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  1. [17:51:27] <Vena> VENA WANTS TO GET HER SWORD CHECKED OUT. She knows that Brave shit is OP but all these people around her are wielding ancient relics, This is why she asked about finding a craft person earlier, AND ONE ANSWERED THE CALL.
  2. [17:51:47] <Vena> She was basically immediately followed, literally had dibs because Shinobu wasn't too sure about it.
  3. [17:51:57] <Giantree> Oh, yeah, so that WAS what you meant- honestly there doesn't even need to be a full scene for that
  4. [17:51:59] <Giantree> at least
  5. [17:52:06] <Giantree> that was what I was going to say until I realized something
  6. [17:52:15] <Giantree> ...
  7. [17:52:20] <Giantree> now I present a choice:
  8. [17:52:44] <Giantree> Craft person, or 'ancient relics buried in tombs' person?
  9. [17:54:43] <Vena> She's actually more fond of the idea of crafted stuff, really
  10. [17:54:54] <Vena> I mean both are OK if she can kill something with it
  11. [17:56:01] <Vena> but she prefers the idea of something made to kill in the modern times rather than some old draconic relic
  12. [17:58:10] <Giantree> Okay, yeah, you do manage to get ahold of the resident craftknight and her girly giggling companions and without anything of particular significance happening - except Sapphire giving a rare compliment that she appreciates the craftsmanship of your mask(s) - Spinny is able to analyze that the sword was actually more decorative than a proper weapon, and was once used to signify that its wielder was a king or otherwise ruler of some society.  However, standards for 'decorative' were way different back when it was made, so it's still sharp as shit and ALSO looks really pretty, which is the whole reason it grants Charm.  Because people see it and are like 'damn that shit looks fancy I'm glad to be on the same team as someone who's wielding it.'  What, did you think it was actual magic powers or something?
  13. [17:58:26] <Giantree> ... But as it's not technically an S-rank, it can be forged, yeah, if that's what you meant.
  14. [18:01:54] <Vena> WELL. She has money for a reason! MIGHT AS WELL GET TO BUSINESS. After all, this 5600 is basically pocket change!
  15. [18:03:05] <Giantree> "Hokay!  Let's do this, girls!" Replies the happy boke as the other two watch her and shrug.  They do, however, hold up a 'Please wait...' sign accompanied by cute chibi drawings of themselves wearing construction hats, and cover Spinel and her anvil with it.
  16. [18:03:16] <Giantree> ... now I need to go look up its worth FUCK it doesn't have any does it
  17. [18:03:19] <Giantree> i don't think you could sell it
  18. [18:04:02] <Giantree> ok yeah it's -
  19. [18:04:11] <Giantree> so i'll just make up a number based on its strength
  20. [18:05:19] <Giantree> Comparing it, there's like NO WAY it wouldn't be 10,000, so if you only have 5k that would onle be worth one forge, yeesh
  21. [18:06:53] <Vena> Of course, they ramp up the worth so they can charge an arm and a leg. Anna would be proud. Well, +3 crit is still +3 crit.
  22. [18:07:16] <Giantree> Oh, yeah, you COULD ask Anna for a loan and play a waitress minigame
  23. [18:07:24] <Giantree> I'm a talesfag, of course I would include a waitress minigame
  24. [18:09:20] <Vena> Well, the second forge would cost 15000.
  25. [18:09:33] <Vena> waitresses don't get paid that much
  26. [18:10:44] <Giantree> depends on how much assgrabbing there is going on really
  27. [18:11:12] <Flamy> dunno does vena look womanly enough
  28. [18:11:18] <Flamy> or maybe some pervs are into that
  29. [18:11:24] <Giantree> HONESTLY
  30. [18:11:28] <Giantree> I was seeing it as like
  31. [18:11:40] <Giantree> She intentionally binds and wears her hair short and stuff
  32. [18:11:48] <Giantree> but underneath it all is actually like BA-BOOM
  33. [18:12:00] <Giantree> because that sounds pretty 'fire emblem character' to me
  34. [18:12:03] <Flamy> Also possibly a possibility.
  35. [18:12:10] <Vena> pretty sure I did just that during the hot springs episode
  36. [18:12:15] <Giantree> yeah
  37. [18:12:23] <Giantree> but it wasn't SUPER clear so i'm just
  38. [18:12:27] <Flamy> Because I think Lucy has a bigger bust appearance outside of her Lord/Great Lord class?
  39. [18:12:30] <Giantree> using power vested in me as judge to declare it so
  40. [18:12:43] <Vena> yeah her speed growths aren't quite as great as they're supposed to be
  41. [18:12:45] <Giantree> oh yeah i think that's a meme
  42. [18:12:47] <Vena> so yeah she's got some
  43. [18:12:49] <Giantree> the luncina tits
  44. [18:12:52] <Giantree> -n
  45. [18:13:08] <Giantree> and didn't i say someone stuffed?
  46. [18:13:12] <Giantree> oh yeah
  47. [18:13:12] <Giantree> eily
  48. [18:13:14] <Giantree> eily stuffs
  49. [18:13:32] <Giantree> but anyway
  50. [18:13:33] <Giantree> ...
  51. [18:13:36] <Giantree> man i'm debating
  52. [18:13:41] <Giantree> on how much of my power to put into this
  53. [18:13:45] <Giantree> let me consult the final boss
  54. [18:14:43] <Giantree> Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  55. [18:15:02] <Giantree> ok she tells you to make you do Ellamae rn, but don't expect that this is the last of venaside
  56. [18:15:08] <Giantree> i'm going to force you to switch between shukugirls
  57. [18:15:12] <Giantree> in a way that i will be greatly amused by
  58. [18:16:42] <Giantree> OH
  59. [18:16:43] <Giantree> NO
  60. [18:16:45] <Giantree> OK
  61. [18:16:48] <Giantree> I GOT THE PRELUDE
  62. [18:16:48] <Giantree> ahem
  63. [18:17:26] * Vena is now known as Ellamae
  64. [18:17:35] <Giantree> Vena catches sight of a little redhead girl peeking in every building/tent/etc looking for something.  She vanishes from sight.
  65. [18:17:39] <Giantree> NOW...
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