honey research log 001

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  1. (9:02:25 PM) Dexanote: Tomas arrives at Research and acquires a sample of the glowy honey from the workers there. He steps into a side lab, pulling on a pair of gloves, hairnet, goggles and mouth-mask.
  2. (9:03:08 PM) Scantron: The honey glows and wiggles just a little.
  3. (9:04:09 PM) Dexanote: He sets up his space, a number of chemistry tools before him. Setting a notebook off to one side of the table, he scrawls a note on the honey's behaviour and scoops a small sample onto a microscope slide, setting it on the apparatus.
  4. (9:04:57 PM) Scantron: The honey on the slide continues to glow, but there doesn't seem to be enough of it to wiggle significantly.
  5. (9:05:40 PM) Dexanote: He turns on a research terminal to his side, moving to the local data files on mundane honey, and its chemical properties. He goes back to the microscope, magnifying down to x0000 magnification and bringing it to focus.
  6. (9:05:53 PM) Dexanote: 6df+8 Perception for Microscope.
  7. (9:05:53 PM) Glacon: Dexanote: Perception for Microscope.: 7 (6df+8=0, -, +, 0, 0, -)
  8. (9:06:02 PM) Dexanote: Maneuver for my next Science roll.
  9. (9:08:48 PM) Scantron: The maneuver is granted: Tomas has a good view of the stuff on the slide. It seems to have the same color and glowiness as under no magnification, but small dots can be seen now. Roll science.
  10. (9:10:20 PM) Dexanote: 6df+10 tagging Science Maneuver: Tomas glances back to the research terminal, writing a note in his notebook, before focusing down again at the dots, increasing magnification a bit and maneuvering the knobs.
  11. (9:10:20 PM) Glacon: Dexanote: tagging Science Maneuver: Tomas glances back to the research terminal, writing a note in his notebook, before focusing down again at the dots, increasing magnification a bit and maneuvering the knobs.: 6 (6df+10=-, -, +, -, -, -)
  12. (9:10:49 PM) Scantron: Looks like pollen, Tomas. Can't tell what kind it is, though.
  13. (9:12:38 PM) Dexanote: He leans back, thinking. Hm...
  14. (9:15:50 PM) Dexanote: Turning back to the research terminal, he searches for ways to extract pollen from honey. A few minutes later, he stands from his stool and goes to a hueg supply closet, taking a very small phial of clear liquid from an obscure shelf. standing back at his research station, he maneuvers a larger sample of the honey into a test tube, to separate the larger suspended particulates from the...
  15. (9:15:51 PM) Dexanote: ...liquid sugar.
  16. (9:15:55 PM) Dexanote: 6df+6 Science!
  17. (9:15:55 PM) Glacon: Dexanote: Science!: 4 (6df+6=0, -, 0, -, -, +)
  18. (9:16:15 PM) Dexanote: HOLD on
  19. (9:17:35 PM) Dexanote: okay, yeah, flavour that however you'd like. I assume a 4 is a fail.
  20. (9:18:25 PM) Scantron: Yeah. Tomas applies too much of the liquid, and the sample is ruined.
  21. (9:23:08 PM) BiggerJ [] entered the room.
  22. (9:24:32 PM) Dexanote: He tosses the sample, test tube and all, down an incinerator shaft, and pours a second one. This time, it's in a stand, to stay steady.
  23. (9:24:53 PM) Dexanote: He pours a second phial of fluid, letting it sit this time.
  24. (9:24:56 PM) Dexanote: 6df+6
  25. (9:24:56 PM) Glacon: Dexanote: 6 (6df+6=-, +, 0, +, -, 0)
  26. (9:25:50 PM) Scantron: Success! A thin film of what is presumably pollen rests on top, while the diluted honey fills the rest of the tube.
  27. (9:26:36 PM) Dexanote: He carefully steps back, setting up a new slide for the microscope. Okay, now we're getting somewhere.
