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  1. on click on Anvil:
  2.     block under the event-block is double_stone_slab
  3.     cancel event
  4.     if Player has iron_ingot:
  5.         player's item is enchanted with fortune 1
  6.         set {_temp} to random integer between 1 and 20
  7.         if {_temp} is between 1 and 19:
  8.             add stone named "&3初期武器解放券α" with lore "&a初期武器と交換できる" to the player
  9.             stop
  10.         if {_temp} is between 20
  11.             add Flint named "&c初期武器解放券β" with lore "&a初期武器と交換できる" to the player
  12.             broadcast "&9[&6初期武器&9]&5%Player%&8さんがレアな武器を引き当てました!"
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