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  1. 0CT 31- NOV 21
  2. Please fill in missing stories.
  3. I referenced a bit from destroying the illusion
  4. youtube. if you are lurking,
  5. Great work and show mate.
  6. ---------------------Oct 31---------------------
  7. >North Korea nuclear site collapsed killing 200
  8. >Manhattan NY Terror Truck
  9. >Assange call's out CIA for funding terror
  10. >Twitter Google & FB appear before congress
  11. ---------------------Nov 1---------------------
  13. ---------------------Nov 2---------------------
  14. >Twitter admits to censorship of the podesta email leaks (2 days after appearing before congress)
  15. >Denver shooting
  16. >Brazille in media ousting clinton
  17. ---------------------Nov 3---------------------
  18. >Wikileaks DDOS
  19. >Soros fund manager Howie Rubin arrested for sex trafficking
  20. >POTUS twitter hack
  21. >Somali Airstrike
  22. ---------------------Nov 4---------------------
  23. >Mass Saudi arrests of corruption 30 princes more to come (Alwaleed bin talal main focus)
  25. ---------------------Nov 5---------------------
  26. >Saudi Copter Crash
  27. >Texas Church Shooting
  28. >Paradise Papers leak
  29. >Up to 12 sealed indictments at capitol
  30. ---------------------Nov 6---------------------
  31. >All 7 US carries in operation/ seven dwarfs
  32. >Massive internet/comms outage reported
  33. >Saudi's confiscated $billions after arrests
  34. >Fat Leonard Scandal breaks
  35. >SKYKING
  36. ---------------------Nov 7---------------------
  37. >Leaked Israeli cable outlines attempt to provoke war alongside SA
  38. >17 Indictments
  39. >Weinstein Black Cube/Feldman NYPD
  40. >DNC Leak Investigation
  41. >Buzzfeed sued for publishing dossier
  42. >Assange tweets UN"TIED" STATES
  43. >FBI RAIDS MEDCURE a body broker company with 5 USA locations whom is donated and sells body parts
  44. >New FBI director Wray states "this place is worse than we thought"
  45. >"Jet Set Debt Collectors" Report $2 Trillion in pending claims around globe for SUPER RICH to be had!
  47. ---------------------NOV 8---------------------
  48. >Elections/ OBAMA HILLARY TWEET
  49. >"Jet Set Debt Collectors" Report $2 Trillion in pending claims around globe for SUPER RICH to be had!
  50. >POTUS pulls a swim move on DMZ due to "fog" diversion/aversion
  51. >Trump in china/ Talks with Xi seeks trade support and NK Cooperation
  52. >DOJ demands Movement of CNN in ANti-Trust involving AT&T
  53. >U.S. subpoenas Icahn over BIOFUEL
  54. >Obama Reports for Jury Duty (PHIL__BO_EXT_ 2 days prior)
  55. >Orthodox Protests provoke tension in Jerusalem, Israel
  56. >Cuba embargo Strengthened after Remote Operated Direct Bio attack on US representative this summer in CUBAN hotel
  58. ---------------------Nov 9---------------------
  59. >New JFK FILES RELEASE *13,213 more
  60. >Vault 8
  61. >Indictment rumors out the ASS
  62. >Macron to SA amid chaos
  63. >China reveals hypersonic strike aircraft
  64. >Russia Accident Pollution report from FRENCH NUCLEAR SAFETY INSTITUTE; significant quantity of Ruthenium 106, claiming plausible zone of release of lies between The Urals river and the Volga river which is a large swath of land straddling the RUSIA KAZAKHSTAN BORDER
  65. >Ex Facebook President ousts FB as exploiting human psychology.
