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May 1st, 2016
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  1. Me: Hello
  2. Andrew Navin: Hi
  3. Andrew Navin: How can I help you today?
  4. Me: I posted a reply to a forum post yesterday
  5. Me: But it is not up yet
  6. Me: Is it still under moderation?
  7. Andrew Navin: Could you provide me with the link to the Forum post please?
  8. Me: Sure
  9. Me: It's this one
  10. Me:
  11. Andrew Navin: Thank you. Could you give me a minute. I'll look into it now.
  12. Me: Alright
  13. Me: Do you usually take this long to approve forum replies?
  14. Me: When I submitted it, I was told that it would go through a standard moderation process
  15. Me: But both my original post, and my follow up reply has taken a while to get approved
  16. Andrew Navin: My apologies sir. Forum moderations do not take very long.
  17. Andrew Navin: I checked the topic and the reply is awaiting forum moderation. I'll have the moderator notified and will have this published asap.
  18. Me: Okay. Can you give me an ETA?
  19. Andrew Navin: I am trying to reach the team now as we speak..
  20. Andrew Navin: Wi
  21. Andrew Navin: I'll get back to you in a couple of minutes.
  22. Me:: Alright. I'll stay online and wait for your reply on chat
  23. Andrew Navin: Sure. I'll do my best to not make you wait for long.
  24. Me: Thank you!
  25. Me: While I'm waiting, do you mind helping me identify a couple of people from your team?
  26. Andrew Navin: Sure.
  27. Me: I just have their names right now
  28. Me: kiran darisi
  29. Me: and priyobrato chatterjee
  30. Me: Can you tell me who these people are? Are they from the security team?
  31. Andrew Navin: Sure.
  32. Andrew Navin: Priyo is the Product Manager for Freshdesk and Kiran is the Director, Technical Operations
  33. Me: Oh. Does your security team come under them?
  34. Andrew Navin: Thats right.
  35. Me: I have left a couple of questions at the end of my forum post.
  36. Me: Can you please ask them to take a look?
  37. Andrew Navin: Sorry to keep you waiting.
  38. Me: Do you have an update about my reply on the forum?
  39. Andrew Navin: I discussed this with the Security team, the reason we missed the deadline was because many of our customers did not make the switch and they had requested for an extension. This is going out Tuesday this week.
  40. Andrew Navin: So am afraid we will not be able to publish this till then as it will put other customers like yourself in threat.
  41. Andrew Navin: Also is the email address a reachable one? In case we need to reach you can we communicate through this email ? Is that ok?
  42. Me: Wait.
  43. Me: Are you tell me that you won't be publishing the post because it exposes your vulnerability?
  44. Me: You script has been open to the very same vulnerability for a long time now
  45. Me: Does this mean that you actually had a look at my reply but did not approve it intentionally?
  46. Me: You do realize that I have this information with me now, right? I could still share it on any public forum
  47. Me: Which would be far more harmful for your company than having something published on your forums
  48. Andrew Navin: I totally understand you frustration Sir. We have give time till Tuesday for our customers to make the change and we'll definitely go live with the change on Tuesday.
  49. Me: You can still do that Andrew.
  50. Me: But think you should approve my response
  51. Me: It has important information, not just pertaining to this issue, but others as well.
  52. Me: And I would like your team to address those on the forum publicly
  53. Me: I have already managed to find some rather issues about your security team, and perhaps your company
  54. Me: Do you really want to make your position worse by intentionally blocking my response?
  55. Andrew Navin: I totally understand. I have notified this to our CEO and you should hear from him shortly.
  56. Me: That doesn't say anything about my forum response
  57. Me: I have a copy of the forum post Andrew
  58. Me: And my response
  59. Me: I can publish it somewhere else.
  60. Me: Why are you making this hard for both of us?
  61. Me: Just publish the forum post, and ask your team to respond
  62. Me: Are you there?
  63. Andrew Navin: Yes. Could you give me a few minutes. I'll get back to you after discuss this with the security team.
  64. Me: How long do you need?
  65. Me: I can't wait all morning
  66. Andrew Navin: Sorry for keeping you waiting. We do take security seriously and I have escalated this to the highest level. Our CEO said he will get in touch with you regarding this and you can expect an email from him in a few minutes.
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