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DF Game Club: Fester Mudd: CotG part 2 (plus devchat)

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Jan 25th, 2014
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  1. (06:58:23) Cheeseness: Hey JoshMandel!
  2. (06:58:24) Paavo_Harkonen: Josho!
  3. (06:58:29) Syd: Hey Josh!
  4. (06:58:32) Paavo_Harkonen: Glad you could make it.
  5. (06:58:34) JoshMandel: Good day, everyone!
  6. (06:58:37) JoshMandel: I wouldn't miss it!
  7. (06:59:03) JoshMandel: How's everyone today?
  8. (06:59:10) Permafry_42: Hey Josh =D
  9. (06:59:43) SirSlade: Hey everyone
  10. (06:59:47) Cheeseness: Not too bad, JoshMandel. Yourself?
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  12. (07:00:07) JoshMandel: Doing well, thank you!
  13. (07:00:52) Syd: We'll be starting in just a minute
  14. (07:00:55) Sven_Q45 [] entered the room.
  15. (07:00:57) Permafry_42: better after watching this:
  16. (07:01:06) medacris [] entered the room.
  17. (07:01:06) Permafry_42: hey sven
  18. (07:01:07) Cheeseness: Hey Sven_Q45
  19. (07:01:17) Sven_Q45: Hey.
  20. (07:01:18) Permafry_42: and hey medacris!
  21. (07:01:18) Syd: When I do the drinking challenge puzzle, I think I'll first show what happens if you do nothing, even though I have everything I need on me. :P
  22. (07:01:25) medacris: Hi Perma!
  23. (07:01:27) Sven_Q45: Hi, Josh.
  24. (07:01:36) MoP: Hello Josh, Pavo, and all You doublefine folks
  25. (07:01:50) MoP: *Paavo
  26. (07:02:00) medacris: Hello MoP!
  27. (07:02:06) Syd: Anyway, starting up! Let me know when it's live, and I'll start up the intro stuff.
  28. (07:02:09) Cheeseness: Hi MoP
  29. (07:02:17) Sven_Q45: JoshMandel Today I heard of a game about Serena.
  30. (07:02:21) JoshMandel: Hiya MoP!
  31. (07:02:39) Paavo_Harkonen: Syd: That would be great. :)
  32. (07:02:41) JoshMandel: Sven, yes, it'll be out at the end of the month. It's Agustin's labor of love to Serena Nelson.
  33. (07:02:43) Cheeseness: Syd: Looks like you're good to go
  34. (07:02:57) Cheeseness: If anybody can't see anything, try pausing and playing
  35. (07:03:23) Sven_Q45: JoshMandel There are much involved into this project. From Adventure-Treff, too. :)
  36. (07:03:32) Gimlao [] entered the room.
  37. (07:03:36) Permafry_42: yup working =D
  38. (07:03:39) Cheeseness: Hi Gimlao
  39. (07:04:05) JoshMandel: Yep...lots of great people from the adventure gaming community. And hey, Scott Murphy!!
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  41. medacris MJD MoP
  42. medacris MJD MoP
  43. (07:04:23) medacris: Also, TheSpeedGamers announced that Broken Age will be part of the Indie Speedrun they're doing soon.
  44. (07:04:30) Sven_Q45: Yes. The whole adventure community is great!
  45. (07:04:34) Cheeseness: :D
  46. (07:04:38) medacris: I admit, I am totally unfamiliar with this game.
  47. (07:04:50) DDBandit24 [] entered the room.
  48. (07:04:51) Cheeseness: This roof sneaky part was unexpected for me
  49. (07:04:54) Gimlao [] entered the room.
  50. (07:04:59) Cheeseness: Hi DDBandit24
  51. (07:05:10) DDBandit24: Oh my goodness I'm actaullu here
  52. (07:05:14) DDBandit24: *actually
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  54. (07:05:23) Cheeseness: Welcome!
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  57. (07:06:12) Cheeseness: Feels very much like a Monkey Island 2 inspired moment here :D
  58. (07:06:21) DDBandit24 [] entered the room.
  59. (07:06:27) Taekon [] entered the room.
  60. (07:06:32) Taekon: Made it!
  61. (07:06:33) Sven_Q45: Cheeseness Yeah.
