Giantree Dream Diary Collection: 2015-2016

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  1. January 2, 2015
  2. [16:11:25] <Giantree> that was a fucking wacko dream
  3. [16:14:29] <Giantree> whatever i have the excuse
  4. [16:14:43] <Giantree> of "just had a dream where megaupload was the lost continent of mu resurfaced"
  6. January 5, 2015
  7. [08:37:43] <Giantree> WHOA
  8. [08:37:45] <Giantree> I JUST HAD A DREAM
  9. [08:37:47] <Giantree> ABOUT SMOKING
  10. [08:37:51] <Oddness> but it became less a need for me
  11. [08:37:59] <Giantree> all my dreams are prophetic, so go figure it'd come up in conversation today
  12. [08:38:01] <Oddness> so I can just as well go through a no smoek phase
  13. [08:38:33] <Giantree> ... I think the same dream involved me buying a 3ds and a flashcart
  14. [08:38:36] <Giantree> so welp, time to order those
  16. January 7, 2015
  17. [12:57:49] <Giantree> wow damn
  18. [12:58:17] <Giantree> now I regret not following what my prophetic dream told me to do and buying a 3ds and a flashcart
  19. [12:58:18] <Giantree> or
  20. [12:58:19] <Giantree> well
  21. [12:58:27] <Giantree> even though they're prophetic they're not immediate
  22. [12:58:36] <Giantree> so maybe it means I'll eventually buy a 3ds and a flashcart
  23. (this basically happened a month later)
  25. January 17, 2015
  26. [13:28:25] <Giantree> also i had a dream about telling you about a dream i had
  27. [13:28:28] <Giantree> with you in it
  28. [13:28:38] <Giantree> but i only remember that one, not the one that i was telling you about
  29. [13:28:45] <@SumDumD00d> hooray i'm popular enough to be in a dream
  30. [13:30:03] <Giantree> you kiddin dude you're in those like, more than anyone else
  32. [13:32:10] <Giantree> wow i was just going to mention that i had a dream about limey in here so i wouldn't forget it, but seeing the backlog in here, i guess it was actually a two-parter because there was definitely something about epilators
  33. [13:32:22] <Giantree> i don't remember entirely the context of where they came up
  34. [13:32:41] <Giantree> i think i was like, reading a loli mango or something, and the lolis had epilators?
  35. [13:32:42] <Giantree> i dunno
  36. [13:32:56] <@SumDumD00d> gross
  37. [13:33:00] <@SumDumD00d> lolis don't have body hair
  38. [13:33:05] <Giantree> yeah exactly
  39. [13:33:23] <Giantree> could've been 'young girls going through puberty'
  40. [13:33:34] <Giantree> but fuck if i'll ever know, my subconscious doesn't tell me
  42. January 20, 2015
  43. [15:27:36] <Giantree> sup i had a dream about you
  44. [16:33:21] <ThatRockGuy> gay
  45. [16:33:42] <Giantree> ok magatsu #rekt now i can explain it
  46. [16:34:04] <Giantree> Yeah, we were playing a thing but it wasn't pso2, it was 1,1furcadia
  47. [16:34:14] <Giantree> with pso2's loading screens for some reason
  48. [16:34:33] <ThatRockGuy> even gayer
  49. [16:34:47] <Giantree> There was some sort of treasure hunting event or something and we had to like, go into random dreams and find treasure chests
  50. [16:34:53] <Giantree> so you were constantly whispering me about it
  51. [16:35:10] <Giantree> i found one first though, and i took a screenshot
  52. [16:35:13] <ThatRockGuy> that said i'd probably play a pso2 clone with 1,1 furfag races
  53. [16:35:19] <Giantree> and suddenly it was in first-person and i saw my shadow over the treasure chest
  54. [16:35:25] <Giantree> and i was my loli FOmarl from pso1
  55. [16:35:27] <Giantree> which was ?????
  56. [16:35:36] <Giantree> 1,1yeah, that's why I want you to play psu
  57. [16:35:40] <Giantree> 1,1eventually
  58. [16:36:15] <Giantree> so i sent you the screenshot and you showed up and were like "Bet you're glad I'm here"
  59. [16:36:22] <Giantree> and you looked exactly like a guy i went to high school with
  60. [16:36:28] <Giantree> and then i woke up because my brain couldn't handle it
  61. [16:36:28] <Giantree> fin
  63. February 13, 2015
  64. [09:50:59] <Giantree> also desperately trying to recollect the dream i had
  65. [09:51:06] <Giantree> which i'm pretty sure was an entire phoenix wright trial
  66. [09:51:10] <Giantree> but i just can't remember what about
  68. February 14, 2015
  69. [14:33:17] <Giantree> i must brave the car
  70. [14:33:22] <Giantree> which probably has a wasp corpse in it
  71. [14:33:48] <@SumDumD00d> good luck
  72. [14:33:53] <Giantree> i had a dream actually wherein i remembered the wasp and still got in the car with extreme reluctance
  73. [14:33:55] <Giantree> and drove in it
  74. [14:34:03] <Giantree> so my subconscious is telling me "just drive your car dumbass"
  75. [14:34:19] <Giantree> so yes if i'm not back by breakdance and/or traingers
  76. [14:34:26] <Giantree> i'll have had a heart attack
  77. [14:34:27] <@SumDumD00d> and then you turned on the radio but there was bad signal
  78. [14:34:29] <@SumDumD00d> and buzzing noises
  79. [14:34:36] <@SumDumD00d> and you were like 'oh god they're coming out fo the speakers'
  80. [14:34:37] <Giantree> it's ok i don't use the radio ever
  81. [14:34:40] <Giantree> nice try though
  82. [14:35:02] <Giantree> probably the MOST theoretically horrifying thing
  83. [14:35:04] <Giantree> is uhhhhh
  84. [14:35:07] <Giantree> ok
  85. [14:35:08] <Giantree> so like
  86. [14:35:18] <Giantree> my tail light goes out or something that i can't/don't notice
  87. [14:35:22] <Giantree> and then i get pulled over
  88. [14:35:32] <Giantree> and i reach into my glovebox to get my insurance shit
  89. [14:35:39] <Giantree> and it's A WHOLE WASP'S NEST IN THERE
  90. [14:35:48] <@SumDumD00d> that would bee a thing
  91. [14:35:53] <Giantree> and then the cop comes over to tell me my tail light is out while i'm screaming - NICE
  92. [14:35:58] <Giantree> and he's actually a giant wasp
  93. [14:36:01] <Giantree> and then i wake up
  94. [14:36:08] <Giantree> but no i think the wasp battle is over
  95. [14:36:13] <Giantree> i might like
  96. [14:36:18] <Giantree> bring heavy clothing as a shield though
  97. [14:36:20] <Giantree> just in case
  99. March 10, 2015
  100. [12:15:11] <oak> yo shookie I had a funny dream about you though
  101. [12:16:07] <oak> It took place tomorrow, and PSOdubs updated into challenge mode with weird, unmentioned functions
  102. [12:16:29] <oak> for one, you could invite people even when they were offline, and it would automatically turn their client on and put them in your block
  103. [12:16:43] <oak> which was HORRIFYING because I was woken up by blasting campship music (in the dream)
  104. [12:17:04] <Cille_Lund> The challenge is finding an escape from challenge mode
  105. [12:17:42] <oak> and apparently everyone in the party was supposed to correspond to a sanic character based on color, probably a nod to those old PSO magazine screenshots where the characters were always named sonic, tails, etc
  106. [12:17:52] <oak> you were knuckles and put on a knuckles mask while jumping around everywhere
  107. [12:18:12] <oak> so after i got over being mildly grumpy about being woken up i went to the other place to invite limey
  108. [12:18:18] <oak> and I pinged him
  109. [12:18:45] <Cille_Lund> If only I could glide
  110. [12:18:55] <Cille_Lund> Then I would truly be Knuckles
  111. [12:18:55] <oak> and IMMEDIATELY he responds with tons of lines about how he doesn't want to play with me anymore because my heals "usually only focus on one person at a time"
  112. [12:19:04] <oak> actually i think it was just "only focus on 1"
  113. [12:19:10] <oak> which made it even more confusing
  114. [12:19:24] <oak> so i got capslock mad and was like DUDE, NO, YOU RUN AWAY
  115. [12:19:27] <oak> and then i woke up
  117. [15:33:17] <ThatRockGuy> CHALLENGING STAGE begins tommorrow
  118. [15:33:31] <ThatRockGuy> so that'll be for the max enjoy of gamesoft
  119. [15:34:53] <Giantree> yeah we'll probably challenge as soon as it comes up
  120. [15:35:04] <Giantree> and then never again because turns out it's just as boring as pso1 challenge
  121. [15:35:15] <Giantree> i had a prophetic dream about it this morning, i know this shit
  122. (It was true)
  124. March 12, 2015
  125. [03:07:31] <Giantree> however i did pills the night before
  126. [03:07:33] <Giantree> i mean
  127. [03:07:36] <Giantree> yesterday morning
  128. [03:07:46] <Giantree> and the thing happened where i had a ton of dreams in a row all about being woken up
  129. [03:07:53] <Giantree> and then finding out it's a dream and waking up again
  130. [03:08:20] <Giantree> because i did the STUPID STUPID thing where i had my speakers as an alarm and told someone to highlight me when they're doing a thing
  131. [03:08:26] <Giantree> so all the dreams were about that happening
  132. [03:10:42] <Giantree> i had foolishly
  133. [03:10:49] <Giantree> been reading shounen mango the day before
  134. [03:10:54] <Giantree> shounen mango about cooking
  135. [03:11:10] <Giantree> and it was one of those
  136. [03:11:16] <Giantree> well no all shounen are like this
  137. [03:11:26] <Giantree> but it had the thing where the protagonist is constantly outsmarting every opponent
  138. [03:11:34] <Giantree> so while i was falling asleep after doing pills
  139. [03:11:43] <Giantree> i was in that dreamy mostly-asleep-but-not-totally state
  140. [03:11:54] <Giantree> and my head was just playing out events of its own entire shounen series
  141. [03:11:55] <Giantree> for like
  142. [03:11:59] <Giantree> what must've been 300+ chapters
  143. [03:12:15] <Giantree> and it was using every trick and scheme for every villain
  144. [03:12:20] <Giantree> which the protagonist would always one-up
  145. [03:12:25] <Giantree> and then they'd get one-upped by another villain
  146. [03:12:35] <Giantree> and it just escalated in a way that no mango artist could keep up with
  147. [03:12:42] <Giantree> i don't remember any specific details, thank the gods
  148. [03:12:47] <Giantree> i just remember it becoming absolutely insane
  149. [03:12:58] <Giantree> and it eventually just 'popped' and i had the dream about dreaming instead
  150. [03:13:04] <Giantree> (and then another, and another, and another)
  151. [03:13:34] <@SumDumD00d> sounds bad man
  152. [03:14:39] <Giantree> yeah sometimes it gets bad
  153. [03:14:40] <Giantree> this might be
  154. [03:14:46] <Giantree> the first time i actually acknowledged it
  155. [03:14:58] <Giantree> but apparently that happens every time i take pills
  156. [03:15:01] <Giantree> and i usually forget
  157. [03:15:07] <Giantree> until i take another pill and am falling asleep
  158. [03:15:14] <Giantree> and then the nightmare's like "hey you're back"
  159. [03:15:55] <Giantree> it's usually just ridiculously long things playing out in what's ACTUALLY a short time though
  160. [03:15:58] <Giantree> hard to really explain
  161. [03:16:08] <Giantree> so i don't know why i'm suddenly aware of it
  162. [03:16:24] <Giantree> but the worst one was when i drank alcohol and then took a pill like 10 minutes later because i forgot i boozed
  163. [03:16:27] <Giantree> and the dream was just
  164. [03:16:28] <Giantree> blobs
  165. [03:16:40] <Giantree> and it was like dayz, maybe weeks/months playing out
  166. [03:16:49] <Giantree> of just these blobby shapes and noises happening
  167. [03:16:54] <Giantree> over a couple hours
  168. [03:17:07] <Giantree> and then i woke up and was the sickest i've ever been
  169. [03:17:20] <Giantree> >dayz
  170. [03:17:22] <Giantree> what the hell
  171. [03:17:33] <Giantree> was i trying to say 'days' and 'daze' simultaneously?
  172. [03:17:36] <Giantree> what the fuck
  173. [03:17:40] <Giantree> why can't the next hour pass already
  175. March 16, 2015
  176. [15:20:15] <Giantree> Damn, I had a prophetic dream that no lines would be said in this place when I woke up
  177. [15:20:20] <Giantree> 2clairvoyant
  179. March 17, 2015
  180. [21:09:02] <oak> ps i think i had a dream about you being bad at something
  181. [21:09:05] <oak> but i don't remember the details
  183. March 30, 2015
  184. [16:22:08] <Giantree> I just woke up from a dream where i afked in pvp for some reason
  185. [16:22:31] <Giantree> and then i came back and the room was filled with like 8 mages and its name was changed to "lolis with good nets vs tree"
  186. [16:22:42] <SweetPea> so you won?
