Oppai Loli Daycare

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  1. You’d just gotten off the bus from school. Luckily, you’d managed to finish today’s homework on the bus ride, which meant you had the whole afternoon to goof off until your parents picked you up. Candice, the echidna that ran your daycare was on the street to greet you and lead you inside. “By the way,” she mentions as she slithers alongside you, “we have a new girl with us today. She’s a little shy, and I’m worried she hasn’t made any friends yet. Would you be willing to play with her? I’m sure you can get her to open up.”
  3. “With a girl?” you complained, making a face and sticking out your tongue to properly express your distaste.
  5. “Please? For me?” she asked sweetly, batting her eyelashes at you. She knew you had a crush on her, and she never failed to exploit that fact. You just couldn’t refuse her when she started making eyes at you.
  7. “Alright, I guess I can play with her for a little bit today,” you grumble, turning your face to make sure she can’t see you blushing, “but she’ll have to make her own friends after that!”
  9. “Aww, you’re so sweet!” She takes a moment to wrap you up in a quick hug, and you relish the feeling of her body pressing against your own. The moment is fleeting however, as she pulls away and heads into her small home that serves as the daycare center. “Oh Hana,” she calls, “I’ve got someone who wants to meet you.”
  11. You don’t notice her at first, as you’re busy stashing away your backpack, but you hear what sounds like the clopping of hooves. When you turn back there is a small girl about your age standing next to Candice. Her legs are covered in a light coat of fur, and end in cloven hooves. Small horns peak out of her light blonde hair. All of this however is second to perhaps her most remarkable feature, her incredibly large chest. She sported easily the largest pair of breasts you’d ever seen. They were even bigger that Candice’s, and on her small frame they just seemed all the more enormous. They were only just contained by a large cow print top and a pair of suspenders that held up her loose fitting jeans. She shifts nervously as you stared at her, peering back at you with large blue eyes.
  13. “Hana,” Candice speaks, snapping you back to reality, “this is Anon. Don’t be nervous, he’s really very nice.” She takes the opportunity to nudge you forward with her tail.
  15. “Uh- yeah! Candice told me you were new here. I’m Anon. I’ll show you around.” You offer her your hand in a greeting.
  17. “H-Hana,” she replies, lightly taking hold of your hand, and gracing you with a small smile, “It’s nice to meet you, Anon.”
  19. You spend most of the afternoon with Hana. Playing outside on the slide or the swings Candice had in her backyard. When it got too warm out, you both came in for some popsicles and video games. Although she may have been shy at first, she was quick to warm up to you and even the other kids. Before long she was making plenty of friends. Before long, your parents arrived to take you home. You were saying goodbye to the other kids when Hana runs up to you and clutches you in a tight hug, pressing her expansive chest into you. “Thanks for playing with me,” she says, with a bright smile, “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.” You play it cool by giving her a pat on the back and telling her you’ll be back. This did not, however, stop your parents from teasing you about your new “girlfriend” the entire car ride home.
  21. The next day Hana was waiting with Candice at the bus stop to greet you. The little holstaur wasted no time in pulling you into a tight hug. “My my, you two sure are getting along nicely,” Candice remarked as you all walked back to her house. Hana seemed quite clingy that day. She still played games with the other children, but whenever she had a free moment, she was by your side, and she kept hugging you, always pressing her breasts against you.
  23. It’s not that you didn’t like her. She was alright, for a girl. But you needed your space! In a brilliant plan to put some distance between the two of you, you propose a game of hide and seek. Hana is quick to agree, eager to play any sort of game with you. You tell her she’s it for this round, and quickly explain the rules. She closes her eyes and starts counting while you run off to your favorite hiding spot, a small patch between the fence and the shrubs at the side of the house. It was spacious enough to relax in, but covered enough that no one ever thought to look there.
  25. Content in your isolation, you pull out your Gameboy and start playing a few games, with the sound off, of course. No more than 10 minutes into your game you hear the clopping of hooves and the rustling of leaves. You look up from your handheld just in time to see the smiling face of the busty holstaur girl peering down at you. Before you have a chance to react, she leaps forward, wrapping her arms around your neck and tackling you to the ground. “Found you!” she exclaims cheerily, giggling as you both tumble to the ground.
  27. “Yeah yeah, now let go, and I’ll start counting.” You try to get up, but the little cow girl only clings tighter to you.
  29. “Mm-mm, I don’t wanna! Not until you give me a prize for winning,” she retorts. You ask her what kind of prize she wants. She blushes a bit before saying, “I want…a kiss!”
  31. “What? No way!” You refuse immediately. You couldn’t start kissing girls. Your friends would never let you hear the end of it. “It ain’t happening! No way, no how!” Hana takes advantage of your little rant to sneak in a quick peck on your cheek. You freeze for a moment in shock, before starting your rant anew, Hana giggling like a goblin all the while. Seizing the opportunity, she sneaks in another kiss, this time on your lips, and this time she doesn’t pull away. You struggle for a moment, but she’s far stronger than she looks, and she holds you down with ease.  Eventually you calm down and actually focus on the sensations of the kiss. Her lips are small, but quite soft, and you feel her tiny tongue prodding at your lips.
  33. Soon you begin to feel a swelling in your shorts. It was the same kind you felt when you found the magazines your brother keeps under his bed. Hana seemed to notice it too, as she pulled back with a look of surprise on her face. “It’s swelling,” she says worriedly, placing a hand on your crotch, “Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Tears start to well up in her eyes at the idea that she might have injured you. “I’ll make it better! I promise!” She hurriedly pulls your shorts down, exposing your erection.
  35. Both your faces are beet red at this point, but Hana seems determined to administer whatever aid she can offer. “Pain, pain, go away,” she chants before giving the head of your dick a soft kiss. Unfortunately all this does is make it twitch with excitement. She jolts back in surprise, but never takes her eyes off your crotch.
  37. “It’s not getting any better at all… maybe a massage will help.” She swiftly grabs your penis with her small hands and begins fondling and gently kneading it. It certainly doesn’t hurt, but it only makes your penis harder, and you start to groan in frustration. “Oh no, that’s too rough, isn’t it?” she asks, pulling her hands away, “Well…I think I have an idea, but…don’t stare too much, okay?”
  39. Showing bashfulness that you hadn’t seen from her since you were introduced yesterday, she undoes her suspenders, and pulls up her cow print top, revealing her large, soft breasts. She carefully takes one in each hand and gently envelopes your boyhood in her cleavage. “Does that feel any better, Anon?” You gasp at the sensation, but manage to form words, telling her that is feels incredible. “Really? Oh thank goodness!” She exclaims, relieved. Egged on by your words, she starts moving her breasts up and down your shaft, faster and faster with each passing second. “I’m so happy my breasts make you feel better. I was so worried you were hurt. And I want to help you feel better because… I love you, Anon.”
  41. Her confession was the final straw. You could no longer bear the stimulation she was giving you, and you respond with a small gasp, and orgasming between her breasts, filling her cleavage with semen. Your penis soon shrinks back to normal size, and you both lay together in the afterglow.
  43. After a few minutes you both go back to the house, and luckily, manage to sneak to the bathroom to clean up without Candice noticing. That evening when your parents pick you up, Hana bids you farewell, this time with a hug and a kiss. Your parents tease you again about your girlfriend, but you don’t seem to mind as much. And in the days after that, your secret hiding spot becomes a regular meeting place for you and Hana.
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