Daki Demon

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  1. >Have trouble sleeping at night.
  2. >Sign up for the MGC Daki service.
  3. >As a customer, not employee.
  4. >They have a roster of men and monsters they send out to customers to be used as Dakis.
  5. >Strict no sex rule but it's still basically a glorified dating service.
  6. >The monsters are mostly weresheep and dormice and things of that nature.
  7. >Doorbell rings at 10:30, you go answer it.
  8. >It's a demon. Blue skin, slitted eyes glowing yellow, evil looking black horns.
  9. >She's wearing some kind of skin-tight leather catsuit that shows off an absurdly hourglass-shaped figure.
  10. >She's tall as well; with her high heels she's almost as tall as you.
  11. >Her cold glare freezes you in place when you open the door. This can't possibly be the girl you're waiting for.
  12. >"Are you Anon?" Her voice is emotionless and commanding.
  13. >You say that you are.
  14. >She nods and marches into your home.
  15. >"I'm Verina. I'm from the Daki service. Are you ready for bed? I don't mind waiting a bit if you need some time."
  16. >You immensely regret signing up. You're feeling awkward and a little afraid but you don't want to make this any worse so you decide to go along with it for now.
  17. >You say you're ready and quickly show her around the house.
  18. >In short order you are lying in bed with only the dim light of your bedside lamp to see by and Verina is in your bathroom 'preparing'.
  19. >She comes out a few minutes later wearing a modest white linen nighty with a flower print.
  20. >She's carrying one of those special pillows meant to accommodate horns. It's shaped like a cartoon sheep and kind of looks like a teddy bear.
  21. >She places it next to you and silently slips under the covers, turning the light off on the way in.
  22. >She laid down facing you; you can see her eyes glowing faintly in the darkness.
  23. >After a few moments of silence she inches closer and nudges you.
  24. >Taking the hint, you roll onto your side and hesitantly wrap your arms around her, holding her like you would a daki and silently freaking the fuck out.
  25. >She calmly snuggles into you, wrapping her spade tail around one of your legs and resting her face lightly against yours.
  26. >She's out like a light within seconds.
  27. >You wake up in the morning in the exact same position, with her staring at your face.
  28. >You lock eyes with her and - not knowing what to do - end up stuck like that.
  29. >You spend fifteen minutes staring at each other with her tail drawing lazy circles on the top of your foot.
  30. >After which she wordlessly gets up and leaves the room.
  31. >You find her in the kitchen, still in her pajamas, making pancakes.
  32. >After the two of you have breakfast together she changes back into her normal clothes, gives you a cool but polite goodbye, then leaves.
  33. >She left her pillow on your bed though.
  34. >All you can think is 'what the actual fuck just happened?'
  36. >This repeats the next day with two small variations.
  37. >First, she plays the little spoon that night instead of going face to face, which is a huge relief. That shit was disturbing.
  38. >Second, it's waffles in the morning instead of pancakes.
  39. >Made from scratch, with an antique waffle press she left in your kitchen the night before.
  40. >They're covered in blackberry syrup (also homemade), strawberry slices, and cream.
  41. >The two of you are sitting side by side at the kitchen table. You don't know why; she waited for you to sit down then sat to your immediate left.
  42. >Halfway through the meal you notice her staring at you. Not at your eyes like usual though, her gaze is a little lower. Your lips?
  43. >When you pause in your eating she gently cups your chin with one hand and leads your face toward hers.
  44. >She leans across your body, her breasts pressing against your arm and shoulder, and licks the left side of you face.
  45. >And I mean she REALLY licks it.
  46. >A slow, firm lick with her whole tongue that starts at the corner of your mouth and trails halfway across your cheek.
  47. >She backs away a few inches afterward, still staring at your mouth. You can hear her tongue moving in her mouth and see her swallowing, like she's savoring the flavor.
  48. >Then she goes in again.
  49. >A much slower and harder lick this time, catching more of your lips.
  50. >Her tongue is wiggling around and rubbing back and forth against your skin like it's made of candy.
  51. >She's salivating like crazy, you can feel it drenching your cheek and lip for a moment before she licks it up.
  52. >When she finishes she grabs a napkin from the table and uses it to delicately dry off the spot she licked.
  53. >Satisfied, she meets your eyes briefly then goes back to her meal.
  54. >Too stunned to follow suit, you sit there watching her.
  55. >A minute or two go by and her movements suddenly slow. She gets a spaced out look in her eyes like she's thinking about something.
  56. >Then she starts to look worried. You can't say how exactly - her face is the same as before - but her eyes come back into focus suddenly and she looks tense.
  57. >She peeks in your direction and freezes when she sees you staring at her.
  58. >She gives a little start then goes back to eating.
  59. >The rest of the morning goes as normal. You finish breakfast, she helps clean up then goes on her way. She does seem a touch off when she leaves though.
  61. >This goes on for about a week.
  62. >One morning you notice she seems interested in the entertainment center in your room.
  63. >You aren't sure why, none of the equipment is particularly nice. You've still got a DVD/VHS combo hooked up under your blu-ray.
  64. >That night she shows up a couple hours earlier than usual.
  65. >Asks if you want to watch a movie.
  66. >Yeah sure, why not.
  67. >She hands you a bag.
