That Kain't Have Gone Better

May 3rd, 2013
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  2. [22:20:24] <Amaryllis> If Ammy's seen any of these lewd tonberry statues, she's probably been systematically destroying them. :D
  3. [22:20:47] <Natalie> Nat's like attached to Ammy's hip and probably laser beamed some too!
  4. [22:20:52] <Thetina> good luck there's a lot of them. I meant the geohobo thing.
  5. [22:21:50] * Amaryllis is very persistent, and she can probably opus up some silly binocular thing to help find them. In any case, where are we all gonna meet up? At the inn?
  6. [22:22:04] <Natalie> Why not on the beach AGAIN?
  7. [22:22:26] * Lenore checks by the beach because Thetina SURE HAS SPENT A WHILE MAKING TONBERRY STATUES
  8. [22:23:15] * Thetina is passed out in a little sand bed, literally. There's an empty bottle of rum and tub of ice cream next to it.
  9. [22:24:10] * Amaryllis is going through town bringing the Garland statues to life and using them in turn to smash the Tonberry ones. Nat probably tags along just finding amusement with the whole thing. Eventually, her path crosses with Lenore's, and she sighs. "So you did not get through to him any better either?"
  10. [22:24:38] <Lenore> "I think I got him to understand the thing with me, at least, but he was still upset." :/
  11. [22:24:45] * Natalie spent a bit of alone-time - inside her own head - before eventually dragging Ammy, maybe Lenore too (or at least they could've had some words on it), to the beach. Not feeling goofy enough to be in feline form, her ruby's glowing like a Mega Buster.
  12. [22:25:22] <@Kain> Just as long as she's not making that constant humming noise X's buster does.
  13. [22:25:33] <@Kain> ReeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeIIIIIIIIII
  14. [22:25:39] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell." Ammy turns toward another of the Tonberries, and her animated Garland statues begin to smash it apart.
  15. [22:25:59] <@Kain> This is the silliest use of Opus I can think of
  16. [22:26:13] <Thetina> There's also a sketch book laying by the bed with doodles for a planned LEWD CARBUNCLES.
  17. [22:26:21] <Natalie> "Geez, what IS his problem?" Nah it's silent fortunately. Fuck that thing. "I guess I should just tell him the same thing I told Lenny."
  18. [22:27:29] <Natalie> "You know, the whole 'thanks for helping but you don't HAVE to do this' thing."
  19. [22:28:20] <Amaryllis> "I was thinking quite the same. This is why, Nat, I have been so careful to keep our identities secret these ten years. People judge and think different of you, just for what you are."
  20. [22:28:40] * Lenore ends up finding the notebook and hastily closing it before Nat sees it. "Er...well..."
  21. [22:28:47] <Amaryllis> "But, shall we try once more for a happy ending?"
  22. [22:28:55] * Lenore thinks a bit... "I'm not sure what to say, but yeah, sure Ammy!"
  23. [22:28:55] <Thetina> (woah.)
  24. [22:29:23] <Natalie> "Yeah...." She looks down, rubbing her ruby a bit. "But this time I HAVE to be me. And 'sides, it wasn't anyone ELSE who saved Ammy the other day! If not for Geomagix you might've been..."
  25. [22:30:45] <Natalie> "Nnn, this is stupid, I'll use my forehead if I have to!" BREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEoh damnit it CAN make noise. "Let's just get this over with."
  26. [22:30:48] <Amaryllis> "...Then I might've...? As I understand, Ralul had come to bail me out as well, did he not?" Ammy says, then murmurs more quietly "...orIcouldhavewilledthedooropenbut..." She shrugs, then stoops down and forces an antidote down Theta's throat. Gotta be sober for this.
  27. [22:31:16] * Thetina slowly starts to stir, looking up at all of you, sitting up, rubbing the sand from her eyes.
  28. [22:31:18] <Amaryllis> "Lenore, perhaps you should be the one to wake him."
  29. [22:31:22] <Thetina> "Huh..."
  30. [22:31:24] <Natalie> "Nah, she was escaping. There wasn't ANYTHING the rest of us coulda done there."
  31. [22:31:27] * Amaryllis takes a step back so Lenore is the cloest to Theta.
  32. [22:31:42] * Natalie steps in front of Lenore anyway. "Nono, I got this."
  33. [22:31:54] <Natalie> And then tugs lightly on the Genome's tail.
  34. [22:32:04] <Thetina> "..."
  35. [22:32:06] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  36. [22:32:43] <Thetina> "Why is everyone in my bedroom."
