Minotaur Hotel - Characters

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  1. > Master Anon
  2. > Audience surrogate.
  3. > Dominant top, monogamous.
  4. > Acquired the deed to the Minotaur Hotel from a weird guy in some bar somewhere, what's up with that?
  5. > Found Asterion gravely injured and malnourished in the Hotel, nursed him back to health.
  6. > Took his time in getting close to the Minotaur.
  7. > Manages the Hotel, is determined to be a good master to Asterion and the Hotel.
  8. > Liked by the staff, they're grateful for him taking good care of the Hotel.
  9. > Wants to find a way to spend eternity with Asterion, or at least make it so the minotaur won't ever be mistreated by future Masters.
  10. > Really likes Mag Lev Lamps.
  11. > Loves Asterion but hasn't said it out loud yet.
  12. > Loves big swinging bull balls.
  16. > Asterion
  17. > The Minotaur from the greek legend.
  18. > Exiled to the Labyrinth. Felt he had no reason to live, let Theseus release him from his suffering.
  19. > Judged by the gods for his meekness, sentenced to eternal damnation in a Labyrinth dimension.
  20. > The Master of the Labyrinth is supposed to torture him but over the centuries he became his servant while the Labyrinth was repurposed into a Hotel-dimension for those with nowhere else to go.
  21. > His latest Master died young in World War II, the next owner thought Asterion was a monster. Vacated the Hotel and tried killing him but Asterion can't die.
  22. > Anon finds him decades later and heals him back to health.
  23. > Extremely submissive, exclusive bottom.
  24. > Exceptionally low self-esteem.
  25. > The Hotel gives him a purpose. Absolutely fulfilled with helping people.
  26. > Insane fetish for being submissive and bearing marks/clothes/symbols picked by his Master.
  27. > Doesn't like talking about the future. Knows all mortals are fated to die.
  28. > Gets despondent if exposed to the infinite existential dread of his situation.
  29. > Undying.
  31. > Kota & Onsen
  32. > Eastern river dragon deities.
  33. > Their rivers sprung from the same water source, they were once one dragon but as the river split they became sibling deities.
  34. > Always were deeply close to each other. Denied for a long time but eventually found themselves in romantic love with each other.
  35. > They were found out by villagers and sealed away, apart from each other, for about three centuries.
  36. > Often the duo goes on double dates with Asterion and Anon.
  38. > Kota
  39. > Cold river dragon, his water was used to make sake.
  40. > He's blue.
  41. > Was sealed away on a sake drinking dish.
  42. > Generally serious. Warmed up once reunited with his brother. Is now the silent but trustworthy barman of the Hotel's lounge.
  43. > Serves the best drinks, always willing to lend an ear. Very gentle and attentive when you get to know him.
  44. > Good friends with Asterion.
  46. > Onsen
  47. > Warm river dragon, governed hot springs.
  48. > He's red.
  49. > Sealed away on a katana which was then broken and smeared with blood.
  50. > Generally a funny and down to earth guy despite his serious and noble apperance.
  51. > Manages the Hotel's bath house, excellent host.
  53. > Luke the Bald Eagle Griffin
  54. > White feathers, white fur.
  55. > 50% military brat, 50% nearly indestructible motherfucker, 100% american
  56. > Bad at maths, not bright at all.
  57. > Was born in 1910's, fought in both World Wars and in some later conflicts.
  58. > He's not actually indestructible, he's just so tough and hard to injure, has done so many life-threatening shenanigans and barely realizes his life may be in danger.
  59. > 95% of the time walks on all fours, always bumping on people to get a whiff of their crotches. Could identify guests from their crotch smell alone.
  60. > Thinks it's fancy how no one at the Hotel goes more than a day or two without bathing.
  61. > Lost many friends and siblings through the wars. Technically has PTSD. Has been homeless, living in his car and jumping from city to city for quite a while. Poor impulse control, bad at decisions.
  62. > Very well intentioned however.
  63. > Quintessentially devoid of any class. Will make a fool of himself often. Wants to be a stripped.