  187. [16:22:48] <Giantree> so as soon as i saw it i declared i was back and went "ok moneymatch me"
  188. [16:22:50] <Giantree> and then they all left
  189. [16:22:53] <Giantree> and i woke up
  191. [17:51:44] * megamanac (~sadmega@Your.Affection) has joined #Tales
  192. [17:52:00] <Giantree> sup megs i had a dream about you
  193. [17:52:24] <megamanac> whoa
  194. [17:52:28] <megamanac> is it storytime
  195. [17:52:32] <Giantree> sure
  196. [17:52:37] <Giantree> i told it in here but i can tell it again
  197. [17:52:49] <Giantree> so i was in dfo and i went into pvp
  198. [17:52:53] <Giantree> and for some reason
  199. [17:52:57] <Giantree> i went afk in an open room
  200. [17:52:58] <Giantree> to go like
  201. [17:53:03] <Giantree> watch a shitty movie or something
  202. [17:53:20] <Giantree> and it was a bad men in black clone where the protagonists disguise themselves as aliens by putting on alien fursuits or something
  203. [17:53:25] <Giantree> but i went back
  204. [17:53:31] <Giantree> and the room was full of like 8 mages
  205. [17:53:38] <Giantree> and the name was changed to "lolis with good net vs tree"
  206. [17:53:44] <megamanac> lol
  207. [17:53:51] <Giantree> so i announced i was back
  208. [17:53:53] <Giantree> and was like
  209. [17:53:57] <Giantree> "ok someone moneymatch me"
  210. [17:54:00] <Giantree> and then everyone left
  211. [17:54:02] <Giantree> and i immediately woke up
  212. [17:54:08] <Darcius> are you sure that you aren't me in that dream
  213. [17:54:12] <megamanac> good
  214. [17:54:15] <Giantree> i might've been
  215. [17:54:21] <Giantree> but i was definitely playing mage too so maybe not
  216. [17:54:34] <Giantree> something about it just seemed like mega humor
  217. [17:54:41] <Giantree> maybe he was actually there and said dialogue that i just forgot about
  219. May 21, 2015
  220. [05:08:01] <Giantree> oh
  221. [05:08:01] <Giantree> god
  222. [05:08:03] <Giantree> damnit
  223. [05:08:08] <Giantree> my subconscious was trying to tell me
  224. [05:08:13] <Giantree> i just had a dream about playing gen1
  225. [05:08:15] <Giantree> why the fuck
  226. [05:08:20] <Giantree> was i dreaming about playing gen1
  227. [05:08:29] <Giantree> well i mean i know why now
  228. [05:08:30] <Giantree> shit
  230. June 4, 2015
  231. [16:34:49] <Giantree> and of course the other guy is literally incapable of communication
  232. [16:35:04] <Giantree> i had a prophetic dream actually telling me that i shouldn't keep trying to interact with him because he's a shitter
  233. [16:35:41] <Giantree> and my dreams always come true, but i'll prod him enough to find out how long it'll take for that to actually happen at least
  235. June 11, 2015
  236. [04:13:47] <Giantree> i am still
  237. [04:13:51] <Giantree> dreamin gof this episode
  238. [04:13:54] <Giantree> while wathcing it
  239. [04:13:56] <Giantree> so it is like
  240. [04:14:00] <Giantree> super fnky bullshit
  241. [04:14:09] <@SumDumD00d> good
  242. [04:14:27] <Giantree> this commercial
  243. [04:14:28] <Giantree> every time
  244. [04:14:43] <@SumDumD00d> what is yellowthing like
  245. [04:14:45] <@SumDumD00d> in dream mode
  246. [04:14:56] <Giantree> as though
  247. [04:15:01] <Giantree> it were not yellow thing at all
  248. [04:15:02] <Giantree> like
  249. [04:15:08] <Giantree> he was basically a human justthen
  250. [04:15:12] <@SumDumD00d> huh
  251. [04:15:15] <Giantree> talking in a human voice with human mannerisms
  252. [04:15:27] <Giantree> i didn't even get the normal terrifying feeling that i normally get from yellow thing
  253. [04:15:28] <Giantree> what the FUCK
  255. June 12, 2015
  256. [10:26:15] <Giantree> MANN i just HAD to have dreamsa boutjojo
  257. [10:26:21] <Giantree> thx subconscious
  259. June 30, 2015
  260. [12:06:50] <Giantree> i had a dream about bullying
  261. [12:06:53] <Giantree> what the actual fuck
  262. [12:07:15] <Giantree> apparently skies of arcadia got a sequel in it too
  263. [12:07:32] <Giantree> ... and i was also playing anachronox
  264. [12:07:43] <Giantree> man that was weird as fuck, why do i remember all this still
  265. [14:54:48] <@SumDumD00d> because it means if you play anachronox, that other thing might happen
  266. [14:55:04] <Giantree> i'll eat parchment paper?
  267. [14:55:08] <Giantree> or get bullied?
  268. [14:55:13] <@SumDumD00d> candied parchment paper
  269. [14:55:18] <Giantree> oh that might be worthwhile
  270. [14:55:36] <Giantree> also DON'T WORRY I STILL PLAN TO
  271. [14:55:54] <Giantree> especially now since a prophetic dream told me to
  272. [14:56:07] <@SumDumD00d> how did you even think it was
  273. [14:56:08] <Giantree> I will say for some reason even like 5 hours later I still vividly remember it
  274. [14:56:09] <@SumDumD00d> in the dream
  275. [14:56:24] <Giantree> I have an idea what it's like, and my subconscious seemed to think it was exactly the opposite of that
  276. [14:56:42] <Giantree> when I booted it up, apparently my subconscious was convinced that it was WRPG AS FUCK so I was basically literally playing borderlands
  277. [14:56:48] <@SumDumD00d> lol
  278. [14:56:51] <Giantree> brb internets
  279. [14:56:54] <Giantree> i got a full story w/ this one
  280. [14:57:50] <Giantree> So when I started, apparently there was some sort of DLC or something (which I'd already pirated obviously) that was an entire separate world from the main game, and for some reason it was an amusement park in space
  281. [14:58:25] <Giantree> was playing the entire time
  282. [14:58:29] <Giantree> the ENTIRE time
  283. [14:58:35] <Giantree> i know because it was stuck in my head when i woke up and still is
  284. [14:58:51] <Giantree> so there was like, a pool/waterpark and other shit
  285. [14:59:07] <Giantree> but for some reason when i got there it decided to stop being a game and it was just me in there
  286. [14:59:14] <Giantree> and apparently it was also a high school?????????????
  287. [14:59:47] <Giantree> some chick was there and acted exactly like all the preppy bitches i went to high school with did, constantly following me around and pointing out loudly whenever i did something "weird"
  288. [14:59:50] <Giantree> so it was bullying
  289. [15:00:24] <Giantree> and after a while i stood up and called her out for being rude and insensitive to my feelings in front of the entire pool (which was full) and she started crying
  290. [15:00:27] <Giantree> that one was weird
  291. [15:00:38] <Giantree> subconscious really wanted me to stand up to bullies i guess
  292. [15:00:55] <Giantree> ... but between that the 'realism' faded out and it went back to being not!anachronox
  293. [15:01:37] <Giantree> and somewhere along the line not!anachronox turned into not!skies of arcadia and i was just looking at an hd model of vyse walking around
  294. [15:01:48] <Giantree> which is fuckin' weird because even in skies his model looks pretty good
  295. [15:02:01] <Giantree> ... and then i went into a locker room and something something woke up
  296. [15:02:09] <Giantree> i think something weird happened in the locker room
  297. [15:02:12] <Giantree> but THAT FUCKING MUSIC
  298. [15:02:15] <Giantree> WAS PLAYING THE WHOLE TIME
  299. [15:02:17] <Giantree> EVERYWHERE
  300. [15:12:29] <Giantree> ... I wonder
  301. [15:13:27] <Giantree>
  302. [15:13:30] <Giantree> huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh
  303. [15:13:55] <@SumDumD00d> weird dream
  304. [15:14:13] <Giantree> p. typical for me, the weird part is remembering all of it
  306. July 4, 2015
  307. [11:59:15] <Giantree> damn
  308. [11:59:24] <Giantree> i had a prophetic dream about limey ignoring things
  309. [11:59:32] <Giantree> that bodes ill, because my dreams are always true
  310. [12:10:23] <Giantree> Oh it's unfuzzing, specifically I was trying to link him music and he ignored it all for 2 days in a row
  311. [12:10:29] <Giantree> ... which is exactly what i wanted to do
  312. [12:10:32] <Giantree> goddamn, subconscious
  314. [12:14:20] <BlendedSolosis> he's in that is gdlk myrmidon
  315. [12:14:25] <Giantree> FUCK BLENDY
  316. [12:14:30] <Giantree> I JUST HAD A DREAM ABOUT MYRMIDONS
  317. [12:15:07] <Giantree> actually, it was that there was a FF+FE crossover (which would be terrifyingly believable if squenix was still competent, but, they aren't)
  318. [12:15:15] <Darcius> click all pizza
  319. [12:16:02] <Giantree> and it had FE stats/classes but... I think FF combat system?  well maybe not, because I remember combat was actually interesting enough to show off to other people
  320. [12:16:33] <Darcius> they can't make FE/SMT without fucking it up and SMT is an even more tightly defined commodity than FF is
  321. [12:16:42] <Giantree> so I made Rydia from 4 into a myrmidon into whatever ungodly attempt to turn a Summoner into a Mage or whatever that they had made, because for some reason Rydia's base SPD was ridiculous
  322. [12:16:59] <Giantree> and i thought it was the coolest thing ever and showed it off to my friends even though she had no STR obviously
  323. [12:17:00] <Giantree> shit was weird
  324. [12:17:20] <Darcius> they literally got the worst possible traits of SMT
  325. [12:17:24] <Darcius> if there was FE/FF
  326. [12:17:24] <Giantree> yeah so i've heard
  327. [12:17:30] <Darcius> it would have the worst possible traits of FF
  328. [12:17:36] <Darcius> the combat system
  329. [12:17:39] <Darcius> the character design
  330. [12:17:40] <Darcius> the humor
  331. [12:17:41] <Giantree> makes sense
  332. [12:17:43] <Darcius> barf
  333. [12:17:56] <Giantree> yeah i bet they'd have bartz in it too
  334. [12:18:02] <Darcius> no
  335. [12:18:09] <Darcius> Tidus is the mc
  336. [12:18:16] <Giantree> when i was kidyoung i used to always think his name was 'barf'
  337. [12:18:27] <Giantree> ... or maybe it was 'butts'
  338. [12:18:30] <Giantree> nm yeah it was butts
  339. [12:18:49] <Darcius> because tidus has the Monoble he sees visions of vaan telling him what to do
  340. [12:19:12] <Darcius> FF9 characters appear in their original art style
  341. [12:19:18] <Giantree> FUCK
  342. [12:19:19] <Darcius> backed up by the Kingdom Hearts cast
  343. [12:19:21] <Giantree> that was part of the dream too
  344. [12:19:33] <Giantree> ... no doublefuck
  345. [12:19:48] <Giantree> not only was it ff9, it was... fuck what was it
  346. [12:19:58] <Giantree> oeielvert?  oeilvert?
  347. [12:20:01] <Giantree> #2 looks right
  348. [12:20:13] <Giantree> i remember it having more es than it should have though
  349. [12:20:17] <Giantree> whatevs
  350. [12:20:23] <Giantree> don't care enough to look it up
  352. [13:33:16] <Giantree> I also had a dream where I linked it to you and got ignored so pardon me while I defy fate for a second
  353. [13:33:41] <Giantree> This shit ain't on the tubes though, I checked to see if somebody put it up so I could preview and make sure it wasn't one of the earlier albums?
  354. [13:33:43] <ThatRockGuy> hahaha
  355. [13:33:44] <Giantree> but found jack shit
  356. [13:33:51] <Giantree> so oh oven's done hold
  357. [13:34:52] <Giantree> dude the universe does everything in its power to make my prophetic dreams come true
  358. [13:37:53] <ThatRockGuy> going to ignore this
  359. [13:38:00] <Giantree> nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  360. [13:38:16] <Giantree> man actually in the dream it wasn't really this, it was some dfo arrange album
  361. [13:38:24] <Giantree> and when it got ignored i went on to play dfo
  362. [13:38:37] <ThatRockGuy> hahaha
  363. [13:38:40] <ThatRockGuy> which isn't happening
  364. [13:38:40] <Giantree> apparently there was a patch (in the dream duh) where battlemage got a move exactly like pinky ostrich's flame arrow in battle circuit
  365. [13:38:41] <ThatRockGuy> ever
  366. [13:39:10] <Giantree> and i just spent entire dungeon runs experimenting with weird angles and aiming it in funny ways so that i could snipe mobs from across the screen
  367. [13:39:12] <Giantree> as a melee class
  368. [13:39:21] <Giantree> and then i woke up and didn't understand what the fuck
  370. July 5, 2015
  371. [21:39:36] <Giantree> oh shit speaking of dreams
  372. [21:39:42] <Giantree> i didn't tell you about the one i had yesterday did i
  373. [21:39:49] <Giantree> it was about the normies
  374. [21:40:03] <Giantree> in it, i was working in the same place with the same guys
  375. [21:40:06] <Giantree> but not for the same reason
  376. [21:40:12] <Giantree> because i was forced to work there
  377. [21:40:23] <Giantree> and unbeknownst to myself i was also possessed by a demon
  378. [21:40:33] <Giantree> and all the other employees there were actually professional exorcists
  379. [21:40:41] <Giantree> hired to watch me and make sure the demon doesn't get out
  380. [21:40:53] <Giantree> and it was just wacky shenanigans
  381. [21:41:13] <Giantree> eventually some customer didn't have a sense of right and wrong and dumped a cursed sword in a bustub
  382. [21:41:17] <Giantree> or on their table or something
  383. [21:41:21] <Giantree> somehow it ended up in the tub
  384. [21:41:25] <Giantree> and i grabbed it and the demon woke up
  385. [21:41:27] <Giantree> then i also woke up
  386. [21:41:36] <Giantree> i told that story to them because it was hilarious
  387. [21:41:45] <Giantree> and the redneck super religious guy got mad as fuck and SUPER SRS
  388. [21:41:54] <Giantree> and tried to corner me and tell me that i should call a priest
  389. [21:41:57] <Giantree> jesus christ
  390. [21:41:59] <Giantree> (literally)
  391. [21:42:13] <Giantree> my subconscious has really been trying hard lately though
  392. [21:42:14] <Giantree> love it
  393. [21:44:35] <@SumDumD00d> that's a weird one
  394. [21:45:52] <Giantree> yeah they're all weird
  395. [21:46:01] <Giantree> but everything about a believable event always happens
  396. [21:46:08] <Giantree> eventually i'm going to have a dream about the apocalypse
  397. [21:46:11] <Giantree> and i'm just going to wake up
  398. [21:46:16] <Giantree> and be like "fuck"
  399. [21:46:29] <Giantree> rip earth
  401. July 6, 2015
  402. [16:57:11] <Giantree> today i had a prophetic dream about having a prophetic dream
  403. [16:57:14] <Giantree> fucking subconscious
  405. July 7, 2015
  406. [16:43:36] <Giantree> man I think I just had a prophetic dream abou tthat guy because I confused his name with the name of a dude on soundcloud who does PSO-inspired music
  407. [16:43:40] <Giantree> and couldn't remember which was which
  408. [16:44:48] <Giantree> ok the other guy is 'Klavistr'
  409. [16:44:51] <Giantree> how the fuck do i confuse those
  411. [22:42:23] <Bigwood> I had a prophetic dream about a name and could only vaguely remember what it was, so I used something I thought sounded similar and it wasn't taken
  412. [22:42:25] <Bigwood> weird shit
  414. July 30, 2015
  415. [11:06:49] <Giantree> i had a power outage so bad that i immediately went back to sleep and had a dream about having a power outage
  416. [11:08:29] <Giantree> specifically, it took place over hours where all the power was out and even my phone turned itself off, so i just huddled and waited the entire time (in the dream)
  417. [11:08:40] <Giantree> until my parents came home and told me "you know, you can just turn your phone on"
  418. [11:08:47] <Giantree> and then i was woken up by getting a text on my phone
  419. [11:09:00] <Giantree> it was my mother telling me that the power went out
  420. [11:09:04] <Giantree> 8real10me
  422. [19:52:51] <Niina> did i tell tale
  423. [19:52:55] <Niina> that i had the WACKEST-ASS dream
  424. [19:52:58] <Niina> well
  425. [19:53:01] <Niina> ok not as wack as usual
  426. [19:53:03] <@SumDumD00d> me2
  427. [19:53:04] <Niina> but, like
  428. [19:53:07] <Niina> ok me first
  429. [19:53:10] <Niina> there was a power outage
  430. [19:53:10] <@SumDumD00d> yeah you go
  431. [19:53:21] <Niina> and i woke up and struggled to get back to sleep
  432. [19:53:31] <Niina> but when i did, i immediately had a dream about a power outage
  433. [19:53:37] <Niina> everything was exactly the same
  434. [19:53:39] <@SumDumD00d> more like nightmare
  435. [19:53:43] <Niina> exccept my phone also stopped working
  436. [19:53:46] <Niina> it turned itself off
  437. [19:53:50] <Niina> and i was scared as fuck
  438. [19:53:54] <Niina> because i couldn't even see what time it was
  439. [19:53:59] <Niina> so i sat in my bed for like 3 hours in the dark
  440. [19:54:07] <Niina> until my parents came home
  441. [19:54:14] <Niina> and they were like "you know you could just turn your phone on, right"
  442. [19:54:22] <Niina> and then i immediately woke up due to getting a text
  443. [19:54:23] <@SumDumD00d> how can you when you can't see it
  444. [19:54:24] <Niina> on my phone
  445. [19:54:27] <Niina> from my mother
  446. [19:54:32] <Niina> telling me that the power went out
  447. [19:54:40] <Niina> shit was surreal
  448. [19:54:46] <Niina> iunno though eyes adjust i guess
  450. August 22, 2015
  451. [13:25:48] <Giantree> ok i confess i actually just had a dream about fried chicken i think
  452. [13:26:09] <Giantree> i ALSO had a dream about being attacked by rats, and then woke up to find out there were rats nesting in my car?