  37. [22:32:56] <Thetina> She looks around. "Oh, right."
  38. [22:33:03] <Lenore> "Er..." She tries to stop Nat but gives up. "Oh. Theta, uh, who made you king of the beach?"
  39. [22:33:56] <Natalie> "Really." Dumbuncle handhips. "I just wanna say something."
  40. [22:34:05] <Thetina> "More like Queen Reagent. But...what's up?"
  41. [22:34:52] <Natalie> "Uh, well..." She flushes red a little. "... I couldn't get this far on my mission without your help. Thanks."
  42. [22:35:32] <Natalie> "Buuuut it's not really your problem anymore, right? You have other things to do now, don't you?"
  43. [22:36:28] * Thetina squints. "What gives you proprietary rights to this whole ordeal?"
  44. [22:36:30] * Amaryllis steps back and moment and oversees her statues' clean-up job.
  45. [22:36:53] <Natalie> "I think my Summoner did!"
  46. [22:38:47] <Natalie> "Besides, I dunno exactly what you guys talked about but from what I heard we're pretty much in waaaaay different worlds."
  47. [22:39:13] <Thetina> "You think I don't wanna see both The Glutton, that Lich jerk and his friends and Ayane? And that's crap. Why am I too not entitled to a hand in this when it's just as relevant to all of us?"
  48. [22:39:48] * Lenore grimaces, fidgeting a bit as this talk goes on.
  49. [22:40:16] <Amaryllis> "There is an entire storied history to not just Carbuncle, but to Eidolons as a species, and if you are going to distrust us and ignore that because of a few acts and what you have seen yourself, then I cannot say I wish to continue traveling with you."
  50. [22:40:22] <Natalie> "It's..." Nat rubs her forehead a little. "Um well, it's the same way I feel about Eiko. She deserves to live a happy life without danger, I think... I'm helping the Crystal and the world for people like her."
  51. [22:40:29] <Natalie> "You have things to live for too, yeah?"
  52. [22:40:29] <Amaryllis> "This is, well, it is everything that has caused Nat and I to hide our identities these past ten years."
  53. [22:40:56] * Natalie crosses her arms. "Geez, Ammy, I was gonna get the GOOD parts out of the way first."
  54. [22:41:49] <Amaryllis> "Forgive my lack of patience, Nat."
  55. [22:41:56] <Natalie> "Hehe, 'kay."
  56. [22:42:03] <Lenore> "Y-yeah, Theta at least deserves that if you guys...want to...ditch him..." She says those last two words like it's part of some ancient evil ritual that she might invoke by accident by saying them.
  57. [22:43:17] <Natalie> "FINE, I'll put it this way: I don't know where what'll happen next is gonna lead. And I guess I might've done something wrong...? I dunno."
  58. [22:43:42] <Natalie> "But I want to make sure we're all in this together."
  59. [22:43:53] <Thetina> "...You guys were really gonna leave?"
  60. [22:45:12] <Natalie> "Well.... even if you all said you didn't wanna help I would've had to go beat Kraken up on my own anyway. That's my duty, I can't just not do it!"
  61. [22:45:17] <Lenore> "Well, I didn't want to leave without you, Ammy was really considering it, and Nat...well, she's giving her case."
  62. [22:45:18] <Amaryllis> "I would have followed Nat had she tried to leave on her own, but she knows that well enough."
  63. [22:46:14] <Natalie> "I guess..." She rubs the back of her head. "I'm kinda trying it the human-y way now. Y'know, talking it out. Without my memories I'm still not all that great at it."
  64. [22:47:13] <Natalie> "But it's what Ammy said too- if we don't all totally trust each other, we might not even make it... right?"
  65. [22:48:42] * Natalie walks over to the tonberrywoman. "Ammy's my friend. That stuck even when I DIDN'T remember it- I owe a bunch to her no matter WHAT kind of secrets she had."
  66. [22:49:34] <Natalie> "Lenny..." She marches to the other side. "... Uh, I just found out is probably the second scariest thing ever (at least with the memories I have now), but, she said she'd help me even WHEN I tried to just leave. And I'm happy for that."
  67. [22:49:57] * Thetina looks down and slams a fist into the sand, sending it flying all over the place. "But this is -exactly- what I meant. If you two don't trust ME to be a part of this whole thing how the heck can I reciprocate it? Yes, Nat, your antics drive me nuts and you can be a total buttfor, though I can look past that because you do mean well most the time but why the hell can you not just write my name down?"