  62. (07:06:43) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: The whole roof climbing scene was actually added to the game at a late stage... So at the time I drew the background art for the screen in front of the saloon, I had no plans that Fester could walk on the roof.
  63. (07:06:49) Cheeseness: Welcome Taekon
  64. (07:07:01) Paavo_Harkonen: Yes, this whole drinking competition was totally influenced by MI2. :)
  65. (07:07:04) Taekon: Hey Cheese :D! Thanks
  66. (07:07:12) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: It's a nice tough (the roof climbing part)
  67. (07:07:15) Cheeseness: touch^
  68. (07:07:51) Sven_Q45: The music is also "Monkey Island 2 ish". :D
  69. (07:07:53) Cheeseness: The doorway dialogue felt a lot like the argument you have to have with Captain Smirk in SoMI before he'll train you as well
  70. (07:08:28) medacris: What should I know about this game?
  71. (07:08:50) MoP: Speaking of Agustin, Josh, could You elaborate a bit on how Your "narration" role came to pass for Asylum? Seeing Your name show up and hearing Your voice in the demo really took me by surprise, made for a memorable revelation on it's own ;)
  72. (07:08:53) Cheeseness: medacris: It's a love-letter to classic point and click adventures
  73. (07:09:16) Taekon: Not sure if this one's been answered, but between the verb-specific interaction system in the old adventure game and the one-click-for-everything system, which one do you guys prefer?
  74. (07:09:33) Cheeseness: medacris: So far, we've come to this town to help our brother who has struck gold, but he's been missing.
  75. (07:09:44) medacris: @Cheeseness: Ah. I still need to catch up on those, I'm sorry. The forum guys gave me a very hard time about Broken Age being my first adventure game.
  76. (07:09:48) DDBandit24: Any kind of game genre I'm happy with
  77. (07:09:58) Paavo_Harkonen: Sven_Q45: The soundtracks of both Lucasarts and Sierra games influenced me enormously already at a very young age so much that I can't really make music that doesn't have some of that feeling in it. :)
  78. (07:10:00) medacris: @Cheeseness: Gotcha.
  79. (07:10:10) Cheeseness: According to a bartender, he's headed out to Gold Valley, and we're doing some three trials type action to get an escort to take us there
  80. (07:10:38) DDBandit24: Three trials? What is this Sonic 06?
  81. (07:10:52) Sven_Q45: I really enjoyed the Asylum teaser and the alpha build.
  82. (07:10:59) Cheeseness: More like Monkey Island's three trials :b
  83. (07:11:34) Fireflower [] entered the room.
  84. (07:12:02) DDBandit24: Just a question, is the game's engine powerful enough for voice acting?
  85. (07:12:35) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: I can't remember if we asked last time, but how did you go about developing the game? Did you start with a plot overview and build up from there, or did the visual or music design come first?
  86. (07:12:59) Paavo_Harkonen: Taekon: I think I share equal love to both the SCUMM interface and the early Sierra point 'n' click interface that was first seen in KQ5.
  87. (07:13:15) GameClubFan_779960 [] entered the room.
  88. (07:13:16) DDBandit24: This music is very Grant Kirkhope
  89. (07:13:16) Fireflower: Hey. On my mobile and can't see the chat or the stream. :-)
  90. (07:13:29) Paavo_Harkonen: DDBandit24: Definitely. The game was built in Unity3D, which is very powerful.
  91. (07:13:40) Cheeseness: I kinda miss Sierra's text parser. The QFG remakes with a point and click only interface feel less exciting to me
  92. (07:13:56) Cheeseness: Hey Fireflower >_<
  93. (07:14:01) MoP left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  94. (07:14:16) MoP [] entered the room.
  95. (07:14:26) Paavo_Harkonen: Well, yes. I love the text parser too. In a sense it was more immersive, because you had the illusion that you could do anything.
  96. (07:14:28) DDBandit24: It seems like there might've voice acting in this game was that scrapped?
  97. (07:14:29) Cheeseness: This rope puzzle had me stumped for a bit
  98. (07:14:52) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: There were also more opportunities for hiding obscure stuff as well
  99. (07:15:04) JoshMandel: Speaking of the Sierra point-and-click interface, a lot of people thought it was a great new thing. But I'd seen almost the exact same interface two years before, in Chris Roberts's "TIMES OF LORE" for Origin.