  67. ---------------------NOV 10---------------------
  68. >Investigators question Netanyahu for 5th time
  69. >ISIS hacks radio station broadcasts recruitment song in sweden
  70. >TSA failing 80% undercover tests
  71. >Homeland warns of weaponized drones/aviation threats
  72. >Saudi orders citizens out of lebanon
  73. >Self Driving bus crashes
  74. >Toulouse Terror
  75. >APEC SUMMIT Commencement
  76. >Mueller Flynn implications in media Flynn lawyers scoff at reports
  77. >Prosecutors admit destroying key emails in assange case
  78. >Bin Laden half brother arrested
  79. >Multiple Aerial Anomalies involving rogue planes, planes being diverted
  81. ---------------------NOV 11---------------------
  82. >Charlotte air traffic controller arrested accused of having a WMD
  83. >SA escalations with Iran, jets scramble
  84. >Russia scandal befalls John & Tony Podesta, Podesta Group Epic Collapse
  85. >NASA testing lasers in latest test launch
  86. >ISIS Philippines factions threaten POTUS
  87. >4-day Joint OP W/ SK on E Coast of peninsula
  88. >US & Russia call for U.N. Supervised elections in syria
  89. >Orlando Airport Rogue Planes
  90. _ _+_+_++_+++_+++++_++++++++_+++++++++++++_+++++++++++++++++++++
  92. ---------------------NOV 12---------------------
  93. >After one month and a half into the project, reports emerge of first permanent U.S. military base in Israel
  94. >Police in Deleware poised to utilize facial recognition tech (they are not admitting this transparently, circumventing the terms facial recog. tech in announcing to public)
  95. >NATO STRATCOM claims that worried tweets regarding their current presence in the baltic region are coming from bots (NATO was responsible for the in house study)
  96. >Orlando explosion causes full ground-stop at airport claims to be a "battery inside bag"
  97. >King of SA claims not relinquishing throne amidst Iran escalations
  98. >NYT hit piece on NSA
  99. >40 MP's organize letter of zero confidence in Britains Theresa May
  100. >China racing to contact E.T. unveiling numerous tech advances following POTUS visit
  101. >NUKE FALLOUT alert issued by IRSN as Nuclear cloud travels west toward europe from russia/kazahkstan
  102. >Queen makes gesture at significant monarchy transition with wreath ceremony
  103. > *"Leaked"* - Mueller questioning Trump team throughout weekend over knowledge of "Ruski collusion"
  104. >One Day after arrest for WMD, FAA worker Paul George Dandan (one of two arrested) has been charged with possessing a WMD
  105. ***********FBI is assisting local police with Dandan's case. FBI Stated that; "We do not anticipate federal charges to be filed"**************
  106. >Trump in Philippines
  107. >Al Gore/Jerry Brown parading around in Europe pounding table over Climate
  108. >Excorsims and A.I. Cyborgs in media heavily (fear mongering)
  109. >EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager gears up for multi billion dollar anti-trust penalty for Google.
  110. >Trump Tweets at kim; media takes bait
  111. >Mall of America Stabbing by muslim
  112. >Conde Nast Continues layoffs (owned by Advanced Publications; Sam Irving Newhouse Jr)
  114. +---------------------NOV 13---------------------
  115. >Earthquake on Iranian/Iraqi Border kills 430 early last night felt 660 miles away in skyscrapers of Dubai
  116. >Bond Market Wobbles signalling to investors and big players globally
  117. >Detroit brawl between covert and overt police forces underlines a transcendental issue within policing culture; Are these "war games" between streets and precincts effective or an abuse of power?
  118. >Green Beret Logan Melgar Discovered "illicit Cash" belonging to Two of Navy Seal Team Six Operators. Melgar expressed concern to his wife, telling her to wait to hear the story for when he arrives home, but before he could make it back he was killed. Seals now being investigated whom are involved.  