  68. [22:50:32] * Natalie flips through her diary. Huh, it IS a bunch of different names each time.
  69. [22:50:43] <Natalie> "..."
  70. [22:50:48] <Natalie> "That's the problem?"
  71. [22:51:02] * Lenore blushes a bit at what Nat said, and then jumps a little when Theta yells.
  72. [22:51:08] <Thetina> "No but it's a good enough as time to make point of it!"
  73. [22:51:12] <Amaryllis> "There's a reason she calls me Ammy isntead of Amaryllis. I think two syllables is easier on her." Ammy jokes and pats Nat on the head.
  74. [22:51:22] <Amaryllis> "Though I suppose your name is that as well."
  75. [22:51:28] <Amaryllis> "One letter too many?"
  76. [22:51:52] <Lenore> "But 'Lenny' is the same number of letters as 'Theta'!"
  77. [22:52:12] <Natalie> "Oh, actually," she closes her eyes and gives a sage nod, "I do it because when I hear someone say 'Theta' I get a bunch of weird names in my head too that I guess are related to it or something? But I have NO clue where they came from or what they actually mean so I just pick one of those at random and it's tons of fun."
  78. [22:52:40] <Natalie> "... But if it really made you THAT mad, oops!"
  79. [22:52:55] <Thetina> "I was pissed cause you just obliterated those people's bodies and thought nothing of it. Yes you probably don't give a rat's ass but that was sorta really fucked up."
  80. [22:53:20] * Natalie looks down and pouts a bit. "Well... that was because they were attacking us."
  81. [22:53:54] <Natalie> "And they died already. Yeah, it was my fault they got killed, I messed up, but I couldn't bring them back."
  82. [22:54:10] * Amaryllis looks between Nat and Theta. "...Were they zombies? I thought you said you did not like zombies."
  83. [22:54:18] <Natalie> "And the only somebody I know who CAN do something like that..." She pushes her index fingers together. "Uh, kinda can't anymore..."
  84. [22:54:21] <Natalie> "(Yeah, they were)"
  85. [22:55:18] <Lenore> "Mmmm, yeah, I was a bit bothered by it, too, but they were being desecrated like that, I'm sure they'd rather be dust than walking corpses..."
  86. [22:55:46] <Natalie> "I mean," she puts one hand at a hip, "I COULD go apologize to them but I guess it's kinda late for that. Sorry."
  87. [22:55:53] <Thetina> "I don't magically think that excuses their loved ones of normal burial practices though.'re really all sorta okay with that?"
  88. [22:56:13] <Natalie> "Even though they didn't have their bodies, it's not like I destroyed their souls..."
  89. [22:56:51] * Amaryllis mutters something under her breath about whale zombies, then speaks up again. "I cannot judge the situation, having not been there, but it sounds as if you might all have died as well if the undead were not stopped."
  90. [22:57:11] <Amaryllis> "And in that case, is it not understandable?"
  91. [22:57:40] <Lenore> "It was in self defense, and if she hadn't blown them up I probably would have with that ship!"
  92. [22:58:10] <Natalie> "Nah, I get it, that was one of those times when... I attacked and I didn't really pay attention or give it a name or anything. It was like, stomp, poof," she makes a weird hand gesture. "Even I kinda get why that'd make me seem like a jerk, y'know?"
  93. [22:59:09] <Natalie> "I just wanted to protect you guys, that was all I thought about."
  94. [22:59:32] <Amaryllis> "I personally am more concerned that, even after my explanation for why Eidolons are so careful to keep their identities secret, you still cannot bring yourself to trust us simply because we kept secrets."
  95. [23:00:20] <Amaryllis> "If Carbuncle had been less visible in the war against Kuja, if she had been hiding herself even then, perhaps that force that is now corrupting her would not have found her. This is the world we live in, Theta. To be known is to be a target."
  96. [23:00:46] <Lenore> "...yeah, I could understand what they were feeling like that, that's why I went and told you guys I was Lenore instead of Lena..."
  97. [23:00:59] <Amaryllis> "It is the burden of being a guardian of the crystal and the planet, and for many Eidolons, secrecy is their only chance for privacy and peace."
  98. [23:01:00] <Lenore> "Because I thought people would use me if I told them my dad was Renegade."
  99. [23:02:01] <Natalie> "I gueeeess what I'm saying as... that's just me. As long as everything goes okay, I'll keep on being me. Maybe I'll do stuff like that more?" Her arms refold. "That's what I meant by the whole 'different workds' thing. My mission's something I have to do no matter what! And my friends... well, I guess they're just as important."