  453. [13:26:15] <Giantree> the prophetichood is genuine
  455. September 3, 2015
  456. [04:18:23] <Soft> i still remember
  457. [04:18:26] <Soft> the dream i had
  458. [04:18:28] <Soft> VIVIDLY
  459. [04:18:35] <Soft> meaning i might as well taletell about it
  460. [04:18:41] <@SumDumD00d> ok
  461. [04:18:53] <Soft> also i'm actually understanding all this dialogue
  462. [04:18:56] <Soft> so instead of paying attention to it
  463. [04:18:58] <Soft> yeah what i said
  464. [04:19:02] <Soft> so
  465. [04:19:05] <Soft> it is also
  466. [04:19:08] <Soft> about /v/ posts
  467. [04:19:11] <Soft> and i THINK
  468. [04:19:15] <Soft> it was told through /v/
  469. [04:19:31] <Soft> like i remember a lot of video
  470. [04:19:38] <Soft> but the video was playing in the background
  471. [04:19:41] <Soft> while posts were like
  472. [04:19:44] <Soft> read aloud?
  473. [04:19:51] <Soft> so it was like posts with webms in every post
  474. [04:19:54] <@SumDumD00d> weird
  475. [04:19:58] <Soft> even though i wasn't reading the actual posts
  476. [04:20:06] <Soft> i've had so many 4chan dreams that i'm p. sure this is common
  477. [04:20:27] <Soft> anyway you know how grand theft auto is notorious for its cheat codes and like, apparnelty still does them or something right?
  478. [04:20:37] <Soft> in my dream
  479. [04:20:43] <Soft> kingdom hearts was instead that series
  480. [04:21:22] <Soft> and not for reasons like "it's funny" or whatever, but because the cheat codes gave you secret moves like airdashes and made the games easier to play for bads
  481. [04:21:28] <Soft> and the games were already easy
  482. [04:21:31] <Soft> so
  483. [04:21:36] <Soft> squenix released a new one
  484. [04:21:39] <Soft> that had no cheat codes
  485. [04:21:52] <Soft> and all of /v/ was RAVING about how they weren't going to play it
  486. [04:22:03] <Soft> because they couldn't use [code]
  487. [04:22:11] <Soft> all of which were named
  488. [04:22:26] <Soft> 'A+CC' was one that gave you infinite airdashes
  489. [04:22:32] <Soft> what thefuck brain
  490. [04:22:35] <Soft> CC is from tales
  491. [04:22:43] <Soft> good music
  492. [04:22:51] <Soft> my subconscious just does not know what it's doing
  493. [04:23:06] <Soft> and i mean
  494. [04:23:12] <Soft> there was typical invincibility & shit too
  495. [04:23:18] <Soft> and /v/ was defending themselves using it
  496. [04:23:39] <@SumDumD00d> i would take infinite air dashes
  497. [04:23:41] <Soft> saying shit like "these games are so bad so it's ok if i don't play it normally"
  498. [04:23:49] <Soft> yeah it looked
  499. [04:23:52] <Soft> fucking batshit too
  500. [04:23:58] <Soft> like uh
  501. [04:24:10] <Soft> MAN hold on lemme see how long it takes to dig up this img
  502. [04:24:56] <@SumDumD00d> hi new show
  503. [04:25:02] <Soft> yee
  504. [04:25:15] <@SumDumD00d> whjy did you go black
  505. [04:26:07] <@SumDumD00d> eggtchis
  506. [04:26:29] <Soft> ok
  507. [04:26:32] <Soft> so
  508. [04:26:40] <Soft> i assume you know what sora from kh looks like
  509. [04:26:42] <Soft> in my dream
  510. [04:26:45] <Soft>
  511. [04:26:48] <Soft> the bottom left one
  512. [04:26:53] <Soft> was his face
  513. [04:26:55] <Soft> like
  514. [04:26:58] <@SumDumD00d> ok
  515. [04:26:59] <Soft> he had the portrait
  516. [04:27:02] <Soft> but looked like a combination of that
  517. [04:27:05] <@SumDumD00d> good
  518. [04:27:06] <@SumDumD00d> also
  519. [04:27:06] <Soft> and deku scrub
  520. [04:27:08] <@SumDumD00d> if i had to guess
  521. [04:27:10] <@SumDumD00d> who sora is
  522. [04:27:13] <@SumDumD00d> it's
  523. [04:27:13] <Soft> mc
  524. [04:27:15] <@SumDumD00d> brown hair
  525. [04:27:17] <Soft> yes
  526. [04:27:20] <@SumDumD00d> yeah
  527. [04:27:26] <Soft> it was
  528. [04:27:30] <Soft> fucking surreal looking
  529. [04:27:42] <Soft> but in my dream's canon there was a game where they changed the designs so much
  530. [04:27:46] <Soft> that he looked like that
  531. [04:27:49] <Soft> and the fan reaction
  532. [04:27:58] <Soft> was "the same as to toon link when ww first came out"
  533. [04:28:02] <@SumDumD00d> lol
  534. [04:28:20] <Soft> yeah i don't know WHAT my subconscious was trying to tell me with all that
  535. [04:28:23] <Soft> except "/v/ is retard"
  537. September 12, 2015
  538. [23:43:36] <Giantree> maungh i just had a dream where wow got popular again and it became SO popular that the universe as a whole basically unanimously decided that people liked wow more than real life, so they used technology to make parts of the world (including roads that people drive through every day) into literal copypastes of wow instances, with all the mobs and bosses and everything
  539. [23:44:40] <Giantree> only my subconscious knows nothing about wow so it just amalgamated shit from other mmos and the instance i had to drive through every day had dragons in it that turned into black holes every time they died and if you didn't keep running sanic fast after you killed them you'd get sucked in and die
  540. [23:44:51] <Giantree> what the fuck subconscious
  542. September 13, 2015
  543. [13:26:27] <Giantree> i had a dream
  544. [13:26:34] <Giantree> where i was playing dragon's dogma online
  545. [13:26:41] <Giantree> because it's pop and new and lets you play a loli i guess
  546. [13:26:45] <Giantree> but in it,
  547. [13:26:50] <Giantree> the event from that /vr/ post occurred
  548. [13:27:10] <Giantree> and my wacky dysfunctional group of mmo guys happened to be in that town when the wherewoofs attacked
  549. [13:27:18] <Giantree> but instead of being with them we were defending the villagers
  550. [13:27:25] <Giantree> it was v. strange
  551. [13:27:29] <Giantree> but also interestfun
  552. [13:27:49] <Giantree> i know my group was really weird too, all i remember about them is that one of them was like a GM or something and his character was a shirtless old guy
  553. [13:27:59] <Giantree> and he followed around for shiggles but didn't give a fuck about everything
  554. [13:28:06] <Giantree> -everything +anything
  555. [13:47:21] <@SumDumD00d> goof dream yo
  556. [13:47:25] <@SumDumD00d> you did i mean
  557. [13:47:27] <@SumDumD00d> none from me
  558. [13:57:04] <Giantree> yoooo i just took a shower and instead of forgetting shit i remembered MORE of it
  559. [13:57:16] <Giantree> i'm going to drop it here and then maybe make a dream diary .txt or something later because what the fuck
  560. [13:57:28] <Giantree> ok so
  561. [13:57:31] <Giantree> apparently
  562. [13:57:39] <Giantree> the mmo was ALSO tabletop nerd shit
  563. [13:57:45] <Giantree> and it was actually mormon cowboy paladins
  564. [13:57:54] <Giantree> which i keep whining about wanting to play but nobody wants to
  565. [13:58:25] <Giantree> ok good there's an img of him with the funny beard
  566. [13:58:26] <Giantree> so
  567. [13:58:27] <Giantree> my GM
  568. [13:58:33] <Giantree> was the creator of mormon cowboy paladins
  569. [13:58:34] <Giantree>
  570. [13:58:35] <Giantree> this guy
  571. [13:58:50] <Giantree> and the shirtless old man was his GMPC
  572. [13:59:02] <Giantree> who my subconscious interpreted as looking exactly like him, but just without a shirt
  573. [13:59:13] <Giantree> and instead of helping he laughed at everything
  574. [13:59:37] <Giantree> the reason i remember it was mormon cowboy paladins was because i remembered one line where i roleplayed mormonism
  575. [13:59:49] <Giantree> some dude was being an argumentative asshole
  576. [14:00:01] <Giantree> so i whispered "lord forgive me" and yelled "FUCK YOU"
  577. [14:00:04] <Giantree> and then turned to the GM
  578. [14:00:06] <Giantree> and said
  579. [14:00:09] <Giantree> "I shoot him in the head"
  580. [14:00:22] <Giantree> to which he responds "you don't want to shoot him in the head"
  581. [14:00:34] <Giantree> and i was like "yeah you're right i don't i shoot him in the leg or something, i just want him to shut up"
  582. [14:00:46] <Giantree> and then it stopped being in real mode and went to game mode 100% of the time
  583. [14:00:59] <Giantree> and the rest of the dream i wasn't aware that i was playing a tabletop game and thought it was an mmo instead?
  584. [14:01:00] <Giantree> which
  585. [14:01:01] <Giantree> i guess
  586. [14:01:06] <Giantree> means i was playing as a cowboy in the mmo too
  587. [14:01:12] <Giantree> what the flying fuck, subconscious
  588. [14:01:18] <Giantree> at least it had fun i guess
  589. [14:04:10] <Giantree> better pic of him
  590. [14:04:48] <Giantree> i think the reason that happened was because i watched actual play vids of him, the creator, running a session of mormon cowboy paladins, and he was actually a dickass dm
  591. [14:04:52] <Giantree> in a hilarious sort of way
  593. October 1, 2015
  594. [02:07:34] <Giantree> ok i just woke up from a dream
  595. [02:07:40] <Giantree> and it was strange enough
  596. [02:07:45] <Giantree> that i need to come in here and share it
  597. [02:07:50] <Giantree> it took place in the future
  598. [02:07:52] <Giantree> as in
  599. [02:07:55] <Giantree> hours into the future
  600. [02:07:56] <Giantree> today
  601. [02:08:02] <Giantree> as we had just watched shows
  602. [02:08:07] <Giantree> suddenly limey starts talking
  603. [02:08:13] <Giantree> and we realize he'd been here the whole time
  604. [02:08:20] <Giantree> but completely silent until then
  605. [02:08:31] <Giantree> so i ask if he was practicing for puripara
  606. [02:08:36] <Giantree> and he goes "oh i already watched it"
  607. [02:08:43] <Giantree> and starts linking screenshots
  608. [02:08:52] <Giantree> however,
  609. [02:08:59] <Giantree> the screenshots all have subs on them
  610. [02:09:02] <Giantree> every one
  611. [02:09:10] <Giantree> and once he posts a bunch it's obvious
  612. [02:09:15] <Giantree> that they're all of the LAST episode
  613. [02:09:37] <Giantree> apparently the punchline was that he didn't realize it wasn't new
  614. [02:09:48] <Giantree> despite having watched it twice before?