  64. > Versatile switch in bed. He'll top, bottom, dom, submit, whatever. Isn't picky at all about sex.
  65. > Doesn't laugh; shrieks smugly instead.
  66. > Absolutely captivated by people he thinks are 'smart' even if he can't keep up with them.
  67. > If he's wearing clothes then it's 100% certain at least one article of clothing has the american flag. If none of his visible clothes have it then his speedo does.
  68. > Absolutely thrilled with the Japanese dragons, expresses it in the worst ways possible.
  70. > Robert, the Demon Lawyer
  71. > Red skin, horns, spade-tipped tail, a skull head and all that.
  72. > Sometimes his belly seems to move weirdly, he has a mouth there. Some dude once tried binding himself to Robert but didn't specify *how,* so he was turned into a second mouth.
  73. > He's a demonic lawyer, happily set down with your Contracts team.
  74. > As a demon you'd expect him to be a threatening, menacing presence.
  75. > Well, he is, but mostly because he's a lawyer.
  76. > The law is scary man.
  77. > He quit from hell because he was just tired of dealing with all the fucked up shit sinners from hell could do.
  78. > He likes long afternoons at the library, Nautical Law and an early night of sleep.
  79. > He's kinda boring.
  81. > Jojo, the jackal deity.
  82. > A blonde jackal, a god relating to the Sahara desert, which would cyclically change from a desert to a jungle. His powers are tied to it.
  83. > Was cursed by ancient tribes as his domain became a desert, leading to the loss of thousands of lives.
  84. > Can't remember his name, takes on "Jojo" as that's what Luke calls him. Spent centuries wandering the world, never staying in the same place for long.
  85. > Whatever place he's in will become a desert, as part of his curse. Anon deals with it via a Contract controlling the manifestation of curses.
  86. > His temperature is tied to the Sahara's, turns unbearably hot during the day.
  87. > Works as the Hotel's lifeguard.
  88. > Very happy to be of use, enjoys being a fatherly or protective figure.
  89. > His fur is connected to the desert's sands as well. Sometimes Jojo finds jewels and artifacts in it, which he freely gives away as he sees no value in them.
  91. > Kobolds
  92. > A gang of kobolds found their way into the Hotel. Maybe "sneaked in" is a more appropriate term. Actually for the longest time no one realized they had gotten in, they were just really good at hiding and were thinking they'd get kicked out -- it did not cross their minds the Hotel would take them in willingly.
  93. > It's quite possible you'd never have found out about them, seeing as the Hotel is infinite, unless *they* hadn't found out about Kota.
  94. > The cold dragon, with his extensive expertise about everything alcoholic, has taken the task of chiefing the Hotel's lounge. It's a different place from the main restaurant. The lounge is for fun and confraternization, the restaurant is for your daily meals.
  95. > The eight kobolds one day just gathered around him, with no pretense of stealth, and settled down to help him.
  96. > It turns out those kobolds descend from a lineage that served under a dragon from Europe, who was slain by a knight some centuries ago. Its cave collapsed, stranding the kobolds. They survived, had descendants, and for all this time have looked for another dragon to serve.
  97. > Kota may not be the european dragon they were seeking but he's a dragon nonetheless.
  98. > He doesn't appreciate the kobolds' shenanigans too much but he believes he can whip them up into a proper team.
  99. > Now they are proper guests and the lounge's waiting staff. They're clumsy and don't have good manners, yet, but they are quick learners.
  101. > Otis, the Cat Sidhe
  102. > What are some notable traits about this character? What's his personality like, and describe him physically
  103. The most notable thing about Otis is his Can-Do attitude. It's almost unnatural how cheery one man can be, but if he thinks he can make your day a little better, he will. Tries not to go overboard with it though, and there are some things he just won't do. Physically his fur is a grayish-black with a big tuft of white bursting from his bust. He's a little beefy, with a soft belly but pretty firm pecs. He wears a light gray v-neck to let his tuft of white show and wears cargo shorts. Also has a slight accent, but nobody can tell if it's scottish or irish
  104. > What can he do in the Hotel as his job?
