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  1. Blakist Planet summery I guess?
  3. Barebones planets:
  4. Acamar
  5. Capolla- 0 assets
  6. Bryant - 0 assets
  7. Deneb Kaitos
  8. Ruchbah- Decent defence fleet, could be used as attack fleet
  9. Terra Firma- Loads of clan meds and heavies stored here, rotate into combat
  10. Zurich- Another decent fleet that could be rotated to front lines
  12. Staging planets:
  13. Berenson - decent, needs bolstered
  14. Carver- has loads of good, needs assaults
  15. Epsilon Eridani- Decent all round, only half capacity
  16. New Home - Primary attack fleet right now, needs reinforced
  17. Small World - needs assets doubled, possibly combine with Ruchbah?
  18. Tall Trees- Good assets, take from neighbours. Secondary attack fleet to take left flank
  20. Assets need sorted planets:
  21. Arboris
  22. Ingress- safe from attack but has many clan heavies and assaults
  23. Menkalinan- Missing all light assets, only heavies/mediums left
  24. Outreach - Clan assaults stored here for some reason?? Move lighter assets here and rotate in
  26. Assets held on enemy planet >>VITAL<<
  27. Wassat -  lots of clan mechs attack from berenson/talltrees?
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