  615. [02:09:54] <Giantree> my subconscious is fucked
  616. [02:09:56] <Giantree> i don't get it
  618. October 3, 2015
  619. [19:14:54] <Giantree> yeah god eater
  620. [19:14:55] <Giantree> SUCKS
  621. [19:15:03] <Giantree> ... i think i had a dream about playing it the other day
  622. [19:15:07] <Giantree> maybe even today
  623. [19:15:07] <Giantree> weird
  625. October 6, 2015
  626. [15:51:49] <Giantree> ... man i think i dreamt about replaying time stalkers today though
  628. October 13, 2015
  629. [01:41:52] <Soft> i wanted to play an mmo with jumping puzzles
  630. [01:41:58] <Soft> not exactly sure where that urge came from
  631. [01:42:05] <Soft> i think i had a dream about it oe something?
  632. [01:42:10] <Soft> and those are ALWAYS premonitions
  633. [01:42:11] <Soft> FUCK
  635. [01:42:24] <Soft> BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS
  636. [01:42:26] <Soft> NOW THE EARTH IS FUCKED
  638. October 15, 2015
  639. [14:48:50] <Giantree> yep, had an mmo dream, go fig
  640. [14:49:12] <Giantree> i was constantly completing quests but instead of exp, the rewards were "progress time further in the waking world"
  641. [14:49:22] <Giantree> which wasn't what i wanted because i set an alarm for earlier to get up and do a thing
  642. [14:49:30] <Giantree> but the quests kept coming and i didn't have a choice to not do them
  643. [14:49:34] <Giantree> fucking awful
  644. [14:49:36] <Giantree> worst mmo design
  645. [14:49:39] <Giantree> i hope it never gets made
  647. October 17, 2015
  648. [18:33:08] <Giantree> princess puricuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  649. [18:33:16] <Giantree> i
  650. [18:33:17] <Giantree> had
  651. [18:33:18] <Giantree> a dream
  652. [18:33:19] <Giantree> about
  653. [18:33:20] <Giantree> this show
  654. [18:33:22] <Giantree> vaguely
  655. [18:33:26] <Giantree> but i can't remember anything about it
  656. [18:33:34] <Giantree> other than that it was much better than this show actually is
  657. [18:33:48] <Giantree> and at some point during i looked outside and there was a bear
  658. [18:33:50] <Giantree> pawing at the door
  659. [18:33:55] <Giantree> and nobody cared
  660. [18:33:58] <Giantree> not even the bear
  662. October 25, 2015
  663. [14:41:54] <Giantree> and FUCK i just had a dream about tumblrtale thanks to your obsessed ass
  664. [14:42:01] <Giantree> and i immediately wake up to see
  665. [14:42:05] <Giantree> fuck this gay earth
  666. [14:45:05] <Lecia> TELL ME MORE
  667. [14:45:35] <Raitaki> terrifying
  668. [14:46:46] <Giantree> uh, the graphics were just as bad but it had smooth, 60fps animations, and the bosses were lolsorandumxD shit like fighting reviewers so that they'd say the game is good
  669. [14:47:11] <Giantree> also there was a boss that vomited all over the floor and you had to clean it up
  670. [14:47:18] <Giantree> and bonetrousle was playing the whole time
  671. [14:47:25] <Giantree> my subconscious is a real piece of work
  672. [15:07:14] <Giantree> also in that dream i met with a super seekrit tabletop club that involved a lot of tracking and contacts to finally find the meeting location of
  673. [15:07:43] <Giantree> and, when i found out they were all sweaty neckbeards (of course), i was ready to expect that they were playing D&D medieval fantasy adventurer trash
  674. [15:08:14] <Giantree> but then it turned out they all showed up for the first session with little girls as their characters, whom they tried to play by talking in falsetto voices
  675. [15:08:39] <Giantree> and i changed my generic fantasy adventurer sheet at the last second while nobody was looking to be a little girl instead, and we played a slice-of-life anime
  676. [15:09:09] <Giantree> it then turned out that the meeting place was actually the restaurant i work at, albeit much bigger
  677. [15:10:10] <Giantree> so i did work the next day and slacked off instead of doing what i was supposed to, and eventually one of the servers at front goes "looking for something to do?  here," and gives me some sort of lock with a 4-number password
  678. [15:10:27] <Giantree> i was confused but eventually realized that he wanted me to try every possible combination in order to open it
  679. [15:11:13] <Giantree> so i went "fuck that" and went back into the kitchen, where filth that had accumulated on the floor merged together to turn into a monster, and then the graphics of the world got shitty and i guess it convinced itself that it was tumblrtale
  680. [15:11:33] <Giantree> i dunno why i remember that much detail but there, dream diary'd
  682. October 26, 2015
  683. [14:34:12] <Giantree> btw i had a dream about limey's secret
  684. [14:34:17] <Giantree> and it was so prophetic it felt real
  685. [14:34:51] <Giantree> in it, he revealed that he promised his parents he wouldn't watch tv again ever, so he only watches tv shows when they're not awake
  687. October 27, 2015
  688. [21:16:03] <Cille_Lund> tree ping
  689. [21:16:32] <Giantree> oiifffk cdi wanhso rarlrfeayh reanvig dreams
  690. [21:16:49] <Giantree> aliaem a is bp bad today prwsb bedaujxxe kidsa
  691. [21:16:54] <Giantree> seed what hit lookes like zaegtfetger maint
  692. [21:16:57] <Giantree> thna's hespaning soeoen i ithnfgke
  693. [21:17:02] <Giantree> yjgggggggggggh
  694. [21:17:39] <Cille_Lund> jesus christ
  695. [21:35:04] <Raitaki> a new kind of bot is born
  697. October 28, 2015
  698. [16:37:06] <Giantree> yo so i must not be addicted, because i just had a dream about confronting an interactable manifestation of addiction and i pulled away from it at the last second, telling it "fuck you i'm going to work"
  699. [16:37:32] <Giantree> which was clearly a mistake evident from the crushing despair i felt when i woke up 30 minutes before i'm supposed to leave
  700. [16:37:44] <Giantree> brb quitting my job so i have more time to grind
  702. November 8, 2015
  703. [17:39:23] <Giantree> that dream was fucking fucked, half of it was literally just my subconscious telling me to change my character's hair color in memegrind
  704. [17:39:32] <Giantree> subconscious is more addicted than i am
  706. November 17, 2015
  707. [17:48:30] <Giantree> but you reminded me of a dream i also had
  708. [17:48:47] <Giantree> where i have a box of cheez-its (I still do, they're on my desk)
  709. [17:48:51] <Giantree> and i had to give them to somebody
  710. [17:48:53] <Giantree> for some reason
  711. [17:48:55] <Giantree> and i was like
  712. [17:48:57] <Giantree> overwhelmingly sad
  713. [17:49:16] <Giantree> it wasn't out of the goodness of my heart or anything, but rather, someone was DEMANDING the cheez-its
  714. [17:49:21] <Giantree> like i was getting blackmailed for them or someshit
  715. [17:49:31] <Giantree> so i gave them every single cheez-it in the box
  716. [17:49:39] <Giantree> and i was legit surprised when i woke up and saw them still on my desk
  717. [17:49:40] <SweetPea> not the whole box?
  718. [17:49:46] <Giantree> because the feeling of them having gone away was so real
  719. [17:49:54] <Giantree> yeah nah i'm pretty sure i juse poured them out and kept the box
  720. [17:49:55] <Giantree> it was weird
  722. November 23, 2015
  723. [10:49:14] <Soft> yeah i guess i just had a dream where limey was complaining
  724. [10:49:17] <Soft> that the place he was at
  725. [10:49:20] <Soft> only had AOL
  727. November 28, 2015
  728. [12:36:56] <Giantree> i had a dream
  729. [12:36:59] <Giantree> about filters
  730. [12:37:30] <Giantree> they kept turning on when i didn't want them to
  731. [12:37:45] <Giantree> i don't think i was even playing videogames or anything
  732. [12:37:51] <Giantree> these were real life filters
  734. December 17, 2015
  735. [00:53:09] <Soft> i don't want to wake up ever
  736. [00:53:27] <Soft> even right after having a dream that was just as shitty as being awake
  737. [00:53:30] <Soft> kill all
  738. [02:07:40] <@SumDumD00d> y dat
  739. [02:07:55] <Soft> dunno just woke up and wanted to die really badly
  740. [02:08:14] <Soft> maybe had to do with dreaming about all the things that are collectively embarrassing and that i dislike
  741. [02:16:25] <Soft> oh that dream might've involved my dead friend, that could've been it
  742. [02:16:44] <Soft> not sure though, all i defs remember is that my aunt whom nobody likes was in it
  744. December 18, 2015
  745. [08:43:49] <Soft> since i've been playing a decent shitty phone game i'd been spending a lot of time in /mbgg/, and there are HARDCORE addicts to granblue fantasy in there: the grossest, browserest, pay2winnest shit there is
  746. [08:44:00] <Soft> and i had a dream for all these hours wherein i was also addicted to it
  747. [08:44:26] <Soft> now that i'm awake i'm happy to be addicted to better things, like hating myself and complaining on the internet
  749. December 20, 2015
  750. [15:08:37] <Soft> i've been having so many sexy dreams lately that they're just totally bland and i put in no effort to try to remember them anymore
  752. December 30, 2015
  753. [14:14:14] <Giantree> so i had another dream about being back in high school
  754. [14:14:43] <Giantree> this one was more fucked than they usually are, because i took all the time to enroll in a semester and get my shit together
  755. [14:14:56] <@SumDumD00d> gross
  756. [14:15:00] <Giantree> and when i showed up for class i was like "wait, i already graduated, i don't need to do this"
  757. [14:15:09] <Giantree> so i left class in the middle and went to drop out
  758. [14:15:18] <Giantree> then the dog woke me up
  759. [14:16:16] <Giantree> i think there was also some side shit like i was cursed by a ghost for borrowing an evil library book or something but i don't remember that as well
  761. January 3, 2016
  762. [20:44:17] <Giantree> ++ FUCK i just had a dream about byzzie being back
  764. January 8, 2016
  765. [04:19:27] <Soft> i had a dream about going to japan
  766. [04:19:40] <Soft> i don't remember enough details that matter besides that one
  767. [04:19:49] <Soft> but just dropping it anyway
  768. [04:19:57] <Soft> so i can ctrl+f and remember i had it i guess
  769. [04:20:16] <Soft> because of that thing i do where i talk about my dreams in irc because i'm too lazy to keep a dream diary
  770. [04:20:36] <Soft> though now they're spread out in so many logfiles i dunno where to look anymore
  771. [04:20:59] <Soft> i think i also had one where the new tales came out and it was about aliens
  772. [04:21:00] <@SumDumD00d> rip
  773. [04:21:01] <Soft> like
  774. [04:21:02] <Soft> grays
  775. [04:21:05] <@SumDumD00d> cool
  776. [04:21:21] <Soft> like there were jrpg moeblobs everywhere and then just a straight-up ayy lmao
  778. January 10, 2016
  779. [23:30:07] <Giantree> i had
  780. [23:30:10] <Giantree> a dangerous loop dream
  781. [23:30:12] <Giantree> and might again
  782. [23:30:18] <Giantree> so if i don't wake up
  783. [23:30:27] <Giantree> it's because my subconscious is going through jrpg solo routines still
  785. January 16, 2016
  786. [11:30:57] <Giantree> also i had a dream about tree of savior coming out
  787. [11:31:18] <Giantree> something important happened but it's been too many hours, lost it already
  789. January 21, 2016
  790. [18:19:51] <Giantree> fell asleep in the middle of it
  791. [18:19:54] <Giantree> and dreamed about being lonely
  792. [18:20:05] <Giantree> and then woke up going "good thing that was just a dream"
  793. [18:20:07] <Giantree> and then realized it wasn't
  795. January 28, 2016
  796. [00:18:42] <Bigwood> fuck you asswipe
  797. [00:18:48] <Bigwood> i'm having dreams about zelda puzzles now
  798. [00:18:58] <Bigwood> asspulverizingly long ones too
  799. [00:26:42] <@SumDumD00d> weirdo
  800. [00:27:23] <Bigwood> tell that to my subconscious
  801. [00:27:31] <Bigwood> i can still see it and that shit made no sense
  802. [00:29:01] <Bigwood> i think it involved enemies on patrol that you had to turn into ice or statues or something and then push/pull them onto switches, but the puzzle was one gigantic room so instead of being able to leave and come back in case you accidentally killed one you had the ability to spend rupees to buy more enemies and put them wherever
  803. [00:29:02] <Bigwood> it was dumb
  804. [00:29:32] <Bigwood> and surely my subconscious was remembering seiken densetsu 1, which is objectively the best zelda
  805. [00:30:58] <Bigwood> i could never forget that shit even if i wanted to: there's an ice spell, which can turn most enemies into snowmen which you use to move onto switches like any other object, but the ice spell itself is missable so if you don't happen to get it in time you can actually permanently lock yourself from going forward because some puzzles necessary to progress involve using it
  806. [00:31:15] <Bigwood> it fucked my first playthrough when i was a poor young 9-year-old
  807. [00:31:35] <Bigwood> not that i'm complaining really because that game was so good i'd go back and replay it anyday
  809. January 31, 2016
  810. [16:21:53] <Giantree> shit nigger i had a nostalgidream
  811. [16:22:14] <Giantree> about playing "social" mmos
  812. [16:22:23] <Giantree> and my subconscious was realizing those will never be good again
  814. February 1, 2016
  815. [18:23:50] <Giantree> but i want to mention
  816. [18:23:55] <Giantree> that i had a prophetic dream again
  817. [18:23:57] <Giantree> wherein
  818. [18:24:07] <Giantree> literally everyything i dreamt about came true or became relevant within an hour
  819. [18:24:10] <Giantree> er
  820. [18:24:15] <Giantree> ok not literally everything, -1 thing
  821. [18:24:54] <Giantree> but it started out as i got hired in another restaurant as a server(!?!?!?) where all the servers march in a line around a big circle table handing out orders
  822. [18:25:01] <Giantree> and then i came home from my first day of work
  823. [18:25:21] <Giantree> and found out the fat ginger who i haven't seen in over a year had come to my house and was on my bed
  824. [18:25:39] <Giantree> last time i saw him he was addicted to really bad, like, bottom-of-the-barrel generic phone games
  825. [18:26:29] <Giantree> but this time he was addicted to a bad phone rhythm game where he ignored all notes except for certain ones, which he pressed by stepping on some panels he brought with him that plugged into his phone?