  119. >Army lifts ban on recruits with mental health issues
  120. >Tech Giants amass moster year at $1.7 trillion, eclipsing Canadian economy
  121. >North Korean soldier shot during defection to South at Korean DMZ
  122. >China unveils MORE TECH 76oo MPH hypersonic nuke strike aircraft
  123. >Scientists issue fear riddled apocalypse warning amidst pattern of many other fear mongering pieces in media
  124. >Missouri opens anti-trust probe into Google over data collection & search manipulation
  125. >Biological Weapons Test scheduled for Oklahoma Kansas Border by DHS sparks fears over using Titanium Dioxide (a white odorless powder)
  126. >NYPD deploys Armed Anti-terror units at large venue's/gatherings inlcluding concerts
  127. >Bill Gates buys huge chunk of land to build "Smart City"
  128. >SK captures US citizen in buffer zone on korean border
  129. >Washpost hit piece on other media for "russian connections"
  130. >Hit pieces galore over Trump JR/Wikileaks messages/No crimes implicated amid irrational hysteria
  131. >Over 30,000 Visa's given to foreigners from terror states since 2007 (20,739 Iranians, 7,232 Sudanese, 812 Syrians)
  133. +---------------------NOV 14---------------------
  134. >San Andreas fault delivers swarm of quakes/Ring of fire lit up with small rumblings as well
  135. >FBI demands abortion provider records in prode of illegal sales of fetal tissue
  136. >Sessions "considering" second special counsel to investigate the untouchable Clintons
  137. >Anti-Trump Youtuber arrested before shooting rampage
  138. >French setting atrocious age of consent laws amid huge pedophilia issues among culturally insoluble migrants
  139. >FEDs collect record taxes in October
  140. >Near 1700 MPH airliner unveiled amid massive tech explosion since Trump visit to China
  141. >NBC Exec fired
  142. >DOJ with 27 open investigations
  143. >Tampa Serial Killer Concerns
  144. >POTUS picks Tom Homan as ICE director known for being tough on immigration
  145. >100 Party members of Macron resign in france
  146. >NYT postulates disapperance of cash in future
  147. >Venezuela defaults
  148. >Obamacare repeal added to tax bill
  149. >Mugabe faces resignation or peaceful coup as tanks effectively storm capital
  150. >Catholic leaders signal resistance to Pope's agenda
  151. >Maxine Waters still speaking stupid on behalf of her own ego plus elite Dem's
  152.     ...more coming anons...
  153. >Largest Diamond ever auctions for $34million
  154. >Lawmakers in washington recount pervasive sexual harrasment culture in D.C.
  155. >"Captain America" informant turns out to be an illegal alien flipped by FBI spoops to "track corruption"
  157. ++---------------------NOV 15---------------------
  159. >Secret SPACEX/GOVERNMENT shuttle launch set for Thursday NOV 16
  160. >Multiple UFO sightings throughout U.S.A.
  161. >American Debt rises/Credit industry faultering once again after bond wobble and inevitable bubble on horizon
  162. >Reported $15Million in TAXPAYER funded settlements for D.C. harrassment/sex assaults
  163. >Loud Boom heard over more than 10 counties in northern Alabama/ NASA is "unsure" of source
  164. >House to Mandate Sex Harassment training
  165. >Al Franken Demands Censorship over Russian Collusion (Reminder in Franken's words regarding 9/11 and his absence from the WTC; "I got the Jew-call was told not to come in that day"
  166. >Chicago hits benchmark 600th murder in city which has ban on LEGAL firearms
  167. >ICE agents rebel against POTUS in public spat after newly appointed Tom Homan takes reigns
  168. >Orb lights up Phoenix
  169. >Propoganda Machine VICE is detailed in reports of toxic culture, unapologetically
  170. >Mass Exodus of Texas Prison Guards
  171. >AI assisted body scans offered at LA mall, months after LV shooting in which investigators outlined potentiality of Chertoff group ties to reactive implementation of body scanning tech.