  68. >You open it and see 3 VHS cassettes.
  69. >Alien, Sleepless in Seattle, The Lion King.
  70. >She asks you to pick one.
  71. >You go for Alien.
  72. >Turns out she's never seen it.
  73. >Her parents thought it was too scary for her when she was younger.
  74. >Ask her why she never watched it when she was older.
  75. >She says she didn't want to watch a scary movie alone.
  76. >"You could have watched it with friends or something."
  77. >She cocks her head to the side with a frown.
  78. >Either that idea never occurred to her before, or she doesn't have friends.
  79. >The previews start rolling and you two climb into bed. You make your customary pillow recliner/fortress for maximum comfy, she settles in on the other side.
  80. >By the end of the movie she has joined you in your fortress and pulled one of your arms around her like a scarf. You get the impression she's a little scared but her face doesn't show it.
  81. >You get up to return the movie to it's case. She follows you.
  82. >"Do you need to go to the bathroom, Anon?"
  83. >"Hm? No, I'm alright."
  84. >"Oh."
  85. >She follows you around silently for a bit.
  86. >"I think I heard water, Anon."
  87. >"Water?"
  88. >"You should check to make sure your toilet isn't running. You could run up your water bill like that."
  89. >"...I see. I guess I'll do that, then."
  90. >"I'll come with you, to make sure you don't slip."
  91. >"Right..."
  92. >You take a quick look around the bathroom, nothing is running.
  93. >Verina nods. "I guess I must have been hearing things. Well, since we're here anyways, we might as well use it."
  94. >You try not to roll your eyes. "Of course. I'll just step outside, you can go ahead."
  95. >"Wait!"
  96. >You watch tiny changes pass over her face as she processes the current situation. Careful weighing of options. A desperate search for an excuse to keep you in the room without giving away how scared she is. Reluctant, unwilling acceptance.
  97. >"Hey," her eyes look fall away from yours and look into the distance, "do you want to watch me pee?"
  98. >You can see her pride crumbling as she says the words.
  99. >"You want me to watch you pee?"
  100. >"Yeah, it'll be fun." Her voice is even more emotionless than usual. "It's one of those things, right? A fetish?" The life is gone from her eyes. "I'm a pervert. A hopeless pervert who enjoys men watching me pee. Please watch me pee."
  101. >She bunches up and lifts the long skirt of her nightie revealing childish white cotton underwear.
  102. >"Don't you think it would be better to just admit that you're sca-" at that moment your circuit breaker trips and the lights go out.
  103. >Verina grabs onto you full-force and between her, her skirt tangled around both of you, and the darkness, you can't keep on your feet.
  104. >You land in the most awkward position possible, pressed against the back of the toilet with Verina in your lap facing you.
  105. >There's dead silence except for two people panting and the very characteristic sound of a stream of liquid trickling into the toilet.
  106. >You feel something warm on the inside of one of your thighs.
  107. >"...Hey."
  108. >"Yeah?"
  109. >"Can I borrow of pair of your underwear?"
  110. >"Yeah."
  112. >You're at work the next day.
  113. >Local department store. You're out on the salesfloor with a couple of your co-workers setting up a display.
  114. >You hear a timid 'excuse me' and turn around, expecting a customer.
  115. >It's Verina, in her usual leather outfit. It still feels weird seeing her in that; you mostly see her in pajamas.
  116. >Before you can greet her she holds out a brown paper bag.
  117. >"Anon, I'm sorry for bothering you at work, but I wanted to return your underwear."
  118. >Your co-workers stop what they're doing to stare at her. Andy is grinning.
  119. >You reach for the bag with a stiff face and try to keep yourself from blushing. This is going to be all over the store by the time you clock out.
  120. >"I also wanted to apologize once again for peeing on you."
  121. >Several nearby customers stop and stare. At her, then at you. Mostly at you.
  122. >You croak out "I'm going on lunch," then grab her and head for the time-clock.
  123. >"Wanna borrow my poncho?"
  124. >You try to murder Andy telepathically as you walk away.
  125. >It doesn't work.
  127. >As you're clocking out you invite Verina to join you for lunch, mostly out of a desire to fix the awkward atmosphere.
  128. >"Certainly!" Her enthusiastic reply catches you a little off-guard.
  129. >She clears her throat and continues in a more normal tone. "I'm also on lunch break so that works out well."
  130. >"You're on lunch? Come to think of it, where do you work? And how did you know where I work?"
  131. >You and Verina talk while you walk to the little grill across the street and put in your orders.
  132. >"The Daki service gave me your work address. I work at the public library part-time while I attend university."
  133. >"You're a librarian?" You eye her outfit up and down.
  134. >"Yes? Oh, you must be confused since I'm not wearing the rest of my uniform."
  135. >She reaches into her purse and pulls out two object. A pair of glasses and a black leather riding crop.
  136. >She puts on the glasses and taps them with the crop. "See?"
  137. >"Uh...yeah," you lie. "It's so obvious; I don't know how I didn't see it before."
  138. >She nods in satisfaction.
  139. >"You said the PUBLIC library, right?"
  140. >"Yes?"
  141. >"'s nothing."
  142. >Your order is up so you and Verina collect your food then head for a table.
  143. >"You said you were in college? For some reason I was thinking of you as the career woman type. How old are you?"
