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List of PH Representatives who slashed CHR budget

Kaos_Mandate Sep 13th, 2017 (edited) 4,065 Never
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  1. List of Representatives who view human lives as less than 20 USD.
  3. This list is not final. We've been receiving messages questioning the finality of this list.
  4. No, it is not final. Once the "Unidentified" counter reaches zero (0), and  
  5. once the "Listed" counter reaches 119 plus the number of identified
  6. "Abstainers," only then may we deem the list as "FINAL."
  8. IF, AND ONLY IF, we receive no new updates (nothing past Update 18) for a whole week (Deadline: 23-Sep-2017),
  9. we can deem this list of representatives as FINAL. If none of the listed representatives provide an explanation
  10. or an answer, they will all be deemed guilty of slapping our faces with a shit-stained chair at Mach 4.
  11. Well, let's be real, how and why would you not give an answer for A WHOLE WEEK?
  15. Got amendments? Email us at kaosmandate@gmail.com
  17. CONTEXT:
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  45. /************************************************/
  47. Some people don't seem to appreciate our effort to find out the truth.
  48. At least, some people DO appreciate, though, and this keeps us going.
  49. Be glad that we made an initiative, unlike some who choose to sit and
  50. cry without resisting or taking action. No matter how small, we are
  51. making an effort.
  53. The slashing of the budget from the original 678 million Pesos is a slap
  54. to the face of every Filipino person; in and out of the country. Including
  55. the misinformed.
  56. It happened. It became a FACT that will forever tarnish our history.
  58. We are not being "defeatists."
  59. We are reacting properly to an insult against all of humanity.
  60. It's like saying, "The deaths of 30 to 50 million people back in
  61. World War II were trivial matters."
  63. It's like saying, "The Rape of Nanking was a trivial event in history."
  64. Again, BULLSHIT.
  65. Oh? We're using war crimes? Fine. Let's use local. Let's use the Marcos Regime.
  66. It's like saying, "The Mendiola Massacre was a trivial matter."
  67. It's like saying, "The approximate amount of 34,000 tortured was a trivial matter."
  68. It's like saying, "The approximate amount of 3,240 killed, mutilated, and murdered
  69. innocents was a trivial matter."
  70. It's like saying, "I punch you, in the face, but let's forget about it."
  72. We hope that none of you either suffer from the backlash or give people
  73. reasons for treason. We hope there never comes a time when somebody actually
  74. "does it." We leave this to your wild imagination.
  76. If you're not up for total chaos, we suggest interrogating your local
  77. representatives to get an answer. How you do it will be up to you.
  78. Use your imagination, be smart about it.
  80. They say that neutrality helps the oppressors;
  81. They haven't met chaotic neutrals, then.
  82. Peace breeds stagnation.
  83. Stagnation breeds corruption.
  84. Corruption breeds conflict.
  86. -Kaos_Mandate
  88. P.S.
  90. Though we have the word "Kaos" or "Chaos," considering the situation
  91. of the country, we would be deemed as chaotic persons.
  93. But, hey, at least we're doing it for the people.
  96. /************************************************/
  98. UPDATE 18 (9/18/2017 9:42 AM)
  100. Representatives in this list: 250
  101. Representatives voted FOR: 119
  102. Identified voted FOR: 33
  103. Identified Anti-CHR (May include non-voters): 39
  104. Representatives who abstained: 141
  105. Identified abstentions: 1
  106. Unidentified Representatives: 130
  107. Not included in the list are the 32 who voted AGAINST, and identified absentees.
  109. Those who abstained are still liable for their foolishness.
  110. Absentees are a gray area, and cannot be fully Identified--unless we've
  111. got a psychic to pry the secrets of their brains out.
