Apr 21st, 2015
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  1. EGM #16, November 1990
  3. ...Quartermann has scored big this month with the first solid news on what could become the most exciting new system of the decade! No, I'm not talking about the big 'N's' SFX, I'm pointing my joystick at none other than Atari Corporation! The creators of the console, who remained content with their position as the low-priced man on the totem pole, have decided to launch a superior system to sit next to their cutting edge Lynx portable! The new system, code-named Panther, reportedly uses an advanced 16-Bit processor and comes with a totally explosive package of abilities that include scaling, multi-field scrolling and more! While little else is known about the Panther at this stage, several of Quartermann's sources were told that the machine will absolutely, positively blow the Super Famicom away with its scaling functions (a strong feature on the company's Lynx)! Atari will neither confirm nor deny the rumors at this point, saying only that they've heard similar rumblings. While it does seem to be a reality, Atari appears to be keeping their doors as well as their mouths closed until games are finally ready to play. Save up your money kiddies, it looks like the 16-Bit wars are going to be much hotter than anyone had planned...
  5. Meanwhile Sega's Genesis, the current king of the super system pile, looks like it will be securing its position on the forefront of gaming well into the new decade! The big Q has learned that several major Nintendo licensees are looking for greener pastures and all they see is Sega. While many of these companies still cower in fear of Nintendo and the punishment they may impose, several have the guts to make the move! Tecmo, already licensing games for play on the Lynx, is rumored to have a new Ninja GaiDen adventure ready for the Sega 16-Bit! Imagine Ryu taking on that nasty old Jaquio in 16-style! Whoa! Look for all the majors to start playing the field in the coming years...Another major third-party supporter of Nintendo's is also making the move, but to the Turbo instead of Sega! Taito is rumored to have tentatively inked a deal to score some of their biggest and baddest PC Engine hits over to the NEC mega-machine. With sales of the Turbo picking up thanks to a steady flow of super softs (and an equally depressing drought of Genesis carts), the deal with Taito is sure to secure even more of a market position for the Turbo...
  7. Speaking of NEC, many rumors are beginning to flow from the land of the rising sun, suggesting that the number one hardware producer in Japan may introduce something even more super than the Super Grafx! Whispers of a 16-Bitter sporting an impressive array of capabilities are circulating and a formal introduction may not be far away...Don't trust him Jenny Z., he's up to no good!...Dark days are surrounding the first third-party software house to ever appear. Activision, a company that has long prided itself on quality work in both the video game and computer fields, appears to be on shakey ground - and I'm not talking about San Andreas! After a hot heralding of new NES licensees and Super Famicom development contracts, ugly utterings are beginning to fly from the company's northern Californian facilities.
  9. ...In a soap opera of video game sports simulations gone wrong, which also happens to be contributing to Activision's uneasy attitudes, Sega apparently has sacked their plans to modify Activision's Hard Yardage into Joe Montana Football. The project is now in dire shape, as outside developers in southern California have been called in to patch up the problems...In another twist, however, Sega may pull off a two-minute drill worthy of Mr. Montana. High level negotiations are underway between Sega and Electronic Arts to secure the rights to EA's John Madden Football which I can truly say is the hottest gridiron game ever created! While sources at EA hinted that the deal was a no, a quick title screen change and voila', you've got a new name and a new game...
  11. ...Look for several popular NES titles to go under the microscope and return as GameBoy gear! Both Super C and Mega Man will appear on the GameBoy screens as Operation 'C' and Mega Man 4!...What about them Borg! While I would have much rather seem the space battles and let the Enterprise waste these intergalactic killing machines, it was cool to see Picard saved and the universe restored to normal. One question - with no fleet, what does the Federation do if the Romulans come knocking at the door? Of course, call Nintendo... QUARTERMANN
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  14. EGM #21, April 1991
  16. ...Nintendo is the latest player to enter the fledgling CD-ROM market with a special player for their recently released 16-Bit mega system! Developed jointly with Sony, Nintendo is banking on the pricey peripheral to keep pace with competitors Sega and NEC who will both have units by the time the company unleashes the the wrath of the Super NES on American retailers come June at the CES...Other CES predictions from 0-Mann? Count on a fantastic fanfare from Nintendo to herald in their latest gaming achievement. At $179-$199, the newest member on the 16-Bit block is rumored to hit with Pilotwings, one controller and all the necessary cables and connectors. At the same time, don't be surprised to see a dollar drop from Sega or NEC to counter the Nintendo Empire, as well as a major thrust from both labels flaunting high-end CD-ROM technology. While Atari will be absent from the floor of the show, making a Panther preview unlikely, the shape of the industry will be definitely be primed and ready to explode all over again come Christmas season.
  18. ..Dum, de, dum, dum - While Mediagenic has been slowly slipping into the bottomless abyss of bankruptcy in the past months with several executive changes, Cinemaware jumped right into the pit and appears to have closed its doors! According to well-informed insiders, a deal between the masters of animated software and mega-label Electronic Arts was close at hand but never materialized, leaving the company with a full-time payroll and only part-time income...lf you ask me, it doesn't matter if it's a resource or a magazine, Mega Play is the Ultimate Sega mag. Then again, a lack of creativity usually does signify that you're on the way out...Capcom is just one of the big names with plenty of Super NES softs ready to launch into stores once the machine hits in September. Count on Final Fight in October, followed by UN Squadron in January, Super Ghouls and Ghosts in February and Mega Man 4 shortly after that.
  20. ...The Simpsons will continue their proliferation into video games this summer, when Konami introduces America's favorite post-nuclear family as a coin-op arcade title featuring a "rescue Maggie" theme in a four-player (you pick from Bart, Lisa, Marge or Homer as your alter-ego) scrolling action contest. Acclaim, meanwhile has big plans for the clan, with a Super NES cart in the works to debut with the system this fall...Acclaim will also hit us with Terminator 2: Judgement Day, where Arnie comes back from the future to help protect Sarah Conner from an even deadlier monster machine called Key 1000...Look for some exciting news coming soon from American Sammy...
  22. ...The Atari Panther is rumored to be bringing back a feature not seen since (or before, for that matter) Coleco-vision: a numeric keypad in addition to a joypad! More details to come...Perhaps Sega does do it all! Sega representatives in Europe are refusing to dismiss the possibility of development work on a 32-Bit home system according to the leading trade paper CTW...Joy! Joy! Another game for that great $300 Super Grafx system! That means there will be a total of about a dozen titles once six more are released! While it does play PC Engine softs as well, the frequency of releases for this hyper 8-Bitter is every bit as reliable as rain in California...
  24. ...The latest from Nintendo's grab bag of dirty tricks comes in the form of an acquisation from renegade third-party pioneer, American Video. It seems that the wizards at Nintendo have made some subtle changes to the chip set that powers the Nintendo - changes that were subtle enough to make American Video's games totally unplayable! While Quartermann has yet to see this performance (or lack of it) personally, it sure isn't surprising. Is it fair? Whoever said business was fair...Don't be fooled by the pictures, folks, Sonic the Hedgehog needs to go on a diet! He recently visited the EGM offices and boy was he heavy...Wouldn't it be cool if you could exchange characters from different games - like how about using the whipping power of Simon Belmont in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game! Wouldn't that be cool...That's it for now boys and girls, I've got to get back to my game! 'Till next time, here's hoping the U.S. smart bombs Hussein...
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  28. EGM #23, June 1991
  30. ...Step right up for the ride of your lives boys and girls, it's the one and only Quartermann here with a smart bomb full of goop collected from the most unsightly of places throughout the electronic gaming world! Q-Mann starts the show today with some news sure to send portable players nuclear! Camerica, the armored accessory company from the great white north that managed to weather the nastiness of Nintendo and pull their Game Genie out of its bottle, will be marketing the hand-held Nintendo Entertainment System that was shown to yours truly over a year ago! Look to EG Express for the first pix of the portable, but for now Mr. Q thinks that its safe to say that the ultimate in portable play may very soon become a reality...Page two - Camerica is also looking to convert GameBoy users to NES users, or at least the games you play! The GameBoy to Nintendo converter that was shown in a previous issue of EGM from Paul "The Ultimate in High-Tech Toys That Seem To Interface With the Nintendo" Biederman may also get the go-ahead from the one-time joystick manufacturer! With a WideBoy in my briefcase, I can already tell you that GameBoy games become even worse on a television, so don't look at Quartermann to be boasting over this one...I don't care if you DO spell your name as Game Over backwards, you're a total wimp...
  32. ...Big news from the Atari camp this month is the go-ahead for active game development on the Panther console! A heavy concentration of interest in European developers has this game fan looking at Atari to start pointing fingers across the Atlantic for development and initial launch of product - although it's strictly speculation at this point. Launching in Europe? Bad move Hans...Okay, okay, okay. You're telling me that the Mega Drive is outselling the Super Fami in Japan? Mega Drive sales are consistent, but when was the last time you were in Japan, bud? You can't buy a 16-Bit Nintendo unless you let 'em stuff dirt down your throat at the same time...Speaking of 16-Bit Nintendo's, a well-placed source at the mighty 'N has let some of the secrecy slip off of their plans for the system's launch in the U.S. To begin with, one report concurs with earlier Q-Mann info that has a control deck, controllers, cables and Super Mario World clocking in at just under 200 bucks. Another rumor says that a second package will be made available with no game and a 169 dollar price tag. Smart move Nintendo. As far as softs are concerned, the first four from Nintendo will be Pilot Wings, F-Zero, Super Mario World and a previously unannounced entry called Pro Challenge Golf...
  34. ...The latest from the Genesis court has the 16-Bit giant looking towards D-Day when the first Super NES's start to hit store shelves. In the meantime, Quartermann predicts a price adjustment to be announced at the CES (probably in the 150 area) as well as a final decision on exactly which direction to take the long-rumored CD-ROM. The device, which apparently exists in three different forms, will be constructed with an eye towards a)graphics, b) sound and c) price. Which door Sega decides to look behind is anyone's guess at this point, but with the Turbo having difficulty at $350, we may see the money minds prevail...While we're at Sega, here's a little secret that yours truly got to see first-hand while in Japan. Did you know that there is actually a device that will let you connect your Game Gear to a TV and plug in a Genesis controller for console play!?! The machine is immense, but it does indeed work!...Not today Steve Shea...
  36. ...Nintendo has struck a blow against a competitor, while itself being hit hard with the very limp hand of Uncle Sam. Against their suit with Tengen, Nintendo has prevailed and we may be seeing the last of that company's better-than-average line-up of software. Tengen plans to focus even stronger with Genesis wares in the future so don't count this video game leader out...Just shortly after this move was made, Nintendo itself got hit with a $30 million buck settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that lets Nintendo get away without saying "We did it!" or pay any real substantial returns on the claim that they fixed prices. Everyone gets a five dollar coupon. Sounds like the government is HELPING Nintendo sell more games...
  38. ...Until next time, here's Quartermann letting you in on the jive that I will soon be marrying none other than Quarterwoman! See you after the party Quarter-fans...
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  42. EGM #24, July 1991
  44. ...Howdy game fans, it's me, the big stick, Quartermann, the only video game guru that doesn't spell his name backwards! I've worked long and hard this week, kiddies, and the gossip you'll get is first rate so let the games begin...Just as the Q-Mann prophisized, Sega is deep sixing the price of their 16-Bit Genesis as the first counter-measure against Nintendo's introduction of the Super NES. You didn't have to be Quartermann to realize Sega would make this kind of move, but the 16-Bit leader is also rumored to be launching a second volley of nukes at the big 'N' by packing their latest and greatest super-hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, into the box! The price change will take effect on June 1 and could possibly include a special coupon for Sonic, with a totally redesigned box for the fall! Quartermann approves, but this move won't win the war, you need something more Sega...Like CD-ROM! Sega will definitely have the upper-hand against their rival on this court as well, with a disc player that will fit into the right price range. Be sure to look to EGM next month for the first pix of this most triumphant new machine...
  46. ...In the Nintendo camp, the decision has been made to place Mario in charge of leading their 16-Bitter's move into the market. Super Mario World, the awesome 16-Bit Super Mario adventure that the head ed terminated on the last page of EGM's June issue, will come in each and every box! The head honchos are playing every card to prove that the Super NES is what Genesisn't...Did you ever wonder why irony is so ironic?...The Turtles are headed towards the NES once again! Although the Q-Meister has only gotten a brief glimpse of the shape of turtles to come, I can say that the game has the awesome scrolling adventure of part two melded with the character-swapping of the original...You want 16-Bit turtles? Don't look towards the Genesis just yet, because Konami is cooking up plans to serve the Heroes on a Half Shell on the Super NES! The game won't be based on the existing 8-Bit turtle games or the coin-op either. The 16-Bitter will borrow from the upcoming arcade sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Cowabunga...Look inside this issue for the exclusive on Ninja Gai Den-Part Three! Q-Mann rates the game a blast, with Ryu taking on a mob of mechanical mobsters in a cart sub-titled "The Ancient Ship of Doom"...
  48. ...New action over at NEC includes the company's recently announced price chop and move towards digitally-compressed video images on CD. A special peripheral, to interface with the existing Turbo CD-ROM, will deliver some tasty full-screen, full-motion video images very soon. A prototype of the unit is rumored to be making an appearance at the Summer CES! Stay tuned, Quartermaniacs, Mr. Q will bring you the straight scoop on this sizzle next issue...ln other Turbo news, the company is hard at work at following up Bonk's Revenge and the Bonk 3 graphic adventure that EGM previewed last issue. Look forward to Bonk 4, another scrolling adventure game, as well as Bonk 5, a prehistoric shooter with lots of firepower and dino targets...
  50. ...Don't look for Atari to be introducing any revolutionary product in the months to come! Although the original game company has a full plate of projects that range from a new version of the Lynx to a 16-Bit console that's armed with rotation and scaling, the head honchos are electing not to display at the CES. Could this development mean Atari is scaling back? With a wide variety of games under development for the Lynx, your's truly expects to see some great things to come from the leading name in color portables...Another hit video game personality that's taking his third turn on the Nintendo is none other than the mighty Kuros from Acclaim's hyper radical Wizards and Warriors series! Game play is rumored to be expanded even more with our powerful hero on a new quest to stop evil! Can't wait...Look forward to a special $1,000,000 contest coming to the Nintendo system from the maker of Miracles, American Softworks. Their special contest, which will be developed for their upcoming Treasure Master title, a cart with some super secret passcodes that will be unveiled on television this coming March! You can bet the Quartermann will be entering and, ha, ha, ha, walking away with the loot!...Be a killing machine in LJN's upcoming Terminator 2 - Judgement Day game! I've received a sneak peek of the new super hot game and it looks like it may be a winner...That's it for now, remember to remain true to Mr. Q....
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  54. EGM #28, November 1991
  56. ...Drop your lasers and fire your smart bombs! Quartermann has returned with a bag full of the hottest little secrets in the video game biz! The industry's been buzzing with insider info this month and the Q-Magnum has got it all in the only gossip column that doesn't use slow-mo!...Whoa Nintendo, did you commit a faux pas and how! The new Super NES, which yours truly reported last week was compatible with the Super Famicom, has one slight problem running around inside its computer brain - it won't work on certain televisions made before 1985! While this problem is rumored to be corrected when the second batch of Super NES machines appear, several television broadcasts have already leveled their own firepower at the big 'N' because of the incident. And with Sega absolutely destroying Nintendo with their hyper cool comparison ads, you've got to wonder if Nintendo remembered to check the flight list before taking off...Games, games, games! On the red phone to head editor Semradius in Japan, the Q-Meister has learned that several high profile titles are now on their way to the states! Leading the pack are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming to the NES for their third adventure! With a new style of play that combines the role-changing of the first with the action and graphics of the second, this cart sounds most sharp indeed. Also on the play list are Street Fighter 2 for the Super NES, Mega Man 4 for the 8-Bit, and a flood of reflective donuts, er, I mean CD games for the new Sega Mega-CD driver! Check out a full report on the show with special commentary by our man in Japan, Terry Aki!...
  58. ...Speaking of new games, Atari is set to unload a flurry of Lynx games ranging from Pit Fighter to a special hand-held version of Tecmo's latest ninja bloodbath, Ninja GaiDen 3 - The Ancient Ship of Doom. Can't wait to see 'em boys...While we're on the subject of Atari, Quartermann has the latest low-down on the Jaguar super system! Seems Atari is trying to make the game system, which is rumored to be nearing completion, much more than your everyday walk in the park, run-of-the-mill 64-Bit video game console. No, Atari is rumored to be making their new Jaguar a computer too! And what's more, you'll be able to not only play cartridges and possibly CDs, you will even be able to play VHS tapes! With two 32-Bit processors and a revolutionary graphics chip, the Jaguar has the potential, but it's not going to succeed without focus! Quartermann gives a big thumbs down to the idea of a video game system that plays computer games or a computer system that doesn't have the power to do my taxes. An Atari VP who leaked the Jaguar news to the Q-Mann said the company may keep the future of the Jaguar quiet until Atari can clearly see the direction the biz is buzzing and that no official press conference would be occuring soon. Right, better keep the PC on the QT or it may leak to NEC and that VP would go MIA when the arrives DOA...
  60. ...Get ready to play the best Super NES softs before they're released in the arcade! Mocking the success that the company's had with their 8-Bit coin-op model called the Play Choice-10, Nintendo is getting ready to flood arcades with upright 16-Bitters that play hits like Super Ghouls and Ghosts and U.N. Squadron. It's a cool concept but the controllers are just too hard to play with! It feels like someone stole my controllers and super glued them to the floor...Did you know that in Europe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are called the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. Why? Do they have a problem with ninjas? Let me guess, you can plunk down 40 quid for Hero GaiDen? No way...Sorry Doc, but someone should sue you for malpractice! Did you cheat your way through medical school or what?...
  62. >...Get ready for some rockin' sequels coming for the NES in '92! From the Turtles to Mega Man to GaiDen to Tetris the games seem to be getting slightly fewer and far between for this 8-Bit workhorse, but they're definitely improving on style. And no, it's not Face-Tris, Word-Tris, Wel-Tris or even Miss-Tris coming to the Nintendo, it's a whole new Tetris game called Tetris 2 - Bombliss! Looks hot...My screen says 'Game Over' (only because I beat the game of course) and it's time for me to fly. Until next time, don't lose the grip on your joystick and try not to lose your EPROMs...
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  66. EGM #29, December 1991
  68. ...Get ready for light speed all you little Quartermaniacs! The Q-Mann has returned with two scoops of the hottest gossip from behind developer lines. Try to keep control of your joysticks, kiddies, because this time I've got some real treats in store for all my faithful gaming gurus...The Q-Meister has just obtained some super secret info on the hush-hush sequel to Sega's mega-hit, Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic the Hedgehog 2, rumored to be sub-titled Escape From Ring Zone, will hit mid-summer as a totally blown-out CD-ROM extravaganza! Sonic loses his cool in a variety of worlds filled with rotation! Our renegade anti-hero even scales the second time out, thanks to the advanced processors employed by the Mega CD-ROM. In certain parts of the game, Sonic will grow in size as he collects special objects! Can't wait to do the Mega Sonic Smash!...In other Mega CD news, Sega is rumored to be readying several of their all-time classics for a compilation disc of the ten best Genesis titles ever made! No details on price, but you can expect to see the disc appear around the same time the machine hits next year...
  70. ...Rumors are flying that Sony is getting ready to duke it out with Nintendo over the big N's decision to skip the Sony shop and fly into the CD-I format with competitor Phillips. Although the Play Station has yet to see the light of day, both Sony and Phillips recently unveiled their own CD-I formats in Japan and the U.S. The jury's still out on the Sony unit, but the Phillips driver, which hit with a handful of game titles, is finding few players because of its high price tag! Sorry Sony, but the Q-Mann thinks you scored a direct hit by going solo!...Don't worry guys, Martin's going for the pizza in Vegas! Keep the fish outta my pie!...In the latest of Quartermann's Jaguar coups, yours truly has learned that Atari's super 64-Bit system of tomorrow will reportedly be able to perform yet another stunning feat! With the help of a special adapter, the Jaguar will let Lynx owners play their hand-held softs on the big screen! This is going to be great when Atari finally decides to release their latest super charged console...
  72. ...In hot game news, the Quartermann has managed to get the straight scoop on a number of super secret projects now in the works! Among the super softs you'll be playing in the months to come include Contra 4 for the Super NES, the 16-Bit update to the all-out champ of shoot-em-out combat! Also on the Super NES schedule is Batman-Return of the Joker from Sunsoft! Set to go head-to-head with Konami and Sega for 16-Bit Batman battles, the dark knight veterans have some special surprises in store for Super NES owners...Now the big news on the Sega 16-Bit front is a great new game that you'll never see called Uncle Al's Bigtop Fun! The latest gaming super hero, Uncle Al uses his super powers to smash little men with bow ties into oblivion! A great showpiece from VaporWare!...Don't hold your breath, more Super NES titles are being delayed...
  74. ...New hardware in development behind closed doors includes the long-awaited 8-Bit upgrade for the NES! Instead of a CD storage device, however, the developers have chosen audio tape - with games coming round by round from your tape player to the game system! This is an idea that's too wild, too cool and way too late...Another peripheral upgrade comes from the import market, where a special Game Gear/Master System translator cartridge has appeared from the Frenchies! Plug the translator into your Game Gear and plug your Master System carts into the buffer for some way-out 8-Bit fury! The Quartermann gives a big thumbs up to the idea of a convertor and a big thumbs down to Sega for not bringing it out themselves...Back to the home front, the Q-Minator has learned of a special add-on that will speed your Super NES along at a zippy 33 MHz (up from the super slow 3.58MHz). While this device has yet to be seen in action, those in the know have told Quartermann that the artificial slow-mo that fills games like Super R-Type disappears when this powerful peripheral is put into action. More to come...
  76. ...Other news to use comes from NEC, who have a secret plan up their sleeve to convert you to the Turbo...Get set for a jammin' variety of movies to games next summer! Among the future hits now in development are Lethal Weapon 3, Robocop 3 and even possibly an Aliens title! Can't wait, 'till next time I remain...
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  80. EGM #33, April 1992
  82. ...Blow my britches! It's Mr. Cheery, Mr. Fun, it's Mr. Quartermann with my big bag of gossip from the dirtiest depths of the video game corporate vaults! We have lots of fun, games and prizes this week kiddies, with news to make your mouth water...We begin this issue with CD-ROM news. We've all heard about the leaps in technology Nintendo, Sega, Sony and others are making, but other super powers ranging from Electronic Arts to Lucasfilm are also committing big bucks to the next generation of video game. Does this mean we'll see great games like Road Rash 2 on CD? No way sez the Quartermann, but you will see it on both the Super NES and Genesis, along with a new street fighting football game later in the year...Street Fighter 2 update! There will be NO special controller packed with this 16-Meg monstrosity. But don't expect the price to fall far below the eighty buck retail price rumored to kicking around...
  84. ...Mr. Q has uncovered news of some mega machines for all you hardware heads! Rumor has it that a special NES convertor will finally make its way onto store shelves by Christmas! The device, as yet to be named, will plug right into the top of the 16-Bit Nintendo and give you the magical ability to play 8-Bit carts on your super system! Whooppeee! Personally the Q-Meister feels this tiny piece of technology is too little much too late...Also under development for the Super NES is a "Power Mouse" controller that will make interfacing with RPG and adventure games on the 16-Bit Nintendo much easier. The peripheral is especially useful on games like Dungeon Master where pull down windows and direction progress is accomplished within a more conventional computer environment! No date for release on this gem...
  86. ...Where's the beef Sega! You rode out of '91 on a high, but you're heading into '92 on a low! I'm all for you guys making it big, but with hot hits like Street Fighter 2, Contra 3, Turtles 4, Zelda 3, etc. hitting for the Super NES, you better get something better than Art Alive into the stores! Where's Sonic 2? Where's Toe Jam and Earl 2? Where's Batman 2? We know you've got them - we just want you to finish them up!...Speaking of new Sega carts, look for their line-up to get an additional boost later in the year from the sequel to Shining in the Darkness! Called Shining Force, this super cart weighs in at a hefty 12 meg! Other sequels to watch for include Monaco GP 2 (smart call Al!). and a new adventure within the Phantasy Star realm! Don't expect the fourth installment of the Phantasy Star series, however, until sometime in 1993 and quit looking for the long-awaited Turbo OutRun altogether! The head honchos at Sega pronounced it DOA when it arrived on these shores...Check out Aliens on laserdisc! There's a boffo 15 minutes of extra footage - most of it at the colony before the bugs take over...
  88. ...Switching gears back to game systems, word from the Sega chief is that a new piece of Sega hardware, officially code-named the Giga-Drive, will hit soon! The machine will indeed support at least a 32-Bit configuration, mocking the System 32 boards from Sega's coin-ops! In addition to buff new games, the Giga-Drive will also remain completely downwardly compatible, so your Genesis library won't be obsolete overnight (learn Nintendo learn Nintendo learn Nintendo learn Nintendo)...Happy, happy - Joy, joy...While digging on the Giga-Drive, yours truly has also scored with some kick news on the yet another piece of Sega hardware! This machine, still in development and untitled, will be CD specific but won't hit the stores until sometime in 1994! Can't wait...
  90. Check it out! Nintendo is working on the development of the Color GameBoy, but no development systems have so far been awarded! The Q-Mann says December at the earliest...Beware all you UserNet dweebs - the Quartermann is watching...Until next time remember the play's the thing and keep your hand off my joystick!
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  93. EGM #34, May 1992
  95. ...Howdy game fans, it's me - Quartermann, here to tantalize you with my burgeoning basket of gaming gossip goodies! Lots to talk about this week my Quarterfriends, so don't turn that page!...We'll begin with the mega-rumor of the month! Word on the street has it that Nintendo and Capcom are rumored to be inking a deal that will bring Street Fighter 2, the 16-Meg monstrosity, into Super NES system boxes as the pack-in! The Q-Mann could dig up few details on how this rumored plan would actually work, but those in the know tell yours truly that giving Super Mario the heave-ho in favor of the World Warriors was a compromise between the Big 'N' and Capcom to maintain the cart's $80 suggested retail price! More on this news item later...In related Street Fighter 2 news, Capcom has flip-flopped on the idea of offering a special controller specifically made for the game. While they originally had intended to provide the special controller as part of the game, the folks at Capcom scrapped the idea but will instead be bringing out a Street Fighter 2 controller separately!.
  97. ...Looks like the wiz-heads at Nintendo have struck again! The gaming goliath is now rumored to be shipping a new development system called the "Quad" which will enable developers to display graphics and generate sounds light years ahead of anything we've ever seen before. No word on when Super NES-Quad games will start hitting, but don't look for anything before next year...Look for Camerica to breath new life into your existing 8-Bit Nintendo console sometime later this year. Through a new breakthrough in 8 bit cartridge ingenuity, called the Aladdin Project, we will soon be blessed with a concept that will revolutionize the way games will be sold and purchased. Look for Aladdin to work his magic sometime in the second half of the year...
  99. ...Licensing update! Acclaim is now readying Super High Impact for the Super NES! The developers have managed to get the digitized displays into the home version and the Q-Mann has seen the statics on-screen! Kick!...Rumor has it that Acclaim is also the recipient of the Ren and Stimpy title, referring to the cartoon duo who appear weekly on Nick! The Quartermann has also heard rumors that the dirty duo will appear on the Sega 16-Bitter and Lynx handhelds! Happy, happy! Joy, joy!...Other game news includes word from Sega that the current 16-Bit leader has landed the rights to Star Trek: The Next Generation and Cool World, a tripped out Roger Rabbit featuring live actors within a wild animated universe. Both titles will be ported to the Genesis, Game Gear and Mega CD-ROM...Sega also has a super secret game called Dolphin ready for CES...and are you ready for Bonk on the NES and GameBoy?...Oh Boy!
  101. ...Speaking of the Mega CD-ROM, word from our main man in Japan, Terry Aki, indicates that several interesting titles will soon be on their way for this mega add-on! Chief among them is After Burner 3, a wild first-person shoot-out with graphics right out of the arcade! Look for some wild scaling out of this one! Also on the horizon is a new educational game that features full-motion video within a quiz setting! Whoooppppie!...Still more rumors surround the Mega CD itself! One of the latest has it that Sega will slash the price to astronomically low ranges if Nintendo follows through on their promise to deliver their CD-ROM drive under 200 bucks. Seems Sega is bound and determined not to lose out to the big 'N' on the issue of price alone. More to follow...When the Mega CD does hit, not only will it have Star Trek: The Next Generation, but also movie adaptations of Batman Returns and Home Alone! Will the machine be able to beat out Nintendo's unit? If Sega is able to show up at the CES with the 20 discs sources are claiming they'll have, then Nintendo will definitely have their work cut out for them...
