Are You Winning, Sun? (SS, Celestia, Anon) [RGRE]

Nov 28th, 2020
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  1. > You are Sunset Shimmer in the checkout line at the grocery store, two bottles of wine for the drunk Maria Kart stream you and Anon will be doing tonight
  2. > You turn as you hear a divider hit the conveyor belt
  3. > Principal Celestia looks utterly worn out, setting down her purchases
  4. > A bottle of the same wine you are buying, a carton of cookie-dough ice cream, and a pizza lunchables
  5. > You think back to Anon's homemade pizza, leftovers still out on the counter right now
  6. "Good evening, Principal Celestia."
  7. > The woman blinks, then musters a polite smile
  8. > "Oh, hello, Sunset. How have you been?"
  9. > You have never known how to interact with someone so much like your teacher, yet without Princess Celestia's millennia of gathered wisdom
  10. > But your herding instincts are telling you that this mare, no, woman would be a dependable herd-sister and desperately needs the dick you have been getting
  11. "It's been great, I was able to quit my day-job and play video games on Twatch with my boyfriend full time. We're actually going to play drunk Maria Kart on tonight's stream."
  12. > Celestia smiles more genuinely now
  13. > "I'm glad you're able to follow your passions, that sounds like a lot of fun."
  14. > You nod happily
  15. "I am having a blast. Say, would you like to join us tonight? Maria Kart is more fun with more players, and Anon made some truly delicious pizza."
  16. > Celestia seems blindsided by the invitation
  17. > "I, uh, wouldn't want to intrude on your time with your boyfriend."
  18. > You shake your head
  19. "Don't worry about that, I spend plenty of time with him. If you don't mind me saying, you look like you could use an evening of fun and games to unwind. What do you say?"
  20. > Celestia lets out a helpless little laugh
  21. > "You might be right about that. Are you sure your boyfriend wouldn't mind?"
  22. > You grin
  23. "Trust me, he's going to love you."
  24. > Celestia looks skeptical, but shrugs
  25. > "In that case, I'll go with you."
  26. > You beam at her
  27. "I can't wait! This is going to be so much fun."
  30. > You pull into your driveway and grab your grocery bags as you get out of your car
  31. > Celestia parks by the street then power walks to join you at the door
  32. > You open it and call out
  33. "Babe, I'm back! And I've got a surprise for you!"
  34. > You walk in and kick off your shoes
  35. > You hear footsteps as Celestia bends over to take off her wedge pump shoes
  36. > Anon rounds the corner
  37. > "Is it more horse st-"
  38. > You smirk as you see his eyes glance at Celestia's tuf- cleavage as she straightens up
  39. "Anon, this is Principal Celestia. I ran into her at the grocery store and persuaded her to join us."
  40. > Celestia smiles sheepishly
  41. > "I hope I'm not intruding."
  42. > Anon shakes his head
  43. > "Not at all, it's nice to meet you after hearing so much from Shimmy. Come on in, have some pizza, make yourself at home."
  44. > You walk into the kitchen and set the wine bottles on the table
  45. > Celestia hesitates
  46. > "I have some ice cream here, mind if I put it in your freezer for later?"
  47. > Anon accepts the proffered bag
  48. > "Sure thing. Oh, cookie dough? Matrician taste."
  49. > Celestia smiles and puts her bottle of wine on the table too
  50. > You pat her on the back
  51. "I'll be setting things up in the front room, come join us once you've eaten."
  52. > Celestia nods
  55. > Anon settles on the middle cushion by you as you adjust the camera pointed at the couch
  56. > "Like, I know you said she was big, but..."
  57. > You smirk
  58. "Majestic, wouldn't you say?"
  59. > Anon laughs
  60. > "That's one way to describe them. So, is there something..."
  61. > He wiggles his fingers significantly
  62. > "Going on?"
  63. > You shake your head
  64. "No, nothing magical. Just thought she could use a break."
  65. > Anon kisses you on the cheek
  66. > "You're sweet."
  67. > You smile
  68. "Only because you give me so much sugar."
  69. > You get a feeling and glance aside
  70. > Celestia stands in the doorway, an awkward smile on her face
  71. > She catches you looking at her and says, "I can come back later, if..."