  144. >"I'm twenty-four."
  145. >"Oh wow, really? I though you were way older than th-" her face doesn't change but you can suddenly feel a powerful aura of depression emitting from her body. "I mean, that's only about a year older than me. What a coincidence, hahaha."
  146. >Desperate to change the subject you jump to the first thing you can think of.
  147. >"Say, have you ever thought about going to sleep in a kind of weird way? I remember when I was a kid I always wanted to sleep in a big pile of warm, fresh laundry."
  148. >She perks up noticeably and the gloomy atmosphere vanishes.
  149. >"I may have considered some things along those lines in the past." She's studying you intently from behind her steak sandwich now. "Would you like to try them?"
  150. >"Eh? Uh, what did you have in mind?"
  151. >"...oh, this and that. Various things."
  152. >"I...guess that would be alri-"
  153. >"Wonderful. Perhaps I'll think of something for tonight then."
  154. >This may have been a mistake.
  156. >That night Verina calls and asks if you would be willing to sleep somewhere else that night.
  157. >Reluctantly you agree.
  158. >She picks you up and drives you to an average looking house in a nearby neighborhood.
  159. >When you ring the doorbell you're greeted by two soccer-mom looking young women, a Hellhound and a Yeti. Odd combination.
  160. >Verina introduces them. "These are my classmates from highschool, Nana and Riley."
  161. >"Are you sure this is alright, Rina?" the Yeti, Nana, asks. "I wouldn't want to spoil your date."
  162. >Before you can object Verina answers, "It's fine."
  163. >"You shouldn't have any trouble with mine today, at least," the Hellhound puts in. "Nana's girls ran them ragged all day." She chuckles.
  164. >"Ahhh, the poor things," Nana sighs. "They're just so cute my girls can't help themselves. They were chasing them around all afternoon."
  165. >The conversation only adds to your confusion and before you can figure out what's going on the two women are gone; Nana home to sleep and Riley off to meet her husband somewhere.
  166. >When you ask Verina what's going only she quietly tugs you to a room at the back of the house.
  167. >Inside you find a shallow, square basket the size of a king-sized bed lined with blankets and pillows.
  168. >Two young Yetis are curled up inside sleeping. They look about 6 or 7, one a little older than the other.
  169. >They're both clutching dark balls of fluff that you mistake for pillows at first.
  170. >There's 8 or 9 of the things strewn about the basket.
  171. >The one in the smaller Yeti's arms shifts a bit and looks toward the door with a pair of glowing red eyes.
  172. >It stares at you for a few seconds before losing interest and curling back up.
  173. >Verina slips the door closed and hands you the bag with your night clothes in it.
  174. >"We're babysitting?" you ask with some surprise.
  175. >"Yes." She prods you into the bathroom to change. When you return she is already in her pajamas.
  176. >As soon as she sees you she grabs you and pulls you back to the kids' room. Then she slips inside, pulling you behind her.
  177. >"Hey, what are we doing?" you whisper.
  178. >"Babysitting," she replies, pulling you toward the basket.
  179. >"What about me?"
  180. >Verina glaces at you questioningly.
  181. >"They might know you but won't they freak out if they wake up and there's a stranger in there with them?"
  182. >"No, they won't care. Just don't pet them too much, they'll get excited and won't go back to sleep."
  183. >You sigh and follow her into the basket, stepping carefully to avoid the tiny Hellhounds.
  184. >She leads you to a mostly unoccupied corner and you try to stretch out in a sleeping posture.
  185. >Your hand and knee brush against something squishy and you hear a muffled squeak.
  186. >The world around you starts squirming and you feel a sensation like several fluffy hot water bottles slowly crawling along your body.
  187. >You turn toward Verina and come face to face with a sleeping Yeti. She clamps onto your head and starts nuzzling against your hair.
  188. >As you are consumed alive by a giant, fluffy massage chair, your last thought is a desperate hope that you don't wake up with morning wood.
  190. >That night sets up a pattern.
  191. >About once a week Verina either drags you somewhere or shows up on your doorstep with something strange.
  192. >Six days after your night in the puppy pile she arrives at your house carrying a sleeping bag.
  193. >"Want me to setup a tent in the back yard?" you ask with a wry grin.
  194. >"That won't be necessary; the tent I brought is small enough to fit in your living room. It would be wise to open a window though, it might get stuffy in here otherwise."
  195. >You sigh and start pulling the coffee table out of the way.
  196. >When you pull your own sleeping bag out of the closet she frowns at it. "You won't need that. The one I brought is for both of us."
  197. >"Oh, is that one of those two-person sleeping bags?"
  198. >"...Yes."
  199. >She's lying!
  200. >When you're finished setting up she rolls the sleeping bag out and confirms your suspicions; it barely looks big enough for one of you.
  201. >She gestures for you to go in first.
  202. >You slip in easily with a startlingly smooth sensation.
  203. >"Is this thing lined with silk?"
  204. >"Yes."
  205. >"Where did you buy it? I didn't even know hey make silk sleeping bags."
  206. >"They don't, I made it."
  207. >She slips in with you, worming her way down until she's at eye level to your chin. You can acutely feel every curve and bump of her body as she slides it along the length of yours.
  208. >"The outer case is weresheep wool and the lining is harpy down."
