Outline For WITCH Hyper-preg fic

Nov 9th, 2019
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  1. Outline for WITCH hyper-preg + weight gain fic
  2. Focus on description, character intetaction and the girl's reaction to their changing bodies. Be as detailed, explicit and messy as possible.
  3. Character notes- Will tries to keep calm no matter what happens, Irma is weirded out at first but eventually starts to roll with things, Taranee is scared by what's happening to everyone, Cornelia treats the whole thing as a nuisance and Hay Lin doesn't take anything seriously
  5. Chapter 1 (equal focus on everyone)- On Halloween night, the girls watch a scary movie at Cornelia’s place. The movie’s plot is all over the place and involves a hospital with homicidal staff, a serial killer in the woods, a house haunted by demons, a zombie apocalypse in a city, and an alien spaceship. After the movie ends, they discuss the video and go to sleep on Cornelia’s couch. While everyone sleeps tentacles emerge from the TV and impregnate them.
  7. Chapter 2 (mostly about Will)- A few days after the movie, Will is experiencing morning sickness. After the vomiting stops, she prepares for school. Will notices that she’s put on some weight, with most of it settling in her belly. Before she leaves home,Will stuffs herself at breakfast, and this worries her Mom. At school, she runs into Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin throughout the day. Will notices that her friends have also gained weight, but says nothing.
  9. Chapter 3(Irma focused)- Irma wakes up in the middle of the night due to pain in her swollen feet. She is beset by hunger pangs and goes to raid the fridge. As Irma is eating, she notices that her bathrobe is wet in the chest area and realizes that she’s lactating. Freaked out, Irma waddles back to her bedroom and calls Will. During the phone call, Will reveals that she’s been eating in her sleep and experiencing lactation as well. Both girls decide to keep this a secret between them.
  10. Note- Size reference: from chapters 4-6 the girls look overdue with twins and plump.Some girls are slightly fatter than the others.
  11. Chapter 4(Taranee focused)- In math class, Taranee thinks about how much she and her friends have changed during the past few days. They’ve grown visibly fat, with large bellies and swollen breasts. She is sure that rumors are spreading throughout school. While Taranee worries, she dozes off and has an odd dream. She dreams that she and her friends are trapped in an underground hive, grossly fat and ridiculously pregnant. Then their bellies burst open one by one.
  12. Taranee wakes up yelling, disrupting the class. She apologizes to everyone and attempts to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, she’s stuck in her seat due to her belly and requires some assistance getting up. On her way to the toilet, Taranee encounters Will and Hay Lin in the hall raiding vending machines to satisfy their hunger. They chat for a bit about their changing bodies and exchange snacks. Taranee continues to the bathroom and finds Irma there. Irma comforts a distraught Taranee and reveals that she’s been producing milk. Taranee becomes curious, and Irma offers to show her. Things start to get intimate when Cornelia( who is nearly bursting out of her clothes) waddles in. She suggests that they get a room.
  14. Chapter 5(Cornelia focused)- That afternoon, Cornelia is in her bedroom, desperately trying to find something that still fits. After putting on several different sets of clothes and examining her fat body in the mirror, she realizes that now is a good time for a shopping trip. Cornelia heads into town and visits several clothing stores. Much to her horror and embarrassment, she’s too big to fit into any of the clothes offered. Desperate, Cornelia visits a maternity clothing store and finds some clothing that might fit.
  15. While in the fitting room of the maternity clothing store, Cornelia is overwhelmed by sudden horniness and tries to satisfy her urge. Unfortunately, her belly is in the way. To make matters worse, her breasts start leaking, and the untimely arrival of a salesperson makes things awkward. Ashamed, Cornelia rushes out of the store and waddles back home. She gorges on a carton of ice cream and does some online shopping for sexy maternity clothes(the ones at the store were a bit too plain for her refined tastes).
  17. Chapter 6(Hay Lin focused)- Working at her grandma’s restaurant, Hay Lin has a hard time. She can’t move very fast due to how much weight she’s gained, and her belly keeps bumping into people and knocking stuff off tables. After dealing customers who are angry about the slow service, Hay Lin decides to take advantage of her stomach’s size. She starts carrying plates of food on top of her gut to serve the patrons faster. This leads to more satisfied customers and extra tips for Hay Lin.
  18. Later on, Hay Lin is overcome by cravings and starts eating food off the patron's plates. She manages to hide her snacking at first, but her grandma catches her in the act, confiscates her tips, and sends Hay Lin home early. On the way home, Hay Lin finds herself becoming aroused for some reason and needs relief. She bumps into Will(to be more precise, their bellies bump into each other), and they compare sizes. Once the size comparisons are over, Hay Lin explains her situation to Will and Will reveals that she’s been feeling horny too. They use magic to conceal themselves and get intimate. As things progress between them, Hay Lin discovers Will’s lactation and is slightly jealous.