  103. ...That wraps it up for this installment of the Quartermann show, kiddies! Be sure to tune in next week for the first specs of the Super NES CD-ROM as well as a special sneak surprise - the kind that only Quartermann can deliver! "Til next time, I remain... QUARTERMANN
  105. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  107. EGM #35, June 1992
  109. ...Time to plug in Quarter-dudes, it's your gaming guru, Quartermann, back once again with the freshest bunch of info the video buddha could find! We've got lots of fun and games this issue, so sit back and get set to get in the know...Mega-hot news for all you hardware heads! We've all heard of the CD-ROM Play Station from super player Sony, the 32-Bit Giga-Drive from Sega as well as the 64-Bit Jaguar from sometimes serious Atari, but the Q-Master has dug up the deepest dirt on still more mega machines in preproduction and glossing for an American launch in the next year or two. Heading the bunch is a system being designed by the same group responsible for the TurboGrafx-16. Before you Quarter-maniacs let out the big yawn, yours truly is here to fill you in on the straight scoop! Code-named the Phoenix, this super machine not only employs 32-Bit technology, but also uses an advanced graphics chip that, besides providing the scaling and rotation that are a must in post-Super NES video gaming society, will enable game programmers to utilize digitized images as well as conventional graphics! Although many of the specifics of NEC's 32-Bitter are up in the air, including the sound system, the Q-Mann has also learned that the machine will be CD-ROM specific. Don't hold your breath waiting for this hottest of game technologies, however, because a formal introduction won't be made before the middle of next year!...Look for Electronic Arts to get into the console wars with a new machine being produced in conjunction with Matsushita! The unit is being developed by a company owned by both electronics-titans and will be based around a CD-ROM specific format! More details to come...
  111. ...Look for Street Fighter 2 - The Competition Edition to find its way onto other consumer console and handheld formats! Sources in the know have indicated that rumors heralding the game on both the Genesis and Lynx could come true sometime early next year! The Q-Mann, of course, will keep you posted...Quartermann tips his hat to the gaming masters of Nintendo! The master of the rumor mill has locked down info from within the big 'N' that translates into a big thumbs-up for their super CD-ROM system! Besides boasting a faster processing time, a system cartridge that can be upgraded, and an expanded DPS processor (the one that gives you the Mode 7 glitter), you can also expect faster access time for little or no slow-down! Now whether or not the spinning discs arrive at the $200 price Nintendo has boasted remains to be seen...Speaking of price tags, what's the deal at Capcom?!? Sure, the Street Fighters were nice enough to get us in the ballpark and announce a mega-joystick, but what's with the big question mark on the retail cost, why is Nintendo removing the blood and guts, and how come the release date has been postponed again? A release date has been announced in Japan as well as a price (around 75 bucks). Have you ever heard of mail order? I know the Quarter-fiends have...
  113. ...Here's one to file under 'S' for big stinky-poo! Any of you who finally got your mitts on a Zelda 3 cart have discovered that the cheese-heads at Nintendo decided to blow their biggest game of the year by packing in a road map to get around all of the nastiest mysteries and hardest areas! I don't buy it, big 'N'. That quaint little disclaimer about personal fortitude and how bad it is to use little booklets that ruin video games that us poor saps spend seventy bucks on just doesn't cut it! If it bothers you so much, why is it in the box?...
  115. ...Get ready for a jolly '92, and an effervescent '93 in the software department! Top on the Q-Mann's list of upcoming entries is the fifth, yep, you're counting right, the fifth installment of the Mega Man series! Get ready for a whole new cast of robotic crazies for your Nintendo 8-Bit! 8-Bit? When's Rock gonna make it to the Super NES?...The Terminator saga, however, will continue on the Super NES when Acclaim brings Arnie to the 16-Bit screen! Still no word on how this soft plays, although the rumor has it that this game will NOT be based on the digitized destruction seen in the Midway quarter-muncher...The Terminator may make his digitized debut on the Mega-CD, however, courtesy of Virgin Games! In addition to a new version fully hyped with actual footage from the game, the boys at Virgin also plan a take-along cart for the Game Gear!...Also expect M.C. Kids on the Super NES and Genesis as well as a secret license that will knock you out from Virgin...That's it for this action-packed episode! Be sure to take care my little Quarter-friends and keep your hands off my Twinkie... QUARTERMANN
  117. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  119. EGM #36, July 1992
  121. ...Welcome one and all to the chambers of Dr. Q, here once again with a money back guarantee on the best rumors science can engineer! It has been a hectic month in the lab, boys and girls, but your favorite destroyer of video game white shirts has never looked Q-ter...Well, both Nintendo and Sega dumped their prices in major ways, leaving you and I with 16-Bit alternatives ranging from 149 to 129 bucks respectively. Could the recession be playing such a big role in shaping the future of the American gaming way? The Q-Mann sez "No way"! The drop in coin just leaves the big guns pocketing 100 clams in the margin instead of the normal 150...While we're on the subject of Nintendo and Sega, did you ever wonder what would happen if these electronic rivals called a truce? You'd probably see the best version of Mario ever made on the Genesis and a tripping 16-Bit Sonic with scaling and rotation that would make the Super NES fly like never before! Nice dreams, eh...
  123. ...Two bits of gossip news from the frontlines of Sega! First and foremost is the news that the execs who founded Frogger have decided to end their battle with the inventor who took the rest of the industry to the bank for millions. Sega balked, however, and the full blown legal hassles left a judgement in favor of the inventor to the tune of 40+ mil! Good call Sega, especially when you could have bought your way out of the mess for a measly couple of million bucks...Here's a bit of gossip that comes from the guy who only comes out at night! Sources close to the Quartermann have indicated that Sega is hard at work on an add-on that will give the Genesis full shooter status and a whole new line of light gun games! Sounds like you're scoping Nintendo's bazooka, Sega, and while the Q-Meister knows it's hard, you should really pass it up...
  125. ...In an quest to push more Lynx game systems into the hands of a content (yet very grey) group of GameBoy users, Quartermann has discovered rumors that Atari is making big plans to push Batman into their boxes as the give-away to lure Gotham fans to their games! Not a bad move Atari, but how about some news on the Jaguar? Yours truly is beginning to think it never existed...0ops! The Quartermann has stuck his Quarter-foot right smack into his Quarter-mouth! TH*Q, not Acclaim, has gobbled up the rights to the dysfunctional cartoon duo of Ren and Stimpy! The boys over at Toy Headquarters have also snatched up the rights to produce Wayne's World on the GameBoy, Nintendo and Super NES formats...ln other news from THQ (I know, two stories from these guys in a year is news), the new big boys of licensing are making moves to enter the Sega scene. While they officially have yet to receive their development agreement, Sega is letting them begin development on titles just like those previously mentioned for their Genesis platform...
  127. ...In new game news, the Quartermann has finally dug up the first solid info on the super sequel we've been waiting a year to see! Sonic 2 hits the Genesis with a whole new adventure, time-traveling action, and a special friend who helps out when the going gets tough! Check out EGM's special CES wrap-up for the first pictures of this dynamite new title...Look for the original Terminator to appear to appear on the Super NES soon! No, not courtesy of Acclaim (who'll deliver Terminator 2) or Virgin (who'll give us the Sega and Sega CD-ROM translations). This time, we get to see Arnie hit the 16-Bit scene from the folks at Software Toolworks! Yippieee!...Also look for Software Toolworks to bag Mel with a high action version of the Road Warrior...
  129. ...The Quartermann traveled around the world for this one! Street Fighter 3 is out and on the street. If you're looking to give the new machine a go-around, however, you'll have to make your way to France where our Champion Edition has been christened part Three...Look for Sega's Streets of Rage 2 to mock the most famous of all beat-em-up games when it's released later in the year...ln closing, look for a new video game mag to hit the scene with inside info you won't find anywhere else! Although the Quarter-dude has seen only a preliminary copy, he's sure you'll find Electronic Games an exciting new vision...ln closing, look for the Q-Mann's exclusive report from the Summer CES and no Dave, I didn't forget, the Q-Mann is perfectly aware that Frogger came from Konami...
  131. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  133. EGM #37, August 1992
  135. ...Welcome one and all to the front line of video game warfare with the General of corporate destruction and video game views, the one and only Quartermann! The Q-Mann has pulled out the big guns this month, kiddies, to deliver a first-hand report from behind gaming's most dangerous lines! So put on your helmet and grab your joystick for all the classified info that only yours truly can deliver...System suicide! Nintendo has joined Sega in hacking the price of their main console under the 100 buck region! While the news of the price decrease from the Sega camp came after Nintendo's big news, the Q-Meister has discovered that Sega had their blueprints for the price drop ready well before the CES, with two new packages (a core system as well as the "Sonic" system which is presently being sold) set for store shelves this fall! The bigger news, however, is the fact that Nintendo's new specs, which include the base unit and one controller with no game, appear to absolutely destroy the future of the 8-Bit. Sure, we all know it had to go sooner or later, but was napalm necessary?...
  137. ...The quiet from the San Mateo Software Group was deafening at the CES. This company within a company, controlled principally by Electronic Arts, Matsushita and Warner Communications is set to unload with a machine that insiders are calling "revolutionary" early next year. The machine is CD-based, but according to sources familiar with the project, the entry level price will position the unit to go up against CD-I and CD-TV platforms as opposed to vids. Will consumers pay $800 for a glorified game system? The Q-Mann says the SMSG best do some spectacular things to be that steep...Atari's Jaguar is now readying for full-out production, with designs for nearly two dozen softs now in the starting stages. The machine will take gamers into visual regions previously uncharted by home or arcade games! Can't wait to see this cat in action...
  139. ...A tip of the Q-Mann hat goes to Capcom for finally making some premo Street Fighter 2 products available! The T-Shirts, posters and hats are great, but collectors should stand ready to snap up Street Fighter 2 comics, cards and more! No word on release, but expect to hear it here first!...While we're on the subject of the kick butt fight-fest of the century, the Q-Mann has a bone to pick to the folks at Capcom! What happened to Sheng Long? Sure, we all knew it was the Dragon Punch, but what a disappointment to see the home version omit this most controversial of all non-existent game characters!...Also, don't be surprised if you see our friend Blanka at the next Weight Watchers meeting! Six foot-five and 216 pounds!?! Get serious Capcom, this monster should tip the scales at 400 pounds!...
  142. ...Sonic the Hedgehog has taken over Sega! The Sonic developers, that is! Seems the boys responsible for the blurred blue one want to make absolutely positive that the sequel is just as super-charged as everyone expects it to be and Sonic has no plans to listen to any stiff white shirts! The Q-Mann's hat is off to you...Look for Virgin's 7th Guest CD-ROM tour-de-force to become the pack-in for Nintendo's upcoming CD system...Quartermann wishes to extend a warm welcome to the Game Doctor! Trust me, Doc, the surroundings are much nicer around here!...Nintendo scores the sports gaming coup of the year! One of the best b-ball games the guru of gossip has ever played, NCAA Basketball, is now being distributed by the marketing super machine at Nintendo. The folks at HAL and Sculptured Software should take a bow, this game blows away even the best the big 'N' itself could deliver...Market research? You guys are a joke!
  144. In closing, Gen. Q-Mann wishes to thank everyone who pushed through the crowds around the EGM booth at the CES to say "Hi!" and talk games! For those of you who weren't able to attend, the Q-Mann chalks up mighty kudos to this blistering batch of snazzy softs: Capcom's Street Fighter 2 (do you think I'm brain dead?), Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (the big loops and special pal are a very nice touch), Tecmo's NBA Basketball (love the Tootsie Rolls too, Dimitri), Nintendo's Mario Kart (nice twist on F-Zero)and Mario 2 for GameBoy (good action title for the small screen), Taito's On the Ball (I agree with the head ed, this is the perfect reflex tester), Konami's Axelay (took the cake in the shooter category) and Sunsoft's Superman (inside joke, inside joke). Actually Superman won't be ready to review until the next show but the demo looked great!...Until we meet again... QUARTERMANN
  146. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  148. EGM #39, October 1992
  150. ...Step into the driver's seat game fans, the maverick maven of righteous rumors is speeding up to the line with gossip slick enough to out-class a Ferrari! We all know they try to best the Q-Mann with their Yugo-inspired news briefs, but golly kiddies, it just can't be done! So, put a twinkie in your trousers and hit high gear as the master of industry mayhem blows into California with the first big scoop of the month...After months of insidious disinformation and bags full of stories to the contrary, the Q-Minator has discovered that the Electronic Arts-Matsushita-Warner pool project named after the company developing it, the SMSG (for San Mateo Software Group) IS a 32-Bit machine with some incredible graphic and animation features but is now rumored to NOT be a CD-ROM-based system. In fact, the Q-Mann has learned through well-informed sources that the unit isn't a cartridge console either. The master plan of the Trip-brigade is to put the SMSG machine into the hands of nearly every American who subscribes to cable television services! Here's the plan: When you get your cable service the local carrier will deliver, for a small fee of $5-$10, the SMSG 32-Bit system which you'll rent each month. Then, through a pseudo-pay-per-view service, anxious gamers will have the opportunity to access a library of SMSG titles to download for around five bucks! You'll then be able to play to your heart's content until you decide to turn off the system! While the majority of the initial releases are rumored to be current EA hits, the potential for software sales, er, I mean rentals, is staggering! If the plans works as the rumor mill says, the SMSG could become the dominant force in gaming, with upwards of 30 million units in homes by the end of next year! Quartermann, of course, will keep his followers well-fed with any new SMSG (I know it sounds like a food preservative!) tid-bits that happen my way...
  152. ...Look who's made the big time! Sonic the Hedgehog, the mammet of mirth, has penned a deal with the white shirts of ABC to star in his own television show this fall! While the Q-Mann has dug deep, things remain sketchy. What we do know is that the show will be animated and current plans have the blurred blue one beaming into the airwaves for a one-shot prime-time slot! Sources hinted that this could lead to a regular engagement in the same time period or possibly a move to the conventional Saturday morning hours for a one-on-one with the big 'N's own mascot, Mario! Don't look to the Q-Meister to visualize this one, Quarter-freaks, I'll admit it's a nice idea but I just don't see it...Don't be surprised if you see Truxton 2 hitting game systems soon. The game is eating up the Japanese arcade charts and is reportedly so good it could actually dethrone Street Fighter 2!...More news from Terry Aki in Japan: Super Mario 2, America's revamped version of the Famicom classic Arabian Legend disk, is now set to make a second appearance in the Land of the Rising Sun as Super Mario - USA! Give me a break!...
  154. ...The long awaited and much talked about Super Mario movie is finally becoming a reality! The Q-Mann's hollywood sources have discovered that Bob Hoskins (of Who Framed Roger Rabbit fame) has been marked to man Mario for the big screen! Another big name star set to play in the video game come to life is Dennis Hopper(?)!!! Quartermann doesn't know his role yet, but he'd fit for the psycho Luigi part...Universal Soldier? Give me a break! The video game version of this sorry summer turkey is really Turrican 2 in disguise...
  155. And for a parting shot, the Q-Mann would like to applaud Spectrum Holobyte and Sega for finally taking the initiative to warp the Next Generation of Star Trek onto video game and CD-ROM screens. I can't wait to play 'em, but I also can't wait for the answers left in the fifth season's ho-hum finale (Bring back the Borg! Bring back the Borg)! I'd put my money on Data (and his respective head) to turn out to actually be Lore - the evil and twisted psycho brother of everyone's favorite android...Pull out the cellophane because that wraps up this installment of the Quartermann page - the only printed page you'll find in gaming that's long on taste and low on calories... QUARTERMANN
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  159. EGM #40, November 1992
  161. ...Step right up to the new fat-free Quartermann column that gives you all the great taste you expect from a gossip column without any of the calories! The Q-Mann has scoped out some great gaming goodies for you this month, kiddies, including boffo news on all of the new consoles for you hardware heads out there! Without further delay, let's open this Oreo wide open...Hold your breath if you want to turn blue, but not if you expect to be playing CD games on your Super NES any time soon. The big 'N' has nixed their plans to belly up against Sega's impending machine, privately indicating that they don't see CD games being that different from regular carts. While this isn't a bad call in the Quartermann's eyes, Nintendo is keeping their hands wet with development of a 32-Bit CD-ROM complete with a slick custom chip set that they say could be ready by August of '93. Sega gets its head start again, but with the enhancements Nintendo is promising in their CD design, we might see the mighty mega-power of gaming quickly taking over Sonic's home turf - but only if the unit proves to be more than smoke...
  163. ...Replacing Nintendo's next super system is a super chip! The terminators of Nintendo have developed proprietary code that enables the Super NES to display higher quality 3-D softs without the need for a hardware extension! The Super FX chip gives the Nintendo 16-Bitter the power to deliver shaded polygon images through RISC-based technology. Expect the first title to use the innovative ROMs to hit in February, with a slew of third-party products to follow...The Q-Mann's been sporting wood over the new DSP chip that enhances the processing speed of the Super NES. But now I hear that the games that utilize the zippy Seta chips could cost over 100 bucks! Timberrrr...
  165. ...Yours truly has finally zeroed in on the developer of the super secret Atari Jaguar project! As the Q-Mann pegged previously, the system is being designed in Europe by a company contracted by the Tramiel Trio. The 64-Bit (yeah, right) miracle machine supposedly uses RISC-based technology to produce shaded polygon images like those found in arcade drivers like Virtual Racing (deja vu)! The hardware house responsible for Atari's last gasp is called Flare. Look for a debut around the Summer '93 CES where Atari hopes to have 20 titles ready to go! 20 games with no development staff? No way Hans, no way...While we're on the subject of game development, Sega plans to open a midwest R&D house under the command of industry veteran Joe Robbins who's late of Sunsoft. The group is looking to produce two carts and one CD project every year for the Genesis and could begin on Virtual Racing as their first multi-media project! Don't understand why you picked our neck of the woods, but welcome to the neighborhood...
  167. ...Now on to the machine that no one but Quartermann wants to talk about. The EA/Warner/Matsushita team is readying a test of their play-by-cable system, the SMSG, for early next year somewhere in the north-east according to recent rumors. A consumer version, with CD capability may also be made available later in the year. What all you Quarter-maniacs may not be aware of, however, is that the design team that put together the latest in video game technology is comprised of almost all the same members that also gave birth to the Lynx hand-held and Amiga computer...What's the only thing worse than having the "exclusive" to a game that EGM covered months earlier? Putting a hologram on your cover that's the same size as the editor's...News from the Japanese front points to new and improved Genesis games just around the corner! The buzz on the street says that the Genesis will soon be able to display more colors, choose from more colors and enjoy enhanced resolution through a number of nifty software tricks! The Q-Mann will keep you posted...
  169. ...Look for Tandy (the buds from Radio Shack) to promo their CD-I driver soon with an Inspector Gadget game. How many chips will be wasted before the white shirts wise up and develop a uniform CD platform that all softs can use?...Don't trust a game mag editor named after his underwear...Well, we knew that Data would find his head, but I've got my fingers crossed that Q makes an intro sometime soon!...Till next time, stay fluffy... QUARTERMANN
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  173. EGM #41, December 1992
  175. ...Well done kiddies! The Sultan of Scoops, Quartermann, is back once again with tons of inside info from behind closed doors! Yours truly has gone to great lengths to lock up the brightest news in the biz, with gossip so good I should be slapped! Before you turn that page, let's get going...The super secret Electronic Arts game machine is rolling closer to the starting line! Inside VIPs have told yours truly that the 3D-0 project unveiled in these pages for the first time last month, has development systems readied and plenty of programmers waiting in line! The CD console, which will have game downloading capabilities, is rumored to be called the Opera and several conferences have officially introduced the unit to the programming public. Initial word to the Q-Mann says this thing is hot...Have you ever wondered what happened to foosball? I haven't...Don't be surprised if the Madden series continues well beyond part three! Rumor has it that a rental-only version of the pigskin classic could be in the works...
  177. ...Quartermann is giving a new thumb tack in the eye award to the most fecal corporate decision making of the month. While the initial demo of Atari's Jaguar is truly eye-popping, the company's suits are rumored to have lobotomized the machine by taking out half its brains! The system now has only one meg of operating RAM -erecting a brick wall in front of the chances of any super softs. On the street with a dozen games by April? You're living in a dream world pal...Look for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to be coming to a video game screen sometime next year...EASN has successfully pow-wow'd a settlement with sports network ESPN over the use of a logo. The use of a logo? Don't worry EA, with games this great it doesn't matter what you call them, I say you're kick...
  179. ...Late breaking news from the cats at Sega! The Menacer light bazooka-gun-type-thingie will not only come with a cart filled with six boring target titles, but the wonderfully intense Terminator 2: The Arcade Game from Acclaim! If you want my opinion, I would have bought the Sega gun just to play T2, but as a pack-in, the Q-Mann is a sure sale...You didn't think you'd get through this column without hearing about Street Fighter 2, did you? Following up on a scoop the Quartermann dug up some time back, it now looks like sizzling hot Malibu Graphics will be dishing up the further illustrated adventures of Capcom's popular World Warriors! Can't wait...Speaking of Street Fighter 2, moi was totally correct in announcing a SF2 pack-in with the Super NES. The only problem was that I forgot to tell you it would be an arrangement exclusive to Europe. The combo package is selling like hotcakes and pushing the Nintendo 16-Bitter through, so get off my back Harris.
  181. ...While you Quarter-maniacs have flooded the Governor of Gossip with enough letters exclaiming "gee-wiz did you see the new SF2 diagonal-shooting fireball machines" to lay waste to entire forests, word from the recent AMOA expo in Nashville ( sir, I didn't like it...) had similar devices being devised for Mortal Kombat! Don't be surprised if Midway releases an upgrade of their own...Tradewest is just the latest corp. to board Sega's ship with versions of the 'toads, football and racing readied for the Genesis (cool poster, eh?)! Groovy...Accolade's new 16-Meg monster, Bubsy, is absolutely hot, Hot, HOT! With great animations and superb game play (dare I say better than Mario and Sonic put together???) this Super NES cart gets the Quartermann's roasted ho-ho award for big vid thrills...Aliens vs. Predator from Activision? Try Terminator vs. Predator from Virgin...
  183. ...An American invasion of Europe is about to take place! All of the blokes who read the Q-Minator overseas take note: EGM is coming!...Although Acclaim passed on it, Total Carnage was set to see the light of day as a Sega cart, but is rumored to have been scraped in favor of added emphasis on CD projects...Get ready for Double Dragon: The Movie from Imperial Entertainment! No names yet, but a nice ad on the back of Variety...This wraps it up kiddies! Be sure to tune in next month for another special surprise from the Q-Mann and the promise that I'll pick the nuggets... QUARTERMANN
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  187. EGM #42, January 1993
  189. ...Welcome once again to the Quartermann show, that special place with the super scoops that only a guru of gossip could deliver! There may be imitators, there may be critics, but the Quarter-freaks know that it's the only place in the world that you'll read about toasted ho-ho's...We've got some great goodies for you this month Q-pals, including the first info from a flurry of developer conferences. Yours truly was behind the scenes to capture reaction to the unveiling of the Opera, Jaguar and Sega CD, including the first news on some hot CD titles just over the horizon...
  191. ...First on the Q-Mann's agenda was a trip to the 300 party. The mystery behind the EA-Matsushita-Warner was lifted, at least partially, to give potential programmers a chance to see what this 32-Bit super system is all about. Bellying up to the table with a RISC processor and multi-media interface, the 300 machine has also been given the working name of "Opera". While the Q-Mann doubts that the system will end up with that name, the individual roles of each of the machine's investors has become clear. While EA creates the software (largely tapping into their own vid game library), Matsushita's various brand names will simultaneously introduce the 300 technology in several formats. The wizards behind the marketing of this mega-machine hope that sweeping compatibility will create the new "standard" for CD technology. It's a good plan, but some boffo softs will be needed to score big consumer points since the hardware will hit the shelves in the $500+ range. And rumor has it that additional features, such as full-motion video, will only be accessible through a separate perhipheral attachment costing more dough!...
  193. ...Atari, deadly silent since the recent software shake-up, appears to be heading in the right direction for a launch, even if their dual 32-Bit RISC system doesn't quite have the muscle to take advantage of the coolest functions. Tramiel and Co. launched their unit to developers cross-continent, with software houses in both the U.S. and England considering support. Destined to display some hard-hitting visuals, let's hope the marketing masters don't toss a mojo on the machine by slapping on a high price...
  195. ...Finally, on the developers front, Sega formally brought programmers one-on-one with their new upgrade, the Sega CD. Although the big 'S' only showcased existing softs, a number of products were announced. While some developers were disappointed by the system, strong sales are working to make this CD format the one to beat. Regardless, expect Sega to dish out a steady stream of 'A' titles, including Power Drift (one of the first games to take advantage of the Mode 7-type effects offered-up by the Sega CD), Virtua Racing (don't bet on it before the end of '93) and a line of educational software featuring Sega superstars...
  197. ...The Sega curse continues to haunt sports stars around the world! Its most recent victim, Evander Holyfield, joined the prestigeous ranks of Tommy Lasorda, Buster Douglas, Pat Riley and Joe Montana (just to name a few) who have either lost, gone downhill, been injured or quit shortly after signing with the boys in Redwood. Could this be the beginning of a new betting system?...Look for the SNK super smash punch-out, World Heroes, to migrate over to both the Sega and Nintendo systems soon...Electronic Arts is prepping a new breed of sports game! Blood and Guts Football introduces aliens and monsters in an all-out brawl that uses the game engine from the zippy Madden games...Look for a big announcement soon from Marvel Comics...Gaiares, Gaiares, Gaiares...Due to an unforeseen delay, the folks at Tecmo have postponed the Genesis version of Tecmo Super Bowl until the beginning of the 1993 football season. You can bet that it will be even better by then...What a landmark event! The first Q-Mann column that doesn't mention Street Fighter 2! Rest easy Capcom, your secrets are safe with's time to close things up on the Quartermann show, kiddies, but I'll be back next month with another bag full of gaming goodies! Get set for a special announcement in next month's issue! Until then, trust yourself and avoid Skid marks...QUARTERMANN
  199. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  201. EGM #43, February 1993
  203. ...Heh, heh, heh, kiddies, the Quarter-witt has returned to dazzle your doorknobs with the latest goop from the gossip world! To quote the big B., the times they are a changin', and yours truly is out to set the tone with a bag full of gaming goodies that are wicked awesome! We start our trip down secret street with some mega-boffo news on the dream machine from the Tripster! The Q-sleuth managed to cut through the barbed wire and dodge the assault rifles and tear gas for a front row seat at the unveiling of 3D0 to a room full of programming-types! The four-day event, which lasted three days too long, gave the hardware heads the up-close-and-personal they had been waiting for ever since moi first unveiled the super system earlier this year! What we saw were a couple of zippy demos, including a flight through a sort-of realistic canyon as well as a cube complete with bouncing balls on every face. This software show-off displayed twisting rotation, skewing, and the ever popular translucent effect! But did I also see - it can't be - say it ain't so - SLOW DOWN! ARRRR! True, it was only a demo, but let's hope the games this next generation monster produces don't rely heavily on slow-mo effects! It was a sexy-keen machine, but at $600 (that's 1.5 Neo-Geo's on the vid-game scale of economics) it should come with its own wide-screen TV...
  205. Speaking of 3DO, the Q-rassic one has learned that the machine will get Spielburg's upcoming dino flick, Jurassic Park! This means 3DO joins the ranks of Ocean, who was reported to have paid some major $$$ to secure the Super NES rights to the man-eating monster movie...Speaking of softs based on cinema, it appears Sony will be packing a one-two punch next summer with vid-game adaptations of the two major blockbusters! Both the Last Action Hero (Arnie's entry) and Cliffhanger (Stallone's bone) will come repackaged and repixelated courtesy Sony...Sega won't bow their 32-Bit bomb on the gaming world until '94. Seems CD is just the grooviest!...
  207. Speaking of Sega, they have some big packaging plans laying just around the corner! Get your little Q-inspired-selves ready for the debut of the Genesis 2 and Sega CD 2! Before all you recent CD buyers start the countdown to launch the scuds, however, take note that the new systems will be the same as the old ones. I guess Sega just got sick of the way they look. It happens...And while we're on the subject of Sega CD, the Q-Mann thinks all of you nutsoids out there that think Night Trap and Sewer Shark are just the peachiest things since fuzz should know that both games were created almost a decade ago for Hasbro's defunct Nemo system. What you're playing now is what vid-game pioneer Nolan Bushnell wanted you to have in your home eight years ago...Meanwhile, the company responsible, Digital Pictures, is working on their next CD epic called Ground Zero Texas!...