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  102. (07:15:54) JoshMandel: Paavo, I'd say it was more than an illusion. Anything you could put into words, you could try. With point-and-click, you're limited to interacting with what's directly visible, and nothing more.
  103. (07:15:56) medacris: Ow, that must hurt...
  104. (07:17:09) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: I think I started with the idea of combining Freddy Pharkas and MI2, really. I did write an overview of the plot and puzzles before I started working on the visuals and music, but both the plot and puzzles changed a lot as I progressed further.
  105. (07:17:38) Cheeseness: In what ways did the plot change? It's always interesting to hear about things that fell by the wayside :D
  106. (07:17:41) kisak [] entered the room.
  107. (07:17:44) Cheeseness: Hey kisak
  108. (07:18:09) Paavo_Harkonen: JoshMandel: That's true.
  109. (07:18:12) kisak: haha! I have discovered a wild game club!
  110. (07:18:22) Cheeseness: :D
  111. (07:18:45) JoshMandel: BTW, for anyone who's interested, here's a shot of TIMES OF LORE's interface. Predating KQV by 2 or 3 years.,512217/
  112. (07:18:46) Sven_Q45: No adventuregamer are not wild. :D
  113. (07:18:49) DDBandit24: I like how the store has like colorful visuals and you see a SMG in the back
  114. (07:18:53) RUBICN64 [Android@7DA2B63F:50D2DD52:B5035934:IP] entered the room.
  115. (07:19:11) Cheeseness: I like that there's a clown running a gun shop
  116. (07:19:11) RUBICN64: hi everyone!
  117. (07:19:12) Cheeseness: Hey RUBICN64
  118. (07:20:07) RUBICN64: haven't finished the game yet but it looks awesome!
  119. (07:20:17) Sven_Q45: There is even a nuclear missile. :D
  120. (07:20:54) DDBandit24: Fun for the whole family
  121. (07:20:55) RUBICN64: just stoked that it's available at Amazon's app store for the best price: FREE!
  122. (07:21:33) Cheeseness: Is that how you've been playing it, RUBICN64?
  123. (07:21:39) RUBICN64: yeah
  124. (07:21:45) DDBandit24: Like, comment, subscribe for anyone wanting Curse of the Gold for free on Amazon mobile!
  125. (07:21:46) Cheeseness: It says it has in-app purchases. I'm curious about how that's implemented
  126. (07:22:07) RUBICN64: let me get the link DDBandit24
  127. (07:22:15) Cheeseness:
  128. (07:22:43) Paavo_Harkonen: DDBandit24: We did think about the possiblity of adding voice acting, but in the end we scrapped the idea because of budget and schedule reasons. Of course, we could've settled for really cheap voice actors, but I was really worried that might've ruined some of the humour in the game.
  129. (07:22:45) DDBandit24: Exaclty what is says on the tin XD
  130. (07:23:24) DDBandit24: Okay now it makes sense
  131. (07:23:36) Cheeseness: lol
  132. (07:23:40) Cheeseness: More farts \o/
  133. (07:23:46) RUBICN64:
  134. (07:23:52) Paavo_Harkonen: One of the guns in the gun store is actually the pulse rifle from the Alien movies.
  135. (07:24:06) Permafry_42: has someone been keeping a fart joke counter?
  136. (07:24:09) DDBandit24: nice one
  137. (07:24:34) Sven_Q45: Lol, chemical warfare. But farting is more biological warfare, no?
  138. (07:24:34) JoshMandel: That really should be implemented.
  139. (07:24:38) RUBICN64: as for the in-app purchases Cheeseness I think that's for the other episodes
  140. (07:24:57) Sven_Q45: Now again, Monkey Island 2 reference.
  141. (07:25:02) Paavo_Harkonen: Haha, yes, an ingame fart joke counter would've been so funny.
  142. (07:25:21) Cheeseness: With a little "DING!" every time one happens
  143. (07:25:35) kisak: Where's a ghostvuster when you need one?
  144. (07:25:53) kisak: *ghostbuster
  145. (07:25:58) Cheeseness: So, the oven puzzle. Any inspiration for that, Paavo_Harkonen?
  146. (07:26:01) Paavo_Harkonen: Originally, I had plans for even more fart jokes, but I had to drop some of them out... It was just too excessive, even for me!
