Getting Pregnant (bimbo, impregnate, doctor, nurse)

eddielocke Jun 17th, 2019 69 in 328 days
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  1. just so you know when I'm visually impaired so I don't use a traditional computer andI don't see very well so if I've made any mistakes of grammar or formatting please be's not really a fully form to script but it is an idea that I had when I heard your recording yesterday and it took me a few hours to put it together but this is what I saw inside my head.
  3. You've been married for about five years, and you've been meticulous about trying to get pregnant. You wonder what you could have done differently. You always eat the right things and you drink the right things, and you never touch alcohol or drugs.
  4. You wonder if maybe the sex you had in college was a bad idea. Or if you'd had more sex then maybe it would have been easier.
  6. One thing is for sure you do really love your husband. More than you've ever loved anybody in the whole world. I mean, he doesn't have the biggest dick or make the most money, but you do love him and he treats you better than anyone else has ever treated you.
  8. You were at the gym, and you had forgotten your headphones. This woman just struck up a conversation with you. She was talking about how hard it was to come back after her third pregnancy. How hard it was to get back in shape and how hard it was to do all those things that she wanted to do. And you were just amazed at anybody that looked like that. could have possibly had three children. Her tits were full and round, her hips were curvy but her belly was flat and her legs were shapely. She asked if you had any kids, and you said you were trying. She mentioned that she had a lot of trouble getting started. And you became more interested in the conversation. She told you that she'd found this amazing doctor. That really helped her. A fertility doctor showed her how to do everything she needed to get pregnant. At first she didn't believe it but now she had three beautiful children. She didn't know what she was going to do now that she was finished.
  10. She gave you his number, actually, she had his business card in her purse. She said that he was worth every penny that she'd ever spent. You don't know why you didn't tell your husband but you kept it a secret. You made an appointment as soon as you could.
  12. The morning of your appointment you woke up early. You took a lot of time in the shower. You masturbated just like you did before the pelvic exam. You trimmed your garden, as you used to call your pubic hair when you were little. You didn't put on any perfume or any tight clothing. You just wore simple panties, and a bra and a summer dress. On the way you had a croissant and some coffee at Starbucks. It seemed a little odd when you got there. There were no other women waiting in the room and that struck you as strange. The nurse was very polite and thorough. She asked you a lot of questions, and you filled out a lot of paperwork. How old were you when you lost your virginity? Have you ever had sex with multiple partners? Do you like sex with women better than men? You brought the $500 in cash. Just so your husband wouldn't see it on a credit card statement. The more you thought about it, the more you realized that you didn't want him to know because you didn't want him to feel inadequate. Even though you thought it was probably a problem with him. When you went back into the examination room, the nurse measured you and weighed you. She took a lot of measurements actually. She helped you undress. She gave you a tiny little paper gown that opened in the back. And she stood with her back to you while you took off your underwear and your bra. Then she helped you onto the table and she started to examine you. She told you she was going to give you a series of injections, and that the doctor would finish. When you leaned back into the padded headrest and put your legs in the stirrups you felt quite light-headed and kind of dizzy. You thought maybe it was because you hadn't eaten anything of substance that morning. The nurse put a mask over your face. There was something odd about it like an oxygen mask but it smelled so good. It almost felt like you drifted off to sleep but that's not possible. Maybe just like your mind was emptied of thought and you took deep breaths and you felt your breasts rise and fall. Your nipples got hard against the paper gown. You felt the first needle slide in on your left hip and then a minute later your right hip but they didn't really sting. Then there was an injection into each of your tits, you meant to say breasts. When you came back to yourself, you realized your hands were above your head. You're trying to scratch your nose and realize that your hands are restrained in some kind of contraption above your head and that you couldn't move them. The nurse took the mask off of your face and you asked her what was wrong with your hands. She told you that everything was going to be okay, that you needed to just relax and have something to eat. You realize that you were starving but you didn't understand. You didn't understand really what she was talking about when she said that and then she unzipped her uniform and her breasts fell out and put it in your mouth. You hadn't had a woman's breast in your mouth since college. Still you started sucking like a baby almost immediately and you felt the warm milk fill your mouth. It felt amazing. It felt like the best thing you had ever tasted. So your eyes rolled up in your hand because it felt so good to suck on a breast and you couldn't explain how it tasted so good in your mouth. You felt her hand resting on the mound of your pussy that you had trimmed for the doctor so carefully this morning. Just stroking the skin on either side of your pussy lips. Your legs were open in the stirrups and you felt like your pussy was just begging to be touched more. The nurse put her other breast in your mouth as she changed sides on the examination table. You felt her finger start to probe inside of you. You heard her tell you that you were much too smart to have a baby. College girls almost never got pregnant unless they were stupid. So you just needed to be shown how to be a good bimbo so you could get knocked up like those other whores. You felt yourself moaning around her nipple. She stroked your G spot with her long fingers. You'd made yourself come twice already this morning in the shower so it was easy to come a third time and then a fourth. You just relaxed into it. All you can think about is your pussy. Right as you're starting to come again, the doctor walked in. You would have been embarrassed if you weren't already so drunk on your own cum and breast milk. as you looked down between your legs at the doctor you just wanted him to stare at your pussy are you came all over the nurses fingers again and again.