  209. >"Isn't that a little impractical for camping?"
  210. >"It's not for camping."
  211. >She doesn't fall asleep as soon as she settles in like normal.
  212. >You can guess why - even with the window open it's uncomfortably warm in the sleeping bag. Her cheeks are flushed and her breathing is heavier than usual.
  213. >After a few minutes she says, "I think our clothes are too heavy for our sleeping arrangements."
  214. >"Do you want to change? I think I have some lighter..." you trail off as she pulls her nightie off over her head and tosses it out of the tent. You can feel the distinct sensation of a bra pressing into your chest.
  215. >"That..."
  216. >"Ah, are your arms stuck?" she asks. "Let me help you."
  217. >Your T-shirt slips off instantly and joins her nightie in a pile outside the tent. How does she do that, it's like a fucking magic trick.
  218. >"There, much better," she says with the same cold voice and emotionless face as ever.
  219. >You're both in only your underwear now.
  220. >The muggy, sweat-laden air inside the sleeping bag has a faint and refreshing flowery scent, though you're fairly certain Verina isn't wearing perfume.
  221. >As your little man stirs, Verina nuzzles into your bare chest and starts to nod off.
  222. >Several minutes later, well after you are certain she is asleep, you hear her say quite clearly, "My contract with the Daki service forbids penetration."
  223. >You jerk. "What? W-what do you mean?"
  224. >She doesn't respond. She's seems asleep.
  225. >It takes you a lot longer than usual to fall asleep that night.
  227. >Next week is less intense.
  228. >You hear the doorbell at the normal time and when you arrive you find a very small blue girl in a tiger onesie.
  229. >"Good evening, Anon."
  230. >"...Verina?"
  231. >"Yes."
  232. >"You've lost weight."
  233. >"I happen to come into possession of a souvenir set of novelty foods. Please pay no mind to my outfit, this is the only thing I had in my closet that fit."
  234. >"You had that in your closet? Why?"
  235. >"...yes, well, as I was saying, after researching the effects of the foods I felt some of them could be of use in our hobby."
  236. >"Hobby, right."
  237. >"Now, I hate to trouble you, but could you possibly help me prepare for bed tonight? I have much less dexterity in this form and it makes many simple tasks much more difficult."
  238. >"Sure. What do you need help with?"
  239. >"To begin, I have an uncomfortable stiffness in my lower back. Please pick me up and hug me firmly to stretch it out."
  240. >"I feel like you're being a little dishonest with me."
  241. >"I am certainly not." She reaches up to you with both of her arms. "Hugs."
  242. >You pull her up into a hug and squeeze her till she squeaks, then shake her around a bit for good measure. "Happy?"
  243. >"5 minutes."
  244. >"What? No. No way, that's too long. 1 minute."
  245. >"3 minutes." That icy stare of hers is a lot more compelling on a child for some reason.
  246. >You give in and hold her like that for 3 minutes. When you set her down you give her a firm look.
  247. >"There. Now, I assume you actually need my help for something?"
  248. >"Of course. I said I did, did I not?"
  249. >"Ok then, what?"
  250. >"Airpl-"
  251. >"No Airplane."
  252. >"What if I show you my butt?"
  253. >"What makes you think I want to see a little kid's butt?"
  254. >"When we babysat at Riley's house, in the morning you-"
  255. >"Stop! Stop right there! All men my age are like that in the morning. It's a natural phenomenon. There were absolutely no lewd thoughts involved!"
  256. >She stares at you for a few seconds before taking on a troubled expression and mumbling something.
  257. >In a normal voice she adds, "Then, please take me to the bathroom and help me brush my hair and teeth."
  258. >That's a little more reasonable.
  259. >You agree and start for the bathroom but she catches your sleeve.
  260. >"Piggyback."
  261. >Grumbling under your breath you kneel down for her to climb on.
  262. >Her hair is too long for her to brush properly on her own and she has difficulty maneuvering the toothbrush so you end up doing most of both.
  263. >"Come to think of it, how did you get here? There's no way you drove like that, right?"
  264. >"...I got a ride."
  265. >"Oh? From who?"
  266. >"..."
  267. >"What's that? I didn't catch it."
  268. >"A member of my social support network."
  269. >"Mom or Dad?"
  270. >" mother."
  271. >After torturing her a bit you princess carry her to the bed and tuck her in.
  272. >Your beautiful work lasts a matter of seconds since as soon as you climb in on your side she scrambles over and curls up nearly on top of you.
  274. >When you wake the next morning Verina is in the bathroom, so you shamble to the other end of the house and use the other one.
  275. >Just as you are sitting down with your coffee you feel a tugging on your sleeve. Verina is still loli mode.
  276. >"Anon, I hate to be a bother, but do you have a hand mirror I could borrow? The mirror in the bathroom is too high."
  277. >You frown. She isn't THAT short. Your sleep addled mind doesn't stick with the thought for long though, and you grab her a handheld mirror from the garage.
  278. >Once she has it she disappears back into the bathroom for several more minutes.
  279. >You start making breakfast.
  280. >When Verina returns she looks depressed.
  281. >She returns the mirror and thanks you, then sits down at the table with a dispirited sigh.
  282. >You ask her what's wrong.
  283. >"Oh, it's nothing. I suppose I should be glad, given what my normal self looks like, but it's still disappointing to look inside and not find anything."