  147. (07:26:10) Cheeseness: Ha ha
  148. (07:26:11) Permafry_42: you could always make a trailer editting together every fart joke in the game =D
  149. (07:26:23) DDBandit24: I really dissaprove of toilet humor
  150. (07:26:33) DDBandit24: But that one was all right
  151. (07:27:01) Permafry_42: i disapprove of disapproving toilet humor =D
  152. (07:27:52) JoshMandel: Cheeseness, the "ding" would follow all farts as the counter tracked the fart jokes. But then, for biggies like the 10th fart, the 25th fart, and so on, the "ding" would be followed by yet another appropriate reward sound. So that by the time you're at the 50th fart joke (!), as soon as you hear the fart, you hear this string of other "success" sound effects.
  153. (07:28:15) JoshMandel: And fireworks.
  154. (07:28:15) Cheeseness: DING DING DING DING DING!
  155. (07:28:20) Cheeseness: And fireworks
  156. (07:28:30) Taekon: Farter Mudd
  157. (07:29:05) Sven_Q45: The scratching behind the head is also Monkey Island !
  158. (07:29:13) Sven_Q45: 2
  159. (07:29:15) Cheeseness: I figured that the numbers on the note were bearings rather than temperatures. THe oven had me stumped for a little while
  160. (07:29:23) RUBICN64: Fester Mudd: Curse of the Fart
  161. (07:29:58) Kaasu [] entered the room.
  162. (07:30:05) Cheeseness: Hi Kaasu
  163. (07:30:28) Kaasu left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  164. (07:30:47) GameClubFan_462177 [] entered the room.
  165. (07:30:49) GameClubFan_967752 [] entered the room.
  166. (07:31:04) JoshMandel: You could have a "No Fart" option in the setup screen. The farts would still occur, but every time they do, one of the characters present says, "Did someone fart?" and the farter replies, "No."
  167. (07:31:12) Cheeseness: Nice
  168. (07:31:12) GameClubFan_967752 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  169. (07:31:21) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Hmmm... At least not any inspiration that I'm aware of. Funnily, as I worked on the game, I came up with a lot of ideas that I didn't realize until later on that they had actually been influenced by things in old adventure games that I had played as a kid.
  170. (07:31:34) RUBICN64: I guess I really should finish this game one of these days
  171. (07:32:12) DDBandit24: So how far we in the game?
  172. (07:32:14) Cheeseness: I really hope you get the opportunity to make the rest of the game
  173. (07:32:21) Cheeseness: DDBandit24: About 3/4 of the way through, I'd say
  174. (07:32:32) Cheeseness: Maybe a bit farther
  175. (07:32:37) RUBICN64: JoshMandel you could even add Smell-o-Vision
  176. (07:32:39) RUBICN64: haha
  177. (07:32:45) Paavo_Harkonen: Sven_Q45: That scratching behind the head is an example of one of those things that I didn't realize that it had been in MI. It just came really naturally to me when I made the animation.
  178. (07:32:54) Taekon: DLC: collect all farts in a jar
  179. (07:33:01) DDBandit24: 4-D Smell-vision
  180. (07:33:08) JoshMandel: RUBICN64 - That'd be nice!
  181. (07:33:12) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Yeah, I really hope that too.
  182. (07:33:18) Sven_Q45: Paavo_Harkonen Lol
  183. (07:33:23) DDBandit24: Mmm, Fester Mudd flavor
  184. (07:34:00) RUBICN64: on second thought, with all these farts going on it might be a bad idea!
  185. (07:34:08) DDBandit24: Sir, there's a piece of gold in my box what do I win?
  186. (07:34:20) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: The head scratching is in a few LucasArts games. Definitely see it a lot in Indy as well
  187. (07:34:41) Cheeseness: Ha, the Yogi Bear cameo here made me laugh
  188. (07:35:00) Permafry_42: i know there's a few platformers that have headscratching too. i think braid had that
  189. (07:35:03) DDBandit24: Wait, you can do that?
  190. (07:35:16) RUBICN64: Cheeseness Poor Boo-Boo....
  191. (07:35:22) Permafry_42: or maybe it was just loosening his tie
  192. (07:35:26) DDBandit24: Like, put different universe characters in these sorts of games?