  72. > You snort
  73. "Get over here and play some Maria Kart, woman."
  74. > It feels weird ordering her around, but she chuckles and sits down on the other end of the couch
  75. > Anon hands her a controller, and you clear your throat
  76. "So, what do you want to use as a nickname while you are on the stream? Assuming you don't want to use your real name."
  77. > She chews on her lip
  78. > "Let's go with Sunny C, I guess."
  79. > You nod
  80. "That'll work. I'll introduce you at the start of the stream, all you really have to do is smile and wave."
  81. > Celestia nods
  82. > "I can do that."
  83. > You wiggle a little to get comfortable, then hit broadcast
  84. > You smile at the camera
  85. “Welcome to Shimmer’s Fold, I’m Shimmer, this is Nonner, and we are joined tonight by Sunny C!”
  86. > Celestia smiles awkwardly and gives a little wave
  87. > Chat immediately overflows with [Who?], [Uh oh, Mom’s home!], and [My husband’s girlfriend came to play vidya…]
  88. > You roll your eyes and pour the wine into three plastic cups
  89. “Tonight we’ll be playing Maria Kart with some additional rules to make it fun. Every time one of us gets hit by a shell, that player takes a sip of wine. After the first bottle is empty, we switch to 150cc for the races. After the second bottle is empty, we’ll be doing battle mode. Got it? Good. Let’s gooooooo!”
  91. > Celestia picks Maria, Anon picks Prince Peach, and you pick Bowsaria to complete the herd you totally ship those three in
  92. > Anon, the sweetie, leans over and teaches Celestia in whispers about the controls
  93. > [Cool-hue boys can’t resist them womanly warm-hue tits]
  94. > [COLONIZED]
  95. > [Better rein him in, Shimmer, you ‘bout to lose your boy]
  96. > You smile to yourself and start reading some of the donations from before the stream
  97. “SparkleSpackle donated 400 bits and said, ‘Keep up the good work, love to see you two bicker and play.’ Thanks, Spackle, it’s fun for us too.”
  98. > A few more donations later, and Celestia is ready as she’ll ever be
  99. > You select Little Cup and start the first track
  101. > Celestia is consistently near the bottom, but she’s being a good sport about it
  102. > An unintended side effect is that she doesn’t get hit by shells nearly as much as you and Anon
  103. > So here you are, starting to feel a little buzzed, and slipping on a banana peel
  104. “FUCK!”
  105. > Poor Celestia nearly jumps out of her seat
  106. > Anon just laughs
  107. > “Oh, did a certain someone take my banana hard? Couldn’t handle the girth of my deviousness?”
  108. > You stick your tongue out at him
  109. > He grins
  110. > “Don’t tempt me.”
  111. > You smirk
  112. “Whatever you say, banana boy. I’ll have you peeled and pumped so hard your dad will be calling me mommy.”
  113. > [This is what I came to see, toxic gamer flirting!]
  114. > [Quick nonner, sunny c is turning into a tomato, eat her to heal your damage!]
  115. > [mfw the cow is the cuck lmao]
  117. > Near the end of the second bottle, Celestia has had enough wine to loosen up a bit
  118. > After the last race, she leans forward, unlatching her bra and pulling it out from under her shirt with a sigh
  119. > Anon’s performance never really recovers
  120. > You’re not doing so hot yourself, a blue shell and an unfortunately timed lightning bolt has you working on regaining first place from an AI player
  121. > You hit an item box and hold your breath
  122. > A green shell
  123. > You can work with this
  124. > You start turning for the hairpin turn before the straightaway
  125. > Anon chuckles
  126. > “Golden mushroom, now we’re talking!”
  127. > Seconds later, he groans
  128. > Celestia laughs
  129. > “Sorry Anon, but I’m going to be riding your mushroom to victory!”
  130. > You glance at the track map as you take the turn
  131. > Celestia’s moving up from fifth, to fourth, just barely passing third 3rd
  132. > You still have a comfortable lead on her, especially once the mushroom runs out
  133. “Ride Nonner’s mushroom all you want, I’m still going to win.”