  100. [23:02:34] <Natalie> "Suuuure, it's super mushy."
  101. [23:02:38] <Natalie> "But that's just how it is!"
  102. [23:03:32] <Thetina> :< She flops over on her side, facing toward you all. "I think I'm just stupid."
  103. [23:03:52] * Natalie sits down, catlike.
  104. [23:04:37] <Natalie> "Um... oh, I know what to say!"
  105. [23:04:44] <Natalie> COUGH.
  106. [23:04:55] * Lenore bends down on her knees, and leans over Theta. "We all are, don't worry!"
  107. [23:04:58] <Thetina> "My entire life before this whole thing is very...alien now. I was completely naive and thrust out into a world and my preconceptions smashed like little glass chocobos under an anvil."
  108. [23:05:28] <Amaryllis> "I think we have all been there before, Theta."
  109. [23:05:30] <Natalie> "Who cares? I know better than anyone, the past doesn't matter- what matters is now, and what you do!"
  110. [23:05:37] <Natalie> "So..."
  111. [23:05:43] <Natalie> "Can we be friends, Theta?" :D
  112. [23:05:46] <Amaryllis> "Nat when she lost her memories, Lenore when she finally left her home, and I myself when I was reborn."
  113. [23:07:47] * Lenore nods. "Oh yeah, I got lost so many times, I don't even know how I managed to get to Daguerro!"
  114. [23:07:56] * Thetina blinks.
  115. [23:08:10] <Thetina> She's never actually heard Nat say it before.
  116. [23:09:49] <Natalie> 4o:D
  117. [23:10:32] <Amaryllis> (first thing I thought of was a really happy Eva getting that Awakening halo over their head and starting third impact)
  118. [23:10:42] <@Kain> (god dammit)
  119. [23:10:54] <Natalie> (oh you)
  120. [23:11:18] * Amaryllis holds her breath as she glances between Theta and Nat.
  121. [23:11:49] <Thetina> "I lost my home, and this place doesn't feel like it yet...can you help me change that?"
  122. [23:13:38] <Amaryllis> "It won't feel like home if you can't trust those who share it with you."
  123. [23:15:01] <Lenore> "Of course it doesn't, the beach isn't supposed to be your home!"
  124. [23:15:06] <Natalie> "Sometimes I feel like a pretty crappy guardian of the planet," Nat whips out the Crystal and balances it on her head like an irresponsible Eidolon would do, "But that's sorta my job! Even when I'd wake up a total blank, not knowing anything about the world, I think it was friends that made me feel like this place is MY home."
  125. [23:15:19] * Natalie steps on Lenny's foot.
  126. [23:16:05] * Lenore is down on her knees so it doesn't hurt AS much, but she gives a yelp anyway! ;_;
  127. [23:16:21] * Natalie is too because 'catlike' sitting. Man that must look silly.
  128. [23:16:48] <Natalie> Besides it's like a little 'you're silly' tap.
  129. [23:17:11] <Lenore> Oh I didn't realize that. Still yelps.
  130. [23:17:17] <Natalie> MOE
  131. [23:18:51] <@Kain> (You people are about as bad as watching Noah and Ammy. *pushes you together* Now kiss.)
  132. [23:19:00] <Natalie> (we're GETTING THERE)
  133. [23:19:02] * Amaryllis just sighs watching the two go at it, but keeps quiet and waits for Theta to react to all this.
  134. [23:19:05] * Thetina slowly sits up again and hugs her knees. "Well, I'm sorry for being a jerk. Or I guess a bitch? I don't wanna think on that too hard..."
  135. [23:19:58] <Natalie> "Who cares! Uh, my bad for seeming kinda... inn-sense-uh-tiv to mortal stuff too."
  136. [23:20:07] <Lenore> "Hey, don't sweat it, just think, in about a day and a half you won't be a bitch anymore if you were one!"
  137. [23:20:23] <Amaryllis> "Insensitive" Ammy interjects as soon as Nat starts having trouble with the word.
  138. [23:20:44] <Natalie> "But if we can get along..." Her glowy Ruby suddenly glows white-hot and something begins to seep out of it. Oh and she gives Ammy a thanks-nod. "There's something I wanna do."
  139. [23:20:59] <Natalie> "Hey Lenny~!"
  140. [23:21:24] <Natalie> "Remember when I said I didn't actually have a blessing and I just made it up?"
  141. [23:21:34] <Thetina> "...At least until I need to be T0 again. Sorry, everyone."