  19. Note- Size reference-At the start of chapter 7 the girls are fat with quad sized bellies. They get bigger in later chapters.
  20. Chapter 7(equal focus on everybody)- As the days pass, the WITCH girls grow fatter and more pregnant. Rumors start to spread throughout the school, and they are called to the principal’s office. The principal accuses them of being involved in a pregnancy pact, which they deny. Their principal doesn’t believe them, threatens suspension, and attempts to call their parents. Before the call can be made, the girl's bellies begin to grow. This shocks everyone in the office, and the girls use magic to wipe the memories of the principal and the secretary.
  21. With one threat dealt with, they sneak out of school and try to plan their next move. Sudden hunger pangs wrack their bodies, and they decide to head to the mall’s food court to get something to eat(can’t visit Hay Lin’s family restaurant because school is still in session and awkward questions would be asked). At the mall, the girls give in to their cravings and make a huge scene, consuming large amounts of food. Their bodies swell even more during the meal, and Will, Irma, and Cornelia start leaking milk. Each girl experiences a strange, erotic vision.
  22. Once everyone comes to their senses, they realize that a large crowd has gathered. Feeling embarrassed, the girls erase the memories of everyone in the food court and waddle to Cornelia’s mansion to regroup.
  24. Chapter 8(equal focus on everybody)- At Cornelia’s mansion, the girls try to figure out what’s happening to them while dealing with horniness and hunger. As they try and fail to pleasure themselves and each other, Will notices movement in their bellies, causing everyone to freak out. Taranee recalls that all of their troubles started after they watched the weird movie on Halloween night. They research the video on the internet and discover a string of unusual disappearances linked to it. Apparently, the women who watched it gained vast amounts of weight and found themselves pregnant before vanishing into thin air.
  26. The girls realize that the video is respinsible for their current predicament and after some debate, decide to use magic to enter the video. They start rewatching the video and preparing the spell that will transport them inside. Halfway through the incantation, the video starts acting up and temtacles burst from the screen. Before the girls can react, the tentacles drag them into the screen.
  27. Note- From chapter 9 and on, the girls start experiencing mobility issues and rapid weight gain + belly expansion. Size reference- sextuplet sized bellies and obese bodies at the start of each individual chapter with growth throughout. Their powers also start to weaken.
  28. Chapter 9(focus on Will)- When Will regains consciousness, she finds herself in a hospital bed, fatter and more pregnant than before.Will also realizes that metal restraints are holding her down. At first, Will thinks that she'll escape easily since her abilities are based on electromagnetism. However, Will discovers that her magnetism has weakened and removing the restraints is more difficult than she imagined. Making matters worse, her belly and body are growing at an alarming rate.
  29. Once Will finally manages to free herself from the restraints, she discovers that her mobility has decreased.Getting off the bed is a long, painful struggle and when she finally manages to stand up, demonic looking doctors and nurses enter the room and attack her.
  30. Will fends them off with electricity, but her attacks are not as powerful as usual.Somehow, she manages to escape the room and slowly waddles towards the elevator. Once Will enters the elevator, she realizes that it's not working and tries to start it with electricity. When that doesn't work, Will realizes that the stairs are her only option and returns to the hallway, where she is confronted by more doctors and nurses.
  32. Chapter 10(focus on Irma)-When Irma regains consciousness, she finds herself in a forest and starts searching for the others. During her trek through the forest, Irma finds thay moving around is becoming increasingly difficult.She has shortness of breath and must rest every few minutes between waddles.
  33. Irma eventually stumbles on a car and catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror.She realizes that she's been growing fatter and more pregnant since her arrival in the forest. Irma also realizes that there's a dead body in the car. Soon after, a killer crawls out of the trunk and attacks Irma.
  34. Irma tries to use her water powers on the killer, but only manages to create a small puddle. She flees, still growing and leaking milk everywhere. The killer pursues her to a lake. Exhausted,Irma collaspes and sees an opportunity. She uses the lake's water to attack and drown the killer. As Irma struggles back to her feet, two more killer step out of the woods.
  36. Chapter 11(focus on Taranee)-Taranee finds herself in an abandoned city.She is wracked by hunger pangs and starts searching for food. Eventually,Taranee stumbles on a seemingly abandoned corner store and breaks in. She gorges herself on chips, sweets and soda. As Taranee stuffs herself, she realizes that she's growing but can't stop eating.
  37. During her meal, Taranee realizes that zombies are breaking into the corner store.Since she can barely move, Taranee uses her fire powers to defend herself. Her flames do some damage but aren't close to full power.