  193. (07:35:28) Paavo_Harkonen: I really loved the scratch-and-sniff card that they had in Larry 7, which had the smell of poop on it too, of course. I thought it was absolutely hilarious.
  194. (07:35:31) DDBandit24: As cameos
  195. (07:35:35) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: Not like this though - it's very distinctive
  196. (07:35:50) Permafry_42: good point cheese
  197. (07:35:55) JoshMandel: Paavo_Harkonen, have you considered whether the next chapter would be done in the same resolution and graphic style, or whether you'd jump ahead to another, more recent, game style? Say, late '90s?
  198. (07:35:56) MoP: Farts seem to be a very potent creativity inducer in these parts. I'm starting to think one of those "projects" Your working on with N-Fusion is connected Josh (speaking of which, without going into specifics, would a site like AdventureGamers cover them?)
  199. (07:36:40) JoshMandel: MoP, no, the N-Fusion projects have nothing to do with Fester.
  200. (07:37:03) JoshMandel: MoP, one of them would certainly be covered by AdventureGamers, the other...I'm not sure.
  201. (07:37:11) Paavo_Harkonen: JoshMandel: I definitely thought about that, but I think I would stick to the same style with the following episodes. It would be easier too, because that would allow me to recycle some of the graphics. :)
  202. (07:37:25) RUBICN64: I will admit, I do miss not having the voices
  203. (07:37:27) JoshMandel: Paavo_Harkonen, right.
  204. (07:37:38) RUBICN64: just doesn't feel natural
  205. (07:38:19) Cheeseness: It's interesting to see the way that voice affected the pacing of dialogue in Monkey Island. It feels that stuff that's written to be text is best represented as text
  206. (07:38:23) Permafry_42: I'd be interested in just having more sound effects to break up the bg music
  207. (07:38:26) JoshMandel: Paavo_Harkonen, you could recycle the art *and* give it a very cool, higher-tech look by mapping the graphics onto a 3D structure.
  208. (07:38:39) kisak: how much is the Yogi trophy?
  209. (07:39:05) JoshMandel: I'm just thinking out loud, consider it all vomit.
  210. (07:39:22) RUBICN64: JoshMandel, eww
  211. (07:39:25) Cheeseness: :D
  212. (07:39:35) Driim [] entered the room.
  213. (07:39:39) Cheeseness: Hey Driim
  214. (07:40:31) Driim: hey, I heard point'n'click and Finnish, so could'nt think of an excuse to keep away.
  215. (07:40:33) Permafry_42: i like how the sheriff has no neck
  216. (07:40:51) Cheeseness: :D
  217. (07:40:59) RUBICN64: speaking of remakes I really wish someone would remake DotT
  218. (07:41:29) JoshMandel: This is a beautiful room.
  219. (07:41:31) Permafry_42: @RUBICN64 did you hear about the cancelled lucas arts remake?
  220. (07:41:37) RUBICN64: yeah
  221. (07:41:41) RUBICN64: so sad
  222. (07:41:45) Cheeseness: I was thinking earlier that the Bank was pretty sweet as well
  223. (07:42:01) JoshMandel: It is!
  224. (07:42:19) Lightkey [] entered the room.
  225. (07:42:34) Permafry_42: hi lightkey
  226. (07:42:35) Cheeseness: Every time I try to think of something insightful to say, all I can come up with is "Geeze this game looks good and really pays homage to a style we don't see much anymore"
  227. (07:42:47) RUBICN64: lol
  228. (07:42:55) Lightkey: salve
  229. (07:43:05) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: I agree completely. Also, I think that part of the charm is imagining how the characters sound, in your own head. That's one reason why I was a bit iffy about adding voice acting to Fester.
  230. (07:43:18) Cheeseness: I think it was the right choice
  231. (07:43:26) Permafry_42: @the devs any chance for a breaking bad refference in future episodes?
  232. (07:43:45) Permafry_42: for some reason this game makes me think of breaking bad
  233. (07:43:50) kisak: why is it so hard to find the original release date for this game?
  234. (07:43:50) RUBICN64: plus they could always add it as DLC down the road Cheeseness
  235. (07:43:57) Permafry_42: no idea why though
  236. (07:44:10) Paavo_Harkonen: Breaking Bad is my favourite TV show, hands down!