  284. >You spend a long moment processing that.
  285. >"...What were you just doing with my mirror?"
  286. >"Ah! Perhaps you couldn't figure out how to get these pajamas off? There's a zipper hidden in a seam on the back, I could show you-"
  287. >"Okay, hold on," you interrupt. "I'm going to say this clearly so there's no confusion. I have no inappropriate interest in little girls."
  288. >She gets an uncomfortable, distant look on her face. "...little boys?"
  289. >"No!"
  290. >She still looks suspicious.
  291. >"Look, if I had to pick a type, I prefer older women. The mature type, you know?"
  292. >You catch a glint in her eye when you say that. You aren't sure what it means but it worries you.
  293. >"I see."
  294. >She finishes her meal and leaves with a determined stride.
  295. >About 15 minutes later your doorbell rings.
  296. >There's a Kobold policewoman there holding Verina's hand.
  297. >"Excuse me sir, I found this little lady wandering around a few blocks away. She said she was"
  298. >"Loli Love Slave!" Verina finishes.
  299. >The Kobold gives a weak, helpless laugh.
  300. >"Sorry officer, I've never seen her before."
  301. >"Eh?"
  302. >"Please go ahead and take her to prison."
  303. >"Wait, Anon, I-"
  304. >"Not the good prison. That bad one, with all the butch Onis."
  305. >"Wait, I'm sorry, it was a joke, Anon."
  306. >Loli is panicking now.
  307. >The police lady tries to calm her down and explain I'm not serious but Verina talks over her.
  308. >"Please don't let her take me to prison. I've heard they make you toss the salad in prison. I don't know what that means, but given the context I heard it in I don't think it has anything to do with food."
  309. >You sigh and tell her you were joking too.
  310. >She puffs up and punches your leg ineffectually. Feels like getting hit with a feather.
  311. >Turns out she forgot she was in loli mode and walked out the door before realizing her car wasn't there.
  312. >She was too embarrassed to go back in and call her mom for a ride, and she doesn't have a cell for some reason, so she tried to walk home.
  313. >You give her a ride home.
  314. >When you drop her off she clears her throat and mutters something like 'lets try this again'.
  315. >Then she looks at you with a glint in her eye and walks into her house with a determined stride.
  317. >That night, you sit across the table from Verina.
  318. >"It's perfectly safe, Anon."
  319. >She's back to normal now.
  320. >On the table between you is a box of expensive looking cookies and a tall glass bottle of milk that is glowing purple.
  321. >The thing that has you worried is the Wonderland brand mark on the cookies.
  322. >"We'll both be back to normal by morning. There's nothing to worry about."
  323. >You're still hesitant. "This seems kind of perverted."
  324. >"There's absolutely nothing sexual about it, Anon. I merely wish to experience one of the joys of motherhood."
  325. >She's lying! That's definitely a lie!
  326. >It's ironic that a woman with a near-permanent poker face would be so terrible at lying.
  327. >You glance at the box again. "What were your parent doing in Wonderland anyways?"
  328. >"They go there for their anniversary every year," she replies.
  329. >"That seems a little odd. Do they like it that much?"
  330. >"It's where they met."
  331. >"How do a human and a demon meet for the first time in Wonderland of all places?"
  332. >"My father was originally a hermaphroditic vampire were-dolphin. He journeyed to Wonderland to realize his dream of being a human boy."
  333. >"...Seriously?"
  334. >"No."
  335. >"How upset would you be if I stabbed you with a fork?"
  336. >"I would be moderately aroused."
  337. >You reluctantly put down the fork.
  338. >"Anon, if you are truly against it I won't force you, but I think it's a rather reasonable request."
  339. >You pick up a a cookie and give it a dubious glare. "How small will these make me, exactly?"
  340. >"It depends on how many you eat. Please start with just one, I would feel very uncomfortable if you were to revert beyond puberty."
  341. >"Wait, why? This is about motherhood and all that, right? Nothing sexual? So shouldn't I make myself as small as possible?"
  342. >"...Don't be silly, Anon. You have such silly thoughts some times, ahaha."
  343. >You stare at her while she writhes.
  344. >She eventually asks, "are you going to eat the cookie or not?"
  345. >You sigh and bite into it. It doesn't have much taste and you don't feel any different after eating it, either.
  346. >"Is it working?" you ask.
  347. >"Yes," Verina nods. "Stand up, you should notice it."
  348. >You do and she stands with you. You notice she's about an inch taller than you now.
  349. >You couldn't have reverted very far, maybe only a few years.
  350. >"Should I eat another one?"
  351. >"No, this is perfect." She rips the top off the milk bottle and chugs the whole thing.
  352. >The bottle comes away, leaving Verina panting with a little trickle of milk running down her chin.
  353. >"Yes...yes, this is perfect...haa...haa..."
  354. >You back away a step. "'Kay, you're kind of creeping me out now."
  355. >"Your normal appearance isn't bad either, of course, and there's always the 'fancy old gentleman' look, but this 'eager highschool boy' definitely has its own charm." She's rambling something incomprehensible and her eyes look dangerous.
  356. >"Hey, Verina, you okay?"
  357. >"I'm fine. Come, come to the bed, lets start immediately, I can feel the milk working already." She tugs you along to the bedroom and plops down on the bed.