  209. ...With sales of the Lynx sys and softs falling, Atari is turning to other sources for revenue - like court! Watch this space for the results of Atari vs. Epyx executives, round one, in an upcoming issue...Did you know that EA's upcoming Blood and Guts Football was originally presented to Atari as a spec script for the Lynx in 1990?...Hats off to the folks at Malibu Interactive! Their Batman Returns and Joe Montana scaling and rotation routines for the Sega CD knocked head honcho Harris to the floor! Did I hear someone say "House on fire?"...Look for both Sega and Acclaim to start implementing texture mapping and synthetic actor applications in upcoming games! Both techniques are derived from super-secret military type stuff! Here we go once again with the Q-Mann CES Preview: GLOC appears for Genesis, along with Strider 2...Final Fight CD appears for Sega in Feb...Super Mega Man and Final Fight 2 debut for Super NES, with more EA Sports titles and the first super FX title, Star Fox (the name will change)...Mortal Kombat won't show for any platform (even though Acclaim is hard at work) and Capcom won't show Street Fighter 2 - Champion Edition. I can't wait for Nintendo's latest CD announcement - how about 64-Bit, plays all Super NES, NES and GameBoy carts, with a retail under $50! We can see through it guys...
  211. ...On the film front The man who told us all to call 911 - Steven Seagal, not William Shatner - will return to defuse a biological war crisis in Under Siege 2 next year...Finally, catch this one. The upcoming Disney movie based on the game, Super Mario Bros., will clock in at over $50 mil! The Bob Hoskins-Dennis Hopper film is said to have some mind-blowing sets, but it should with its mind-blowing budget! Dennis Hopper as Bowser? How repellent!...
  213. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  215. EGM #44, March 1993
  217. ...Yo, ho, ho, gamoids, the guru of gossip, Quartermann, back once again with a special CES edition of the GG that has none of the embarrassing garlic odor found in other gaming mags! Las Vegas was in a particularly festive mood this year, even though yours truly had to actually pay for dinner a couple of nights because the game co.'s were apparently feeling strapped for the green stuff (if only I had bought that thirty millionth cartridge maybe Nintendo would've busted for the party favors). Regardless, there were plenty of things to do and see in the south hall and just so credit is given where credit is due, both Acclaim and Namco sprung a few tamales to keep Andy, Ed and the rest of the press hounds at bay...Straight from the Uncle's mouth - don't look for the Genesis 2 or Sega CD 2 to appear in the U.S. The head honchos at video gamedom's big blue concede that the Q-Mann was right about the sequels, but only Japan will be graced with the game systems...
  219. ...While we're talking hardware, this dog of war heard from not one, not two, but three (count 'em) three program heads who all insisted that Atari's new Jaguar can out-shoot the new 3D0 wonder machine! More technical ability can be found, according to those in the know, in the Flare-inspired shell that is now going through final prep in Texas than any other machine in existence! What's the catch? As previously reported by the great Q, the knuckleheads at Atari decided to leave the RAM out of the console to save some pennies and, in the process, left the hulky hardware singing high soprano! Bet you use one-ply, don't you Sam...If this is a counselor's ship, where is the ambassador?...Pioneer's new Mikey, er, L.I.F.E. system was a real surprise! The laserdisc games were wicked awesome and the Sega/Turbo compatibility pulls some nice kick. Still pricey, but quite cool...
  221. ...What do you get when you invest millions of dollars into a multi-media studio to produce CD games, put the Sega name on the door and then wait almost a year? Nothing!...On the flip-side for Sega, their new Virtual VR virtual reality glasses (which make you look like a lawnmower man) are rumored to have a special 3-D version of Virtua Racing in the works. I'll have to see it to believe it...The character generator that Acclaim showed during their wing-ding looked cool. It's a program that traces the movements of human characters who are wearing a special outfit covered with sensors and then fills in the rest of the picture over time with computer muscle. As much as the technology wowed the O-Minator, I laid eyes on a similar system later in the show that rendered the graphic pix instantly! Venom still looked awesome...Speaking of comics, Malibu will be unveiling the SF 2 comic book later this summer and Williams has just produced their own for Mortal Kombat. Look for them at the comic shop near you...Also while you're at the comic book store, watch for a new mag that's destined to dethrone the magician! Not only does HERO have some awesome edit on the latest comic book info, it has the Q-Mann covering video!...
  223. ...As you'll read in this ish, the Super NES CD-ROM is far from vaporware! The "ultimate peripheral of '93" is well into the final stages of design and according to the ultra-secret paperwork smuggled out by some hard-working rebels, you too can feast your eyes on the latest marvel of Nintendo. A formal developer's conference will gather soon and the Q-Mann will be there...SNK's CD add-on is rumored to be looking iffy...Q-Sound, the incredible new stereo sound generator, is rumored to be finally making its way into game carts...Watch for Street Fighter 2 characters to start appearing on just about anything man-made. From an upcoming pinball machine to Fruit of the Loom underwear, the World Warriors are coming (hey Capcom, send these guys to the WWF - you'll make a fortune hawking Blanka brand deodorant)...
  225. ...Finally, the Q-Meister pulls his picks from the CES: No big winners, but Flashback was good and Mortal Kombat will zap some big ones this summer on all formats (a Gameboy version? Why?)...Sega, where were the Menacer and CD games? You missed an op to make Starfox out to be a turkey with your Silpheed game - the CD polygons blow the SFX away...Jurassic Park will likely dethrone Prince of Persia as the most ported title (the early Super NES mazes from Ocean looked cool) and Empire from Lucas/JVC was definitely the hottest game not shown at CES (but where's Return of the Jedi? I want to kill Ewoks!)...One final memo from the show - Sega has a U.S. team hard at work on Sonic 3 for later this year. Until next time, remember you ain't never had a friend like me... QUARTERMANN
  227. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  229. EGM #45, April 1993
  231. ...Hello all you little game boys and girls out there in video game land, the master of gaming goodies and all-around swell stuff, Quartermann, back to the pages of EGM once again to give you the slickest skinny of what the in-crowd is doing! We've got a very special theme this month my Quarter-friends, with more insider info from the halls of the CES as well as the Q-Mann's usual bag o' trix! So let's start the show...The top rumor rippin' its way across the Q-Minator's desk this month concerns talk of a Sega CD price drop of thermonuclear proportions! Fueled by some hot and heavy fan interest over the holidays, Sega plans to prep future sales of their super CD system going into X-Mas of '93 with a mega slash-and-burn in the current 300 buck entry fee! Word on the street says the Sega CD could fall below the $200 mark going into the holidays - at the same time dozens of new licensees hit with some power-packed softs. Sega's hitting all the right buttons, and even if the big 'N's gaming gurus get their CD machine together in time to meet announced delivery dates at the under-200 level, Sega will already be there! Leave it to Master-Q to keep you updated...Speaking of CD, Pioneer's Laser-Active Laserdisc/video game mega machine won't be seeing the stork until July. So start saving up your pennies, kiddies, because you're going to need 120,000 of them...
  233. ...More nifty news from the Q-Mann's corner concerns a fighting master's dream come true. A secret group of hard-heads are in the final stages of perfecting a special modem that will allow Street Fighter 2 fans to play each other over the phone lines! Dig it! This peripheral, which could be ready by summertime, will let you interact across town or across the country with other SF2 fans who are equally equipped with modem and game. The best part of the plan? The Street Fighter 2 modem will clock in at under the price of the SF2 game...Total Carnage, contrary to other erroneous reports, will be coming to stores via Black Pearl Software, not Acclaim. The cart will come configured in 8-Meg mode, with an enhanced Sega CD version materializing at year's end...Turbo fans, don't despair! The first CD game system will expand later this year with a special CD version of John Madden now in development. Also, the 16-Meg Fighting Street 2 game that the Q-Mann reported on several months back may change to an even more enhanced cart/CD combo that will not only increase interaction and game play, but also pump in a variety of speech and video effects that follow the plotline of everyone's favorite beat-em-up...
  235. ...While we're on the subject of fighting games, you'll have to wait until August for Mortal Kombat to make its way onto the consumer formats. Both the Sega Genesis (blood and guts) and Nintendo (rated G) versions should show up around the same time new versions of Street Fighter 2 pop up for some new systems. Don't believe the ink you see in other mags, my little Quarter-freaks, because in addition to the CD SF2 (which those close to the project indicate will be packed with video, voice and more) the rumor mill is adamant that there will be a cart translation for Sega fans as well. Nothing is confirmed, but the EGM offices are drooling with delight...
  237. ...The Battle of the Toons is about to begin. Super-star Sonic the Hedgehog and his universe of crazy critters are on their way to ABC for both a prime-time special and a possible Saturday morning series replete with Tails, Dr. Robotnik and others. Out to ruin their day is a new weekly flick being developed around the day to day escapades of one Bubsy the Bobcat! Who will survive? Who will grab the magical rating point to power-up? Does anyone care?...BTW, did you know that for a very short time the Robotnik character was considered for the lead in Sonic the Hedgehog? I don't know how well Sega would be doing with a fat clown as their mascot, but fortunately they found the name Sonic as hard to attach to the evil dude as the rest of humanity...My pigskin prayers have been answered! Tecmo Super Bowl will not only plow its way onto the Genesis when the next season starts, but also the Super NES...Other Tecmo news includes the return of Ryu in a 16-Bit version of Ninja Gaiden on the Super NES...
  239. ...Time Gal will return to the U.S. courtesy of Renovation - our head ed. Ed was suffering from "foot in the mouth" disease when he indicated Sega may lap up the latest in push game technology. By the way, the Q-Mann loves Road Avengers - check out my complete review in this month's Q-Letter that's free to EGM subscribers!...There's a tidal wave of Sega six-button sticks on the way, including controllers from Tengen and Beeshu! The best of the bunch may be C&L Control's Sega update to their award-winning Champion stick - the Q-Mann can't wait to have one - or a game that you can play with it!... QUARTERMANN
  241. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  243. EGM #46, May 1993
  245. ...We're in 16-Meg mode this month my little Quarter-fiends, with the hottest info on super softs like SF2-CE for the Genesis and plenty of pork for you hardware heads as well! Have your ICEE points in hand and remember that looking at your neighbor will not be tolerated in this classroom...How can the Q begin this classic column without drawing your attention to the head ed's cover romp: STREET FIGHTER 2-CHAMPION EDITION IS COMING IN JUNE FOR GENESIS! Capcom has signed onto Sega and will unleash SF2-CE as their first entry. The master of all martial arts battles will hit the U.S. before it shows its face in either Japan or Europe, packing 16-Meg of power and a price tag somewhere in the sixties! Some new features include voice, the barrel bonus stage instead of a brick bonus, and the ability to play with either the new Sega 6-button pad (which is being redesigned to be larger as you read this) or the wimpy 3-button controller we've all grown to love (you use the 'Start' button to toggle between either the kicking or punching action - yech!). And of course the new Boss characters will be added to juice this version up and require everyone who put down $150 for a Super NES and SF2 cart to buy another version...Other SF2 rumors from Japan have a Super Famicom translation of the Turbo CE version in the works. Capcom won't comment on this (where did all the new "open-ness" go to?), but the Q-Mann has it from a highly reliable source...
  247. There are a variety of hot softs now in pre-production (subscribers should check out this month's Q-Letter for a complete run-down of new games). Some of the highlights include Bubsy 2 and R-Type 3! Check out next month's EGM for some possible pix. Exiting this topic the Q-Minator must provide the proper updates for SF3: the entire cast of characters will be back for part three, with some new additions as well as an interesting new technique that yours truly has been sworn not to reveal (at least until next month). Also, while we're on the subject of juvenile reporting, Capcom will not be releasing SF2-CE in tandem with a Sega CD version (although a product that includes actors, voice and music is rumored to be in the works) and Sega has snapped up the rights to the awesome shooter Silpheed from Sega CD developer Game Arts.
  249. The guru of gossip has learned that Icom Simulations, famous for their Sherlock Holmes games and their, er, Sherlock Holmes games, have sold out either part or all of their company to a Japanese investor looking to get into high-end games. Also, Icom is rumored to have successfully completed work on a development system which creates dual versions of the same game that can be instantly ported to any system platform to save publishers some big bucks. Acclaim is rumored to be inking a deal with James Cameron's production company. Cameron, who brought us Aliens and the Terminator flicks, is set to deliver a bunch of films for Fox after finishing Spider-Man for Carolco. The Acclaim deal would give the licensing super-power first-rights to Cameron's new ideas. Speaking of licensing, don't be surprised if you see a game based on the high-tech, big-budget Godzilla movie coming next year from Tri-Star. The most likely source of monster carts and CDs would be Sony. For the worst license of the year (or decade for that matter), how about "Federal Express"! I won't embarrass the company that has plunked down the bucks for this title, but man is it a stupid license
  251. ...3DO has a special plan up their sleeve to entrench their machine in the hearts and minds of consumers before a cable game system becomes operational. The Q-Mann has heard from reliable sources that 3D0 will market their machine not only as a self-contained game system, but also as an enhancement board for PC owners! As a high-end graphics and interactive upgrade, the Quarter-Witt goes full thumbs-up (even if the price is still too high)...Atari seems to have a similar plan with their Jaguar, which is targeting the high-end of the market for their 64-Bit RISC-processing mega-system, and is rumored to be embracing an end-goal of building onto the Jaguar with hard drives, keyboards and even virtual-reality head-gear to attract computer-heads...Sega has answered Nintendo's SFX chip with an upgrade of their own. Called the "DSP" (yeah, I know what it stands for, but it's their name, not mine), the new chip will give Sega games the same speed advantages but no real palette enhancements...Star Wars games are hot, Hot, HOT! Yours truly has seen development work on not only Super Empire (great Mode 7 FX with hills!), but also Rebel Assault (an X-Wing fighting game in the trenches of the Death Star for Sega CD) and Star Wars Battle Chess (using the characters in place of chess pieces). All are wicked awesome...
  253. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  255. EGM #47, June 1993
  257. ...Put your pig in the barn and get your sticks out, kiddies, the Q-Mann has returned to rip into the best gossip from around the world! We've got plenty of surprises in store for you this month, including dirt on some super softs and behind the scenes info on a new TV station destined to change the way we live - well, maybe at least the games we play! So cover your mouth and plug your nose, because this month we're diving deep...
  259. ...The first toasted ho-ho award this month goes to Sega and Time-Warner for joining forces on the first new games channel to hit the market! The Sega Channel (I swear - you marketing guys kill me with your creativity) will be open for business by the end of the summer, giving you instant access to games via a downloading mechanism that plugs into the cartridge port of your Genesis! Although you won't be able to download games into any kind of permanent storage mechanism (your data's wiped out when the power goes off), you'll have access to a mega-menu of softs and special programs. Playing with this puppy doesn't come cheap, however, with the monthly on-line fee likely to top 200 bucks...Looks like it's time to play taps. Camerica, those wacky guys that brought us the Game Genie (but did we really need it for GameBoy???), have filed for bankruptcy! And I was really looking forward to the Game Gear version...Just in...sources in Japan tell us that Capcom is readying a Super NES version of Turbo SF2 CE!
  261. ...Jeepers! Could it really be true?!? The Quartermann hears that Atari has done some redesigns on their Jaguar chip set, now relying on Motorola to make a one-piece 64-Bit chip set instead of the previously planned dual 32-Bit boosters! The Atari mystery machine is going to miss the CES party in Chicago this June, but will be unveiled at some special press ceremony shortly thereafter. The gaming gurus at Camp Tramiel say its SCSI port, programmable resolution and special sound chip will weigh in at under $200...Here's one that will get some play on the Rush Limbaugh show! Kaneko has signed on to produce a game based on Socks the Cat! I feel your pain...StarFox is set to explode on the European scene - as Starwing? Why???...0ther name change candidates include Mutant League Football by EA which will hit the shores across the Atlantic as Beastball! Whoopie!...Hey postmaster, I just got off the phone with Sushi-X (yes, the REAL Sushi-X) and he told me to tell you that he'd never have respect for a lame fan mag put out by people who try to sell illegally copied video games. Personally, the Q-Mann doesn't see how anyone could respect a mag that sells the games in reviews...
  263. ...EGM subscribers, those exclusive elite lucky enough to get the one and only newsletter produced by yours truly, got a bundle of inside info last month on new softs set to hit the market soon! Since then, the Quarter-Fiend has gone undercover to dig up the development of other titles soon to see reality...That Donkey Kong follow-up the Q-Mann told you about so many moons ago has been placed on the Phillips CD-I and Super Famicom CD platforms and should be finished sometime next year...Here's a power play! Konami, strangely short on games as of late, has captured the rights to release the LucasArts spec soft, Monsters! They've renamed the beastly blaster "Zombies Ate My Neighbors." Huh?...Also new from the special 'K' is a new Castlevania game for the Sega 16-Bitter called Bloodlines, coming for X-Mas...Absolute is working on a Goofy game. How appropriate...Look for Steven Seagal to come to life 16-Bit style from Tecmagik later this year...
  265. ...With smokin' Joe going to KC, the big question is whether Sega will change his jersey colors in Montana '94...Virgin is on fire with a virtual potpourri of sizzling softs heading for the Super NES, the Genesis, and the Sega CD! Among the keynote carts you'll find Disney's Aladdin (a project that has put the Jungle Book on hiatus), Robocop vs. Terminator (cool transfer from the deadly Dark Horse comics set - by the way the Robocop won), Chuck Rock 2, Dune 2 as well as the original Dune, and Cool Spot for Sega CD...Due out in July for the 8-Bit Nintendo is the Super Mario Collection from, you guessed it, Nintendo! Even thought he big 'N' didn't have to spend any coin for this new cart, you do get to see the original Japanese Super Mario World 2 for the first time (it features more adventures set up like the first)...One last software note has the folks at Sega's Midwest development facility tooling up to put EA down with their own rendition of 16-Bit Sega hockey! You guys should really take the rollerblades off before you start programming though...
  267. ...The NEO•GEO has officially put their CD-ROM peripheral on hold indefinitely due to "changing conditions" that include the introduction to 3D0 and the announcement of a Nintendo CD soon to follow. Come on, show a little backbone...Finally, Sega has a trio of new games in development, including Streets of Rage 3, a gun game by the programmers of Konami's Lethal Enforcers coin-op called Gun Star Heroes, and a new spin on the Sonic saga called Sister Sonic! The last is apparently an RPG starring Sonic's lost sis which may debut at Toy Fair in June...
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  270. EGM #48, July 1993
  272. ...Pull out the cream corn, yuckos, the one and only conductor of video game gossip is back again, with a new and improved formula guaranteed to improve basting times and strengthen your crisping sleeve! The Q-Mann's been playing busy boy this month my loyal Q-Friends, with trips to both coasts and a new column! What can you say about success? Let's tear in, kiddies, and remember to fly American, the offi-cial airline of the guru...Yours truly has pulled out all stops (and dodged my way behind a few dozing guards) to get the inside skivy on those new Street Fighter 2 games that those wacky gazillionaires at Capcom just keep tossing at us. No, I'm not being negative, I just like getting the inside scoop on every boy and girl's favorite video game, SF2! First and foremost, Capcom is rumored to have planned their release of the Sega version of the Champion Edition after the Super NES Turbo upgrade for the Super NES all along! They let Sega bask in the limelight for a few weeks when they originally announced their jump to the Genesis platform - knowing all along that a Turbo title would be offered to Nintendo owners first. Nice move Capcom, at least you saved some of us from buying the same game three times in a row...
  274. Other SF2 updates on the way to gossip central concern the Turbo cart due in late July! Capcom is going to be packing two modes of play into the same cart, including the standard Champion Edition as well as the Turbo version! Additional moves will also be secretly placed into this new Super NES cork, with a monstrous memory-size eclipsing 16-Meg not out of the question!...
  276. Meanwhile, Sega gets a second dose of bad news! Not only will owners of the Genesis 16-Bitter be served with only the Champ option in a game officially being called "Street Fighter 2 - Special Champion Edition", but the cart won't hit the streets until September! While more moves and a possible 16-Meg+ format are possibilities, only those gamers flying solo will want the inferior rev of this game since the big 'N' is beating them to the punch. I thought you coulda been a contender...
  278. ...In somewhat unrelated info on SF2, Capcom of Japan will be financing a Street Fighter 2 movie for release in the U.S. during the fall of '94. The Q-Witt couldn't get the hard numbers on what this puppy is being budgeted at, but considering they've made over a billion bucks on the game, there should be some strong muscle behind the movie...Taking on Wizard is the stupidest idea of all time? With 250,000 copies of HERO (the new comics mag by the people who brought you EGM) sold the first day I'd have to say that your editor is the stupidest list writer of all time...While we're talking about flix, look for The Hidden 2 to go into production this year along with big-budget trans of Japanese cult classics like Godzilla and Akira (yep, in live action!). Expect games based on the best Tokyo has to offer next year...
  280. ...Video games are pulling down some big shot titles based on the best that comics have to offer! THQ snagged the Ultraverse line from Malibu a couple of months ago and look to be aiming at Jim Lee's WiIdC.A.T.S.! Also, don't be surprised if you find a cart based on the new Dark Knight once Bruce Wayne gets his spine snapped in Batman #500...
  282. ...Look for the 16-Bit version of Mega-Man (yeah, I know, why did it take them so long) to hit near X-Mas, with a 12-Meg package that's being retitled Megaman-X! It has a whole new look and feel with a setting flung far into the future. No word on whether the new MM is related to Sushi, but I'll keep you posted...Don't worry about the Big Boss Man rippin' your multi-cover idea, Butch. Asking people to buy four versions of the same mag just isn't right - talk about evil gaming magazines...Look for Capcom to release Aladdin in a 10-Meg configuration...That fills the Twinkie for this month my Quarter-pals! Please tune in next month and pardon my new column in HERO. I know I went too far, but without Harris around it was just too easy... QUARTERMANN
  284. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  286. EGM #49, August 1993
  288. Whaddaya say, boys and girls, the bold and beautiful Q-Mann has appeared once more to tantalize your curiosity with the latest and greatest dirt from video gaming's most sordid underside. Yours truly has been making the rounds this month, going Tokyo to Chicago and back again to get the inside word on the hottest new developments from hardware to softs. So sit back, relax, and soak in the inside word - I guarantee the nougat will fly...
  290. ...Let's dive in on the soft side with a Sonic CD update! The buzz on this game has reached horrifying proportions, but from the early protos I got my hands on during the Tokyo Toy Show, this game looks to live up to any expectations the white shirts of Sega may think you have! The game is absolutely huge, with a cool time traveling theme and new characters. There's no Sister Sonic to be seen, but the blue boy does have a new admirer named Amy (filling the Tales role from part two). Look for Sega to punch in with this 70+ level monster in September in Japan and a little later in the U.S...Got my hands on Virtua Racing at the same show and it is FAST! Great movement, although the landscape was not quite as active as the coin-op and the copy I played was devoid of opposing racers...
  292. ...Looking forward to the 3DO, or maybe the Jag? Dig on this piece! Bandai has created a portable Super Famicom console! There's no price or release date on this hunk of hardware, but the Q-Mann did give it a spin recently and the color LCD screen is truly awesome! Add in hard-wired controls and you've got a fantastic machine that Nintendo will probably never approve (and, consequently, never see the light of day)... Rumor of the Month: Capcom has buried a secret code in the P.C. Engine version of Street Fighter 2-Champion Edition that beefs it up to Turbo mode! Who's going to be the first to find this five-star gem?...
  294. ...Hudson's hardware heads are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming unit, now being called the Iron Man, for release later this year. Nob-X overheard that this 32-Bitter is being outfitted with a new disc access system to eliminate the down-time plaguing other Hudson consoles...O.K., O.K., so my buds at Sega are telling me that they didn't know about the SF2 thing. Well, we won't quibble. Anyway, the "enhancements" that Capcom so generously described to the head ed for the last issue turns out to be the Turbo Edition. So, Nintendo fans get the game in July and Sega lands it in September. The Nintendo rev is much, much better -blowing away the original by a mile! ...Look for a revolutionary new 16-Bit baseball game to hit the stands sometime next year. This multi-angled beauty is rumored to have some of the hottest visuals the world has ever seen! EA, you ask? No, no, no. It's from the other sports game it just me or is the resolution to the Star Trek: TNG cliffhanger pretty apparent? Hugh-Borg smashes Lore-Borg and saves the universe! Pretty simple, eh?...
  296. ...Konami, long-known for their introduction of new peripherals packaged with software (which the world never sees again), has announced to yours truly that their gotta-have shoot-out, Lethal Enforcers, will be bundled with a six-shooter of its own! Konami claims that the Super Scope can't handle the heat of LE, but personally, I think they're looking for something to do with all the plastic left-over from melting down unsold copies of that old voice-activated thing...The Bubsy 2 design team is already rumored to be hard at work at a sequel! With a TV show and other licensing doo-dads on the way, Accolade's gotta deliver the cool cat in some more goods...The Quarter-fiend has discovered that THQ, long known for their jolly good licenses, has pulled down the rights to the upcoming Fox animated series, Operation: Aliens...Rum-or has it that the big boys from the Toy Headquarters are also looking into rights for The Shadow, based on the movie now in production...
  298. ...Even though Super Mario Bros. arrived in theaters DOA, that hasn't stopped producers from starting Double Dragon: The Movie (starring Robert Patrick of T2) and Street Fighter 2: The Movie (a $20 mil projected headed up by Hollywood honcho Ed Pressman)...Martin tells me that Mortal Kombat 2 is at an arcade somewhere around the EGM offices in Lombard. I'm catching a plane to test this out - look for the full report next issue. Until then, try not to play with your twinkies...
  300. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  302. EGM #50, September 1993
  304. Say, kiddies, King Twinkie has returned with another heapin' handful of some of the best dirt the video game industry has to offer! The Q-Mann would like to begin this installment of gaming gossip with news on what is sure to be one of the hottest games ever created, as well as the inside scoop on Sega's new super system! So kick back and dig into the page, but be forewarned...the Q-Mann can be hazardous to your health...
  306. ...Super Street Fighter, a game that yours truly broke with last month in my special newsletter for EGM subscribers only, has undergone yet another name change according to my sources in the Land of the Rising Sun and is now testing under the title Street Fighter 2 - Hyper! The rumor on the streets of Tokyo is blasting Capcom for falling behind with part three of the SF saga so, to buy some time, they've opted to update rather than recreate! Why all the trouble? Seems Capcom lost some of their most toasty programmers to the boys over at SNK, so instead of a new game, the next Street Fighter will feature more of the same. Some of the changes you can expect in the new version include four new characters with their own array of moves as well as the ability to dress up your fighter in one of seven different colors! Although the changes are sure to stoke fans, the Q-Minator broke his jumbo when he heard from the Nob that the game is actually slowerthan the Turbo edition! More to come next month...The Q-Mann hears someone may be having troubles in franchise-land...
  308. ...Hold onto your ho-hos, Quarter-buds, this is where the dirt really gets good! My covert action teams have infiltrated Sega's most secure areas to pull out the most important word of the year: Saturn! Although EGM's head ed. got some good stuff on Sega's new super 32-Bit wonder-machine, the Quartermann got the true scoop on what has to be the most scorching console yet to come. The system will come fully equipped with not only a RISC-processing chip set (similar to the one Atari is boasting of in their upcoming Jaguar mega-machine), but also full compatibility with the Genesis! What's more, the hardware powering Sega's future is equipped with the same firepower found in the company's top-of-the-line coin-ops! You want Virtua Racing? With the Saturn system you'll feel just like you're in the arcade!...Speaking of Virtua, my main man inside Sega brought out some news that blew me away! The white shirts have created an incredible split-screen version of Virtua that will let two players go head-to-head! This zippy driver has some of the best graphics the Genesis has ever spit out and it definitely blows the big 'N's FX Trax off the road!...
  310. ...While we're on the subject of Sega, the Q would like to give a special nod to Al Nielsen, the marketing master who guided Sega through its darkest days to become a super-charged video game mega-power! Mr. Blue Shirt is off to Viacom where multimedia, more video games, and MTV await! All the best, Al...Grabbing my disguise, however, I was able to infiltrate the R&D facility and get the inside skinny on a bevy of new carts, including Phantasy Star 4, Columns 4, and a new video transfer game called Moonlight Serenada. With the exception of the last entry, both PS4 (which has been pushed back to April/May, 1994) and Columns 4 (which takes the place of Columns 3 because of its super four-player capability) both tasted great!...
  312. ...Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is dead for '93. Even though the big bosses of Sega had pushed to get the third installment of Sonic into stores before X-Mas, the programming team responsible for expanding the port from #2 fell apart. Trying to salvage some momentum from their spiky mascot, Sonic decided instead to build an entire cart around the Casino Night Zone from the previous titles and Sonic Spinball was born!...lf all goes well, Sonic fans will be greeted once again with a day all their own! Sometime in November Sega will blast through another worldwide release for Spinball on Genesis, Chaos on the GG, and, if Uncle likes what the Japanese have done (the Q-Mann gives it wood-straight-up) even Sonic CD could manage to see the light of day this year!...
