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  1. As most of you are aware, Rogue trials was a tournament hosted by @TTrebb, to participate in this tournament you needed to be a sub for the duration of the tournament. Team 99 won the tournament, Team 66 came 2nd, and Instinct came 3rd. During the event MVPs of the week were promised merchandise from @raccoonbrand which they never received. The prizes of the tournament were crowd funded by the community because the Owner of the tournament failed to obtain the "big sponsors" he promised when signing up for the tournament.
  3. I then made a tweet asking what the actual prize was and how come we had been left in the dark about what we were gonna be awarded for winning. I was told the big sponsors didn't want to be involved with the first tournament, which is fair enough. We was told that all the prizes that were going to be given came from. Rogue: "Out of my own pocket".
  5. There was 2 groups of qualifiers, Group A, Group B. both had 75+ players in the qualifiers. Thats 150 subs. 150x3.5 = $525. from people paying to enter thats enough to fund the 1st place team just in itself. I was then informed that @BlitzyTheLegend had donated skins to be given to the winner. He was stated as a "sponsor" for the rogue trials.
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