  237. (07:44:23) Cheeseness: kisak: It's listed here as 5th of November last year:
  238. (07:44:26) Permafry_42: mine is lost, followed by fringe
  239. (07:44:40) Paavo_Harkonen: Actually Josh slipped in a Breaking Bad reference. In the drug store.
  240. (07:44:44) Permafry_42: breaking bad is in my top ten though
  241. (07:44:50) Taekon: <- Community 4 lyfe
  242. (07:44:55) JoshMandel: Oh, right, I forgot!
  243. (07:45:05) Cheeseness: Should we get Syd to try to find ity?
  244. (07:45:08) Permafry_42: really? and i like community but don't like the main actor
  245. (07:45:36) RUBICN64: looks like I have some homework to do
  246. (07:45:39) Permafry_42: yes let's see the breaking bad refference =D
  247. (07:45:54) Permafry_42: lol i have homework basically every day during semesters
  248. (07:45:57) RUBICN64: beat Fester Mudd
  249. (07:46:10) Cheeseness: lol, Esmerelda is funny
  250. (07:46:27) MoP: Glad to hear that Josh, interest peeked.
  251. (07:46:34) ***RUBICN64 hopes there won't be a test
  252. (07:46:37) MoP: Paavo, was the choice of going episodic purely a financial one? If You had the opportunity, would You just make Fester in one go? I'm asking since many people apporach episodic gaming with caution, not wanting to dip into an episode or two and risk never seeing the full game. So a "wait for the season pass" mentality is quite common.
  253. (07:46:54) Sven_Q45: JoshMandal
  254. (07:47:06) Taekon: Joel's not the best, but not the worst I don't think. Idk I don't keep up with celebrity stuff
  255. (07:47:23) Sven_Q45: JoshMandel Do you know what the Larry 1 Reloaded gold edition is?
  256. (07:47:25) Taekon: He brought Dan Harmon back for 5th season though :D
  257. (07:47:50) JoshMandel: Sven, I don't. I haven't even heard about it. I hear zilch from Replay.
  258. (07:47:54) Cheeseness: Ding!
  259. (07:47:56) Cheeseness: Ding!
  260. (07:48:04) Cheeseness: Ding!
  261. (07:48:06) Permafry_42: my problem was his role in making the nightmare that was VGX 2013
  262. (07:48:23) Taekon: Didn't watch it :P
  263. (07:48:31) Taekon: geez these emoticons
  264. (07:48:33) Permafry_42: you're lucky
  265. (07:48:41) Taekon: very dramatic haha
  266. (07:48:46) DDBandit24: That scene looks very Shovelknight
  267. (07:48:47) Paavo_Harkonen: By the way, I just have to mention that getting to work with Josh Mandel, one of my heroes, was like a dream come true. Being that Freddy Pharkas was a HUGE influence on the game, you can probably imagine.
  268. (07:48:47) kisak: there should be 3d rendering in this game, but just the hats, and nothing else
  269. (07:48:50) Permafry_42: my freams are scared by the very memory of it
  270. (07:48:51) JoshMandel: APPLAUSE!
  271. (07:48:56) Cheeseness: Yay!
  272. (07:48:58) RUBICN64: I hear VGX was a total bomb
  273. (07:49:15) Sven_Q45: JoshMandel Here:
  274. (07:49:18) JoshMandel: And it was a total honor to be able to contribute, Paavo!
  275. (07:49:19) Permafry_42: *claps very expressively*
  276. (07:49:30) DDBandit24: Excellent game!
  277. (07:49:42) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: Aside from Fester, are there characters from this first episode that you'd bring back for future ones if you had the opportunity?
  278. (07:49:59) kisak: the bank scene felt like Freddy Pharkas
  279. (07:50:02) Cheeseness: What happens if you leave the rope on this guy?
  280. (07:50:06) Taekon: *applauses*
  281. (07:50:06) kisak: (art-wise)
  282. (07:50:06) Cheeseness: (I don't think you need it again)
  283. (07:50:07) Paavo_Harkonen: MoP: It was very much a financial decision. I would've preferred to make the whole game in "one go".
  284. (07:50:24) Syd: Let me know when the outro ends so I can safely end the stream
  285. (07:50:48) Syd: And yeah, sorry, the request to do or look for certain things came way too late to me. There seemed to be fairly significant stream delay
  286. (07:50:50) Permafry_42: thanks syd!