  134. > You hit the the straightaway, line up your shot on the Luigina, and pull the trigger
  135. > The shell rockets forward and strikes true
  136. > You whoop in celebration and comfortably coast to victory
  137. > You lean back against the couch and let out a long, slow breath
  138. “Still got it.”
  139. > Celestia runs her hand through her hair and shakes it out
  140. > “I still can’t believe I got second place, it’s been a decade since I last played Maria Kart.”
  141. > Anon bumps his shoulder against hers
  142. > “It’s like riding a bike, except the bike suddenly has a luggage rack and a hang glider.”
  143. > Celestia chuckles at that
  144. > You check chat as you pull up battle mode
  145. > [While you were mounting my boyfriend, I studied the green shell]
  146. > [Nice shot!]
  147. > [Sunny C is a Boo, she only steals Shimmer’s boyfriend when her back is turned]
  148. > [Damn, Mom’s got some driving skills]
  149. > They ain’t seen nothing yet
  150. > You clear your throat
  151. “For this last round, let’s make it interesting. The first one out has to kiss the winner of the round.”
  152. > Celestia blushes
  153. > “I can’t imagine Anon is okay with that.”
  154. > Anon looks her over and smiles
  155. > “It’ll be fun.”
  158. > [this better not awaken anything in me]
  159. > [He’s joking, right? Right?]
  160. > [Nonners is just being a liberated man, and Shimmer is brave to support him in expressing himself]
  161. > [kek]
  162. > [I was just going to bed, nice to have some schlick material provided live]
  163. > You grin at the older woman
  164. “Ready?”
  165. > She shakes her head
  166. > “I doubt I ever will be. But sure, let’s play.”
  167. > You wait for the green light, then head straight towards Celestia, slamming into her with Bowsaria’s bulk
  168. > Celestia squawks at the loss of the balloon
  169. > “Oh, it’s on!”
  170. > You grin and drive off, running up the ramp and hitting the item box
  171. > A red shell, nice
  172. > Celestia is cruising around the opposite platform, turning towards the bridge with a line of banana peels behind her
  173. > You scoot closer, waiting for the perfect shot
  174. > Right as you pull the trigger, she drops of the platform edge
  175. “Ah, so close.”
  176. > Celestia smirks
  177. > “I’m rusty, not stupid.”
  178. > You head off towards the ground floor boxes, pausing to let two green shells ricochet back down the track
  179. > Anon whoops in triumph
  180. > Celestia groans
  181. > “I’m starting to think you two are ganging up on me.”
  182. > Anon bumps his shoulder into hers
  183. > “Nah, you were just sandwiched between me and Shimmy. It’s practically inevitable that you get mussed up like that.”
  184. > She snorts in good humor
  185. > The next few minutes are marked by close calls, getting hit by an invincible Anon, and laying traps nearly everywhere
  186. > Celestia flees from you up a ramp, then slips on the peel just out of sight
  187. > “FFfffiddlesticks.”
  188. > Anon giggles
  189. > “You can swear on here, you know? Twatch is pretty relaxed about that sort of thing.”
  190. > She shrugs
  191. > “Old habits.”
  192. > Meanwhile, you are parked atop the highest platform with three red shells in orbit, waiting for Anon to drive closer
  193. > You are also keeping an eye on Celestia’s camera, but she seems to be wandering more than anything
  194. > Anon rounds the corner and drives straight into a false item box hidden next to a real one
  195. > “Damn it! I’m too drunk for this crap!”
  196. > Only one balloon left
  197. > You chuckle and cruise closer
  198. > Just as his respawn invulnerability ends, you drop behind him and hit him with a red shell
  199. > Anon leans back with a groan
  200. > “You’re lucky I love you, you cheater.”
  201. > You bump your shoulder into his
  202. “Something something love and war. Now Sunny C, pucker up!”
  203. > She blinks, then licks her lips
  204. > Then she realizes what she just did and blushes
  205. > You lean across Anon’s lap and grab her shoulder
  206. > She lets you pull her towards you, her lips pressed firmly together
  207. > Mmm, you’ll cure her of that eventually
  208. > You give her a quick peck on the lips and let go of her
  209. > Celestia chuckles weakly
  210. > “That wasn’t so bad.”