  358. >She arranges herself carefully, turned to the side with her knees up and her arm extended out on the pillow. Then she gestures to you and pats the empty spot.
  359. >You resign yourself and settle into the spot she prepared. It's like standard nursing posture, but turned sideways so most of your weight rests on the bed.
  360. >You can't help but blush as you basically climb into her lap.
  361. >Then you wait. Nothing happens.
  362. >The feverish look is gone from Verina's face. She seems kind of confused.
  363. >"Verina?"
  364. >"Ah! Yes, this is...Um, how do I..."
  365. >"You should probably start with taking your top off, right?"
  366. >"...of course. Yes, that's common sense. Hey, Anon, isn't this actually incredibly embarrassing for me?"
  367. >"You ARE the one who wanted to do it."
  368. >"Yes, no, I know, but still - what's up with this shame play? I mean, you'll see...your face is right there!"
  369. >" you not want to do it?"
  370. >"No. No, I've come this far. I'll just...hold on, stop looking at me for a second." She covers your eyes with her hands.
  371. >You wait patiently. She seems to be catching her breath.
  372. >Then you hear, "ah, I'm leaking."
  373. >"What? Do you need me to get paper towel or something?" You twist around a bit, trying to look past her hands.
  374. >"Wait, hold still. Ah! Here, this..." She slips a black sleeping mask over your eyes. "There. That's a little better. Now, just give me a second..."
  375. >You hear the shuffling of clothes being removed and your little soldier twitches.
  376. >"Now, um, please don't move..."
  377. >After a long wait you feel the faintest soft, rubbery sensation against your lips.
  378. >You decide to help her out.
  379. >You open your mouth wide and extend your lips while sucking slightly.
  380. >You latch on to a great pillowy peak.
  381. >It's like a huge marshmallow tipped with a delicate, silky nub.
  382. >Verina gasps. You feel a warm liquid squirt into your mouth. It has a texture like melted chocolate and a flavor like oily cream laced with something sweet and fruity.
  383. >You rub the length of your tongue across her nipple, exploring the flavor. Some of it might be the milk, but you suspect there's something extra in it too.
  384. >You pull back for a moment and ask, "What is that flavor?"
  385. >"Boysenberry." Verina's voice is light and breathy.
  386. >"...why does your breast milk taste like boysenberry?"
  387. >"It's a mystery, isn't it?"
  388. >No, she definitely did something. She kind of sounds like she's about to faint though, so you decide not to press it. Besides, it tastes good.
  389. >You go back to your sucking.
  390. >Before long Verina is panting like she's running a marathon.
  391. >Her body is twitchy and it's starting to get sweaty too.
  392. >Other than the heavy breathing and occasional grunts, Verina is silent.
  393. >You've got a raging boner but thankfully your posture conceals it and keeps it from being uncomfortable.
  394. >You drain Verina's right breast dry - or, well, at least you drain it until it stops gushing like old faithful - then switch to the other.
  395. >By the time you finish that one off you're glad you had a light dinner.
  396. >While you rest, Verina pants out, "Anon, perhaps if you massage them, they will produ- Ah!"
  397. >You start back in before she finishes, bringing your hands into play.
  398. >It seems to be more than Verina can handle, though. Soon her entire body is wracked by shuddering convulsions.
  399. >They go on for several minutes, and at the end she collapses back into the bed exhausted, gasping for air, still holding your head between her breasts.
  400. >You feel drained as well, and all the milk is making you drowsy.
  401. >You fall asleep like that, your face pillowed on her heaving chest.
  403. >Verina is pretty tame in her ideas for a while after that.
  404. >Sleeping in an Arachne silk hammock and things of that nature.
  405. >Then one week she shows up around noon on your day off in a beat up old pickup.
  406. >"Are you ready to go, Anon?"
  407. >No more explanation than that, other than to suggest you change into something more suitable to the outdoors.
  408. >Well, you didn't really have anything to do anyways.
  409. >You change, grab some water bottles, and hop in the truck.
  410. >You notice Verina is wearing what looks like hiking gear.
  411. >She puts the truck in gear and hits the road.
  412. >She drives for half an hour and you end up on a back road in the middle of the woods outside of town.
  413. >She parks at a trail-head just off the road, then pulls a leather sack full of odd equipment from the bed of the truck and leads you off into the woods - not on the trail, but into the wilderness.
  414. >After a surprisingly short time, you notice the two of you are approaching a clearing.
  415. >Verina stops and crouches down, and motions for you to do the same.
  416. >She creeps along and stops behind a tree at the edge of the clearing. You follow her and peak over her shoulder.
  417. >The clearing is filled with grass and wildflower patches. In the center is a huge flower with a small, pale figure laying atop it.
  418. >It's some kind of plant girl.
  419. >Wild monsters can be dangerous but this one looks fairly harmless.
  420. >She's stretched out naked, enjoying the sun with a big goofy smile on her face.
  421. >Verina stirs and raises a strange object.
  422. >It's a long, hollow tube with a little funnel on one end.
  423. >"Is that a blowgun?" you whisper.
  424. >She gives a sudden, sharp breath into the mouthpiece and you hear a thud out in the field.
  425. >The plant girl fell off the flower into the grass.
