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  1. Minigame Month Official
  3.     Trivia is hosting a Minigame Month in March and as part of our event, we're looking to collaborate with rooms across the server and create themed officials based on these rooms and you're one of them!  So we're gonna need ideally 50 questions based on Smash Bros, based on characters, stages, items etc. We need these questions to be as objective as possible. Also by questions, I really mean statements more in the Jeopardy style of "This character has the fastest air speed."
  4.     This is meant to be a collaboration, so we're perfectly fine with any level of participation you're comfortable with, be it writing the questions and having us proofread it, vice versa, giving us ideas to write questions about, or just lending your name to this and making us do the work.
  6. Questions are to be written in this format:
  8. /trivia add subcat | Write your question here with correct punctuation and capitalization.| answer1, answer2, etc
  10. So for instance:
  12. /trivia add subcat| Name a confirmed DLC Character. | Piranha Plant, Joker
  14. Last names are also acceptable for answers (ex: Bush for George W. Bush) and we encourage you to include as many alternative answers as possible. We also allow for questions such as "Name a Pokemon that..." so long as it doesn't exceed like 4 possible answers. If you have any questions don't hesitate to let a mod/RO know or me personally, and thanks for considering collaborating with us!
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