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  1. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      in the end, they were just trinkets to conjure a smile from the amateur magician. Nothing that would hold specific sentimental value, as neither of them had developed a bond for one another yet outside of the occasional goodwill or niceties. But selected with enough care to permit Scott with the knowledge that his fellow Avengers did take note of his presence, efforts and interests. He was not an invisible or a nuisance, or just a back-up if someone was 'calling in sick'. While not planning out every crucial detail may not be his strong suit, or even an array of superpowers in his arsenal, he brought more to the table than most would initially perceive. Perhaps in time, much like Bucky, Scott would come to accept that he had earned his place among them. Wanda kept quiet, lips pursed in thought, as his rough beginnings were disclosed as if this in any way made him lesser in comparison to others. He knew what it meant to be separated from the person he loved most, to be a disappointme
  2. nt or failure, and to pick himself up repeatedly to try again until there were less mistakes or none at all. Lang was not in the same league of criminal as Natalie or Bucky, nor considered a safety hazard to society like Wanda. His transgressions, however great they felt to him, and weighed down upon his conscience, paled in comparison to those he chose to align himself next to in a fight. She would never cheapen his experiences, but could see how they shaped the battered man on the hospital bed before her. "If I have learned anything from Steve, it's not to judge an individual on their prior mistakes but what they intend to do with themselves as a result. Are they going to keep repeating the same mistake over and over, expecting a different result? Or will they acknowledge their failings, and take the necessary action to be better for those that are counting on them? Or more specifically, for themselves?" voice was soft and husky, lacking the firmness to be a lecture and was more conv
  3. ersational in tone. "Pietro and I wanted to make a difference, to help our country find peace. We made grave and terrible mistakes, as we willingly believed the lies of nefarious men that those with power made the rules," pausing for a brief moment, as the memories flickered before the mind eye's like a movie screen. "I know what it means to be imprisoned for desiring to do the right thing, and making the wrong choices in doing so. I also know what it means to make the correct choice, and still pay the price of a cell when in discord against those you consider family," referring of course to the Raft. "I can sympathize with being afraid of the things outside of your control, or even terrified of what you are or becoming," gaze dropping from the puffy face of an individual who was probably too medicated to hang onto the flow of speech that came from her. "But the difference between you and I, Scott? You didn't back yourself into a fetal position when the world seemed to be crumbling in
  4. on top of you. You stood up, put on that suit and did what needed to be done. Making such a decision, even with just Cassie in mind? Doesn't make you any less of a hero or admirable, to myself or anyone else here," cheeks flushing in notable degrees, hinting at her sincerity of the statement. At the mention of gifting away one or two of the knick-knacks, a nod of agreement was given. "Sure, they're yours to do with as you please. Although, you might want to tell her they came from Thor or something.." downplaying her own worthiness as iconic for anyone, as her own history still weighed heavily on her. But with Pietro's return, Wanda felt that things would improve drastically and the hollowness she felt for what seemed to be ages would eventually be filled. As Scott played around with the laser pointer, a silence seemed to blanket them both. Either she hadn't heard his inquiry at first, or didn't know how to answer it. "Free to.. watch your back," choosing the words carefully, "So that
  5. you're not alone." As no one should have to enter a conflict alone, especially one as drastic as the Avengers seemed to encounter on a weekly basis. This did not mean, that his associates Hank and Hope, were forgotten or any less important. Perhaps he even preferred to alert them for back-up before his fellow Avengers.. It was becoming clear that Lang's mind was wandering, and Wanda did not want to particularly offend by abruptly leaving, just as quickly as she had arrived. Fingers would grasp hold of tablet, and switch it on. Swiping through the apps before selecting the generic choice of Netflix, assuming that it was a safer choice for the patient's current head space. Judging by his sense of humor, and the general state of affairs, the genre of comedy was chosen. After that point? Wanda honestly just tapped something at random to queue up for them. The tablet was then placed on Scott's bedside table, angled towards him for easy access and viewing. She had no idea what Kung Fu Hustle
  6.     was, but if was disappointing the feature could be changed to something else. As the movie began, and his gaze would skip to the illuminated screen with glee, a twist of fingers were given in the direction of the window to close the blinds. This effectively dimmed the room a bit, and removed the glare from tablet. The remote at his bedside was then fumbled with to lower the lights as well, assuming that it would create less stress for his eyes. Wanda was not insulted when the flap of nostrils began to signal a snore, and chuckled only a bit with the way Scott's jaw became slack. Carefully she stored all the items, save for the tablet that seemed to act as background noise, back into the gift bag to be set aside. A not particularly troublesome endeavor, but she was keen on not waking him in the proc
  7. ess. The entire situation had been explained, regarding Yondu and his crew's attack, in search of Quill, that he had believed to be held prisoner. An offense that could have been forgiven, save for the part where Scott had been interrogated and now was stuck in a bed -- out of commission for any upcoming threat that may present itself. Yondu. The Renegades. Whatever their intentions, they had senselessly opened the door for retaliation from an individual that held no qualms about dishing out the same amount of torture if not worse that they had inflicted on Lang. In this way, she would never be someone that another could hold as a role model. Wanda for all her efforts to hide away from the monstrous atrocities that she had committed, never hesitated to repeat them when feeling threatened or vengeful.
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