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Sep 18th, 2015
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  3. - BELI MANASTIR - worst situation is in town in north-east Croatia, thousands refugees being transported here, spend night here and it seems they are about to be put in old barracks. 5-8 thousands estimated in the town.
  4. Local Red cross asks for help - volunteers, water, food, hygienic means. Local red cross number: 00 385 31 703 422
  6. - TOVARNIK - hundreds of people spent night here, some were taken further. Volunteers already set up some facilities (storage and sleeping place for volunteers, both in private house so limited), but water, food and your help is still needed. One train just left, but large numbers of refugees still waiting there.
  8. - BATINA/BEZDAN - many refugees spent night on the bridge over Danube. Current situation cant be confirmed as area is closed for volunteers from both sides and our people was not able to confirm if crossing is open for refugees or not or if any help is needed.
  10. - Almost all border crossings between Serbia and Croatia are closed for traffic: Tovarnik, Ilok, Ilok2, Principovac, Principovac2, Batina and Erdut. When travelling to Croatia from Serbia, use Backi Brag to Hungary and then Udvar to Croatia, despite it may have delays at Udvar crossing and may be closed by Hungary anytime, as this is close to Beli Manastir.
  12. - 13 300 refugees entered Croatia so far. Official border crossing are trying to slow the influx, but refugees use fields and other places. Not sure if refugees are being accepted via closed border crossings.
  14. - Refugees in Croatia are being moved to reception centers, but their capacity will not be sufficient. Slovenia accepted one train of regufees and moved them to reception center in Postojna, but won't let them freely go through country.
  16. - In case Croatia will close borders, be prepared to provide volunteer help in Serbia as well, as influx of refugees from Macedonia is still huge.
  18. - If travelling to Croatia, avoid Serbia and be prepared for hot weather. Take reflexion vest, headlight, good shoes and be prepared for harsh conditions and chaos and note, that only you are responsible of your personal safety.
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