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  1. Much of the Anonymous community has banded together to support the cause of Wikileaks.  This is not surprising, as Governments should be held accountable of their actions to the public that they serve.  Hence, if they are behaving in a manner that is against the common good and morals, it should be brought to light, exposed for all to see, such that they can be held accountable for their actions.
  3. For this purpose, Wikileaks has served it's purpose.  However, due to the fame-whoring of Assange, Wikileaks has strayed from it's purpose.  It has ceased to care about the common good of humanity and only exposing the information relevant to illegal actions perpetrated by governments around the world, and has published classified data for the pure fact that "it is classified".  This information published by Assange has zero value in holding governments accountable for their actions, as it is otherwise benign.  Yet, parts of Anonymous rally behind Assange and claim "There should be no secrets kept from us!"  
  5. If there should be no secrets, as you seem to behave, then let the mindset be reciprocal.  Publicly post your information...give us your name, id numbers, credit card and banking account details.  Let us check for ourselves that you are no more of a harm to the world that we live in than the governments above us.  If we find illegal activity that harms the world we live in, it is our public duty to make sure justice is served.
  7. Secrets, in and of themselves, are not inherently evil. Assange let the fame get to his head, and those that still support him are naive.
  9. We are Anonymous.
  10. We are legion.
  11. We do not forgive.
  12. We do not forget.
  13. We do not support Wikileaks.
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