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  2. You, Texting!Allura, are connected to Keith Kogane
  3. Your common tags are voltron and vld
  4. Texting!Allura: Is it too late to be messaging you?
  5. Keith Kogane: Nope. What's up?
  6. Texting!Allura: I- couldn't sleep.
  7. Texting!Allura: I don't know, it's as though I can't seem to get my mind to just... turn itself off, for a while.
  8. Texting!Allura: ...And I miss you. More than I'd like to admit.
  9. Keith Kogane: .. You do?
  10. Texting!Allura: Is that a bad thing?
  11. Keith Kogane: No, no. Not at all.
  12. Keith Kogane: I miss you too.
  13. Texting!Allura: It's. It's a lot harder to sleep without you here, I'm realizing.
  14. Keith Kogane: Yeah, my bed feels a little bit too big.
  15. Texting!Allura: Mine, far too cold.
  16. Keith Kogane: I really wish you were here right now, Allura.
  17. Texting!Allura: I know, starlight.
  18. Texting!Allura: Though the fact that you're doing amazing work gives me a little bit of comfort.
  19. Texting!Allura: I only pray you'll come back to me in one piece.
  20. Keith Kogane: Can't promise anything, but I'll try my hardest.
  21. Texting!Allura: I love you.
  22. Texting!Allura: I don't... say it nearly as often as I should, but. I want you to know.
  23. Keith Kogane: I love you more. You know that.
  24. Texting!Allura: I do.
  25. Keith Kogane: Good.
  26. Texting!Allura: Tell me about your day? While I put on one of your shirts so I can at least smell you.
  27. Keith Kogane: You're too cute, Allura, seriously.
  28. Keith Kogane: But my day went fine. I slept through most of it.
  29. Texting!Allura: Listen! Your scent faded from the pillows too quickly that your shirts are all I have left.
  30. Texting!Allura: I'm glad you did, though. You deserve it more than anyone.
  31. Keith Kogane: Yeah, yeah. What about you? How have you been?
  32. Texting!Allura: Aside from moping around and having to deal with Coran's incessant teasing?
  33. Texting!Allura: ...Well enough, I suppose. Drowning myself in Coalition work has had its benefits.
  34. Keith Kogane: Sheesh. Don't push yourself too hard. You know that, as well.
  35. Texting!Allura: It's less about pushing myself and more to do with the fact I'm just about to go crazy.
  36. Texting!Allura: I miss you too much.
  37. Keith Kogane: I'll be back before you know it.
  38. Keith Kogane: But I'm close to ripping my own hair out. I really want to see you.
  39. Texting!Allura: I miss feeling your arms around me.
  40. Texting!Allura: You're always so warm, I could stay there forever.
  41. Keith Kogane: Rubbing it in.
  42. Texting!Allura: Sorry.
  43. Texting!Allura: (Only a little.)
  44. Keith Kogane: Mm.
  45. Keith Kogane: New subject before I get too sad-- how's Coran?
  46. Texting!Allura: He's... Coran.
  47. Texting!Allura: He won't stop teasing me and my lovesickness.
  48. Keith Kogane: Tsk, of course.
  49. Keith Kogane: It's cute.
  50. Texting!Allura: To you!
  51. Texting!Allura: I'm losing it!
  52. Keith Kogane: It's adorable, really.
  53. Texting!Allura: Is it still adorable if I tell you I'm tempted to sneak out in a pod in the middle of the night?