  113.  Abaya, Francis Gerald A. (No response to us)
  114.  Abayon, Harlin Neil III J. (No response. No FB Page updates)
  115.  Abellanosa, Rodrigo A. (No response)
  116.  Abu, Raneo E. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  117.  Abueg, Frederick "Erick" F. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  118.  Acharon, Pedro Jr. B. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  119.  Acop, Romeo M. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  120.  Acosta, Gil "Kabarangay" P. (No response)
  121.  Acosta-Alba, Ma. Lourdes (No response. No FB Page updates)
  122.  Adiong, Ansaruddin A.M. A. (No response)
  123.  Advincula, Alex (No response. No response to comments on FB Page)
  124.  Agarao, Benjamin Jr. C. (No response)
  125.  Aggabao, Ma. Lourdes R. (No response)
  126.  Albano, Rodolfo III T. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  127.  Alcala, Vicente "Kulit" J. (No response)
  128.  Almario, Joel Mayo Z. (No response)
  129.  Almonte, Jorge T. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  130.  Alonte, Marlyn B. (No response. Not in du30 fist photo)
  131.  Alvarez, Franz (No response)
  132.  Alvarez, Mercedes K. (No response)
  133.  Alvarez, Pantaleon D. (Identified, like, duh)
  134.  Amante, Erlpe John "Ping" M. (No response. No FB Page updates)
  135.  Amatong, Isagani S. (No response)
  136.  Andaya, Rolando Jr. G. (No response)
  137.  Antonino, Magnolia C. (No response. No FB Page updates. This is "Megan")
  138.  Antonio, Michelle M. (No response)
  139.  Aragones, Sol (No response. Not Identified)
  140.  Arbison, Munir M. (No response)
  141.  Arcillas, Arlene B. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  142.  Arenas, Rose Marie "Baby" J. (No response)
  143.  Aumentado, Erico Aristotle C. (No response. No FB Profile updates)
  144.  Austria Barzaga, Jennifer (No response)
  145.  Bagatsing, Cristal L. (No response)
  146.  Barbers, Robert Ace S. (No response)
  147.  Bataoil, Leopoldo N. (No response)
  148.  Batocabe, Rodel M. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  149.  Bautista-Bandigan, Lorna P. (No response)
  150.  Belaro, Salvador Jr. B. (No response)
  151.  Belmonte, Ricardo "RJ" T. (No response)
  152.  Bernos, Joseph Sto. Niño B. (No response)
  153.  Bertiz, Aniceto "John" III D. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  154.  Bolilia, Lianda B. (No response)
  155.  Bondoc, Juan Pablo (Identified Anti-CHR)
  156.  Bravo, Anthony M., Ph.D. (Identified Anti-CHR. Tang ina, Ph.D pa naman)
  157.  Bravo, Maria Vida Espinosa (No response)
  158.  Bulut-Begtang, Eleanor C. (No response)
  159.  Cagas, Mercedes "Didi" C.
  160.  Calderon, Peter John D.
  161.  Calixto-Rubiano, Emi G. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  162.  Campos, Luis Jose Angel Jr. N.
  163.  Canama, Sabiniano S.
  164.  Cari, Jose Carlos L.
  165.  Castelo, Winston (Identified Anti-CHR)
  166.  Castro, Fredenil "Fred" H.
  167.  Catamco, Nancy A.
  168.  Cayetano, Pia S.
  169.  Celeste, Jesus
  170.  Cerafica, Arnel M. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  171.  Cerilles, Aurora Enerio
  172.  Chavez, Cecilia Leonila V. (No response. No FB Page updates or clarifications)
  173.  Chipeco, Joaquin Jr. M. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  174.  Cojuangco, Carlos O. (No response)
  175.  Collantes, Ma. Theresa V. (No response)
  176.  Cortes, Jonas C. (No response)
  177.  Cortuna, Julieta R. (No response)
  178.  Cosalan, Ronald M.
  179.  Crisologo, Vincent "Bingbong" P. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  180.  Cua, Dakila Carlo E. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  181.  Cuaresma, Luisa Lloren
  182.  Cueva, Leo Rafael M.
  183.  Dalipe, Manuel Jose "Mannix" M. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  184.  Dalog, Maximo B.
  185.  Datol, Francisco Jr. G.
  186.  De Venecia, Christopher V.P. (No response)
  187.  De Vera, Eugene Michael B. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  188.  Defensor, Arthur Jr. R. (No response)