  826. [18:26:32] <Giantree> and the whole thing
  827. [18:26:34] <Giantree> was like
  828. [18:26:44] <Giantree> i want to say AR but i guess not really
  829. [18:26:55] <Giantree> because it went full VR and suddenly we were in the middle of halo
  830. [18:26:56] <Giantree> like
  831. [18:26:57] <Giantree> the game
  832. [18:26:58] <Giantree> halo
  833. [18:27:03] <Giantree> with master chief n' shit
  834. [18:27:13] <Giantree> and i went through a door
  835. [18:27:29] <Giantree> which led to a generic fantasy kingdom
  836. [18:28:01] <Giantree> and some chick starts flying and singing and the music changes to something that was actually pretty good, was stuck in my head until a few minutes ago but i swear i haven't heard it before
  837. [18:28:11] <Giantree> and somehow i had all the memories of a jrpg protagonist
  838. [18:28:13] <@SumDumD00d> we a 1
  839. [18:28:21] <Giantree> yeah it wasn't that
  840. [18:28:22] <Giantree> fortunately
  841. [18:28:43] <Giantree> and there were a bunch of chicks that were all singing goddesses and i instantly knew the entire plot
  842. [18:28:48] <Giantree> and we were ready to go for the final battle
  843. [18:28:55] <Giantree> (that's the plot of stella glow btw)
  844. [18:29:07] <Giantree> and then suddenly i was lloyd from tales of symphonia
  845. [18:29:10] <Giantree> and then i woke up
  846. [18:29:36] <Giantree> and when i woke up i saw limey talking about garfielf, in which case i responded by telling him about the time i showed garfielf to a normie (who was the fat ginger)
  847. [18:29:44] <Giantree> go to /v/, instantly see a stella glow thread
  848. [18:29:52] <Giantree> and tales of symphonia's pc port got released today
  849. [18:30:01] <Giantree> just waiting for the call where i get hired
  850. [18:35:02] <Giantree> i was considering replaying stella and waifuing the blue moeblob this time
  851. [18:35:26] <Giantree> and in the dream i had, the blue one (albeit being a totally different character just with the same powers and shit) had the most atrociously boring backstory and bland design
  852. [18:35:38] <Giantree> surely my subconscious is trying to give me a message
  853. [18:35:39] <Giantree> end blog
  855. February 25, 2016
  856. [19:21:00] <Bigwood> FUCK DICK
  860. February 26, 2016
  861. [22:56:26] <Giantree> FUCK i'm still mad
  862. [22:56:39] <Giantree> that dream was literally just my subconscious taunting me all the way through
  863. [22:57:02] <Giantree> it may have involved spending so many hours talking with that guy about castlemania?
  864. [22:57:04] <Giantree> because
  865. [22:57:05] <Giantree> ok
  866. [22:57:07] <Giantree> f
  867. [22:57:08] <Giantree> storytime
  868. [22:57:18] <Giantree> So I was in this mall, like, a BIG mall
  869. [22:57:24] <Giantree> or maybe it was supposed to be some kind of
  870. [22:57:24] <Giantree> ...
  871. [22:57:37] <Giantree> don't wanna say "Shopping Center" because it was deifnitely (probably) indoors
  872. [22:57:57] <Giantree> but each area, as in, corridor or section of stores or whatever, had its own gimmick
  873. [22:58:32] <Giantree> i know there was something completely off-the-wall wack about the arcade (and i think the layout was designed exactly to look exactly like the arcade I first discovered jojo in many years ago (DEEPEST LORE))
  874. [22:58:44] <Giantree> but i can't remember exactly what it was
  875. [22:58:59] <Giantree> what i DO remember, though, was that there was an area that got darker the further in you went
  876. [22:59:05] <Giantree> and there was some kind of like
  877. [22:59:10] <Giantree> gang that lived there?
  878. [22:59:31] <Giantree> or maybe it was just pickpockets or someshit, but all i really remember about it was that you were really likely to get beat up if you went through there
  879. [22:59:38] <Giantree> and i had super PTSD from the first time i did it
  880. [22:59:40] <Giantree> NO
  881. [22:59:41] <Giantree> WAIT
  882. [22:59:42] <Giantree> NO
  883. [22:59:42] <Giantree> FUCK
  884. [22:59:44] <Giantree> GODDAMNIT
  885. [22:59:46] <Giantree> I KNOW WHAT IT WAS
  888. [23:00:28] <Giantree> yeah that was definitely my subconscious remembering that
  889. [23:00:41] <Giantree> because i felt the exact same spook as from that place
  890. [23:03:26] <Giantree> well SOMEHOW in the middle of a mall there was this scary as shit place that was pitch black
  891. [23:03:30] <Giantree> and took like
  892. [23:03:33] <Giantree> hours to get through
  893. [23:03:51] <Giantree> so if you were alone and it was your first time you were doomed to get spooked
  894. [23:04:02] <Giantree> but on the other side of that part of the mall
  895. [23:04:07] <Giantree> were a bunch of restaurants
  896. [23:04:13] <Giantree> and i went to one
  897. [23:04:17] <Giantree> with my parents(?????)
  898. [23:04:22] <@SumDumD00d> i like how dark can also mean nignogs
  899. [23:04:35] <Giantree> and got a bunch of - yeah could be - onion rings with candy sprinkles on them
  900. [23:04:37] <Giantree> don't ask me
  901. [23:04:45] <@SumDumD00d> lol
  902. [23:04:46] <Giantree> but the server
  903. [23:04:48] <Giantree> was korean
  904. [23:04:50] <Giantree> and he was like
  905. [23:04:56] <Giantree> bishie boyband idol looking gook dude
  906. [23:05:08] <Giantree> but we left
  907. [23:05:12] <Giantree> and i didn't turn on my phone
  908. [23:05:13] <Giantree> until like
  909. [23:05:15] <Giantree> the next day
  910. [23:05:17] <Giantree> and when i did
  911. [23:05:22] <Giantree> the language was set to korean
  912. [23:05:35] <Giantree> and the browser was open with like, the korean equivalent of facebook or something
  913. [23:05:49] <Giantree> so i instantly realized our phones got switched
  914. [23:06:00] <Giantree> they were the same model and had the same cover and everything
  915. [23:06:10] <@SumDumD00d> you dream man
  916. [23:06:11] <@SumDumD00d> your
  917. [23:06:12] <Giantree> and i set out to go return it to him
  918. [23:06:16] <Giantree> but i found out
  919. [23:06:20] <Giantree> that i had to go through the dark place
  920. [23:06:21] <Giantree> to get there
  921. [23:06:27] <Giantree> and then i woke up
  922. [23:06:31] <@SumDumD00d> dark place can also mean faggo
  923. [23:06:32] <Giantree> I THINK ACTUALLY
  924. [23:06:35] <Giantree> the thing about the dark place
  925. [23:06:40] <Giantree> was that there was some kinda fight club
  926. [23:06:46] <Giantree> and you had to win a tournament to get to pass through it
  927. [23:06:50] <Giantree> or something ridiculous like that
  928. [23:06:52] <@SumDumD00d> final fight
  929. [23:06:55] <Giantree> in the dark
  930. [23:06:58] <Giantree> yeah
  931. [23:07:16] <Giantree> this entire dream took place after my alarm went off btw
  932. [23:07:20] <Giantree> maybe even during
  933. [23:07:37] <Giantree> i think the part where i turned the alarm off might've been when i realized my phone was the gook one
  934. [23:07:48] <Giantree> and my subconscious was like "yeah you have a phone it's all the same shit, you're still asleep"
  935. [23:07:52] <Giantree> fucking subconscious
  936. [23:07:55] <Giantree> i'm setting 3 alarms tomorrow
  937. [23:08:27] <Giantree> clar: the alarm was on the phone
  938. [23:09:43] <Giantree> clar2: i mention castlemania because the gimmicky sections of the mall were done metroidvania-style with small divider rooms between each of them and they were all radically different from each other
  939. [23:09:49] <Giantree> cud b a neat idea
  940. [23:09:55] <Giantree> tfw you will never visit a mall run by dracula
  941. [23:10:10] <Giantree> with undead servants in perfectly mundane sales jobs
  943. March 1, 2016
  944. [11:35:06] <Bigwood> update: sadometer still reading approximately 99/10 sads
  945. [11:35:13] <Bigwood> still too sad to eat
  946. [11:35:25] <Bigwood> literally cannot sleep or even nap without dreams of the drama
  947. [11:35:33] <Bigwood> it's inescapable
  949. March 2, 2016
  950. [01:30:26] <Giantree> update: dreams still drams
  951. [01:31:55] <@SumDumD00d> those suck
  952. [01:32:33] <Giantree> yeah i told my subconscious to fucking cut it out
  953. [01:32:48] <Giantree> but every dreamtime it's like "is there a way that event could've gone differently?"
  954. [01:32:52] <Giantree> and the answer is always
  955. [01:32:54] <Giantree> "no"
  957. [03:16:36] <Giantree> oh wow
  958. [03:16:37] <Giantree> shit
  959. [03:16:38] <Giantree> thank you
  960. [03:16:40] <Giantree> you just
  961. [03:16:43] <Giantree> accidentally reminded me
  962. [03:16:48] <Giantree> that a section of the dream i had
  963. [03:16:50] <Giantree> wasn't about drama
  964. [03:17:01] <Giantree> i had a dream about explaining to my parents who hatsune miku was
  965. [03:17:09] <Giantree> and that i drove the official car of hatsune miku
  966. [03:17:11] <Giantree> (i do)
  967. [03:17:14] <Giantree> they didn't get it
  969. March 3, 2016
  970. [02:05:59] <Giantree> update: had a dream that finally wasn't drama
  971. [02:06:23] <Giantree> it may have been loosely connected and i immediately remembered and started cryin about it again on wakeup
  972. [02:06:30] <Giantree> but it was a few hours spent not focusing on it at least
  973. [02:07:35] <Giantree> sad level: still want to die so badly i want to go through the thing diavolo does at the end of part 5, at least that way i wouldn't have to worry about a single death being painful or appropriate enough for cursed filth such as myself
  975. [12:43:42] <Giantree> good dream
  976. [12:43:44] <Giantree> i had one
  977. [12:43:47] <Giantree> not about drama
  978. [12:43:48] <Giantree> but instead
  979. [12:43:55] <Giantree> telling me to go back to the place where the drama happened
  980. [12:44:04] <Giantree> and when i woke up i told my subconscious "fuck that"
  981. [12:44:12] <Giantree> and i'm pretty sure you know how my dream prediction ability works
  982. [12:44:15] <Giantree> so since i didn't do it
  983. [12:44:18] <Giantree> i'm now sick as fuck
  984. [12:44:30] <Giantree> throwing up n' shit & too sick to play videogames
  985. [12:47:54] <@SumDumD00d> u really puke?
  986. [12:48:52] <Giantree> i haven't actually thrown up yet
  987. [12:48:55] <Giantree> but i defs feel
  988. [12:48:56] <Giantree> sluggish
  989. [12:48:59] <Giantree> and stomachpain
  990. [12:49:04] <Giantree> because that's the rule
  991. [12:49:12] <Giantree> if i have a prophetic dream and intentionally go against it
  992. [12:49:14] <Giantree> i get sick
  994. March 20, 2016
  995. [19:04:21] <Bigwood> i just had a dream about the day pokkén came out and my cousin called me over to play it because he won it from a contest or ordered it and forgot he did or something
  996. [19:04:33] <Bigwood> so i did, and i played as fubukihime
  997. [19:04:40] <Bigwood> and didn't notice anything strange about that until just now
  998. [19:04:45] <@SumDumD00d> the grill
  999. [19:04:47] <@SumDumD00d> of ur dreams
  1000. [19:04:54] <Bigwood> S P O O K Y
  1001. [19:05:01] <Bigwood> (also literally a spook)
  1003. March 28, 2016
  1004. [14:47:44] <Bigwood> i just had a dream about playing soul calibur
  1005. [14:47:51] <Bigwood> meaning i guess i need to play soul calibur
  1006. [14:47:52] <Bigwood> soon
  1008. April 8, 2016
  1009. [15:56:42] <Giantree> in exchange, i had a HARDCORE EXTREME MASSIVE dream and forgot all of it
  1010. [15:58:09] <Giantree> actually i remember part of it, i was at a school and part of a class
  1011. [15:58:41] <Giantree> it must've been high school because it was the 7th hour and we were clearly just waiting to be able to go home instead of there actually being any kind of class
  1012. [15:58:59] <Giantree> and so the teacher(?) brought in a tv and started playing tales of phantasia
  1013. [16:00:19] <Giantree> which was very different from actual tales of phantasia because a) there was a part that involved piloting giant robots and b) the design was intentionally confusing and had shit like you have to go to a certain room in a dungeon way earlier in the game you'd already been to to trigger a cutscene with no hints ingame, and THEN go back to where you're supposed to be to trigger another cutscene
  1014. [16:00:30] <Giantree> he only figured it out because one of the students was reading from a FAQ
  1015. [16:00:47] <Giantree> he got to the part supposedly right before dhaos' castle and then i woke up
  1016. [16:01:22] <Ellamae> Tales of Phantasia: Master Quest
  1017. [16:02:13] <Giantree> yeah
  1019. April 9, 2016
  1020. [20:36:23] <Giantree> i had a dream about you
  1021. [20:36:33] <Raitaki> 1,1l-lewd
  1022. [20:36:42] <Giantree> yeah it was a wet dream and we had lots of sex
  1023. [20:36:45] <Giantree> no
  1024. [20:36:46] <Giantree> actually
  1025. [20:37:36] <Giantree> Apparently you (as in shuku) moved down here?  and we met in person, but for some reason you looked just like one of my childhood friends
  1026. [20:37:49] <Giantree> but my subconscious was convinced that it was actually a weirdo named genshuku that i met online
  1027. [20:38:16] <Giantree> and we went to see a movie, where some sort of drama or something happened, i think it involved a street gang and we got into brawls that looked like something out of an 80s action movie
  1028. [20:38:20] <Giantree> but i don't remember anything about that part
  1029. [20:38:27] <Raitaki> w
  1030. [20:38:29] <Giantree> other than "something happened"
  1031. [20:38:34] <Giantree> what i do remember though
  1032. [20:39:00] <Giantree> is that you were staying at a hotel or with a relative or some shit and still talked to me online, and apparently within a few days you already made a bunch of friends
  1033. [20:39:06] <Giantree> which is ???????? but ~giantree's subconscious~
  1034. [20:39:24] <Giantree> and you got so close to these guys already that you decided to run nerd shit for them
  1035. [20:39:27] <Giantree> and it was going to be
  1036. [20:39:29] <Raitaki> shooks the closet riajuu
  1037. [20:39:34] <Giantree> this new homebrew system that was just released
  1038. [20:39:39] <Raitaki> ...shooks the closet nerd riajuu?