  54. Texting!Allura: Just like that one time we did before.
  55. Keith Kogane: Nope. You're not doing that.
  56. Texting!Allura: Says who?
  57. Keith Kogane: Me.
  58. Texting!Allura: Keep in mind you're also passing up an opportunity to see me.
  59. Keith Kogane: You want some salt for that? So you can keep rubbin' it in?
  60. Texting!Allura: I love you.
  61. Texting!Allura: Though, maybe a little would do.
  62. Keith Kogane: You're lucky I love you, too.
  63. Texting!Allura: Beyond lucky, in fact.
  64. Keith Kogane: Very, very lucky.
  65. Texting!Allura: The luckiest.
  66. Keith Kogane: I miss you so much right now, Allura.
  67. Texting!Allura: I miss you too, my star. So, *so* much.
  68. Texting!Allura: Tell me what you miss.
  69. Keith Kogane: Demanding, huh?
  70. Texting!Allura: For you? Always.
  71. Keith Kogane: Of course.
  72. Keith Kogane: But I miss touching you, so so bad. Your soft skin, your soft hair.
  73. Keith Kogane: And I miss looking at you, face to face.
  74. Texting!Allura: I'd suggest a video call, but... that's not nearly enough.
  75. Texting!Allura: Goddess, I just want to feel you. All of you.
  76. Keith Kogane: All of me?
  77. Texting!Allura: All of you.
  78. Texting!Allura: Every inch of you there is to feel.
  79. Keith Kogane: God.
  80. Keith Kogane: I really wish you were here.
  81. Texting!Allura: Is there... something specific you'd like to do? If I were with you?
  82. Keith Kogane: Just what are you thinking about?
  83. Texting!Allura: A variety of things. All of which revolve around you.
  84. Keith Kogane: Very specific as always, princess.
  85. Texting!Allura: I need to leave *something* for your imagination.
  86. Keith Kogane: Such a tease.
  87. Texting!Allura: You love it.
  88. Keith Kogane: Oh, I do.
  89. Texting!Allura: Then I'm sure you'd love to hear that, while I am wearing one of your shirts...
  90. Texting!Allura: It's the only thing I'm wearing.
  91. Keith Kogane: .. Oh?
  92. Texting!Allura: It's too hot to wear anything else.
  93. Texting!Allura: I might even take it off at some point.
  94. Keith Kogane: Ah.
  95. Keith Kogane: Now, you're being unfair.
  96. Texting!Allura: Consider it an opportunity for revenge, my love.
  97. Keith Kogane: God, I miss you.
  98. Keith Kogane: And I will get my revenge.
  99. Texting!Allura: I welcome it gladly.
  100. Keith Kogane: Of course you do.
  101. Texting!Allura: I miss you so much, Keith.
  102. Keith Kogane: I miss you more.
  103. Texting!Allura: Debatable, but I'll let it slide.
  104. Keith Kogane: Good.
  105. Texting!Allura: For now, at least.
  106. Keith Kogane: So generous.
  107. Texting!Allura: I try.
  108. Keith Kogane: I need your opinion on something.
  109. Texting!Allura: Name it, my love.
  110. Keith Kogane: You think I should keep letting my hair grow out, or should I chop it off?
  111. Keith Kogane: It's getting long. And annoying.
  112. Texting!Allura: Absolutely do not chop it off.
  113. Texting!Allura: It's beautiful, just like the rest of you.
  114. Keith Kogane: I love you and I think you're the most beautiful and lovely person in the world but I'm gonna rip it out, Allura.
