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  1. I’m what you’d call an average guy; just an everyday citizen living in a cheap apartment in what could possibly be called a bad neighborhood. Well, that isn’t fair—Station Square isn’t bad, it’s just unlucky and boring.
  3. The only time we ever get something exciting going on is when we’re on the brink of death and destruction, only to be treated to watching Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends save all our pathetic asses for the sixth time in a month. Afterwards, everyone cheers for Sonic, he dashes off to who-knows-where, and life goes back to normal.
  5. I’ve made a bad habit of watching the friendly animals when they’re out and about; their antics are amusing to start with, and seeing them together is just plain fun. Cream the Rabbit is one in particular that I’ve kept an eye on.
  7. Beyond a small nod and smile while in the ice cream shop, I haven’t had much interaction with Cream. She’s very cute, but her innocence is a bit much for me. Part of me wonders if that’s all just a ruse and that deep down she’s actually a naughty thing who could really take you ‘round the world for just a night. It’s a nice idea, right?
  9. Well, no, it isn’t, but I like it so whatever.
  11. For some reason, something in me decided that I would go get some ice cream this afternoon. Something in me decided I’d get chocolate today.
  13. That something in me decided I’d speak to Cream.
  15. When I entered the shop, I quickly scanned to see any signs of the bunny. I didn’t get any results. Although my soft serve was good, it was kind of disappointing that I missed Cream’s daily visit in here. I headed for the door, just placing my hand on the handle when I heard that voice:
  17. “One vanilla cone, please!”
  19. I turned, seeing the long-eared bunny girl standing at the counter, licking away at the swirled vanilla treat. A smile of pure joy crossed her lips as she headed for the door, giving me a friendly wave.
  21. Come on, you’re watching her leave. Say something, idiot. She’s getting away.
  23. “Hey there, Cream.” There we go.
  25. Cream paused, turning around to look at me.
  27. “Hi there.” Cream said, continuing to lap away at her dessert. “How are you?”
  29. “I’m good. I see you in here a lot, but I’ve never even said hi to you. Sorry ‘bout that.” I smiled. Cream smiled in return, shaking her head.
  31. “I always love making new friends, so I’m glad you spoke up today!” she said happily. “I’m gonna go take a walk around the city, but you can come with me if you want!”
  33. “Sure, that’d be great.” I replied. “Let’s go, then.” Cream nodded, heading outside. I followed, the two of us pausing at the crosswalk. Out of nowhere, I felt something grab my hand. I looked down, surprised at what I found—Cream was holding my hand.
  35. Isn’t she the wrong age for this?
  37. “It’s always better to be safe than sorry.” Cream said, noticing my confusion. “You don’t mind, do you?”
  39. “N-No, not at all.” I replied. I was more surprised that it took her a whopping 3 minutes to trust me enough for contact. The two of us walked hand-in-hand across the street, with Cream releasing her grip when we reached the sidewalk. “Where did you want to walk to?” I asked, licking my ice cream to prevent too much melting.
  41. “Well, usually mama and I walk to the bookstore, but we can’t go in there with messy food.” Cream said. “Wanna go to Twinkle Park?”
  43. Twinkle Park at this time of day? Eh, why not. It just so happens to be one of their “free admission days” anyway, so this is perfect.
  45. “Okay, let’s go. It’ll be more fun than walking around out here in the hot sun anyway.” I said. With that, Cream ran for the elevator, me walking at a quick pace behind her. She was cute when she was all excited and happy like this.
  47. I wasn’t sure how they did it, but as soon as we entered the park, the summer afternoon turned into a beautiful star-lit night. I figure it’s some kind of dome ceiling or something. Cream once again took my hand as we walked down the entrance staircase, making a path down the walkway.
  49. “So, you hang out with Sonic and your friends a lot, huh? That must be pretty fun.” I said, hoping to spark conversation.
  51. “Oh, it’s tons of fun.” Cream replied. “I love being able to help Mr. Sonic with things.” It was kind of adorable how she still referred to him as “Mr. Sonic” after knowing him all these years.
  53. “I bet you do a great job of it, too. I know that you and your Chao are always there to lend a hand.”
  55. “Yeah, Cheese is always good to have around. He’s at the vet today for a check up.” Cream said. I didn’t know the vet here knew how to work on Chao. Huh.
  57. I watched as Cream started to finish her ice cream; instead of licking at the sides, she took the entire amount into her mouth, swirling her tongue all around it. Her gloved hand gripped the cone, and I could’ve sworn that I saw that hand move up and down on it just a bit. Cream pulled the treat away from her mouth, smiling at me as a bit of the white sweet ran down her face.
  59. Don’t get a boner, me. Please don’t get a boner.
  61. Did Cream just wink at me?
  63. “Are you okay? Your face has a silly look on it.” Cream giggled. “Come on, let’s keep going.” I kicked myself mentally; God knows what expression I had.
  65. “S-Sure.” I said, following her. Still walking behind her, I took this chance to give her a full look: her puffy little tail and dress-clad bottom seemed to sway as we walked, which she must be aware she’s doing, and I noticed that the final licks of her ice cream seemed to be just as seductive as before. I’m looking too deep into this, right?
  67. We headed into the house of mirrors, laughing at ourselves as our body shapes changed with every step. I kept my mouth shut when one of the tall pieces of glass gave Cream quite the large bust, but all she did was giggle and say that she “looked so silly.”
  69. Exiting the room brought us into yet another, only this one was very different; it was completely deserted and empty, without a single mirror. It was just the two of us, and considering the park was next to deserted, it would be that way for quite a while.
  71. “Cream, maybe we should—”
  73. “So, have I been sexy today?”
  75. I paused at her question.
  77. “… What?” I asked, dumbfounded.
  79. “You heard me. Have I been acting sexy enough? I thought finishing my ice cream that way did something to you.” Cream continued, speaking as if this was completely acceptable. “It made something happen to your pants, right?”
  81. “I … I mean, you … it … um …” I froze; what do I say here? “Yes Cream, I have a throbbing hard-on”? Yeah, I could hear her telling her mother about that. “I don’t know what you mean, Cream.” I finally spoke. Cream simply giggled.
  83. “Okay then, I’ll look for myself.” Cream said, walking towards me and falling to her knees. I gulped, watching her glove hands grab at my jeans, unfastening them and yanking them down to let my throbbing hard erection spring out. “I was right!” Cream said happily, grabbing it. The smooth cloth of her hand instantly made me throb. Her hand started pumping on my length, her speed that of someone who had plenty of experience.
  85. “Oh y-yeah, that’s good…” I moaned, leaning against a wall. Cream smiled up at me, speeding up her movements.
  87. “After watching mama and the nice men she brings home all this time, I think I’m pretty good at this!” Cream said. “I can even do better things, too. Mama’s such a good teacher, and she doesn’t even know it!” Cream didn’t let me respond, taking my erection into her mouth and slowly bobbing her head back and forth.
  89. “Oh fuck!” I moaned, clutching the soft silk covering the wall behind me. Cream’s head bobbed with intense, yet enjoyable speed. She looked up at me with a wink, soon closing her eyes as she focused on sucking my cock as fast as she could. “Cream, you’re fucking incredible…” I spoke softly, watching her.
  91. “I’d like it on my face, please.” Cream said when she pulled away, grabbing my length once more and furiously pumping her hand. “Please, all over my face. I want that warm feeling.”
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