  314. ...Sticking with the Sega topic, the Quartermann has received confirmation that the Sega CD will be repackaged to sell for a slimmed down $229 and come packaged with Sewer Shark (nice choice, Sega - what'd you do, make too many?). Although the machine WON'T get a name change to Sega CD 2 (as they've done just about everywhere else on the globe), it WILL get a new release later in the year...Sega is rumored to already be hard at work on a translation of their as-yet-unrelease Daytona Racing coin-op! This boffo driver is a blast, boasting some great 32-Bit graphics and a play mechanism that enables up to 40 people to face-off at the same time!...Finally, keep your eyes peeled on the sky during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for Sega's latest creation - a HUGE Sonic blimp set to cruise down Main Street!...On the 3D0 front, Trip and Co. are still gun-ning for an October street date, probably with a reduced price tag around $700. Also, if some special typing softs are completed on time, 3D0 will also have a keyboard ready for the launch. The mouse, however, is a definite...
  316. ...That sums it up for this month, kiddies, so don't forget to plug in your joysticks and keep the slo-mo off! The Q-Mann will be back in 30 to deliver the best gossip around and give you a sneak peek at my private holiday shopping list. In the meantime, don't forget to check out my monthly column in HERO for more VIP info you won't read anywhere else!...- QUARTERMANN
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  320. EGM #51, October 1993
  322. ...Hey, Quarter-Fans, the one and only guru of gaming gossip has returned in a new and improved package that leaves me tinglin' all over! What can I say, buds, but the combination of my Q-Wisdom and super insight guarantee you an inside peek into everything that the gam-ing biz has to offer. The lead-off story this month is the Q's hands-on taste test of the equally good looking upgrade in the Street Fighter 2 saga! Combined with Quartermann's usual mix of video nastiness, this special edition has more info than you can pound a pickle at....Here we are Quarter-Maniacs, the walls have been broken and the tinted windows smashed! Super Street Fighter 2 is unleashed, with new moves, refined graphics, and four new characters taking the fight to a quartet of new locations around the world! Check out a complete review elsewhere in this mag and rest assured, the Q-Mann put this monster through its paces to give it a big thumb's up! Sure, the game doesn't change a whole lot from the original sequel, but the combo of changes and new sights make this a worthy follow-up and a tasty precursor to the real Street Fighter 3 that someone close to the Q says is closer than you think...
  324. ...Meanwhile, for all you hardware heads, the Q was front and center in the big J when Nintendo unveiled plans to launch their big league bats against the impending 3D0 mega-machine. Teaming with Silicon Graphics sure sounds nice, but will we actually see the machine in '95 like the Prez sez? Or should we wait until the CD-ROM hits the street? HA!...What's that I hear? Yeah, sure, we've all taken out Reptile in Mortal Kombat, but did the Q-Mann's collection of gaming gladiators tear open another hidden character? Ermac is a definite, but did I see someone else lurking in Sonya's uniform...? Problems from Sega Land: Chapter One - Looks like Sega and EA could find themselves locked in another battle with neither side able to come to terms with a four-player adapter that everyone can enjoy. Instead of working it out, however, the two sides are hammering out, you guessed it Q-Friends, two distinctly different versions of the same thing. Wait, it gets much better! Both multi-taps will be incompatible with each other, leaving fans of the Arts' sports titles requiring a different plug than the Sega lineup and Tengen's Gauntlet 4...Look for Virgin's Spot to dig into more colorful antics next year with a loaded-out sequel now in development for both the Super NES and Genesis...Another game destined to be seen again is Sunsoft's Taz title! This game has become an underground sensation, but the follow-up will have a slightly different style and tone to the play...Other news from the Sunsoft are another Superman game from the "Death of Superman" story line and a line of carts using the Justice League characters...
  326. ...More problems in Sega Land: Part Two - The Q-Mann has uncovered a legal loophole that many independent Genesis cart publishers are utilizing to get around the approval process —and to get their games onto store shelves without the fascist ratings emblazoned on the box! Accolade, EA, and other licensees are also circumventing Sega's approval process! Yes, that is sweat you see rolling down the Sega white shirts' brow...Ken Lobb, the wizard of game design who managed to steer Namco toward some of their best titles is on his way to Nintendo to head up project development for the big 'N! Way to go big K., save me a coffee in Seattle...Back to Super Street Fighter 2 for a quick second. The Q-Mann has just learned that a development team has been put on, yep, you called it, the Super NES edition of the follow-up of the year...The bow tie boy gets the can from THQ (Howard Phillips, fresh from TVG) and LucasArts and Nintendo (where he was the ultimate vid Beek), has joined the Absolute team. No, he's not slamming back the booze, he's at Absolute Entertainment making new tank simulators or plane simulators or whatever it is they do there...While we're on the subject, could it be that things have soured between TWO and Malibu Graphics, the powerhouse behind this summer's blockbuster line of "Ultraverse" comics? The Q-Mann hears that the hottest new video game company on the upscale scene is definitely Crystal Dynamics. They've stolen away a top movie boss, put together a high-priced team of producers, and pointed their big guns almost exclusively at Trip Hawkins' 3D0 system. The result? Crystal Dynamics is the darling software pumper of Wall Street..Contrary to what the Brits have to say, Sega's upcoming Saturn system WILL be downwardly compatible with the Genesis and clock in at around 400 bucks and feature some cool enhancements ranging from on-screen color calibration to a "code card," which will be used as part of Sega's expanding plans to conquer cable TV
  328. ...Word from the road was that Nintendo's train trip was a power fest of gaming eds that lost their bunks along the way to L.A. Whose idea was that anyway?...Look for a new video game developer, Buzzcut Software, to get into the game with a number of high profile licenses from the movie and comics industries...Look for Virgin to capture the rights to the upcoming sci-fi flick, Demolition Man, due out October 8. The game won't hit for some time, but the movie, which Q-Mann previewed recently, looks like a complete trip...Atari is said to have scored a retailing hit with rumors surrounding the capture of shelf space at Toys `R Us! If it turns out to be true, it represents one of the best steps forward for the upcoming Jaguar hardware...Say it ain't so! Uncle Al has bailed from Sega for the richer pastures of MTV-Land! Actually, he's heading up Viacom's new gaming division after that company gobbled up ICOM Simulations...
  330. ...That sums it up for this installment of the Q-News, so be sure to dig into EGM for the first info on Super Street Fighter 2! Also, find the hidden pig and you'll win a special prize hand-picked by the Quartermann himself! The Q-Mann guarantees it's more fun than eating paste!... QUARTERMANN
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  333. EGM #52, November 1993
  335. ...Time to dig into the good stuff, kiddies, as the Q-Mann returns for yet another foray into the seedy world of video game gos-sip! I'd like to extend a special invitation to all the tech-heads in the audience this month, for the Q has collected some mighty fine follow-up material to the Saturn story that the Big Boss Man is running somewhere else in this issue. Also hold on for Gaming Gossip - Special Legal Edition, as yours truly attempts to wade through a variety of mud-slinging game corps. on a mission to start World War 3! Without further delay, let's go...First stop is Hardware Haven, where the Q-Minator has once again scooped the rest of the press with some of the background details on Sega's new Saturn super-system. The big-wigs at Sega Japan are rumored to not only be looking into the possibility of employing the new recordable CD options, but also hav-ing cable down-loading functions on-board, with a variety of upgrade boards for the 32-Bit system architecture allowing programmers to provide different environments for each type of game they wish to create. This customized software will be a real boost over typical mechs that offer developers little flexibility in writing new games. The Quartermann has also learned that Sega is trying to be more attentive to the concerns of price, learning a valuable lesson on the steep bill they were asking for the Sega CD, but it could clock in over 200 bucks. More to come...
  337. ...The flurry of media attention that exploded around Mortal Kombat is sure to envelope its sequel. The buff-looking part two edition will be ready to hit the streets before the end of the year for sure and will pack a mighty wallop, with new characters joining an all-star cast. You now can take control of Goro and other MK alumni who have learned a few new tricks since their last arcade appearance...The big 'N' is already starting to express some hesitation with Konami's upcoming bloodfest, Lethal Enforcers. Packing a six-shooter in the box and blowing away the city's finest is sure to shower additional attention on every-body's favorite hobby. Sega slapped the MA-17 on this pup, but Nintendo has yet to rule...Speaking of Sega's ratings, they originally approached the MPAA about adopting their PG and R classifications, but the movie mavens shot 'em down...The roasted ho-ho goes to Tengen this month, for a successful end-run behind both Sega and JVC! According to sources behind the scenes, Atari Games' alter ego locked in an exclusive North American all-Sega format agreement with the mega-hot Core Design Group from the U.K.! Look for some scorching new softs to start hitting the shelves from this combo team sometime early next year...
  339. ...Now for the legal battles! Nintendo is flexing their muscles and leveling their cannons at a new target, this time across the pond in Merry Ole England! Codemasters, the same group responsible for bringing the Game Genie to life, has thwarted the big 'N's' security systems and plans to put their lives on the line with an unlicensed version of Dizzy. For anyone who's read Game Over, this move is sure to bring down the wrath of the mighty Nintendo and could lay the ground for some precedent-setting results in the U.K....The next case on the docket is Data East vs. Capcom. Seems poor Data East is being brought to court by the creators of Street Fighter 2 for creating a game that is too similar to SF2. This one's too early to tell, but believe me Capcom, the Q will have something to say on this one...Switching gears to a product with a rich history in our legal system, Galoob has set their minds on squeezing a little more life from the Game Genie concept. Although this rumor came from behind enemy lines, yours truly can say that it appears that a new cordless Genie is now complete and ready to go, but the bones from Galoob want to get one more X-Mas out of the original. The new device won't use codes, but will let you crack open the coding of games and have a field day!...Don't be surprised if you see a Sega CD version of the Genie once enough of the disc players get into circulation...
  341. ...Here's a hot rumor straight from home. The Q-Mann has caught wind of a plan from Midway, the manufacturers of Mortal Kombat, that includes the development and production of their own consumer games! While no formal confirmation could be found, I've got it on very good authority that the first titles could come as early as next year and include Mortal Kombat 2...The 'mystery of ERMAC on MK? Try ERror MAChine. Good glitch though...Last minute update - the Q-Mann has just learned that there were originally going to be EIGHT new world warriors in Super Street Fighter! When SNK snagged most of the development crew, however, Capcom scaled back their plans to insure that they could hit a Fall street date with the latest version...That does it for this ish, but I'll return in a quick 30 for more of the best dirt from behind the closed doors...
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  345. EGM #53, December 1993
  347. ...Say, kiddies, the master of gaming mayhem, the colonel of cool, the ensign of info is back again for another dose of the good stuff in the only column that tastes great and is less filling! We've got plenty of dirt on our plate this month my Q-Friends, with more info on Sega's latest system, game ratings and 32-Meg carts! Toss in a few babes and add some fresh pine and you've got a page of pure gossip so good it's guaranteed to scare even the worst white shirts in the biz...File this one in the `Foot in the Mouth' file right next to Sega: Seems that the Japanese HQ has not only given the green light to their next genera-tion mega system, but also killed most of the Mega-CD game soft development in the process! Although execs at Sega are confident in the success of the CD unit here in the States, highly reliable sources within the company have told the Q that SOJ is no longer accepting in-house development proposals for the Mega-CD! After the next 10 titles find their way onto store shelves, the Japanese office is rumored to be pulling the plug on CD games altogether...
  349. ...If their current lineup of goods isn't causing enough headaches, Sega is equally miffed at the Japanese press who are alter-nately calling their upcoming Saturn machine a 32-Bit or a 64-Bit system. Sega is trying to take the high road by labeling the unit a "Multi-Processor Machine," but that sounds like a white-shirt cop-out to the big Q. What will it be, you ask? Well the one and only has dug deep into the specs to uncover the brains behind the ringed machine! The guts will be made up of a 32-Bit architecture coupled with a 64-Bit RISC graphics chip. They wouldn't call it a 64-Bit machine though, would they? That would be like calling the PC Engine a 16-Bit system...The rumored price of Sega's Saturn system? The cart-only console will put garners back about $275, while the CD/cart all-in-one will run around $460...
  351. ...Accolade has dropped the ball! Their Barkley Basketball won't be hitting the net until just after basketball season ends! Bubsy 2, on the other hand, should be punching its way into stores by fall! The big stick promises pictures next issue...Here's a hot scoop straight from Nintendo of Japan— FX Trax is now scheduled to be released in February ,1994, in the Land of the Rising Sun! This is definitely set to be one of the first 32-Meg Super NES entries, so look for lots of great looks to fill the CES to counter 3DO, Sega CD and just about everyone else with a game system...The second in the big N's first batch of 32-Meg monsters will be a graphically intense (and incredibly long) Super Metroid, also due around February...Meanwhile, on the Sega front, look for Streets of Rage 3 to beat the streets as early as March in Japan...
  353. ...Back on the subject of memory, word of Nintendo's recent moves into big brain territory has gotten most of the company's licensees sweating. Why? Because Nintendo plans to keep the prices on these super carts comparatively low (around 80 to 90 bucks), a point that most of the third-party folk aren't going to be able to match. How much coin is your typical Meg worth anyhow?...While Sony tips their cards once again to show that a console is in their future, Nintendo is telling a source close to the Q-Mann that Project Reality will be moved up a couple of months for a REAL release date of September, 1995. The com-pany also says that they'll have 'playable prototypes' in the field by November of '94! Look for the first Project to become a Reality in arcade form at this time next year...
  355. ...Sega of Japan is getting ready to wow the world with a new 16-Bit version of Phantasy Star! No, it won't be a follow-up, it will be the original, reprogrammed with new graphics and some slick sounds! This cart will be part of a big contest the company is having but may go on sale in a limited fashion if interest warrants it...What's up Capcom? No confidence in your new football game? Competition too tough? The company has cut a deal with the rental chains to keep their pigskin port off of store shelves so they can have the Xclusive on what will now be a rental-only item. While the big B see a slew of carts not returned by avid football fans like they did last year with the Madden Champion Edition? Not a chance in the Q's book...Here's a new one! Sega's ratings actually mean something to...Toys 'R' Us? From what the Quartermann's heard, Toys and a slew of other retailers won't touch a game with an MA-17 rating and plenty of companies are hiding the violent versions of their games behind more tame (and lame) renditions. For shame, say the Q-Mann, for shame...
  357. ...Well, that about sums it up for this issue of the Q, but tune in again next month for another dose of insider info so hot it could only come from EGM! With no more space to fill, yours truly signs off for another 30 of R&R...
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  361. EGM #54, January 1994
  363. Fill me with cream and squeeze me hard, the Q-Mann is back once again with a pot full of gaming goodies! Yours truly has ripped open the biz for the best rumors that money can buy, including info on a bundle of softs being readied for next year...Chalk one up for the opponents of violence in video games! The Q has heard from reliable sources on Capitol Hill that Dan Lungren, the Attorney General of the State of California is concerned about video game violence! Nintendo is in the clear thanks to their policy of applying generous amounts of clorox to their titles, but Sega is going under the microscope because of the excessive gore that Mr. State's Attorney says fills up the Genesis version of Mortal K. Sega's falling back on their ratings system for some coverage, but the Quartermann has yet to hear whether or not this will satisfy the appetite of the white shirt sharks that are circling. Personally, the Q-Mann thinks the parents should decide whether or not to buy the game or turn the TV off if their offspring are susceptible to the graphic images in the game. Better lock up the arcades while you're at it...
  365. ..On to other fighting games. the Q hears that Capcom's disappointed with the lack of support that their latest entry has received from fans in arcades. While yours truly still likes the update, it seems that most fans are waiting to put their quarters in Midway's latest Mortal Kombat update instead...In related news, the Q-Mann hears that progress on a new Street Fighter game that uses the characters in a new environment is on the way for '94. Details are sketchy at this point, but the Q-Mann got the inside scoop that something's up in Capcomland...Atari seems to be listening to what the Q-Meister has been saying! Look at the moves that have been made to sign on third-party licensees like Virgin, Interplay, Microprose and Atari Games. Accolade is another one who is letting the progs at Atari develop a number of the company's past titles like Jack Nicklaus Golf, Bubsy, Brett Hull Hockey and HardBall 3. Trust the Q Atari, the brass has their eye on you...
  367. With all the recent press he's been getting, Sega seems to be having second thoughts about developing an update to their Moonwalker game. I guess having Michael rescue small children really wouldn't be appropriate. Speaking of Michael, the Q-Mann has learned that Ed Semrad does NOT have a hairless body. Here's a hot one that the Q got as we go to press Midway is the subject of a takeover! That's right, kiddies, the company responsible for arcade hits ranging from Mortal Kombat to NBA Jam has been in the sights of everyone from Viacom owner Sumner Redstone to Electronic Arts! With Midway now shying away from doing their own consumer games, the license to their successful series of coin-op hits has yet to find a suit-or. The connection between EA and Midway is buoyed by Steve Kaufman's addition to the EA ranks to head up their coin-op division with a beefed-out version of their 3DO super system. Steve's connections to the white shirts at Midway make him keenly aware of how valuable Williams should be.
  369. ...Look for French game designer UBI Soft to port their Jimmy Connors Tennis game over to the 3DO...While we're on the subject of tennis games, Tengen has plans to revamp their Davis Cup Tennis in '94 to include a four-player combo play that will be compatible with both EA's and Sega's multi-player adapters...While the Q broke the news last month of Sega of Japan's intentions to put the breaks on development of Mega-CD product, yours truly has learned that the starched collars in the U.S. aren't about to throw in the towel! While Japan ramps up for the coming of their Saturn system, everyone on these shores is looking to have both machines on store shelves at the same time, despite incompatibility. Or maybe they managed to fix that little problem...
  371. ...Find the pig in this issue and the Q-Mann will send you an autographed polaroid that can't be framed, but could be sold to rival magazines for publication. First come, first EA starting to slip in the sports dept.? Acclaim has really got the jump this year with NBA Jam hitting nothing but net, even' when you stack it next to NBA Showdown '94...The same goes in the Baseball category, with EA opting to wait this season out in an effort to create a "good playing" game. Consequently, their killer LaRussa title won't appear until late in '94. Sega's World Series Baseball, which employs a huge batter perspective, just might end up being the hit of the year...That just about raps it up for this installment of the Quartermann hour, with the one and only Q off to Europe to set up things for Sendai's new U.K. version of EGM! What could be better? Try EGM Squared! 'Till next episode... QUARTERMANN
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  375. EGM #55, February 1994
  377. ...Time to strap on the D-Cells and plug in for power, as the Q-Mann delves deep into the world of gaming gossip! Yours truly went out of his way this month, my Quarter-Friends, for the straight scoop on the hottest news for hardware heads! While we'll uncover the latest from Sony, the Q also kept his ear to the ground and came up with some special info on Nintendo's upcoming super system and a Wonder-Mega update! So recharge your Ray-O-Vacs and sit back for the good stuff...Hot on the Q's list of heavy hitters to be is Sony's new PS-X mega machine, which not only promises advanced polygon technology and RISC processing (the latest catch-phrase in every new game system's arsenal of engineering tricks), but also promises to have some major software muscle backing up its release. The Q-Mann hears that Capcom and Konami have both committed to the unit, as well as Namco which will be bringing their super coin-ops like Solovolu and Galaxian 3 into the home market!...In related news, Q's main man in the Land of the Rising Sun has confirmed that Capcom's first foray onto the PS-X will be a Street Fighter 2 "Legends" package that includes Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 - Champion Edition, Street Fighter 2 - Turbo Hyper, and Super Street Fighter 2 all on one CD! This is a major coup for Sony, which hopes to have the game systems in front of everyone by the end of the year...
  379. ...Speaking of other software releases tied to new mega-systems, the Q has learned that the might 'N has already busted open the design team of the Mario adventures and plotting has already started for the fifth entry in the series. The new Mario 5 is expected to debut as the pack-in for the Project Reality machine in '95, and, according to a source deep within Nintendo, it will take advantage of PR's rendering and modeling capabilities to create Mario worlds unlike anything that has ever been seen before...Also due from the Nintendo front is a monstrous 32-Meg update to last year's Super NES hit, Star Fox! The sequel is expected to get the bow at the Summer CES with an in-store target date of X-Mas '94. The preliminary specs are scorching, with two-player simultanous action and a real environment that let's you fly within and around three-dimensional objects, a la Atari's Steel Talons...
  381. ...The boat is rocking on the 3DO, and from what the Q has heard, the waves are only going to get higher! Look for an enhanced 3D0 that incorporates all of the advanced architecture that wasn't ready when the machine launched last year to hit stores sometime in '94, as well as a broadening emphasis on the console as an enhanced game machine that can play movies and more...Yours truly has also heard that some of 3DO's partners are getting edgy about the initially slow sales of the $700 super system. While the Q still feels it's a little too early to tell, considering the majority of the slick softs won't appear until later in the summer, the company did delay another stock offering as the company's market value continues to plummet. Unless 3DO is successful in either a) lowering the price of the machine or b) expanding what it can do, the unit could stagnate even further...
  383. ...Still more new release info for tech-heads on the hardware horizon. JVC's lost shadow, the Wonder-Mega, is expected to hit stateside later this year with a new shell and a new name (the X-Eye). Packed-in with the new Mega will be a Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia (informative), a CD+G Karaoke disk (interesting), and a new Sega CD game release (entertaining). JVC is ramping up to make educational games a focus for the new machine but, c'mon fellas, get a clue from 3DO! You can't enter the games market with a hunk of hardware that costs more that the television its played on!...The Q-Mann rates the C-SPAN debate over violence in video games: The Winners - Bill White, who cooly weathered the storm as the spokesman from that vile and evil game company called Sega that was trying to exploit women, corrupt young children and bring about the general destruction of society as we know it! The Q loved your performance, Bill, and you took some great jabs at the big 'N while you were at it (who cares if he shook the congressmen's hands first!). The SPA also scored some points against the Big 'N by defending you, but then again, Nintendo spotted a conspiracy (ha!)...The Losers: Howard Lincoln. This guy is the consummate white shirt, and his defense of the video game industry suddenly became a PR speech for Nintendo! Anyway, the Q did enjoy the comment about the Super Scope being used for shooting targets (who cares if they're the kind of targets with exploding heads!)...All in all, it was a great four hours had by all!...
  385. ...Elvis is dead, Juli, cope with it...That does it for the latest wave of the Quartermann attack, so load the photons and hit hyper-space, it's time for the Q-Mann to fly...
  387. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  389. EGM #56, March 1994
  391. ...Open the the blast doors, my loyal Q-followers, for the straight scoop from behind the lines of the recent CES! This report is quake-proof garners, and is guaranteed to make you play smarter or your pizza's free! It was a glorious show my Q-friends, with yours truly making the rounds, hitting the parties, and getting the scoops on the hottest softs and gamewares headed for store shelves. While you can turn to the CES preview guide in this issue of EGM for the straight scoop on what scorched the show floor and what fell flat. Only on this page can you get the behind-the-scenes info on what was really popping at the greatest show on Earth...We start at the 3DO booth, where the Tripster was dodging criticism of his mega machine dream and the mixed results it was greeted with during the holiday season. The world's white shirt in the spotlight met his detractors head-on with the announcement that 3D0 will likely go ahead with a PC version of their powerful game board. Alright, alright, I know I told you this about a year ago, but the Q is behind this move 100%. Although it takes it out of the video game realm, the PC market is probably the last hope this super system has for finding financial nirvana...Look for Beavis and Butt-head to make their way to a gaming platform near you. The Q-Mann has learned that Viacom is positioning their dysfunctional duo as the flagship license for their fledgling entree into the world of interactive media. Being interactive is cool, heh, heh, heh...
  393. ...Capcom is going for the Quartermann record for most procrastinating company on the face of the planet. How many Street Fighter 2 games are you guys going to make before you release Street Fighter 3? Are you stopped up or what? The Q-Minator has learned from sources inside Capcom that yet another version of SF2 will hit shores at the ACME coin-op show out in the windy city headquarters of EGM! At least the big-wigs gave it a creative name: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - whoopie! Don't even try the update path on this one guys, we want to see a new game! Just pass the Ex-Lax and get on with it!...When you think of Capcom, what game pops to mind? OK, besides SF2. Well, if you said Mega Man then you're no longer correct, since beginning with chapter six of this on-going saga the U.S. marketing will come to store shelves courtesy of Nintendo...Best fanzine? You guys are a riot...One thing the CES wasn't short on was big name pop culture stars making guest appearances. In addition to movie making powerhouse Steven Spielberg, nearly every comic company had reps peddling their titles for possible immortalization in pixels...
  395. ...Look for the Sony PS-X to make a bigger splash than anyone thought it might, courtesy of 3DO! Seems the honchos at Sony central in Japan were pleased with the results of their R&D dough, but were concerned that the market wouldn't be ready for a device that could do more than just play games. Now that 3D0 has softened us consumers up, Sony feels that their product is superior and can easily move in for the kill!...First word of warning on the Nintendo/SGI partnership - the game developers are dying! Sure the SGI (even the stripped down Nintendo version will eventually sell) can produce some killer graphics, but there's only a handful of graphics gurus capable of pushing the machines to the limit. Why not hire them, you ask? Because they all work for SGI! Seriously, SGI and other independent outfits are trying to bring game developers up to speed, but the complexity of the development systems are leaving most people scrambling to get something on the screen by the time the hardware hits next's official: Sculptured Software will be doing the honors for the Super NES version of Mortal Kombat 2 for Acclaim. Get ready to be propelled into a world of sweat...
  397. ...Seems 20th Century Fox can't make up their minds when it comes to whether or not to take the plunge into the gaming arena. The Q overheard some of the Fox execs mulling over the plans during some fine CES dining of six buck dogs. As Al Pacino would say, "When in doubt..."...The question I want answered is exactly how many paisley sweaters does this guy actually have?...Another company looking to delve deeper into the world of self-publishing their characters is Marvel Entertainment. Although they're quite content with their current arrangements, Marvel's chief is looking for ways to expand the reach of their super heroes. It also doesn't hurt that James Cameron is laboring on a Spider-Man movie as we speak...Speaking of comic characters coming to life on video screens, it looks like TH-Q and Malibu are parting ways. Even though the early revs of the Prime video game adaptation are truly hot, and the game is nearly done, the big boys of TH-Q have nixed their deal to concentrate on other projects...That just about wraps it up for this ish, my Quarter-friends. Remember to turn to the Q for all your gaming info, kiddies, because this is the only place the gossip stays crunchy - even in milk!... QUARTERMANN
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  401. EGM #59, June 1994
  403. ...Hi-ho, game fiends, the Q-Mann is back, and better than before! They had the technology, now I'm stronger and faster—which helps when you're trying to get past CES security. There's plenty of good stuff this month, my Quarter-maniacs, so in an attempt to quit wasting precious space, let's cut to the chase and dig into the dirt ...The adapter wars are hot again, with both Sega and Nintendo throwing new add-ons into the ring. The 32X definitely K.O.'d the Game Boy peripheral, but the big N came roaring back with news on their upcoming VR system for under 200 bucks! Although this smells suspiciously like the Atari Cosmos system (play against holographic enemies on a table-top self-contained unit), the Q feels that the Nintendo gurus could possibly have something truly cool under wraps. From the word around the halls that yours truly has visited recently, the experience given off by the new machine is absolutely unique. We'll keep you posted ... Once the Q-Mann got to his plush estate in downtown Naperville, a very unusual call came in from an undercover source close to a new device simply code-named "VR." You guessed it, the Quartermann scored big on another virtual reality machine now under development by either Hasbro or Mattel! According to the mystery man, this new gear will include a helmet and a mega-fast 32-Bit processor running at least four 3-D software packs for the intro in 1995...
  405. ...Still on the hardware circuit, look for a portable 3D0 from Toshiba, with a built-in screen for on-the-go gaming! While sources tell the Q that Toshiba has their sights set for early '95, the hefty price tag that could be slapped on such a device may delay its marketing into the States ... While we're on the subject of systems that cost Astro-Bucks, Pioneer is set to stick their LaserActive laserdisc system plus one console module for the low, low price of a single grand! Yep, that's right, now you can have a good laser player plus some great games for the cost of two 3DOs. The machine's a blast, but that price is definitely an allowance-buster! ... Remember the Iron Man? It was going to be NEC's answer to the 3DO and other high-profile game machines, but it has been delayed (not killed as other reports have mentioned) while Hudson tries to sort out the battlefield to see who the dominant player is. If it's any indication, the company responsible for the classic PC Engine will soon sign up as a Saturn developer! What's the first game? Could it be Virtua Bonk?...