  172. >Radioactive cloud over europe still causes concerns, cover up questions raised
  173. >Alaska told to stock pile anti radiation pills
  174. >Reported today; Amid Trumps arrival to U.S.A. 11/13-11/14 of this week Mental asylum patient in Hawaii escapes without notice to authorities for 8 hours proceeds to board plane to CA-San Jose
  175. >Southwest Airlines Pilot arrested for bringing gun to airport
  176. >Long-lost Da Vinci painting poised to fetch 9 figure buyer in auction
  177. >Dems introduce 5 articles of impeachment against POTUS
  178. >79% of households with Obamacare Tax make less than $50,000
  180. +++---------------------NOV 16---------------------
  181. >HOUSE PASSES TAX REFORM 1.5 Trillion in cuts 13 R's vote NO
  182. >After government push back shutting down At&t deal. Other large players emerge; Koch brothers back play between Meredith Inc. & Time Inc. involving $150Million investment
  183. >F-15's involved with mystery aircraft over oregon
  184. >Pope still in headlines all week...this time about climate change, scalding deniers
  185. >Legionnaires outbreak tied to LVhotel now as well as Disney
  186. >Long-Lost Da Vinci reels in $450.3 Million
  187. >Reports of first Space Nation launch dubbed Asgardia; Which might be a mere coincidence with the Spacex secret launch same day
  188. >Claims of Peter Thiel the Vampiric, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist wanting to break up google
  189. >UN diplomat dies after fall to death following an odd string of events during night romp under the influence of alcohol
  190. >Killer robots, China's nuke tech, Anti-biotic resistant Plague outbreak, A.I. surveillance outline this weeks repeated fear mongering narratives
  192. FEC CHAIR NAMES; Caroline C. Hunter, Matthew S. Petersen, and Lee E. Goodman
  193. >Report outlines Cartel infiltration of TEXAS
  194. >FCC Push to repeal Net Neutrality rules from obama era
  195. >Catch & Release of illegal alian criminals started again in TEXAS (mass exodus of texas prison guards related to these issues?)
  196. >Media reports Clinton Secret Witness is connected to Russia despite zero evidence from senate committee on identity
  197. >Anti-Trump sticker sparks free speech debate (psyop? controlled op?) free speech means free speech, period.
  198. >Ex Google Exec registers first church of A.I. with IRS
  199. >Democratic court Jester Al Franken's hypocrisy illuminated for whole world to see (Microcosm of whats to come from POTUS & No Such Agency?)
  200. >Saudi King Walks Back Statements, Will Step Down Next Week
  201. >Democratic Senator Menedez corruption case deemed mistrial
  202. >Swedish Migrant Crime Wave; Keyword "Migrant" is missing from most accounts
  203. >Russia names 9 US backed News Outlets as "foreign agents"
  204. >200 MS-13 Arrested in Crackdown nationwide
  205. >Buzzfeed plays Canary in the Coalmine for media outlets worldwide as push for IPO becomes less and less likely
  206. >Pentagon in news for push to develop missiles banned according to 1954 Cold War pact due to the questions raised whether Russia is doing the same
  208. +++++---------------------NOV 17---------------------
  209. >Strange Rothschild crash happening over Waddesdon property between copter and cessna media blackout ensues regarding ALL details and Reports
  210. >Saudi Arabia offers freedom for 70% of assets of the arrested and accused...
  211. >Comcast Verizon in talks with Fox after Murdoch yearly meeting
  212. >More than 12 Trump Campaign officials subpoenaed by Mueller Probe
  213. >AT&T Time Warner rolling towards anti-trust case
  214. >UN & US warn of christmas terror threat in Europe after ISIS threats weekly
  215. >Pelosi Brain Freezes Still in Media
  216. >Report outlines 7 out of 10 richest House Members are Democrats
  217. >MORE San Andreas Fault Quakes, Ring of Fire illuminated with small eruptions yet not reported largely
  218. >Russia approves plan to mine the moon
  219. >DHS once again goes rogue endangering the people of the USA, this time hacking avionics of a parked plane successfull. Why would they do this and then proceed to scream from the rooftops about it instead of patching vulnerabilities?