  211. > Anon grins
  212. > “I rather enjoyed it.”
  213. > You glance at chat
  214. > [Ew gay]
  215. > [Disregard boyfriend acquire girlfriend]
  216. > [aw, beaner kill, not cool]
  217. > [it’s not gay if clits aren’t touching]
  218. > [now kith]
  220. > You are Celestia, playing with your former student and her boyfriend, and having a decent time of it
  221. > After last round, they seem to be chasing each other around the track
  222. > You still aren’t sure how you feel about the whole wager thing, but it’s been a while since you last took stupid bets for dumb prizes
  223. > It’s almost nostalgic
  224. > You pull in behind Shimmer as she and Anon play chicken
  225. > You fire off a full salvo of green shells and are rewarded with a yelp from the young woman
  226. > Of course, you pay for it when Anon activates his star and plows into you
  227. > Should you make an innuendo about that?
  228. “Rein in your boyfriend, Shimmer, you don’t want him plowing into the first woman he sees.”
  229. > Uh
  230. > You may have had a bit more to drink than you thought
  231. > Shimmer chuckles
  232. > “Don’t worry, he always listens to me when I tell him when and when not to plant his seeds.”
  233. > You swallow
  234. > Is it getting hot in here?
  235. > It doesn’t help that you can feel Anon’s warm thigh against yours
  236. > You try to focus more on the game, putting down peels around the item boxes
  237. > You turn a blind corner and Shimmer runs straight into one of your orbiting green shells and loses her last balloon
  238. > You blink
  239. “Ha!”
  240. > Then bomb-Shimmer promptly darts forward and blows you up
  241. > You groan
  242. “That was dumb. I’m dumb.”
  243. > Shimmer cackles
  244. > “Snooze you lose.”
  245. > You start cruising around cautiously, holding a star in reserve
  246. > There!
  247. > You follow Anon around the corner and fire off the two green shells
  248. > He dodges up a ramp, and you are on his tail
  249. > You activate your star as he starts to turn
  250. > He immediately jukes to the side and falls to a lower platform as you shoot past him
  251. > You growl and turn around, but the opportunity is wasted
  252. > You cruise over to the nearby item box
  253. > And promptly get hit with a red shell
  254. > You groan
  255. > Anon chuckles
  256. > “Better luck next time. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a girlfriend to smooch.”
  257. > You smile a little at his cute choice of words, and automatically look over to see
  258. > That is no mere smooch
  259. > He hums with pleasure, frenching Sunset and-
  260. > Is he fondling her boob live on stream?
  261. > You glance nervously at the camera
  262. > Is this legal?
  263. > Anon breaks the kiss with a wet pop and a smug grin
  264. > Does it make you a bad woman for wondering what he would do if he kissed you?
  265. > You look away as Anon and Sunset turn back to the game
  266. > You take a deep, calming breath
  267. > It’s just a game, nothing to get excited about
  268. > Nothing at all
  269. > You gun it up the ramp, hit the item box, and head straight for Anon
  270. > The item indicator settles on red shell just as you land behind him
  271. “Bam!”
  272. > One down!
  273. > Anon yelps
  274. > “Do I feel some killing intent?”
  275. > Your heart is beating like crazy
  276. “You feel some kind of intent, boy.”
  277. > He chuckles
  278. > “I’m in danger. Help me, Shimmy!”
  279. > She just snorts
  280. > “Cry all you want, I’m gunning for you too.”
  281. > You tail Anon to the intersection and turn away after hitting a box
  282. > Got to give a little space, don’t get too greedy
  283. > Banana peels, not the greatest
  284. > You litter them across a bridge and take the next box
  285. > One mushroom
  286. > You can work with this
  287. > You drive up another ramp, swerve around someone else’s banana, and keep an eye on the other two
  288. > Sunset jukes out of the charge of a starred-up Anon, and you drop in behind her
  289. > You hit the mushroom and jet forward, slamming into her bumper
  290. > She goes flying with a squawk and you grin
  291. > Anon growls, “Who put all these bananas here?”
  292. > Your grin widens
  293. > Sunset shakes her head
  294. > “Damn, Sunny’s been sandbagging on us.”
