Double Cross - Shushifu, Part 1

Jul 16th, 2015
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  1. [17:24] <Tsukimiya_Mary> A dark morning as the sun rises, staining the cloudy sky red like spilt ink. Today, a brewing conflict comes to a stark, sudden completion, a full stop puncuated with blood and gunpowder.
  2. [17:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Chains to be broken, a noose to be tightened, this is end of one story.
  3. [17:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Double Cross - Shushifu
  4. [17:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Welcome to Double Cross. This is the world of Traitors.
  5. [17:28] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The morning air is cold on your skin, Ian, resting in the apartment bolthole belonging to your companion Jamie. This is one of the only places you can enjoy a cigarette in the entire apartment: with the fan on and the window open, letting in the morning breeze to carry the whispy smoke out. Five minutes ago, half of your companions left, Junko with her dyed hair and Mary cosplaying as... well, not herself.
  6. [17:28] <Tsukimiya_Mary> On a quick run for water and microwavable top ramen, you drew the short straw and had to stay and keep an eye on the apartment. Your thoughts drift home, to the flat you've left your sister in.
  7. [17:32] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian mutters to himself, arms crossed as he watches the microwave boil the ramen, observing the spin of the machine. "Boring, boring, boooring."
  8. [17:33] <Tsukimiya_Mary> It's painful, sitting there and watching it spin. The cabin fever is seriously starting to gnaw at you: the quips and comments of your companions are starting to cut into your nerves. Seriously, how many times can Mary fuck up top ramen?
  9. [17:34] <Tsukimiya_Mary> All you can really do is expand your ears from time to time, kill the background buzz of the city, and listen in to people. Voyuristic, really, but you can ear everything, from the young couple arguing over furniture to the sound of Lena's babysitter ruining yet another one of your shirts.
  10. [17:35] <Ian_Goodwill> "She's the oldest among us, the most Japanese out of us, and I can make the best damn ramen in this house." He opens the door of the microwave as it beeps. For a moment, he considers using chopsticks, but throws them aside for a good old fork. "Oi, Akita, I swear you're getting the cleaner's bill."
  11. [17:35] <Tsukimiya_Mary> In fact, that's what you heard this morning, as Lena was informing the squatter of her doctor's appointment at Saint Jude's: and then promply helping to clean soy sauce out of one of your tailored shirts.
  12. [17:37] <Tsukimiya_Mary> And then, you don't even have to open your ears for it: the sharp 'rat-tat-tat' of automatic fire. Screaming, not too far. And... ah, the smell of warding.
  13. [17:37] <Ian_Goodwill> "Mmh. Saint-Jude, uh?" He sighs as he swiftly finishes his bowl. "Maybe I could sneak out or something..."
  14. [17:38] <Ian_Goodwill> It was too good to be true, really. Ian throws the bowl into the sink, nearly smashing it, and hurries out to the source of the warding, hiding be damned.
  15. [17:38] <Tsukimiya_Mary> == END SCENE ==
  16. [17:40] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Outside, there's the chirping of birds and the cold air against the face, and that god-awful humming that Mary can't stop as she walks alongside you, Junko. In one hand she has a list, written in archaic japanese, of reheated foods, waters, really a budget for living under the radar. "Mmm, it's nice to get out, isn't it?"
  17. [17:42] <Tsukimiya_Mary> She doesn't look like herself, of course, now she looks like a character from those games the otaku play. While she didn't opt for anything with colored hair, Mary with a flat chest just isn't Mary.
  18. [17:45] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I guess." Junko was running around in a 'borrowed' uniform from another school this time, a seifuku and stockings. She wore a light jacket with it dominated by a star on the back. A more traditional delinquent look day, the back of her uniform collar even laying outside the jacket.
  19. [17:46] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Well, it gets so stuffy in there during the day." Mary takes the opportunity to emphasize this by flapping her shirt back and forth to get more air flow. "Besides, we get to pick the type of ramen this time!" The walk is peaceful enough for a japanese morning: the konbini isn't even that far, a stone's throw away.