  407. ...Back in the U.S., Acclaim is dead-set on getting MK2 on the streets in the fall. Both Probe and Sculptured have been given ultimatums to finish up all revs before the end of May so that the next Mortal (2) Monday promotions can be targeted for September or October. The games are finished and yours truly has looked at the Sega version and it's 24-Megs of major cool, with every-thing intact!... While we're on the subject of Acclaim, their deal with Williams, which aced them classics such as MK and NBA Jam, has been ended. Their last consumer entry from the Midway stable of arcade hits will be NBA Jam Tournament Edition. Williams/Midway, meanwhile, bought up Tradewest to do the duties of bringing their coin-ops to life on the small screen. Look for Rare to be heavily involved with the programming and development of upcoming titles ... WMS is also going full steam ahead with a coin-op version of Nintendo's upcoming Project Reality system ... Also, Acclaim tried to soften the blow of their Midway divorce by announcing an affiance with Sega to get into the arcade biz riding on the big 'S' 32-Bit hardware as well as their intentions to buy Valiant, a comic company best known for publishing new stories using other people's characters as well as those truly horrendous Nintendo comics that came out a few years ago. Remember Captain N? The synergy should be good for Acclaim, how-ever, considering Marvel is going to start their own games division and pull back some of the licenses that Acclaim has done such a great job of promoting...
  409. ...Sega is really scrambling—so say sources inside the big 'S.' Now that they've got Nintendo on the defensive, all gears are moving fast-forward on 32X development. Unfortunately, it looks like they will be going it alone when the unit is unveiled to players during the holiday season since the Q has investigated and found that nobody has the 32X development gear. All of the up-and-coming European houses are signed on to do games, but none has a development system. Unless you see a flurry of quickie ports from other platforms, the first wave of independent softs will likely hit in mid-to-late '95 ... Mega Man 7 is under development for the Super NES ... Other news from the Sega R&D front—seems Sega is proceeding with their split cartridge concept and should have a flurry of poly games ready for X-Mas. I've seen Virtua Fighter being played on this and, even though it was slightly scaled back, it was hot ... Time Warner now owns Tengen and has upped their stake in Atari Corp ... We'll round out this issue on a high note! Tengen and Nintendo have put down their guns and made up! Can you imagine the joy? Can you imagine the future? Can you imagine all the money in the lawyers' pockets... QUARTERMANN
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  413. EGM #60, July 1994
  415. ...Welcome one and all to the front lines of the video game battlefield. My name is Q, and I'm your tour guide here to get you through hostile territory and behind enemy lines! The Q has a load of great stuff to discuss this month, including insider info on the recent WMS take-over of Tradewest and some special insight on what's hot at Sega. Also, don't forget, if you can find the special pig this issue and tell the Q-Mann what company he works for, you'll get a special reward from moi, hand-picked from the CES in Chicago that will cost yours truly absolutely nothing (those PR people love me SOOOO much - wink, wink Laurie). So kick back, dig in, and don't forget to read between the lines...
  417. ...Sega has tied up the loose ends on their latest joint-venture partner - MGM/UA! Continuing their strategy of alignment with totally every company under the sun (can't wait for my Sonic exotic bath gels), the big guns at Sega have teamed up to create electronic versions of upcoming flix from the house the lion built, as well as some very interesting co-developments utilizing the very unique resources of MGM. The word has it that the first entry from the latest mega-merger will be a Sega CD title that everyone in the halls of the big 'S' calling Surgical Strike. A second game pairing should also be forthcoming in the near future... Managing to create new mega deals in a post-Williams era has become the latest task for Acclaim. Despite a stock value that analysts are correct in labeling "undervalued" (have we all forgotten that Mortal Kombat 2 will be the absolute biggest smash hit since, well, Mortal Kombat???), Acclaim has sewn up 1995's summer blockbuster Batman Forever. The game will also be seen as Acclaim's first coin-op entry, developed for Sega's Titan hardware. Sega, meanwhile, has snagged the rights to the 32X architecture as well as other Sega platforms (Acclaim will be doing the duties for the Nintendo machines)...Speaking of the 32X, researchers deep within the bowels of the Sega development complex have give the Q-Mann new info on their latest super secret project! In addition to boasting the heralded Q-Sound sound technology, the 32X will also be aligned as the Christmas-keeper against the upcoming Nintendo mega-machine, with the Q-Mann hearing that Sega expects to sell a hefty 2.5 million by year's end! Hope you have more than a handful of titles Sega...
  419. ...Oh the woes of 3DO. After a scathing article in the Wall Street Journal and reports that the Tripster himself has bellied up to his own coffers to keep his dream project alive, the company that promised a new revolution in gaming is set to start producing products for systems other than its own according to rumors from well-placed sources within the company. The surprising element is that this development may be further along than most might think...Crystal Dynamics, one of the biggest allies that the 3DO has had from the earliest days, is also looking to refocus its efforts according to inside sources close to the Q. Seems that they're after arcade titles now, securing the EGM Award Winning Samurai Showdown from SNK...Rumor has it that all the parties in the Williams-Acclaim licensing arrangement were well aware of Williams' intentions way back when the Q-Minator first broke the story! According to sources close to the company, Williams originally attempted to set up their own development team in the mid-west, but opted for the programming alliances that Tradewest had established over its five years of existence. Consequently, there were few insiders that were surprised by the flurry of deals that Acclaim announced on the very day that the severence was officially made public...What would the world discover in a lawsuit with Mean Mr. M.???...
  421. ...Other arcade manufacturers on the march include Bandai, the home of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They have axed their potable Super NES machine in favor of a new CD-ROM project that, if they're smart, will be compatible with an existing plat-form. Did I hear someone say PC-CD-ROM?...On the same subject, Quartermann went undercover during a recent trip to SNK and discovered that they will be launching their long-awaited CD-ROM peripheral as a 16-Bit add-on that will be 100% compatible with their existing hardware and come in near the $950 mark! If you do manage to swallow the stiff price tag on the motherboard, then you'll be pleased to learn that the software will retail for a mere 30 bucks! Betcha see an arcade version soon...
  423. ...Sega has really bit the big one in the magazine department since the departure of Uncle Al. Witness their upcoming Sega show in Orlando, Florida. Originally billed as the sunny alternative to the Windy City's summer CES, the whiteshirts at Sega made a mis-step by not inviting the press. Then they decided to invite the press. Then they decided to uninvite the press. Then they decided to invite the press. Then they decided to uninvite the press in favor of "Garners Day" back in their home digs on the same day as the Tokyo Toy Show. Don't know about the loyal Q-Fans out there, but I'd rather play the Saturn, Sony PSX and 32X systems...Look to Phillips in the future...Until next time, remember to read Gaming Gossip in EGM 2 for the very latest rumors and insider dirt months before other mags. Pick up the first ish on-sale everywhere July 19 and leave the other mags to the kiddies... QUARTERMANN
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  427. EGM #61, August 1994
  429. ...Hello, my many disciples of gaming wisdom. Your master of all that is interactive is here once again to fill you with the latest behind-the-scenes info from the guru's domain. Having just returned from the CES, yours truly has pledged to fill this space with the sights and sounds of the bi-annual get-together and take you in for a trench run of the hottest softs the Windy City has ever seen, or at least wished for. Let's get it on ... With the Sega war machine taking a breather now that Nintendo has been put in its place, you'd think this year's show was less than a CES. Buzzzz. Wrong answer Hans! This CES—while different for the Q-Minator—was transitional in almost every respect, ushering in the age of Hollywood big-wigs looking for the quickest on-ramp to the information/entertainment super-highway. While the Q toured the show, the big biz was going on behind closed doors where new hardware and even newer softs were keeping things in perspective for the people who are buying the games you'll be play-ing in the months to come ... Sega's basement extravaganza was cramped, and they managed to rustle up only a few new Gen and Game Gear titles. Although the 32X looked good, only Virtua Racing Deluxe and Star Wars Arcade were even barely playable. Everything else was demo, demo, demo. Impressive, but I don't think even three games at launch will be possible. Virtua Racing Deluxe is solid, with a fully-shaded car that looked like it was pulled from the arcade ... After leaving the bowels of CES, the Q overheard some people talking about Capcom and plans for a Super SF2 Turbo on the Super NES and Genesis for release this Christmas, at least in Japan. I wonder...
  431. ...Did I say Sega thrashed Nintendo? Buzzzz. The Summer CES was 100% Nintendo domination! Not one to judge which system is better, the Quartermann couldn't help but think that Nintendo just popped the white shirts at Sega in the chops. Thanks to DONKEY KONG COUNTRY, which may be the best 16-Bit side-scroller ever created for a game system, with a nice follow-through courtesy of the Ultra 64 (does this sound like a gas or what?), Nintendo shined like they did so many years ago. Actually, the Q thought the Ultra games on display were a little short on the "Wow" factor, but take a look at some of the early Super NES games and where that system has gone since them. On second thought, look at Pilot Wings and F-Zero ... Speaking of Nintendo, get set for Star Fox 2 later this year ... Best line of the show: "Is that Ed's dress?" ... Can the 3DOA be revived? Not if they keep getting booth space on the other side of the convention! For those who were adventurous enough to make the hike, the company dished up Off-Road Interceptor, Gex, and Samurai Shodown. But what's this? Capcom's doing Super Street Fighter Turbo on the 3DO?...
  433. ...Atari?! Games that I had perceived to be complete were going buggy at the show. Atari had Doom out the first day, but removed it, because it would crash every minute or two. Ultra Vortex looks good, as does Kasumi Ninja, but they need to get the games out. Look at AVP, Redline, and Club Drive. They should have been finished months ago—you've been holding onto them forever. No word on MKII, but in this issue's Interface, you can try to get it started by flooding Atari and Williams with letters ... The next generation of Power Gloves looks to be looming, with the Aura Interactor vest thumping your chest whenever Blanka takes a poke at your on-screen alter ego! Can you believe a defense contractor thought up this one? VR systems were all the rage, but with the notable exception of Forte's PC unit (INCREDIBLE), the rest were harder to interact with than the games you're supposed to play on them ... T*HQ showed the Catapult modem, a device that's supposed to let you plug into your buds for some one-on-one wherever you live. The piece costs the same as a game cartridge, lets you use any game, and costs only about 10 bucks a month to log on to the system ... Acclaim showed some early stuff on their Alien Trilogy game that had some great synthetic actor action. They also announced that the first entry from their team-up with comic publisher Valiant would be a high-end coin-op developed around Turok: Dinosaur Hunter ... Look for big changes at Virgin...
  435. ...Wrapping up the big SCES package for you, I present my picks from the 1994 SCES. PICKS: Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo/Super NES). Earthworm Jim (Playmates-Shiny/Super NES & GEN), Mortal Kombat II (Acclaim/Both systems are great), Super Punch-Out!! (Nintendo/Super NES), Ranma 1/2 II: Anything Goes Martial Arts (Toho/Super NES), Catapult's modem, and Dynamite Headdy (Sega/Gen). The real thrill of the show, was not a home game at all. Atari Games, buoyed by some of the hottest talent this side of Coordinated Universal Timeline, blew everyone away with the scorching new Primal Rage. Dinosaurs meet MKII with lots of blood, venom spitting, and cave people to munch. Look for the home version sometime in '95. Why didn't I think of that... QUARTERMANN
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  439. EGM #62, September 1994
  441. ...Happy ho-hos, of Quarter-fans, 'tis I, the guru of gaming - back once again from the dark side with arms loaded down with the hottest insider dirt that money can buy. That said, the Q-Machine is in overdrive, with early work on a boatload of upcoming products for your eyes only...The first stop on the Q-Mann's monthly trip into the gaming underworld lands yours truly in Japan where Sega is really riding high! Not only is Vlrtua Fighter blowing away Super SF2 Turbo, but Daytona is king of the raceways. The latest virtual entry from the big 'S' is Virtua Cop, sort of a combination of Lethal Enforcers with scaling and zooming. It's kind of simple in concept so it probably will hit the home systems soon. Did I hear someone say 32X?...While we're on the subject of Sega, the Quartermann has discovered that Knuckles has escaped from the Sonic 2 and 3 games! Sega will be billing this as the plotline to their new Sonic vs. Knuckles game coming out later this year. My schedule shows a release date of Oct 18th.
  443. ...While the 32X and Sega Saturn both utilize the same Hitachi chips, the Q-Mann has learned that the hardware engines are different enough to cause serious software incompatibility problems between the two systems. The Q has heard rumors that Sega knows about this and with their commitment to have all of their systems downwardly compatible, the king of the 16-Bit hill is being forced to either restructure their Saturn to include a whole separate internal 32X engine, or to create another 32X 'add on' adapter which will plug into the Saturn. The Q has also heard rumors that you WON'T be paying for this extra enhancement! How's that? More to come...Excuse me, but how can that new convention be the biggest in the world? They haven't even gotten their first one off the ground - unless you're counting the number of times they've moved the show...
  445. ...This just in! SNK has leaked out news that my bud Terry Aki recently picked up in Japan. Evidently, the company is already hard at work on a Neo-Geo CD 2 system! Not bad, considering the first one isn't out yet! This new unit will be designed in the same fashion as the Sega CD2, with the motorized CD tray replaced with a clam-shell manual door. Other cost savings are also rumored to be added to the final product...SNK also has some interesting carts coming our way. Look for what many are already billing as the ultimate fighting game ever! It's called King of Fighters and this mega cart will combine the best characters from World Heroes, Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting - with everybody knocking the sense out of each other in a massive melee never before seen in gaming history! Also look out for Aero Fighters 2 and Agressors of Dark Combat...
  447. ...Nintendo is hard at work doing conversions of their more popular titles for the upcoming Ultra 64 machine. While the Q still thinks it sounds like a gasoline ("crystal clear, Amoco Ultra 64..."), this upcoming mega machine is set to debut with some killer names behind it, including Pilot Wings 2 and, of course, a new Mario entry that is rumored to be packed with action, driving, AND flying sequences! Can't wait...Acclaim is moving very quickly to be one of the first third party licensees to bring out Ultra 64 games. Since the Q has discovered from inside sources that they already have an Ultra 64 development system, this should give the house of many labels a good head start on the competition. Look for their first entries to include Turok, based on the Valiant comic book...
  449. ...Sources close to yours truly have dished up some dirt on the rumored Hasbro virtual reality system. It looks like the toy giant will be bringing out their headset hardware sometime next year to go head-to-head (so it was a pun, shoot me), with Sony, Sega, Nintendo and other next generation machines. The unit was being shown at a secret closed-door meeting that the Q just happened to walk in on. It was a nice piece of machinery, with a $299 price tag that, considering you get a helmet with two video monitors ready to blast images into your brain, isn't such a bad deal after it just me or was the middle of True Lies really boring? Sega planning to bring back their 3-D glasses? The Q-Mann has discovered that Ecco 2 will be a 3-D game, but how Sega plans to pull off the 3-D effect remains a mystery to everyone except...
  451. ...Terry Aki just phoned (thank goodness for Friends and Family II: The Next Generation) to tell me that Virtua Fighters 2 will hit the streets of Tokyo any day with more characters, better graphics, and more polygons...Speaking of Virtua Fighters, Sony's special Play Station press reception in Japan showcased a VF clone. While the Q discovered that Sony isn't responsible for the swipe, it is good enough to give the Saturn rev a run for its money...'Til next month, the Q tips his hat to Sam M., in the GEnie's bottle. Thanks for the support Sam... QUARTERMANN
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  455. EGM #63, October 1994
  457. ...Howdy, game fans—the Q is back with more sizzling insider game info. The scorching summer may be coming to a close, but the gossip I've dug up this month should keep things hot all the way to next summer! We'll start with the system barrage coming soon from Sega and get to the juicy dirt from there...This is the big one, kiddies! Hot on the heels of their 32X super system due out next month in the States, Sega is rumored to be planning to strike again next year with—yep, you guessed it—another new system! And we're not talking ringed planets either! The Q-Mann has it from good sources that Sega is hard at work on the SUPER Genesis. Rumor has it that it will be modeled after the existing Genesis 2, but under the hood it will have the 32X hard-ware built-in! Look for more info on this product next month...Sega has successfully taken us to Saturn, Jupiter (cart-only Saturn), Mars (32X), and now they have their sights set on Venus! Word has it that Venus will be a 16-Bit portable Genesis that will look sort of like the Game Gear and will work very much like the current Mega Jet presently available in Japan. The 0 hears the price tag should clock in around $150 and be available in 1995...
  459. ...Look for a six-button controller VERY soon for the 3DO. According to the Q's sources, Panasonic, ASCII, and Capcom are all in a heated race to get to market first with a working six-button for use with Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Samurai Shodown, and a rumored 32-Bit rev of Mortal Kombat...Speaking of MK on 300 (let's keep the ID of this VIP info on the QT), the 0 hears that this version will include full-motion video from the upcoming movie and be used to showcase the 3DO's MPEG capabili-ties...Did anyone else fall asleep during the middle of True Lies? I want to see how Acclaim does those scenes in the home game...The 0 is hearing rumors that the Super NES and Genesis may not be getting stellar support from the big guys come '95. Interplay and others have expressed an interest in the 32-Bit platforms, but don't have plans for 16-Bit fare. The times they are a-changin'...
  461. ...The 32X is getting some major support across the board from developers and publishers alike. Interplay will bow in with a 32X version of Clay Fighters 2 next spring, while Capcom is expected to hit the 32X scene with the digitized acrobatics of the Street Fighter II Movie arcade game (which is curiously being released by Romstar in arcades), as well as a conversion of their Aliens vs. Predator coin-op. Both should be ready for the second quarter of '95 and are coming courtesy of industry veteran Steve Hanawa...Over at Philips, meanwhile, their CD-i system is looking to pick up a crop of licensed games. The Q hears rumors that they're presently in negotiations with Interplay about Boogerman as well as several other ports. The Q knows that retail is buzzing over a recent road tour that Philips put on, so you may see this machine finally hit its stride...
  463. ...At the movies, yours truly has discovered that a number of next summer's big blockbusters have already been soaked up by game companies. In addition to Batman Forever, which Acclaim will be putting out in all formats including coin-op to coincide with the movie release, Interplay will hit with Casper, and Sega scores with Paramount's Congo...Don't tell anyone that I told you, but Interplay and MCA are talking about movie deals based on Interplay games. Boogerman movie deals...One of the first games due out for the upcoming Neo•Geo CD system will be McO'River's Aerofighters. After securing the license from SNK, the company snagged the rights to have the game on the upgrade Neo platform which hit Japan on September 9...
  465. ...Taito is working on a 32-Bit arcade cartridge-based system and will be unveiling the machine at the AMOA show in San Antonio. In Japan it's being called the Taito F3 package, with a cartridge connected to the main board and a color palette of over 17 million colors. Throw on a 16-Bit CPU dedicated to sound support and some very interesting games such as Global Champion (a fighting entry), Bubble Symphony (two-player Bubble Bobble sequel), and Darius III (another two-player title with some massive shoot-'em-up firepower)...Taito is also making a pair of games for the Neo•Geo arcade system. The first will be Power Spikes 2, a volleyball title with a number of options and tournament play...Sources inside AT&T have secretly told the Q-Mann that they have very quietly decided to kill their EDGE peripheral. No details as to why, just that it's now DOA...
  467. ...That brings us to the end of this chapter of Gaming Gossip, my Quarter-friends, but yours truly will return with more dirt from inside and out the video game industry next month, including some special info on the Venus system from Sega and Sony s battle plan to take the world by storm with their Play. as Stating system. Until then, don't lose your joystick no matter how many buttons it has... QUARTERMANN
  469. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  471. EGM #64, November 1994
  473. ...Time to kick off another month of gossip as yours truly takes to the gaming field with the latest and greatest goodies from inside and out the biz. The Q's been prowling the sidelines for the latest dirt from the hottest names in gaming, while the powers that be each try to up the other for the coveted title of best game system in the world! So sit back and let the Q deliver the news as only the rumor-meister can ... Here's the lead-in of the year, kiddies: Seems a deal has been signed by Williams and Sony for Mortal Kombat III to light up PlayStation machines when that piece of hardware hits store shelves next November. The Q-Mann expects to see some angry words on the horizon since, according to sources close to the deal, the ink is already dry on this contract. Nintendo, the company that touted its recent pact with the arcade giant just months ago, is rumored to be none too pleased with the arrangement —especially since their next gen machine, the Ultra 64, is expected to intro head-to-head with Sony's gear at about the same time ... Contrary to some reports, there is NOT an 0. J. Simpson game under development (although a driving sim where your goal was to stay below 55 would at least be unique!) ... Not to be completely outdone, sources tell the Q-Mann that Mortal Kombat III will be coming out for the Ultra 64 and possibly the 3D0 in much the same way that Super Street Fighter II is being released for Trip's big machine...
  475. ...What's the deal Sony USA? The Quartermann is starting to think you're asleep at the wheel! While both Sony Europe and Sony Japan are dishing out the good stuff on your upcoming game system and softs, with marketing and sales teams intact, the folks on this side of the Atlantic/Pacific are having difficulty even returning calls from the press. Although the Q loves the extra workout, you'd think with all the furor over Saturn, Super Genesis, Ultra 64 and other VR machines, you'd be all over the head eds In other PlayStation news, the Quartermann has learned that Bullfrog Entertainment in the U. K. has just signed a contract with Sony worth a guaranteed $4 million (or 2.5 million pounds, whichever dollar jargon you prefer) ... Look for Sega to dish out an eight-player adapter called Team Player that will be fully compatible with all existing Sega Sports titles. Upcoming entries in the line will take advantage of the functions available from this device ... Meanwhile, in other Sega news, the Q-Meister has discovered rumors that Sega is in the process of a complete hardware overhaul of their Saturn unit. While taking this mega-machine out of orbit would be unexpected, they are rumored to be retooling the unit to give it more horsepower for the same price tag. Seems Sega is already starting to feel the heat from rival next gen machines nearly a year before those battles begin...
  477. ...In other news, Nintendo's big ape has apparently got bugs (and not fleas or ticks) from swinging around in the programming jun-gle. These programming bugs are rumored to be giving developers a hard time and conventional exterminating techniques are meeting with little success. These programming bugs may cause the launch of Donkey Kong Country to be pushed back, but Nintendo does have their top exterminators on the problem. The Q guesses that the jungle will be free from pests in time for their big launch in November ... In Europe, Sega's 32X is being packaged with Virtua Racing Deluxe, not a bunch of stinking $10 coupons for six different first generation 32X games set to clock in at $60 each. However, in other pack-in news, Sega plans to pack in the Lion King with the Genesis on our side of the pond this Christmas. Take notice game companies, any effort to pare down costs by launching big Bit game machines that have no software pack-ins will be met with serious resistance from yours truly ... Nintendo sources have told the 0-Mann that Donkey Kong Country is a possibility to be packed in with the Super NES (it's a for-sure thing in England), but talk of the big ape being packed in with the Super NES this Christmas is raging because sales of the 16-Bitter have been flat in recent months...
  478. ...Dracula X is coming next year for the Sony PlayStation and for the Super NES as well as Sega's 32X from Konami ... Early word on the big-budget Street Fighter movie isn't good, according to sources close to the Q. Not only are the characters pale imitations of their video alter-egos (look at Guile, Ryu, Honda, ewwwww!), the decision to put the focus of the movie on the shoulders of Van Damme as Guile has been eliciting boos during previews in my area ... In addition, a recent article claimed that Capcom is going to choke on more than a million copies of the home Street Fighter game ... Viacom's getting ready to rock in the new year with the Brothers Grunt and Phantom 2040 for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis...
  480. ...Hold onto your Oreos, Q-Fans, for this important Gaming Gossip update! Remember a while back I broke the news of Hasbro's intro into the gaming business with a 32-Bit portable VR system? Well, Nintendo just bought the technology and will be packaging the Hasbro device as their own in Japan just in time for the holidays. The U.S. release, of course, will be early next year ... That just about wraps it up for this installment of Gamin Gossip, as moi must go catch a plane and interview the stars of the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie! Speaking of MK, don't miss out on the official Kollector's magazine coming soon from the folks that bring you EGM! It should be in stores any day. Until next time...
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  484. EGM2 - November 1994
  486. Time to shake the big gaming tree and see what goodies fall off as we head into the X's favorite time of year, X-mas. Before we get the X-mas decorations out of the gaming closet, it is time to give you your monthly dose of X-ellent gaming gossip about the industry. I will be your most X-ellent host and show you the X-ellence of X-ecution when it comes to delivering the greatest gaming goodies on the planet that you've come to X-pect.
  488. Doom fans will be glad to know that the big game from those wizards at ID will be making its way into the arcades soon and also onto the Nintendo Ultra 64. Williams will have a hand in bringing Doom to the big N's new system. That is, if the Ultra 64 isn't doomed! Insiders are suggesting that the home version of Nintendo's big system doesn't even have its own chip architecture yet. Nintendo had a developers' conference that I covertly infiltrated. While checking things out with some of the boys, Nintendo stickers were peeled off the mock Ultra 64 unit with a Killer Instinct game in it, only to find MIPS chips staring us in the face. One reason for the slow chip realignment may be due to the cost. Insiders have been speculating for months that the kinds of chips needed to run the Ultra 64 cost way over the $250 U.S. price tag Nintendo is boasting about! Speaking of doomed, the Ultra 64 isn't the only new system in trouble. The X-man hears that the VR 32 is finding troubled waters ahead and it hasn't even left the dock. Seems like there is no third party support for Ultra's little bro. No one is convinced it will reel in any big numbers from us gamers. We shall see. The last bit of Big N news is the pack-ins for holiday machines. Seems Nintendo is playing Santa a bit more generously with some. In England, new machines will have our ape friend enclosed. Stateside, we have to settle for either Tetris 2 or Illusion of Gaia. While both are good games, so is Donkey Kong Country.
  490. We have not forgotten our friends at Sega. They are not treating us much better. While we are standing in line to buy what our hearts desire with the $10 off coupons, our European friends will be playing Virtua Racing Deluxe when they purchase their 32X. In other goodies, Sega's getting ready to give Nintendo a Knuckle sandwich in stereo. You all know that Sonic and Knuckles is backward compatible with Sonic 2 & 3, but Mr. X has learned that you can enjoy Knuckles in Sonic 1 and Sonic Spinball. Check out our exclusive info later in this issue. On Sega's arcade front, they recently agreed to purchase the pinball division of Data East. A Sonic pinball machine seems a natural from this corner.
  492. Hold on tight and try not to fall out of your gaming trees with this next bit of news from the Land of the Rising Sun—Sony and Sega are battling it out in a big way. Neither wants to show their hand to the other on the price point for their respective systems until the last minute, leaving consumers with a yen to guess about the price. Inside sources suggest the PlayStation will ring in around $400 U.S. give or take a few yen, while the Saturn will command a higher price at about $4504500 U.S. Sonic and Knuckles need new shoes I guess. Release dates for the Play Station have been moved up to Nov. 30 from Dec. 9 to coincide with the Saturn. The X-man has learned that Sega isn't too worried about the price, since they have an ace or two up their sleeve. Inside sources suggest that Sega is planning on bundling either Virtua Fighter or Daytona in with their big system to attract those con-cerned about the extra $50.
  494. Time to put an X-clamation point on this one folks. A number of gaming companies are hopping on the Sega's 32X bandwagon. One developer, in a recent press release, stated that they expect the 32X to sell one million units by X-mas 1995. That's a pretty big number and I almost choked on my X-ball cap when I read it. Gamers already know that the Super Genesis will come out next year with the 32-Bit architecture built right in. Till we shake the gaming tree once again... SUSHI-X
  496. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  498. EGM #65 - December 1994
  500. ...It's Ho Ho Ho time once again kiddies and the Q-Minator has a sack full of holiday gaming goodies that will rival any-thing that the Fat Man can put under your tree. You won't gain the poundage devouring this month's montage of tasty morsels from the guru, but before I feed you the main course, here's an appetizer to settle your stomach: Seems Mortal 3 has been pushed back until at least April '95. With crowds doing the wild thing over Killer Instinct and another coin-op in the pipeline, seems Midway would rather push the latest MK back instead of clogging the pipes with product ... Switching gears to Sega, the head honcho tells me that the Super Genesis will clock in next year at under 200 beans! While the Q has the complete specs and predicts that SG will be the system of the '90s (well, at least '95), the star of this show will be the softs. Everybody's doing 32X and with a price tag under the game system speed limit, you can expect the widest appeal of all ... Other news from inside Sega's inner sanctum center around a new convertor that the Hedgehogs have been working on that will let everyone play their Game Gear wares on the Genesis/32X! While they're a season late (we'll call it a Super Game Boy carbon copy for now), the Q hears that there's a new all-in-one portable on the way that will put all the hand-helds to shame...