  142. [23:21:56] <Amaryllis> "I cannot ask you to take me at my word if I am not willing to take you at yours, Theta. So if you truly feel we can move past this, then I shall trust you on that."
  143. [23:24:07] <Thetina> "That's...really all I wanted, I guess."
  144. [23:24:41] <@Kain> (I just started listening to this and it somehow feels appropriate )
  145. [23:24:52] <@Kain> (I have no idea what the lyrics mean :D)
  146. [23:25:18] <@Kain> (Oh wait, some of them are in english
  147. [23:25:20] <Amaryllis> (but they're right there in the description)
  148. [23:25:46] <Natalie> (besides I already have a FRIENDSHIP theme anyway)
  149. [23:25:53] <@Kain> (Where'd Aori go)
  150. [23:25:59] <Natalie> (^)
  151. [23:26:06] <Natalie> (I guess this is giving me time to go get it though)
  152. [23:26:09] <Lenore> (WOOPS)
  153. [23:26:11] <Thetina> ( )
  154. [23:26:11] <Lenore> (Sorry)
  155. [23:26:34] <Lenore> "Yeah, I remember!"
  156. [23:26:45] <Natalie> "I lied."
  157. [23:27:02] <Lenore> "Eh?"
  158. [23:27:59] <Natalie> PLOOP. A big red ball falls out of her forehead and lands on her index finger, spinning. Taking a deep breath, Nat raises it to the sky. "A blessing can be whatever I want it to be~! As long as you believe in it, it's there. That's the kind of stuff we can do, duuuuh."
  159. [23:28:41] <Natalie> Here we are:
  160. [23:28:47] * Lenore nearly JUMPS at the Ruby plopping out
  161. [23:29:23] <Natalie> Nah, the ruby's still there, but it looks like a spinning globe of red or something. It picks up and picks up in speed before dissipating into a bunch of wisps, all of which launch out and spin around those present!
  162. [23:29:25] * Amaryllis just calmly steps back and lets Nat do her thing.
  163. [23:29:53] <Natalie> "I think right now, I need some way to give thanks to you guys for helping all you did. Uh... er, sorry, still sounds kinda mushy."
  164. [23:30:07] <Amaryllis> (so I'm imagining the Mars lighthouse from Golden Sun)
  165. [23:30:15] * Lenore watches, leaning back a little to give Nat room. "No, it's fine, mushy is good!"
  166. [23:30:18] <Natalie> (yeah a little bit)
  167. [23:30:42] <Amaryllis> "You have never been not mushy, Nat." Ammy muses. "But we have stuck together all the same, have we not?"
  168. [23:31:41] <Natalie> The wisp follows Lenore anyway DEAL WITH IT. It spirals up her entire body and, upon reaching its peak, bursts into little floating stars. The stardust pours down a while before seeping into the Lightning Mage's forehead. "That's true. Lenny, your magic is tough, and you're SCARY when you're mad... but I'm glad humans like you exist."
  169. [23:32:13] <Lenore> "Thanks!"
  170. [23:33:08] <Thetina> "What the hell are those things." watching the swirling...stuff
  171. [23:34:00] <Natalie> Theta gets the next one- the wisp of light just buries into the geomancy couch thing and then BURSTS up like... something that burrows in things I guess. Then it lands on top of hi-- her hat - head if the hat's not on - and gradually rolls down to hir forehead. "And Lam- er I mean, Theta, you kinda saved me a bunch. And geomagix is SUPER convenient, but... even with that tail of yours I guess you're really human, too. If you don't think this planet's your home, I trust in you to MAKE it your home, 'kay? Gaia's patient like that."
  172. [23:34:11] <Natalie> "(They're me, by the way)"
  173. [23:34:14] <Natalie> "(No, really)"
  174. [23:35:22] <Natalie> Ammy's darts around her entire body, trickling once on each of her hands and forming brief illusionary images of a knife and a lantern, then hops up like a moogle on a pogo stick and crams itself into her forehead too. "And Ammy... well I wrote an entire page in my diary for you already. So that's what you get for calling me mushy all the time."
  175. [23:35:24] <Natalie> "HMPH!" :<
  176. [23:35:30] <Amaryllis> "Do not tire yourself thinking too hard on it. (Even I have given up on figuring out just how all her magic works.)"
  177. [23:35:42] <Natalie> 1,1and you can all apply Stronger Together, obviously
  178. [23:35:57] <Lenore> (~)
  179. [23:36:17] <Thetina> "...Well that's a bit disturbing, but alright."