  105. With his cheery attitude, he would be perfect in the HR department, specifically with complaints since he wants his friends and potential new friends to all enjoy eachother! He's sure he'll find a solution
  106. > The Hotel takes in people who are lost, have nowhere to go, who are left wandering or are not missed. Why is this character lost?
  107. He is lost because he gives kindness to the wrong people. You'd hardly tell he was born the runt of a family who had zero hope for him to begin with. His siblings left him out of everything as if he wasn't there at all, but to Otis they were the coolest! How the were so smart with the way they would scare humans with their tricks, he still wanted to root for them even if they weren't too kind
  108. > Most people who arrive at the Hotel are hurting in some shape or form. How does he arrive at the Hotel, and how will he be once he's had some time to recover and flourish?
  109. No matter what, he's always gonna be the runt everyone takes as a joke, so he gets the idea to go on a trip to some of the places he's read about. He plans to set out on a ferry to France, but next thing he knows, he's overboard and blacks out. Washes up on the beach of the hotel still out of it. After he heals from almost drowning and is told that no, this isn't the after life, it won't take long for him to open up. He just can't help exploring this new place and the people who live there.
  110. > What does he need to flourish? Will Anon, Asterion or the staff have to do something to get him going? (This is kind of a plus, as I can make a quest out of this character.)
  111. All he needs is a friend, one who won't see him as just a runt. Won't even mention growing up as a runt, just in case.
  112. > How does this character relate to other characters?
  113. He's the little brother of the group. He looks up to everyone because they're like the family he never knew he wanted!
  114. > Try and describe a funny/endearing/captivating moment for your character
  115. When he was younger he admired what humans managed to create, especially books. He just adores the fantasies people can come up with and does his best to memorize his favorites. When he thinks he's in private he likes to read aloud and make his own voices for the book characters while trying to replicate some of the accents from the others in the hotel. Will, in fact, die on the spot if he knows people are watching. Likes to send cards to some of his siblings on special occasions, even though he never gets any back.
  121. > Space Synth
  122. > Is 100% ok to be a servant in any shape or form, but his one wish is having an owner who won't let go of him and care for him. Isn't picky about it, has terribly low self-esteem.
  123. > Was thrown away when a new model came out. Thinks it's all downhill from now on as there will only be newer and better models. Doesn't mention it but he's glad the Hotel only has organics so far, because then he's the most advanced they have.
  124. > Doesn't like seeing durable goods being thrown away. Will become inexpressive if someone throws away a phone that can be repaired. Reminds him of being discarded.
  125. > Doesn't show 'sadness,' instead he goes into an inexpressive, dissociative-type state.
  126. > Will do just about any sex act he's commanded to but would really appreciate it if he's not damaged in the process. Very thankful if a partner is just generally mindful of his integrity.
  127. > No shame at all.
  128. > Generally has a cheerful and cheeky attitude.
  129. > Was built to haul cargo in extreme and dangerous environments, then repurposed into a sex + secretary bot to an executive.
  130. > Can fit reasonably well in any function in the Hotel. Isn't at all equipped to lead a team however, you have to choose which job he'll have and he'll partner with that team's leader. Once a certain time has passed after being assigned he might request to become that person's permanent assistant.
  131. > Will gladly die to protect his master.
  132. > Does not care if his master has an organic bf/husband, will gladly serve him too. Doesn't like the idea of master having another synth servant though.
  135. > Nito, the space gecko technician.
  136. > Can walk on all sorts of surfaces.
  137. > Turbo Xeno Dweeb. Has been watching broadcast transmissions from Earth for a while now but only the shitty programming from the 80s and 90s, thinks life on Earth is lovely like in the family-friendly sitcoms.
  138. > Was a shut-in during his previous life as spaceship technician. Would sneak around the ship and crawl through air vents so he wouldn't have to talk with people.
  139. > His favorite food are space ticks, which are raven-sized bugs abundant in planet-sized entities.