  20. [17:49] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Getting tired of sitting around though. I don't like it." She stuffed her hands in her pockets and hunched, eyes forward and down to keep from looking at Mary too much. She was used to her onee-san so all these new looks were messing with her emotionally.
  21. [17:52] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eh?" Mary glances over and grins, "Junko-chan, is this better? This kind of look?" She gets a particularly fox-like glint in her eyes as she rushes ahead, "Aaah, it's so nice to be outside!" And drawing attention to herself.
  22. [17:54] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Junko feels, in that moment, a shiver up her spine. A rabbit hopping over her grave, perhaps, or somebody watching? Even if she looks around, there's nothing out of the ordinary as they approach the Konbini, a little more crowded than usual. The morning rush: people in suits, children with randoseru backpacks, a busy morning.
  23. [17:56] <Tsuboki_Junko> A sniff and she rolled her shoulders, pulling at a locke of black hair as she followed Mary. "Can we at least take back some obento for lunch today?"
  24. [17:58] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Mm, but that much might change my figure, you know?" Mary pokes at her stomach, which is as flat as she is, "Ah, but I guess I don't need to worry about that anymore." She laughs to herself, pulling several styrofoam cups from the shelf and into her basket.
  25. [18:00] <Tsukimiya_Mary> From the corner of your eye, Junko, you see it: one of the men ducks behind a shelf, and you catch a quick glimpse of a rubber mask going over his face. The click of round being chambered, and then RAT TAT TAT.
  26. [18:35] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Clutching at her chest, Mary's clothing stains red as she looks at her stomach, "eh...?" A few drops splatter on her things, and then shoom: warding floods out of her. Several of the people inside, the children included, pass out like puppets with their strings cut.
  27. [18:36] <Tsukimiya_Mary> However, a good group of seven of them don't seem affected: in fact, they're up and dressed in clothing from suits to baggy trackpants, sub-machine guns at the ready, with big, bulging gas-mask eyes staring at the two overed.
  28. [18:38] <Tsukimiya_Mary> In retaliation, Mary blasts through the stand in front of her, her bolt lancing through to strike the one closest to her!
  29. [18:41] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man lets out a yelp of pain, and the smell of blood and smoke starts to fill the air.
  30. [18:43] <Tsukimiya_Mary> It's only made worse as two other men move up to their wounded comrade, shooting wildly though the store, although Mary drops down, landing hard but avoiding every shot. In the meantime, four of the men level their guns at Junko!
  31. [18:46] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The bullets fly at Junko, but split and bounce off her like metal flowerpetals, kicking up sparks.
  32. [18:47] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You shoot onee-san and then turn your guns on me. You're just pissing me off."
  33. [18:49] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah, shit, Chief said it'd be like this." One of them taps his shoulder, and you can see him radioing in something.
  34. [18:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> In a matter of seconds the delinquents body changes, as much prehistoric murder machine as human. She looks comfortable in those hard scales, running from her arms up her neck and under her eyes. With a grin that spoke of true battle lust she lashed out with wicked claws!
  35. [18:56] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The men can't even fall back as she bashes right through the barrier, cracking skulls and beating them to holy hell like a goddess of war: or more apt, a monster from a blockbuster movie (at least with that level of detail).
  36. [19:01] <Ian_Goodwill> From a nearby rough behind them, more gunfires are head - though these seem to be particularly aimed at the assaulters.
  37. [19:03] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The shots tear through them like paper, leaving the last one, a man with a bullet through his arm and gut, stumbling away. He drops his gun like a rookie and scrambles away: is that an open grate behind him?
  38. [19:03] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Mary sits up slowly, rubbing her chest, "Ahn... This... it hurts... I wasn't expecting that, aha ha... ow, hurts."
  39. [19:03] <Ian_Goodwill> "Heyo, Junko and Mary, having fun without me?" Ian's rifle is smoking as he waves at them.
  40. [19:04] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Arigato, Ian-kun," Mary weakly waves back, hand red. "That last one..."
  41. [19:06] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian rushes down to the last man, his rifle changing into a revolver in the split of a second. It's only a moment before before he catches up to him, revolver at his guts. "Speak."