  28. (9:27:17 PM) Dexanote: 6df+8 Perception Maneuver, as he sets up the new slide, moving a very small sample of the pollen onto it with a prescision pipette.
  29. (9:27:18 PM) Glacon: Dexanote: Perception Maneuver, as he sets up the new slide, moving a very small sample of the pollen onto it with a prescision pipette.: 10 (6df+8=-, +, 0, +, 0, +)
  30. (9:27:44 PM) Scantron: The slide is successfully prepared.
  31. (9:28:02 PM) Dexanote: 6df+10 Science Eyes.
  32. (9:28:02 PM) Glacon: Dexanote: Science Eyes.: 8 (6df+10=0, 0, -, -, +, -)
  33. (9:30:42 PM) Scantron: Tomas gets a better look at the pollen. Because I really have no idea how much you can learn from looking at pollen, let's just say that it looks like normal earth pollen.
  34. (9:31:33 PM) Scantron: Scratch that.
  35. (9:31:46 PM) Dexanote: He steps back, writing some note- his pencil breaks, so he can't write!
  36. (9:31:46 PM) Scantron: They're oblong.
  37. (9:35:04 PM) Scantron: And, uh, purple.
  38. (9:35:49 PM) Dexanote: He writes, thinking. Would the pollen cause the nausea, or is it the honey... Probably the pollen, but he needs to extract the toxin. He looks around for a chemical analysis machine, assuming FR's version of the Foundation has those.
  39. (9:36:07 PM) Scantron: Of course they do! Hooray!
  40. (9:38:06 PM) Dexanote: DO we have Scene Aspects in this game?
  41. (9:38:19 PM) Scantron: I haven't heard of them, so probably not.
  42. (9:39:36 PM) ToxEffect3 is now known as Tox
  43. (9:41:21 PM) Dexanote: He pipettes the last of the extracted pollen into a fresh test tube, slotting it into the whirring wizard box. I'm not sure how to RP further, so I'll toss out one last Science roll.
  44. (9:41:26 PM) Dexanote: 6df+6
  45. (9:41:26 PM) Glacon: Dexanote: 7 (6df+6=+, +, -, 0, -, +)
  46. (9:45:18 PM) Scantron: Tomas performs the wizardry correctly and gets one of those cool material readouts like on CSI. Aside from what one would normally expect to find in pollen, Tomas finds that several other organic chemicals are present. Roll science to know what they do~
  47. (9:47:02 PM) Dexanote: 6df+6 SCIENCE
  48. (9:47:03 PM) Glacon: Dexanote: SCIENCE: 7 (6df+6=+, +, 0, 0, 0, -)
  49. (9:52:22 PM) Scantron: Seems like they're water-soluble and able to diffuse into the skin in minute quantities, which isn't normal. They should also be capable of rapidly diffusing through the blood vessels and membranes. Roll medical to get an idea of what they'd do inside the body.
  50. (9:54:22 PM) Dexanote: "Hrm..." he thinks. He... might need test subjects for this.
  51. (9:54:32 PM) Dexanote: 6df+5 Medical.
  52. (9:54:33 PM) Glacon: Dexanote: Medical.: 3 (6df+5=+, -, -, 0, -, 0)
  53. (9:54:36 PM) Scantron: Not a damn clue.
  54. (9:54:37 PM) Dexanote: definitely.
  55. (9:59:10 PM) Dexanote: He sets the instruments and readouts down, going to the research terminal. He sends an e-Mail to the head researcher on duty...
  56. (10:01:04 PM) Dexanote: "I am requesting several test subjects for my research on a substance acquired from the Pool that apparently causes severe nausea when ingested. It might have possible medical or field applications. Tomas Hane, Level 2 "
  57. (10:01:26 PM) Scantron: There is no immediate response.
  58. (10:03:19 PM) Dexanote: Nope. He compiles his notes, sealing a tube of the pollen in a sample case under his name in the store-room, cleaning up his station and incinerating the waste. He's done for now.
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