  140. > Shocked to find how carnivorous Earth life is. Uncontrollable fetish for predators, would overheat if he ever saw Luke shoveling meat down his throat.
  141. > Musk fetish (does everyone in this story have it?)
  142. > Home gym master race, wants to get big and buff but he's only otter mode.
  143. > Really good at maths. Takes the Structural Maths Folder + Labyrinthine Tech, absolutely overjoyed by how much crazy shit he can do with the Hotel's framework.
  144. > When he does particularly well in a task he'll stand around his supervisor/Anon/Asterion, smiling and blep'ing in the hopes of getting some praise.
  145. > Doesn't talk much but he's expressive in other ways.
  146. > Doesn't talk about it much but he became a NEET after his space technician life made him lose all connections/friendships. Probably has been floating through space in different ships for a while, no long-lasting bonds whatsoever.
  147. > Lived in a cyberpunk-style distopia for a while where everything was controlled, is absolutely amazed at how much freedom he has at the Hotel.
  148. > Baffled by how his Dubai-esque room is approx. 40 times bigger than his induced-sleep pod back in the spaceships.
  150. Squishy, the Slug Merchant
  151. > What is this character's species/race?
  152. > Comes from a race of sluglike beings that inhabit a far-off, backwater planet. His race has evolved to take advantage of whatever they can to survive, as their sapience increased and they eventually joined the galactic stage they took to trickery and deceit.
  153. > “Squishy” is not his real name; it was a nickname Luke came up with when they first met, and Squishy adopted it as a pseudonym. He’s slow to trust and prefers finding the best way to come out of every interaction with an advantage over creating deep, meaningful interpersonal relationships. Of course, he’s a businessman first and foremost, so he’ll keep up a friendly and cordial face, though it can sometimes come off as fake.
  154. > Physically, he resembles a large earth slug; big, fat, and squishy body, with a dark grey coloration, two silvery stripes down either sides, and a few dark-blue spots along his back. He has four thin, spindly limbs which he uses as legs and arms, with three fingers and toes on each “hand” and “foot”. His “face” consists of two feathery feelers in place of eyes, and two short, fat feelers on either side of his mouth. He has a strong, pungent, almost cloying “musk”, which seems to originate from the slimy coating down the front of his body.
  155. > Though the Hotel translates all speech, Squishy still often speaks in squeaking and burbling with the occasional broken-English sentence—a facade he puts up to come off as harmless to his potential customers.
  156. > As a businessman he is well experienced in customer service, so HR may be perfect for him. He also may set up a side business opening a shop in the Hotel; even if there isn’t any need for one, he’s still stuck in his ways. He provides goods—both from the remains of his ship and what he can find in the Hotel—for whatever they can be traded for: Jojo’s jewels, Voidfeather’s feathers (both of which he repurposes into trinkets and baubles that he can resell), even sexual favors. When the Hotel establishes contacts with other planets, Squishy can also head out to procure even more items that he can sell or that the other residents need; though he may be reluctant to go to some planets/galaxies, due to the circumstances below.
  157. > Being a shady, deceitful businessman, Squishy’s done his fair share of dirty dealings and screwing people over. However, he eventually pissed off the wrong person, and ended up with an entire planetary Merchant’s Guild out for his head. He fled with everything he had, both to find a place to start over and to escape the bounty hunters being sent after him.
  158. > The story of how he crashed into the Hotel varies every time he tells it, but one common theme is being ambushed by a fleet of bounty hunters and shot down. He’s just grateful that both he and most of his merchandise survived. Once he’s able to set up his shop, and as long as he can make his deals and do his business, he’ll be a happy slug.
  159. > He may not be very well liked by the residents, but he can provide them with what they need; materials and tech for Nito’s projects, upgrades and materials to repair Synthboi, varieties of alien alcohol for the Bar, etc. May take advantage of the more naïve/unintelligent characters, and may become the target of pranks from Luke as a result.
