Body Cam Footage AR Mckenzie Jackson

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  1. [17:12] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "nods" Ok we will get you booked in
  2. [17:12] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): I  have enough to charge you and you will get a phone call.
  3. [17:13] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) nods showing a slig
  4. [17:13] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "looks to the glass giving a nod"
  5. [17:13] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): slight smirk*
  6. [17:14] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "standing up If you will follow us.
  7. [17:15] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Please stand with your back to the wall.
  8. [17:15] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) sighs
  9. [17:15] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): need you to turn around please.
  10. [17:15] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( Try to get in the center ))
  11. [17:16] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((sorry)) lag))
  12. [17:16] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( thats ok take your time ))
  13. [17:16] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((you told me to face the wall lol))
  14. [17:17] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): ((lol he said bak to wall))
  15. [17:17] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((oh))
  16. [17:17] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((brb potty))
  17. [17:18] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): ok face your left.
  18. [17:19] ᴊᴜꜱᴛɪɴ ʜᴇʀᴏɴ ᴄᴏʟᴛᴏɴ (captianjustin): "Going to get out and patrol guys."
  19. [17:19] ᴊᴜꜱᴛɪɴ ʜᴇʀᴏɴ ᴄᴏʟᴛᴏɴ (captianjustin) waves bye
  20. [17:19] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): Ok officer be safe
  21. [17:20] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((back))
  22. [17:21] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): ((wb))
  23. [17:21] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): ok place you hand on the scanner on the desk here.
  24. [17:21] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) places her hand as directed#
  25. [17:22] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "hits the enter key and then waits as multiple pings come up"
  26. [17:22] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Well look like you have been busy.
  27. [17:23] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): what you mean?
  28. [17:23] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): seven warrants and 4 Bolo including the Bolo we put out for you .
  29. [17:24] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) she laughs "prove it"
  30. [17:24] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): is surprised but doesn't show it
  31. [17:26] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Oh we will. Don't worry So now you get your phone call there is a pay phone. right here.
  32. [17:28] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) smirks "lovee to see you try" she declines the hone "I need a lawyer but I dont have a number"
  33. [17:29] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): phone*
  34. [17:29] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Ok we will send one up for you Please this way.
  35. [17:29] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "when?"
  36. [17:30] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( if he is online will try tonight ))
  37. [17:30] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((ok))
  38. [17:30] :: : [CCPD | 130 | Officer  J.Heron] [GLOBAL] :: 130 to Dispatch - fire at 1416 Barracuda St
  39. [17:30] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( Might just have to reach out for one ))
  40. [17:31] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Step in and face the bunks
  41. [17:31] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "Just so you know, you're lucky you're a cop" she says as she enters the cell
  42. [17:33] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "nods" then walking back into the office
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