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  1. I have seen red and green blue and other colors as a child when id close my eyes that looked to form a circle .   Very young.
  3. Seems to have some relation with my DMT trip when I saw the vast number of boxes.  It stretched infinitely in all directions and points (an infinite amount) of dots, each representing another life or reality.  
  5. Pregante - Italian Meaning: Praying  -  UD (LAN?):  Pregnant with a wolf.  Logically people could be monitoring my every move and using it to mess with my mind.  Drugs were being used but this is only opening the gates of this other worldly reality more.  The mind .
  7. Artificial Intelligence: DARPA server found on my 192.168.*.* network (130.130) -
  8. AI Rational:  Just an html file. -  Rational is almost thrown out at this point due to memories of jail and other
  9. things that are not of this world.  Elaboration not needed.  
  11. Music and other media is becoming --- new to me.  
  13. - dL  3/10/19  - 11:44 PM EST
  14. JOURNAL 1
  16. [[EDIT]]:  DARPA could have implanted a chip (microprocessor) in my brain or even something more to do with Elon Musk and his neuralink.
  18. Until ENTRY 2.
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