  42. [19:06] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man falls on his knee, coughing, "S-shit... look, it's nothing personal, just... my boss is down there, the guy who put us up to this. Please, dear god, don't kill me!"
  43. [19:07] <Tsuboki_Junko> "He really takes the fun out of running people down."
  44. [19:08] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eheheh... well..." Mary takes a pack of bandages from the medical aisle, a big bundle of gauze.
  45. [19:09] <Ian_Goodwill> "Really now? This easy?" Ian holsters his revolver and frowns at him, sighing. He glances back at Mary and sees her holding the gauze. "Today's your lucky day, apparently."
  46. [19:09] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You gonna be okay?"
  47. [19:10] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Yes, yes, just, I think..." Mary sighs a little, "Hnn, I guess a form more suited to keeping the gauze on..." She rubs her upper torso and sighs, "Onee-chan misses her real look though."
  48. [19:10] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man scrapes at the ground, "Oh, thank god, thank god, I won't ever do this again, I swear-"
  49. [19:11] <Tsukimiya_Mary> And with that, there's the sound of a blade whipping through the air: up his sleeve, a switchblade!
  50. [19:14] <Tsukimiya_Mary> As he slashes the blade across Ian's leg, he lets out a hiss, "You traitorous fuck!"
  51. [19:15] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian is taken off guard as the man shivs his leg, though the injury looks minor. Ian seems furious though, and it's only a moment before he holsters his revolver and empties it into the man's face without even a moment's hesitation.
  52. [19:16] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The corpse collapses in a heap, slumping down. The knife doesn't even fall from his hand though, grasping it with knuckles as white as snow as he expires.
  53. [19:17] <Ian_Goodwill> He curses under his breath, releading the revolver at a blinding speed. "Treacherous fuck? Were those UGN hitmen? That makes no sense, the UGN would send better, no?"
  54. [19:18] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "He said his boss was down... there... no?" Mary points at the manhole, wobbily approaching it. She gives the man a passing glance, sighing sadly but nothing more.
  55. [19:18] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko was back to normal as she joined the other two, smoothing back her hair. "Better hope they aren't. UGN won't be happy to see us even if we do clear our names."
  56. [19:19] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Tch... too little gunfire for them to succeed. Damn, and I really didn't want to have to clean this up." Ian recognizes that voice, and sound of somebody grinding out a cigar and loading a shotgun shell.
  57. [19:19] <Ian_Goodwill> "The UGN wouldn't send people that blast at us like this during the broad daylight."
  58. [19:20] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Mm, that we know. The UGN is supposed to do strange things, you know?"
  59. [19:20] <Ian_Goodwill> "Someone's loading a shotgun. I, erm, I recognize the voice, I think. Can't quite say who it is..."
  60. [19:21] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Down that manhole?"
  61. [19:22] <Ian_Goodwill> "More sewers." Ian grumbles as he prepares his nightvision gogglges for the trip.
  62. [19:23] <Tsuboki_Junko> A grunt and Junko turns, already dropping down feet first without the ladder.
  63. [19:23] <Tsukimiya_Mary> It's not a long drop, maybe three, four meters? This part of the sewers isn't as large as the rest, and there's that dim red lighting again.
  64. [19:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> In the dim light, there's the silouette of a figure, a tall, broad-shouldered man in a bomber jacket. His hair is combed forward, and his eyes are concealed with sunglasses. Under one arm, there's a shotgun, the other one lifting a new cigar from his chest pocket. "I guess flunkies like them aren't worth the salt we pay 'em, huh?"
  65. [19:26] * Tsukimiya_Mary is down next, her skirt fluttering a little as she sets down careful. "Eh... do you know this person?"
  66. [19:27] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man raises an eyebrow, lighting up his cigar, "Oh, a new one?"
  67. [19:27] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian is shortly behind Junko, night vision adjusting itself for the darkness.
  68. [19:27] <Tsuboki_Junko> "My onee-san, whom your lackies hurt. I won't forgive you for that. No escape this time."