  287. (07:50:55) Cheeseness: You're good to go, Syd
  288. (07:50:58) Cheeseness: Thanks for streaming
  289. (07:51:00) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Yes, I have plans to bring a lot of the characters back.
  290. (07:51:01) Permafry_42: its done
  291. (07:51:06) Cheeseness: Everybody's welcome to hang around and continue chatting
  292. (07:51:07) ***RUBICN64 hopes the other Fester Mudd episodes will hit Amazon soon
  293. (07:51:21) JoshMandel: RUBICN64, if you look at the review (and translate it if you need to), it looks like the reviewer talks about what makes it the "gold edition."
  294. (07:51:31) JoshMandel: His guess is probably better than mine.
  295. (07:51:38) Cheeseness: If anybody's got any, I'd love to see some opinions find their way up to the forum thread: (we've got a rading guide thingy in the FAQ if anybody needs help framing their thoughts)
  296. (07:51:38) kisak: Cheeseness: the cost of text chat on the internet is still reasonable? Awesome!
  297. (07:51:40) DDBandit24: *Sonic fanfare* So what's the next game now?
  298. (07:51:51) Permafry_42: anyone want to play the games to prepare for next weeks double feature stream?
  299. (07:51:58) Syd: I couldn't be too chatty during the stream because the game pauses when it loses focus, but it was fun to play through and stream! :D
  300. (07:52:11) Cheeseness: DDBandit24: Next week we're doing Lume and Aether
  301. (07:52:12) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: If you leave the rope on the guy, it's still there in the final scene. :)
  302. (07:52:21) SirSlade: Thanks for streaming Syd, it was fun to watch too!
  303. (07:52:28) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: Ah yeah. I thought he stood up in the final stream, but he didn't ^_^
  304. (07:52:28) DDBandit24: Cool see you next time!
  305. (07:52:32) RUBICN64: never heard of that one
  306. (07:52:32) DDBandit24 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  307. (07:52:42) Taekon: hanks for the stream Syd!
  308. (07:52:44) Paavo_Harkonen: Thanks for streaming, Syd!
  309. (07:52:59) Sven_Q45: RUBICN64 There is Fester Mudd on Amazon. ;)
  310. (07:53:05) JoshMandel: Thank you, Syd! And thanks also to Cheeseness and Paavo and everyone!
  311. (07:53:07) RUBICN64: you guys should do Simon the Sorcerer next
  312. (07:53:15) Permafry_42: here's aether for those who want the flash version:
  313. (07:53:15) Syd: We did Simon a while back
  314. (07:53:16) RUBICN64: I know
  315. (07:53:17) Cheeseness: RUBICN64: That's two games. Lume is a puzzle oriented point and cluck game that looks like a paper diorama, and Aether is a flash game
  316. (07:53:24) Paavo_Harkonen: And thanks to you, Josh!
  317. (07:53:26) Cheeseness: Thanks so much for coming, JoshMandel and Paavo_Harkonen!
  318. (07:53:26) RUBICN64: ah
  319. (07:53:37) JoshMandel: Thanks for having me!
  320. (07:53:39) Taekon: Thanks the dev for joining us!
  321. (07:53:40) JoshMandel: G'night!
  322. (07:53:42) Permafry_42: lume is on steam here
  323. (07:53:43) Sven_Q45: JoshMandel Mh, even don´t know what the gold edition is. lol :D
  324. (07:53:45) Permafry_42:
  325. (07:53:47) MoP: Thanks as well Josh and Paavo!
  326. (07:53:48) RUBICN64: Sven_Q45 I mesnt the other episodes
  327. (07:53:52) Permafry_42: thanks to the devs for coming!
  328. (07:53:55) RUBICN64: meant
  329. (07:53:58) JoshMandel left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  330. (07:54:06) Cheeseness: Is Aether in the Basement Collection?
  331. (07:54:13) Driim: I think I've put scummvm on most of my devices, so kiitos for this game =)
  332. (07:54:19) Syd: Cheeseness: Yeah, it is
  333. (07:54:23) Permafry_42: yup i'll give a link to it in a sec
  334. (07:54:31) Cheeseness: So that's on Steam too (although it's Flash based)
  335. (07:54:44) Cheeseness: Lume uses Air though IIRC, so they're both using awful tech :D
  336. (07:54:47) Permafry_42:
  337. (07:55:05) medacris: So is there a list of suggested Mac adventure games to start off with?
