2019 Apr 27 - Reset making his own leaderboard

Apr 28th, 2019
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  1. [16:21] deathashzy: what happened to sr com leaderboard? why isnt there reset's run?
  2. [18:31] KZ_Frew: He removed them
  3. [18:32] KZ_Frew: Anyway, this is the last time I deal with this dude’s shit. If he has a problem he can talk to me about it. He’s clearly not interested in proper discourse, though, and cares more about attention whoring
  4. [19:21] deathashzy: what do you mean by 'deal with his shit'?
  5. [20:10] dha (dederteee): just fucking put his runs there with a white name
  6. [20:18] Theodoros: Interesting
  7. [22:18] Gilbert: what happened & why did he remove them?
  8. [23:49] DomoTheRussian: you have a better chances asking him.
  9. [01:46] KZ_Frew: It is not the first time he removed his runs. But it is the last time
  10. [01:46] Thunderランナー: Because he cant now
  11. [01:54] Reset: @KZ_Frew I am not sure what the weird obsession with my twitch channel is. I've said multiple times on this Discord + on stream that is shit. I will be making my own leaderboard.
  12. [01:54] Reset: Stop obsessing over my channel, thank you.
  13. [01:55] Reset: This isn't a discussion, by the way.
  14. [01:56] KZ_Frew: wanting an accurate leaderboard isn't obsessing you dumbass. make your own empty leaderboard, clearly that is the solution instead of hashing out your problems with literally the rest of the GTA community
  15. [01:56] Reset: Do I have to contact a full mod?
  16. [01:57] Reset: Stealing runs i've done on my personal channel and acting like I owe anybody there anything
  17. [01:57] Reset: clown gathering
  18. [01:57] KZ_Frew: The only thing that gets you to contact anyone is when we put a stop to your petty move, nice
  19. [01:58] Reset: I am banned from the discord  related to
  20. [01:58] Reset: My post is insta-removed.
  21. [01:59] Reset: What contact?
  22. [01:59] Patrick: Why is this discussion happening?
  23. [01:59] Patrick: For what purpose?
  24. [02:00] KZ_Frew: Patrick is right, known idiot continues to do idiot things, he won't change, I'll be off. Cya
  25. [02:00] Reset: Remove my runs while you're going off :wink:
  26. [02:00] Reset: KZ "Selective hearing" FREW
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