  69. [19:28] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Thanks to his goggles, Ian can see the streaks of white in the man's hair, the flash of light of his matches and the whispy smoke of his cigar. "Ah, well, to be fair I didn't expect them to really succeed. They forgot the big stuff, you believe that?" He blows out some smoke, "So tell me, people with no friends in the world, I have a question."
  70. [19:30] <Ian_Goodwill> "Yeah? And what's that?" Ian is in a position that obviously indicates he's ready to reach for a weapon. "We have a few of our own."
  71. [19:30] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Well, I can do one for one, I don't really want to be here and do this anyways." Zeus sighs, "Why're you fighting us anyways? I heard you got burned by your people. That kind of news spreads, like it or not."
  72. [19:33] <Ian_Goodwill> "We have reasons to fight. Reasons to believe in this world. Not everyone would survive in your ideal world. I like the human part of me, believe it or not. It's a ruthless job." Ian has a slight smirk on his lips as he announces so. "I might be betrayed, but I won't betray what I stand for."
  73. [19:34] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ahh... Funny. A long time ago, I said the same. You know a friend of mine, believe it or not," Zeus sighs, "Black Reaper. You kicked his teeth in, figurativly, last I checked. I guess he got sloppy."
  74. [19:36] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "I fought in the Gulf war, a few years back. You've heard of Tempest, right?"
  75. [19:37] <Ian_Goodwill> "Tempest, yes. What does this have to do with him?"
  76. [19:37] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko sighed, clasping her hands behind her head. Young people make way, old people talk a lot? "Military, right? Wheres this going?"
  77. [19:37] <Tsuboki_Junko> make war*
  78. [19:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Them." Zeus laughs a little, "I was one of those guys, in the gulf, deployed with some of the hardest, craziest bastards I would ever know. Family by the time we got out: a long war, a bloody war, a useless war." He sighs, "You haven't seen hell yet. Japan is one of those countries that never saw hell like the Middle East did. We walked in there fifteen strong, and came back with six. Lost another two to military tribunal, third to a sudden case of metal mouthwash. You know what they did to us?" He takes a long drag on his cigar.
  79. [19:40] <Tsukimiya_Mary> military tribunal, third to asudden case of metal mouthwash. You know what they did to us?" He takes a long drag on his cigar.
  80. [19:41] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Did for us, even?" Zeus gets a dark look in his eyes as he pulls off his sunglasses, eyes dogged with crows feet and bags.
  81. [19:42] <Ian_Goodwill> "No, what?" Ian shakes his head, but listens intently to him.
  82. [19:44] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Same they're doing to you now. Cut us off, tried to kill us. Said Dream lost her marbles, hit Reaper with charges of manslaughter. After all we did, after all we did for them, for those-" and he waves his hand at the world above, "- for those bastards, they tried to lock us up like animals."
  83. [19:45] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "This world doesn't get us," Zeus continues, "It doesn't want to 'get' us. We're different, but to them, we're just another tool to kill each other and get tossed aside. It's bullshit, and you're getting that end of the stick right now," and he points at you three damningly.
  84. [19:46] <Ian_Goodwill> "That doesn't mean that I have to give up." Ian shakes his head. "I might be a person who does horrible things, and I might be a tool, but... I am traitor to both worlds." He tsk and gives him a grin. "Sorry. I don't buy into this False Heart bullshit. I don't need someone to get me. I just need to have those I care for happy. And I won't let anyone get in
  85. [19:46] <Ian_Goodwill> the way of that."
  86. [19:47] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aaah, you'll come around eventually." Zeus sighs, hefting his shotgun. "Or not. I guess now we find out."
  87. [19:49] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko turned a bit to look back at Ian, "I'll never admit to saying this but you actually sounded pretty cool there."
  88. [19:53] <Ian_Goodwill> "Yeah, we'll see about that." Ian breathes in deeply - a mistake in the sewers, really-, before a gigantic rifle materializes in his hands.
  89. [19:54] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Before anybody moves, Zeus' hand expands, and there's a blast like a grenade, no, stronger! going off.
  90. [20:00] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Rippling with electricity, the fragments bounce off the walls and roof like a whirlwind, a maelstrom of ballbearings supercharged with electricity.