  426. >"Did you just dart her!?"
  427. >Verina stands with a big smile and wipes the sweat off her forehead. Then she nods to herself and starts marching out into the field.
  428. >"Hey! Hey, what the hell!?"
  429. >You chase after her.
  430. >"Come along, Anon. I'll need your help."
  431. >When the two of you reach the plant girl, Verina hands you a spade. Then she pulls out pruning shears and goes to town on the bundle of vines running from the plant girl to the giant flower.
  432. >"Is she going to be okay? What did you hit her with?"
  433. >"It's a harmless sedative. She'll be fine in a few weeks."
  434. >"Weeks!?"
  435. >Verina cuts the last vine.
  436. >"Hey, I think those were connecting her to the flower! Is that okay!?"
  437. >"Don't worry, Anon, it will grow back."
  438. >"This is a part of her body!?"
  439. >Verina ignores your yelps and pulls out another spade. She directs you to the base of the big flower, and working together you quickly uproot it.
  440. >"Grab here and lift. We need to carry it back to the truck before the rangers come by."
  441. >You comply while shouting, "Are we fucking stealing this thing!?"
  442. >"Daijoubu, Anon. Daijoubu."
  443. >"This is not fucking daijoubu! Why do you even know what that means!?"
  444. >You waddle back to the truck with your stolen body part(?) as fast as your legs can carry you.
  445. >An hour later you're in your backyard, sitting on a cheap plastic chair and reevaluating your life while Verina waters your new lawn decoration with the garden hose.
  447. >You're so exhausted from the day's events that you numbly follow Verina's directions that night without stopping to question them.
  448. >That's how you find yourself standing in your backyard in the middle of the night wearing only your swimsuit.
  449. >Verina is beside you in a modest white one-piece.
  450. >She does something to the flower that makes it open up and reveal a small, dimly lit chamber in its heart, surrounded by petals.
  451. >"Please go ahead, Anon. I'll join you once you are comfortable."
  452. >You try to step in carefully but as soon as you put weight on your foot you slip and slide the rest of the way in.
  453. >You end up on your back, staring up at the interior of the chamber. Everything is dripping and slimy, and you're soaked as soon as you come into contact with the floor and walls.
  454. >It doesn't feel like water though. It doesn't feel cold when exposed to the air. It's more like being covered in warm oil.
  455. >The humid air is filled with a pleasant, sweet scent.
  456. >Tiny, colorful lights cover the surface of the petals around you, providing the chamber with its dim illumination.
  457. >You can hear a faint sound like water running and dripping.
  458. >A small space like this could easily be sheer torture, but somehow the way everything fits together makes it extremely comfortable.
  459. >Verina enters with much more grace than you did - she actually gets both feet inside before she slips.
  460. >After a brief, slimy struggle, she ends up in the same position as you, directly on top of you.
  461. >While you worry about how the two of you will get out without breaking something, Verina starts to get comfortable.
  462. >Her prominent backside rubbing against your pants as she snuggles in makes you clear your throat.
  463. >"Ah, it's getting a little stuffy in here now that the thing closed up, isn't it?"
  464. >As you say that, a small hole opens up above you, revealing the stars.
  465. >You're not sure if it's some trick of the flower or just your imagination, but they look brighter and more distinct than usual.
  466. >"How pretty..." Verina murmurs.
  467. >You lean back against the flower and let yourself relax. This might actually be a nice way to go to sleep.
  468. >Then the movement starts.
  469. >It's subtle at first, so much so you almost don't notice it.
  470. >A gradual shifting of the petals or rising of the floor.
  471. >It continues steadily, almost like the flower breathing.
  472. >Then you notice all of those shifts just happen to be perfectly placed to slide you and Verina against each other.
  473. >As the movement becomes stronger you notice a dull sort of throbbing feeling in the walls of the flower. It goes at a constant beat that increases and decreases with the strength of the movements.
  474. >It feels like the warmth and sweet scent in the air increase in-time with the beat.
  475. >One particularly strong stirring flips Verina around and presses her into you, face to face.
  476. >You can feel drowsiness starting to overtake you but the heat in your body is also building.
  477. >The movement increases again.
  478. >The flower is pressing you and Verina against each other in all the right places; her crotch gyrating and grinding against yours, her breasts sliding across your skin.
  479. >The last thing you remember before losing consciousness is Verina's lips brushing against yours from the movement, and the dazed, longing look in her eyes.
  481. >In the morning, you and Verina stand in your garage in awkward silence, watching a pair of swimsuits cycle around in your washing machine.
  482. >You try to ignore the plethora of bodily fluids leeching out of the fabric.
  483. >"How odd. It's almost as if the whole flower is specifically designed to stimulate reproductive responses from its occupants. Who would have thought it would do that?"
  484. >She definitely knew it would do that!
  486. >You take Verina back to the forest on your next day off to apologize to the plant girl she Assault and Battery'd.
  487. >You find the Alraune right where you left her, of course.
  488. >She's sitting on a new giant flower, though 'giant' may not be the right word - it's barely large enough to support her butt.
  489. >She's hugging her legs, with her knees up under her chin.
  490. >Her face turns sour as soon as she sees you and Verina.
  491. >When you say you're there to apologize she huffs and wobbles around on her flower to sit with her back turned to you.