  189.  Del Rosario, Manuel Monsour III T. (No response)
  190.  Deloso-Montalla, Cheryl P. (No response)
  191.  Dimaporo, Abdullah D. (No response)
  192.  Dimaporo, Mohamad Khalid Q. (No response)
  193.  Duavit, Michael John R.
  194.  Durano, Ramon "Red" VI H.
  195.  Dy, Napoleon S.
  196.  Enverga, Anna Katrina "Trina" M.
  197.  Eriguel, Sandra Y., M.D.
  198.  Ermita-Buhain, Elenita Milagros
  199.  Escudero, Evelina G.
  200.  Espina, Rogelio J.,M.D.
  201.  Espino, Amado Jr. T.
  202.  Estrella, Conrado III M.
  203.  Eusebio, Richard C.
  204.  Fariñas, Rodolfo C. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  205.  Ferrer, Juliet Marie D.
  206.  Ferrer, Luis "Jon-Jon" IV A.
  207.  Ferriol-Pascual, Abigail Faye C. (No response)
  208.  Floirendo, Antonio Jr. R. (No response)
  209.  Flores, Florencio Jr. T., M.D. (No response)
  210.  Fortuno, Salvio B. (No response)
  211.  Fuentebella, Arnulfo P. (No response)
  212.  Garbin, Alfredo Jr. A. (abstain)
  213.  Garcia, Gwendolyn F.
  214.  Garcia, Jose Enrique III "Joet" S.
  215.  Garcia-Albano, Mylene J.
  216.  Garin, Oscar "Richard" Jr. S. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  217.  Garin, Sharon S.
  218.  Gasataya, Greg G.
  219.  Gatchalian, Wes (Identified Anti-CHR)
  220.  Geron, Rico B.
  221.  Go, Ana Cristina Siquian
  222.  Gomez, Lucy T. (No response)
  223.  Gonzaga, Ruwel Peter S.
  224.  Gonzales, Alexandria P. (No response)
  225.  Gonzales, Aurelio Jr. "Dong" D. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  226.  Gonzalez, Fernando V. (No response)