  38. As the zombies surround her Taranee tries to escape through the backdoor but gets stuck on her way out.
  40. Chapter 12(Cornelia focused)-Cornelia awakens in a creepy mansion. As she waddles through the halls, searching for a way out, the floor breaks under her weight and she falls into a room filled with mirrors.Cornelia is shaken by her reflection which reveals how obese and pregnant she has become.
  41. Her attempts to escape the mirror filled room are complicated by her own growing body and the walls closing in. Desperate to escape, Cornelia uses her own weight as a weapon to break the floor again. She falls down to a stone cellar. There, Cornelia is attacked by some monsters. She uses her earth manipulation to defend herself but things are complicated by her limited mobility and expanding everything.
  43. Chapter 13(Hay Lin focused)-Hay Lin awakens in a cargo room. Realizing that she's a lot heavier tham before and still swelling, Hay Lin sucks in her gut and barely manages to squeeze through.In the hallway, she discovers a window an realizes that she's on a spaceship.
  44. Thinking that the best thing to do is figuring out how to land the spaceship, Hay Lin goes exploring. During her search, she starts thinking that she's being watched and is feeling horny. Annoyed, Hay Lin decides to put on a show for her stalkers but has a hard time due to her increasing weight and growing belly.
  45. Exhausted by the walk and failed attempts at pleasuring herself, Hay Lin decides to rest.However, some aliens show up. Hay Lin uses her wind powers on them but she only manages to knock them back a few feet.
  46. Hay Lin waddles away with the two aliens on her trail.She takes refuge in a room that appears to be a kitchen. Feeling hungry, she tries some alien food.It tastes disgusting but Hay Lin is compelled to eat all of it due to her cravings. The aliens break down the door and corner her.
  47. Note- Size reference-The girls should have octo-mom sized bellies and be morbidly obese by the time of their reunion. Weight gain, belly expansion and mobility issues intensify with contractions throughout the last few chapters.
  48. Chapter 14(focus on everyone)- Back at the hospital,Will has managed to reach the first floor despite the efforts of the nurses and doctors, who are still pursuing her. In a last ditch effort to shake them, she unleashes a powerful electric blast which takes down all of her pursuers.Completely powerless, Will heaves her ever-growing bulk out the door.
  49. Confronted by two more killers, Irma attempts to use the lake's water to drown them like the last one. She lacks the power to do so and changes tactics.Irma lures them into puddles created by her last water attack and uses the last bit of her power to freeze them.
  50. Surrounded by zombies and stuck in the door, Taranee uses all of her remaining power to burn down everything in sight.Once the zombies are gone and she's no longer stuck, Taranee heads off to find her friends.
  51. Pissed off at the current situation and the loss of her figure, Cornelia sets off an earthquake, bringing down the mansion on top of the monsters.She uses the last of her power to dig herself out of the rubble.
  52. On the verge of being captured by aliens, Hay Lin decides to put her stomach's increased size to use.She starts sucking up all the air inside of the spaceship, causing the aliens to suffocate. Shortly after the last alien dies, the spaceship starts falling to the ground amd crashes. Hay Lin survives the crash mostly due to her excess fat.
  53. Chapter 15(focus on everyone)- After leaving the hospital, Will stumbles on a crashed spaceship and Hay Lin crawls out. They attempt to hug, but their waistlines are too big for that.In the distance they see a massive fire and head in that direction.
  54. As Taranee waddles away from the burning building, she feels the earth shaking and Cornelia emerges from underground. They talk for a bit and go looking for the others.
  55. Meanwhile, Irma had finally returned to civilization and rests her heavy body on a bench. Soon the other girls arrive and banter is exchanged, mostly about how fat and pregnant they've all become. They all try to sit on the bench but it breaks under their combined weight.
  56. Pinned to the ground by the combined weight of their bellies and bodies, the girls experience contractions for the first time. As they struggle to get back up, the tentacles appear again and drag them underground.
  57. Chapter 16( focus on everyone)-When the girls regain consciousness, they are in an underground hive filled with immobile women fatter and more pregnant than they are. Taranee recognizes some of them as the women who disappeared after watching the video. The tentacles penetrate the girls again and they grow fatter, more pregnant and become immobile. Despite themselves, the girls enjoy the experience.
  58. Once the tentacles disappear again, they begin working out a plan to save themselves and the other women by reversing the incantation they were attempting to use earlier. By reversing the incantation, they might return the women trapped in the movie(and themselves) to reality.
  59. As the spell is being cast, the tentacles return and attempt to stop them.The WITCH girls barely manage to complete the incantation, narrowly avoiding getting penetrated by the tentacles again.
  60. They find themselves back at Cornelia's mansion, still obese, immobile and hyper-pregnant. Their water breaks and contractions follow.
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