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[Log Horizon] <Abyssal Shaft> Bosses (LH07_005)

Sphaela Mar 25th, 2014 965 Never
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  1. Names and skill names are questionable, translations are questionable, amount of proofreading is none.
  2. No, I don't have full scans of book 7.  Now that that's settled:
  3. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12900908/LogH/LH07_005.jpg
  5. **Left to right**
  7. <Ruseato of Seventh Garden>
  8. Attribute: Darkness
  9. HP:320,000,000
  10. MP:240,000,000
  12. Skills Possessed
  13. <Moonlight Death Knell>
  14. Brandishes its halberd and slices down in the area around itself.  Has a high critical rate, and will instantly kill on a direct hit on low HP or rearguard members.
  16. <Drop of Perpetual Darkness>
  17. The area of <Ruseato of Seventh Garden> gushes with pitch black swampy liquids, limiting both movement and attack speed, the zone turns into one where damage is reduced.
  19. <Ruseato's Moon Shadow>
  20. The outer layer of dark purple armor peels off, summoning a certain amount of <Shadow Warrior>'s when <Adventurer>'s hit Ruseato.
  22. Tactical Features
  23. In addition to the halberd attacks, it has mastered the use of <Black Knight Mode> and <White Knight Mode> which was limited by a gimmick in "Nine Great Prisons of the Heroes".  Furthermore, armor peels off according to the damage accumulated and produces minions called <Shadow Warrior>'s, changing to <White Knight Mode> in the process, it also begins to recover its own physical strength.
  24. Towards the end of the raid Shiroe and others were fighting in, Ruseato recklessly pierced its own body, continuously creating <Shadow Warriors>.
  26. ~~
  28. <Tarutauruga of Fourth Garden>
  29. Attribute: Ice
  30. HP:540,000,000
  31. MP:140,000,000
  33. Skills Possessed
  34. <Vanishing Flat>
  35. Full powered striking attack.  A direct strike is instant death, even for the Warrior classes.  Death from this attack prohibits your resurrection for 90 seconds.
  37. <Snow Crash>
  38. An icy tempest is created in the area with a blow of the bludgeon.  The damage is high, but at the same time a special blinding effect occurs, turning your field of vision pure white for 15 seconds.
  40. <Tarutauruga's White Night>
  41. Powerful status inducing area effect used at set intervals.  Causes a hypothermia-like state with the drop in temperature, resulting in penalty for movement strength and physical ability.
  43. Tactical Features
  44. Relying fully on his power, he simply rages around the battlefield, unmatched and cruelly. Including his icy breath nearly all actions are area attacks, rearguards are usually instantly killed if hit by a normal attack by the bludgeon due to its power.
  45. If your actions are sealed by continuous uses of <Tarutauruga's White Night>, you will be annihilated helplessly.
  47. ~~
  49. <Ibura Habura of Third Garden>
  50. Attribute: Flame
  51. HP: 290,000,000
  52. MP: 460,000,000
  54. Skills Possessed
  55. <Arrow of Colorless Flame>
  56. An arrow of flame that ignores magic defense and deals large damage.  The target is randomly chosen so it is a dangerous attack that could cause the front-lines to collapse.
  58. <Banquet of Merciless Purgatory>
  59. Wide-ranged magic attack used at set time intervals. Ferocious flames break out in the middle of <Ibura Habura of Third Garden>, burning down all targets within range.
  61. <Embrace of Unbiased Ibura>
  62. Mid-ranged area attack with a radius of 10 meters. Has a special damage calculation formula, damage is split between all targets caught in the area of effect, dealing approximately 140,000 damage total.
  64. Tactical Features
  65. Due to continuous flame magic, body slams and biting attacks, there is high danger in both close and long range.  There is also a flame counter to melee attacks which causes the <Burning> abnormal status.  This damage is strong, if it is not dealt with in time the result is that the affected person will be burnt out in a blink of an eye.  It also has an attack which shoots out its scales repeatedly, like a reverse needle pin holder.
  66. Because the HP is lower by comparison to other raid bosses, a short battle is preferable.
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