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  1. name: DRoller
  2. main: kforte318.DRoller.DRoller
  3. version: 1.0
  4. author: Kevin Forte
  5. database: true
  6. description: Handles d20 system dice rolls.
  7. commands:
  8.   roll:
  9.     description: Returns a random integer from 1 to the integer defined in the argument.
  10.     usage: |
  11.   rollhide:
  12.     description: Tells only the player that issued the command the result of the roll.
  13.     usage: |
  14.   rollskill:
  15.     description: Sets the value modifier of a skill.
  16.     usage: |
  17.   skill:
  18.     description: Sets the value of your skills.
  19.     usage: |
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