  295. > You jut out your chest
  296. “Ain’t nothing sandy about these bags. It just takes time to swing something so massive around.”
  297. > They laugh, and you feel warm inside
  298. > It’s nice to hang out and trash talk
  299. > You hit the boxes at the intersection and get a nice ring of green shells
  300. > Which do almost nothing when an invincible Sunset drops down and blasts through you
  301. “Hey! How do you keep getting stars?”
  302. > Sunset chuckles
  303. > “Lord Luck likes me more than you.”
  304. > You don’t have a comeback to that, and fire off your last shell out of frustration
  305. > You go up a ramp and hit another box, getting you…
  306. > A single green shell
  307. > Figures
  308. > You hear Anon groan
  309. > “You’re in for it now, Shimmy. You may have taken me out, but I’m taking you down with me!”
  310. > You like these odds
  311. > You cruise up to the highest ring of platforms and spy Sunset driving on the second level, followed by boob-omb Anon
  312. > You shoot your green shell at her, but it misses by a wide margin
  313. > You weave around some bananas to the next box
  314. > Ironically, another line of bananas
  315. > You put them down along a ramp edge and continue to make circuits of the upper ring
  316. > Sunset growls, “Not going through there, n- Hey!”
  317. > Anon raises his arms in triumph
  318. > “I am avenged!”
  319. > You get a red shell from the next box, and start hunting
  320. > From her camera, you can see Sunset is cruising around the second level
  321. > You ease your way down the only clear ramp down
  322. > She rounds the corner and immediately fires three green shells at you
  323. > You slip between them by the thinnest of margins and fire your shell
  324. > Sunset slumps back
  325. > “Aw, fuck. Well, good game, that was pretty tense!”
  326. > You set your controller down and stretch
  327. “Good game, for sure.”
  328. > You glance at the clock
  329. > Is it really so late?
  330. > You sigh reluctantly
  331. “I better get going, I have work in the morning.”
  332. > Sunset makes a disappointed sound
  333. > Anon bumps your shoulder
  334. > “You should really get your prize before you leave.”
  335. > You blink
  336. > Oh yeah
  337. > You turn to face him, feeling a blush coming on
  338. > He leans forward, and warmth blossoms in your gut as you put a hand on his shoulder and kiss him
  339. > The stupid, drunk, horny part of you takes over, and you press your tongue against his lips
  340. > He hums in surprise, but accepts your advance
  341. > You can taste the wine on his tongue as you invade his mouth
  342. > Your hand drifts from his shoulder to grasp the side of his pecs, appreciating the firm muscle of a good househusband
  343. > He hums in pleasure, before breaking the kiss and pulling back
  344. > You sit there, feverishly warm and hungry in a way that bypasses the stomach
  345. > Sunset leans to the side and smirks at you
  346. > “Poggers.”
  347. > Anon groans, and the spell is broken
  348. > You exhale sharply, running your hand through your hair
  349. “Sorry, got kinda carried away there…”
  350. > Anon pats your leg
  351. > “You and me both, sister.”
  352. > Sunset turns to face the camera
  353. > “And on that note, it’s time to fold’em. Good night everybody!”
  354. > Anon waves at the camera and says, “Sweet dreams!”
  355. > You smile sheepishly and wave your hand a little
  356. > Sunset hits a button and closes her laptop
  357. > She turns towards you and Anon with a smirk
  358. > “I think that worked out great. Thanks for coming over, Celestia.”
  359. > You swallow
  360. “My, uh, my pleasure.”
  361. > You stand up and quickly snatch your bra from the coffee table, stuffing it into your pocket
  362. “Thanks for having me over, it was...fun.”
  363. > Anon pats your shoulder
  364. > “It was fun having you over too. Don’t be a stranger, alright?”
  365. > You glance at Sunset, who nods happily
  366. > “Feel free to drop by whenever.”
  367. > You nod, then make your way back to your car
  368. > You sit in the driver’s seat, staring at your trembling hand that actually groped the chest of a young man
  369. > Were they hitting on you?
  370. > Is Sunset into watching her boyfriend cheat on her?
  371. > You feel a weird mix of guilt and excitement, as you drive home
  372. > One thing is for sure, it certainly beats a night of getting drunk and eating junk food
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