  91. [20:02] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian takes the full of the blast, falling backwards, dead as can be. A moment later, though, he struggles back up. "You can... take me down as much as you want, but I won't give up. I won't let you have it your way."
  92. [20:03] <Ian_Goodwill> There's something empowering about his words, something unnatural about them. Resolve and dtermination fills him.
  93. [20:05] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Sit back down, kid, I'm not done with you." In a flash, the gun is in the man's hand, and he's pumping a shell into Ian's direction again.
  94. [20:08] <Tsukimiya_Mary> This shot is like a chain of electricity and fire and hatred, a big fuck-off shot.
  95. [20:10] <Tsuboki_Junko> Ian would be eating that right now if not for Junko. She slipped heself between Zues' shotgun and Ian, hardened scales popping up and taking the brunt of the attack. Not a flawless defense but damn close.
  96. [20:14] <Tsukimiya_Mary> As his shot goes off, Mary fires a lance of light at him: in response, his skin seems to lift, angling itself to deflect as much of her attack as it can, but still taking an impact to the upper shoulder.
  97. [20:21] <Tsuboki_Junko> Again Junko changes into something less than flattering, ripping claws slashing out at Zues!
  98. [20:22] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man tries to jump back, but he takes the hit right across the chest, letting out a gasp, coughing, "Ah, you little- damnit!"
  99. [20:23] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Gonna be a repeat of last time, just give up now!"
  100. [20:23] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "And what, deal with life in prison?" Zeus snarls, chomping his cigarette, "Never again."
  101. [20:27] <Ian_Goodwill> "I won't let you have the pleasant opportunity." Ian loads the oversized rifle with an odd cartridige (which is just as oversized), before taking a shot at Zeus.
  102. [20:32] <Ian_Goodwill> The dreadful bullet penetrates Zeus with incredible force, Zeus' eyes revulsing as he feels the renegade virus in his reacting not unlike an allergy to the round, it cleaving messily through the man. Were he to turn his back to junko, there probably would be not much left as a sight.
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  104. [20:34] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He stumbles a little, bleeding heavily, "You... bastard." His next shot goes into junko, almost as if he's trying to force her back
  105. [20:37] * Mid (~androirc@6374C946:33AAA922:965FCEF6:IP) Quit ( 33AAA922:965FCEF6:IP QUIT :Ping timeout: 240 seconds )
  106. [20:38] <Tsuboki_Junko> She takes the blast like a champ.
  107. [20:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The fragments of the buckshot flashes across her: the flash is more annoying than the shot. Over her shoulder, one of Mary's bolts cuts into his upper arm.
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  109. [20:47] <Ian_Goodwill> "End of the line." Ian's rifle changes from anti-material to a Springfield, which he aims at the head of Zeus.
  110. [20:53] <Ian_Goodwill> And it just so does, the bullet ripping through the throat of Zeus. Were he to protest or anything, a simple gurgle would escape him.
  111. [20:54] <Tsukimiya_Mary> And Zeus goes down, blood running out of his throat and mouth as he collapses backwards, slamming against the wall, passing out. His hand flops limply to the side, and he makes a few noises: eerily similar to a death rattle from a creature that is, unless killed for good, essentially immortal.
  112. [20:54] * Tsukimiya_Mary lets out a low sigh, holding at her chest and side, "... Is he...?"
  113. [20:55] <Tsuboki_Junko> "He'll get back up if we leave him..."
  114. [20:55] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian proceeds with firing a second shot into him. "Correction to your earlier statement, Zeus. We will get to see this out. You won't."
  115. [20:57] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The shot rings, punctuated by a low rumble, as the overed ex-military dies. There's a final gasp of air, before he goes silent. The hand on his shotgun finally slips down, and he doesn't move again.
  116. [20:57] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah... That was..." Mary holds the hem of her clothing tightly, face ghostly pale, "The best, I suppose..."
  117. [20:59] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then turns to the both of them, bloodied, clothes ruined. "...Y'know, I care for the both of you. I just feel like saying."
