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Bitcoin Mining Hardware - Hashlet Genesis

BitcoinMining2014 Sep 5th, 2014 5,806 Never
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  1. HASHLET GENESIS - BY GAW MINERS, SHA256 Bitcoin Mining Profitable FOREVER, Only 9.95
  3. More of What you Want,
  4. Less of what you Don't!
  6. - Never Obsolete : Adjusts to always remain profitable & never breaks down.
  7. - Instant Activation : Start hashing in minutes. No pre-orders.
  8. - Unlocks SHA256 : The world's most popular cryptocoin algorithm, now in your hands.
  9. - 0% Pool Fees - All pool fees, forever, are built into the price of your Shalet.
  10. - No Shipping : Don't pay or wait days for a package to arrive. Start mining immediately.
  11. - Datacenter-Optimized : Engineered to take full advantage of economies of scale.
  12. - Profitable : Costs decline over time, maintaining your profitability.
  14. Do you have $9.95 laying around? You do? Then you can start mining RIGHT NOW.
  16. Get TEN, that's right, 10 GigaHashes per second, or Thirty Six THOUSAND hashes per hour for only $9.95. NOT EVEN TEN DOLLARS.
  18. Purchase a Bitcoin Miner from GAW Miners for less than TEN dollars and get FREE Bitcoins for LIFE.
  20. Visit http://goo.gl/A48xmt to be a part of the new generation of Bitcoin Mining Hardware owners!
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