  502. ...While we're on the 32X subject, seems Sega made some last-minute additions to the unit that gives the upgrade the hiccups when plugged into ancient Genesis units. Sega tells yours truly that the problems, however, will be virtually non-existent ... Look for a new version of Sonic to grace 32X game screens sometime soon and Sonic 5 has been seen by these eyes only in a very preproduction state. The Q calls it 10 percent done, but look for more than one new character ... Also due for the 32X soon after release will be Mortal Kombat 2 and NBA Jam Tournament Edition from Acclaim. EA will also be releasing NHL Hockey, and Interplay will step up to bat with a new rev of Boogerman ... The Neo•Geo CD-ROM system is doing very well thank you, as SNK reports they've blown through the first 50,000 units shipped. The production continues to lag, however, because of a major problem with the RAM chips packed into this puppy...
  504. ...Is the Super era of Street Fighter nearing its end? While the Q would say reports of Ryu's death are greatly exaggerated, the New York Times didn't bat an eye in reporting that Capcom is sitting on over a million of the carts as their stock plummets. Looks like the big boys in the front office were right after all when they pegged this baby as being too much like its predecessors. The upcoming SF movie and the sure-to-be sequel in '95 are sure to keep awareness fly-ing, but just how much more of a pounding Ken and Co. can take from their digitized or otherwise visually-enhanced brethren remains to be seem ... On the Nintendo front, the Q has walked into a wasteland (if you don't count that new project they have on the way—can we say 64X?). Although DK fever is sweeping the nation (a game the Q first told you about on these pages about, say, two years ago), the big 'N' seems to be puffing their eggs into that banana's basket, with only StarFox 2 on tap so far in '95...
  506. ...Fresh off of his release of Earthworm Jim, David Perry and his gang of polished programmers at Shiny Entertainment are getting ready to hit the keyboards to tap out the sequel for '95. The worm is definitely back and gamers will likely see him "eat dirt" as he digs his way out onto several of the leading next-gen systems, including the 3DO and Atari Jaguar ... Look for the mega-bucks Costner release Waterworld to hit the gaming screens courtesy of both Ocean and Interplay. This action-packed tale of a webbed warrior (with gills to boot!) will land on the 3DO, PlayStation and PC CD-ROM courtesy of Interplay, while Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Genesis, 32X, Game Gear, Ultra 64 and Jaguar go to Ocean. Um, the Q hates to break it to you, but, er, the movie's getting some major league razzes from the trade magazines. Then again, Ocean did pick JP instead of Armando's Last Action Hero last year... ...Before the Q leaves you this month, let me bid you a fond farewell and clue you in on the next generation of gaming magazine from the boys who bring you EGM. Coming in just 60 days is a new magazine exclusively for machines buffed-up over the 32-Bit barrier! Don't miss it... QUARTERMANN
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  510. EGM #66 - January 1995
  512. ...Forget about modulating the deflectors and get ready to go to warp with the latest interstellar edition of the only gossip column with phasers strong enough to burn a hole through the bad guys and get at the dirt. So put on your power-ups, get rid of the Supervolts and welcome to the one place you'll see Sega and Nintendo in the same sentence! We're dishing up the over-the-counter gossip here ... The Q-Mann has the right prescription to start you out, beginning with confirmation that NBA Jam Tournament Edition has been fully coded and submitted to Nintendo and Sega for approval. Acclaim is readying their big marketing machine to slam dunk the game onto store shelves with ads planned to line the airwaves and stretch under every rock around ... Out of the Nintendo camp, the Q is hearing that the Big N is resting on its Donkey Kong glory for too long, with plans already under way to upgrade Diddy Kong from sidekick to gaming superstar with another ACM Silicon Graphics gaming miracle that might even push the 40-Meg barrier. Put it on your list now kiddies, as the Q-Mann hears that Diddy will strike hard next November in a store near you...
  514. ...While we're on the subject of DK, Sigeru Miyamoto, the man behind Donkey Kong Country and the Mario Brothers games, is coming to the United States to work on Pilotwings 2 with Paradime Simulations. They used to be a defense contractor, making aircraft simulators, and they're now packing some high-tech flight simulation tools that Nintendo and Sigeru intend on utilizing for the newest Pilotwings (did the Q hear someone mention aerial dogfights?) ... In other rumors dawning from the Land of the Rising Sun, Virtua Bomb, er, I mean Virtua Boy, that new techno-cheap, two-colored unit that doubles as a headrest left the Quartermann looking for his Intellivision. The unit will ring in at around $200 next April with three titles, including the original Mario Brothers title, Space Pinball and Telero-Boxer, a boxing game. No major licensees have signed on to make games for the portable and they don't have any plans to. Yours truly hears the word on the street in Tokyo is that the Virtua Boy will blow up real good when it comes to market...
  516. ...In other news from the Godzillas of gaming, it turns out that Capcom's main man Joe Morici or Sega's main man Tom Kalinske may be trading in their Blasters for Mouse ears. The industry is buzzing over talk that one of these wonder white shirts will be taking over the reigns of the vacant president's chair at Disney ... Time to tune into the continuing Sega Saturn saga. This month's chapter has Sega spinning so fast they're almost invisible, with rumors flying that the company intends on trying to make the 32X compatible with the Saturn. We'll know for certain when the Saturn is released in April. The Q got the inside scoop from a source close to the development that the U.S. release will be decided upon based on the number of titles available for release ... Staying in Sonic's court, Sonic Chaotic, the working title for Sega's 32X Sonic game, has been in the works for over a year and now has a tentative release date of June of this year! The soft brings Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Red Sonic together in a title that the Q hears Sega is trying to make strong on play. Sonic Chaotic will be programmed on Silicon Graphics workstations and be the premiere title to use a new technology that the big `S' is hoping will knock out Diddy Kong next year ... Also new for the 32X, Sega programmers have told the Q that a new version of Tomcat Alley is under development that will take gamers to new heights and will utilize all of the 250,000-polygons-per-second rendering powers of the 32X in tandem with the Genesis and Sega CD...
  518. ...As I told you in an earlier edition of Q News, the Neptune, Sega's name for their 32X stand-alone configuration, will hit next Christmas for $149.99 and will be packaged with Sonic Chaotic and/or Tomcat Alley ... Sega's new 16-Bit portable, to be called Venus, is coming into sharper focus. The unit will play Game Gear and 16-Bit Genesis cartridges and will cost $179.99; it's basically a Mega Jet with a screen of Turbo Express quality and resolution. The system specs are in hand and if it can withstand the steep price and cluttered shelves, then the Q predicts well-deserved success for this long-overdue dream machine ... Mortal Kombat III will have a new look with 12 new characters and four old ones! Each character will come equipped with 10 moves rather than the four of their predecessors. Hitting arcades in March, only Sonia, Kano and Liu Kang are now known by the Q to be returning. We are also hearing that Liu Kang's cousin may have to appear in Liu Kang's place, because legal problems may keep Liu Kang out of the game. Johnny Cage will not be in Mortal Kombat III, his character has been taken out of the sequel completely ... The countdown continues until the next generation of EGM hits in just 30 days. Till we chow down again on the greatest gaming gossip in the business, I remain the professional guru of gaming gossip—not a used cartridge salesman—with the news that some hate, many love, but only I get to do... QUARTERMANN
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  522. EGM #68 - March 1995
  524. ...The one-armed bandits of the gaming world were decked out in their Sunday best just weeks ago. Even though there were fewer companies this year at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, that didn't deter yours truly. The Q-Mann made his rounds and lifted enough dirt on the movers-and-shakers of the gaming world to ... well ... write this column ... Nintendo confirmed what the Q-Mann reported previously: Diddy Kong will be starring in his very own Super NES jungle adventure. Rare is doing the programming as we speak. and it will also feature the new ACM technology used to make Donkey Kong Country ... Also at the Nintendo booth, execs released info on their upcoming Ultra 64 on a need-to-know basis only. Behind closed doors, however, the Q heard rumors that Nintendo has committed to taking a $100 hit per unit to get the Ultra onto store shelves at the promised $250 mark. (There remains a remote possibility that it will slip to $259.) Seems the release of other details is being held back so the big N can react to the rabbits that Sony and Sega have planned to pull out of their respective hats...
  526. ...In other Ultra 64 news, the Q hears that LucasArts, in conjunction with Nintendo and Sculptured Software, is working on an Ultra 64 Star Wars game that takes place 20 years after the originally trilogy's timeline. The play mechanics are rumored to be a combination of Rebel Assault and TIE Fighter. Yours truly has also discovered that they're trying to get Mark Hamill to play an older Luke Skywalker and use compressed full-motion video in the game ...The other game the Q finally laid his eyes on was the almighty Mortal Kombat III which the Mann viewed behind closed doors at the show. MK3 looks great and early indications are that you won't be disappointed by Boone and Tobias' latest course in pain. Rich Divizio is once again playing the parts of Kano and Baraka, Tony Marquez is playing Kung Lao, Kern Hoskins is playing Sonya and John Parrish is playing Jax. As far as the other nine characters are concerned, Williams hired models instead of martial artists. Williams is still trying to convince Robin Shou, the actor playing Liu Kang in the Mortal Kombat movie, to play Liu Kang in the game. Fighting on (and under) city streets and other locations will definitely offer a new change of pace for a game that has most definitely taken the crown from Street Fighter II (let's just hope the movie is better)...
  528. So where did the people responsible for bringing many of the Mortal Kombatants to digital life end up? The Q-Mann hears that they are working on a new fighting game for the Jag with Atari. The project is being headed up by Ho Sung Pak, the man who played Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat II and Dr. Philip Ahn, who played Shang Tsung. Also along for the ride is the actress who played the part of Kitana. The game should hit stores later this year. In other news from the Atari front, the Q saw a fatty display loaded down with 64-Bit goodies, including a yet-to-be-named, Virtua-inspired fighting game with some truly cool features. While some of these sons have been seen at previous shows, the people in power at Atari Central Command promise players that they'll be able to get their hands on dozens of new titles as well as their new CD peripheral as the months tick off the 1995 calendar.
  530. Word has it that Super Tetris III is in the works and the game may be ready in time for this coming Christmas. The game will allow four people to compete at the same time! Gamers can expect to see at least 12 to 15 titles ready at the launch of the Ultra 64, including a new version of Castlevania from Konami, Robotek from Gametek, a Mario adventure from Nintendo and a Mario Kart-style game also from Nintendo, Doom from Williams, Batman Forever, Alien Trilogy, Turok the Adventure Hunter and Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball from Acclaim and the next Final Fantasy Quest from Squaresoft. Also look for Capcom to launch onto the next-generation platforms with Street Fighter II, complete with blood and guts. While this will help, Sony, who may not get MK3 as a pack-in after all, IS likely to get an exclusive distribution window instead, meaning that for a period of 30 days the PlayStation will be the only format that you can play MK3 on. Seems the guys with the lightbulbs floating over their melons at both Nintendo and Sony think that a new war of the fighting games will be the best way to attract interest to their respective camps.
  532. ...Virtual Boy was one of the wanna-be highlights of the show. At first glance Virtual Boy really isn't all that great, but the Q-Mann scoured the halls and parties looking for the V-Boy's hidden agenda and, as usual, yours truly found it. Virtua Boy's future seems to lie in a future virtual-reality gaming application and insiders are suggesting a possible compatibility with the Ultra 64 and a virtual-reality arcade application is in the works in Japan. The Q-Mann was catching rumors of Nintendo pushing back the release date, however, by the end of CES ... It took some doing but Virtual Boy's red diode display may become full color if Reflection Technologies has anything to say about it. Seems that company has developed a blue and a green diode and they're lobbying to develop an adapter that could turn the Virtual Boy into the first full-color VR station for home use. Virtual Boy may even become the eye piece for the Ultra 64 or possibly even the Super NES! ... Other games planned for the Virtual Boy include a version of Tetris, Bomberman from Hudson Soft and Brutal from Gametek. Also expect other companies to be getting games out for the one-color version of Virtual Boy as the secret to its real purpose begins to leak out ... Another peripheral that developers told the Q was not living up to its potential was Sega's 32X. Those in the know tell me that the peripheral is capable of much, much more and early games don't use many of the device's higher functions. Some were saying 32X is 90 percent of a Saturn which bodes well for Sega's lower-priced next gen machine...
  534. ...So what was the hit of the show? It's an odd one my Q-Fans as the most talked-about product at the show wasn't even there. The Sony PlayStation, in light of what the Sega Saturn has to show and what Nintendo's Ultra 64 has yet to show, is quickly becoming the new standard of the video game industry. While the Q will remain concerned about widespread acceptance of the unit until a definitive price is announced, sources close to the company are saying that it will be under the $300 barrier. Furthermore, the system will accomplish a first for the industry and actually launch with more than three pieces of software. In fact, there are so many games in the queue (or is that Q?) that Sony insiders are privately concerned that too many games may be available! In any event, the PlayStation is hot, Hot, HOT, and with the stellar lineup of talent supporting the product, the next generation of gaming could have Sony written all over it...
  536. ...That wraps it up for this chapter of Gaming Gossip, the longest-running video game gossip column on the face of the entire planet! Next month I'll deliver more dirt from the show and keep you posted on the latest developments from the 32-164-Bit front. Until next time, keep the rapid-fire on, the slow-mo off and remember to never double down on 20 or stay on 7 like that sap at the end of the table... QUARTERMANN
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  540. EGM #69, April 1995
  542. ...It's time to part the Red Seas of gaming once again with I, the keeper of the Q, back once again from the rumor mill. I've climbed the big mountain and gotten the best gossip in gaming once again, kiddies, straight from the source's mouth. While other so-called gossip evangelists stand on their soap boxes and spew out specs on the Ultra 64 and rewrite gossip that I have written about in the past, the Q delivers yet again with a special edition of gossip set to fill you in on everything the hardware heads have planned for you in the year to come...
  544. ...The first bit of big news comes out of the Nintendo Ultra 64 camp. Seems Software Creations out of England is just finishing up the sound tools to create the music for the Ultra 64 development systems and the Ultra 64 itself. Up until now only Acclaim, Software Creations, Williams, Spectrum Holobyte and Rare have had Ultra 64 development kits and for good reason: The kits are loaded with Silicon Graphics Onyx Reality engines clocking these babies' cost upward of $250,000, not the paltry $25,000 others have wrongly stated. Smaller development systems may come in at the $25,000 threshold, but the main system has a nuclear price tag.... The Q-Mann has also learned of a rumor that Nintendo is try-ing to ram a special provision in their third-party licensee contract through. This contract supposedly states that any company developing for the Ultra 64 will be required to give the machine a 12-month exclusivity window (thereby locking the competition out). The Q doesn't think the provision will stick, unless Nintendo is satisfied with the handful of licensees it currently has.... Another rumor surrounding the Ultra 64 has Nintendo concentrating on software themselves. At least two other companies that the Q has talked with indicate that Nintendo has frozen them out of the licensing fray...
  546. ...Still on the subject of the Ultra, Nintendo's Howard Lincoln and Peter Main recently stated during an on-line conference that they were confident about the Ultra 64 hitting stores at the target price tag of under $250 in time for the holi-days this year to "blow away the competition." Strong words for something nobody has even seen to be sure.... Switching gears to the softs, the Q-Minator has also learned that Nintendo's currently hard at work on Killer Instinct 2 which they may release as a home version exclusively for the Ultra 64. (Do I hear someone saying pack-in?) Further-more, the Q has learned from sources close to the development that K12 may hit store shelves with an incredible 64- Megs of power!... Who's this John DeLancie guy?... The Q has discovered, by way of a few overseas phone calls, that Donkey Kong and his ballcap-loving sidekick Diddy may be making their way to the arcades in the not-too-distant future. Williams has also been involved in talks about using Donkey Kong Jr. and Diddy in an arcade or a pinball adventure. Don't be surprised if you see a DK cartoon show and more licensed merchandise in the not-too-distant future...
  548. ...As Sony readies for the launch of the PlayStation, their tech-heads are slaving over the specs of a new version of the PlayStation tentatively called the PlayStation 2. This new machine (which is profiled in this issue of EGM) comes com-plete with expanded memory and a new feature that will provide users the option to play movie video CDs. The system is scheduled to be released two years after the U.S. PlayStation hits ground zero.... In other PlayStation news, Namco is snuggling up to Sony and acting like a silent partner. They've joined forces with the big 'S' brand name to sharpen their competitive edge and get on a level playing field with Sega, their major competitor in the arcade market.... Staying on the subject of the PS-X, the Q hears that the first 150,000 Japanese PlayStations that didn't melt due to faulty plastic on their components do not have any territorial protection on them, enabling users to load up games from both the U.S. and Japan on the same system' The Q hears his cousin Hey-Q is set to deliver a baby Q. Could this be true?...
  550. ...In other gossip, the Shiny team is negotiating with Williams about the possibility of making an arcade and/or a pinball game featuring everybody's favorite worm. The dirty worm with super powers will also be blasting his way onto the comic-book scene and he may even be on his way to Hollywood to star in his own motion picture, depending on how well the cartoon series does when it lands on the new Warner Bros. Kids Network this September. A tip of the Q-Mann's sombrero goes to DP and the rest of the Earthworm Jim crew for giving us the next X-Men.... Although Capcom of Japan originally announced that Darkstalkers would be going to the PS-X and that their X-Men coin-op would land on the Sega Saturn (with both machines getting Street Fighter The Movie), the powers that be looked at the demos and fielded angry calls from gamers in the Land of the Rising Sun and have since decided to launch both games for both systems. Also, look for a new Darkstalkers adventure in arcades later this year as well as a Darkstalkers cartoon show in the fall billed as a "comedy-adventure-horror" show. What?...
  552. Till we part the Red Seas of gaming once again, the Q reminds you to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, unless of course you're playing the Versus Mode on Mortal Kombat III. Later... QUARTERMANN
  554. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  555. EGM #70, May 1995
  557. ... So Jordan's back, we're down to the Final Four and the Eagles just let Walker go. It has been quite a month in sports and to celebrate, the Q is back once again with his hands on some big wood just in time to knock out the hottest gossip you'll find engraved on dead trees. Coming up to the plate this month, kiddies, the Q-Mann has his head full of rumors from the ECTS gala in Merry Old England. From Sony to Sega, Japan to the U.S., the Main Man has the inside scoop.... Well, we've all been to Saturn and we've done the Neptune thing, but are you ready for Mercury? Seems that may be Sega's next destination as yours truly has dug up the dirt on a new 64-Bit, cartridge-based game machine that may be under development at Sega R&D in Japan. The odd thing about this rumor, however, is that no one from the usually tight-lipped PR machines at Sega U.S. and Sega Europe would actually deny that such a product was in development. Now, let's see, that makes about a half a dozen hardware configs for the big S.... It may not be news to all you Wall Street Wizards, but for you Quarter-Maniacs word that the dollar continues to buy fewer yen is sending some cold chills down the Sega/Sony/Nintendo trio. The big fear is that the next-generation hardware will hit shelves over the $300 threshold that will spell certain doom....
  559. ... The Q hears that Final Fantasy 7 may already be prepped for an Ultra launch this fall. Also on tap for the big U is another RPG starring Mario, Luigi and the Princess. Or could they be one in the same? The Mann will keep you posted with the details, but rumor has it that the deal has been inked and the game is being finished up as we speak. ... File it under Ultra Secret: Quartermann has heard a rumor that Nintendo opted for the cartridge format as the basis of their Ultra 64 game system because Sony and Philips continue to be miffed at the snubbing that both received at various times from the big N back in the early '90s. Talk about holding a grudge. ... A third party will be releasing the optical disk drive that EGM originally profiled about two years ago as part of their Ultra release. This device, which was originally created as an attachment to the Super NES, will enable games with enhanced CD-ROM-like features that come encased in special cartridge caddies. ...
  561. ... After the hoopla of Saturn Day wears off on Sept. 2, keep your eyes peeled on the totally cyber Virtual Reality helmet created jointly by Sega and Virtua 10. This was the same pair that had originally announced Virtual gear for around $200, and although that ware got the axe, seems the new equipment will hit stores soon after Saturn's launch. ... Get set for Virtua Fighter on the 32X. ... Remember the rumor that yours truly passed along a couple of months ago about Sega 32X development systems not utilizing the full potential of the machine? Well, the Q hears that something similar may strike the initial Saturn releases. ... Look for EA to buy into IndieProd, a new, motion-picture company, as well as expect movement from Dreamworks, a movie company, looking to buy into a VERY big software company. ...
  563. ...The Quartermann hears that Sony originally planned to launch their new unit on Sept. 20, but they are now trying to move that date forward to counter Sega's Saturn-Day fanfare. Their office is so new they don't even have a coffee pot plugged in yet, according to my Q-sources, but the real problem facing Sony is that evil price point. Seems that someone at Sony was Racing for the door when told that the PSX was targeted at 400 clams. To keep their white shirts from screaming Sega, the Q under-stands the big guns decided to re-evaluate their decision and try again for that elusive $299 price point.... If you've got the big bucks, you can slam down the dough to score a Sony TV, VCR, PlayStation, M-PEG super system that also plays CDs! ... News on other PlayStation products includes the Q's undercover discovery of a digital steering wheel and Game Genie device that are being made by a small British firm. ...
  565. ... Dig into Crystal Dynamics for super-charged revs of Gex on the PSX and Saturn, as well as another shooter entitled Solar Eclipse. ... Although the game is close to a year away, yours truly hears Primal Rage 2 is in development. Sources recently told the Q that a new assortment of big-fanged bad guys as well as some old favorites will be back for part two. This time around don't be surprised if the dinos play some stickball or maybe even soccer with the natives. ... Atari is getting ready to take a great big bite out of the backsides of their critics with some very cool games in the works. Besides Thea Realm Fighters, a fighting game featuring Ho Sung Pak and Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage) of Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II fame, Atari will also get the granddaddy of fighters, Mortal Kombat 3, as well as updated versions of Joust and Defender next year. ... Atari developers are also working on Pong 2000 and the Jaguar 3, an upgrade from the current Jag with a double-speed CD-ROM drive that will have some hefty horsepower under the hood and a price tag of around $350. Also under consideration are a modem peripheral and virtual-reality headset being rumored to be crafted by California-based Virtuality Entertainment. The headset is rumored to clock in at around $200 and is scheduled to be released before Christmas this year. ...
  567. ... In a little news from Hollywood, Williams and New Line Cinema are regretting they did not use the original characters from the video games in Mortal Kombat: The Movie. There's a feud brewing between Williams and New Line and no one wants to go on the record about it. They're pouring another 10 million bills into special effects to make it better, according to sources close to Williams. The movie has been pushed back until August and if the special effects don't spruce up the flick, more work will be done until the movie is tuned up just right. ... As the Q leaves his keyboard and takes to the air doing his best Jordan impersonation, I'm off to the arcade to try the latest MK3 secrets (did someone say I can play as Clinton??!!??) QUARTERMANN
  569. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  571. EGM #71, June 1995
  573. ... Time to step into the gaming batter's box and get the Q-Minator out onto the field. Yours truly has been spending his time spying into the dugouts of the big three this month for the straight scoop on the biggest mysteries surrounding the fall flood of new game systems. While the Q failed to bat 1.000, he did manage to boot a couple out of the park. ... Nintendo is loading up their marketing machine and they plan to throw some high heat beginning next month to brush Sega and Sony back from the plate. Look for the big "N" to play a little bit of chin music with an awesome collection of games that will be released with the Ultra 64. ... Nintendo may become king in Japan with this next bit of news: Seems Square is readying Final Fantasy VII in Japan for the Ultra 64 and the game will be launched when the system is released sometime in late November on their side of the puddle. Rumor has it (Nov. 23) is the day over here, but that might even change to late September or early October along with a price change to keep pace with the S&S Music Machine. Some are suggesting the Ultra could go as low as $199 down from $250, though the Q would like to warn that this bit of info could not be confirmed. If they do that, sources are suggesting some companies with sharp claws and another company with a fetish for implementing three-dollar surcharges to developers could take action against Nintendo. To go along with Final Fantasy VII, Nintendo will also have a Mario and a Zelda game ready shortly after the system is launched. They're banking on strong performances from Killer Instinct, Cruis'N USA and Pilotwings 2 (working title) to take up the rest of the slack. ... LucasArts is also working on Rebel Assault 2, Dark Forces and possibly even a new version of Maniac Mansion for the Ultra....
  575. ... Sega and Sony have done well in Japan to step on each other's toes and prevent each other from gaining what is called in the business "critical mass." In Japan the magic number is 3 million and both the Sega Saturn and the Sony PlayStation are rumored to have only now clipped the 500,000 mark. Virtua Fighters 3 is being worked on in Japan, but it won't be ready by the end of this year unless they solve some of the bug problems designers are having with a new system board code named "Model 3." ... While at Sega's base, the Q-Mann can say that Sega arcade developers are working on Sega Rally over in Japan. This Daytona-type racing game is being created by the same Namco designer who worked on Ridge Racer. Sega hired him away from Namco to specifically work on Sega Rally and give the company a compar-ative product (i.e., less slowdown)...
  577. ... Talking to my Q sources, yours truly has heard that Sony did a good job of engineering the PlayStation and that it costs them in the high $200s to deliver in the box. Rumors have the realistic price for the PlayStation clocking in around $350, but Sony is a big company that has hinted to some analysts that the launch of the PlayStation will carry a marketing budget higher than the Walkman or Trinitron TV. ... Sony also intends on flexing their marketing muscle with some innovative marketing ideas including collectible memory cards. Sony is planning on making the memory cards the POGS of the 21st century. Companies are even planning to jump on board, putting designs and game charac-ters on the outside of the cards and possibly even packing them in with their games. These memory cards will also be sold separately and have codes and cheats for the games that can be plugged into your PlayStation that alter the look, feel and play of the game (imagine an MK3 upgrade that changes characters and secret moves for a fraction of the price of a new disc!!!). Sony of Japan has some people already hard at work in their R&D department and they are looking five to 10 years down the road like they do with all of their high-end electronics. They have developed a video compression technology that will make the best full-motion video games the Q's eyes have ever seen. ...
  579. ... Switch-hitting to the Sega Saturn, all the Q has to say is it's one expensive mother to make, with a rumored bill of goods flying over the $360 fence. The Mann hears that's mainly because of the five different chips that come to the Saturn courtesy of a cadre of different companies. Hitachi and JVC are two of the sources supplying the brains that are likely to force a price tag that settles in around the $399 region....
  581. ... Williams is hard at work on a new fighting game code-named "Tokyo Joe." They're planning on making the game come off like a live version of Virtua Fighters using digitized instead of polygon graphics. They're using some of the same actors that have surfaced in Mortal Kombat 3 and are adapting their skeletons using SGI workstations to render new character "skins" that show various views of their skeletal structures. ... ID Software is working on a specially designed version of Doom for the Sony PlayStation. ... Catapult, those masters of the modem, are also working on a version of the Catapult modem that can interface with the PlayStation. Could we see Doom players connect-ing to the service to face off using their PlayStations from across the street or across the country? ...
  583. 3DO is said to be working behind closed doors on a secret machine that will blow away the Ultra 64, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The Q hasn't personally seen anything yet and talk is cheap, specs a dime a dozen, and the only true test for any of the new systems will be game play and performance. Nintendo will be putting the Ultra 64 on display at the big dance called E3 in Los Angeles and the King of the Q will be there for the scoop. ... Speaking of E3, Interplay will be showing off their VR sports lineup for a variety of systems behind closed doors. Look for everything from baseball and basketball to hockey and football. ... Sports Sciences, those heavy hitters who brought us Batter-Up and Tee V Golf for the Super NES and the Genesis, are stepping up to the plate and planning on similar devices for the PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Ultra 64. I'm also hearing they will be expanding their lineup to include a new digital steering wheel for Saturn and PlayStation racing games. ... While we're on deck, the Q tips his hat to Crystal Dynamics who have some of the most incredible sports games ever to hit a home machine ready for the super systems at the close of the '95 season. ...
  585. ... Saving the best for last my Cracker Jack-eating friends, the Q has heard that a move that will get some major air in the industry is about to happen. Hudson of Japan has developed a new cartridge for use with the Super Famicom (Super NES). This new PLG cart, as it is being called, will be able to store substantially more data on a standard 16-Bit cartridge without adding any additional cost. The new cart will be capable of storing up to 100-megabits of data. ... Till we venture into the land of the free and the home of the Q next month, the Mann has his gossip hat on and bags packed. While my next stop is Los Angeles, I want all my on-line friends to hunt up the incredible new EGM Web Site found inside the NUKE Internet Interface at Check it out. ... QUARTERMANN
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  588. EGM #72, July 1995
  590. It's showtime in the Q-Zone and the inaugural Electronic Entertainment Expo has closed its doors in the City of Angels. With all of the majors in place to show their wares, the Q-Mann has scored some of the coolest gossip in the galaxy for your eyes only. In the immortal words of that guy who wears a shirt: I Love L.A.! ... Stepping into E3, the Q was on a mission to find into on the now-delayed Ultra 64. In addition to holding off on their big gun until at least April '96, Nintendo seems intent on bringing the system out for less than $250. While some financial papers have reported the U64 hitting stores at the $300 benchmark, yours truly just may have overheard someone close to the Ultra's development speaking about a price tag a full 100 beans lower.... While we all know the Ultra is caught in a tractor beam of its own creation, the Q has the inside skinny on the real reasons behind the delay. Originally Nintendo had planned to release the Ultra 64 on Dec. 1 worldwide with three titles: Cruis'n USA, Killer Instinct and Final Fantasy VII (working title). Nintendo of Japan, however, has yet to launch a new system outside of Japan before serving up the big bits to the Land of the Rising Sun, and they weren't about to start. Seems the big "N" also wanted to give Dream Team licensees time to get their games together. The Q is now hearing that the Ultra 64 will officially be unveiled at the Shoshinkai Show in Japan in late November and will hit the street in Japan just before the end of the year with a small selection of titles. ...
