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  1. -   King of the Hill: Guilds fight for control over three locations for GP. Once all three territories have been taken, a fourth region is unlocked and can be claimed for bonus GP. The amount of bonus GP is dependant on how many areas the team has seized; for example, if a team has claimed two territories the bonus will be double what it normally is; triple for three territories and so on. This multiplier only applies if the team maintains control over these areas, meaning that guilds must leave some of their teammates stationed in a territory for the bonus to apply. They can choose to leave more than one person in an area for a stronger chance of gaining a smaller bonus, or risk posting fewer teammates in more than one area for a greater reward. The fourth area only opens up once all four areas have been claimed and it is up to the guild to keep each other posted on which territories have been taken, but they will be notified by a game master when the bonus area opens up.
  2. -   ??? : Guild A is chosen to fortify themselves within a castle or something and defend one of their teammates, who is marked for death. It is their job to protect the VIP’s identity and make sure that they aren’t killed by the opposing Guild. The other Guilds attack the fortress one at a time, using their wits to find out who the VIP is and kill them within the time limit.
  3. -   ???: A member of Guild A is chosen by dice, then wounded by one of the staff. The severity of their wound is decided by dice roll as well. From there, Guild A must transport their wounded comrade to the next dice while enduring attacks from opposing guilds. The dices represent “safe zones” where Guild A is free to purchase medical equipment with GP (if they choose to) without fear of being attacked. When the guild is ready to move on, they roll the dice again for a random occurrence that can benefit or hinder their progress such as free bandages or their teammate’s wound becoming infected. Guild A is awarded GP for making it to each checkpoint and the opposing guilds earn GP by stopping them. The enemy guilds are rotated each time Guild A makes it to a dice so that everyone has a turn. There could also be a bigger version of this game where more than one guild race to deliver their comrade to the goal whilst under attack.  
  4. -   Ring-out: Two guilds pick two or three members who are placed in the middle of an arena. There are three sections to the arena (the players start in the centremost one) and the objective is to knock opponents as far back as possible within the time limit, with GP awarded for each time the opposition moves back a zone. Bonus GP is earned for knocking an opponent out of the arena entirely, which will put them out of the game.
  5. -   Wipe out: Guild A is tasked with eradicating another guild, which is chosen at random. They can do this by finding and raiding their HQ or somehow sabotaging them during a game.
  6. -   Duel: Reel e-z. A member from Guild A and Guild B fight each other to earn GP. Challenges for a duel can be issued by a guild at any time and they can stake GP to be won at the end of the match. For additional GP, guilds can choose the arena and send backup for their teammate, among other benefits. The battle can take place in an arena or another type of field which might give the combatants an edge in battle. Teammates who are not fighting can still participate by providing radio support and spending GP on bonuses.
  7. -   BOMB DISPOSAL: Guild A and Guild B compete to disarm a bomb within a time limit.
  8. -   HOSTAGE SITUATION: Guild A and Guild B go through a simulated terrorist scenario where they must launch a raid against NPCs or each other, secure some hostages and escort them to the goal. They can choose to go all-out offensive or use more stealthy tactics to take down the opposition.
  9. -   Dreamscape Survival: Some NPCs enter a guild member’s mind to wreak havoc on their subconscious and broadcast it live, taking advantage of their deepest fears and insecurities. The only goal here is to survive until time runs out. I think this would inspire some creative settings and character development, as well as testing the person’s ability to rp.
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