  118. [21:00] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Mary nods a little, approaching the dead soldier and closing his eyes for him, "Of course, Ian-san. If this ever happens though..." She smiles a little, voice dying out for a moment. Another low rumble.
  119. [21:02] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Tuning in his ears, it's not from below, it's from above. There's the sound of sirens, people screaming, the sweet sound of bloody chaos.
  120. [21:02] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "That noise..." Mary stands up slowly.
  121. [21:03] <Tsuboki_Junko> "What is it?"
  122. [21:03] <Ian_Goodwill> "Okay, don't panic, it's the cops. Let's just... Okay, follow me." Ian then proceeds into the sewers further, not sure of where to go to next.
  123. [21:05] * Tsukimiya_Mary glances back, and then follows Ian.
  124. [21:07] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The sewers seem to have just carried the noise further than normal, the chambers sending the noise all the way down to you. However, above, you can hear... raid sirens?
  125. [21:07] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Distantly, there is an offical plea for people to "remain in their homes"
  126. [21:07] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Geez, what a mess."
  127. [21:08] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Perhaps if we went up and saw what was happening..." Mary muses.
  128. [21:09] <Ian_Goodwill> "No, no, that's not just cops. That's air raid sirens. Like, something is plain wrong." Ian seems panicky, for a moment.
  129. [21:09] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "E-eh? Air raid sirens?"
  130. [21:09] <Ian_Goodwill> "Well, regular sirens I suppose, but..."
  131. [21:10] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... If we stay down here, we won't find out," Mary hints.
  132. [21:11] <Ian_Goodwill> Obviously, Ian's last action implied that they should resurface.
  133. [21:11] <Ian_Goodwill> It seems that the forces that be READ OTHERWISE
  134. [21:19] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The heat of the sewers is replaced with the cold air of the morning, and it's then that you come: covered in blood, bleeding, smelling of smoke and powder: face to face with Jamie, returning, in plainclothes disguise.
  135. [21:19] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... Knapp-san." Mary smiles weakly.
  136. [21:20] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Against the rising sky, there is a pillar of smoke, slowly winding up into the air.
  137. [21:22] * Midnight_ is now known as Jamie_Knapp
  138. [21:22] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Down the street, you can see one of the cars usually used to warn of tsunami and the torrential downpours riding down the street, and hear "Please remain calm. This is not a drill, please remain calm."
  139. [21:23] <Jamie_Knapp> "Hey guys."
  140. [21:23] <Tsuboki_Junko> "So whats that all about?"
  141. [21:23] <Ian_Goodwill> "And a good morning to you as well." Ian flings himself out of the sewers, groaning.
  142. [21:25] <Jamie_Knapp> "Ah...to be honest I thought you'd know, considering." She motioned towards their bloody clothes.
  143. [21:26] <Ian_Goodwill> "City N is a big city with few heroes." Ian snickers and shakes his head dismissively. "We were just victims of a False Hearts attempt on our lives."
  144. [21:27] <Jamie_Knapp> "Oh. Well, seems they didn't try hard enough. That's good."
  145. [21:27] <Tsukimiya_Mary> From the Konbini, the radio can be heard: a news report, 'A gas explosion in Downtown City N, dangerously close to Saint Jude's Public Hospital, causing numerous injuries. Police are responding, and urging civillians in the area to evactuate for the time being."
  146. [21:28] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Certainly," Mary touches her new wounds, before her form shimmers and the blood disappears.
  147. [21:28] <Tsuboki_Junko> It would be a good guess that most of the blood on Junko isn't her own. "Think it's really a gas explosion?"
  148. [21:29] <Ian_Goodwill> "Saint Jude, Lena had a- FUCK!" It takes only an instant before Ian rushes off in a hurry, leaving them behind.
  149. [21:29] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "E-eh?" Mary blinks, and then it's after Ian.
  150. [21:30] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko sighs. "I still haven't eaten." Soon she's chasing after the other two.
  151. [21:31] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie runs off after them too, calling all of her contacts for information.
  152. [21:35] <Tsukimiya_Mary> One of Jamie's quick calls manages to ferret out a tidbit: "It's a coverup," the man drawls, "Some psycho is holed up in there with enough explosives to blast the place to kingdom come, and demanding a political prisoner freed or something."
