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  1. #pragma once
  3. #include "Card.h"
  4. #include <fstream>
  6. // [ CardTen ] Summary:
  7. // Gives the player the option to buy this cell and all cells containing a card with the same
  8. // number
  10. class CardTen : public Card
  11. {
  12.     // CardOne Parameters:
  13.     int FeesToPay; // fees to the player who owns the cell
  14.     int CardPrice; // the card price
  15.     Player* OwnerPlayer;
  16.     static bool checkCardTenSave;
  17.     static bool checkCardTenload;
  18. public:
  19.     CardTen(const CellPosition & pos); // A Constructor takes card position
  20.     CardTen(); // A Default Constructor
  21.     virtual void ReadCardParameters(Grid * pGrid); // Reads the parameters of CardOne which is: walletAmount
  23.     virtual void Apply(Grid* pGrid, Player* pPlayer); // Applies the effect of CardOne on the passed Player
  24.                                                       // by decrementing the player's wallet by the walletAmount data member
  25.    virtual void Save(ofstream &OutFile, Type gameObject);// Saves the GameObject parameters to the file
  26.    virtual void Load(ifstream& Infile); // Loads and Reads the GameObject parameters from the file
  27.    void SetOwnerPlayer(Player* pPlayer);
  28.     virtual ~CardTen(); // A Virtual Destructor
  29. };
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