  220. >Soros' Secretive 3-day conference starts today held in Carlsbad CA attended by elite members of the left
  221. >Twitter targets conservatives in censorious effort to appease the lefts call to de-platform speakers and leaders of their political opponents by taking away verified indicators of the individuals credibility
  222. >10,744 more JFK files released today
  223. >Argentine Sub Missing/NASA among search party helping
  224. >Amid Saudi-Iranian Escalations UK set to send 400 Million British Pounds equal to $527 Million
  225. >Bi-partisan push for Senate Ethics committee to investigate Al Franken
  227. ++++++++---------------------NOV 18---------------------
  228. >Many Digital Media companies rolling towards selling instead of progressing in industry amid looming evidence of waining market globally
  229. >Merkel scrambles to find majority in order to stay in power however prospects look gloomy for the continued reign of merkel, starting in 2005
  230. >Macron's favorite pick becomes party leader whom is known as a government loyal "former" socialist
  231. >Mad Maxine still banging the trash cans to impeach trump for name calling
  232. >Blazing Fireball lights up Arctic Sky, No explanation
  233. >Trump tells hillary to get on with life
  234. >State Department defends Tillerson's reorganization efforts which began at the beginning of tenure are focused on the exponential growth of Dept since 2007, +2000 employees were added
  235. >Koch brothers position themselves to acquire media empire in blizzard of big money grabbing for outlets worldwide, Anti-trust issues will be had/meanwhile Murdoch shops buyer potentialities
  236. >Comey Launches Laughable speaking tour targeted towards "Ethics"
  237. >Police have ability to acquire YOUR DNA from company YOU PAID in order to test your DNA
  239. +++++++++++++---------------------NOV 19---------------------
  240. >US guided missile destroyer collides with Jap Tug during towing exercise inflicting minimal damage
  241. >UC berkeley professor gets in on the fear mongering propoganda by releasing an eerily high production video dubbed "slaughterbots"
  242. >Ron Johnson voices concern for Tax Bill claiming his republican vote would be a No
  243. >Still reeling from Debt Crisis, EU leaders set sights on GOOGLE FACEBOOK for "unpaid taxes"
  244. >Mugabe dismissed by party and replaced
  245. >"Toy Grenade" Causes evacuation and fears at miami airport
  246. >Authorities Question Netanyahu AGAIN
  247. >AP publishes questionable article outlining what they claim to be uncertainty of nuclear war authority during Trumps Admin
  248. >The CIA & Deepstate wonderboy Jeff Bezos eyes $53 Billion Federal Spending Plan in another obvious play against the NEW ESTABLISHMENT
  249. >LAPD investigating 2 dozen sex crimes relating to Hollywood
  250. >In a blasphemous plea during a global spiritual battle priests urge christians to ditch word "christmas"
  251. >Reports surface of Snowden being a "ghost" in the public sphere after his initial leaks, much unlike other leakers whom are alive today...
  253. +++++++++++++++++++++---------------------NOV 20---------------------
  254. >Mugabe still refusing to resign amid peaceful coup
  255. >Big banks set to settle with Brussels over FOREX CARTEL Claims
  256. >Top Universities found to be hiring private intelligence firms to spy on graduates & Ex-students for detailing purposes
  257. >Reports emerge of obvious allegation that media ignored Clinton accusers during Administration
  258. >Merkel unable to form majority, 4th term in doubt
  259. >Soros' criticizes Orban of Hungary under guise of Anti-semetism
  260. >Amazon building new "secret cloud for CIA
  261. >Defensive and offensive war time Robots and A.I. continuously and repeatedly in media again and again, no exception today
  262. >USA growth forecast STILL on rise
  263. >ICC "International prosecutor" targets US military, CIA, Taliban for war crimes in afghanistan
  264. >Merkel, May, Macron all behind trump in respective polls
  265. >Spiritual expert warns overt demonic activity to come in future
  266. >Libya to probe slave auctions after footage emerges
  267. >FISA reauthorization is split in congress, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is implemented by NSA, anything found is handed to FBI
  268. >Anthony Levendowski whom started the Church of A.I. days ago talks about his Supercomputer "GOD" in which they worship as a material object they have created
  269. >Worlds first Robot police officer launched in Dubai
  270. >Among others found this year, another human skull could re-write human history
  271. >POTUS to designate NK State Sponsors of Terror
  272. >In an apparent foreshadowing of Asgardia and its initial 200,000 inhabitants, Hillary Clinton romanticizes of leaving earth for Earth 2.0 in order to finally be president