  115. Texting!Allura: If you rip it out, so do I.
  116. Keith Kogane: Your own hair?
  117. Texting!Allura: We'll be bald together.
  118. Keith Kogane: Sheesh.
  119. Keith Kogane: I mean, you'd look good with anything, but I don't want you to rip your hair out.
  120. Texting!Allura: The things I'd do for you are endless.
  121. Texting!Allura: Besides, I love braiding your hair as it is now.
  122. Keith Kogane: Fine, fine. I won't chop it off.
  123. Keith Kogane: Yet.
  124. Texting!Allura: Keith.
  125. Keith Kogane: My love.
  126. Texting!Allura: My stars.
  127. Keith Kogane: Yet.
  128. Texting!Allura: ...Fine.
  129. Texting!Allura: On one condition!
  130. Keith Kogane: Mm?
  131. Texting!Allura: We chop it off together?
  132. Texting!Allura: I have been wanting to try a shorter cut for some time now.
  133. Keith Kogane: You know.
  134. Keith Kogane: You with short hair.
  135. Keith Kogane: I think I'd pass out. In a good way.
  136. Texting!Allura: Oh?
  137. Texting!Allura: Would you care to elaborate, love of mine?
  138. Keith Kogane: You'd look beautiful, as you always do. It'd suit you.
  139. Texting!Allura: You flatter me.
  140. Texting!Allura: And, I can hear you wanting to continue on with something else about my having short hair.
  141. Keith Kogane: I think you'd look beyond gorgeous. I'm just imagining it in my head right now.
  142. Texting!Allura: Fiend. What else are you imagining in that head of yours?
  143. Keith Kogane: Lots of things.
  144. Texting!Allura: Like?
  145. Keith Kogane: Things about you.
  146. Texting!Allura: I suppose this is your revenge, you tease.
  147. Keith Kogane: Exactly.
  148. Texting!Allura: Hold on, I need to take this shirt off. It's a little too hot for my liking.
  149. Keith Kogane: Now, you're the tease.
  150. Texting!Allura: Teasing you would be sending you a picture of how I look right now.
  151. Texting!Allura: This... is innocent.
  152. Texting!Allura: Sort of.
  153. Keith Kogane: Innocent.
  154. Texting!Allura: Innocent teasing.
  155. Keith Kogane: Right.
  156. Texting!Allura: Mhm.
  157. Texting!Allura: It's also innocent teasing when I tell you I'm imagining feeling your hands on me.
  158. Texting!Allura: They could be anywhere. Everywhere. Wherever your heart wants them to be.
  159. Keith Kogane: Dangerous territory.
  160. Texting!Allura: How so?
  161. Keith Kogane: Where'd you want me to touch you, love?
  162. Texting!Allura: I think you know where.
  163. Keith Kogane: Mn. Don't think so.
  164. Keith Kogane: I think you need to say it for me to understand, love.
  165. Texting!Allura: Is that so?
  166. Keith Kogane: Mm.
  167. Texting!Allura: I'd want you to touch my breasts. Squeezing them the way you quite enjoy doing.
  168. Keith Kogane: Yeah? Is that what you want, my love? 'Cause I'd do anything you ask me to.
  169. Texting!Allura: Anything?
  170. Keith Kogane: Anything.
  171. Texting!Allura: I want you to fuck me, then.
  172. Texting!Allura: Just like you did the night before you left. Do you remember?
  173. Keith Kogane: Of course I do.
  174. Keith Kogane: Thinking about that night and you in general is what has kept me sane.
  175. Texting!Allura: Tell me about it, my love. What you think about.
  176. Keith Kogane: Holding you, embracing you. And kissing you, and fucking you. Just you, in every way.
  177. Texting!Allura: Do you think about it when you're touching yourself?
  178. Keith Kogane: Yeah, I do.
  179. Texting!Allura: About how tight my pussy is around you?
  180. Texting!Allura: Or how you can never seem to get me to quiet down because of how good you make me feel?
  181. Keith Kogane: Allura.
  182. Keith Kogane: Dangerous.
  183. Texting!Allura: You like dangerous.
  184. Keith Kogane: I do. But you don't know how hard I am right now, and I'm supposed to be resting. Properly.
  185. Texting!Allura: You can't if you're hard.
  186. Texting!Allura: Rest, that is.
  187. Texting!Allura: Because I know I can't rest when I'm as wet as I am right now.
  188. Keith Kogane: Yeah. It won't just go away on its own.
  189. Keith Kogane: Won't you touch yourself for me, love?
  190. Texting!Allura: I have been this whole time.
  191. Keith Kogane: Of course.
  192. Texting!Allura: You can guess how many fingers, if you'd like.
  193. Keith Kogane: Just tell me.
  194. Texting!Allura: Three.
  195. Texting!Allura: Though it hardly fills me up as well as you do.
  196. Keith Kogane: God.
  197. Keith Kogane: You realize how quiet I have to be?
  198. Texting!Allura: Touché.
  199. Texting!Allura: Gods, Keith, I miss your cock inside me.
  200. Keith Kogane: And I fucking miss fucking you.
  201. Texting!Allura: I bet you'd just love bending me over right now, wouldn't you?
  202. Texting!Allura: Spanking me until you leave handprints on my ass and I'm dripping down my legs.
  203. Keith Kogane: God, Allura.
  204. Keith Kogane: I want you so so bad right now.
  205. Keith Kogane: So fucking bad.
  206. Keith Kogane: Just want to be inside of you, and with you.
  207. Texting!Allura: I know, my love. I know.
  208. Texting!Allura: I can't come if I'm not with you.
  209. Texting!Allura: Nor can I sleep if I'm not with you. I need you.
  210. Keith Kogane: As much as I agree, with my entire heart, you're not getting in any pods. And neither am I.
  211. Texting!Allura: You're going to leave me without an orgasm until you get back? A cruel man you are.
  212. Keith Kogane: Love you lots.
  213. Texting!Allura: I love you, too, you nightmare.
  214. Texting!Allura: Remind me how much longer until I can see you again.
  215. Keith Kogane: Nightmare? That's mean, and isn't that a little harsh? I don't want to think about it.
  216. Texting!Allura: I mean it with all the love in the universe and all the stars in it.
  217. Texting!Allura: Though, fair. I might cry if I have to quantify it.
  218. Texting!Allura: Don't let Coran tell you I have already. He's obviously lying.
  219. Keith Kogane: My poor baby.
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