Letters from damsels

Jul 9th, 2018
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  1. ----~~<>{@}<>~~----
  2. Sunset
  3. ---~~<>~+++~<>~~---
  5. Wreath of honor, wings of magic flame
  6. Mighty deed, I burn with wracking shame
  7. You begged me for my abdication
  8. Instead, I gave you my ascension
  10. As much as we had hoped and begged, and
  11. tried to fight the up and coming, fend
  12. off the weight of ending the fight, it
  13. had to happen -- The crown never fit
  15. Don't cry for me, "this isn't goodbye"
  16. A piece of wisdom from another you
  17. Don't cry for me, the twilight glow will
  18. light our path after sunset, you will
  20. "Take my hand," I once whispered to you
  21. So many words I withheld from you
  22. For fear of losing a friend so fine
  23. Before we part, I ask you: Be mine
  26. ----~~<>{@}<>~~----
  27. Fluttershy
  28. ---~~<>~+++~<>~~---
  30. >D-do you remember, my fleet-footed knight?
  31. >We were strangers in a camp full of upstarts
  32. >I was the shy one, being bullied by the wolves
  33. >When you swooped in and defended my honor
  35. >Do you remember, dashing lover of mine?
  36. >We were wide awake at Pinkie's sleepover
  37. >You read me your favorite Daring Do quote:
  38. >'Love is fleeting, venture forth while you're still young'
  40. >You held me so close, blissfully unaware
  41. >How my dearest knight had twisted her blade so
  42. >No, it's your faith in my heart that is fleeting
  43. >Dashing knight of mine, why would you make me cry?
  45. >Would you still remember me, my dearest knight
  46. >When, someday, you run out of monsters to slay
  47. >Would you let me be your bird of paradise
  48. >Or would you have vanquished me already then?
  51. ----~~<>{@}<>~~----
  52. Rarity
  53. ---~~<>~+++~<>~~---
  55. >It is you, isn't it?
  56. >Fingers like tree bark, scent like dried earth
  57. >I told you I'd be okay, you're far too busy to visit
  58. >But you came anyway
  59. >Dear, you're too headstrong for your own good...
  61. >"In sickness and in health, 'til death do us apart"
  62. >Sorry, darling, the vows had two parts
  63. >It's not fair, we were so perfect together
  64. >"Jackie and I"
  65. >But alas, nothing is forever
  67. >What would you do, when I'm gone for good?
  68. >Find a new suitor, one just like me?
  69. >Would I be jealous from beyond the river Styx?
  70. >I love you darling, I wish I could stay with you forever
  72. >You called me your rarity
  73. >Radiance everlasting
  74. >The truth is, you were the better half
  75. >A diamond in the rough
  76. >I loved you, darling, in sickness and in health
  77. >'til death did us apart
  80. ----~~<>{@}<>~~----
  81. Rainbow
  82. ---~~<>~+++~<>~~---
  84. >You had no reason to frown
  85. >When life gave you lemons, you
  86. >used to make lemonade
  87. >Smiled the smile, laughed the laugh
  89. >Now that smile turned upside down
  90. >The hair I once loved, now ironed
  91. >Cabinet of flour and
  92. >tubers too, their lies are sweet
  93. >Conferences of the strange
  94. >I implore you, my love
  95. >Let me be your Dashie again
  97. >These tears, they aren't your fault, but
  98. >It hurts when your words cut deep
  99. >Confetti fusilier
  100. >I miss your cannonade
  102. >Graffiti of scabs and scars
  103. >On arms that once held me tight
  104. >Memories of laughter shared
  105. >and kisses too, oh so sweet
  106. >Confessions of yours truly
  107. >I can't go on, my love
  108. >Without you, I'm Dashie no more
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