  592. ... The show was abuzz with rumors that the Ultra 64 chip set was too hot as well, causing unwanted melting in test units. The Q is here to tell you that this is not the case. Yours truly got a sneak peek at the system and it looks great. Other rumors were circulating that Nintendo plans on changing the Ultra 64 from a cartridge-based system to a CD-based system, but the white shirts at Nintendo deny this plan. After doing some digging, the Q discovered that although it is possible, no one looking to live should start holding their breath waiting for Nintendo to make the big change. However, my Q-sources have revealed that while Nintendo of Japan isn't comfortable with current CD technology, they are rumored to have someone working on a CD-based peripheral in conjunction with a readable, writeable optical drive peripheral that we talked about in a past episode of the Q. Yours truly hears from these same sources that you won't have to play Galaxian or Space Invaders while the game is loading, but such enhancements won't come cheap....
  594. ... The Saturn went on sale May 11 in certain retail outlets and took everybody in the gaming world by surprise—except the Q-Mann. On April 17 the Saturn appeared on the computer terminals at one toy store in particular and their store policy dictates that any item that appears on the computer can go on sale anywhere from 14 to 60 days later. In this case, the Saturn went on sale 24 days later in limited quantities across the United States and Canada. Q hears that 50,000 units sold out in less than a week. The unit is priced anywhere from $399 to $449 and is packed with Virtua Fighter. Did anyone notice that the Virtua Fighter logo is only a sticker on the outside of the box, suggesting that Sega may change the pack-in and the sticker at any time. Could be! ... The gaming public weren't the only ones taken by surprise with the early launch of the Saturn. Several Sega third-party licensees had planned to have their products ready for the original system launch on Sept. 2. ...
  596. ... RARE was at the show in force with Killer Instinct for the Super NES and Donkey Kong 2: Diddy Kong's Quest showing on the floor. One game that they didn't unveil included a Donkey Kong game for the Ultra 64, as well as a Battletoads adventure suiting up on the U64 some-time next year.... Ninja Gaiden fans will be rejoicing as Tecmo intros all three Gaiden 8-Bit classics on one 16-Bit Super NES cartridge! Be forewarned Gaiden fans: This may be the last Gaiden game to hit the market, with another upgrade or sequel showing up only if interest in this cart is strong. If it does well, you could see a Ninja Gaiden game for the Sony PlayStation, so go out and relive what has to be one of the best gaming adventures of the prefighter era. ...
  598. ... The Q also saw an all-in-one 64-Bit 3DO with the M2 technology built-in as well as info on a portable 3D0 in the works for gamers look-ing for a real experience when hitting the road. ... Speaking of handhelds, Sega's project Venus has been officially named the Nomad. The Nomad will be a portable unit that will play Genesis games, but won't be compatible with 32X cartridges. It looks similar to NEC's Turbo Express, and it will have a high-rez screen. The Q also hears that Sega is working on a Super Game Boy-type device that will allow users to play Game Gear games both on the Nomad and on their Genesis systems.... Mortal Kombat fans get ready! MK3 on the PlayStation looks incredible and plays like a dream. As we speak, Williams is getting the Ultra 64 version of Mortal Kombat 3 and Doom ready for that sys-tem's spring '96 U.S. launch. ...
  600. In the Sony corner, everyone was drooling over the PlayStation. While the unit looks impressive, here's a little bit of inside info straight from the Q: There won't be a pack-in game, but don't be surprised if you see a demo sampler packaged with the machine! ... I love the Demolition Derby game from Psygnosis—a flat-out racer where the only objective is to absolutely destroy the competition. The Q has also heard that a version of Mega Man is in the works for the Ultra 64 and the Sony PlayStation. In other news, Namco is working on versions of Ridge Racer 2 and Tekken 2 for the PlayStation. They wouldn't give the Q much in the way of details, but a few more tracks, some new cars and all-new fighters are expected to be added to these two great titles.... As for the goings on off the show floor, the Q and about 5,000 other attendees of the Sony party got to moonwalk with Michael Jackson. The real one. He walked around the Sony lot shaking hands and playing Tekken and Ridge Racer with partygoers. People competed with the Great Gloved One (who made his own video game intro on, ahem, a Sega system), although his competition was hand selected and played like they wanted to lose.. At the Spectrum Holobyte party at the Paramount lot, I brushed up on my Klingon as real actors dressed up as their Star Trek characters made their rounds. As far as other celebrities are concerned, Kevin Costner, Steven Spielberg and Geena Davis were spotted at the show. The Q even overheard Steven Spielberg chatting with 3DO President Trip Hawkins! One 3DO game caught Spielberg's eye and he asked who the designer of the game was. Just as Trip told him, Spielberg told his assistant to write his name down and hire the person immediately! So there was some big-time cherry picking going on. All in all, the first E3 was a great show that may just have finally put the stake in the heart of old CES. Tune in next month for more inside info from the show floor from the one and only Q-MAN
  602. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  603. EGM #73, August 1995
  605. ... It's time once again kiddies to test the powers of the almighty Q. Your personal purveyor of insider info from the most exciting entertain-ment industry in the universe has returned from a scouring far-and-wide with a verbal VIP pass to connect my important EGM fans with the latest batch of gaming goodies. High on the Q's list this much is the latest from the frontlines of the hardware wars, as well as a few surprise softs that are sure to have the nets questioning yours truly once again. (I'm still waiting for those apology letters from die-hard MK fans who thought the extra button was bunk.) ... The PlayStation for $199? Could it be?The Q has heard from insiders at one major games chain that 199 will be the magic price for Sony's wonder system if you throw in 10 of your old dilapidated 16-Bit games. Trading in your old wares for the latest in super-Bit tech is a great idea, so don't be surprised to see others play follow the leader (and watch old Super Mario Bros. carts start stacking up all the way to the ceiling)....
  607. ... In other news from the Sony sector, developers have been calling into the Q-gossip hotline and telling yours truly that the giant S—in another attempt to shorten the number of titles that are on store shelves for the PlayStation's inaugural Christmas—will not be letting any point-and-click-type games that turn the PSX controller into a mouse into holiday stockings. Good thing Final Fantasy fanatics weren't wait-ing for the PSX to turn up the next sequel. ... Turning to the exploits of the good ship Nintendo, who continue to sail along on the ever-chop-py 16-Bit gaming seas, word hears the big N may be sunk by the Saturn and the PlayStation dual assaults. Although Nintendo pulled off a surprise coup by announcing Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, the Q questions whether or not Nintendo's marketing muscle can launch three separate mainline titles when the spotlight's shining so brightly on Sega's and Sony's wonder machines. Even though Yoshi's Island will pack 32-Meg, its announcement immediately pushed back the release of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. DKC 2 was the second game using advanced computer-modeled graphics and the inside word says that DKC 2 may be delayed until the end of February to give RARE more time to make this game even better than Donkey Kong Country. The fact that Yoshi will have more shelf time to himself won't hurt either. ... Yoshi's Island will be much like the original Super Mario World title that launched with the Super Nintendo, featuring Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and even Wario are supposed to make appearances. The Q hears that the game will have over 130 different hidden places to explore in addition to the main game. ... While we're on the subject of Yoshi's Island, the Q-Mann has scoped out a 64-Meg U64 rev of the game being prepared by RARE....
  609. ... Speaking of new softs from RARE, the Q has learned from sources in the know that Super Mario Kart will be available for Nintendo's Next Gen machine, while EA Sports will dish up John Madden '96 courtesy the programming wizards at Sculptured Software. ... The slew of recent U64 software sightings is interesting, considering that Nintendo has just announced they are backing out of the Winter Consumer Electronics Show being held in Las Vegas in January. This was when they were planning on showcasing the Ultra 64 to North American buyers and the media. Outside developers are telling the Q that the learning curve on the cartridge-based Ultra 64 development systems isn't what Nintendo thought it would be and members of their development dream team (no relation to OJ's lawyers) will be hard pressed to have their marquee titles ready in time for the aforementioned April detonation. ... The Japanese version of the U64, dubbed the Ultra Famicom, will be released in Japan on November 30 or December 1, for the equivalent of $350 U.S. The machine will come packed with an introductory soft as well as three other titles that will be available on store shelves when the unit makes its debut. .. Although we will have to wait until April or longer, the developers that yours truly has spoken with said that despite the problems the Ultra has encountered, it most likely will be ready in April with 12 to 15 titles ready at systems launch including three that Nintendo's all-star game designer Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario and Donkey Kong) will have had a hand in. Two of these games we know are Pilotwings 2/ Dragonfly X and Starfox X using ACM technology and fully rendered space ships and pilots. You may have already heard that Star Fox 2 for the Super Nintendo has been scrapped at least for this year. Rumor has it that the cart is being redone and is expected to resurface again next year depending on how strong Nintendo feels their 16-Bit lineup is.
  611. ... In other news it doesn't look like Goldeneye, the new James Bond movie will make its way onto the Super Nintendo. Nintendo has a team working on a version for the Ultra 64 due out when the system is launched. ... Another big rumor floating around the gaming world is that George Lucas and his people have been talking with Nintendo about developing a game based on his Star Wars movie trilogy exclusively for the Ultra 64. The working title for the game is said to be Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, which was also served up to comic-book connoisseurs via Dark Horse comics. This rumor can be taken one step further since the Q has heard that Dreamworks Studios is also rumored to be working on an arrangement with Nintendo. Seems as though Spielberg wants to produce Ultra 64 games under his Dreamworks Interactive Entertainment division after Nintendo showed him the power of the Ultra 64. No word yet on whether Dreamworks will neglect the best on the PlayStation, Saturn, M2 and the remaining platforms and stick exclusively with Nintendo....
  613. ... Sega also seems to be snuggling up to the 3DO and their new M2 technology. They hadn't announced the agreement by press time, but here are rumors of a deal in the works. Sources are telling the Q that Sega and 3DO may sign an agreement that will enable Sega to use 3DO's powerful 64-Bit M2 technology hardware in Sega's coin-op titles. Virtua Fighter 3 is rumored to be the first game under consideration to benefit from the new technology. My Q-reporters out in the field and on the streets of Japan are telling me that Virtua Fighter 3 will be hitting Japanese arcades in December with a scheduled U.S. release of VF3 in February or March '96. Yu Suzuki the creator of the Virtua Fighter series is working on the Saturn version using the old AM2 operating system. This is the same system that is currently being used for many Saturn games. VF3 for the Saturn will use the new operating system that is being called the Sega Graphics Library. The SGL makes the Saturn run 185,000 texture-mapped polygons at 65 frames per second. Virtua Fighter 3 will be out for the Saturn sometime in late September or early October of next year. ... Sega development teams are also working on versions of Virtua Cop, Comix Zone, Eternal Champions, World Series '96, Desert Tank and a game called Cool Riders for the Saturn and 32X. ... This just in: Sega of Japan is working on Virtua Sonic, with the hedgehog featured in a starring role. Knuckles and Tails will also make cameos in this new game. ... Until next issue, the Quartermann will make sure all your gossip stays hard and crunchy, without a hint of that dry aftertaste you get from reading other video game mags QUARTERMANN
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  616. EGM #74, September 1995
  618. ...Welcome to the big show Q-fans! It's time once again to get your monthly dose of gossip from the guru of gaming. We'll get things going this month with the inside wurd on Mortal Kombat 3. It seems that Williams isn't adding six characters to the upgrade shipping to arcade owners later this month after all. My sources tell yours truly that the dynamic duo of Scorpio and Kitana will be the only new faces gracing gaming's hottest fighter. Look for new powers as well as original moves and fatalities. ... Why an upgrade? Insiders say that Williams wants to placate arcade owners with a new version to peak gamers' interest while virtually identical revs hit home.... While none of the new con-sumer versions will be bringing Scorp or Kitti into living rooms this year, the Q has heard that plans are under way to introduce both (and possibly others) to the PlayStation via a memory card patch.... In other Williams news, the 0 has been moving in the shadows to find the inside scoop on the company's next fighter. The Q is most pleased to report that I've hit the jackpot! The name of the game is rumored to be War Gods, a real-time 3-D fighter that will be unveiled at the AMOA arcade show in New Orleans later this month. The game not only uses the Ultra 64 arcade architecture, but the characters in the game could possibly be 3-D rendered! Look for lots of lightning, thunder, tornados and different special weapons befitting of a god. The 0-Mann also hears that the skeletons of several MK3 actors were filmed for this game and then re-animated as holy warriors. War Gods is scheduled to make its way onto the Ultra 64 next April.... By da way, Q-Fans, yours truly was WRONG. The Mann found out that cousin Q was planning for wedding rings not baby swings. Sorry cuz (and quit calling Jeff!!!)
  620. ...The Ultra 64 is still on schedule to be released in Japan on Dec. 1 of this year, although some are suggesting it could be delayed a week or two. The Ultra Famicom, as it will be known in the Land of the Rising Sun, will cost 25,000 Yen ($250 U.S.), and one of the titles being bantered about is Ultra Mario Brothers. This adventure may see Mario and his cast of characters in an action adventure/role-playing game scenario. We will know for sure November 24, 25, 26 when the system and the game debut at the Shoshinkai Show in Japan.... Final Fantasy VII looks like it's a go in Japan the same day the unit is released. Capcom is even planning to have a Mega Man title out for the Ultra 64 shortly after the system is released as well as a Street Fighter title. Nintendo and Rare are planning a Donkey Kong Country-type adventure as well as Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball and the ultimate sequel, Killer Instinct II: Final Assault, although that's currently just a working title. EA Sports is planning versions of Madden, NHL Hockey and FIFA '97 soccer for the U64. ...
  622. ...In other Ultra 64 news, wurd has it that the Ultra 64 may have a minidisc floppy drive in the works. The drive will be released in October or November of 1996 or in early '97 for around $150. This isn't the only talk around Nintendo, with a possible optical drive for the Ultra 64 being kicked around that is rumored to run eight times faster than a CD-ROM! Since most floppy games will require more than the two megabytes of RAM that is said to be housed within the U64, don't be too surprised if the bulky drive comes with an additional two to four megabytes of RAM. Floppy disks only hold 130 megabytes of data on one disk. Since the bulky drive will use the floppy disks, all games on the disks will be readable and writable allowing you to save your game right on the disk. This drive will also allow companies to add new levels, new Bosses and new race tracks and other modifications to already existing games. A few Dream Team members like Acclaim and Virgin are considering supporting this new format and Enix and Square are said to have already signed up. ... Acclaim is hoping to regain the success they enjoyed during the holidays the last few years by raiding other company's wares. Recently, Acclaim worked out a licensing agreement with Sony to handle Mortal Kombat 3 for the PlayStation in Europe and then a week later they signed a deal with Capcom to release Street Fighter: The Movie for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn later this year worldwide....
  624. ...Capcom is rumored to be looking for a rebound after the cash crunch incurred from too many Street Fighter carts. The company is planning Street Fighter 3 and, in doing so, have gone back to their roots. The expertise of the original designer of Street Fighter, SF2 and Street Fighter Champion Edition will be working on the latest Fighter sequel in the arcades. The game will feature Capcom's new high-powered CPS III arcade architecture that is said to set an industry standard in terms of rendering speed and polygon performance. ... From the Sega camp, there's a big deal said to be in the works and it could take one of three forms. Sega may be buying Atari and giving them access to Atari's new and existing gaming hardware platforms, including the Jaguar 2, which the Q-Mann tells you is quite cool. The second move could be for Toshiba to put a hold on roller-coaster prices of chip-sets that are currently being used in the Sega Saturn. Lastly, a deal may be in the works with the principles of 3D0 to acquire the new M2 technology for use in arcade development as well as a future gaming hard-ware platform. ...
  626. ..Not all the folks are Shiny Happy People on the good ship Earthworm Jim. Half of the original eight-man team at Shiny has left. They've jumped ship after Interplay purchased Shiny, and they have set out on their own to form their a new gaming company called Neverhood. They are currently negotiating with Dreamworks for a million bean to fund a secret project to be helmed by Doug TenNapel, David Perry's right-hand man and co-designer of Earthworm Jim and EWJ 2. Doug is the Mayor (President) of Neverhood, and along with Mark Lorenzen, lead designer on Vector Man for BlueSky and most recently Earthworm Jim 2, Mike Dietz, the brains behind the aninomotion process and lead animator on games like Aladdin and the Jungle Book with Virgin and Ed Schofield, they plan to start scripting their first game to be called, er, well, "The Neverhood" for the PC CD-ROM format first and then Sony PlayStation. It will be filled with the typical TenNapel slap-stick humor and it is scheduled to be released in the fall of 1996 or spring of 1997. The game is based on a group of paintings Doug TenNapel did a few years ago and an art show he did with those paintings called a "Beautiful Day in the Neverhood". The game will take place in a gothic world where decisions you make can destroy your world. If the Dreamworks deal falls through, gaming companies are sure to line up for a chance at the tremendous talents of the Neverhood fearsome foursome.... Namco is also working on the sequel to Ridge Racer, called Rave Racer. The game has some new features, including variable terrains, changing weather conditions and huge jumps. The game will feature five new tracks and a two-player mode for network action. Rave Racer will be released toward the end of this year. Namco's also working on Cyber Cycles, Alpine Racer, Ace Driver, Match Breakers and a compilation of their old arcade classic titles like Dig Dug and Galaga to appear on a "greatest arcade hits" CD for the PlayStation....
  628. Finally, the Q wants to wish TK well in his fight with the big C. The prayers of not only yours truly but the entire Sendai gang are with you big guy and here's hoping you can pull out a finishing move and get back to work.... QUARTERMANN
  630. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  631. EGM #76, November 1995
  633. Whattup, my loyal Q'sters. it's Q-Mann ready to bust out this month's bloated bag of believe-it-or-not babble. This month has been tough on the ol' Q-Master, as I've staked out a new secret headquarters to take my gig even further incognito. The Q-Mann spares no expense to search and disclose the latest and grittiest gossip. Now take a drag off that pacifier and hitch up your diapers my little Q-Babies, it's time to rattle off this month's dribblings...
  635. ...At PlayStation Central, Sony apparently turned to Sega shortly before the PlayStation launch. Sony couldn't get enough plastic sleeves to house games so they used Sega Saturn game cases for titles like Rayman from Ubi Soft and Battle Arena Toshinden. Did this have an impact on sales? N-O-T. More than 100,000 people preordered PlayStations and more than 130,000 units were sold in the first week. Sega's Saturn has just reached the 120,000 mark despite its two-month headstart on PlayStation...
  637. ...At Nintendo, Q-Radio is reporting the Ultra 64 controller will be a highly innovative analog controller. Instead of just moving the direction pad or pressing buttons, the controller will be sensitive to the touch. For example. in an auto racing game you will be able to steer much more realistically because the controller will be able to determine how hard you are pressing. Another bonus comes with the cross-pad controls and buttons, so players can do different things at the same time. For instance, in a war simulator the cross-pad will enable players to control the movement of a tank. while at the same time he can move around the turret crosshairs to blow up something. Also—and here is the big news—there is supposedly a memory card slot in the controller. Rumor has it you will be able to save back-up data (remember there are four controller ports on the Ultra 64) and bring it to your friend's house and pick up playing where you left off. Reports that the Ultra 64 will be further delayed are running rampant throughout the wild world of gaming, but it has been confirmed by the 0-York Times that Nintendo will have 100 Ultra 64 machines on the floor at the Shoshinkai/Famicom Space World trade show Nov. 24-26. There will be 10 titles on display to play; and rest assured Q-Mann will be there pressing his face firmly against each of the 10 game screens...
  639. ...Taking Capcom's lead. Williams is considering making a new Mortal Kombat game based on the movie. Since Mortal Kombat got rave reviews and two fatalities up from gamers. it has made a killing at the box office with six weeks in the number one spot. Apparently, the extra S10 million spent to spice up the special effects was worth it. Insiders are suggesting that for Mortal Kombat IV, Williams is planning on using the same technique it did for its new arcade game War Gods. In that game. Williams only motion-captured two actors doing various movements, and then texture-mapped other models' faces onto their two bodies...
  641. Over in Japan, Sega just released Netmark, an arcade game with a VR headset that provides a 360-degree playing field of vision. In addition. the game also has a gun that shakes when fired (simulating the recoil of a real gun). Sega developed the hard-ware with Virtuality, a British VR company. In other news from overseas, Victor recently released a Video CD attachment device for the Sega Saturn (and for the V-Saturn, Victor's version of the Saturn). The device has a time skip, number search, intro, slow motion, flash play, zoom and has a few other functions. It is compatible with Sony's Video CD 2.0 MPEG 1 format. So far there's been a computer graphics version of Virtua Fighter 2 out for it. along with Vampire Hunter and Virtua Special...
  643. ..In other news, is the Saturn falling out of orbit with gamers and retailers? Rumor has it one major retailer has shipped back its 32X stock and left it on Sega's doorstep. Some major retailers are refusing to carry the Saturn system or any games. They still have a bad taste in their mouths over the early release of the Saturn because Toys 'R' Us, Babbages and Electronics Boutique were given Saturn units while other retailers were shut out...
  645. And finally, I've found out why the Virtual Boy was brought out in North America. Nintendo of Japan forced it down Nintendo of America's throat, much like my Grandma Quartermann did when she tried to make me eat a hunk of Spam like an apple. I'll stick to my diet of Snapple and video games, thank you very much. Sources within Nintendo aren't too hopeful that they'll be seeing too much green over sales of their lean, mean, two-color machine. Some have even suggested to me that if folks do buy the Virtual Boy, consumers will be seeing red because only a limited number of titles will be made for the 32-Bit system. Some are suggesting that the Virtual Boy could be another Super Scope Six. On the Panasonic front, the company will be releasing Mortal Kombat 3 for the 3DO next year, but more recently some insiders are suggesting the 3DO could see a further price drop to $199 or $249 this Christmas, or before Nintendo releases the Ultra 64, next year. Rumor also has it Capcom may be working on a version of Mega Man for the 3DO along with a new version of Street Fighter that will use the new M2 technology. Sources within 3DO are now saying the M2 technology will not be released this year and that we will see it in March or April of next year. That's it. Q-Readers. I've got to go now. the folks who set up NORAD are on their way over to help Q-Mann with security measures in his new digs. With Christmas just around the corner, be prepared for Q-Mann to stuff your stockings full of foil-covered gossip next month. Until then, may all your quarters have strings on them... Aloha!- QUARTERMANN
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  649. EGM #77, December 1995
  651. ...Ho, ho, ho, my little Quarterfriends! 'Tis the Q-Meister, back to deck the halls with insider info and ring in the new year with a big bag of gossip! Yours truly has dished Up some true yuletide into as the "great console wars of '96" prepare to begin. While the PSX and Saturn have each secured a tight (albeit small) foothold on the gaming community, new upstarts like the Ultra and Matsushita's M2 Mystery Machine are sure to make next year the hottest ever for console fanatics...
  653. ...Reports in from Q-mann's spy central suggest that something strange may be happening to the Ultra. Although Nintendo is going full-bore, pumping ads for the renamed Nintendo 64 in the Land of the Rising Sun, some sources are suggesting that the big N's super machine may be pushed back. Attendees of the Shoshinkai Trade show in Japan this past November were to have had a chance to walk away from the show with one of 100 N64 units. (The name change came, by the way, as a result of a TM problem with the original Ultra Famicom name.) Some are saying that the unit won't get a full roll-out until E', although the Q recommends those who are hardwired to check out the latest facts on the Internet at for the complete story as it happens!...Up until the Shoshinkai show, Nintendo engineers were scurrying around trying to fix some last-minute hardware problems with Nintendo's next-generation system. Nonetheless, they were at an impasse until IBM reportedly came into the picture. Rumor has it that IBM provided a new chip for use inside the Ultra called DENSEPAK. The chip looks like a 16-Bit chip but performs with 64-Bit muscle. The Q's sources also heard Nintendo may be poised to bring the system out for as low as $199, but games will still ring in at a steep $69-100...
  655. ...All that talk in the trades about an imminent takeover of the M2 technology from rival Sega appears to be history in light of 3DO's recent announcement that Matsushita has paid a whopping $100 million in cash for an exclusive license to the technology. 3D0 plans to re-emphasize softs, while leaving the issue of Panasonic, Goldstar and other 3D0 hardware supporters with a growing list of games...Behind the scenes many analysts have told the Q that 3D0 would have had some real problems had the remark-able M2 super system not been developed. The machine, according to one Wall Street type, will single-handedly change gaming as we know it...Look for Williams Electronics and other arcade makers to put the M2 under the scope as a quarter-sucking board for a new line of coin-ops...
  657. ...The Q-Mann hears a rumor that secret documents are flying about in Sega and Sonyland regarding the prices of their respective super systems. Don't be surprised if the two combatants do a little Nintendo/Sega shuffle as next year's E approaches with tit-for-tat price drops leaving both machines closer to 200 bucks...On the same subject, the same rumor mill has Sony planning to offer selected first-run titles for under $40 to provide a price point that Nintendo's cart/optical system can't touch...No Killer for the U64? That's the rumor that yours truly dug up during a recent West Coast trip, with sources close to production rumored to be hit-ting a programming problem. In its place you may find yourself buying up Killer Instinct 2...Other games being considered for system pack-ins include Ultra Mario Bros. 3-D, a new Mario adventure and Ultimate Mortal Kombat. These two games will be offered as separate pack-in options according to my loyal Q-followers who passed tidbits on as an early X-Mas present. In other software-related news, DID, the Manchester, England-based company that has coded several games for Ocean and a few other big-name video game companies, have become so good at coding air combat sims that the RAF (British Air Force) is using DID's skills to make air-combat simulations...Look for Star Wars products developed exclusively for the Ultra 64 out next year. The first of the bunch will be Shadows of the Empire, an original adventure that won't hit screens anywhere else...
  659. ...Check out a new modem adapter for the Sega Saturn that will provide download access to the World Wide Web within 12 aimonths. Also look for the PSX to get connected with a third-party device that will allow garners to download patches and other info over the Internet to update and preview games...There are conflicting reports out of the Sega camp about a 64-Bit upgrade for the Saturn codenamed Eclipse. Sega's official line is the Eclipse is a joystick coming out for the Saturn from InterAct. Try again, my ployal 0-Readers. Here's what we're hearing: At first this 64-Bit peripheral was only memoware that the technical wizards at Sega dreamed up to get Internet travelers chatting about the Saturn. So what does the Q think? My bet is on the joystick...
  661. ...In other Sega news, Sega and SNK are rumored to be working on a cross-platform deal that will see the two companies I- exchange titles for their various systems. Saturn users will see some of their favorite Neo•Geo titles come out for the Saturn and vice versa. As a result, Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters are headed to Saturn, and passing them in the night are all three Virtua Fighter games (Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtua Fighter Remix), Sonic Remix, two of the older Sonic games and Mean Bean Machine. Look for all of these titles to show up on one disc... A new title, Sonic X, will be headed for the Saturn first and then to the Neo•Geo CD...Look for Donkey Kong 3-D on the Ultra next year...
  663. ...You may have already heard about the NVIDIA-Sega deal that will see Sega games heading to PC. Well, how about Ridge Racer on the PC? It's coming soon to a PC near you, according to my Q-Sources...Turning to the PlayStation, did you know that at one point Sony white shirts were debating whether to make the PlayStation CD-ROM compatible? Yup, but a decision from Sony of Japan nixed the idea. Our sources tell us it would have been possible to buy a PC game and play it on the PlayStation. Word has It this may be part of the PlayStation 2 plans, along with a new MPEG module that will allow you to play full-length CD-quality movies on the second version of the PlayStation due in mid-'97...The best Internet rumor of the month: Sony buying Nintendo for the rights to add Mario to Toshinden 2. To quote a famous horse: "No sir, I don't like it..." QUARTERMANN
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  665. EGM #78, January 1996
  667. ...Happy new year garners and welcome to the new year Q-Mann style! The Q has laid some traps in this, the year of the rat, to snag the best gaming gossip from inside the gaming biz. While the cold winds of change sweep across the gaming landscape, yours truly has got the inside goods...Look out MCI—the 0 hears that the big bells at Ameritech are soon to commit to entering the interactive entertainment market with a new division to produce next-gen and PC softs...Look for new licensees to start lining up for a ride on the U64 bandwagon, including EA who launches onto the Nintendo platform with Fifa Soccer. Kemco with a new racer and Angel Studios with what could be the first Ultra base-ball title...