  338. (07:55:07) Paavo_Harkonen: Syd: It would've been actually the easiest thing in the world to add the feature of not pausing the game when it's not active... Literally just one tick in a box. :)
  339. (07:55:28) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: Do you have a favourite adventure game?
  340. (07:55:57) Cheeseness: Aww
  341. (07:56:01) frogg: medacris: Broken Age?
  342. (07:56:08) Cheeseness: Oh hey frogg
  343. (07:56:10) Permafry_42: i'd recommend the downloadable version that's linked in the flash game for the first playthrough since the basement collection is really laggy for some reason
  344. (07:56:13) Syd: medacris: Have you played the LucasArts classics? You can run them in ScummVM
  345. (07:56:15) medacris: @frogg: That was my first, actually
  346. (07:56:16) frogg: o/ Cheeseness
  347. (07:56:28) Syd: Those old games can be a bit tricky to get, though, since they've been out of print for so long
  348. (07:56:38) Permafry_42: still the basement collection is worth it for the videos describing the making of those flash games
  349. (07:56:44) Syd: Most of them don't cost much on Amazon
  350. (07:56:45) frogg: you can get emulators tohugh, to play games
  351. (07:56:47) RUBICN64: there is always torrents Syd
  352. (07:57:09) medacris: I worry about emulating even old games
  353. (07:57:12) Cheeseness: Let's assume that the Double Fine forum rules apply here and that discussing how to pirate games is something to avoid
  354. (07:57:38) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: I can't pick just one, but some of my favourites are MI2, Gabriel Knight, Quest for Glory 1-4, Larry 7... I'm already regretting answering this, because I'm probably forgetting something essential. :)
  355. (07:57:41) Syd: ScummVM is really solid, works great. And it's about the only way to get those games to run properly on modern hardware. :P
  356. (07:57:58) Permafry_42: garage sales are great for old scummvm compatible games
  357. (07:58:00) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: I can never answer when somebody asks me that question :D
  358. (07:58:08) Sven_Q45: The LucasArts Classic series? They doesn´t need ScummVm.
  359. (07:58:16) Permafry_42: i found my copy of full throtle that way
  360. (07:58:17) Cheeseness: Quest For Glory 1 is definitely the game that has most instilled a sense of adventure for me though
  361. (07:58:32) Driim: like Monkey Island, ust be my favourite if counted by times solved
  362. (07:58:41) medacris: Is there a Mac version?
  363. (07:58:42) RUBICN64: Sven_Q45 tgey do on modern hardware
  364. (07:58:43) Cheeseness: I get chills when stepping outside Spielberg for the first time and the theme plays
  365. (07:58:45) Cheeseness: (the original - the remake doesn't quite do it)
  366. (07:58:45) RUBICN64: they
  367. (07:58:50) Permafry_42: scummvm works on macs
  368. (07:59:00) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Yeah, that game gives me so many fond memories.
  369. (07:59:18) Sven_Q45: RUBICN64 I know. I have them all. German and English. ;)
  370. (07:59:21) Permafry_42: has game club played that one yet?
  371. (07:59:23) Syd: ScummVM has been ported to just about anything they can manage to squeeze it onto
  372. (07:59:39) Permafry_42: syd yeah there's a ps3 scummvm XD
  373. (07:59:41) Arthur_D: I shouldn't have updated the game, now I can't launch it :/
  374. (07:59:49) medacris: I'm sorry for being a newbie
  375. (07:59:50) RUBICN64: heck, even Dreamcast has a port Syd
  376. (08:00:05) Lightkey: it runs on almost anything mostly due to the fact that it's not an emulator ;-)
  377. (08:00:20) Sven_Q45: What is it then?
  378. (08:00:20) Lightkey: Dreamcast? try N64 :-D
  379. (08:00:30) Permafry_42: @medacris don't worry I'm still catching up on the majority of p&c games
  380. (08:00:44) Lightkey: they rebuilt the original engines, it's a collection of exes in one
  381. (08:00:53) Cheeseness: Alrighty, well if people are keen to move past discussion of Fester Mudd, I'll cut the chat log at this point and get stuff ready for next week. Thanks to everybody who joined us!
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