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David's Staff Application

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Mar 31st, 2020
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  1. David's Staff Application
  2. Aliases:
  3. 441 !!! or david
  4. Steam ID:
  5. STEAM_0:0:447494615
  6. How long have you been HVHing for?
  7. Early to Mid 2017
  8. Age:
  9. 15
  10. Are you currently enlisted in school/have a job?
  11. Im currently in High School
  12. How long have you known about God is Dead?
  13. A few months.
  14. Do you sell any type of config for a cheat?
  15. No. I was planning to but to me the whole "selling config" concept is a waste of time.
  16. Did anyone refer you to God is Dead, if so - Who?
  17. I don't really recall, but in the "5v5" discord server, Kanoda dropped an invite and I joined.
  18. What made you take interest in applying for a staff role in God is Dead?
  19. This server is filled with chill people. People might not know who I am because I dont try to get my name out there, but the people that I talk to have have a brain.
  20. What other servers have you applied for/ have you had experience staffing in personally? (Name them off even if they've been closed.)
  21. I've been a mod of the Gamesense marketplace discord, and currently I'm a mod of a private CSGO cheat called
  22. Do you have Shadow play installed as of applying to GiD?
  23. Yes
  24. Roughly - How many hours a week do you feel you could estimate yourself playing God is Dead?
  25. Normal school weeks would be about 11 hours up to around 20, but because of Corona it's between 20 to 25. (My state is not predicted to open schools up for the rest of the year).
  26. If someone is playfully talking bad about your HvH performance in game while not being completely toxic, and you find yourself beginning to become irritated, how will you respond with your Staff powers? (i.e, mute, ban, temp ban, verbal warning, etc but not limited to these examples.)
  27. I won't do anything. That would be a retarded punishment. I'd either client-mute or just ignore them. Doing something in this situation would be completely unprecedented.
  28. If you find someone mic spamming (i.e being generally loud via mic, or playing any sort of annoying music that the general population does not want in that moment), what do you feel is an appropriate response?
  29. If the other people in the lobby are getting annoyed, I would warn them, and mute them if they don't listen to the warning.
  30. If you ever found yourself in conflict with another GiD staff member, be that your same rank of power, or an owner/Dev, what would you do/do you feel is an appropriate way to behave while in the presence of that said person?
  31. I'm not much of a toxic person, so I would just talk to them like I'd talk to anyone else. If it's an owner/anything above me, there is no reason to treat them differently then some random person in the community. If diffusing the situation wouldn't work, then I'd just let them say what they have to say and respond calmly depending on what the situation is. I tend to avoid staff arguments since it typically leads to who has more power, and I don't typically stay in places in which the immediate response from someone is relating to their role, but it is understandable. The owner is an owner and an admin is an admin.
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