  669. ...Not much yule in the current tide at Atari. Within the last six weeks the Quartermann has learned that the house that the 2600 built has laid off many of its in-house programmers and product managers as well as a number of game testers. Atari plans to rely solely on third-party support for the Jag, although the future of the machine and how Atari intends to market it in the future remain unclear. It does appear that the company will make a move into the low-risk PC CD-ROM biz in favor of the big-bucks battles that loom with Matsushita (M2). Sony and the rest of the next-gen crew...Count on Kareem and Magic to spice up Crystal Dynamics' upcoming Slam and Jam for the PlayStation and Genesis...
  671. ...So why were Sony's big-name games delayed? The 0-Mann has discovered that rumors abound about what the real reasons were behind the tardy titles: an unfortunate bottleneck in the playtesting department as well as some problems with the game packaging. Rumor has it that Sony was even forced to purchase game cases from Sega to make some ship dates...On the subject of Sega, the company appears to be planning to combat the fierce power of Nintendo with a price drop in game costs. My Q-Sources are telling me that prices could drop as low as $39.99 for Saturn games, with Sony possibly playing follow-the-leader. Wurd on the street still has the U64 softs clocking in at prices between $60-100...
  673. ... Some news on the Eclipse from Sega, with insiders reporting that the device is rumored to offer an upgrade capability that will be similar in quality to the M2 and available within the next 18 months...The Saturn Internet interface that the Q reported on some months back will hit Japan soon and should make an appearance between September or October on these shores. The device will allow users to access a new Sega online area where games. playing tips and other info can be accessed. as well as the rest of the Internet...
  675. .Despite a mega-bucks deal that sees the M2 technology landing in the lap of Matsushita for a cool $100 million the Q has heard first-hand that some Panasonic suits aren't too pleased with some recent revelations that lit up a recent online chat. It appears that the participants let slip that the M2 wouldn't debut until the fall of next year, while Panasonic's posi-tion has remained uncertain. The company. sources say, doesn't want to bring the machine to market prematurely and suffer the wrath of garners and competitors alike with a limited volume of softs to represent exactly what the system can do.. The Q's heard rumors that 3D0 would likely have thrown in the towel had the Matsushita helping hand not come along. The company could have consolidated and continued to function in an alternative capacity, but many close to the M2 project indicated that 3D0 was concerned about the costs to market a device that many see as superior to rival /1 megarnachines...Look for Panasonic to use its Olympic affiliations to hype the impending M2 release...
  677. ...Some stores are reporting that sales of the PlayStation are outselling the Saturn at a pace of 8 to 1, although Sega I1has gone to some lengths to point out that all new launches enjoy a lovefest...Sony plans to introduce the Sony-PlayStation 2 in 1997 and the PlayStation 3 in the next century...WarHawk for the PlayStation is a real fav of the Q. if you haven't checked out this all-out battle for control of Armageddon, yours truly suggests you don't miss out...Where can I get some of that red mercury stuff?...
  679. ...That sums it up for this installment of the 0-Mann report. Look for some insider info from the floor of the Shoshinkai Show in Japan. as well as a special report on a new system that you won't believe! Check it out next month...same Q-time. same Q-page... QUARTERMANN
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  683. EGM #79, February 1996
  685. Welcome one and all to the greatest gossip sheet in the gaming biz! The 0 is back once again with the inside dirt that only yours truly can dig up. We ve got some super rumors this month with plenty of speculation surrounding all of the major systems and new info on some of the hottest games you haven't played. Just as we go to press. the Q phoned in this hot piece of news off the rumor wire: The Ultra 64 may be delayed until August in the States. While you can't exactly say this is surprising. Nintendo did make some pretty strong statements regarding the release just a couple of months ago at Shoshinkai. The Q hears that Nintendo is rethinking its launch strategy and is considering putting the breaks on to make sure that a wide selection of softs are on store shelves when the hardware hits. Not a bad idea Nintendo. although you'll find me playing a U64 the minute it hits the street in Japan—it's too good to wait...
  686. ..While we're on the subject of the Ultra. the Q has heard that the big N' is considering a special cassette system that will incorporate a modem and Internet access. Although no specifics have been confirmed, insiders are speculating that Nintendo is close to inking a deal with the ex-SGI founder responsible for Netscape. While NOA is tight-lipped. yours truly did manage to learn from Nintendo of Japan PR that such a device is in the works with a U.S. Internet company...As far as the 64-Bitter's software is concerned. look for Killer Instinct 2 to be one of the machine's launch titles. Also, the K12 cart will come packed with the original game as well on the same 64-Meg soft GoldenEye for the U64 probably won't make it to market until late '96 Look for LucasArts to follow up its Shadows of the Empire game with another 3-D fighting game featuring Star Wars characters. A source close to the project described scenes of head-to-head battle with lightsabers, fly-ing drones and other futuristic weapons. I can't wait...Also look for Williams to support the U64 in a big way with Doom. Cruisin' USA. Ultimate MK3. Wargods and an untitled basketball game (not NBA Jam) .Time Warner Interactive will dish up Wayne Gretzky Hocket for the Ultra... Id is developing Quake for Nintendo's next-gen console, although the Q-Mann couldn't determine if Williams will market the conversion...
  688. Will there or wont there? That's the question surrounding whether or not a pack-in game will accompany the Ultra when it gets its Stateside rollout. Some insiders argue that it just won't happen if Nintendo hopes to make its announced 5250 price point. However. one piece of gossip the Q was able to dig up is that each system will include a memory card and controller ..Yours truly has once again received info from some insider sources who report that Capcom is hard at work on Street Fighter III. The Q-Mann has learned that the game is being developed on Ultra hardware and will feature textured polygon fighters from the previous games as well as new characters from other Capcom games... Look for new versions of Street Fighter to appear on the PS and Saturn later this year . Capcom is also looking at introducing Mega Man to the Sony system. although a design team has yet to be assigned to the project...
  689. In other gaming news from the frontlines. the Quartermann has learned that NEC has developed a 3-D board that will be used with Windows 95 to power up the PC's game-playing abilities. Namco and NEC are working together to bring Live Racers. Tekken 2 and Air Combat 22 to the PC, with the board expected to debut within the next couple of months...The Q has heard a rumor that Sony and EA aren't exactly happy campers right now. Seems the launch of several key EA Sports titles such as Madden and NHL Hockey '96 have met with various delays while Sony continues to reap the rewards of the superb football and hockey softs for the PlayStation. In other EA news, the company has divested itself of 3DO stock/development, while the U.S. console upstart is set to jump into the software market in a big way with the $100,000.000 cash infusion from new partner Matsushita
  691. ..Another American hardware producer that is now focusing on the softer side of the business. Atari has recently slashed its Jaguar development staff as it slashes the price of the Jag itself. With the unit now officially hitting store shelves as the low-end, next-gen machine, and Atari emphasizing PC development, the 0 has to question the future for Atari's latest con-sole.. Seems reports circulating on the Net that Sega may not support the Saturn are completely false. Sega is currently ramping up development of a load of titles, including the long-awaited debut of Sonic in all his 32-Bit glory! While some are placing their bets on the PlayStation or waiting to see if the Ultra can deliver on the promises made at Shoshinkai. Sega has quietly converted new users with some blistering softs like Virtua Fighter 2 and Sega Rally and the promise of more to come. At S399. the machine was alarmingly pricey for the mainstream, but the 0 gives the big "S" a thumbs up for its lower price and building selection of softs...
  693. That wraps it up for this installment of the Quartermann story look for more info from the inside of the gaming biz in the next issue of EGM and check out my special reports all month on the NUKE InterNETWORK on the Internet at - it's the best gaming info money can't buy... QUARTERMANN
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  697. EGM #80, March 1996
  699. ...Hey, hey, kiddies, the Q-Mann is back with the inside scoop from the deepest depths where the Q got the hottest dirt from inside and out the video game biz...With the Ultra heating up and the M2 turning heads, the Q has never been happier—and this month I have a gob of the good stuff with news on both super systems as well as behind the scenes info from Sony, Atari and more...Launching on a rather sad note, the Q hears that the founding father of all gaming, Atari Corporation, is looking to toss their losses and get out of gaming. While the company still has a stash of over $50 million in the bank, it seems that the powers that be at the big 'A' have decided to cut and run from the continued failure of their Jag. While the company does report that some third-party support will be coming for the machine through the end of this year, yours truly doesn't hear a lot of positives from the people who are supposed to be delivering all of these softs. With an estimated 50K systems 'out there,' it looks like the last days of Atari may be close at hand...
  701. ...While we're on the subject of Atari, the Q hears that the Tramiel gang are looking to launch into PC software, either directly or as a licensee. C'mon guys, there's only so far you can go with Centipede...While we're on the subject of Atari, Part II: It looks like Time Warner is dumping their Atari as well, with reports from behind the lines indicating that the coin-op Atari may fall into the hands of either Williams or possibly even Acclaim by the time you read this. Look for the TM folks to deliver up some grand home softs, however, including a simply spectacular version of Return Fire for the PlayStation (sorry, but they haven't sent a Saturn rev)...I love Killer Instinct 2...
  703. ...Well, well, well the plot thickens my Q-Friends...Seems Sony may be putting the breaks on certain titles to prepare for the impending onslaught expected from the white shirts at Nintendo when their U64 busts onto stores shelves later this year. Yours truly hears from some very good sources that Sony is looking to make a big impact with a wave of killer softs that will just happen to hit at around the same time that the Ultra is grabbing the head-lines with less than a dozen games. Can you say, "Good strategy Sony?"...Could it be? Will it happen? Another portable game machine? Insiders in the know have given the Q the good wurd that you may see such a thing from SONY of all companies! It looks like the powers behind the PlayStation are talking portable Stations by the end of the year that will play CDs and games courtesy of a flip-up screen. While the Q is salivating over such a system, I hear that the concept is partially a response to Nintendo, Matsushita and others offering up their assortment of hardware goodies (Ultra, M2, etc..) come this fall...
  705. ...Yowl The Quartermann just got off the phone with a Sony developer that is rebooting some of their original code to make room for additional 3-D modeling and rendered artwork. It appears that the powers that be at Sony want their softs to BLOW the competition out of the water...Enough with Sony, it seems the Saturn is looking to have something to say about what Sony will do in the future. Once you rip your way through all of the Sega/M2 rumors swirling around the biz, the Q managed to dig up some sparkling gems for all you Saturn fans...First of all, look for the upcoming Saturn Sonic to have more than a few surprises to complement the standard Sonic gameplay, including some of the hottest graphics ever incorporated into a video game...The Q hears that Sega is looking to offer game samples via the Internet using a special adapter for the Saturn...
  707. ...The Q peeked just a little and learned that Nintendo is hoping to sell through three million Ultras during the first year of release. Okay, actually I learned it from a press report in Japan, where the Kyodo News also revealed that Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi said that an interactive Internet terminal is being co-developed with Netscape as was reported in an earlier issue of EGM...The prices for the U/64 are becoming clearer and they look to clock in at $250 for the console, but the nasty rumor that the games will cost more than $100 (and maybe as much as $150) has started seeping into the industry again. One source reported that Killer Instinct Special might hit that high number, but the Q doesn't believe that Nintendites would try it...The new KI game, according to a rep close to the project, will have four new characters, one of which is just Eyedol. There will be a new Boss and two new background scenarios added...Paradigm has a new 3-D rendered skiing game on the computer tentatively entitled Egghead Shread...
  709. ...NOJ has released some additional specs on its new bulky disk drive for the U64. The disks can contain up to 64 MG of data, 20 MB of which can be written over by the drive. The drive will definitely attach to the underside of the Ultra and will be released first in Japan this fall...The U.S. version of the Bulky drive will likely be accompanied by a new version of Zelda...Where is Zoop? For some reason that the Q is investigating, the game is simply gone...Street Fighter 3 on M2? Could be. Capcom has announced it will be developing games for the new 64-Bit machine and SF3 is rumored to be the first...Look for Playmates to deliver up PlayStation and Saturn versions of Toshinden 2 in May. Battle Arena Toshinden Remix will hit the Saturn in 114‘ March...Lastly, look for SNK to port over their hottest titles to the PlayStation. While the Q couldn't dig up the dates, at least some will be ready by spring, including King of Fighters '95, Samurai Spirits, Zankuro Musoken and Real Bout Garo Desetsu. A PlayStation version of Baseball Stars is also rumored to be in the works...'Till next time, I remain... QUARTERMANN
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  711. EGM #81, April 1996
  713. ...Get back to where you once belonged my Quarter-Friends, the Q is back and better than before with the best gossip and insider info you'll find in any gaming mag. The Q-Mann has struck gold once again with a page full of rumors that run the gambit of the gaming biz. We'll start off with the Ultra's Nintendo 64, and hand off the ball to Sony, Sega and the rest of the market before bidding good night to a legendary name in gaming...Starting things off this issue comes the now-famous news of Nintendo's decision to not only alter the name of its next-gen super machine, but also the release date—both in the U.S. and Japan. With softs trickling into reality, this Nintendo project won't see the light of day until mid-year in the Land of the Rising Sun and fall in the States. But unknown to most, the one benefit of this delay will be a simultaneous introduction of both the N64 and the secret "bulky" drive accessory. Look for both items to be resting side-by-side, along with about a half dozen games at launch...With more and more rumors swirling around the development of the PlayStation 2, Sony has released an official statement stating that talk of such a device is pure speculation. In a prepared statement, the company outlined that "Sony isn't going to make the mistake of other console manufacturers and promise the release of a new, improved version of the PlayStation. PlayStation 2 is only a rumor and not a fact." Unfortunately, Sony forgot to rip the concept of a PlayStation sequel from its developer unveiling in England last year, where a timeline was published that showed a PS2 intro coming next year while even mentioning a PlayStation 3! With their official word, however, the shirts at Sony have apparently put development of their next super system on hold...
  715. ...While on the subject of the Station, Squaresoft has had talks with Sony about possibly doing a combo disc featuring Final Fantasy I through IV from Japan. Considering the fact that Nintendo has a stake in Square, such a move would sing high praises for the PlayStation as an all-purpose gaming machine...Look for Sega to follow-through with earlier Q-News and team up with Matsushita to co-develop and/or co-market new devices employing DVD technology. My Q sources indicate that the results of such a pairing may be a ways off, but will come...
  717. ...Here's a juicy one from the N-Files: The Q hears from several sources (and on the Internet) that completed N64 machines are now in completed packaging. While the Q was the first to call an April release into question, the fact that Nintendo has contended that such a delay was only to allow software to catch up to the console could support such a rumor. Right now, however, the Q-Mann doesn't buy it...In other related news, Nintendo has apparently signed a deal with Chinese chip manufacturer Macronix, according to The China Post newspaper. The deal means the Big N will pump $30 million into development of Macronix's 6-inch IC wafer chip, and in return will get as many memory chips as it can eat...Still no official release date for the mighty M2, but some developers are telling yours truly that the unit could face off against the N64 head to head—possibly with the same release date! Studio 3D0 is working on 10 M2 titles as you read this, including Battlesport and a sequel to Killing Time. Also look for a new M2 Mortal Kombat that could be Ultimate, or maybe something else entirely... •
  719. ...Hang on to your hats Goldstar 3D0 owners. The machine developed to define video-game standards will reportedly not be compatible with the upcoming Panasonic M2 technology upgrade. Maybe this could explain the $199 + two softs that Goldstar offered up last X-Mas and the 0 has heard only rumors of a connector that will bridge the 3DO/M2 gap...Look for 3D0 to jump on the Internet bandwagon with its own online device and gaming infrastructure...Look for Sega to debut its Saturn Web Browser at the E3 show in L.A. Sources tell the Q that it will retail for 150 bucks and come packed with mouse and all connecting devices...Hot on the heels of the successful launch of Doom for the PlayStation, GT Interactive has picked up the rights to id Software's brand-new blaster, Quake. The game has had PC owners foaming at the mouth for months with a new 3-D graphics engine that provides a more detailed and richer environment...Virtual Boy is seeing red with both Takara and Taito, two companies that were leading the VB bandwagon, announcing that they will no longer sup-port the machine. Rumors across the pond all point to the Boy's European intro being put on indefinite hold...
  721. ...Capcom did it again! The rumors about the company developing Street Fighter III were proven false when Street Fighter Alpha 2 turned up on test at local arcades. The sequel features quite an overhaul from the original SFA with new charac-ters, music, backgrounds and combos added. But the name? What's next Capcom—Super Street Fighter Alpha 2 Championship Edition?...ASCII Entertainment is working on King's Field 3 in Japan and is rumored to have plans for a U.S. introduction as King's Field 2...Look for Sonic to make an appearance in an upcoming Virtua Fighter game...Look for Acclaim and Marvel to combine forces with a new game that features XO-Man of War with Iron Man for the 32- Bitters...The Q hears that Williams is the front runner to snatch up the Atari Games coin-op division from Time Warner that has dished up the greats from the beginning of time. Acclaim and Electronic Arts are also rumored to be in the running for the arcade powerhouse...
  723. ...Lastly, Atari has ceased its long battle for market share in the video-game industry by pulling the rug out from under the Jaguar. The company has merged with JTS Corporation and taken an approximately 60 percent interest in the combined venture, but will be looking for buyers or parties interested in licensing hardware/software for the under-supported next-gen machine. Even though Atari had some great ideas and occasionally the best hardware on the market, the company suffered from a lack of diversification in a field where huge bucks are needed to compete. Although it had the rights to both the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System and 16-Bit Sega Genesis at one time or the other (only to let them slip through its corporate fingers), the company's philosophy of hard-ware over software is what ultimately ended its game...With that the Q bids the Jaguar, Panther, Lynx and a wide spectrum of computer products—as well as you—farewell. At least until next month... QUARTERMANN
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  726. EGM #83, June 1996
  728. ...Get back to where you once belonged my Quarter-Friends, the Q is back and better than before with the best gossip and insider info you'll find in any gaming mag. The Q-Mann has struck gold once again with a page full of rumors that run the gambit of the gaming biz. We'll start off with the Ultra's Nintendo 64, and hand off the ball to Sony, Sega and the rest of the market before bidding good night to a legendary name in gaming...Starting things off this issue comes the now-famous news of Nintendo's decision to not only alter the name of its next-gen super machine, but also the release date—both in the U.S. and Japan. With softs trickling into reality, this Nintendo project won't see the light of day until mid-year in the Land of the Rising Sun and fall in the States. But unknown to most, the one benefit of this delay will be a simultaneous introduction of both the N64 and the secret "bulky" drive accessory. Look for both items to be resting side-by-side, along with about a half dozen games at launch...With more and more rumors swirling around the development of the PlayStation 2, Sony has released an official statement stating that talk of such a device is pure speculation. In a prepared statement, the company outlined that "Sony isn't going to make the mistake of other console manufacturers and promise the release of a new, improved version of the PlayStation. PlayStation 2 is only a rumor and not a fact." Unfortunately, Sony forgot to rip the concept of a PlayStation sequel from its developer unveiling in England last year, where a timeline was published that showed a PS2 intro coming next year while even mentioning a PlayStation 3! With their official word, however, the shirts at Sony have apparently put development of their next super system on hold...
  730. ...While on the subject of the Station, Squaresoft has had talks with Sony about possibly doing a combo disc featuring Final Fantasy I through IV from Japan. Considering the fact that Nintendo has a stake in Square, such a move would sing high praises for the PlayStation as an all-purpose gaming machine...Look for Sega to follow-through with earlier Q-News and team up with Matsushita to co-develop and/or co-market new devices employing DVD technology. My Q sources indi-cate that the results of such a pairing may be a ways off, but will come...
  732. ...Here's a juicy one from the N-Files: The Q hears from several sources (and on the Internet) that completed N64 machines are now in completed packaging. While the Q was the first to call an April release into question, the fact that Nintendo has contended that such a delay was only to allow software to catch up to the console could support such a rumor. Right now, however, the Q-Mann doesn't buy it...In other related news, Nintendo has apparently signed a deal with Chinese chip manufacturer Macronix, according to The China Post newspaper. The deal means the Big N will pump $30 million into development of Macronix's 6-inch IC wafer chip, and in return will get as many memory chips as it can eat...Still no official release date for the mighty M2, but some developers are telling yours truly that the unit could face off against the N64 head to head—possibly with the same release date! Studio 3D0 is working on 10 M2 titles as you read this, including Battlesport and a sequel to Killing Time. Also look for a new M2 Mortal Kombat that could be Ultimate, or maybe something else entirely...
  734. ...Hang on to your hats Goldstar 3D0 owners. The machine developed to define video-game standards will reportedly not be compatible with the upcoming Panasonic M2 technology upgrade. Maybe this could explain the $199 + two softs that Goldstar offered up last X-Mas and the 0 has heard only rumors of a connector that will bridge the 3DO/M2 gap...Look for 3D0 to jump on the Internet bandwagon with its own online device and gaming infrastructure...Look for Sega to debut its Saturn Web Browser at the E3 show in L.A. Sources tell the Q that it will retail for 150 bucks and come packed with mouse and all connecting devices...Hot on the heels of the successful launch of Doom for the PlayStation, GT Interactive has picked up the rights to id Software's brand-new blaster, Quake. The game has had PC owners foaming at the mouth for months with a new 3-D graphics engine that provides a more detailed and richer environment...Virtual Boy is seeing red with both Takara and Taito, two companies that were leading the VB bandwagon, announcing that they will no longer sup-port the machine. Rumors across the pond all point to the Boy's European intro being put on indefinite hold...
  736. ...Capcom did it again! The rumors about the company developing Street Fighter III were proven false when Street Fighter Alpha 2 turned up on test at local arcades. The sequel features quite an overhaul from the original SFA with new charac-ters, music, backgrounds and combos added. But the name? What's next Capcom—Super Street Fighter Alpha 2 Championship Edition?...ASCII Entertainment is working on King's Field 3 in Japan and is rumored to have plans for a U.S. introduction as King's Field 2...Look for Sonic to make an appearance in an upcoming Virtua Fighter game...Look for Acclaim and Marvel to combine forces with a new game that features XO-Man of War with Iron Man for the 32- Bitters...The Q hears that Williams is the front runner to snatch up the Atari Games coin-op division from Time Warner that has dished up the greats from the beginning of time. Acclaim and Electronic Arts are also rumored to be in the running for the arcade powerhouse...
  738. ...Lastly, Atari has ceased its long battle for market share in the video-game industry by pulling the rug out from under the Jaguar. The company has merged with JTS Corporation and taken an approximately 60 percent interest in the combined venture, but will be looking for buyers or parties interested in licensing hardware/software for the under-supported next-gen machine. Even though Atari had some great ideas and occasionally the best hardware on the market, the company suffered from a lack of diversification in a field where huge bucks are needed to compete. Although it had the rights to both the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System and 16-Bit Sega Genesis at one time or the other (only to let them slip through its corporate fingers), the company's philosophy of hard-ware over software is what ultimately ended its game...With that the Q bids the Jaguar, Panther, Lynx and a wide spectrum of computer products—as well as you—farewell. At least until next month... QUARTERMANN
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  740. EGM #84, July 1996
  742. ...As you may have heard, the Q-Mann has a new boss named Ziff, so this edition of the Q-Report is dedicated to all the new suits in the front office. Darn fine nice suits they are too, I must say. But enough about fashion. I'm here to dish out the dirt on the gaming business and bring you up to speed on the latest softs soon to come from the big and small guns alike. Yours truly has dug up some interesting dirt in the after-math of the E3 show and has more than a few insights on what you won't hear about the show in those other mags...First off, there were two new games Sony wasn't showing at P. Word has it Sony is working to license both the comic book character Spawn and another game entitled Sorcery for the PlayStation. While the folks at Sony continue to negotiate for those platforms, the games sat in storage...Namco is working on Tekken 3, and the Q hears that this game will be hot. T3 developers are using a new high-tech hardware configuration coined System 33. According to Q-Sources, Tekken 3 will use VideoLogic's Power VR architecture because System 33 is based on the new Power VR chipset. Tekken 3 will be ready to ship sometime next spring... ...Q-Spies ran into John Tobias and Ed Boon of Mortal Kombat fame at the gala Williams party during P. The dynamic duo has done some sketches for Mortal Kombat 4, but according to the team, they are waiting for new hardware to be completed. Inside sources suggest they will be using Voodoo Graphics' new 3Dfx 3-D technology. As for, when Mortal Kornbat 4 will he ready, that's anyone's guess...except the Q-Mann's. According to those in the know, the game will be ready late next year or early in 1998...The Mann also overheard at the Williams party that programmers are busy working on Cruis'n the World, the long-awaited sequel to Cruis'n USA. The sequel will have all-new tracks, a track editor and a variety of souped-up roadsters, old-fashioned cars and F-1 racers to pick from. The game will have a multiplayer feature as well...
  744. ...BMG seems the front runner for the latest race in basketball gaming. The company is trying to sign up Michael Jordan for a basketball game currently in development. Word has it that BMG officials are very close to signing the Chicago Bulls superstar and 1996 NBA Most Valuable Player...Sony is rumored to be pulling the plug on a number of promising games including Tecmo Super Bowl Ill. Jaleco had proposed five titles, of which Sony killed three and sought major revisions on the other two: As for Vic Tokai, Sony threw the switch and scorched Vic Tokai's entire product line, according to sources deep inside Sony. While some see Sony as being too selective, others welcome their efforts to weed out a product line that could quickly overwhelm even the most die-hard gamer. What about those games that don't find their way onto the Station9 Well, you'll be able to play 32-Bit Tecmo football on the Saturn—expect others to follow suit.. ...During the P,spectacle the Q-Mann, overheard that Sony is also having some problems with Capcom. Seems the maker of Street Fighter is threatening to finish out its product line arid quit PlayStation development entirely unless they're given more latitude in the creation of a Mega Man sequel for the Sony hardware. If this rumor holds true, sources within Capcom suggest Resident Evil 2 may come out for the Saturn or the Nintendo 64...At the show, Capcom officials met with Nintendo to discuss a Mega Man game currently in the planning stages for the N64. Fans of the cartoon and the games won't have to wait too long to play a 3-D version of Mega Man; the game is scheduled to come out next Christmas...
  746. ...In other Nintendo 64 news, Rare has already started working on Donkey Kong 64, which is poised to become the next 500-pound gorilla on the new system...Big concerns at E3 revolved around the N64 software support which, beyond the first wave of dream team entries, is virtually non-existent. The Q is sure that the shirts at Nintendo have something up their sleeve, but with many company executives detailing -AI great reservations about developing for a machine that boasts a high risk factor and garnes that will clock in above 80 bucks, yours truly is a bit confused as to who exactly is going to be making all of the great Nintendo 64 games that the company is promising..Also on the N64 front: Look for the powers that be to drop the machine to the 5200 plateau. following the leads of Sony and Sega who have also cut the price of their mega machines. Nintendo is rumored to he moving in that direction, with a $250 version that includes Mario 64 as a pack-ii also a possibility...
  748. ...From behind closed doors. the Q got an inside peek at the hottest pigskin sorts planned for this fall. Madden looked promising for the PlayStation. but NFL GarneDay '97 from Sony will be the game to beat. I promised I wouldn't tell, but there wilt be a new game coming that should turn a few heads on the PlayStation with a big-name coach attached to it. That's all I cart say for now, but this game will be very cool...Now that Saga's Net Link device has seen the light of day. Sony has picked up the pace on creating an Internet interface that will allow PlayStation garners to access the World Wide Web. The problem right now is that the device can only access the Internet and does not allow for multiplayer network gaming—rumored to he a long-term goal of Sony corporate. Once that hurdle is overcome, PlayStation users will be able to surf the Internet just like their Saturn counterparts and take on challengers from around the world...
  750. ..That sums up the Q•Mann's beat at this year's E show! Look for more inside info in this issue's special £' report and take a look at the hottest games yet to come for your favorite system! Also, don't forget to check out the new-and-improved NUKE Web site With its new all-gaming format and personalized interface. you won't have to visit another Internet scribe ever again! Check it owl...Finally, the Q's Best of Show goes to the truly remarkable Super Mario 64 (looking at castles from underwater was amazing). Me hest sequel goes to the clever Mortal Kernhat Trilogy (little new here, but what a package!), the most overlooked hit was Perfect Weapon from upstart ASG (picture MK fights against multiple adversaries, an expansive adventure and multiple camera angles following the action) and honorable mentions ) go to Sony and Serja titles Crash Bandicoot and Nights respectively! Good job from all involved and another great gaming experience see everyone at Atlanta for next year's show and be back again next month with more of the insider info only the Q-Mann can deliver... QUARTERMANN
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