  1039. [20:39:40] <Giantree> pause
  1040. [20:39:44] <Giantree> i will now ask you
  1041. [20:39:47] <Ellamae> ok
  1042. [20:39:47] <Giantree> to guess what this system was about
  1043. [20:39:48] <Giantree> go on
  1044. [20:39:50] <Giantree> just guess
  1045. [20:39:54] <Giantree> j u s t  g u e s s
  1046. [20:39:56] <Giantree> give it your best shot
  1047. [20:40:00] <Ellamae> 7-Drag?
  1048. [20:40:06] <Giantree> IF ONLY
  1049. [20:40:07] <Raitaki> 108 little (shuku)girls doing a tournament arc
  1050. [20:40:12] <Giantree> he's much closer
  1051. [20:40:19] <Giantree> It was about...
  1052. [20:40:25] <Ellamae> there's already a DBZ homebrew
  1053. [20:40:26] <Giantree> Zombie idol schoolgirls
  1054. [20:40:30] <Ellamae> um
  1055. [20:40:35] <Giantree> "um" is the correct response
  1056. [20:40:40] <Raitaki> are the zombies the idols
  1057. [20:40:42] <Raitaki> or the audience
  1058. [20:40:43] <Raitaki> or both
  1059. [20:40:50] <Giantree> probably both
  1060. [20:40:59] <Giantree> yeah it was about
  1061. [20:41:06] <Raitaki> 1,1idol-live
  1062. [20:41:10] <Giantree> schoolgirls who are idols just like the idolshit animu i watch
  1063. [20:41:15] <Giantree> however
  1064. [20:41:20] <Giantree> this was also fused with nechronica
  1065. [20:41:24] <Ellamae>
  1066. [20:41:34] <Giantree> and they were separated into categories with goofy-sounding names just like the aforementioned
  1067. [20:41:39] <Raitaki> w
  1068. [20:41:41] <Giantree> yeah nice
  1069. [20:41:57] <Ellamae> yeah at the least I'm aware that there's a game with zombie maid as as class
  1070. [20:41:58] <Giantree> so you posted a pdf for that and talked about how one category was obviously the best one
  1071. [20:42:01] <Giantree> and i looked at it
  1072. [20:42:08] <Giantree> i can't remember what its name was but
  1073. [20:42:13] <Ellamae> and I was wrong?
  1074. [20:42:14] <Giantree> it was the most generic schoolgirl looking one
  1075. [20:42:16] <Giantree> like love live shit
  1076. [20:42:18] <Giantree> yeah very
  1077. [20:42:18] <Raitaki> rip
  1078. [20:42:22] <Giantree> and i responded
  1079. [20:42:25] <Giantree> by pointing out the class above it
  1080. [20:42:29] <Giantree> which was named 'Samsara'
  1081. [20:42:43] <Giantree> and it had pictures of characters wearing the Aikatsu! uniform
  1082. [20:42:49] <Giantree> (the starlight academy one specifically)
  1083. [20:43:04] <Giantree> and its description was that they were gloomy and like, emo singers
  1084. [20:43:22] <Raitaki> 1,1autism
  1085. [20:43:34] <Giantree> and i was like "whatever man samsara is objectively the best"
  1086. [20:43:34] <Ellamae> pls
  1087. [20:43:57] <Giantree> and i was planning to play it cool and just be like good luck enjoy your group and have no interest in myself
  1088. [20:44:08] <Giantree> but i wanted to play a samsara so bad that i burst in and forcibly joined anyway
  1089. [20:44:10] <Giantree> and then i woke up
  1090. [20:44:28] <Ellamae> Huh.
  1091. [20:44:33] <Giantree> there was also a point somewhere in there where i was like... watching or reading a replay of someone playing that system?
  1092. [20:44:35] <Raitaki> amaze
  1093. [20:44:38] <Giantree> and the PCs were like
  1094. [20:44:42] <Giantree> not idol schoolgirls at all
  1095. [20:44:51] <Raitaki> idol school1,1teachers
  1096. [20:44:55] <Giantree> but rather just a middle-aged zombie dude playing a guitar
  1097. [20:45:03] <Raitaki> rip
  1098. [20:45:03] <Giantree> and turning every place into a mosh pit
  1099. [20:45:11] <Giantree> i didn't realize it until i woke up
  1100. [20:45:15] <Giantree> but i think that was supposed to be sluggo
  1101. [20:45:23] <Ellamae> YEAH I was gonna say
  1102. [20:45:32] <Raitaki> lmao
  1103. [20:45:39] <Giantree> man though zombie idol schoolgirls
  1104. [20:45:40] <Giantree> what the fuck
  1106. April 11, 2016
  1107. [01:07:42] <Giantree> which reminds me, i actually had a dream about getting hired at a videogame store
  1108. [01:07:54] <Raitaki> IS on the order of magnitude of me noticing content restoration patches being a thing and waiting for those to finish before jumping in, though
  1109. [01:08:01] <Raitaki> kek
  1110. [01:08:15] <Giantree> it was a long saga that i vividly remember every second of and it was weird as FUCK, because it wasn't one of those "alt-universe dreams where everything is different"
  1111. [01:08:31] <Raitaki> :3c
  1112. [01:08:37] <Giantree> but rather, literally everything was the same as non-dreamland except for the location it took place in (the store)
  1113. [01:09:09] <Giantree> So I was still running this nerd shit campaign, and still lived in the same place, but there was this place an hour's drive away that happened to be a videogame store
  1114. [01:09:16] <Giantree> and for whatever reason it was located inside a CASTLE
  1115. [01:09:22] <Giantree> i'm not even gonna question that one
  1116. [01:09:28] <Raitaki> nice
  1117. [01:09:40] <Raitaki> (sounds like a las vegas gimmick mall)
  1118. [01:09:50] <Giantree> But, they sold tabletop stuff and the like too, and nobody who worked there actually had vidya knowledge
  1119. [01:09:56] <Giantree> like of the history behind their products and such
  1120. [01:10:09] <Giantree> so that's what they hired me for, which i imagine was my subconscious getting REALLY desperate
  1121. [01:10:14] <Giantree> but fuck you subconscious that doesn't actually happen
  1122. [01:10:21] <Giantree> the store itself actually had like
  1123. [01:10:23] <Raitaki> ""
  1124. [01:10:23] <Giantree> fucking nothing though
  1125. [01:10:28] <Raitaki> rip
  1126. [01:10:38] <Giantree> like there were maybe 5 or 6 gameboy games
  1127. [01:10:40] <Giantree> original gameboy
  1128. [01:10:43] <Giantree> a few psx or something
  1129. [01:10:47] <Giantree> and like, that was all they were selling
  1130. [01:10:53] <Raitaki> wau
  1131. [01:10:53] <Giantree> so there was no way that they could ever make money
  1132. [01:11:03] <Giantree> the real gimmick of the store was that all of them were autistic speedrunners
  1133. [01:11:11] <Raitaki> w-wau
  1134. [01:11:18] <Giantree> and when there were no customers (which was all the time because they were located in the middle of fucking nowhere) they had a room in the back
  1135. [01:11:24] <Giantree> where they would practice speedruns
  1136. [01:11:31] <Giantree> and then they would complete good runs and upload videos
  1137. [01:11:43] <Giantree> so when they hired me they told me i should start speedrunning too
  1138. [01:11:48] <Giantree> and told me to speedrun tomb raider
  1139. [01:11:49] <Giantree> so i did
  1140. [01:11:58] <Raitaki> kek
  1141. [01:12:05] <Giantree> and that's when things diverge because i knew tomb raider from my childhood
  1142. [01:12:10] <Giantree> and this one was nothing like actual tomb raider
  1143. [01:12:22] <Giantree> i was going a "sprint-only" run where you never walk or stop moving
  1144. [01:12:30] <Giantree> which was pretty 'wat'
  1145. [01:12:42] <Giantree> and i also remember that i told them that i wanted thursday nights off
  1146. [01:12:46] <Giantree> but
  1147. [01:12:50] <Giantree> that was pretty much it
  1149. [21:51:59] <Giantree> everyone i know is so obsessed with it
  1150. [21:52:16] <Giantree> that i just had a dream where dark souls 3 was some kind of virus or disease or something
  1151. [21:52:17] <Giantree> like
  1152. [21:52:19] <Giantree> a physical one
  1153. [21:52:22] <Giantree> not a computer one
  1154. [21:52:37] <Giantree> so i had to fight it like trauma center because i got infected due to not playing it
  1156. April 13, 2016
  1157. [01:46:16] <Giantree> so i had a dream
  1158. [01:46:20] <Giantree> where i was a kirby
  1159. [01:46:27] <Giantree> and there was another kirby guarding a giant robot
  1160. [01:46:30] <Giantree> so i kicked his ass
  1161. [01:46:35] <Giantree> and got in the giant robot
  1162. [01:46:44] <Giantree> and then used the giant robot to beat up the metaphorical concept of my illness
  1163. [01:46:50] <Giantree> and then immediately woke up feeling less sick
  1165. April 21, 2016
  1166. [08:42:29] <Giantree> FUCK
  1167. [08:42:38] <Giantree> no i actually
  1168. [08:42:46] <Giantree> forcefully fell back to sleep
  1169. [08:42:53] <Giantree> and then immediately had a dream about coming back and watching
  1170. [08:43:01] <Giantree> and didn't realize it didn't actually happen until just now when i woke up
  1172. April 29, 2016
  1173. [23:03:54] <Giantree> by the way i abruptly had a dream about big momma's house like a week ago
  1174. [23:04:02] <Giantree> i still don't understand what the fuck my subconscious was trying to tell me
  1176. May 2, 2016
  1177. [21:11:04] <@SumDumD00d> ty at 10:45 btw
  1178. [21:11:11] <Giantree> not :15?
  1179. [21:11:40] <@SumDumD00d> :45
  1180. [21:12:23] <Giantree> weird
  1181. [21:12:27] <Giantree> why was i thinking it was :15
  1182. [22:15:49] <@SumDumD00d> 30 minos
  1183. [22:15:53] <@SumDumD00d> dunno why btw
  1184. [22:16:11] <Giantree> i do, i was just waiting for you to respond so i could explain it
  1185. [22:16:17] <Giantree> i had a dream where i was using the tv remote
  1186. [22:16:19] <Giantree> to watch the
  1187. [22:16:20] <Giantree> tyson show
  1188. [22:16:25] <Giantree> and it was on at 10:15
  1189. [22:16:58] <@SumDumD00d> o
  1190. [22:17:01] <@SumDumD00d> good reason
  1191. [22:17:12] <@SumDumD00d> dreams can fuck you up man
  1193. May 6, 2016
  1194. [07:46:11] <Giantree> PENIS
  1195. [07:46:26] <Giantree> i turned off my alarms and immediately had a dream about waking up
  1196. [07:46:33] <Giantree> and then woke up hours later and realized i didn't actually
  1198. May 7, 2016
  1199. [18:31:46] <Giantree> I JUST HAD A DREAM
  1200. [18:31:50] <Giantree> ABOUT FAILING A TEST
  1201. [18:31:56] <Giantree> IN SCHOOL
  1203. May 14, 2016
  1204. [09:41:07] <Giantree> btw i had a dream where i needed help with something in this campaign
  1205. [09:41:10] <Giantree> so i asked /u/ for help
  1206. [09:41:15] <Giantree> and they provided
  1207. [09:41:16] <Giantree> gloriously
  1208. [09:41:36] <Giantree> i don't remember the exact details of what they did, but considering the context of it being /u/ i can sort of guess at it
  1210. May 17, 2016
  1212. [11:46:11] <Giantree> i had 5 dreams in a row where i woke up and said that
  1213. [11:46:15] <Giantree> so here's another one
  1215. [11:59:38] <Giantree> OH FUCK
  1216. [11:59:42] <Giantree> BLENDY YOU JUST REMINDED ME
  1217. [11:59:48] <Giantree> OF THE DREAM I HAD AND ALMOST FORGOT
  1218. [11:59:53] <Giantree> ma n fuck
  1219. [12:00:12] <Giantree> i had a dream that SaGa scarlet grace came out, and one of the characters in it was named 'Darceline'
  1220. [12:00:17] <Giantree> and i was going to tell darcius about it
  1221. [12:00:19] <Giantree> but then i woke up
  1222. [12:00:30] <Adviceowl> >Female Darcius
  1223. [12:00:33] <Giantree> yeah
  1225. [16:06:53] <Giantree> haven't heard this in a while
  1226. [16:07:04] <Giantree> it was actually stuckin my head
  1227. [16:07:06] <Giantree> during the dreams i had
  1228. [16:07:09] <Giantree> while sleeping through this
  1230. May 22, 2016
  1231. [13:17:35] <Bigwood> ok so
  1232. [13:17:42] <Bigwood> awake and actually sober now
  1233. [13:18:05] <Bigwood> and this is the one place where i can do it while not sounding like i'm trying to garner pity and instead emphasizing the weirdness of it
  1234. [13:18:12] <Bigwood> because this is the place to talk about weird shit
  1235. [13:18:15] <Bigwood> so i had a dream
  1236. [13:18:18] <Bigwood> about the doggo
  1237. [13:18:37] <Bigwood> and it wasn't a "while he was alive" one or anything, it was still after present events
  1238. [13:18:40] <Bigwood> but
  1239. [13:18:42] <Bigwood> he was a ghost
  1240. [13:18:56] <Bigwood> and apparently ghosts could only be seen by somebody who believes in ghosts
  1241. [13:19:08] <Bigwood> and once you believe in ghosts you get the full package where you can physically interact and all kinds of shit
  1242. [13:19:24] <Bigwood> so i didn't until i somehow managed to notice him once, and then started believing he was there
  1243. [13:19:34] <Bigwood> and then he actually was there, just walking around and doing ghost shit
  1244. [13:19:38] <Bigwood> being spooky as fuck
  1245. [13:20:18] <Bigwood> i think nobody else believed in the spooks though, so nobody but me could see him, and i looked like i was insane picking him up and scratching him when it looked like i was picking up and scratching nothing
  1246. [13:20:26] <Bigwood> so i guess it was some kinda message
  1247. [13:20:29] <Bigwood> end tale
  1249. May 24, 2016
  1250. [18:46:34] <Giantree> I had a dream about Trump
  1251. [18:46:36] <Giantree> you were in it
  1252. [18:46:40] <Giantree> I think aliens were involved too
  1253. [18:46:47] <Giantree> but that's pretty much all the details i can recall
  1255. June 7, 2016
  1256. [15:20:33] <Bigwood> i had a dream
  1257. [15:20:41] <Bigwood> where i was playing that casual blizzard fps you're all so addicted to
  1258. [15:20:44] <Bigwood> it was weird
  1259. [15:30:40] <Bigwood> No though, I played Mercy in the dream I had, which was ????? because she's supposed to be some kinda ugly angel thing?  But she was a moeblob nurse wielding a giant syringe in my subconscious, and yet somehow i had awareness of who it was supposed to be
  1260. [15:30:42] <Bigwood> shit was bizarro
  1262. [17:44:20] <Bigwood> hey sdd please save me from wanting to play the casual blizzard fps
  1263. [17:44:27] <Bigwood> i had a dream about it
  1264. [17:44:33] <ThatRockGuy> i slightly want to, too
  1265. [17:44:36] <Bigwood> and i also really like the healer's design
  1266. [17:44:40] <ThatRockGuy> i've watched people play it
  1267. [17:44:48] <Bigwood> and the dudes i know are really into it, and like him as well
  1268. [17:45:03] <Bigwood> but i don't like fps, or blizzard games, or casual modern flavors of the week
  1269. [17:45:19] <Bigwood> but my subconscious wants me to get involved or something
  1270. [17:45:23] <Bigwood> which feels weird man
  1272. June 14, 2016
  1273. [00:31:22] <Giantwood> whoa
  1274. [00:31:24] <Giantwood> i didn't respond?
