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  2. SᴍᴏᴋᴇToday at 3:23 PM
  3. @vrth. Why are you here?
  4. λρ CamelotToday at 3:23 PM
  5. i will war for ap1 next
  6. ShixToday at 3:24 PM
  7. JonasPToday at 21:18
  8. Gemz Jonas Shix Vrth.
  9. SᴍᴏᴋᴇToday at 3:24 PM
  10. Here to trial for another clan that you can leave in a few weeks? @vrth.
  11. λρ CamelotToday at 3:24 PM
  12. wym smoek
  13. JonasPToday at 3:24 PM
  14. Smoke mad?
  15. SᴍᴏᴋᴇToday at 3:24 PM
  16. Hes known to be unloyal, friends with many people that hes been in clans with
  17. JonasPToday at 3:24 PM
  18. well sorry smoke couldve made your opinion public when we discussed it
  19. SᴍᴏᴋᴇToday at 3:24 PM
  20. I dont mind, hes just going to leave for a made up reason
  21. JonasPToday at 3:25 PM
  22. zesti isnt replying
  23. vrth.Today at 3:26 PM
  24. All mains I've been in I was in for at least a year, think you've got other people to point fingers at before me
  25. And yeah I do have my reasons, teams change just like this one has
  26. ChillzToday at 3:26 PM
  27. why'd you leave sy anyway viraith?
  28. vrth.Today at 3:26 PM
  29. People change, I couldn't stand playing with some of them when they were totally chill at first
  30. So no I wouldn't say unloyal
  31. SᴍᴏᴋᴇToday at 3:27 PM
  32. @vrth. Maybe this game isnt for you, ever think about that?
  33. 💎Today at 3:27 PM
  34. smoke
  35. vrth.Today at 3:27 PM
  36. I like mario kart I'd say the people perhaps
  37. 💎Today at 3:27 PM
  38. we are trialing viraith to see if he is a good fit in Ap
  39. SᴍᴏᴋᴇToday at 3:27 PM
  40. He wont be
  41. Hes not good with people
  42. 💎Today at 3:27 PM
  43. if he doesnt want to be here
  44. SᴍᴏᴋᴇToday at 3:27 PM
  45. and we are people
  46. 💎Today at 3:27 PM
  47. he can leave
  48. vrth.Today at 3:27 PM
  49. I'm not going to force myself to play with people I don't like, simple
  50. 💎Today at 3:27 PM
  51. if we dont want him here
  52. he can go
  53. but right now the team wants him here
  54. so please
  55. stop being hostile
  56. vrth.Today at 3:28 PM
  57. Not good with people you really don't know much about me do you
  58. ShixToday at 3:28 PM
  59. I agree with GemZ on that point.
  60. SᴍᴏᴋᴇToday at 3:28 PM
  61. Im not being hostile, its just Ive been around long enough that I know this wont work out
  62. ChillzToday at 3:28 PM
  63. its still nice to play with new faces
  64. JonasPToday at 3:28 PM
  65. smoke stop it
  66. vrth.Today at 3:28 PM
  67. It's interesting to hear what other people say about me then when they meet me they're surprised
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