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  1. a freddy mercury esqe sea of sex drugs and AIDS. for the argument that drugs are evil -- psycilosybin and mescaline are failed poisons,
  3. designed to deter eating move of the species, whether impossible due to death (as intended) or thru psychical and psychological torture --
  5. venom of the self and psyche. to be avoided. ego death... the drug pounds you into submission and takes over you, like a parasitic worm
  7. causing a worm to crawl to a bird so that the parasite can make it to its next host. salvia was propigated by humans, like a nectar. perhaps
  9. tribal rituals are to teach that we are just animals, we can get eaten alive. in society we have mthods of cornering that niche with jails
  11. and the death penalty. nature is brutal. we have a unique version of what exists everywhere. in the giant machine of the brain, drugs are out
  13. of place nuts and bolts. the rube goldberg machine is ruined. they are computer viruses, designed to interfere with basic life processes. and
  15. they are colorful. luring on the weakest members like a lion targeting a calf.... the lame: the depressed, the otherwise mentally unsound,
  17. the young..... they make the insane sound rational, they make us sound insane. jesus was probably schizophrenic anyway. your brain creates
  19. visuals, a script, a code, that repeats the same function into infinity..... those shapes are your mind skipping like a scratched CD. an
  21. intense and intricate formula made into nonsense. unreal numbers to our brain's math, chemistry. art is a result of creativity, of talent
  23. awarded only because we are tortured to create imagery, anti smoking ads of life, warnings to allow others to not follow our lead.
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