  180. [23:36:19] <Amaryllis> "Thank you, Nat."
  181. [23:36:25] <Natalie> A good deal more wisps fly around too, lurching off into the horizon. IF Mr. Prickles was actually here for this scene and just being timid everyone can see him getting one too.
  182. [23:36:33] <Amaryllis> "(Maybe I shall stop drawing ruby lizards in it now.)"
  183. [23:36:37] <@Kain> Prickles: :D
  184. [23:36:46] <Natalie> "Oh I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG WITH THAT"
  185. [23:36:47] <@Kain> Oh whoops
  186. [23:36:53] <@Kain> Prickles: 8O
  187. [23:36:58] <Natalie> oh god what have you done to his face
  188. [23:37:05] <Natalie> nope nope too late drawing moe animu Mr. Prickles now
  189. [23:37:21] <Amaryllis> "(Did you like my drawing of you and Cait?)"
  190. [23:37:37] <@Kain> Now then.
  191. [23:37:40] <Natalie> But if he is there then, "Oh yeah! You too, Mr. Prickles- eheh, I guess we should pay more attention to you sometimes."
  192. [23:37:44] <@Kain> I think this calls for something a bit special, too.
  193. [23:37:59] <Lenore> (Oho~)
  194. [23:38:09] <Natalie> (Oh my~)
  195. [23:38:11] <@Kain> Overcoming some of the difficulties between yourselves...
  196. [23:38:17] <@Kain> You have earned a Phantom Destiny.
  197. [23:38:24] <Lenore> what
  198. [23:38:26] <Natalie> what
  199. [23:38:47] <@Kain> This is a destiny point that replenishes itself once per session. But it cannot be spent on things like Stronger Together or job changes. Clear for most other things!
  200. [23:38:52] <Thetina> is that like a banana sticker.
  201. [23:39:03] <Natalie> Oh man, it's like, shared among us?
  202. [23:39:10] <@Kain> You each get one.
  203. [23:39:17] <Lenore> 8D
  204. [23:39:23] <Lenore> "Wow, I feel a lot stronger!"
  205. [23:39:26] <Natalie> and manual trance confirmed
  206. [23:41:08] <Natalie> Prix' wisp circled around each of his legs, then his arms, then floated in place between the three holes that are his mouth and eyes before pulling back and springing into the spines at the top of his body, by the way. "You're something special too. I guess I should give you the 'it'll be dangerous' speech too, but... oh, who cares, I trust you all the same!"
  207. [23:41:19] <@Kain> Prickles nods.
  208. [23:42:00] <Natalie> "And there's one for Amby, and the Mages, and..." She muses as they float off, then tugs the green/gold ribbon she's been wearing. "... Whoever gave me this. My mind might not remember them, but my Ruby never forgets."
  209. [23:43:02] * Amaryllis watches all the wisps fly off before turning back to everyone. "Well, this has been a harrowing two days for us." Ammy sighs. "Perhaps this is why the Crystal told us we should take a break. Shall I cook dinner for us all so we can do just that?"
  210. [23:43:55] <Lenore> "That sounds great, Ammy!" She stands up, beaming~
  211. [23:44:21] <Thetina> "...I think I need a bath."
  212. [23:44:23] <Natalie> "Yeah! Nnnn... that was pretty draining, too."
  213. [23:44:48] * Thetina slowly gets up and collects her things.
  214. [23:44:58] <Amaryllis> "I hope, if nothing else Theta, that good food and companions to share it with can make this place feel a bit more like home."
  215. [23:45:03] * Natalie stretches. "Race you back!"
  216. [23:45:23] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell, -no-." Ammy says to Nat with a smile.
  217. [23:45:35] * Natalie is already gone.
  218. [23:46:04] * Lenore starts running after Nat, obviously going really slow and having no hope of catching up to her until she stops.
  219. [23:46:51] <Thetina> "Yeah..."
  220. [23:47:53] * Amaryllis starts shuffling back at her leisurely pace. Little does everyone know, when they get back to the inn, they're in for an experience of nightmare Opus kitchen with animated cooking utensils and dead animal parts that walk themselves into the oven.
  221. [23:48:21] <Thetina> "Sorry about all this...just...bleh. Terribly exhausting two days," she follows back slowly.
  222. [23:50:31] <@Kain> And that, as they say... is that?
  223. [23:51:09] <Lenore> Indeed!
  224. [23:51:14] <Amaryllis> Yup
  225. [23:51:59] <@Kain> </>
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