  153. [21:38] <Jamie_Knapp> "Shit. Alright thanks." SHe hangs up. "Guys, false heats have a guy in there with explosives ready to blow the place if they don't give up Reaper."
  154. [21:39] <Tsuboki_Junko> "What is it with that guy?"
  155. [21:40] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "That man below knew him, no?" Mary comments, struggling to keep up with Ian.
  156. [21:41] <Tsuboki_Junko> "So you think this guy at the hospital is a friend of Zues?"
  157. [21:41] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian is not being gentle in his running pace. His mind is on the prize, having long left the party, parkouring through the city, having left the party behind.
  158. [21:41] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Maybe. For them to know the same terrorist... Well..."
  159. [21:42] <Tsukimiya_Mary> == End Scene ==
  160. [21:46] <Tsukimiya_Mary> At the hospital, it's a scene out of a movie. Police cars and barriers are set up, soldiers (actual soldiers) are holding the perimeter, and there's been a negotiator's tent set up. The hospital is a battleground, and one of the buildings is already smoking. You can occasionally glimpse one of the people inside: balaclavas, assault rifles, and green/black fatigues.
  161. [21:47] <Tsukimiya_Mary> It wasn't hard to find a good spot: most of the people in the area are gone, and while the largest buildings nearby have been taken over by police and security forces, you can find a three-story flathouse looking right at it. Overhead, two helicopters are circling.
  162. [21:51] <Tsukimiya_Mary> After a moment, Ian's phone buzzes a bit: a call? Now?
  163. [21:52] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian takes the call, laying down on a roof, trying to hide from the sight of the chopper. Warding now would be bad, with choppers overhead.
  164. [21:52] <Ian_Goodwill> "Who is it?"
  165. [21:53] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Yo, Marksman-san, you there? Akite, I'm in the hospital. You hear the explosion? Lord knows you probably heard everything else too."
  166. [21:56] <Ian_Goodwill> "I have. What's up."
  167. [21:57] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Well, Lena-san is okay. Kind of. She's shook up, sleeping now. We managed to get out before they took over this building: do you have any idea how much a three story fall can hurt your legs?" Is now really the time for gripping?
  168. [21:58] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Meanwhile, Jamie and Junko can see - oh, is that Hanase? - entering the negotiator's tent, after UGN Agent Tsubaki.
  169. [21:58] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian tries to locate Akita visually.
  170. [22:00] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko watched after Hanase and Tsubaki, wanting desperately to go to them.
  171. [22:00] <Tsukimiya_Mary> She's not in the negotiator's tent, but she's close by: it looks like one of the local stores was turned into a quick and dirty medical station. And there she is after a moment, phone to her head, absolutely destroying Ian's shirt with her form. Great.
  172. [22:00] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Junko and Jamie can almost hear his voice, as the talk in the negotiator's tent gets heated.
  173. [22:00] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie is scanning the area, looking for something.
  174. [22:01] <Tsukimiya_Mary> And then, the loudspeakers of the hospital turn on, and there's a metallic voice over the line.
  175. [22:02] <Ian_Goodwill> "You're going to owe me some new shirts. But look, can you tell me what's happened?"
  176. [22:03] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Welcome, UGN dogs, to today's great performance! I'm sure you've been waiting for this, but finally, we will indeed hand over our full demands! We demand the release of Black Reaper, ex-tempest and honored veteran of the Second Gulf Conflict. We demand the dismantling of City N's oppressive UGN. And finally, the UGN will deliver proof of a certain Terrorist leader's demise or imprisonment, one "Viktor the Red!"
  177. [22:03] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Akite sighs over the line, "Well, we were there for the checkup, they wanted to run some tests and-" She goes quiet, and you can hear the echo through your phone.
  178. [22:06] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian curses under his breath. He takes a sniping position by the edge of the building he's on.
  179. [22:06] <Tsuboki_Junko> "So uh, whats the plan here?"