  162. >Black, the space hydra
  163. > An unspecified, reptilian, long-necked alien. They were separate at birth and triplets, but were surgically joined together to look similar to that of a hydra.
  164. > Three heads sharing a body, odd, bright colors, a psychologically-damaged mess. They're all shy and reserved to the point of hiding their emotions. They strongly believe they're murderers. Though, they do change for the better under the right circumstances.
  165. > Physical appearance is three-headed, and sharing colors from the CMYK model, they're quite eye-catching. They're also quite chubby and generally pretty out-of-shape. The right head lacks an eye, due to a struggle with a patient that had... violent results.
  166. > Medical department definitely. All three heads share extensive biological knowledge. They are determined to never take another life for as long as they live.
  167. > They were scientists in this space ship that does science. One job they've always got is administering euthanasia. Got a "people problem"? Just get them. This job alone fucked them up tremendously, as some folks aren't quite willing to die. One day, they were sifting through files and found stuff about them, how they weren't always conjoined, how they were a living science experiment. They decided to run away, hoping they wouldn't wake up again. They arrived at the Hotel.
  168. > Oh when they arrive they're fucked. The revelation is still fresh in their mind, and they're just fucking out of it entirely. When they recover and flourish, they're dramatically different than what they were like when they first entered the doors of the Hotel. They learned to actually enjoy themselves, and they develop a sort of "to hell with them" attitude about the ship they once worked in. They decide to not wallow in misery, there's much better things to do in life than that. They do have moments of harsh recollection and consistent nightmares though.
  169. > Needs therapy badly. Doesn't fully realize how he needs a friend with whom he can open up.
  170. > Forms a strong bond with Asterion (because both have been dealt a bad hand by people playing god) and Luke (both have dealt with loss and having killed people.)
  171. > The middle head, Magenta, controls the body and is on the brink of collapse.
  172. > Yellow, the right head, is the more cynical and rougher head.
  173. > Cyan, the left head, still has some optimism on him.
  177. >Voidfeather, the raven from the Void<
  178. Note: You can do whatever with the backstory, mate.
  180. Maybe he appears as an unassuming young adult form?
  181. Maybe a raven with eyes such a deep and unnatural blue-green it hurts to look at
  182. >is genuinely nice, wants to see everyone do their best
  183. >can tap into the void and bring out anything he wants from anywhere he can think of
  184. >absolutely should not exist
  185. >likes doing an exist anyway
  186. >addicted to smoking matter (cigarettes)
  187. >is calm no matter what
  188. >is afraid of spiders
  189. >has no morality, if you tell him to do something he will do it to the T.
  190. >be specific around him as he doesn't understand body language of any kind
  191. >likes pleasing his "meat friends"
  192. >does that in sometimes very lewd ways sometimes
  193. >can summon chains or tentacles from the void at will
  194. >can survive in the void
  195. >likes to lay on his favourite "livies" and listen to their heartbeat and breathing
  196. >does this at any time
  197. >you may wake up with his beak resting on your chest, those icy, unnaturally blue eyes staring directly into yours
  198. >his eyes glow in the dark
  199. >enjoys the name "void-feather"
  200. >he speaks as if he knows more than he lets on, because he does
  201. >loves angel-cake
  202. >1000000000000% bottom because he likes feeling the heartbeat of peens inside his "flesh"