  14. It's not like you're terribly uncomfortable but your breasts itch. Actually, they itch a lot and your ass too. You wondered if they weren't getting bigger. You remembered when you were a teenager and your breasts and your hips and your ass were growing for the first time. You remember how much the skin on your breasts and how much you wanted to squeeze them as they were growing. You felt the same way as the doctor examined you. He pinched you and probed you. He told you that he was going to make sure that you got pregnant and that everything was going to be fine. He looked like the nicest man you'd ever seen in your whole life. He told you to turn your head to the side and then he was standing there looking down at you explaining what was going to happen. He explained that he had given you a series of injections to make you the best breeder bimbo you could ever be but the injections didn't last. You needed to be made pregnant quickly so that you could get the maximum effect. That's when he unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and fed it to you. Nurse was whispering in your ear to take it deeper, suck it more, and you can do it better, wetter, harder. His cock is a lot bigger than your husband's and harder. You know you shouldn't be doing that. You knew it was wrong the whole time. You just feel so out of control and so sexual. You just can't control yourself. You feel his cock all the way in the back of your throat in a way that you would not take your husband. You MUST be a real cock sucking bimbo. Nurse was licking your pussy as the doctor was fucking your mouth. You were cumming, and you would have been saying the filthiest things if you could just talk with a dick in your mouth. You heard the nurse say that you were ready. Doctor pulled his cock out of your mouth and you felt so empty. You needed to be filled. You were supposed to be filled. That was what you were supposed to do. You were supposed to be filled all the time. With cock all the time. Forever. From now on. You don't know why you never realized it before. You hadn't had any strangers in your pussy for almost seven years. So when the doctor slid inside you it was a really tight you saw the sweat breakout on his forehead. As you felt your muscles clench around him. You're trying to milk him with your pussy as he stroked in and out of you. It was hard to think, the only thing that you wanted to do was feel his cock. Nurse was whispering in your ear. You were taking it. He was going to go in a little bit deeper and you were going to feel him against your cervix. You needed to take a deep breath because... and then you were completely full. You hadn't been completely full like that in a long time. You were absolutely full of cock. And there was nothing you could do. You could feel your ovaries pumping out eggs that needed to be fertilized. You wanted to have a litter of puppies. You wanted to be pregnant for the rest of your life. You wouldn't do anything to make a baby. The head of his cock kept banging against your cervix and you kept trying to open your legs wider but they were strapped into the stirrups. So you just started coming over and over again. Your orgasm must have lasted five minutes. As your pussy clenched harder and harder the doctor pumped what felt like a gallon of semen inside you. Deep firm strokes as deep inside you as any man had ever been in your whole life. You passed out then. After a while, maybe about 10 minutes or maybe an hour, you woke up and the doctor was gone. The nurse was unstrapping your arms and legs from the table. You sat up and she gave you a glass of orange juice. You were completely naked and she lead you to a little shower. She helped you wash and clean yourself. And she even licked your pussy for a little while so you could cum again. She told you that she loved the taste of the doctor when he was dripping out of another woman. By the time you left the doctor's office you couldn't remember where your panties were or where your bra was. But you had found the cutest shoes and they gave you a little dress so that you could go home to your husband and fuck him really good tonight. Maybe he'd even think the baby was his.
  16. so I don't know where I'm going with this and I don't know who the point of view character is. Whether it's the nurse or the woman or maybe even the doctor.when I heard your video this is what I thought of and I hope you like it a little bit. Who knows if you give me some feedback I might be able to finish it.
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