  492. >Fortunately, you brought bribes.
  493. >You show off the 10 pound bags of fertilizer and try to get her interested.
  494. >She wants Verina's legs too, but you manage to talk her down to a happy meal toy you found on the trail.
  495. >Disney princess that does karate chops for some reason.
  496. >She loves it.
  497. >For some reason.
  498. >With your conscience clear you take Verina and head back toward the car.
  499. >You change your mind halfway there though; you're already here, you might as well go for a hike.
  500. >A real hike, not a felony disguised as one.
  501. >When you reach the trailhead you stop to examine the signs and pick a path.
  502. >"Anon, this sign has threatening silhouettes on it." She's frowning at a wildlife warning.
  503. >"Ah, that's just normal stuff. It's not like we'll actually run into anything."
  504. >"It says there are venomous snakes here. Do you know first aid for snake bites, Anon?"
  505. >"Sure," you lie. "You just suck out the poison, right?"
  506. >"What? No, that's an urban le-"
  507. >"It'll be alright, it's almost winter already, there won't be any snakes out." You pick out a beginner trail that leads to the crest of a nearby hill. "Come on, let's take this one."
  509. >20 minutes into the hike Verina stops dead in the middle of the trail.
  510. >"What's up?" you ask.
  511. >No response. She's just staring off into space.
  512. >You clap your hands together in front of her face to get her attention.
  513. >She gives a little jump. "W-what? Anon? What is it?"
  514. >"What do you mean, 'what is it?'. You froze up."
  515. >"Ah. I'm sorry, I was just...something just occurred to me. It's not important. Come, let's continue."
  516. >You resume your hike, but it doesn't last long before she stops again.
  517. >"Anon, um, could you wait here a moment? I need to step aside to take care of something."
  518. >"...Explain what, exactly."
  519. >"Well, if you must know, I need to use the ladies' room."
  520. >"Oh." You relax. "Okay, go ahead, I'll wait. Wait, we just passed a rest station like 5 minutes ago-"
  521. >"I'll just be a moment!" She yells as she darts off into the woods.
  522. >You sigh and find a rock to sit on.
  523. >Suddenly you hear a scream.
  524. >"Verina!?"
  525. >You run off in the direction she went, calling her.
  526. >You find her sitting with her back against a tree in a little sheltered depression out of sight of the trail. Her face is so flushed it looks purple instead of blue.
  527. >"Anon! I've been b-bitten! By a snake!"
  528. >"What!? Did you see what kind it was? Where did it bite you? Let me see it!"
  529. >"Yes, of course, let you see it. Just a moment." She takes a deep breath.
  530. >Then, with jerky motions. she pulls down her pants and panties, fully exposing herself to you.
  531. >She uses her hands to spread her labia and points out two small abrasions on the inside of it.
  532. >"T-there, see? Snakebite."
  533. >It could be a snakebite. It could also be the result of her poking at it with her fingernail for a few seconds, but you never know.
  534. >"You'll, um, h-have to suck out the poison."
  535. >You might not know jack about first aid but you know sucking out the poison doesn't actually work.
  536. >It's also pretty clear that those little marks aren't a snakebite.
  537. >These are the things you should be thinking, or perhaps saying, but mostly you're just thinking 'Vagina'.
  538. >She is showing you her vagina.
  539. >She is spreading it open right in front of you.
  540. >It's blue and puffy and has a subtle shine of moisture and it's amazingly pretty.
  541. >It's all smooth mounds and neat little folds.
  542. >You've seen a lot of vagina on the internet, and you can tell this one is high quality.
  543. >"Uhm, h-hurry Anon, you have to get it out before it spreads."
  544. >"Yes. Of course. Gotta suck out the poison."
  545. >You get down on your hands and knees and crawl forward, your eyes locked on their target.
  546. >You keep going until your nose is filled with the sweet, sour, sweaty odor of an aroused woman.
  547. >As you draw close she pulls her hands out of the way and her wet, delicate flesh withdraws shyly back behind two chubby mounds of blue skin.
  548. >You grip her upper thighs for leverage and push your mouth into the slit, using your tongue to help spread it open.
  549. >You take her lips into your mouth one at a time, sucking on them and massaging them with your tongue.
  550. >Then you spread her open with your thumbs and lick slowly and deeply along every fold, and into every nook and cranny.
  551. >Her clit reveals itself before long.
  552. >You perch your mouth over it and rub against it with the tip of your tongue.
  553. >She can't take the stimulation for long. Her thighs tighten around your head and her ankles lock together behind your back.
  554. >Her legs squeeze and force you against her, pushing your mouth into her pussy.
  555. >You open your mouth wide to engulf her delicious softness and send your tongue forward to explore her depths.
  556. >Suddenly her legs seize up in immense strain and her body convulses.
  557. >Your face is pushed so strongly into her privates that you can't breathe.
  558. >By the time she finally relaxes you have to gasp for breath.
  559. >You sit back to admire your work and notice she managed to get the rest of her clothes off during that.
  560. >She's holding a ragged clump of plant life against her chest. It looks like she was using it as a handle to steady herself and ended up tearing it out of the ground during her orgasm.
  561. >"Hey, Verina."
  562. >"Nnn?"
  563. >"That's poison ivy."
  564. >"...oh."
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