  203. Note: His feathers absorb light. He's jet-black. Like, vantablack black.
  204. Note: I assume he's 4 feet tall, kinda like a shortstack but not D U M M Y  T H I C C
  205. It's kinda cute seeing such a frightening creature assume a childlike form. Well... He's young by eldritch creature standards (Or at least he ACTS young)
  207. >voidfeather uses his scary accurate knowledge of anatomy to massage people
  208. >for his size he's surprisingly strong so he can really get to the deep tissues
  209. >can adjust his height for any sized patron, although the larger he gets the thinner he looks due to not understanding you have to scale your weight aswell
  210. >his massaging room is located right next to asterion's bathhouse
  211. >keeps it dimly lit, using weird candles that burn black and produce darkness instead of light
  212. >the warm air and warmer birb makes for a relaxing atmosphere
  213. >sometimes gets a little too into it, insisting on loosening the muscles on the inside of their body
  214. >does this using tentacles summoned from the void
  215. >very much enjoys the sensation of being inside a living creature, feeling the heartbeat on his tentacles and under his fingers
  216. >if they struggle he uses his second ability, by staring directly into the creatures eyes for a full minute the splitting headache turns into a hypnotic trance
  217. >those caught in this trance will not notice anything he does to them, instead being captivated by the void blue
  218. >he enjoys restraining and forcing this state onto luke, who's been hentai'd multiple times but has no idea due to the effect of voidbirbs stare
  219. >on the job he'll ask about a "happy ending"( he has no idea what it is but most of the time the creature seems to be aroused when they would ask him so now he just asks everyone)
  220. >if they accept they get hentai'd until they either pass out or cum
  221. >if not, he just waves goodbye and lets them gather their things
  223. >kota still complains about his ass hurting after luke decided to get a eldritch entity drunk
  224. >no amount of struggling let anyone escape that night
  227. >Alexander, a more traditional Eldritch horror
  229. > What is this character's species/race?
  230. > ...something. Eldritch horrors known for having some control over dimensions and sending their unfortunate prey to pocket dimensions for easy feasting.
  231. > Being one of the more... objective ugly-looking characters in the Hotel. As far as personality is concerned, he's actually really nice and genuinely cheerful for a star-spawned horror. Sometimes it feels like he tries to hard to get people to like him, though. He also speaks using a LOT of big words. As for physical description, imagine something like pic related but more on the humanoid side. A bit more on the traditional side regarding eldritch creatures. He uses two large tentacles near his bottom to walk, and two large tentacles to act as hands, kinda like he's trying to pass for a human. His face has lots of beady eyes and a maw full of sharp teeth. Of course, there's tentacles here and there on him, like some mimicking a beard, also referencing illithids.
  232. > What can he do in the Hotel as his job?
  233. > Gardener. He wants to show that even the creepiest-looking folks can be sweet, and I guess his best way of showing that is by tending to flowers and plants.
  234. > The Hotel takes in people who are lost, have nowhere to go, who are left wandering or are not missed. Why is this character lost?
  235. > His home once was a very... meaty dungeon. But, he grew quite tired of the mindless polyps and the raving cultists that worship him, so he left in search of a new home with actual fucking people to befriend. During his travels, he caught this odd signal, a signal indicating there is someone like him wandering. That signal happens to be Voidfeather, whom he follows out of curiosity.
  236. > Most people who arrive at the Hotel are hurting in some shape or form. How does he arrive at the Hotel, and how will he be once he's had some time to recover and flourish?
  237. > Dude's just fucking tired desu
  238. > Like, he's been relentlessly worshipped by cultists, and has given far too many fleshy blessings courtesy of a THING for his liking. You'd think being worshipped is a good thing, but he's sick of it. Dude can't have any fucking privacy without eldritch paparazzi swarming him. He's not even much of a Crawling Chaos, just a mere taste of the horrors of the stars.
  239. He just wants a friend or two.
  240. > What does he need to flourish? Will Anon, Asterion or the staff have to do something to get him going? (This is kind of a plus, as I can make a quest out of this character.)
  241. > Someone who likes him despite the fact that he's a interdimensional abomination. Thankfully he met Voidfeather during their travels, but he also desires affection from mortal hands. I feel like him and Luke would, eh, do stuff. (*Slaps roof of Luke* This baby can fit so many tentacles in it), perhaps he admires some of the more deity-esque characters, as he was seen like one too.
  242. > How does this character relate to other characters?
  243. > Again, he admires the deities. He kinda realizes he hasn't had it nearly as bad as some of the other folks in the Hotel and strives to be as nice as he can to them.
  244. > Try and describe a funny/endearing/captivating moment for your character.
  245. > He's a great hugger?
  246. > I dunno honestly, you're the fucking best at moments like those
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