  273. >Loud Booms and Bangs still being recorded & talked about daily after occurences pop up multiple times a day every day or every other day all throughout globe
  274. >Mueller Special Counsel requests wide array of Docs from DOJ in order to further probe
  275. >Taliban opium field destruction begins
  277. ---------------------NOV 21---------------------
  278. >Russian authorities confirm "extremely high" levels of Ruthenium 106 over the Ural Mountains, but cannot "identify source"-
  279. >LV commissioner Chris Giunchigliani wants to ban private vehicles from LV strip citing difficult for EMS to attend to emergencies
  280. >DOJ suing AT&T-TIME WARNER to stop $85Billion merger
  281. >ATROCIOUS!-California is now handing Tax credits to hollywood producers to the tune of up to $62.8 million in total THE RATLINES ARE DRY
  282. >Harvard under DOJ probe citing failure of cooperation in regards to affirmative action policies against Asian-Americans
  283. >As Iran signals end of IS, Assad leaves syria for first time since 2011 traveling to Russia to meet with Putin
  284. >New NK sanctions expected to be announced today
  285. >AP hit piece simultaneously claiming USA Terror list is more "symbolic than substance"
  286. >POTUS to end TEMPORARY resident permit program for 60,000 Haitians whom have been displaced since 2010
  287. >State Department reviewing yesterdays' decision; Nebraska regulators approved a route through Nebraska for the XL keystone pipeline which is an $8Billion project
  288. >Days after State Department Hails reorganization under direction of Tillerson, 12 rogue State department officials attack Tillerson claiming he violated federal law which "prohibits foreign military from enlisting children"
  289. >Toshiba Owned Westinghouse in talks with US-based companies in forming a consortium to bid on 2 of Saudi Arabia's nuclear reactors
  290. >Democrats and Reublicans split in congress over extending DACA before years end
  291. >FBI U1 informant collected evidence over YEARS of undercover work into the corrupt U1 fiasco
  292. >Mugabe resigns under military pressure after 37 years
  293. >Tether has experienced a substantial hacking event, with a loss of over $30 mln from the Tether Treasury
  294. >CBS News suspends Charlie Rose for sexual harassment
  295. >John Lasseter, Disney Chief Executive creative director, steps down among allegations
  296. >Lebanon army chief asks troops for readiness at Israel border
  297. >Democratic Rep. John Conyers accused of sexual misconduct
  299. !!!FCC set to scrap net neutrality
  300. ---------------------NOV 22---------------------
  301. >AT&T Merger case falls upon judge whom approved the Comcast/NBC Merger
  302. >WSJ publishes subversion piece relating to the anti-trust issues with AT&T/TIMEWARNER merger
  303. >PreemptivePuff Piece: CNBC publishes account of ALPHABET's Eric Scmidt claiming google algorithm has trouble ranking the truth at the top of searches
  304. >Researcher Thomas Hargrove Claims 27,000 cases of murder missing from FBI files
  305. >NAVY C-2 Crashes 500NM SE of Okinawa on way to The Reagan in The Philippine Sea During joint exercise with Japan 11 Aboard/8 Rescued
  306. >Chief Disney Exec Takes Leave on own behalf for innappropriate behavior
  307. >Virtue Signalling Facebook Still allows Advertisers to choose impacted audience by race among other demographic data sets
  309. >Lack of Transparency; mere days AFTER scoring HUGE deals UBER reveals Massive coverup of 57million user data breach
  310. >"Hacker" erases 30,000,000 files from California Transit System (notoriously known for not releaseing footage)
  311. >French bank closes Far-Right accounts
  312. >Multiple large finance industry reports foreshadowing end to Bull Market Run
  313. >Mnangagwa set to replace Mugabe on Friday
  314. >UN court convicted Bosnian Serb military chief Gen. Ratko Mladic on Wednesday of genocide and crimes against humanity for 1995 Srebrenica Massacre
  315. >Lebanon's Hariri walks back resignation talks stating he looks forward to “real partnership with all political forces to put Lebanon’s higher interest before any other interests.”
  316. >FEC probes Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke's SEAL PAC
  317. >Pentagon investigating "Behavior of Military personnel on Trumps Asia trip"
  318. >FCC in headlines again with NY AG probing info not handed over by FCC relating to NY AG's request in june 2017
  319. >House Ethics Panel to probe Conyers
  320. >WSJ reports Mueller probes Kushner for involvement in U.N. resolution condemning Israeli Settlement Construction
  321. >The EPA missed a court-ordered deadline to announce regions of country that comply with Obama-era ozone rule
  322. >DOE in headlines negatively
  323. >Reports of action at langley
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