  227.  Gorriceta, Arcadio H. (No response)
  228.  Gullas, Gerald Anthony Jr. "Samsam" V.
  229.  Hernandez, Ferdinand L. (No response)
  230.  Herrera-Dy, Bernadette "BH" (Identified Anti-CHR)
  231.  Hofer, Ann K.
  232.  Jalosjos, Seth Frederick P.
  233.  Javier, Paolo Everardo S.
  234.  Kho, Elisa
  235.  Khonghun, Jeffrey D.
  236.  Labadlabad, Glona G.
  237.  Lacson, Virgilio S.
  238.  Lanete, Scott Davies S., M.D.
  239.  Laogan, Dennis C.
  240.  Lazatin, Carmelo II "Jon" B.
  241.  Leachon, Doy C.
  242.  Lee, Delphine Gan
  243.  Lobregat, Celso L. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  244.  Lopez, Benhur Jr. B.
  245.  Lopez, Carlo V.
  246.  Lopez, Manuel Luis T.
  247.  Loyola, Roy M.
  248.  Macapagal-Arroyo, Gloria (No response)
  249.  Maceda, Edward Vera Perez (Identified Anti-CHR)
  250.  Madrona, Emmanuel F. (No response)
  251.  Malapitan, Dale "Along" R. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  252.  Manalo, Jesulito "Jess" A.
  253.  Mangaoang, Allen Jesse C.
  254.  Mangudadatu, Suharto T.
  255.  Mangudadatu, Zajid G.
  256.  Marcoleta, Rodante D. (Identified, like, duh?)
  257.  Marcos, Imelda R. (No response... tempted bias)
  258.  Mariño, Mario Vittorio "Marvey" A.
  259.  Marquez, Carlito S.
  260.  Martinez, Eric M.
  261.  Matugas, Francisco Jose II F.
  262.  Mending, Makmod Jr. D.
  263.  Mendoza, Raymond Democrito C.
  264.  Mercado, Roger G. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  265.  Mirasol, Alejandro Y.
  266.  Montoro, Teodoro "Ted" G.
  267.  Nava, Ma. Lucille L., M.D.
  268.  Nieto, John Marvin "Yul Servo" C.
  269.  Noel, Victoria Isabel G.
  270.  Nograles, Jericho Jonas B.
  271.  Nograles, Karlo Alexei B.
  272.  Nolasco, Ramon C.
  273.  Nuñez-Malanyaon, Corazon N.
  274.  Oaminal, Henry S.
  275.  Olivarez, Eric L.
  276.  Ong, Edwin C.
  277.  Ong, Henry C.
  278.  Ortega, Pablo C.
  279.  Ortega, Vini Nola A.
  280.  Pacquiao, Rogelio "Ruel" D.
  281.  Paduano, Joseph Stephen S.
  282.  Palma, Wilter "Sharky" II Wee
  283.  Pancho, Gavini "Apol" C.
  284.  Panganiban, Jose Jr. T. CPA,LLB
  285.  Panotes, Marisol C.
  286.  Papandayan, Mauyag Jr. "Jun" B.
  287.  Pichay, Prospero Jr. A.
  288.  Pimentel, Johnny Ty (Identified Anti-CHR)
  289.  Pineda, Enrico A.
  290.  Plaza, Maria Valentina G.
  291.  Primicias-Agabas, Marlyn L.
  292.  Ramirez-Sato, Josephine
  293.  Ramos, Deogracias Jr. B.
  294.  Relampagos, Rene L.
  295.  Revilla, Strike B.
  296.  Roa-Puno, Cristina "Chiqui"
  297.  Robes, Florida "Rida" P. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  298.  Rodriguez, Isidro Jr. S.
  299.  Rodriguez, Maximo Jr. B.
  300.  Romero, Michael L., PhD. (No response. No FB Page updates)
  301.  Romualdez, Yedda Marie K. (No response)
  302.  Romualdo, Xavier Jesus D. (No response. UnIdentified absentee)
  303.  Roque, Harry Jr. L. (No response.) [but there is a photo of him and Mocha]
  304.  Roque, Rogelio Neil P.
  305.  Sagarbarria, Manuel T.
  306.  Sahali, Ruby M.
  307.  Salimbangon, Benhur L.
  308.  Salo, Ron P.
  309.  Salon, Orestes T.
  310.  Sambar, Mark Aeron H.
  311.  Sandoval, Federico II "Ricky" S.
  312.  Sarmiento, Cesar V.
  313.  Sarmiento, Edgar Mary S.
  314.  Savellano, Deogracias Victor "DV" B.
  315.  Siao, Frederick W.
  316.  Silverio, Lorna C.
  317.  Singson, Eric D.
  318.  Suansing, Estrellita B.
  319.  Suansing, Horacio Jr. P.
  320.  Suarez, Danilo E. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  321.  Sy-Alvarado, "Kuya" Jose Antonio R. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  322.  Tambunting, Gus S.
  323.  Tan, Angelina
  324.  Tan, Milagrosa "Mila" T.
  325.  Tan, Shernee Abubakar
  326.  Tejada, Jose "PingPing" I.
  327.  Teves, Arnolfo Jr. "Arnie" A.
  328.  Tiangco, Tobias "Toby" M.
  329.  Ting, Randolph S.
  330.  Tolentino, Abraham
  331.  Treñas, Jerry P.
  332.  Tupas, Raul "Boboy" C.
  333.  Turabin-Hataman, Sitti Djalia A.
  334.  Ty, Arnel U.
  335.  Umali, Reynaldo V. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  336.  Unabia, Peter
  337.  Ungab, Alberto T.
  338.  Unico, Renato Jr. J.
  339.  Uy, Juliette T.
  340.  Uy, Rolando
  341.  Uybarreta, Carlos Roman
  342.  Vargas, Alfred D.
  343.  Vargas-Alfonso, Baby Aline
  344.  Velarde, Mariano Michael Jr. M.
  345.  Velasco, Lord Allan Jay Q.
  346.  Velasco-Catera, Tricia Nicole Q.
  347.  Veloso, Vicente "Ching" S.E.
  348.  Villafuerte, Luis Raymund Jr. F.
  349.  Villanueva, Noel L.
  350.  Villar, Mark A. (Appointed DPWH Secretary) (Identified Anti-CHR)
  351.  Villaraza-Suarez, Anna Marie
  352.  Villarica, Linabelle Ruth R. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  353.  Violago, Micaela S. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  354.  Yap, Arthur C.
  355.  Yap, Melecio Jr. J.
  356.  Yap, Victor A.
  357.  Yu, Divina Grace C. (Identified Anti-CHR)
  358.  Zamora, Maria Carmen S.
  359.  Zamora, Ronaldo B.
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