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  1. *Rules & Informations*
  2. 1. We are a group for every age! Swearing will result in a *permanent kick* after 2 warnings.
  3. 2. Discrimination/Racismn/Sexismn/Inapropriate jokes of any kind will result in an *permanent kick* without any warning.
  4. 3. Be sure if you see an upcoming Raid to post it in *Both* Groups. *Raid – Alert* and the *Raid Group*. However , _do not talk in the Raid – Alert Group , it is for Notifications_ *ONLY*.
  5. 4. Do *NOT* spam , say *ONE*  time *CLEARLY* where you go and when. Please *DO NOT* comment if you dont come, *only* give necessary informations in the Raid Group.
  6. 5. If you want to chat you can do that in the PoGo Chat Group, *only* pokemon relevant topics, *be polite* and as *respectfully* as possible. There you are free to speak finnish&english.
  7. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. _If you want to invite someone to the group you have to request that by an administator._
  9. _We don't have permanent invite links anymore to prevent spammers and trolls from joining._
  10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. *If you are part of this group you are obliged to follow these rules. If you do not agree with our rules you have to leave.*
  12. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. If you have any issues in our groups don't hesitate and contact one of your admins. We will try to resolve your issue. You can find active administrators in the member list. Groups moderated by us are listed below.
  14. -*Pokemon Lohja Raid Group*  : For Raid Organisation only
  15. -*Raid Alert - NO CHAT* : Only for Raid notifications
  16. -*Pokemon Alert - NO CHAT* : Only for rare pokemon encounters (Include accurate information for where to find the pokemon, google maps links allowed)
  17. *Ex-raid gym groups follow the same rules as the main Raid Group*
  18. -*Ex-raid gym: Outdoor Gym*
  19. -*Ex-raid gym: Ojaniittu*
  20. -*Ex-raid gym: Takanen*
  21. -*Ex-raid gym: Rengas*
  22. -*Ex-raid gym: Gruotila*
  23. -*Ex-raid gym: Siuntio*
  24. -*Ex-raid gym: Nummela*
  25. -*Pokemon GO Lohja Discord Server*
  26. *Any other groups you may encounter are not moderated by our team !*
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