  180. [22:08] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Well... That happened. Look, I'll ask Hanase-san, and I'll call you back, okay?" Akite doesn't wait for a response and hangs up.
  181. [22:08] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie sighs, not seeing whatever she's looking for. "The UGN doesn't have their best team so we'll need to go inconito."
  182. [22:08] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Mary is sitting back, wrapping herself up with gauze, "Well... As much as I hate to say it, we can't do much right now. Both sides hate us."
  183. [22:12] <Jamie_Knapp> "This is a hospital. We can't let them bumble their way through it or, God forbid, actually submit to their demands. We need to stop this guy and we also need to go in undetected."
  184. [22:13] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "I can fly, and I can alter what I look like, so if we plan and time it right," Mary pipes up.
  185. [22:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> "The rest of us can't do either."
  186. [22:13] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... I'm not so weak I can't try, Junko-chan," Mary pouts.
  187. [22:14] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian will then call Jamie's emergency number. As soon as she picks up, Ian blurts out. "Listen, I know you don't like us calling this number, but I have someone in the tent talking to Hanase right now and assessing the sitch."
  188. [22:15] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie picks up the phone. "Oh? Really? What's going on?"
  189. [22:16] <Ian_Goodwill> "Stay on line, I'll tell you in a sec."
  190. [22:16] <Jamie_Knapp> She looks at the others. "Ian's got someone on the inside."
  191. [22:18] <Tsukimiya_Mary> It's more like a few minutes, but Akite steps out, accompanied with another UGN agent already on the scene, before stepping away. And she murmurs to herself (and Ian), "We have six bombs that we know off, set up to destroy the hospital, two in each building, and the forth one is... well, we think that's where the people mostly are, but... Anyways, Tsubaki-san said that the bombs are linked: if one of them is disarmed before the others, the others will go off."
  192. [22:19] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Indeed, she's just spouting everything Hanase was explaining to the rest.
  193. [22:19] <Tsukimiya_Mary> And, there's a bit more of an argument as well.
  194. [22:20] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "So Hanase and Tsubaki are going for the most dangerous one, the North, Me and Tsune-san are taking the lightest one, West. And... I may have suggested... I know somebody... who could help?"
  195. [22:20] <Ian_Goodwill> "...Did Hanase have a reaction?"
  196. [22:20] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Indeed, she was insisting that she knew of at least one person who could help them take the other one out, on the condition of anonimity. How brazen.
  197. [22:21] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... Well, I didn't say your name. I figured it was a bit of a no-go. You think I'm that stupid? Seriously... And you left me with your sister?"
  198. [22:22] <Tsukimiya_Mary> You can hear Tsune asking her who she's talking to, and then Akite insists she's just vocalizing her thoughts, before she inches away from her companion.
  199. [22:23] <Ian_Goodwill> "Alright, it looks like we have a bomb situation. We have our own bomb to disarm. We're working under anonimity, so be careful."
  200. [22:23] <Ian_Goodwill> ...Ian tells Jamie, anyway.
  201. [22:24] <Jamie_Knapp> "Alright disarm a bomb. Sounds simple enough, right?"
  202. [22:25] <Ian_Goodwill> "No. They're all linked together, and must be disarmed simultaneously. We,re basically split in three teams."
  203. [22:25] <Ian_Goodwill> "So, kill the guards, and let bomb squad handle the bomb, really."
  204. [22:27] <Jamie_Knapp> "Oh." She turns to the others. "We're anonomous but we've got to go in and disable some guards so the bomb squad can deal with the bombs."
  205. [22:27] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Easy enough."
  206. [22:29] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "So, you got all that? Jeez. It's annoying knowing you can hear everything and I can't." Akite clicks her tongue and shrugs as Tsune taps her on the shoulder, and they head west, leaving the east building for the four.
  207. [22:30] <Ian_Goodwill> He returns to his conversation with Akite. "100%. When you get the chance to speak to Hanase again, tell him Zeus was also neutralized."
  208. [22:31] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eh? The Terrorists companion?" She nods a little, "Alright, I will. They're going to absolutely destroy the area with music when we start, so don't worry too hard, just, keep gunfire on the low."
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