6 4 this round
  50. [10:34] <coolkat> but your salvage ironically secured me a spot
  51. [10:35] <Appocomaster> lol
  52. [10:35] <coolkat> and a final word to my adversaries this round
  53. [10:35] <coolkat> ASC/APP
  54. [10:36] <coolkat> ASC, great job guyz , you handled tons of incs from 3 alliances amazingly well, so props to your dcs and everyone who actively participated... BA/Golan/Shev/Ellon you guyz did great
  55. [10:37] <coolkat> and to app.... you guyz stellar as usual, you made my life a living hell for the first 3 weeks of the round where i went 1-50 on you guyz....Good job and hope to play against you guyz again next round :)
  56. [10:38] <coolkat> i think thats about it :)
  57. [10:38] <Appocomaster> ok
  58. [10:38] <Appocomaster> thanks
  59. [10:38] <Appocomaster> I might not use every single line if htat's ok
  60. [10:39] <coolkat> why some of my lines werent good enough?
  61. [10:39] <coolkat> ;)
  62. [10:41] <Appocomaster> lol
  63. [10:41] <Appocomaster> I might condense too
  64. [10:41] <Appocomaster> it's quite long :p
  65. [10:41] <coolkat> k aslong as the people are mentioned lol
  66. [10:41] <Appocomaster> yes yes
  67. [10:41] <Appocomaster> I won't cut names :p
  68. [10:41] <coolkat> k ty
  69. [10:41] <coolkat> you can cut my strat if you want
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