  1275. [00:31:26] <Giantwood> i could've sworn i did
  1276. [00:31:28] <Giantwood> maybe i dreamed it
  1277. [00:31:30] <Giantwood> what the fuck
  1278. [00:31:34] <Giantwood> well in my dream, i said
  1279. [00:31:35] <Flamy> You might have.
  1280. [00:31:36] <Giantwood> "cute, would fug"
  1282. July 4, 2016
  1283. [21:41:58] <Giantree> UGH
  1284. [21:42:02] <Giantree> I JUST REMEMBERED
  1286. [21:42:08] <BlendedSolosis> undertale
  1287. [21:42:14] <Vena> terrifying
  1288. [21:42:18] <Giantree> LITERALLY
  1289. [21:42:21] <Giantree> BECAUSE IT WAS A HORROR GAME
  1291. [21:42:39] <BlendedSolosis> i like hybrid magic/muscle builds are viable
  1292. [21:42:43] <Giantree> i do too
  1293. [21:42:44] <Vena> it was just a bad dream
  1294. [21:42:49] <Giantree> alright
  1295. [21:42:50] <Vena> 1,1and you're never waking up
  1296. [21:42:58] <Giantree> telling you to kill yourself doesn't work so i'm driving up there to end you now
  1297. [21:42:59] <Giantree> be ready
  1298. [21:43:18] <Vena> yeah getting ready
  1299. [21:44:36] <Giantree> it was actually ok btw
  1300. [21:44:42] <Giantree> all the horror stuff was like
  1301. [21:44:44] <Giantree> done comically
  1302. [21:45:06] <Giantree> and it was still "uboas randomly popping out of walls and shit"
  1304. July 9, 2016
  1305. [04:49:50] <Giantree> i think all that time
  1306. [04:49:56] <Giantree> i spend having a dream about the seven heroes
  1307. [04:50:13] <Giantree> but not JUST the seven heroes
  1308. [04:50:27] <Giantree> yukikaze was there too, but not in the form of the character
  1309. [04:50:29] <Giantree> or the setting
  1310. [04:50:31] <Giantree> or anything
  1311. [04:51:25] <Giantree> because
  1312. [04:51:27] <Giantree> apparently
  1313. [04:51:49] <Giantree> in dreamworld i wasn't helping to translate an eroge, but rather, this SaGa wannabe where yeah you fight the heroes
  1314. [04:51:54] <Giantree> but the worls you fight them in
  1315. [04:51:56] <Giantree> is a fucking
  1316. [04:51:58] <Giantree> HORROR GAME
  1317. [04:52:10] <Giantree> and the gimmicks they have are even gimmickier than the actual seven heroes
  1318. [04:52:26] <Giantree> i remember one of them would attack everything to the right of it for hella damage
  1319. [04:52:46] <Giantree> and the only way to get around it is to use a specific formation that makes your dudes be on the left side of the screen with the enemies on the right
  1320. [04:52:51] <Giantree> (no JRPGs ever do this)
  1321. [04:53:10] <Giantree> that's all i remember though
  1323. July 18, 2016
  1324. [04:29:03] <Giantree> shuku fetch me the shotgun
  1325. [04:29:11] * Vena fetches tree's shotgun
  1326. [04:29:14] <Giantree> thanks
  1327. [04:29:17] <Giantree> now fire the shotgun
  1328. [04:29:54] <Giantree> for some reason i just reminded myself of a really vivid dream i had a couple days ago
  1329. [04:29:59] <Giantree> where i was playing an fps
  1330. [04:30:02] * Vena fires the shotgun at DevaliousL
  1331. [04:30:10] <DevaliousL> rip
  1332. [04:30:11] <Giantree> why the fuck would i dream about FUCK YOU HAD TO THINK ABOUT THAT ONE DIDN'T YOU
  1333. [04:30:16] <Giantree> YOU KNEW WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO
  1334. [04:30:18] * Giantree FLIPS A TABLE
  1336. July 22, 2016
  1337. [17:22:09] <Gianree> what the fcuk
  1338. [17:22:10] <Gianree> somehow
  1339. [17:22:13] <Gianree> this made me remember
  1340. [17:22:16] <Gianree> the dream i just had
  1341. [17:22:21] <Gianree> which was pretty longth
  1342. [17:22:29] <Gianree> but at some point in it
  1343. [17:22:32] <Gianree> i went to a church
  1344. [17:22:40] <Gianree> because i was hungry driving around other towns
  1345. [17:22:46] <Gianree> and thought i was going into a restaurant
  1346. [17:22:47] <Gianree> but it wasn't
  1347. [17:22:49] <Gianree> it was a church
  1348. [17:23:01] <Gianree> so i sat there through a sermon or whatever
  1349. [17:23:03] <@SumDumD00d> is this
  1350. [17:23:05] <@SumDumD00d> pre go
  1351. [17:23:06] <@SumDumD00d> or post go
  1352. [17:23:06] <Gianree> and in the middle
  1353. [17:23:08] <Gianree> idk
  1354. [17:23:12] <Gianree> there was no go in the dream
  1355. [17:23:29] <Gianree> but in the middle someone hears a squeak and one guy in the back is like
  1356. [17:23:38] <Gianree> "oh yeah i've been taking care of these mice"
  1357. [17:23:40] <Gianree> and someone's like
  1358. [17:23:43] <Gianree> "how many mice"
  1359. [17:23:56] <Gianree> and he pulls out the drawer they've been hiding in and holy horror music plays in the background
  1360. [17:23:58] <Gianree> as there's like
  1361. [17:24:01] <Gianree> tens of thousands of mice
  1362. [17:24:03] <Gianree> because they all bred
  1363. [17:24:13] <Gianree> and they overrun the place and everybody runs away
  1364. [17:24:16] <Gianree> except for me
  1365. [17:24:20] <Gianree> and i'm just kinda like
  1366. [17:24:25] <Gianree> "i'm still hungry"
  1367. [17:24:31] <Gianree> and there's a fridge in the church
  1368. [17:24:39] <Gianree> so i just take a sandwich from there and walk away
  1369. [17:24:41] <Gianree> ignoring the mice
  1370. [17:24:44] <Gianree> it was weird as shit
  1372. July 26, 2016
  1373. [07:59:44] <Gianree> i have to follow my dreams
  1374. [07:59:46] <Gianree> as in
  1375. [07:59:47] <Gianree> literally
  1376. [08:00:18] <Gianree> i had a dream where i go to a sushi place, invite my dad, and then tip with a $5 bill (while also having another $5 bill and about 4 or 5 $1s in my pocket also)
  1377. [08:00:28] <Gianree> and if i don't do exactly what my dreams predict, i get super sick
  1378. [08:00:48] <Gianree> and i already feel a headache coming on so i need to get that done today, lest spend a hella long time barfing
  1380. (later)
  1381. [04:24:07] <Gianree> did i mention in here
  1382. [04:24:11] <Gianree> the prophecy
  1383. [04:24:12] <Gianree> question mark
  1384. [04:24:21] <Gianree> where a few days ago i had a dream
  1385. [04:24:25] <Gianree> about going to eat some sushies
  1386. [04:24:29] <Gianree> and i invited my dad
  1387. [04:24:34] <Gianree> and then tipped with a $5 bill
  1388. [04:24:40] <Gianree> because i did
  1389. [04:24:46] <Gianree> and i didn't want to get sick
  1390. [04:24:51] <Gianree> so i called my dad
  1391. [04:24:52] <Gianree> and we did that
  1392. [04:24:58] <Gianree> $5 bill and everything
  1393. [04:25:07] <Gianree> we also met a hobo outside
  1394. [04:25:13] <Gianree> and i gave him the rest of my change
  1395. [04:25:18] <Gianree> because i can't hold onto money
  1396. [04:25:22] <Gianree> or else i'll want to spend it
  1398. July 28, 2016
  1399. [11:40:25] <Gianree> dreams
  1400. [11:41:06] <Gianree> actually i should probably tell the tale before i forget it, i just had a dream that was apparently so good that it needed another dream to contain it wherein i go around telling everyone how good it is
  1401. [11:41:19] <Kille_Lund> something, something, inception
  1402. [11:41:33] <Gianree> yeah, and inside that one there was another one
  1403. [11:41:38] <Gianree> good instrument choice for the flintstones btw
  1404. [11:42:45] <Gianree> Like, it was clearly inspired by pokégo in that it was about a game designed to make players work together, only i think this one was full ARG
  1405. [11:43:14] <Gianree> and it was about like... working together on some sort of scavenger hunt, but one of the players was also possessed by an alien or a god or something so you had to figure out who it was?
  1406. [11:43:56] <Gianree> and in the group i got automatically paired to work with, there was apparently some chick i had a crush on and her brother who hated me, so we had some sort of jrpg-ish dynamic going on
  1407. [11:45:00] <Gianree> uhhhhhh
  1408. [11:45:03] <Gianree> ok it's gone
  1409. [11:45:56] <Gianree> i just remember in the end we ended up playing some minigame in a physical room where we all got motion-sensitive controllers and had to play a shmup where we each only had one life and nobody knew how to play
  1410. [11:46:00] <Gianree> so tensions were HIGH
  1411. [11:48:02] <Gianree> apparently we got so close in the adventure that i ended up marrying the crush-chick and then her brother was my brother (and became a cool dude who revealed he was just nervous)
  1412. [11:48:11] <Gianree> and then i went around telling everyone that the game was the best ever
  1413. [11:48:58] <Gianree> i mean, i remember the aesthetic of the one i just had sort of resembled the final boss of drakengard
  1414. [11:49:11] <Gianree> but mainly in colors (or absence thereof) and general creepiness factor
  1416. August 1, 2016
  1417. [12:01:52] <Giantree> oh shitsticks i forgot to tell the guy that i had a dream about playing ps3 vesperia
  1418. [12:01:59] <Giantree> but he doesn't know how to scroll up, so now he'll never know
  1420. August 2, 2016
  1421. [09:51:10] <Giantree> i had a dream where i ran the final boss but forgot to have an ending
  1422. [09:51:14] <Giantree> what the fuck
  1424. August 3, 2016
  1425. [10:34:37] <Giantree> + i had a dream
  1426. [10:34:41] <Giantree> where they made pop-tarts
  1427. [10:34:48] <Giantree> with no filling
  1428. [10:35:09] <Giantree> and there were commercials on tv and whatevs advertising that you could hide shit inside them
  1429. [10:35:12] <Giantree> which was ????
  1430. [10:35:22] <Giantree> BUT WORST PART
  1431. [10:35:25] <Giantree> I OPENED THE BOX
  1432. [10:35:30] <Giantree> AND THERE WERE NO PACKAGES
  1433. [10:35:36] <Giantree> THEY WERE ALL LOOSE
  1435. [10:35:59] <Giantree> then i ate one anyway and it tasted like nothing
  1436. [10:36:02] <Giantree> and then i woke up
  1438. August 4, 2016
  1439. [13:04:21] <Giantree> i had a dream that involved trump
  1440. [13:04:22] <Giantree> somehow
  1441. [13:04:26] <Giantree> but i can't recall the details
  1442. [13:11:08] <Aqo> was he wearing sexy tights
  1443. [13:11:17] <Aqo> and you two were together on a romantic night at the beach
  1444. [13:13:14] <Giantree> no i think i voted trump and got challenged to life or death combat by a guy on the street
  1445. [13:13:16] <Giantree> or something
  1447. August 9, 2016
  1448. [02:59:40] <Giantree> ok
  1449. [02:59:42] <Giantree> i am now
  1450. [02:59:49] <Giantree> goign toquickly recite
  1451. [02:59:52] <Giantree> the dream i just had
  1452. [02:59:56] <Giantree> before i froget it
  1453. [03:00:04] <Giantree> i dreamt
  1454. [03:00:06] <Giantree> uhhhhhhh
  1455. [03:00:14] <Giantree> ok i only remember part of it
  1456. [03:00:19] <Giantree> and i was at wal-mart or something
  1457. [03:00:21] <Giantree> with my mom
  1458. [03:00:24] <Giantree> and for some reason
  1459. [03:00:31] <Giantree> there was an n64 there
  1460. [03:00:42] <Giantree> and she impulse decided she wanted kirby 64
  1461. [03:01:02] <Giantree> so she asked the clerk who said they sold for like $250
  1462. [03:01:09] <Giantree> and then she told me
  1463. [03:01:11] <Giantree> and i was like
  1464. [03:01:17] <Giantree> that's retarded let's go home and go to ebay
  1465. [03:01:24] <Giantree> and in my plan to do so
  1466. [03:01:49] <Giantree> i intended to sneakily get her to play adventure instead of 64 "because it had co-op" and olds wouldn't know the difference
  1467. [03:01:55] <Giantree> wtf subconscious
  1468. [03:02:01] <Giantree> end
  1469. [03:02:09] <@SumDumD00d> adventure had coop?
  1470. [03:02:20] <@SumDumD00d> what was dream adventure coop like
  1471. [03:02:49] <@SumDumD00d> and i guess you could say it was a nightmare in dream land xd
  1472. [03:03:13] <Giantree> wow that
  1473. [03:03:15] <Giantree> was painful
  1474. [03:03:23] <Giantree> like
  1475. [03:03:25] <Giantree> i actually
  1476. [03:03:28] <Giantree> did play it in the dream
  1477. [03:03:44] <Giantree> but i don't remember anything solid enough to give as a detail
  1478. [03:03:58] <Giantree> just a room that involved climbing a ladder or something
  1480. August 19, 2016
  1481. [04:48:49] <Giantree> i had a dream
  1482. [04:48:52] <Giantree> where i had the ability
  1483. [04:48:55] <Giantree> to cut off my balls
  1484. [04:48:59] <Giantree> and reattach themwhenever
  1485. [04:49:11] <Giantree> which i did
  1486. [04:49:14] <Giantree> frequently
  1487. [04:49:23] <Giantree> and would just carry them around in a ball bag
  1488. [04:49:44] <Giantree> but also at some point
  1489. [04:49:47] <Giantree> i discovered uh
  1490. [04:49:52] <Giantree> what are those called
  1491. [04:49:54] <Giantree> one of those
  1492. [04:49:57] <Giantree> cooling pad things
  1493. [04:50:02] <Giantree> that you hold to your forehead
  1494. [04:50:04] <Giantree> for headaches
  1495. [04:50:14] <@SumDumD00d> "cold compress"
  1496. [04:50:15] <@SumDumD00d> i think
  1497. [04:50:15] <Giantree> i used to have one that was shaped like a cartoon polar bear
  1498. [04:50:16] <Giantree> yes
  1499. [04:50:16] <Giantree> thanks
  1500. [04:50:19] <Giantree> but this one
  1501. [04:50:21] <Giantree> was wee spar
  1502. [04:50:28] <@SumDumD00d> nice
  1503. [04:50:37] <Giantree> and yeah i forgot the rest
  1504. [04:50:41] <Giantree> i don't expect
  1505. [04:50:46] <Giantree> to forget the balls for a while though
  1506. [04:53:31] <Giantree> and yeah
  1507. [04:53:35] <Giantree> the dream of today
  1508. [04:53:37] <Giantree> wasn't significant
  1509. [04:53:42] <Giantree> but i still vividly remember it
  1510. [04:53:49] <Giantree> which may have some significance
  1511. [04:54:15] <Giantree> i booted up nulldc because i wanted to play sonic adventure 2
  1512. [04:54:23] <Giantree> because i never did the extra stage* as a kid
  1513. [04:54:27] <Giantree> *there is no extra stage
  1514. [04:54:47] <Giantree> but i did and it was fun as fuck
  1515. [04:54:53] <@SumDumD00d> the game
  1516. [04:54:55] <Giantree> my subconscious making it up the whole while
  1517. [04:54:55] <@SumDumD00d> of ur dreams
  1518. [04:54:59] <Giantree> yeah
  1519. [04:55:14] <Giantree> i guess my subconscious was trying to tell me i missed 3d sanic
  1521. August 25, 2016
  1522. [14:34:43] <Giantree> WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT
  1524. [14:35:09] <Giantree> AND NEVER BEING ABLE TO MOVE AGAIN
  1525. [14:35:10] <Giantree> SCARED
  1526. [14:35:24] <SumDumD00d> weird
  1527. [14:35:30] <SumDumD00d> stop taking pills
  1528. [14:35:34] <Giantree> i did actually
  1529. [14:35:35] <Giantree> i ran out
  1530. [14:35:39] <Giantree> which is the scariest part
  1532. August 26, 2016
  1533. [02:17:13] <Giantree> i mean it's not difficult to realize, when i actually don't like someone i just don't stay in contact with them
  1534. [02:17:27] <Giantree> so anybody whom i keep around i actually enjoy the company of, regardless of how much in insuAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
  1535. [02:17:30] <Giantree> WHAT THE FUCK
  1537. [02:17:47] <Giantree> AND I REMEMBERED A DREAM I JUST HAD
  1538. [02:17:49] <SweetPea> WHAT HAPPENED.
  1539. [02:17:52] <SweetPea> TELL IT TELL IT.
  1540. [02:17:52] <Giantree> WHERE I WAS IN AN ARCANA HEART TOURNAMENT
  1541. [02:17:55] <Giantree> ?????????? WHAT THE FUCK
  1542. [02:18:01] <SweetPea> >Tree
  1543. [02:18:07] <SweetPea> >Not wanwan
  1544. [02:18:10] <SweetPea> uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  1545. [02:18:16] <Giantree> dude if there was a wanwan tourney i'd play the shit out of that
  1546. [02:18:19] <Giantree> i mean
  1547. [02:18:23] <Giantree> i do enjoy some arcana
  1548. [02:18:29] <Giantree> but it was
  1549. [02:18:31] <Giantree> pretty weird
  1550. [02:18:34] <Giantree> because the tournament in the dream
  1551. [02:18:47] <Giantree> was much like day 1 arcana when it got a console release and i went to locals to play it
  1552. [02:18:51] <Giantree> and nobody knew how to play
  1553. [02:18:59] <Giantree> and they all quit like, immediately
  1554. [02:19:08] <Giantree> and went back to street fighter
  1555. [02:19:14] <Giantree> and the dream dredged up all the memories of that
  1557. [16:35:24] <Giantree> so i just
  1558. [16:35:26] <Giantree> suddenly remembered
  1559. [16:35:30] <Giantree> a dream i had just had
  1560. [16:35:34] <Giantree> wherein i gave len a hat
  1561. [16:35:36] <Giantree> using a gummi
  1562. [16:38:58] <Giantree>
  1563. [16:39:01] <Giantree> prophecy fulfilled
  1564. [16:39:04] <Giantree> now i won't get sick
  1566. August 28, 2016
  1567. [15:48:52] <Bigwood> so i just had a dream where i was running a bizarro version of this shit
  1568. [15:49:11] <Bigwood> as in, most/all significant details were different or straight-up backwards
  1569. [15:49:45] <Bigwood> like, varos was black instead of ellamæ (and was even described as a "dirty nigger")
  1570. [15:50:00] <Bigwood> and instead of two groups of characters, there were two groups of PLAYERS
  1571. [15:50:37] <Bigwood> so when it was time for the final battle, i had to work my ass off 4,1scheduling for both groups to be there at the same tie
  1572. [15:50:41] <Bigwood> and it never worked
  1573. [15:50:45] <Bigwood> and then i immediately woke up
  1574. [15:50:56] <Bigwood> man am i glad i stopped making dumb decisions like that
  1576. August 29, 2016
  1577. [22:05:56] <Giantree> dream:
  1578. [22:06:00] <Giantree> pso and its sequels
  1579. [22:06:06] <Giantree> were heavily pvp-focused
  1580. [22:06:52] <Giantree> psu was in it so hardcore that the whole game was about getting specific gear to counter other specific gear that everyone used
  1581. [22:07:14] <Giantree> and you could gank anybody anywhere
  1582. [22:07:22] <Giantree> actually nm that's a shit story
  1583. [22:07:24] <Giantree> disregard
  1584. [22:11:48] <@SumDumD00d> no ganking on the ship faget
  1585. [22:14:07] <Giantree> it was like
  1586. [22:14:19] <Giantree> pso2's thing where you could invade anyone's run without being in their party
  1587. [22:14:50] <Giantree> but pvp in pso2 was such a clusterfuck and gear was so important because it was literally 50-dude free-for-all shit that even my subconscious hated it
  1589. September 4, 2016
  1590. [01:49:22] <Giantree> i had
  1591. [01:49:23] <Giantree> a dream
  1592. [01:49:27] <Giantree> about chasing missile
  1593. [01:49:46] <Giantree> i mean, it wasn't literally missile
  1594. [01:49:50] <Giantree> but it was a pomeranian pupper
  1595. [01:49:54] <Giantree> that looked just like missile
  1596. [01:49:59] <Giantree> and acted like him too
  1597. [01:50:00] <Giantree> so whatev
  1598. [01:50:26] <Giantree> the story was that some kid lost his puppers
  1599. [01:50:39] <Giantree> and so i, with the assistance of my mom, undertook a journey
  1600. [01:50:42] <Giantree> to return the puppers
  1601. [01:50:43] <Giantree> and yeah
  1602. [01:50:47] <Giantree> we called them "puppers"
  1603. [01:50:48] <Giantree> every time
  1604. [01:51:26] <Giantree> and it was one of those journeys where they kept escaping our grip and running away
  1605. [01:51:34] <Giantree> so we enlisted the help of many strange characters
  1606. [01:51:40] <Giantree> to help catch them
  1607. [01:52:00] <Giantree> like one guy who was a hobo who lived underneath the bleachers in a baseball stadium
  1608. [01:52:36] <Giantree> and then we brought them back and the kid was like "oh thanks i guess" and i noticed there was moldy cheese all over his house
  1609. [01:52:39] <Giantree> and then i woke up
  1611. [04:37:35] <Giantree> JIMMY RUSTLER:
  1612. [04:37:38] <Giantree> IN THE DREAM I HAD
  1613. [04:37:43] <Giantree> I BOUGHT A CHEESEBURGER
  1614. [04:37:46] <Giantree> AND LEFT IT ON MY DESK
  1615. [04:37:50] <Giantree> SO I COULD EAT IT WHEN I WAS HUNGRY
  1616. [04:37:55] <Giantree> AND LATER I CAME BACK TO MY DESK
  1617. [04:37:57] <Giantree> AND SAW IT
  1618. [04:38:00] <Giantree> AND WAS LIKE "I'M HUNGRY"
  1619. [04:38:06] <Giantree> BUT I DIDN'T EAT IT
  1620. [04:38:09] <Giantree> NOW I LOOKED OVER
  1621. [04:38:11] <Giantree> AT THE SAME SPOT
  1622. [04:38:13] <Giantree> BECAUSE I'M HUNGRY
  1623. [04:38:15] <Giantree> AND IT ISN'T THERE
  1624. [04:38:18] <Giantree> AND I JUST REALIZED IT WAS A DREAM
  1625. [04:38:20] <Giantree> FUCK
  1627. alt retelling:
  1628. [05:59:19] <Bigwood> yeah though, the dream involved me finding lost puppies
  1629. [05:59:25] <Bigwood> and i looked them up to find out they were rusty's
  1630. [05:59:38] <Bigwood> so i went on a long, long journey to help bring them home
  1631. [05:59:43] <Bigwood> my mom helped for some reason
  1632. [05:59:50] <Bigwood> and one of them was straight-up Missile from Ghost Trick
  1633. [06:00:29] <Bigwood> we met many strange and interesting characters along the way who would help us because the puppers kept escaping
  1634. [06:00:37] <Bigwood> and yes, everybody in-universe called them "puppers"
  1635. [06:00:52] <Bigwood> like there was a hobo who lived underneath the bleachers in a baseball stadium
  1636. [06:00:55] <Bigwood> and
  1637. [06:00:57] <Bigwood> some others
  1638. [06:01:59] <Bigwood> eventually when we got there, we got to a cheapass apartment he lived in (the address was 1615, which turned into a confusing videogame-esque puzzle because of the way buildings/rooms were aligned and it took forever to find)
  1639. [06:02:05] <Bigwood> and were like "here're ur puppers"
  1640. [06:02:10] <Bigwood> and he was like "oh, thanks i guess"
  1641. [06:02:20] <Bigwood> and i saw his apartment was full of moldy cheese
  1642. [06:02:21] <Bigwood> like
  1643. [06:02:23] <Bigwood> pizza cheese
  1644. [06:02:32] <Bigwood> and then i woke up
  1645. [06:26:51] <RedXVII> lol
  1646. [06:26:53] <RedXVII> the hell
  1647. [06:26:59] <RedXVII> i think it means you want to fuck rusty
  1648. [06:27:09] <Bigwood> what
  1649. [06:27:25] <Bigwood> you suck at dream analysis
  1650. [06:27:49] <Bigwood> it means i want to communicate with and be understood by him because i have wisdom from experience that could save his poor soul from a life of eternal retardation
  1651. [06:28:05] <Bigwood> but, like genshuku, he pushes me away, and i have to watch him to dumb shit like abuse puppies
  1652. [06:28:39] <Bigwood> my subconscious is also aware of this but doesn't put in an OBJECTIVE effort to stop it, hence why i didn't just rescue the puppers and never allow them near moldy cheese again
  1653. [06:29:02] <Bigwood> but the surprise when i saw the moldy cheese represents unawareness; ie. i didn't know just how bad it really was, only that it wasn't the best
  1654. [06:29:24] <Bigwood> the hobo who lived under the bleachers though
  1655. [06:29:25] <Bigwood> man
  1656. [06:29:27] <Bigwood> what a character
  1657. [06:29:31] <Bigwood> i'm gonna have to steal that to use in something
  1658. [06:29:50] <Bigwood> it was like, a big cyberpunk stadium too
  1659. [06:29:54] <Bigwood> but that guy just didn't give a fuck
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